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    The tinfoil-hatting is getting pretty ridiculous guys. Enough with the "Iizuka lied" or "Whitehead lied" stuff.
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    So, I beat Shield. Random and incoherent thoughts follow: Sword and Shield are good games. They're better than XY and SuMo in my opinion. But they feel lazy, phoned in, unambitious, short, shallow and safe. This was Pokémon's time to really step forward, and it really didn't. They jump from SuMo to SwSh feels like going from DP to HGSS. That's pants. The series has totally done away with the concept of Pokémon being animals (/wild beasts), and your adventure is little more than a series of linear challenges that's laid out for you, just as in SuMo. I don't like these aspects, but they're amongst the most subjective of issues. The Gym Challenge you go on here is like the Island Challenge of SuMo in terms of how it's set up and conveyed to the player. You start at A and the game clearly tells you which order you'll go in. Once again you're not on an adventure as you were in Kanto, Hoenn, Johto or Sinnoh. It's not even like Unova where you were on an adventure that just felt linear. The adventure is gone. The games are still made with the mindset that they're sprite based GameBoy games. Seeing NPCS rigid movement as they slowly turn, stop, walk, stop and turn just to speak to you in cutscenes is almost embarrassing. The excessive hand holding and exposition of SuMo have thankfully been rectified, but the game still feels limited and linear. The world never opens up for you to explore, evolution methods and Pokémon locations can still be so obtuse you need to consult a guide to find them. Moves and Pokémon have been cut out of the games seemingly arbitrarily. There's a huge lack of content. The EXP share kills any potential difficulty, and simply makes the game worse (I stopped fighting trainers and most wood Pokémon by gym 5 because I was constantly over levelled). The Wild area is a great concept that's undermined by the lack of content and linear nature of the game (not to mention the hideously bad performance if you're online). And in addition to that, just like all of the other recent games the are no dungeons or places to really explore. You get two linear caves in the middle of routes, Glimwood Tangle which is functionally just a regular route and that's it. No Granite Cave (RSE not the remakes) begging you to come back to explore later, no dangerous long routes with no Pokémon Centre/healer, no bases or hideous. It's really disappointing. I don't know how bad the hate got... But I think it might just be warranted? I really enjoyed playing truth Shield for the first time. I understand why others might not. And I have no faith that Game Freak will do any better next time. On the subject of new Pokémon... This is the worst batch of starters to date. I picked Sobble, and while Inteleon has grown on me, I don't particularly like it. It's so human shaped, and not based around negative emotions like the two previous evolutions. Grookey gets the best deal, but it's still a bit rubbish. Cinderace is barely a Pokémon. What knock off cereal mascot did they steal? All of the final starter evolutions are pure types which is a bit of a shame, but not the worst thing ever. Cinderace looks like it wants to be a fighting type yet again though, so go figure. It's quite similar to Incineroar. The new Pokémon are pretty hit and miss. My team ended up being Inteleon, Perrseker (love it), Galarian Rapidash, Runerigus (his would anyone figure out how to evolve this?), Falinks (again, love it) and Boltund. Early on, a lot of Pokémon were looking like the base starter forms with big, spherical heads on top of tiny bodies. It was really annoying to see these similar designs pop up all over the place. And when the eventually started to kick in, the artstyle of Pokémon design is so soft, round and exaggerated compared to the older games. This has been an increasing trend with every Gen. Pokémon design quality probably started to dip in Gen 5 imo. I think that Pokémon designs now seem like they start with an idea first, and are worked backwards from them. Less and less often do the Pokémon look like "believable" animals now. They're more like individual characters. There were still very few new Pokémon. About 80, I think? Plus some Galarian forms and evolutions, bringing up the number a bit. I dunno. It feels like the Pokémon aren't the focus of Pokémon games any more. It's the region instead. And that's strange. Also 50% of Galarian forms/Evolutions are from Gen 1, and all Gigantamax forms are Galarian or Gen 1. Urgh. And Gigantamaxing as a concept... They all look like shit k bye.
