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    In fairness Sega probably doesn't even know what Sonic music they own anymore
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    It's probably because the post in question is a baseless accusation that a lot of people have a problem with. The moderator badge doesn't make a difference unless they're threatening a strike or a ban of some sort, which they aren't. They're allowed to express their opinion and correct misinformation just like the rest of us. EDIT: while I'm mad about it: It's been getting "out of hand lately" because the movie discussion has cast a rather wide net and reeled in a lot of people who's sole intent is to blindly defend the movie at all costs, and we're all sick of the shallow arguments and spammy "golly, I sure can't wait for this excellent film to release," "I'll literally die if the trailer doesn't release in the next 3 seconds," "y'all are a bunch of meanies for not liking this and explaining why" drivel. It's obnoxious at this point. I can't imagine the amount of self-restraint a moderator has to not just delete it all at this point. It detracts from actual discussion which is a rarity in this thread. We're all just fed up.
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    Honestly in the next game I really do think the back special concept should be extrapolated to any new (and hell even old) characters because it works pretty seamlessly once you get used to it
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    It's still early but I think Sakurai might have made the most fun of the add on fighters yet with Terry. He's got a lot of the depth they were trying to pull off with Ryu and Ken but small tweaks make him overall less clunky. Is inputs become naturally to me and I'm having a lot of fun using the cstick to put in normals while I charge rising tackle. The stage is great too. I hope every walkoff gets this wall break mechanic because it solves just about every issue with how they play. I don't expect the competitive community to loosen up enough to allow it but this'll probably be one of my go-tos for one on ones. It's also nice to see every KOF character I actually played as in the background and not on the main stage. I've been wanting Smash to experiment with more input methods to accomodate for more moves since I find the standard directional stuff too limiting. The back special is probably something that'll remain exclusive to more technical characters but I'm glad that we know is something that can work now.
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    Archie was good

    Archie was good
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    Some people are hellbent on wanting this movie to fail. It's rather sad.
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    Capcom Disney games that need a DuckTales Remastered treatment: -DuckTales 2 (though to be fair, last I played that game, it controlled so well and had a surprisingly solid visual presentation for a NES game, so it holds up extremely well today I think) -Goof Troop -The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie -Alladin (either SNES or Genesis version; and yes, I'm aware of the bundle that was released recently) -Darkwing Duck -Disney/Pixar's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Symphony of the Night 3 & Knuckles featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series DS Live and Reloaded, No Lootboxes Edition* *contains lootboxes
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    Puyo games are now being localised a little more often but it's a shame we never got the Chronicles title.
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    I know this isn't the first time that you've tried to flip the "moderators should be moderators only and not express an opinion that makes someone feel bad BECUZ VER UMPROFESHUNAL" card, so I'll respond to this the way I'm pretty sure I did the last time: Bite me. We get enough shit from members for not engaging the community unless someone is breaking a rule. I'm not going to entertain "moderators expressing an opinion as part of the community in succession is a conspiracy to shun members from posting their opinions when they don't like them." Especially when I wasn't even responding to the same person Celestia, Akito and Sean were.
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    Lol, I knew someone would bring this up when I saw the others had posted. None of us were "dunking" on him. We expressed our disagreement, just as anyone else is welcome to. While I do get that seeing four mods post in a row does give off a certain impression, I also think it's a bit silly that we should have to consider whether or not a mod has previously posted before we're allowed to use this thread to say what we were already planning on saying.
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    So what do you guys make of Sonic Underground? Are people who wrote it off due to it not being anything remotely like Sonic not giving it a fair shake, because it dared to set out and do its own thing divorced from any other previous incarnation? Why is it okay to hate Sonic Underground but not this movie Sonic Underground made Sonic's design more accurate to his original JP one (without the mohawk) compared to AoStH and SatAM, and people still think it's the worst of the DiC cartoons by a country lightyear. The design doesn't mean shit.
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    Did a little tweaking to that tan-armed edit of Movie Sonic. What do y'all think?
