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    We're not 100% sure this is real yet, but this 2D art definitely paints Inteleon in a better light:
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    Oh my god that fat squirrel is cutest thing I’ve ever-aaaaaand you’ve ruined it.
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    Damn right! Here is everything together so far: New Pokémon/Galar Forms Gigantamax
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    We're one away from a full team of sadmons
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    Those images look like they're blown up from the already horrible image compression Switch capture has to me. I think it's possible the designers just made dumb choices.
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    Sonic Sketchog day 3: Nicole the Holo Lynx! Her dress is hard to draw ok
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    Won't Stop, Just Go

    Had Sega Not Dropped Out

    I'm not sure why this conversation is so IP focused now when that wasn't the point of the OP. I'll just be blunt and say that I would not care if NiGHTS, JSR, etc. Were dead if new original IPs were in their place. The thing I miss about Sega doesn't have to do at all with which IPs theyre reheating this week, but originality. They're boring to me now because theyre safe. I don't care if it makes the most financial sense because I'm not an exec, investor or someone who works there. I tend to take my money where boundaries are being pushed and Sega ain't it. Hasn't been it for a long time . And honestly even if I was a Sega superfan I'd be feeling pretty put out by remasters and safe sequels. I even got bored with Sonic Mania relatively quickly and that's something that's actually made for me. Good for you if you're into that kind of thing but I'm very much over this whole remake/remaster/iterative sequel era we're in with gaming. I also find it condescending as hell when they ask me to buy remasters to prove that there's support for a new thing, but that's another discussion. I dont even really care for the alternate history stuff myself but I'm for the timeline where sega just pulled their head out of their asses and gives their artists the time and money to do what they do best. That could have started at any time, but instead they continue to chase artists away.
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    Sonic 9: Dreadknux revokes Indigo's status posting privileges
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    Sonic 8: Iizuka recalls all copies of Sonic 7 because the Chaotix are no longer classic era characters
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    Sonic 5: Sonic & Knuckles go to Wegmans
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    The Rolycoly line is such a brutal disappointment. Plus it has no design consistency. Guess the locomotive Pokémon dream will have to wait.
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    Apparently, Galarian Corsola is Ghost/Rock and its evolution is called Cursola.
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    Chamomile #133
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Two Worlds means no humans, but since there have only ever been...6 actual human "characters" in this series, it means absolutely nothing that humans can't be used in this comic series.
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    Big Panda


