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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I feel like you have to take a long time to build up this idea of basically the entire world getting infected. This could have worked for a year's worth of stories, but the pacing is weird and it only feels like it's really picking up the pace lately. Overall I'm mixed on it, but I feel like this setup could have worked better under different circumstances. This legitimately would have been a better fit for archie with the bigger cast to play with and more of the world built up so that when it's torn down it would have been more disheartening.
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    That package that was holding me up arrived earlier than expected, and I still have time to spare before the One Piece Stampede showing today in my area everything just barely worked out
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    Winter Spirit Ultima

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    New covers for issue 23! And Tails Channel did a cover comparison: Ohh how the tables have turned...
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It’s a better fit because it was originally designed for Archie. We know this was originally the scrapped plot for the Issue 300 milestone, meaning it would’ve came right after both the Shattered World Crisis, and the two planned arcs after Genesis of a Hero which would’ve seen Sonic, his friends, and the Freedom Fighters going their separate ways now that Eggman’s latest scheme was defeated. Meaning we would’ve had about 20 issues of cool down and buildup between Archie main series and Universe before going full blown with the Metal Virus arc. I absolutely think this would’ve worked better in its original form, the world would’ve had about 50 issues of build-up, there’s a lot more SEGA cast and original characters to choose to get infected for a greater gut punch, and the locales would’ve been way more defined than just generic city, or village or what have you. This story feels like something that was made with much more buildup in mind and got repurposed rather last minute.
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    (tweet) @Indigo Rush is an absolute genius
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    https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_Month_2019 A Sega CD demo (featuring the infamous "Sonic holding up a CD" pic) was dumped yesterday and more prototypes are to be streamed and released in the coming weeks, including later today which apparently is...
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    I still can’t get over the fact IDW chose to reprint issue 1 for their HALLOWEEN ComicFest special as opposed to one from the current story arc about LITERAL ZOMBIES.
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    Concept art for the Downtown Bikini Bottom and Rock Bottom areas.
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    the christmas commercials have already begun. please just wait like a week.
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    Bought the Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair soundtrack. Gah, it's SO GOOD. Even though David Wise only composed a handful of tracks, the new composers are amazing. I think the future of video game music is in really good hands.
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    Hey guys what's up? I'm seeking some level design advice for a game i am creating. It's going to be a metroidvaina style platformer but with a weird twist. It's a game where you play as a custodian where you not only use the game's power ups to defeat enemies, you use them to "clean" the level or pretty much change the pallet color and get rewarded for your cleanliness. Also with some legend of zelda/warioland style key searching thrown in. Below is a concept for a school level and some of the ideas I've had as for how the level flows: Key things to note: -pink pixels mean floors that the player can walk on. -bright pink pixels are where you can use a stripper mop power up to dissolve the floor underneath you to uncover a secret area -green pixels are moving platforms -grey dots that look like doors are classrooms or short areas that the player can access. -purple doors are areas where platforming and gimmicking is heavy. -red doors have minor platforming with a mini boss at the end of that area. -Cyan doors are bathrooms that you can clean. -orange doors are stairs. -the big green door is the master door which you will need to find the master key to unlock to get to the main boss of the area. It's not finished, i still have more areas to map out but this is something i came up with and could use a little advice on how level desie works. Not every main area will look like this. There's a planned movie theater level and a park level and lots of more ideas I'm working on. Feel free to post your opinions in this topic! Picture won't load right now. Check in status update.
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    CD beta stream was fucking wild

    CD beta stream was fucking wild
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    Panda Claus

    Canon Immigrants

    ...you mean Bunnie and Antoine right?
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    One Piece Stampede was amazing, I'd probably say its up there with Film Z in terms of pure action and spectacle, maybe even surpassing it. Plot-wise it still falls a little behind Strong World and Z imo. Still I had a great time.
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    They're shutting off our power again for like 5 days because PG&E sucks Last time it was only 3 days but UGH
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    Sounds like another case of not being very creative—someone basically took the entire phrase of “Shadow has no purpose anymore” too much to heart and rolled over to it rather than proving it wrong. Shit’s just spiraling into messes left and right.
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    I'm sick.