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    I say this as someone who is now going to sit through the film: fixing the design is not going to fix the entire movie. It makes it less disgusting to look at, and it makes it more marketable since we'll have an actual representation of Sonic to look at. But this doesn't change the fact that we're dealing with a CGI Live Action - Video Game Movie hybrid (a double curse, really) featuring a franchise icon from a series that's not exactly known for being story heavy. Anyone reserves the right to just... not see it anyway. Y'know, I can sort of understand how it's perceived that people who were asking for the design to be fixed are "spoiled brats" for still not seeing it even after they fixed it, but that's not really the case. The case is that a lot of fans who were upset with the design were also not interested in a live action Sonic Movie to begin with. I certainly wasn't. No one is obligated to see it. It's not a matter of wanting it to fail, it's a matter of expecting it to fail, because the entire premise indicates that the outlook is grim. I'm going to see it, yes, but not because I expect it to be good, nor because I expect it to be hilariously bad. I'm a Sonic fan. It's the Sonic Movie. They removed that eldritch blue demon in favor of an actual Sonic. I'm going to see it to keep up with the discussion. That's my reason for seeing it, and I don't have to justify it any more than someone who doesn't want to see it has to. It looks like it's going to be average at best. I'd like to be proven wrong, but I don't expect to. That's all I have to say about that.
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    I think it's more that a live action Sonic movie is just such an awful idea conceptually. It could be good, but that trailer isn't a promising start, even with the redesigned Sonic changing its most notorious aspect.
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    Ming Ming Hatsune

    Worst period for Sonic?

    I am talking about Sonic in the video game industry. What made Sonic popular in the first place. I personally don’t read the comics and the recent shorts are nice but it’s not blowing people away is it? 15 years ago, the Sonic fanbase was massive in the web. Massive. There were like 15 active Sonic forums before. Now it feels like, SSMB’s the last very active Sonic forum standing. It reflects that as time went by, the fanbase stopped growing and decreased. Because of Sega/Sonic Team’s poor decisions overtime. Terrible/sub-par video games. I just need to look at myself for example. Used to be a huge Amy fan. Everyday I used to think about the Sonic universe. Not anymore, since around 5/6 years ago. Still upset that since ‘06, other characters apart from Shadow in Forces, were no longer playable and it’s just Sonic in the mainline.
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    If this leads to the Lopes sibs doing vocal tracks in future games I'm all for it. Honestly get Mariana to do a new version of Believe in Myself. She's got the pipes for it.
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    British Disney+ launches on March 31st 2020
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    In the process of being fixed. The entire search index has to be rebuilt, so some results will be missing until its complete.
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    Another Tee remix was released today. "Can You Feel the Sunshine" featuring Tee, Jun & Mariana Lopes (Tee's sister). Sounds pretty good to me. Might actually prefer this over the original. Do you like it when they do these visual performances to accompany the music? So we've had an SA1 & Sonic R remix. I wonder what's next.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Since I missed a good 40 issues or so between 125 and 177, I was legit confused why Quack had an eyepatch when I started reading again but didn't actually care enough about him as a character to see why. lol
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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Art Mawhinney worked as a storyboard artist for Rugrats IIRC. Probably why. FUNNY YOU SHOULD SAY THAT BECAUSE
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    It amazes me that it keeps getting brought up again and again, time and time again that people are sick of detractors not giving the film a chance, or commenting on how they’re never happy, or more my specific point - why they feel the need to constantly comment on what they feel are the film’s shortcomings... ...and then said “repeating” of points being completely justified by posts like this. If you’d read these arguments from detractors of the film, you might begin to realise how utterly ridiculous this is and how incredibly wrong it also is. If you’d bother to even read and understand the viewpoints of people who have an issue with the film and the problems displayed in the trailer, you might understand that the issues far exceed the visual design of the movie, and they’d still be pointed out if it was fully animated or not. The Lorax was also incredibly faithful with its visual design and to Dr. Suess’s books, that didn’t stop the movie being a complete load of corporate bullshit that ruins the original story and shockingly managed to miss the entire point of the movie and it’s lesson, to the point where marketing material literally contradicted the original lessons about environmental damage and corporate greed by having the Lorax himself trying to sell cars and other such things. Words don’t even begin to describe the flaws with this strawman argument and I’m getting really sick of it being trotted out to try shut down people who have a problem with the film. The visuals are one element of the film and changing the visuals will not fix the metric butt ton of problems with it.
