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    I know I can think of 1 character that needs to come back....... Yep, it's my girl, Honey The Cat! This is my optional wish for what I want in the Sonic franchise. If it didn't happen, then oh well.
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    Jet's dad. He looks more like he lived in the 1700s than being from the same generation as Vanilla.
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    June 23 1991 - now.
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    bokkun is good

    bokkun is good
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    azoos art

    VILLAIN ROLL CALL: Scratch & Grounder, Eggsman, Metal Sonk, Naugus, Fang, Shade, Thunderbolt, Eden (maybe? maybe not?) (original char me and @Wraith came up with), Bokkun Kind of a collection of villains I would use if I made a Sonic thing.
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    Just want to point out that despite working on so many projects, Ian Flynn just launched the first five pages of Drogune, his own newly created comic series done alongside Adam Bryce Thomas. Ian announced he was doing this in 2017, just two years ago, and again, despite all the other comics he's writing for, movies he's watching, games he's playing, and podcasting he's doing, has still managed to get more of the official product out than Ken has for his thing. This is something Ken literally sued people in the court of law over. It was no doubt a heavy contribution to the end of the Archie books and this thread itself started in 2014. MARCH of 2014 to be exact, which means we were barely into the new year. Sonic Boom had just been announced as a thing that was going to exist merely a month before. Now we live in a time where its long since ended. This is unacceptable. There's no excuse for so little progress being made on a project that you fought in the court of law to obtain the rights to make. Its been more than half a decade at this point. My ugly, unintentional comedy story about a gross, human proportioned echinda whose actually an alien in a string bikini is long since overdue, Ken.
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    azoos art

    Haha holy shit this is old. Update time (click images if blurry)
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    No, he really can't. It's material he doesn't own using characters he doesn't have the license for, that he's trying to sell in a for-profit situation. SEGA have every right to cease and desist his ass because Penders doesn't own the rights to SEGA's characters.
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    Two from Sonic in the Fourth Dimension: Eric the first ever Echidna in a piece of Sonic media https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Eric_the_Echidna Cinos an evil Sonic that got caught in the Kintobor origin explosion. https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Cinos_the_Anti-Sonic
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    Blue Blood

    Obscure Sonic Characters

    We all know that Chronicles was a pretty bad game. But honestly? I kind of enjoyed it. And the storyline in particular I really loved. It's a real shame that it lead to whole Archie-Penders-SEGA lawsuit, because I really wanted to see where it could lead. Linking up plot points introduced by SA1 and Battle was a smart choice. The 4th Great Civilisation was the rival clan that Pachamac lead the Knuckles Clan against, before they were virtually all killed by Chaos. And the 4th Great Civilisation were stopped by "Argus Event" after they created Emerl, who was determined to be too powerful. Shade and Ix are obviously the least obscure of the new characters in Chronicles. But the game has a fair few characters, minor and major, that are basically totally unknown due to the obscurity of Chronicles in general. My personal favourites are both the Voxai hive mind race: And the Perfect Gizoids, Charyb and Scylla: After the lawsuit, SEGA have wanted everything from the game to be dead and buried. It was also the last new Sonic game to really have a story based based on existing lore and really putting the story at the forefront. Such a crying shame. All of the plot points, characters and races introduced or picked up in Chronicles have been tossed on the scrap heap. I mean, I'm not exactly sad to see Swat Bots gone (although they were cleverly introduced as "old models" of Eggman's), Chronicles has so much to enjoy on the character front.
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    Obscure Sonic Characters

    The first ex- Eggman Empire members (before E-102 and E-123), and original Chaotix members: Heavy and Bomb The first Sonic fan-character (only appears in a bug like Eggette) : Ashura:
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    Dr. Mechano

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Nothing wrong here. Just Sonic swimming, as he is known to do. Gotta love these renditions of Masher and Shellcracker too.
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    Panda Claus

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    I think they drew him as if he was standing on a ledge or something. Note how a chunk of the sole on the smaller foot is missing, as if there used to be a bit of ground there.
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    When my sisters and I were younger, we loved Chaotix of Tomorrow. In retrospect, erm...well, it had a really fun storyline (one that made reference to Sonic the Comic and obscure classic Sonic games if that's your thing!), but most of the battle strategy consisted of just using your strongest attack and healing strategically, so I guess it really didn't have the most complex gameplay . Sonic himself only appeared in a cameo at the end. Hilariously, at one point the game pokes fun at "Atchi Comics" and "Nek Spenders"...and this long before Penders gained the infamy he has today. Magnus Andersson, the creator of Chaotix of Tomorrow, also created a sequel of sorts called Twisted Mettle...but although Chaotix of Tomorrow was mostly based on the games with a little smidgen of Sonic the Comic, Twisted Mettle was heavily based on SatAM and classic Archie Sonic (with some games material and other stuff incorporated). We liked it too, but not as much. He tried to make the gameplay center around battles less and include some special features like earning money through jobs, but I can't say it was particularly well-implemented. (Hilariously, he even implemented "fishing" using the battle system. The results are...interesting.) Also, maybe it's our fault for grinding way too much, but the bosses seemed too easy to us to the most part...he probably should've made it harder to grind I would probably still have a huge soft spot for both games if I played them again, and if you're a fan of the Chaotix (both their classic and modern interpretations since CoT combines the two) you might want to check it out (and Twisted Mettle if you like SatAM I suppose). But don't expect them to really be "great" or anything.
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