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    *reads @Indigo Rush's "S&K > S3" article* *no mention of S&K not having the barrel*
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    I respect your opinion. I don't like this argument. I AM NOT DEFENDING THIS MOVIE, but this is exactly why I said months ago that I feel like people are just judging this film only because of the fact that it's something different. Sure, if Sonic's design was good from the very beginning, it wouldn't get the same rep it's gotten now, but I guarantee that if everything about this movie was exactly the same, but it was stop motion, CGi, or traditionally animated, people wouldn't be freaking out as hard right now. People would probably criticize the idea of Sonic teaming up with a cop, but because it's a medium that isn't live action, I guess that automatically means it has a chance of being above average. I prefer animation. I wish this film was entirely animated. But live action doesn't automatically mean a bad film. A lot of people thought Dora & The Lost City Of Gold would be shit. It got amazing reviews. A handful of people thought Bumblebee would be shit (an adaptation of something that HAS failed as a live action property before), and it wasn't. A group of people were skeptical about Detective Pikachu and Alita Battle Angel because live action video game and manga adaptations mostly suck. They were both fine. Paddington ended up great. Peter Rabbit ended up decent. It's okay to be skeptical, but we need to stop jumping to conclusions that just because a trailer is bad, or the fact that it's a live action adaptation and has an odd concept, it's immediately bad. You can argue that shit like the Disney live action remakes or movies like Alvin & The Chipmunks are examples of crappy live action adaptations, but if you look at the RESUMES of the people who made those movies, it was clear those films were doomed from the beginning. If you look at the RESUMES of people who made movies like Pikachu, Dora, Alita, and even Sonic, there is a good handful of people who have previously worked on quality films. This will be the third video game movie in America to actually have good producers involved (the first two being Detective Pikachu and Angry Birds 2, WHICH BOTH GOT GOOD REVIEWS). I was skeptical about the writing staff, because Patrick Casey and Josh Miller have written shit before, but it appears they took notes and improved after working on the 2nd season of Golan The Insatiable with other people. I will admit that Sonic's design looked disgusting. I'll admit the trailer's not great. I'll admit the idea of a Sonic movie where the character teams up with a cop is bizarre. I'm not even saying the movie will be good. But I'm also not going to just hear the words "live action" and "Sonic" in the same sentence and just immediately think "instantly terrible". Personally I think the best chance is that this movie will receive mixed reception, or at least slightly above average. Even if the plot is weird or Sonic's design was shit, maybe the humor is good and the action is cool (a trailer doesn't necessarily represent an entire movie. Dora's trailers were bad yet the film was good). Maybe the cinematography is stunning. Who knows.
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    This has always been a false premise that needs to be beaten into the ground instead of humored.
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    gotta listen to some heat to celebrate the anniversary
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    It's nearly been three years since Sonic Boom ended, the producers and writers said the show is over, and SEGA has gone on point for saying that they want to take the series in another direction for ages now. It's dead. SEGA can always go back and make new episodes of AoStH, SatAM, Underground, and X, but they haven't in years. They're dead shows. And Boom is now too. It was a good show, but it's obvious at this point that it isn't coming back, and SEGA have no reason to bring it back. On another note, I edited the topic title to be a general Boom topic now.
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    everyone's got it wrong the absolute best thing to come out of the mario and sonic series wasn't the music remixes it's the mario from the live-action commercials where he's a mischievous boastful little shit (...so he's basically sonic lmao)
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    I don't think it will be Worth the hype some people are putting into it, you know you'd get disappointed with that, with it being said, the redesign is defintiely good (if true), I'm more into the cast (Carrey, Marsden, Schwartz) performances, the Genesis aspect of it, as it is an origin story, I'm mostly excited for that, like Sonic becoming actually Sonic and Robotnik becoming Eggman, it's a series first so maybe that's why. The jokes seem… okay? A little weird, the references are there from what I read, but one thing I'm extremely pissed of are the robots: no way, those generic looking things should have been badniks with animals inside from day 1, I know a sequel would likely do them but no, they're too iconic to be left out in the debut film. That said, like it or not, this movie will make bucks IMO, people may be simply curious about it, but don't deny the buzz, everyone talks about it and it's literally the only Sonic thing (atm) they care about, even people who know shit about Sonic, it's gone viral, and usually that's how you predict the box office. Add the fact that the rival movies in that period are looking quite snobbed so far.