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    Archie Sonic: Issue #47 - ENDGAME Part 1 of 4 Yeah, I bet what I’m about to read will be JUST as good as that. Surely. It’s finally arrived. We’re finally here. We’re in the Endgame now. The finale to the Sonic comics that wasn’t actually the finale but a prelude to the events brought upon by Ken Penders going absolutely, butt-fuck insane and losing his goddamn mind all over the page. Seeing as how the Archie comics aren’t a thing anymore, I for one can not wait to see how spectacularly awful things are about to get. There are plenty of story arc names that get brought up over the years, consistently and for different reasons. Darkest Storm, Champions, Countdown to Chaos, Iron Dominion, Eggman’s Dozen, House of Cards (BLEGH), Enerjak Reborn, etc. However, I feel the one that I’ve been the most curious about has to be this one. If only because it’s literally the only story arc that’s ever talked about with any real importance from before the triple digit issues. The fact that it was the only arc I was aware of before Issue 160 speaks volumes. I heard it was awful. Judging by the cover, another thing I heard is already being confirmed true too. So, apparently, Sally fucking dies… or was supposed to die according to Ken Penders. This cover seems to be Sally catching the disease that most Disney villains succumb to near the end of the film; Falling-From-Somewhere-Really-High-Up-Itis. The finer details about the three main things I know about this story allude me though. It’s time I dived in and soaked in the spectacularly bad juices of the infamous… ENDGAME! … Okay, so first of all, the passage that starts the book off reads “It is the year 3235 on the planet Mobius-” and I want to exclaim something in disbelief so badly right now but I can’t because I have no idea what a 2019 on Mobius would look like. Is that the time Mobi the Caveman is from? Holy shit dude. Anyway, this passage does a fairly good job of setting the mood for what’s about to happen, considering it was supposed to be the last story they ever did. It states that this war that began right after another war had concluded (this planet sucks almost as badly as ours does) and that it has entered its 11th year. Goodness me. They straight up say it’s the final battle. I can recall another instance down the line where this is uttered yet again and, just like then, it also wasn’t the final battle. For you see, finales can only be abrupt and inconclusive in the realm of Sonic comics. Plan an ending and it WILL continue. Sonic and Sally are spying on an Eggman tower together and right off the bat, I have to say that I really like the way the art is this time. Bouncy and cartoonish but still mature and has some grit all around it as far as the backgrounds are concerned. It’s a nice fit. As for the odd couple, they exchange the typical banter between one another. “I can’t wait to kick some Ro-Butt-nik” and “I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos” abound. He grapples Sally over to the building and we zoom out to see Lupe, Drago, and the Wolf Pack spying on the proceedings. Lupe is feeling great about this. Drago isn’t because he’s the obvious traitor because he’d feel better if the wolf pack were doing it instead of the hero of the story. Lupe tells him to fuck off. We then cut to the first logic blunder of the story. Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor, Tails, and everyone’s favorite super-star, Dr. Quack are here. Already I’m confused. Dr. Quack correctly points out that he shouldn’t be here because he’s a doctor, not a Star Trek reference. Antoine responds, rather coldly, that he’s here because he was ORDERED to be there by their incompetent leader in case anything goes wrong. Yeah, like if a bomb goes off and their best doctor gets blowed up. A basic tenet of doctors in war-zones is that, well, one they’re not just standing out in the open right next to the fucking soldiers but two, there is often limited access to medical resources to even provide treatment. So unless that disk on his head doubles as a magic wand, I don’t see what you realistically expect him to do. Antoine tells the Wolf Pack that they’re not to move in until they get the signal, in what seemed like a practical, rationally stern dialogue bubble. Lupe gave a natural response to it too. Apparently it wasn’t though because THIS is when Bunnie and Tails decide to tell Antoine to calm his tits. Back on the Pinnacle building with Sonic and Sally, Sally looks like she’s dizzy so Sonic rightly asks if she’s okay. Sally says she is, which is a clear and obvious lie, and then starts to recount how the campfire and everything afterward just led to more questions than answers. Like the world’s shittest game of Jeopardy. After Rosy came and informed her that her dad was done trying to fulfill his dream of being the green Chaos Emerald, Sally spoke to him in what has to be the strangest reunion conversation ever. The first thing this dude asks is about his their regal status. Then he immediately just accuses Sonic the Hedgehog of