    I'm sick.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I’d imagine because the delays have caused it to feel longer.
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    Tfw you get TWO new five star trainers (Though I ended up getting blue again lol)
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    Old post but... I'd say the manual isn't trolling. The game was made by Sumo Digital and they normally do put stories into their games and have a lot of story elements planned even if they don't make it to the final release. Case in point would be Sega Superstars Tennis which did have a story written up for it, but I don't think it was ever released. ASRT also had a ton of creative assets cut from the game just a few months before release (a completely alternative sticker set and other graphics for a few things). Some of these did get released but not very well documented. So whoever wrote the manual probably was working off a older brief which got changed mid development.
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    Oh how the tables have turned...
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    Strong Bad

    The fun has been DOUBLED

    The fun has been DOUBLED
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    It's hard to give you much concrete advice without knowing what types of traversal mechanics you plan to have. Can you walljump, double jump? Can you slide down a wall and input a wall jump later? Air dash? Do you have any idea what type of enemies you'll have? Different enemies can make the same level design very different to traverse. Since it's a metroidvania, will you be traversing these areas repeatedly throughout the game? Putting really challenging platforming sections in an area that players are expected to go through repeatedly should be avoided; put those in areas where you're hiding a specific progression upgrade or potentially as a leadup to a boss. Or otherwise somewhere a player only *needs* to go there once. How will your platforming sections build complexity over time so you can prepare players for more complicated sections as they progress through the game? I'm a professional game designer (though I don't do level design specifically), maybe these will help you think of something really awesome
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    Strong Bad

    I hope you are doing well!

    I hope you are doing well!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The physical sense? I'm not really sure what you're asking.
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    one thing i really like about the newest update to speed battle is that every area has its own music now it's not just lost valley and luminous forest now, the city has sunset heights and sky sanctuary has mortar canyon
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    In SA1, the Master Emerald was being kept in an outdoor shrine because Hidden Palace was being fumigated.
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    *hasn't really watched jojo so my mind just defaults to picturing shantae dancing aggressively*
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    <LINK>Here we are in the future. Literally teaching rats how to drive cars.
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    One detail I have never seen anyone bring up is how out of all major western Sonic media from the 90s, AoStH was the one with the greatest number of human and human-looking characters. As far as major characters go, we have Von Schlemmer, Lucas, Lucinda, Momma Robotnik, Katella, and Doctor Quark. Digging deeper gets us Mobius' World Leaders, Miss Saccharine, Snow Height, Five of the Seven Squatty Guys, Cinderella, Fairy Godfather, the Wise Old Hermit, Blackbeard, and Robotnik's various ancestors. Sonic Christmas Blast, effectively a posthumous AoStH special, seems to have even fewer reservations about showing humans than the series proper. Santa Claus is the most obvious example, but the unnamed boy who tells Sonic about Robotnik Claus also comes to mind, given his screentime. The scene with Robotnik posing as a mall Santa has a crowd seemingly populated entirely by human children. I understand that SatAM and Archie had more elaborate worldbuilding that probably left a bigger impact on the minds of most fans, but for a fanbase that loves deep cuts as much as this one, I'm surprised AoStH's humans get ignored or downplayed whenever the topic of human Sonic characters comes up.
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    @tailsBOOM! Thanks for every heads up on new Smash spirit events that offer new spirits. With each reminder I can get my collection completed without having to go through the agonizing wait period I had with the Links Awakening spirits.
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    Some of you may remember Knuckles my puppy that I posted on here a few months back. Well , the daft dog decided to somehow get his paws on a sock and eat the damn thing which has resulted in him having to have surgery tonight to remove it as it has gotten lodged. Hope he's gonna be ok , he's got age on his side. Positive vibes please 🙏
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    Panda Claus

