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    knuckles after operation big wave:

    knuckles after operation big wave:
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    Evening everyone. Haven't been on for a while in any serious amount, bar the movie topic before the redesign reveal, but I'm still around and alive. It's just been hard to find time with working at night now and not really having any good impressions on anything worth sharing. I may get into my thoughts again on the movie at another point, but right now I just want to share something which made me smile; my latest drawing. Not my best work, but I was happy with it and thought I'd share. I'll pop back in again later everyone, so see you then.
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    I've been seeing that "make sure to support this since it cost a lot and they listened to criticism" tweet going around a lot, and I just wanna remind people: don't go see the movie if you don't think it's gonna be good. If you thought the creepy Sonic was the only bad thing about the first trailer, you're good. But nobody should feel obligated to monetarily support a studio just because of a change that should never have needed to happen in the first place, made to a film that is still fundamentally flawed. The multi-billion dollar film studio and holdings company that own it are not going to be bullied by your actions either way.
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    I think I would be okay if Mania 2 goes for a hand drawn style instead of pixel art, as long as they can emulate Tyson's style. At the same time the game would cost more to make and this could mean less levels, buuuuuuut if it's well made and with all original zones, I'll eat it.
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    Jeff Buchanan

    Chill Metal Harbor Guitar Cover

    Hey guys, Here's a solo guitar cover of the music from Metal Harbor from Sonic Adventure 2. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hjAn8lgiCk
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    I'm having a good time with Pokemon SwSh, but I still hope Gamefreak/TPC take the criticisms to heart and don't just take the insane sales with a "Welp, people still bought it, let's just keep doing this" attitude.
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    Ah, "fra-gee-lee." It must be Italian!
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Haven't posted anything here in a while, but since I had time to draw something, even though it's not Sonic related, thought I'd go ahead and share it. Please enjoy everyone 😊
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    Remember that character profile thing I attempted last year for my original characters? Yeah that didn't really go anywhere. So I'm trying again, and thankfully I've got more than one result to show for it. First inductees of the 2019 Profiles: Tab (yep, him again). The biggest change here is the new hairstyle he's rocking. Looks pretty spiky, be careful to touch. Kolumbia of The Commodites. She's actually the first member of the band to have her full design, in color. Marlowe. Unlike other OCs, he's gotten a number of design retools since his introduction, and it's no different here. Plenty of things retained from his past designs alongside some new or different tweaks to his design.
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    Big thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday
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    I hope they get around to reshooting this scene for the actual movie. Carrey is obviously screaming at old design Sonic here. Gotta keep consistency 🙃
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    For those of you who create things like stories, comics, or anything having to do with art/writing in general, do you ever get an idea for a project that you want to push forward with, only for you to get another idea for a project and lose interest in the previous one? I think one of the biggest reasons why I can never start a proper comic or story, is because I tend to lose interest and want to work on another one of my ideas. It gets really annoying at times. Hopefully for my latest comic, I'll be able to keep interest long enough to at least get started on the prologue.
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    "Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!*" - Pikachu, Detective Pikachu, 2019 *Except in the Galar region
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    Oh, right. It’s Sonic 2’s birthday today. Happy 27th anniversary, Sonic 2. You were a great introduction to the classic games for me.
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    So, I was tempted to get Jedi: Fallen Order today, but then I spotted a certain cute as heck platformer in the store...
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    Happy birthday, buddy!

    Happy birthday, buddy!
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    Professor asks what song to play while waiting for class to start. Me, being the only one here: "Sonic." Professor plays a bad 8-bit cover: "I... think that's enough Sonic." I'm more pissed than I should be.
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    The more I play through SwSh, the more it's dawning on me that Galar might just be the smallest region ever in terms in terms of gameplay. It's 99% window dressing. You can't go anywhere.
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    Seeing as you're in Hawaii I'm probably too early, but happy birthday 🎂. Hope it's a great one.
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    Blue Blood