being the traitor, slamming his fist onto the desk to emphasize it, while also stating that HOW he recovered is on a need to know basis (and yet Sally is the highest ranking person around aside from him) and doesn’t utter a word of thanks to her for her troubles. Look at Sally’s shocked face when he says it’s Sonic. She looks like he just told her something crawled into her pants. Just kidding. She’s naked. Whatever it is, it’s already all up in there sweetie. So, this couldn’t be anymore shady if you blocked out the sun and strung up a planet wide tent over the Earth’s surface. I guess I can’t blame her for thinking he’d wake up and immediately be concerned with his status and shift towards blaming her childhood friend for treachery. Seems like something he would do. Sally, to her credit, doesn’t buy it. She’s more saddened by the fact that her daddy would say such a thing. While she ponders this, Sonic tells her to get the lead out. Sally is the one that says the “Do it, to it” line, which is basically the equivalent to her signing her death warrant. Inside the base, Robotnik and Snively are watching Sally and Sonic scale the wall… … Immediately, the problems with having this be a stealth mission ushered in by a team of resistance fighters INSTEAD of just Sonic and Tails blowing the place apart rears its ugly head again. Robonik being able to easily spot Sonic if he were doing something purposefully destructive makes sense. What’s being portrayed in this comic is supposed to be some sort of covert operation that they planned out? They swung to the building and then immediately started climbing it and got spotted instantly? When Robotnik spots them, he says this horrible line. “If I were a nice guy, I wouldn’t do what I’m about to do… but I’m NOT a nice guy.” It’s such a shit line but I’ll forgive it because he’s Robotnik and he’s not long for this world. Anyway, he presses a button and guns come out of the wall underneath Sally and are pointed right at her ass. Fucking whoops. This same thing happens again in a future issue. Sally’s just the easiest of targets. Seriously coach. Keep Sally on the bench. So Sally’s being shot at and while everyone except Rotor is freaking out, Rotor is excited because this means he gets to use his giant fucking gun that he loves so much! He’s so happy he gets to blow shit up the murican way. You’d hardly believe this is the same guy that, down the line, Ken is going to have say to Fiona Fox that guns aren’t the way Freedom Fighters do things… only for Ian to have the character later reflect on that as a moment of hypocrisy. It’s so meta. Rotor fires a blast at the building. It misses Sally and blows the guns up right by her. Antoine is still worried until, of course, he sees Sonic the Hedgehog. He even does that weird thing where characters unnaturally say Sonic’s full name as though they’re saying the title of the book. That is in part why the next scene is so hilarious. This is the funniest moment of the entire run of Archie comics right here. I never would have thought that the height of comedic set-up and follow-through would be the part where Sonic the Hedgehog MURDERS SALLY ACORN. I want to set the scene here. Imagine the Sonic and Knuckles title screen music playing as Antoine happily proclaims “LOOK! It’s SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!” and then Sonic, our glorious hero shows up… only for him, with a big heroic, Mickey Mouse smile on his face, to cut the rope holding up Sally Acorn and delight in watching her fall to her death. Then Sally makes the death sound when she splats the Earth and the game over music plays as our heroic murderer winks and gives a thumbs up to the camera before running away so that he can avoid serving time in prison. I’m not even joking. The thing that kills me is the nonchalant manner in which he’s doing it with a smile on his face. Anyway, Sally falls. The next page is just panels of her hitting terminal velocity as she falls and falls. She rips through a cloth banner of some kind but that’s of very little help. She smacks against the ground with a hard thud. No dialogue. Not even any sound effects. Just pure silence. It’s actually fairly effective. Bunnie tries to go in but is fired at by an unknown assailant. That also happens to be the moment Drago, Lupe, and the other Ewoks rush in to blow some robots up. Bunnie goes to Sally and calls her Princess Sob… oh no, wait. She’s crying… she says “Princess” and then sob is written there to simulate crying… I dunno. It’s funnier thinking that she called her Princess Sob. Meanwhile, Sonic is confronting Robotnik, telling him that he’s fat and also shit. Robotnik fires a bunch of lasers at him and then escapes into the floor with Snively, going on about how his reality is about to go bye-bye. Sonic grabs a mirror and uses it to reflect the laser blasts from the cannons back at them. It’s only just then does he realize Sally’s not here. Then he goes, “Oh THAT’S right, I just killed her. Cut her rope and watched her go splat against the pavement. Silly me.” Anyway, while Sonic basks in the afterglow