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    Dr. Christmas Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I wish these RI covers were easier to reliably get ahold of. Sometimes they're in stock but sometimes they're not. I really want this cover of Eggman gloating over his win. As for the ongoing subject of the arc and its length, it feels rather gratifying to have something with such an intense feeling and genuine care with regards to the character writing to look forward to each month. Its so easy for me to throw myself into their plight as the general empathy I have for this cast and its world actually has been more than enough to allow the full weight of the situation to affect me despite how early its been. I may not fully understand or agree with the grievances brought up here but I can at the very least empathize with not fully getting it. I can't say I'd have chosen to have 50 issues of something else happen before getting to this arc. I've read so many Sonic comics and have waited for so long between issues of several continuities at this point. Its significantly easier for me to care or worry about characters so long as the story and writing feels genuine. General time spent can mean a lot but I've come to realise it won't mean a thing if its happening within a continuity you have no desire to be invested in. The old continiuty, its characters, and its setting just weren't the correct fit for me. I don't believe I'd have enjoyed it more than this no matter how long the set up was. I've wanted, for so long, a comic like this and I can still say with confidence thats its one of the best experiences I've ever had regarding a Sonic the Hedgehog story. People may find it ridiculous to be so gushy and positive about it but I do genuinely believe this. I have an intense amount of love for this book at this point and my one and only major complaint are the delays that keep me from experiencing even more.
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    Two from Sonic in the Fourth Dimension: Eric the first ever Echidna in a piece of Sonic media https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Eric_the_Echidna Cinos an evil Sonic that got caught in the Kintobor origin explosion. https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Cinos_the_Anti-Sonic
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Ok, I HAD to bring this one up... You know, why did they make Sonic & Knuckles instead of Sonic & Garfield!? It would have sold more than Sonic & Knuckles did! Seriously though, Sonic standing next to Garfield with a CG monkey beneath them is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    From STC Tails = a Crackhead
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Sonic petting Tails Sonic's.....weird fucking eye. I don't know what this Tails is even supposed to be. Tails attempting to get into the X-Games. NotDarthVaderAtAll.png I'm glad this series has gone on long enough where there's a trove of really weird, stupid art that was produced.
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