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    Yeah, not gonna lie. That new Star Wars trailer looks hype.
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    Well... Maleficent 2. That was... surprisingly good, ngl.
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    Finished Toy Story 4... ...fuck, that ending got me worse than TS3
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    I'll say this about Toy Story 4, I'm only 5 minutes in and the animation is phenomenal. I thought TS3 was a leap, but the lightning, water, shadowing, everything is on point here. Even for an unnecessary sequel for TS3 as well, I still feel such a good feeling seeing something new with this cast
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    Panda Claus

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    https://previewsworld.com/Catalog/AUG190726 click the link at the bottom
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    The movie will just be Sonic X but lamer tbh.
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    Fun fact: Ash’s Charmander’s voice in the anime sounds the way it does because Michael Haigney (voice actor and director) couldn’t decide what voice to do and just phoned it in because he and Norman Grossfeld (producer) figured they were probably never going to see Charmander again after this episode. Let that sink in for a moment.
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    Fred's got his own catchphrase now:
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    I never appreciated just how fucking good this Forces song is until now
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    Made a SEGA vs Capcom roster for giggles
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    He just responded about the rumor. Lol. Yea, I guess this is fake. So, let’s move along.
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    Jet's dad. He looks more like he lived in the 1700s than being from the same generation as Vanilla.
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    Of all the Sally Acorns you pick the famous one.
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    Let’s be honest here. If you’re a big Sonic fan or atleast a moderate one, you most likely played the first Sonic Game and whether you like it or not, you probably own atleast 3 different copies of it in some capacity. Since it’s release in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has been rereleased on various different devices, including home consoles, handhelds, computers, and even mobile devices, whether if it’s a individual release or apart of a compilation title. So that begs the question. How many copies of Sonic 1 do you own or atleast had owned for the nearly 3 decades the game has existed for? Surely, you still have a copy of it laying around somewhere right? At the moment, I had owned about 6 copies of the game. I had it twice as apart of both Mega Collection and it’s Plus counterpart, once individually on Xbox Live, have it on Steam as apart of the Sega Classics Pack, have the Taxman remaster downloaded on IOS, and have it as apart of the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the 3DS. NOTE: I’m specifically referring to the Genesis version and the rereleases based on said version. Don’t list copies of the Master System/Game Gear game, as it’s an entirely separate game altogether. And yes, this topic was inspired by the recent PatMac video.
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    Forces OST is pretty good actually
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    But really, Twinkle Park’s theme is sooooo good.
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    Alright, that's it, Woody can fucking teleport
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    Holy crap Gamehut finally released the demo version of the unused Knuckles Bonus Stage music for Sonic 3D Blast (Pleasure Castle from Sonic Adventure).
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    Alright. Time to see Maleficent 2. At least they have to tell an original story this time. ...right?
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    -See's someone saying the most hated episode of DBZ by fans is the episode that Goku and Piccolo get their drivers license. ...Excuse me, what planet are you living on?
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    A Peep

    Have you ever ragequit a Sonic game?