of his delightfully easy murder, Robotnik, after having taken his slide down to the next room (something in which Snively comments makes no practical sense versus a simple elevator) the Lord of Lard then presses a button that blows up the command center Sonic is still inside of. It’s a good day for Robotnik. He’s so happy at the thought of taking two of them out. It’s great. “Tense Minutes Later” (actual words in the book) we see everyone gathered round a dead squirrel in the road. They all casually walk around it and go about their day. Oh wait, no. Dr. Quack is tending to it. My mistake. Dr. Quack shouts at Bunnie to step aside and let him do his job even though, in the panel, she’s nowhere near him and the only thing she said was, “Doctor, is she-?” Thank you doctor. Truly it was worth risking you being on the war zone so you could tell them to bring her back to Knothole where you would have been anyway. I’m sure contacting you via a phone or walkie-talkie so that you could prepare for her arrival instead of hastily doing it on your way back is a much bet-why the fuck is he AT the war zone??? The Swat Bots come out and start shooting the place up. Better hope they don’t blow the head off our best doctor. That would suck, wouldn’t it? Everyone in the wolf pack provides coverfire while the Freedom Fighters struggle to get Sally on the plane and back home. Antoine says he should have stayed back to fight. Rotor points out who would fly the plane if he did. Antoine says good point. I then think back on how Rotor once rode Southwest Airlines into Robotropolis to pick everyone up but I guess, now, the genius mechanic only knows how to operate guns and not bi-planes. That’s cool. Tails brings up that they're missing someone. No one responds. He then asks about Sonic’s whereabouts. No one responds AND they take off in the plane. Then Sonic arrives right below them saying “Hey! Just got back from killing Sally. Where you guys going?” He’s wondering why they would just leave him behind like that… unless, him murdering Sally was something that upset them. But nah. Why would that bother them? Murder is his favorite past time. They know that already. We cut back to Robotnik who is having the time of his life. Boy howdy. I gotta be honest, how excited he is to see this go down is rubbing off on me. His underground transit, that he very much acts as though the majority of it surviving the explosion was a stroke of luck, carries Snively and him to Robotropolis South. He asks for a drink, pulls up a seat, and then presses play on the greatest show of his or anyone’s lifetime. I am of course talking about the part where everyone in Knothole turns to Sonic as the one responsible for Sally’s death. We cut to everyone outside the room, waiting for the Doc’s diagnosis. Rotor says that they’ll just have to hope that no news is good news. Then the doc shows himself and like a snazzy contestant at a game show, Rotor asks “Well doc-?” Then this- Now, the doctor is supposed to be shaking his head here. You can tell by the movement lines at either side of his head. However, take those away and it looks more like he squinted his eyes shut at them and that was the signal they needed to know she was done for. Tails cutely and solemnly hugs Rosy. Antoine and Bunnie begin leaking from their eyes. Rotor looks like he just took a big ol’ walrus dump on the wood paneling. It’s awful. Sonic, like a guy late to the funeral of the person he just killed, runs into the room demanding to know why they left him alone with his fresh kill. That’s when Geoffrey shows up and says Sonic is under arrest for the crimes of high treason and murder. I love how HORRIFIED Tails looks in that panel. The fact that he’s saying something as old timey cartoony as “Say it ain’t so” adds icing to the cake. It’s just a perfect scene. It’s also cute that Tails thinks Sonic saying it ain’t so would mean anything when he clearly saw Sonic, delightfully and happily, cutting the rope that attached Sally to her precious life. Sonic demands that Tails spit out what’s happening. Geoffrey finally tells him that he murdered the princess. That’s the look of a man whose surprised that they also didn’t want her murdered. What the hell man? What’s the world coming too when you can’t murder a princess without the blessing of your buds? Sheesh. And despite this serious situation, these expressions are just screaming Nickelodeon cartoon. I especially like how, as Sonic is being arrested with that dumb look on his face, Tails has a look that’s just like “Oh, well, I guess this is happening now.” We cut to Drago who walks in on Hershey and fixes himself a drink, cackling maniacally about the obviously evil thing he must have just done cause he’s obviously the traitor. Hershey is very wide-eyed and open mouthed about seeing Drago and that’s all I can say about that. This is the first time I’ve read an issue with the allustrious Hershey in it. I only recall her being talked about at the trial of Geoffrey St. John way down the line. There was a lot of issues that came about as a result of this character. Unresolved