    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    By saying that they "didn't bother" to test a Roku makes it sound as though you expect them to check every other device connected to the network. And not to mention that it's only certain Roku models that were hit by this, not all of them. Roku devices connect to a network and search for other Roku devices on the same network. Pokémon SwSh does the same thing. There's almost 70k ports available on a network, and there was an overlap. When certain Roku devices receive a request from Pokémon, they don't know how to handle that information, and so they disconnect from the network and reboot. It happens continually, locking the device in a bootloop. I don't know enough about how these things work, but it's such a difficult problem that you wouldn't find it during testing unless specifically looking for it. This problem could have happened with literally any other device on the market. Roku were quick to fix the problem on their end. Your 2 year old TV has had this potential flaw ticking away for all this time. It doesn't know how to handle certain requests, so it crashes. What Pokémon is doing by flooding continual requests is a bit messy maybe, but Roku shouldn't be crashing because it receives an unknown request. That's a security issue. In theory, that same issue could be exploited maliciously.
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    At long last, the utmost life changing film arrives to conclude the long decade.
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    The code for Air Dash and Ring Toss are unused. You gotta hack it. You have to enter these two PAR codes for Ring Toss. RG5T-A6Z2 // 00B7B8:4E71 & RG5T-A6Z4 // 00B7BA:4E71 Press the 'B' button while jumping to shoot a single ring in the direction Sonic is facing. Press the 'C' button while jumping to shoot a single ring from both sides of Sonic.
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    [Tweet] I finished my piece for the River City Girls art contest!! I actually attempted a background this time hehe.
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    Been waiting four years for a game that will finally be the one that will turn VR into a legitimate killer gaming experience; the true next level in the medium that "waggle the Wiimote to simulate just pressing B on a Gamecube controller" never came close to unless you *really* liked Wii Sports Resort. This is the first game that may very well be so, and the first game Valve has made since... what? L4D2? I legitimately don't even know. Valve, the videogame developer, not Valve the apathetic media distributor. The first game that Valve will actually supposedly throw their full weight behind after shadow supporting VR since Oculus debuted. And the deafening response is "who cares VR sucks." What a true shame, the damage that has been done to the concept by the dozens of cash in indie developers and Sony.
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    Worst period for Sonic?

    Unleashed did have a bigger budget. That being said I am really starting to get sick of the "Its a budget game" defense. Its a major anniversary title, and all we have been getting in this era are budget games. I don't know why its so hard for Sega to give some funding for their own mascot game series every once in awhile. I didn't say people wanted the characters to be bad, I meant that nobody wanted them in the first place so nobody cared if they were good or not. I can see people not wanting said characters to return though which could be thought of as "wanting them to be bad". Of course in the end we got the best of both as Zavok and the D6 are both terrible and have also returned in every Modern game and spinoff since their inception. Often times appearing in games with a limited cast meant to consist of "fan-favorites". Iizuka seems to have developed a weird stubbornness about insisting that his largely unpopular one off additions are "staples" after only appearing in one game. Even (especially) when they are obviously meant to be one off gimmicks and clearly tie themselves to their own native games. (Eg wisps randomly appearing on places other than Planet Wisp, and Zavok abandoning Lost Hex and the rest of the D6 to be Eggman's henchman in TSR) It would be similar if Iizuka had the Black Arms suddenly start appearing in the stages of games other than Shadow the Hedgehog with no reason or reference to them in the plot. It doesn't make any sense. This is kind of a tangent now but the point is people might want certain new characters to be bad so that they are less likely to be an eyesore in future games, but now for some reason they end up becoming staples anyway, and the one character that might of had some potential appears to have been discarded, Due to negative fan feedback I presume. (as if anybody knows what Sonic Team is thinking nowadays). They ignore the fact that most of the criticism comes from people who are lamenting his failure and from him not living up to the hype.
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    Sonic X Netflix UK

    The recent Bluray transfer is taken from the original masters. It's still standard definition but it's better than the old copies.
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    5 Million dolars eh? 2.5 I hope went to Tyson Hesse 😉
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    New picture of Sonic and his German voice actor.:
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    Emerald Chaos

    Sonic X Netflix UK

    It's unlikely to be both English and Japanese because of all the edits made to the English version. They would need separate videos for both versions or it would result in inconsistencies in one or the other. I don't know if Netflix has ever bothered doing that but I imagine it's unlikely they would. It's almost certainly just going to be the English version
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    Big Panda

