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    knuckles after operation big wave:

    knuckles after operation big wave:
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    Evening everyone. Haven't been on for a while in any serious amount, bar the movie topic before the redesign reveal, but I'm still around and alive. It's just been hard to find time with working at night now and not really having any good impressions on anything worth sharing. I may get into my thoughts again on the movie at another point, but right now I just want to share something which made me smile; my latest drawing. Not my best work, but I was happy with it and thought I'd share. I'll pop back in again later everyone, so see you then.
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    I think I would be okay if Mania 2 goes for a hand drawn style instead of pixel art, as long as they can emulate Tyson's style. At the same time the game would cost more to make and this could mean less levels, buuuuuuut if it's well made and with all original zones, I'll eat it.
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    Big thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday
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    I hope they get around to reshooting this scene for the actual movie. Carrey is obviously screaming at old design Sonic here. Gotta keep consistency 馃檭
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    For those of you who create things like stories, comics, or anything having to do with art/writing in general, do you ever get an idea for a project that you want to push forward with, only for you to get another idea for a project and lose interest in the previous one? I think one of the biggest reasons why I can never start a proper comic or story, is because I tend to lose interest and want to work on another one of my ideas. It gets really annoying at times. Hopefully for my latest comic, I'll be able to keep interest long enough to at least get started on the prologue.
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    Oh, right. It鈥檚 Sonic 2鈥檚 birthday today. Happy 27th anniversary, Sonic 2. You were a great introduction to the classic games for me.
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    So, I was tempted to get Jedi: Fallen Order today, but then I spotted a certain cute as heck platformer in the store...
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    Every time I think I'm done with Sonic something ends up pulling me back and this time around it's Rush Adventure.
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    Happy birthday, buddy!

    Happy birthday, buddy!
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    Professor asks what song to play while waiting for class to start. Me, being the only one here: "Sonic." Professor plays a bad 8-bit cover: "I... think that's enough Sonic." I'm more pissed than I should be.
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    Seeing as you're in Hawaii I'm probably too early, but happy birthday 馃巶. Hope it's a great one.
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    At long last, the utmost life changing film arrives to conclude the long decade.
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    [Tweet] I finished my piece for the River City Girls art contest!! I actually attempted a background this time hehe.
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