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    To this day I have no idea what purpose the "Too Many Rings" reaction serves. What sentiment does it convey? How is it applicable to anything? What are the potential use-cases?
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    They removed it so they can have an even shittier version of it for Tails in Sonic Heroes and Sonic 2006.
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    Oh, poor little studio, I hope they can recover from that. C'mon, Peter. It was Paramount's own fault. They deliberately made Sonic a freak and thought we would buy it. They're reaping what they sow. Changing Sonic's design to please the fans was nice and all, but it's something they could've avoided from the beginning if they had an inch of good sense.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I can't wait to start this. I just ordered this month's issue and subscribed to a place who will send you an issue every month it comes out. I am excited!
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    Incredibly minor spoiler about a single Pokémon line that's not in SwSh:
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    I wouldn't read anything too much into this, we KNOW Lava Reef isn't tied up in copyright but that one got a new compositon. They probably just consistently wanted to give all "retro zones" a new song to be consistent, rather than having 90% new songs and 10% that are remixes/originals for some reason.
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    What a time to be alive. Thing I like about these original tracks is that the music of the first half of the game was gonna be bright and upbeat, but over the course of the game get more and more tense and dramatic, as you'd appropriately expect from Sandopolis, Hidden Palace, Death Egg & Doomsday. Meanwhile, MJ's contributions give the first half a much more moody, atmospheric feeling; with it's cheeriness and hopeful vibes being replaced with something more dramatic and.. sinister.. I love both takes. I mean, MJ wins, but that's no surprise, right? What IS a surprise though is that after all this time, those dinky little midis were, in actuality, good. And not only like "pretty good" good, but like, "great" good. Carnival Night Act 2 and the competition theme might be some of the best tracks (never) in the game??? Those fucking SLAM. Like, as much as I love what MJ and Brad contributed, I'm kinda sad we missed out on these. Especially the latter; like no joke it murders MJ's take on the competition music in cold blood. And that's high praise, cuz that track is awesome! I've been beside myself the past day or two listening to these. It's been good. Also, drop dash.
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    A Twitch stream from hiddenpalace (still ongoing at the time of writing this post, though now it's in a ROM hacking phase) showed a prototype of Sonic 3 (Nov 3, 1993) that I don't believe has been seen before. Some of the most interesting revelations: The versions of the songs that were in the PC version (Sonic & Knuckles Collection) as opposed to the MJ/Jetzons tracks in the Genesis version were apparently the original songs! They are present in a less MIDI-ish form than their PC counterparts here. The drop dash was apparently a thing! See this clip. I wonder why they ended up not using it and how we haven't heard anything about this before. There is a unique animation of Sonic swaying back and forth when he's being carried by Tails. Probably not quite as ground-breaking, but Knuckles' socks are the right color. That's crazy, man. They're currently going into some glitchy unfinished levels that seem to be the beginnings of levels that would eventually be a part of Sonic & Knuckles, including Sandopolis Zone and the then-named Mushroom Valley Zone. Though the zones don't have much to them and aren't really playable, the music is intact! Feel free to discuss these and any other revelations.
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    It's really disappointing that Charizard only got a single Gigantamax form in SwSh. I was hoping that it would get at least 2 like with the Megas, along with variants for each of the past seven regions. Charizard always gets the shaft.
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    I'm a simple man. With simple requirements for enjoyment.
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    Not sure where this came from. I think Tyson confirmed that we won’t see his feet anymore. So, we were originally going to get that?
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    Pretty cool for Sonic's older creators to take interest in fan works
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    To be fair, he didn't know that - it was based on 'Dust Hill' to him, because he evidently didn't know that Dust Hill was just Mystic Cave's early name, like we didn't until a week or so ago.