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    I am so going Inteleon it's not even funny. I think I would even without a reptile bias, it's so sleek and personality-filled compared to Rillaboom and Cinderace.
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    Forget Sonic, when are these movies releasing? 😂
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    Sonic 6: Amy Registers to Vote
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    Spoiler tags got combined for some reason, but more leaked Pokemon! Starting with Rolycoly's evos, Carkol and Coalossol:
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    Heeey you, show me that solvable prooooblem. We can get through this I'll do, the, hardest part with yoooouu.
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    Damn, the Impidimp line is sick
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    Timezones are a thing, happy 6th anniversary to me.
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    Luigi's Mansion 4: Luigi questions our own morality
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    Sonic has globetrotter level speed - to say nothing of the warp rings. I wouldn't be surprised to see junk from all over the world scattered in his room. When he wants Chinese Food, the dude can literally leg it to China. He should be munching on Belgian Chocolates and French Pastries and leaving the remains scattered all over the place for some very confused bystanders to find later.
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    Just want to point out that despite working on so many projects, Ian Flynn just launched the first five pages of Drogune, his own newly created comic series done alongside Adam Bryce Thomas. Ian announced he was doing this in 2017, just two years ago, and again, despite all the other comics he's writing for, movies he's watching, games he's playing, and podcasting he's doing, has still managed to get more of the official product out than Ken has for his thing. This is something Ken literally sued people in the court of law over. It was no doubt a heavy contribution to the end of the Archie books and this thread itself started in 2014. MARCH of 2014 to be exact, which means we were barely into the new year. Sonic Boom had just been announced as a thing that was going to exist merely a month before. Now we live in a time where its long since ended. This is unacceptable. There's no excuse for so little progress being made on a project that you fought in the court of law to obtain the rights to make. Its been more than half a decade at this point. My ugly, unintentional comedy story about a gross, human proportioned echinda whose actually an alien in a string bikini is long since overdue, Ken.
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    Sizzlipede and Centiskorch This to be my favourite Fire-type line of all time! Just beautiful.
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    These Republicans do realize they don’t have to go down with Trump, do they? They’re part of a co-equal branch—if he does something they know is wrong, they can reel him in, Twitter Tantrum be damned. Shit’s already looking bad in the area that are likely going purple.
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    This feels like someone took another article and put it through Google Translate like a hundred times. Probably because it actually is, here's the actual original article. Much less mind-numbing to read. And here's the real quote in question for those who don't wanna go there: So overall, it's just marketing fluff really. I'll believe him when I see it.
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    Just watched live action Lion King. Gotta be honest, I actually liked that more than I thought I would. In a weird way, I think it actually helps that it's basically the exact same movie again. Ideally there should be new stuff in these remakes, but live action Aladdin tried that and sucked at it so Damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess.
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    Got to say, up until playing the Demo of this at EGX a few weekends ago I was very very skeptical of everything... the episodic structure, the whole of part 1 just being in Midgar, and how they’d translate the original experience into an action RPG. I was worried, and not that interested in picking this up. Especially for it’s price point. But, I’m not concerned anymore. If the quality of what I played is the same throughout all of episode 1 and beyond... Then they can damn well take as long as they want releasing it this way. Square Enix set a real high standard here. I heard this from many other previews, but I have to echo their statements that the actual action combat itself just... clicks. Its a real surprise. It’s like a wonderful evolution of Kingdom Hearts combat system with just the right elements of Final Fantasy’s ATB thrown in for good measure. The fact that you can switch between characters at any time, the amazing slowdown that is created when you “pause” to consider your tactical options to select certain moves, and that you have to use your surroundings to your advantage in combat is really engaging and exciting during a fight. It works really well. I still think the asking price is waaaaay too high for just 1 part of a remake of a PS1 game. But I’m starting to understand why when all the production values are considered in total. The effort cannot be ignored. I’m just gunna hope the entire game holds up to what I experienced.
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    Here is a thing that I realized. Remember that the Fast and the Furious poster that I show you last year? This was taken from set. The set could be Sonic’s bedroom. Maybe he love watch the Fast and the Furious? Well, he love to go fast. Would be a nice Easter egg, since the Fast and the Furious producer is working on the movie.
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    SEGA/Sonic Twitter's schedules and Paramount's are not going to be particularly aligned, and I don't think it has ever been like that since the movie was first announced back in 2013 (oh.... oh wow). It'll release when they're ready for it to release, independent of SEGA.
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    So here's one of the raw covers of #23:
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I’m fine with the arcs current pace. I wouldn’t want it to go on up to issue 50, though.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean one of the covers has Sonic literally charging at Eggman with the craziest shock/pissed face I've seen Sonic have xD. It's currently my BG on my S10 plus now. The cover with just their faces on it. I'mma try to find a linko Sonic vs Eggmans
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It was one of his special moves in Chronicles, pretty sure.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    They're moveset filler. That's all they need to be. Just like Vector's fire breath, Big's ability to summon frogs from the sky, or the ability to stop time everybody got in SA2. Heck, I'm pretty sure like half the cast can Spin Dash even though that's not supposed to be a universal move.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Every Sonic character has random unexplained abilities. Remember when Vector could just breathe fire?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She could solve world hunger with this magic food summoning power.
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    Congratulations! It's great that the site is still thriving to this day. New theme is rad 👍
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    Honestly, I don't blame anyone for thinking back then that humans weren't around back in the Genesis games. You never really got to see them and the western branches really played up the pro-green interpretation of the series, because Eggman remained the only human while more and more anthros got introduced. Aside from the games, the main version(s) of Sonic that were in the public eye were the various western cartoons and comics, which featured few to no humans, and certainly no main human characters. The way I see it, SA1 introducing them as interactable NPCs was more of an addendum rather than a contradiction, it simply updated our knowledge of what the games' world was like. Stuff like Man of the Year and Tails Sky Patrol/G Sonic are so obscure that I can't really use those as a "see? you should have known there were humans all along" type of rebuttal. And things like paintings and statues are typically representative of stuff that existed in the past, so...
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    I don't really think it's to do with the Classics - I mean, Classic Sonic even showed up alongside other humans on occasion: To be honest while I've seen people with preferences, I've never really seen people call for the total end of humans in Sonic besides Splash in here. Preferences, sure, but I dunno.
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