plot lines and Ken Penders thinking she got shoved into a fridge when actuality, Ian was saving the surprise that she was alive for a later date. Ironically, Ken's lawsuit was the thing that kept Hershey from being revealed as alive. Good times. Anyway, the sun is setting and the king, very NOT distraught about the loss of his supposed daughter, decrees that the prisoner be let in. Sonic the Murderer is then brought before the supposedly grieving village. The king says he has no malice despite the death being personal. He pointlessly asks how Sonic pleads to the murder of Sally. Sonic, of course, says he didn’t do it. The king doesn’t bother having a fucking trial and says that for Sonic’s excellent service, he’s not getting the death penalty but is being sentenced to life imprisonment inside a place called the Devil’s Gulag. I swear. This “How do you plead” thing is increasingly made to look stupid. The king even says “I knew you’d say that” when Sonic says he’s innocent. Don’t ask him how he pleads if you already know what he’s going to say AND plan on ignoring him and doing whatever the fuck you want anyway you… WEIRD squirrel person! Anyway, Robotnik’s laughing at this because he thinks it’s funny. Sally is dead, Sonic’s taking the blame, and he’s going to be spending the rest of his life rotting in the Devil’s Gulag. The end. I gotta be honest, despite how infamous this story is for being bad, I enjoyed the hell out of this first issue. It’s got the perfect set-up and the perfect hook. I’m all about the part where Sally dies and Sonic has to be stuck in prison forever. I’d like to see a years later arc about that. Sonic’s just in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and Sally’s gone. Meanwhile, without him, Robotnik’s just gotten worse. Honestly, life imprisonment is a fate worse than death no matter where it is. Having it in a place called the Devil’s Gulag has got to be worse than ketchup on pancakes. I kind of want to stop here and just have that be my ending. After all, Sonic totally enjoyed killing her. He was so cute and happy when he did it too. Maybe one day his friends will learn to appreciate the joy of killing, like your old pal, Sonic the Murderer does.
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    Did you know moderators are in fact also capable of having opinions and can take part in discussions? People complain when we don't "post normally" too so there's no "winning" I guess, but c'mon. (I also legitimately didn't see Tara and Sean had already replied, and Tara even said essentially what I did in fewer words. But even if I had I might have decided to say something anyway to support that point and get my thoughts out there. /shrug) Oh shit am I one of them
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    Lol people in this thread implying we shouldn't hope something fails if we hate it.
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    Unpopular Opinion: I don't feel I'm being honest if I say I liked the remix. It's not bad at all, but I didn't really liked the new melody, neither much the newer vocals, in fact, the strong T.J. Davis vocals is what defined Sonic R soundtrack for me. But maybe I'm too used with the original one. Or my musical tastes really changed in the past 4 years.
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    Oh, that remix is really nice. Two Lopes are even better than one =D At this point I feel like SEGA should abandon gaming and become a music producer XD
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    So there are some visual design reasons for the skin-colored arms, mainly to help them stand out from the body on 16 bit hardware. That said, blue arms are not inherently wrong in theory, aside from the fact that it's contrary to the established design. That should be enough to shoot down any reason to do it any other way, but that aside, it's a matter of personal preference. Most other Sonic characters (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc) don't follow that design principle, so I can understand why someone would prefer it.
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    No. As a critic, I don't want any film to fail, and I don't want this movie to do bad either. Not necessarily because it is a Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Why would you want any movie to be bad? Isn't it better that we actually have a good Teen Titans GO! movie? Isn't it pleasantly surprising that the live action Dora movie is actually good? A trailer doesn't necessarily represent an entire movie. I wasn't particularly fond of the trailer, but I'm still keeping an open mind about it. The fact that they were willing to delay the movie to redesign the character shows that genuine effort was put into this. And again, I guarantee that if this movie was entirely animated and Sonic's design was never weird looking, but everything about the plot was kept the same, suddenly, automatically, more people on this thread would magically think that it looks good. But the fact that it's live action, everyone's freaking out.