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    Also to anyone doubting that the PC music can have music rights tied up with it: The 2011 version of Sonic CD almost did not get the US soundtrack. Turns out there were rights issues that nobody knew about or assumed before then, especially since unlike the Japanese soundtrack it doesn't make liberal use of samples or lyrics owned by a separate non-Sega entity. This is fucking Sega we're talking about, guys. I can absolutely, 110% believe that there is a rights quagmire involving the PC/beta music that we don't know about that, frankly, isn't exactly our business.
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    I guess this is better than people just assuming he was under an NDA (for a game that released in 1994?) and must be lying about it. You mean the stuff from betas that the community had known about for 15 years when Sonic Mania went into production? The stuff from betas that Retro was originally founded to discuss? The difference between those and this is that this beta was found two years after Mania released. Let me help you here a second: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_Jack If he was particularly worried about concepts for Sonic 4, he could have suggested it not being a complete pile of shit well before worrying about the Drop Dash. Where is this coming from? This is the same company that by all accounts seem to have fucked up what should have been a simple contractor agreement making a soundtrack. 4 games in a row. Why would anyone assume Iizuka is lying about that? The only game we can definitely know that they own the rights to all the music to is Spinball, and even that's because some of it had to be redone after the game already shipped to remove Sonic 1 tracks. When people in the Sonic community started bothering people from S.T.I. about Hidden Palace it had only been a decade, and those people had spent entire months of their lives designing levels that were cut from the game and couldn't remember stuff. Iizuka was primarily a level designer on Sonic 3, and Sonic 3 was 25 years ago, and this is a feature that we had never seen any evidence of existing prior to this latest developer build and was clearly part of the "dick around with stuff" phase considering the ring gun thing is also present. I think we're assuming far past the point of nonsense at this point when we act like Taxman can't give an answer that's satisfying because he's not legally permitted to. "Giving Sonic more mobility in 2D games" is something that has been approached from multiple angles by multiple developers since the first Advance. Seems like a pretty believable coincidence to me.
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    The latest Pokemon anime just looks like "two idiot boys being idiots on a world journey" and I love it
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    Thank you. I do sometimes worry a bit when it takes a while to get replies but eventually people do reassure me they're actually engaging with the material with me, which is great. I did know about the Super Special #6, however, I also almost forgot about its existence for a while there. Thinking a bit too much about how my opinion is slowly morphing into something negative because of all the new info I'm finding on Ken's intention with this arc. Also, I'm going to have to go back and re-visit a Knuckles mini-series that I missed because the previous reading order list I was following messed up. I've got a new one now though. I'll check them both out then. It might be worth comparing and contrasting a few things.
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    Proto-Knuckles's animation is so much better, wtf
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    @Shadowlax I said shut the fuck up. Across these last few months I have had it with your inane conspiracy drivel surrounding anything and everything to do with Shadow and Ian, patronizing attitude towards others who don't agree with you in these topics, and your all-around tendency to ruin discussion for everyone else on this forum. There are people who refuse to post in this topic anymore because of you. So if it takes banning your sorry arrogant ass to make this thread having worthwhile discussion again then I'm happy to do just that. Ignore me one more time and you're gone. I'm not tolerating your bullshit rhetoric on this forum anymore and this is your last warning you will ever get.
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    As expected, Two-Worlds brought in excess baggage. It would be so much easier if they just followed Naka's word (which is that Sonic came from Oceania and his adventures started on a fantastic Christmas Island with him not meeting large populations of humans until he heads for a mainland).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can I just say I don't think Sega's rules are really that restrictive? He can't cry but there's been other ways of showing that he's upset. He's run ragged and is clearly feeling the weight of the Metal Virus. He can't have relatives. I don't really see the problem here. For the most part outside of maybe Uncle Chuck the relatives in Archie weren't all that interesting and they'd add basically nothing that "Sonic has parents I guess". He can't lose. This one I feel people just flat out misunderstand. He's hardly winning right now. The idea is that he can't suffer a permanent loss which is like just basic storytelling. He can lose but has to come back from it. No Romance for Sonic. Good. I personally don't think this is the kind of series for romance. We've been through shitty love triangles in Archie and whatever the Elise romance was in 06. I'm not against romance and wouldn't mind seeing one with the original characters but nothing like the BS we've gotten before.