    I don’t mean quit because you’re tired or quit because you wanna watch Netflix, I mean get so angry at a game that you have to take a long break before you come back. I have a lot. Games I ragequit - Sonic 2 (GG) - because of the hang glider stage Sonic Blast - because of the lava level Sonic Adventure - because of Big’s stages Sonic Adventure 2 - because of Security Hall Sonic Advance 2 - I think around Sky Canyon I quit Sonic 06 - one of Sonic’s mach speed segments, then the ball puzzle Sonic Unleashed - as much as I love the game now, I used to hate it. I quit during the Werehog’s stage in Mazuri Sonic and the Black Knight - I really hated the motion controls Sonic Lost World (3DS) - I quit during the stupid pushing snowball stage Are you as pathetic at Sonic games as I am? Post down below!
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    ANYWAY, @Shadowlax What if Infinite found a Black Arms weapon and that lead into the next Shadow story? Tying the two threads together.
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    I really hate how my country's government just gets by, by saying everything is England's fault and we are better without them. So uncomfortable living in a rascist Scotland.
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    New Star Wars will be 155 minutes long https://www.gamesradar.com/star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-runtime/
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    Although the trailer was kinda underwhelming, I hope TROS succeeds in giving the entire saga a good ending, we need more good endings (looking at you GoT), and well, at least it doesn't give away spoilers, I'd rather see the movie for that.
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    It absolutely is relevant. Episode Shadow and the e-comic are Infinite's canon backstory. The player is supposed to interpret Infinite's actions in light of those materials. They weren't added to the game a year later or something, they were all part of the same narrative as it was presented at launch, produced by the same group of writers. It isn't limited to Infinite's character either, the whole story is built around details that are only discussed in the supplemental material. Why is Omega damaged at the beginning of the game? The player never finds out unless they download Episode Shadow. How did Eggman get the original Phantom Ruby? We're expected to read the digital comic to learn more. Why is Silver there? Only explained in the comic. Which doesn't contradict Episode Shadow, where Infinite waxes poetic about how his old self died and was reborn as a vessel for harnessing the Phantom Ruby. Only if you ignore everything he says about friendship being an illusion and how people can rely on no one but themselves, while Sonic and the Rookie are harping on the value of teamwork, the core theme of the entire game. Do you have an argument beyond "I want Infinite to be a shallow character, therefore ignore everything established about him in supporting materials"? Or maybe you're just not giving SEGA enough credit and it actually doesn't take much thought to go beyond a surface-level interpretation of the narrative? Lmao, I'll keep that in mind next time you tell us about Mephiles being a Black Arms entity. Omega being Omega in his bunker isn't Omega minding his own business (not for very long anyway). Rouge carrying out a robbery definitely isn't Rouge minding her own business. Behold, Shadow's game. GUN explicitly had no control over the research conducted aboard the ARK and distrusted the scientists working there for that reason. Shadow spent all of Sonic Battle mulling over the tension between protecting the world by killing potential threats (in this case Emerl) and doing what he knows Maria would actually want him to do, and in the end he chose not to kill. "I think these characters matter and these other characters don't so killing them is ok" isn't an argument. This was true up til around Generations or so. In recent games Shadow seems less interested in being a vessel of peace than in being powerful for power's sake, being better than Sonic just because he can, fighting because it proves how superior the Ultimate Life Form is, etc. Does this surprise you? Shadow being confronted with temptation to use his powers selfishly is also a constant theme across his appearances; Battle, ShtH, 06. He didn't decide to be good once then live happily ever after. Yes. And some of his choices are evil. And you are trying to ignore Episode Shadow and what it implies about him to preserve a notion of the character's integrity, when objectively what Shadow did was pretty terrible.
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    Whoops, sorry about that. Wasn't really thinking about it when I posted but it's been corrected.
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    Profiles Show No Activity

    Yeah, everyone's bad takes posts are still there. You just have to click the "See my activity" button on your/others' profiles and you'll see individual tabs on the side for status updates/replies/posts/topics.
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    why is people calling eggman as robotnik a pet peeve of mine i really could not care, yet i clearly do
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    Obscure Sonic Characters

    Sir Ffuzzy-Logik In a game and show defined almost entirely by it's wacky, surreal, or sometimes lowbrow content, this Badnik is surprisingly cool looking and distinguished.
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    i could go for a third storybook game tbh
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    The thing that fucks me up most about online hate groups is that even if they "win", they'll never be happy.
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    Well good for him he's wrong
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    Have you ever ragequit a Sonic game?

    I ragequit Unleashed's extra acts whenever I attempt them. Then I go back to them later and devote a little while in trying to complete them, rinse and repeat. Unleashed and I have a complicated relationship I also wanted to give up on ShTH after one playthrough. I tinkered with an already-completed save file and couldn't finish half of the missions I attempted after that lol. Maybe someday I'll try again but everything about that game wears me out.
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    Canon Immigrants