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    The white stripe between his eyes makes it feel like they didn’t commit. I don’t even mind Sonic having two eyes, but at least make it look like he has two eyes instead of going halfway in both directions.
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    Man, I love the deliver in some of Heroes dialogue.
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    Worst period for Sonic?

    Like some have said, definitely the mid 2000s, from like 2003-2007. The downspiral and then rock bottom the series has still not recovered from 15 years later. Having witnessed the entire history of this franchise, I can say that the was by far the worst things have gotten, watching Sonic spiral down the drain like that. ....but the last 4 years have got to be among the most boring in the franchise history for me. I realize this is a weird statement with the outstanding Mania.....Part of it is because I'm an adult now but also because I have really no idea what to expect out of this series now. I know what I think makes sense and can only guess where SEGA will take sonic next but....that means little without consistency which we havent seen a lot of in this franchise in a long time. The only thing I basically expect is for games to be of middling quality, while hoping for that long awaited 3D game that finally nails the translation of Sonic's classic gameplay. So that's basically it for me. I was never really looking for a reboot of 2D sonic. 2D sonic peaked for me with S3K and I dont think it can practically be topped, it was as close to perfection as possible for the formula. I just want a 3D sonic that approaches that quality, even if it takes a few games to build towards like with sonic 1, sonic 2, sonic cd, etc. But building a good foundation is the primary thing I've wanted. With the exception of unleashed-gens we havent gotten that and definitely not as a 3D platformer which is what I've always wanted sonic to be, rather than a 2.5D hybrid (although fun in it's own right). Boring is better than 06 like disaster but as a fan.....not by much.
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    The madmed did it, Japanese Spider-man will be in Spider-verse 2.
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    I can't stop thinking about how the first reaction would've been if this design was used from the beggining. Arguibly waaaaaaaay more positive. But after all the mockery and negative buzz, having a cool design now just feels... Bitter sweet to me. I doesn't change my perspective of this movie, if anything, it just unquestionably shows how people who said it looked terrible were right and how deeply wrong Paramount's direction was. I'm looking at both designs right now, and the old one looks even more horrible, if that's possible. It looks like when a fusion goes wrong in Dragon Ball Z. So yeah. As much as I like this new design... The damage was already done.
  41. 1 point
    Ok dang that looks better. I hope it'll be better in motion as well.
  42. 1 point
    We got a new trailer today that shows off a few new items and new mechanics. New Items: Mints & Changes to Old Items Other Changes to Old Mechanics
  43. 1 point
    I'm really going to try to like this. I'm so tired of being cynical by default. Like, do you think I wanted to hate the idea of a Sonic movie? 5 year old me would've freaked. I still think this is not how things should have gone. It should've been a fully animated (be it 2D or 3D) and not a live action CG hybrid, but I'll try to be more open to it now that Sonic... well. Looks like Sonic now. This trailer could make it or break it for me.
  44. 1 point
    Okay Paramount and Jeff Fowler, was that really so hard? I still personally wish that they had gone with his peach coloured arms and a mono-eye, but this end design is perfectly fine. He doesn't look like a deformed child anymore. I seriously want to know what was behind the original design choices. Who came up with them and why did they decide upon all of those terrible ideas that came together to create both what looked like a parody of the original Sonic designs and an ugly character design in general; the lack of gloves with weirdly tiny human hands covered in white fur (with fingernails!), the human looking arms and legs, the white belly, the small and widely separated eyes that stunt expression, the refusal to adapt his iconic shoes, those human lips and human teeth, the bloodshot redness around his eyes. All of it was so bad. It really felt like they were gunning for different for the sakeof being different, instead of any actual artistic vision. Was the studio really so blinded by their focus groups and supposed executive insight that they thought they'd created the perfect design for movie Sonic? Urgh. I'm happy that the design has been fixed. But I still stand by the mantra that there's no good reason for it to have been so rubbish in the first place. And furthermore, the films design for Eggman is still rubbish. He's not a character that will translate to a live action adaptation very easily, but they could have done better. The fact that he's not bald or wearing red until the end of the film just stops him from looking even remotely like the source material. And that's to say nothing of the fact that he doesn't really act like Eggman at all. So yeah, still doesn't look like good movie and certainly not a good Sonic movie. But Sonic himself looks decent now. You know you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when the highest praise you can give a film is "the main character doesn't look ugly anymore".