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    >mfw reading all these Stadia reviews confirming what a lot of people suspected
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    It's also not exactly a leap in logic to assume Taxman and his team could have also independently came up with something similar. What was the first Sonic game with a dedicated, instant-charge spindash button and a homing attack? You're talking to someone who joined this forum after finding SWS2B through The GHZ first. Again, I've been here long enough and have enough background knowledge (of Sonic 2 in particular) that I'm aware of the 15 so years where " the scrapped Sonic the Hedgehog 2 level Sand Shower Zone" was assumed to be called "Dust Hill" by the community anyway, even though that selection loaded Mystic Cave even in the Wai beta. The absolute first thing I wondered about, when the newly found Sonic CD prototype was being talked about in August, was if it was maybe old enough to have R2 still in it. It wouldn't be. Why would it be far fetched that he never was? Or that even if he was, this only sort-of working feature from an unknown point in Sonic 3's development had never been fully documented to begin with? Our understanding of these things are certainly changing all the time. Even speaking purely about the music in this specific game; in the span of 6 months we've learned not only that the PC version tracks were the original versions for Sonic 3, but also that the Special Stage music was put together two years prior for some shitty looking unreleased Puyo Puyo clone. I don't think that means that we need to jump to "IIZUKA LIES ALL THE TIME" or "WHITEHEAD MUST BE UNDER AN NDA." I'm asking specifically about the sound driver being broken, because I hadn't heard that before.
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    It's not exactly a leap in logic to assume Taxman and his team got shown concepts from the MD/Genesis titles. As two members pointed out on Retro, Taxman had access to design documents regarding the scrapped R2 stage from Sonic CD and even managed to get old Digitizer files from Sonic CD, with the enemies intended for R2: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/sonic-cd-now-out-for-everything-except-nintendo-consoles.26302/page-158#post-733117 http://info.sonicretro.org/R2 Taxman also intended to create a brand new level for the Sonic CD remake called Desert Dazzle that was based off of the scrapped level Sand Shower Zone from Sonic 2. This level would go onto be the basis of Mirage Saloon Zone in Mania, even reusing some of the graphics. http://info.sonicretro.org/Desert_Dazzle If he had access to unreleased CD and 2 assets why would it be far fetched for him to have been shown scrapped concepts from Sonic 3?
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    He knew. I don't believe for a second Taxman didn't know about the drop-dash being a cancelled concept for Sonic 3. His twitter reply is pretty short and felt more like a cheeky response. Remember Mania/Mania Plus contains lots of cancelled concepts; the beta Sonic 2 running animation, the scrapped Sonic CD Metallic Madness Eggman boss beta design etc. So the idea of bringing back the drop-dash - a scrapped concept - is exactly the kind of thing they were going for in Mania. As to when Taxman learned about the drop-dash being a scrapped concept from Sonic 3 is anyone's guess. I guess one could argue Iizuka-san may have suggested it (he might have remembered it from having worked on Sonic 3), but if that's the case why didn't they bring back the drop-dash concept earlier (they've had 20+ years to bring it back)? Iizuka-san could have suggested it for Sonic 4 for example, or Sonic Generations. He said he chose to implement the drop-dash (for classic Sonic) in Sonic Forces whilst Mania was still in development, so the drop-dash certainly made an impression on him!
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    Strong Guy

    Sonic (Composite) vs Goku (Composite)

    I know this is a Sonic forum and it's easy to draw parallels between the two characters, but do you really honestly, honestly think Sonic can withstand one solid punch from Goku? These topics are always dumb because dragon ball characters are literally too strong for them to be even put in these silly hypotheticals. Tien upon introduction could solo the entire Sonic cast 10 times over, let alone Goku jfc. And even starting with someone on Tien's level is being generous.