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Gemerl has gone from a Shard to a subdued Omega.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We stay heated over Shadow in my house. Someone at SoA needs to save my son
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    All of this is bad and I hate it. Sega should keep their terrible character assassination ideas to the games and not ruin the comic with it via stupid mandates
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    Considering the characters themselves have always been designed to be a overly abstract art-style outside of maybe Sonic 06, it isn't strange that Sonic-Team tried to reinforce that idea for the series at some point. You know what I don't get? why certain Sonic fans desperately want the series to be realistic as if that is somehow a good match for the series, which it isn't BTW. I wouldn't disagree with saying the Lost World style isn't perfect, I think there is a better middle ground in style somewhere. But I was not a big fan of the style for the environments on Sonic Unleashed, sure the characters were fine, especially the upgrade of making NPCs look like cartoons... but the world itself at times just looked like a video game version of real life with a handful of fantasy tossed on top like loops and what not. The idea of throwing Sonic & gang on top of a semi-realistic world creating a mismatching art style for the main portion of the franchise is just bad I say and I don't see real appeal in it.
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    I really hate this sentiment in certain sectors of this fanbase. We are in fact, not hard to please. Sonic Mania was a resounding success with the vast majority of fans, despite only targeting a certain demographic and being flawed in several ways (remixing many old levels when doing so wasn't met with great enthusiasm). Even Generations and Colors, which are both deeply flawed experiences, are generally seen positively by the fanbase. Even games which have aged poorly, such as the Adventure titles, remain popular. Sonic fans are actually not hard to please at all, it's just that the vast majority of Sonic games after Adventure 2 have been awful.
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (53% complete) I've finished laying out the instrumental! A few more tweaks here and there, getting the basics sorted out, and I'll be ready for my special guests (er, one of them, at least)! Then I'll have to go back and do a more thorough fix-up with the beat. Turns out it's just as I predicted, it'll be somewhere from 6:00 to 6:10 in length. I will know once everything is together. Piece by piece. I still need to record the rest of the vocals, and after that I'm very much free until I get their contributions. I do know that they've all been busy recently and I do hope they get some time to rest and recuperate after all they do. But still, the thrill of being able to work with such wonderful people has me feeling really good about this track. The guest reveal is close at hand! Stay tuned!
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    Sorry guys, I think this might be related to a broken search for the site as well. I've looked into it, and I think it has something to do with the specific platform we're using to index all of the content on the forum. I've had a few other priorities to take care of, but I'll look into this now and find out what's going on.
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    I feel like The whole "Sonic kissed a human" is very overblown in the internet Did anyone care when planet of the ape had a Human and a female anthro ape kiss? Or the interspecies stuff in many scifi Fiction? Yet people act like 2006 was the only time in all of fiction where an anthro and a human kissed
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    Mmm, what about Witchcart? Or the humanoid angel statue in Sonic CD? Or the humans in the hieroglyphs in Sonic Blast? Looks like non-Eggman humans have always been around to me. We don't see them much in the classic games because they were action games - ergo, we don't see many townspeople or NPCs in general. But the idea that Eggman is the only human in Sonic's world is flat-out contradicted by in-game evidence to the contrary.
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    There are some people that are upset that Sonic Team didn't honor their headcanons about the classics from 20 years ago. That's all it is really. The team has an enthusiasm for the real world and culture that shines through in a lot of sonic games. I always thought that was cool enough to offset the artstyle being a little jarring or the lore not being the most consistent.
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    ...and making them animals would help somehow? That's more down to how they're written than anything. It's not like making them anthros in Forces did much - they were arguably even more generic there. At least Unleashed's humans had character.
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    I know this is kind of a dick thing to say, and I'm sorry for that, but this is pretty much the perfect example of how bizarrely dumb the Sonic fanbase can be. We're literally talking about a franchise built around brightly colored rubber hose cartoon animal people with superpowers, and yet there are still people who insist on calling out weirdly specific parts of this inherently absurd fictional world. Knuckles can be red, sentient, 3 feet tall, bipedal, super strong, glide through the air, and have no visible genitalia, but the fist spikes are too ridiculous? That's where the line is? Why is that where the line is?
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