    Sonic X Netflix UK

    I highly doubt the latter. Don’t think other 4kids shows on Netflix have that luxury(?)
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    Bloody hell, this is gonna be VR's Mario 64 and you guys are down on it being a "VR spinoff". For shame, fellas. Valve have been working on this thing for years. They've been singlehandedly writing the book on how to make a premiere VR game, along with engineering the top-tier VR hardware, and on the software side, this game is gonna show the fruits of their labors. This isn't gonna be merely a spinoff, this'll be an event on the level that Half Life 2 was. No, it's probably not gonna resolve the cliffhanger. But if Valve News Network (who have been spot-on about this project for years) and a certain former Valve employee posting over at ResetERA are correct, this is gonna be the game that makes everyone wish they had a VR headset. Valve are aiming to showcase what VR can do and make VR's killer app, they are willing to take a hit to do so.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    I was avoiding the leak thread when story spoilers started to spill out, but it doesn't look like there was a lot of discussion of those after all. I guess most people here aren't playing it? I'm pretty absorbed in it myself. It has a lot of issues, but I can't help but be sucked in by the game. I've spent 40 hours on it so far, thanks to a lot of time spent catching Pokémon, and am only just entering the endgame. While I enjoyed both X/Y and Sun/Moon, this one definitely has its hooks planted further in me. It's a shame that so much of the game is only skin deep, since I love the region. Trains should have served as a battle facility, because they don't add anything more than a little flavour. Towns feel small, lacking in content and at times under-populated, while none of the cast feel fully fleshed out. Camping as a concept works so well for the series, yet there's very little reason to actually utilise it. The Wild Area is such an exciting step forward for the series, allowing you to traverse the world and battle alongside other trainers, but there are so many caveats to it. GF clearly struggled to make it work technically and conceptually. Gating off higher level Pokémon behind badges doesn't work well when your team is a mere few levels away and it would have been a much more elegant system to have them just not obey you instead. That said, I'm still having a lot of fun, enjoying it as much as I have any other Pokémon game. The story is almost non-existent, but I can't think of any game in the series where it's been particularly memorable anyway (although some aspects of Sun/Moon's worked for me). The execution of gym battles is so far above any other gen, with the stadium atmosphere, progression of the music and the gym leaders' animations more alive than ever. As someone who really didn't care about it pre-launch, Dynamax is actually kind of fun in this context, as they really help sell the idea that these are an event. The gym challenges beforehand are hit and miss, much like the Alola trials, but there are a couple that surprised me. I think the roster of Pokémon may be my favourite to date with its impressive variety of ideas and designs. Some I wasn't so fond of during the leaks just look so much more appealing in motion, making many of those from early generations look mundane by comparison. Far too many are rare encounters though. Why make some of your biggest selling points so hard to discover? It's also a shame that many of the clothing options are late-game, even if I appreciate how quickly the game introduces you to customisation in general. It was definitely a step forward in terms of choice in any case. I really hope that, going forward, they continue to expand and improve upon the game's strengths. The Wild Area, as well as the new presentation of gym battles, absolutely needs to stay. I'd love to see camping become a more robust, series staple as well. If you think of anything you want, let me know. I can be online between 4pm-7pm for you. Is that any good?
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    Sonic Channel

    Here he is!!!
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Basically this. Never let Sonic do this again: Honesty kind of surprised these panels have never been meme’d or anything. EDIT: this neither
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    According to IndieWire, the redesign only costed $5 million, as what was shown in the initial trailer was all they had. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/11/sonic-redesign-cost-paramount-five-million-1202190493/
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can I just say I don't think Sega's rules are really that restrictive? He can't cry but there's been other ways of showing that he's upset. He's run ragged and is clearly feeling the weight of the Metal Virus. He can't have relatives. I don't really see the problem here. For the most part outside of maybe Uncle Chuck the relatives in Archie weren't all that interesting and they'd add basically nothing that "Sonic has parents I guess". He can't lose. This one I feel people just flat out misunderstand. He's hardly winning right now. The idea is that he can't suffer a permanent loss which is like just basic storytelling. He can lose but has to come back from it. No Romance for Sonic. Good. I personally don't think this is the kind of series for romance. We've been through shitty love triangles in Archie and whatever the Elise romance was in 06. I'm not against romance and wouldn't mind seeing one with the original characters but nothing like the BS we've gotten before.
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    Good lord, that would actually make the old version a legit terrifying horror movie! I really want to see what they would have made out of sheer morbid curiousity, they might have even surpassed Deviantart and Rule 34 artists if they went that route! (until fanart of it inevitably upped the ante further)
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    Oh, poor little studio, I hope they can recover from that. C'mon, Peter. It was Paramount's own fault. They deliberately made Sonic a freak and thought we would buy it. They're reaping what they sow. Changing Sonic's design to please the fans was nice and all, but it's something they could've avoided from the beginning if they had an inch of good sense.
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    Worst period for Sonic?