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    Omg does anyone remember this game For so many years I definitely forgot this game existed and now I'm remembering it all of a sudden
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    I would assume Christian didn't know this was a thing in Sonic 3 at the time he was working on Mania. What I'm more curious about is whether Iizuka said anything when they showed him/found out about the drop dash in Mania. Since he was a designer on Sonic 3 back in the day, maybe he knew about this cut feature.
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    Ring Toss COLLECTS RINGS. It also makes the Orbinauts child's play.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The resistance was disbanded after the Master Overlord thing anyway. Its just been Amy at a call center from then on with the (interrupted) Restoration effort. The cast is still well organized and working with one another for the most part. Team Dark and Team Chaotix kind of went off to do their own thing. And, even now, Rouge has disappeared. It certainly hasn't felt the same as what was going on with Forces or the Freedom Fighters. Its mostly been about helping with evacuation and helping people find shelter while Tails works on a cure. I must say that I love the juxstapoisition with how Barracade Town looked back with Rough and Tumble and how it looks now. I love observing contrasting atmosphere in stories like this. I wish Forces had done that better with the original chained up, prison in Green Hill's concept art instead of throwing some sand in the background for the final product.
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    Just saw Oliver & Company. It's good, but an Oliver Twist adaptation and no "Please sir, I want some more"? 0/10
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    Playing SART after a long while without playing and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I remember.
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    I’d say look at both if possible. I actually think some parts of the original look better. Steven Butler’s version of Sonic spindashing across the room to deck Robotnik in the face is so bland compared to the original Spaz version.
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    Enjoying your reviews as per usual. Just to say though, when you do hit issue #50, you might want to read Sonic Super Special #6. That is the "director's cut" of issue #50, which adds in several pages. Don't know if it is worth looking at both or not. Personally, I think the "director's cut" is a little bit better.
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    Another possibility is that the leaked opening is still true but being excluded from marketing because they really needed to turn round the opinion on the film and 10-20 seconds of baby Sonic would undermine those efforts.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    When? If this is about editors at Archie making Penders use Sega characters, prior to 2006, then I don't care. That certainly doesn't matter now. All of this is just you guessing. I don't care what imagined scenarios you come up with where you project your obvious fanboyism onto the rest of the fanbase and make it sound like that will compel IDW and Sega to sit Ian down and force him to write Shadow comics. Especially because you somehow missed the point of the post you quoted. I specifically said "Ian isn't going to lose his job for not proposing Shadow comics," because if he doesn't have one planned right now, they aren't going to be asking "WHERE'S SHADOW!?". I even strongly implied in the same post you quoted that he'd jump at the chance to do it if they had their own proposal. By this logic they should have done something about the Freedom Fighters by now. I seem to recall a decent amount of demand for them recently. Maybe you should actually read what I'm saying instead of putting words in my mouth and then trying to sound smart with posts about how it's all just a job and implying I don't understand that (when it should also be understood Ian seems flexible and is an actual professional; dude said he doesn't like Heroes and he included Metal Overlord anyway for those fans--he's never treated these books like his personal playground where only he is satisfied and that's obvious to anyone who's read more than the pages with their favorite character on them). It's especially insulting when I'm responding to exactly what you write. I'm not doubting Ian is frustrated by certain things not being in his control--who wouldn't be--but you inferring what goes on in his head with this book because he explains what his limits are doesn't interest me. That's more addressing an ongoing problem in this thread damn near monthly regarding this character. And it's same thing every month. And you are almost always at the center of these arguments. Go figure. Your posts on this page imply it's imperative Ian write a Shadow mini, claiming it's something people want and it's something that Sega is going to want to satisfy an imagined demand you're proposing. Your posts indeed sound like you think Shadow is being ignored so I don't think me reading fanboyism into that statement is too far off (this post from Friday by you sounds an awful lot like something with Shadow would need to be addressed). It's ironic coming from someone who wants to come off as being all "in the know." In summary: Shadow isn't as important as you want to make him out to be, and Sega isn't going to make IDW fire Ian over it because it's never going to come up the way you say it will. In the off chance Sega requests or suggests something, Ian would do it because he's a professional. So for the last time read my posts, and if you can't actually respond to the words I'm writing or approach discussion about this character with a hint of intellectual honesty or without throwing around your imagined scenarios as an understanding of the comics business (that you somehow are the only one who understands), then do not bother replying to me.