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    The film will certainly sell a lot better with Sonic actually looking like Sonic this go round, various oddities aside, (blue arms, off-model shoes) Sonic Boom (the TV show) got a lot of support, and it was less on-model with Modern or Classic iterations of Sonic. At this point, whether or not the film is 'good' is probably irrelevant to SEGA. So long as it makes money and helps their bottom line, (and doesn't damage the Sonic brand significantly) they're happy with whatever happens on screen. I don't have much faith that the film itself will be any good, despite Sonic looking better. Video game tie-ins and live action realistic cartoon mash-ups are both infamously cursed genres on their own, let alone together at the same time. We'll see, nothing's impossible with this industry, it's just really predictable.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Waiting for a meeting to start. In the meantime, here's someone more than used to formalities.
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    To this day i still don't know what the not enough rings reaction stands for.
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

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    Has anyone here played Sonic Mania? It's pretty cool.
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    Oh shit, from what I see, they actually properly remastered the original Teen Titans episodes that's on the TTG VS TT Blu-Ray. Holy shit, DC, please, please give us a full HD release of the show like B:TAS and Beyond
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    Finished watching Teen Titans Go VS Teen Titans. Fairly decent, but nowhere as good (or surprising) as TTG To the Movies, and they really lost the point of the 2003 Titans (I found it kinda idiotic when they were portrayed as constantly serious 24/7 and having to be taught how to have fun when Beast Boy and Cyborg had their share of comedy moments in the original, and we had stuff like the infamous dressing as Robin scene in the original). It's pretty split down the middle. There's some good moments, but it also largely erases the likeable stuff Robin had in TTGTTM, and once again dips too hard into "trying to justify our existence" at several points.
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    Overwatch 2 - Confirmed

    Oh shoot, bad timing ahoy.
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    Capcom claim that they'll be looking into reviving dormant IPs. I want them to succeed but don't forget that is far from the first time they've claimed such. Remain cautiously optimistic.
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    Mario Kart 9 should have Cappy as a character where he just possesses cars
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    <<WARNING: Offensive CGI abomination inbound. Viewer discretion is advised.>>
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    “LoOk At mE i’M a MImiKyU!!! i wAnNa bE a PiKaChU!!! WaAaAaaaAaaaAh!!!!!!”
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    Just finished watching El Camino. It was good but it wasn't really anything that Vince didn't confirm in an interview right after Breaking Bad ended lol, mostly felt like a two-hour fanservice episode. Kinda glad I forgot that this existed until just last week, if I hyped myself for it I probably would have been pretty disappointed.
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    what i feel like doing after a long day at work when family members wanna drag me to stuff afterward
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    The Adventure/Modern games are the different way of telling a story from the classic series. The problem that I noticed is some fans has turned it into, "if it wasn't in the classic games, then it shouldn't exist". I'm ok with this for the Mania style games. But that doesn't mean Modern Sonic need to do the same. I want them to improve the aspects of the games that got me into the series than avoid them like the plague. The only thing I can say the fandom is hoarding it the use of Green Hill Zone in every single game because it's iconic or something like that. Aside from that I don't see it as a hoarding issue, but more of "what do I like about Sonic games". The fandom has grown to the point where some prefer Sonic games where it's a nonstop 2D genesis dreamland where the only thing that matters is the gameplay while other fans desire having games that contains serious storytelling, 3D gameplay various characters(who act more than glorified wallpaper) and and fully voiced dialogue. Honestly if SEGA does this for Sonic it's not a perfect plan but I can only imagine there would be less headaches and animosity than what we're dealing with now.