  45. 1 point

    Worst period for Sonic?

    Apart from Rise of Lyric, Sonic has been the sole playable character in all of his mainline 3D games since 2007. That's ridiculous. Sega is pandering to people who don't even like Sonic in the first place by excluding the vast library of side characters, thanks to that 'Sonic's shitty friends' meme, (which was coined by people who have no interest in purchasing a Sonic game either way, not the fans who are actually purchasing the product and part of the fanbase.) Sega also caters to the 'Sonic was only good in 2D' crowd by needlessly shoehorning classic Sonic into Forces. He really didn't need to be there. Sega should stop trying to win over casual gamers who think Sonic is a joke now and was only good in the 90's. Ian Flynn is currently doing a fantastic job with IDW in my opinion, cramming in subtle references, flashbacks, winks, nods, and a wide cast of characters. Sega should be giving Sonic that same kind of love.
  46. 1 point

    Worst period for Sonic?

    It's kinda more like, what periods have actually not been bad for Sonic. Whenever it manages to have a couple of good games it ends up shooting itself in the foot soon after. If I had to pick a "worst", I'd have to say the mid-00's. I don't think anything has done more damage to the series than the one-two punch of Shadow and '06. By that point they had broken everything about 3D Sonic gameplay that had ever worked and made a complete joke out of the story and characters, and sometimes it feels like every bad decision since has been either directly or indirectly a response to that period.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I would say that they don't even really have a style to go full hog with. The lack of direction (Iizuka's job to my knowledge) is so blatant and plain to see that it makes me wonder if there even is any vision anymore. Sure the IDW mandates might imply as such, but since SEGA and Iizuka have admitted to being shocked when something that will obviously work, works (Sonic Mania), I don't find the mandates to be more than just SEGA's way of keeping things static until they can either figure out what to do or potentially (unlikely as I hope it is) even sell off teh Sonic IP while it is still in a form they misguidedly believe to be marketable. So yeah, I guess I agree. We can't really expect Sonic to have any substance when there isn't even a style to build the substance into. Conversely, they could always try looking at everything they have and actually using that as the basis of their substance and building the style they want on top of that. Either approach though requires either SEGA making up their mind or actually leaving Iizuka to his own devices for a change and actually seeing if he still has a marketable vision.
  48. 1 point
    How many times are people going to have to list the issues? For fucks sake, this happens on virtually every page. The jokes in the trailer were bad, the plot is cliché and totally unrelated to anything "Sonic" in the past, Robotnik is a mad scientist who looks and behaves nothing like Robotnik from the games, Jim Carrey is playing a very phoned in and generic "Jim Carrey villain" role, gottagofast, it's about Sonic and a random cop instead of the vast array of characters it could have used to varying degrees, it's an incredibly tone deaf film... I'm missing a lot out here and can't tell you enough just to read this thread to get a better picture. If you don't know what the issues are, you're choosing to be obstinate. The issues are subjective. You might not find a problem with them. You might even like them! Congratulations - you have found an opinion. Another opinion is that the original a Sonic design was ugly and needed to be changed. It's a widely held opinion, but an opinion and therefore subjective nonetheless. A big problem right now is that some people are allowing Sonic's design to cloud their judgement of the entire film. When the bar is set as low as it was by the first trailer with the awful Sonic design, anything that's marginally improved is prone to being mistaken for good, when in reality it's simply just a little less shit. And then there are the people who seem to think that the film deserves our time, money and respect because they fixed a problem that they were stupid enough to create in the place. FWIW, I think that Sonic now looks fine. I need to get a better look at his face, body proportions and movements, but it seems like they've come up with decent enough design for a 'realistic' Sonic in a live action film. Realistic Sonic and live action film are problems in and of themselves, but if those are the cards that are being dealt them then hand could be worse.
  49. 1 point

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I don't know about ...well most of that, but I think it's implied she soldiered through that stuff without really feeling enough.
  50. 1 point

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    So now that it's ending in less than a month. Do yall think SM was the big game changer the anime needed when it was first shown off?
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