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    Sonic growing up on his world, or Sonic growing up as a weird baby raised by a mama owl out of nowhere on Earth makes not one lick of difference to Sonic's current arc as shown in this trailer, and I have no idea how him being from his world and coming to Earth suddenly makes him "fully formed". Either he comes from his world to avoid people stealing his powers, and is already a loner before the movie begins, or he grows up on Earth and is a loner trying to avoid having his power stolen. The only difference is one is weird and completely different from what a lot of people would like to see in a Sonic movie, and the other shows off the world people might actually be interested in seeing via Sonic's zones fully realised with a high budget. The trailer explicitly states the following - Sonic was on his world for a period of time. Unknown villains tried to steal his speed, and Sonic got sick of this. Sonic supposedly hasn't met any of his friends at this point, hence why he moved to Earth to get away from the people attempting to steal his powers. He then finds himself even more lonely on Earth, and has tricked himself into believing he is in fact living a great life. No matter if this is trailer narration or not, this is here for a reason, this is Sonic setting up the setting and backstory that he is following. If the original baby to a owl origin was still in effect, Sonic would not be introducing this backstory to the audience because it would be misleading and false. It being an ending narration does not make sense because Sonic points out that he's lonely, and "living his best life", so this is before meeting Tom, and he outright states he travelled to Earth from his world, not the other way around. Therefore Sonic grew up on his own planet, escaped after people tried to steal his powers, and remained on Earth after that. And the end of that is it still doesn't change anything from Sonic's "character arc" because it doesn't change either way. The only difference is one is accurate to the games and allows for more fan service that isn't divisive, and the other is just different for the hell of it, and completely cuts Sonic's ties off entirely with his home world, and with the rest of the Sonic characters people might care about.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think you overestimate how much Sega actually care about that. Ian isn't going to lose his job if he doesn't propose a Shadow comic, and even if Sega cared enough to suggest making one, you're out of your mind if you think Ian wouldn't jump at the chance to do something with him even in his more limited characterization in this series, because it wouldn't be impossible to do something with him anyway. Shadow isn't being ignored in IDW or whatever bullshit fanboy logic that keeps getting thrown around in this thread every month when this character comes up.
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    Well... Movie Sonic isn't really shorter then Modern Sonic, I think him just having thicker limbs gives you that impression. Movie Sonic's head, hands & feet are smaller along with thicker limbs & torso... if anything this makes movie Sonic feel fairly taller looking then Modern Sonic when compared side by side.
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    That would be a great practical joke for me to play on my wife if they kept the previous design, I would go like "OK dear, for Valentine's day I'm gonna take you to see the Sonic movie" to have her jokingly replying that it's not Halloween. Now it would just make her go eh. See, this movie completely lost its appeal now as far as I'm concerned.
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    It's the eyes. Sonic's eyes are the wrong shape, and it completely changes his face. He looks more child like and lacks the effortlessly cool approach of his usual look, instead opting for a much cuter look. It goes to show just how effectively designed his eyes actually are in his game design. Even if they didn't want to use the mono-eye (which I think they should have), they should have giving him more angled brows, instead of the rounded ones. He's basically got Tails' eyes.
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    Am I the only one who thinks a lot of them don't even look much like Pokémon? I mean art style wise. There's some I'd find more believable to be from some other series. It just doesn't feel the same as before. My only guess is because Ken Sugimori's not quite as involved with this one.
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    Chamomile #133
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    Previous years' Jack o' Lanterns. I'm still thinking about what I'll carve this year.
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    This year's work. In addition to the usual pumpkin I also used two turnips, one for Cheese and one for Cheese's emote ball.
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    Well, I had a go. 😂
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