    That explains some of it then, but it still leaves them two whole years. Sonic Unleashed also needed a new game engine but that game only had two years to be developed instead of four, and it still looks better than Forces does (in 2008), and remains the most ambitious of the boost games. His design is indeed good. I think that's why a lot of people were so disappointed in him. It overhyped him basically. People complain about Infinite a lot because they wanted him to be good. Nobody expected (or wanted) Zavok or Lyric to be good so there is not as much backlash. And yes I did say 2017 was a better year than 2013 and 2014 were, didn't I? It is possible he can be salvaged if they can come up with a more finished backstory for Infinite in a future game that justifies his motives better. Since its Sonic Team though it is quite likely that we will never see him again.
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    SEGA didn't bother with DLC for TSR, and Sonic Forces' DLC was already included in the game itself and just locked. Pretty safe to assume that M&S will never get DLC, as the previous ones never did. SEGA's recent track record shows that they're satisfied with the amount of content packed into the main game, either that or they take pride in the fact that they don't "sell you the rest of the game" as DLC, completely ignorant to the fact that customers are asking for DLC specifically because they are not satisfied with the base game's content.
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    Not really feeling it still lol. I almost thought the leaked design was okay, but tbh I hate haaaaate how Sonic looks in movement (not saying the previous design was better, it was a lot worse!) and he looks more like a generic CG cartoon character than Sonic the Hedgehog at some parts. I'm still not into the plot or the jokes, either. I'm not gonna feel bad sitting this one out.
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    Well, it's...definitely less horrifying. Bumped it up from "utter disaster" to "technically watchable". Sonic's design and animation still look a little awkward at times but he looks about as good as you could expect from a misguided CGI/live action mashup adaptation of an old cartoony property, certainly miles better than the horrible little gremlin they had before. That's about the best I can say about it, though; Sonic seems like a hyperactive kid and...weirdly kind of helpless at the start? Like okay this is kind of an origin story, this is a younger and less experienced Sonic, but it's a little weird to go from, say, SA2's "I'm gonna leap from a helicopter, evade military robots and the world's most reckless truck driver, and take down a war mech without breaking a sweat" to "I'm going to hide under a table from one guy in a suit and his little egg drone", especially when he's clearly already been doing superhuman stunts just for fun. Though I guess given the rest of the trailer that won't last too long so whatever. Otherwise it kinda feels like Sonic's more a vehicle for gags and action scenes rather than a character. Carrey's Robotnik is still so-so; he's not much like any existing Eggman/Robotnik but I at least appreciate that the energy he's bringing has a similar vibe at times. Tom...continues to exist, for some reason. GHZ looks nice but mostly makes me wish the whole movie was there. Still not something I care enough to go see in theaters, but when it makes it to Netflix or whatever, yeah, I'll give it a watch, probably.
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    azoos art

    Some level mockups. Mostly done to satisfy the idea of some missing levels from Sonic 2. Winter Canyon and Summer Coast, anyone? Or maybe Winter Frost & Summer Breeze. Anyways, imagine them with these songs, respectively.
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    azoos art

    VILLAIN ROLL CALL: Scratch & Grounder, Eggsman, Metal Sonk, Naugus, Fang, Shade, Thunderbolt, Eden (maybe? maybe not?) (original char me and @Wraith came up with), Bokkun Kind of a collection of villains I would use if I made a Sonic thing.
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