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    The series has adopted an unhealthy attitude of “X is bad so let’s throw it out”. It’s a defeatist pathetic way of resolving any issue when it comes to Sonic and it needs to stop. It’s not just the dialogue anything regarding the 3D games, multiplayable characters, serious storytelling, actual 3D gameplay; these are things that got me to give a damn about the series and I want to see those aspect be improved on and not try at all to appease people who want it frozen in the genesis era. I don’t expect the dialogue to be Shakespeare level overnight, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worked on. To me the scripts had been crap when they care more about making meme humour and turning everyone else to cardboard cutouts who lost their agency as opposed to actual people who have their personal motivations and desires. You want games where everyone acts like they’re in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, Mania and its future follow ups. As for the Modern games, let them talk because I don’t want to lose the few things the games have that separates them from Classic pandering.
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    Looks like the admins have finally decided to take my suggestion to ban all Sonic-related content seriously.
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    I hated how the Classic Sonic is depicted as a mime in the 3D games. That was never part of his personality, he's supposed to have attitude and be sassy. Sonic isn't Mario.
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    About three minutes in, he states he likes the overdrive shorts that promoted the games and he feels that the style of the shorts with no dialouge and cartoony humor(i.e. Shadow being a douche to a Chao) should carryover to the games as well. I like those shorts too but I like it when the characters can actually converse with each other.
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    So SomecallmeJohnny released a review for Team Sonic Racing and the thing that bugged me is the whole: ”Sonic works best if no one ever talked”. I can understand this for the classic side but for modern, No just no. Bad enough we got people wanting to eliminate anyone who isn’t Sonic or Eggman or what remains of actual 3D gameplay. But this is another step in the lazy route of throwing something out instead of improving those aspects. Yeah the dialogue isn’t great but there’s no reason that it improved on.
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    "Tired of having your parcels arrive on time? Want them to go to an entirely different address? To lazy to physically burn 60 bucks?" "Well now you can rely on Royal Mail for all your unwanted needs! They promise to get your purchase to somebody, somewhere....eventually, on your dime!" "The Royal Mail. It's useless because it's British."
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    Watching Vinny play Ring Fit Adventures, as silly a concept as the game and the switch hoop are, they put a lot of effort into it.
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    This Sonic: I'm not responsible for Nightmares.
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    More to the point, Sonic and Eggman (along with Tails, since he's the subject here) have teamed up plenty of times before Lost World. It should almost be routine by now, and not warrant this sort of argument. In SA2, when Eggman led the operation to shut down the Eclipse Cannon, Tails didn't get all huffy and insist that Sonic wasn't trusting him to do it. He followed Eggman's lead and even helped direct over the radio during Eggman's own segment. Tails didn't turn a world-saving truce into his own personal ego trip in SA2, and if the writers knew his character better, he wouldn't have in Lost World either.
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    "Knuckles is better than Tails"

    "Knuckles is better than Tails"
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    Actually, since that redesign leaked, many people on social media have been reacting A LOT more positively to the film. It would be nice if Paramount notifies the public 24 hours in advance of the trailer debut. (They did that for Terminator: Dark Fate's trailer in August, putting a countdown timer until the trailer premiered the next day on YouTube) it'd be fun to count down the minutes together in anticipation. Get the popcorn ready! 😊
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    So... at the end of september, I attempted to do a 24 hour comic... But I had to work during that day... So on one of my days off, I tried doing a late one with a slightly different premise... That didn't work out well either, as I only got 10 pages done before the time was up. So in the end, I decided to just finish the comic at my own pace while following some of the rules of a 24 hour comic. As I did so, I started coming up with lore and backstory on my off time, and WOW I've come up with a lot of stuff. But before I get into my story idea, here's the two protagonists of the comic, the Dragon Princess of Forevershade Kingdom, Fairclaw, and her optimistic witch/hunter/alchemist companion, Hiss (An older character I ended up reimagining these past few months.) The setting is fairytale esque in a somewhat contemporary setting, with people, creatures and beings from fairy tales and other classic stories. So, I ended up writing down the premise, and it was surprisingly lengthier than I expected, so I decided to share it. I hope you guys enjoy this little story with these two, and once I finish, I hope you enjoy the comic (Which is about halfway done,) starring these two! Bonus: Here's some sketches from the comic. Kinda rough to be honest, as most of these I ended up rushing due to trying to stay within the 24 hour limit.
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    I love how for the past few months that any time that someone involved with the film farts, a select group of people get all hyped up because it surely must mean that a trailer is going to drop literally any day now.
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