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    To this day I have no idea what purpose the "Too Many Rings" reaction serves. What sentiment does it convey? How is it applicable to anything? What are the potential use-cases?
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    Incredibly minor spoiler about a single Pokémon line that's not in SwSh:
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    It's really disappointing that Charizard only got a single Gigantamax form in SwSh. I was hoping that it would get at least 2 like with the Megas, along with variants for each of the past seven regions. Charizard always gets the shaft.
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    I'm a simple man. With simple requirements for enjoyment.
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    The latest Pokemon anime just looks like "two idiot boys being idiots on a world journey" and I love it
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    >mfw reading all these Stadia reviews confirming what a lot of people suspected
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    Omg does anyone remember this game For so many years I definitely forgot this game existed and now I'm remembering it all of a sudden
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    me when:

    me when:
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    Just saw Oliver & Company. It's good, but an Oliver Twist adaptation and no "Please sir, I want some more"? 0/10
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    i only realized the wordplay in has bean today. this joke has been flying over my head for the past eleven years.
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    Playing SART after a long while without playing and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I remember.
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