    I really wish people would stop assuming that demand to bring the FF back is a demand to have them take over the comic or that this somehow comes at the expense of other continuities. Everyone seems to understand that wouldn't be the case with Sticks or whoever else they want added back to IDW but the second Sally, et al are brought up people seem to have this knee jerk reaction because of whatever they didn't like about Archie or because they think their own demand is getting drowned out.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    That entire episode was incredible from beginning to end. Utterly fantastic finale ABSOLUTELY FLOORED
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    Chamomile #131
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    Be the better person and keep being open minded in spite of that. Have a backbone of course, but people being close minded says a lot about them than it does you. As an added note, don’t stress yourself too much over those who can stop moaning about a decade old game ruining their lives for a few years.
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    Definitely depends on the incarnation. Fleetway Sonic's morals would highly differ from lets say Storybook Sonic. In most cases, Sonic's morals are not explicitly stated, but I do remember certain game manuals mentioning that he has a temper (cant remember which one unfortunately) so he is probably not quite as much of a goodie two shoes as a lot of people might think. In Black Knight for example Sonic is clearly willing to murder a king for Merlina, despite the other knights loyalty to him and the fact that he would be going against a knights code.He follows through with this too. There is no sign that Sonic held any suspicions that the king was an illusion before he destroyed him (also note that Sonic is basically chasing King Arthur down during the fight). I am not saying that this makes him immoral, because it doesn't outweigh all the good deeds he does in that game. It just shows that he isn't afraid to break the traditional rules of being a straight up hero character. Another example of questionable morality is that Sonic makes no attempt to rescue the personal of prison island when he learns that it the island is going to explode. One might argue that prison island is completely unmanned but we KNOW that this isn't the case due to the presence of flying dog and the voice orders given over intercom during Eggman's Iron Gate stage. I suppose that you could have an argument that Sonic was not aware of this, but its a stretch since Sonic was contained there long enough to have figured it out on his own. There are also a lot of positive examples of Sonic's morals however. The first I can think of is that he always seems reluctant to attack Eggman when he is not inside of a machine. Possibly because he views him as being defenseless. I can't think of any point where Sonic strikes Eggman's body directly. He always just destroys his tools and weapons then lets him go. Another positive example would be how he goes out of his way in SA1 to rescue Amy even though he was clearly annoyed by her just a minute ago. This means that Sonic does have an interest in saving people even if they are annoying to him or not exactly his best pals. Sonic also makes it clear that he has no interest in using a gun, whether this is because he views using them as immoral or if its just a matter of personal pride is unclear. I could talk more about other incarnations of Sonic such as Fleetway or the OVA but then this post would go on forever. Overall I would place Sonic as a chaotic good. He clearly has strong ideals and a drive to help others but he definitely has a bit of an ego streak and he is going to do everything his own way, without much or any respect to following rules (unless of course it is a matter of personal pride, such as a race). I think a lot of this can be derived from Sonic's theme songs, such as, "It Doesn't Matter," or "His World." With lyrics such as "I don't need a reason," "I've got my way, my own way!" "No compromise," and of course "It doesn't matter was is wrong or what is right, I will never give up the fight!" I would place Sonic overall as a Chaotic Good. I think that makes him more interesting to work with than just a generically good character.
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    This has always been a false premise that needs to be beaten into the ground instead of humored.
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    Looks like the admins have finally decided to take my suggestion to ban all Sonic-related content seriously.
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    I hated how the Classic Sonic is depicted as a mime in the 3D games. That was never part of his personality, he's supposed to have attitude and be sassy. Sonic isn't Mario.
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    I am not sure why people are still so obsessed about making Sonic a mute Mute Characters work when it makes sense to their character, Sonic's overall character works best with voice acting
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    So SomecallmeJohnny released a review for Team Sonic Racing and the thing that bugged me is the whole: ”Sonic works best if no one ever talked”. I can understand this for the classic side but for modern, No just no. Bad enough we got people wanting to eliminate anyone who isn’t Sonic or Eggman or what remains of actual 3D gameplay. But this is another step in the lazy route of throwing something out instead of improving those aspects. Yeah the dialogue isn’t great but there’s no reason that it improved on.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Why is SEGA so allergic to creative stories in an... alternate continuity? 😐 IDW is supposed to be its own universe, right? So idk why SEGA can't let Ian have more fun. He's not Penders, after all.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    At this risk of going on a tangent, it's not that new. Even in gameplay, he's always only been able to walk underwater. You could argue that's just because swimming simply wasn't a mechanic in the Sonic games, but then Sonic 3 (1994) gave Tails the ability to swim while Sonic still couldn't. So I'd say early on they made a deliberate decision to depict him as a non-swimmer. Though yeah, this particular artwork is from 1993, and is from a Sonic 2-based calendar. So it's not a big deal and I'm not really criticizing it. Just found it amusing.
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    It's also looking a lot more like that leaked plot was accurate. Connor is dead =/
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    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Not gonna lie that 5/10 score is satisfying as fuck.
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