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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Metal Sonic is filthy creation of Sega overlords, forced upon visionary that is Ken Penders. He much rather create his very original characters, with deep emotional conflicts and shocking unexpected twists. That and don't put my boy near that garbage story.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Even for as awful as Drago tricking Hershey into nearly murdering Sally is, it's made even worse when you stop and realize just how utterly pointless it was. All Robotnik needed to do was frame Sonic for murder. So he decides he has to go through the trouble of inventing magic Snively-vision eyes, putting them on a realistic Sonic suit, giving it to some random mobian who claims he can convince someone to wear it, and just assumes they'll do the job right...when all he had to really do was just put the freaking Sonic suit on a Metal Sonic.
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    I actually agree with that. I think it would've been interesting to tie up the whole plot point about Sonic nearly giving up entirely and letting the virus take him if maybe due to exhaustion, and sheer anger because of Eggman's refusal to make a cure, he ends up letting his self-control go and grabbing Eggman out of pure spite. The whole point with Sonic this whole issue is trying to get answers, and trying to mock Eggman for a failed plan, and telling him to get busy on a cure. You can tell this issue is the point where Sonic is at his most desperate, and his breaking point. Usually, Sonic would not do something like infecting Eggman with this, but I think given the context of him being utterly exhausted, him feeling like a total screw-up, Eggman's longing gaze towards Mr. Tinker before completely shooting it down, and having the nerve to claim that not only is he/Sonic more similar than Sonic would care to believe, but completely shoots down any idea of becoming good, and undoing the horrific mess that he created. I think that should've been the breaking point of Sonic. With all three attempts for Tails to make a cure now gone, with Resistance HQ gone along with a metric ton of the planet along with it, and Eggman refusing to lift a finger despite knowing how much danger he's in himself, plus his mocking that Sonic will soon be his slave, I think it would've fit the theme where Sonic just goes completely for broke, infects Eggman on purpose to force either him or Starline to develop a cure, only to immediately regret it once he realises he basically doomed another life that won't have as much of a chance to survive because Eggman can't shed the infection off. It gives payoff to Starline pointing out that Eggman was so short-sighted not to make them immune to the cure, as well as Eggman's own boast of "don't let them touch you, duh". Considering that Eggman still felt the need to fight for another fight with Sonic, when the two could've just travelled to another infected village and left Sonic to his own borrowed time, it would've been a perfect payoff for Eggman's callousness throughout.
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    I just got Issue 23 and it's a marvelous showcase of what I love about action-adventure stories and what different factions can do to create organized chaos. Throughout the entire arc, the thought of how this would work as a game has never left my mind and I feel the atmosphere around this issue is a really good indicator of just how much of a shame it is that it probably won't ever happen. I was getting a bit shaky, waiting for the next issue. The delays have gotten so bad that I seriously thought that there was no issue this month. It's a good thing the preview came out. As well as the preview for the preview. - Once again, Cover B was the better pick for me. The image of Sonic right above the doctor and the Zombot hoard just does it better for me. Although, Cover A works just fine on its own. It's mostly the way Eggman's face is drawn that's throwing me off a bit. - The map hasn't been updated to cross out the Central City, Resistance HQ, Vanilla, and Vector. I wonder if it's because these three stories are all taking place at the same time. That's most likely the reason. - This issue is a big exemplifier of just how good the character writing is. Sonic really is suffering through the consequences of his decision in a big way and every time you think it couldn't be pushed anymore, you get something like this. Just the comments he made at the beginning about how his conversation with Tails ending immediately made him feel lonely got me a little bit. However, I do feel like the thing that hit the hardest was seeing him in his almost Zombot form with that look of despair back yet again. There was a brief moment where the idea that he'd actually give up crossed my mind... but of course not. Sonic wouldn't do that but it's amazing seeing his faith in himself being pushed to the brink. I've never felt so bad for Sonic before. Ever. - Eggman is a very, very, very interesting and insane man. I do chalk most of the folly to his plans here up to sheer insanity rather than general stupidity, although, that's also a case I can easily see someone making. However, he's a man who has seriously initiated a Zombie apocalypse on the planet, looks at it, and truly believes he's bringing "Peace and unity to the world" and providing it with brilliant guidance. Like, he clearly doesn't see himself as the villain here but there is a little interesting shake in his mental fortitude when Sonic brings up Mr. Tinker. Starline brought Eggman's memories back but Eggman was the one who decided to go back to being what he used to be which sort of implies that without whatever brought Eggman down the path of insanity and villainy, he'd probably be just like Mr. Tinker. I don't know what happened in the past to twist his mind to a point where he'd end up like this but I do agree with Sonic's sentiments that it is a little sad that it did... even though, I prefer Eggman be the genius mad-man that he is. A little empathy can go a long way towards making you like the guy a little more too. Seeing Eggman seriously look back and admit that his life as Mr. Tinker was relaxing and even trailing off to silence when recalling what he did as him was kind of sad. However, at the end of the day, that isn't who he is. It's also best that whatever Eggman's past is be kept a secret. - The fight with Sonic and Eggman has a very awesome setting going for it. I've made mention of this before but I have to reiterate how cool this would be as a game. You see Barricade Town's hub when it's brighter and not infested with zombies at the near start of the game, talking to the happy people who are gearing up to properly rebuild and all that. Maybe even approaching the town there's a neat little sunset to simulate the beauty of the restoration effort too. Then later in the game when you're revisiting it, you approach the town again and it's dark, stormy, and everything you saw is broken and dilapidated. I'd probably hang outside of the town just to soak in the atmosphere before preparing myself to get a full view of what the place looked like inside. But I think the real kicker here would be the semi-climactic boss-fight with Eggman in his Eggmobile over the rooftops with the danger pit below being full of wandering Zombots. It just looks and feels so epic. The music would probably play something that had the same vibe as Militant Missionary, the Egg Viper and Egg Walker music from Sonic Adventure. - The game of 3D chess being played with Sonic, Eggman, Starline, and the Zeti hits up on the thing I love the absolute most about stories like this though. I'm just a really huge fan of organized chaos and seeing different people with their own agendas working with and against the people they associate with to further their own plans. Going into this, the Zeti seemed to have a leg up on Starline but at the very end it's revealed that Starline has a leg up on them. Just the line, "Zavok is planning to betray me the minute he steps aboard" gets me excited. I just love assholes with their own plans trying to one up each other. It's even better knowing that, despite this, I've no clue who's going to end up on top. I continue to be in love with this story and my one regret is that it'll never be something I can play out at the end of a controller.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know not everyone here is American, but I see it more as symbolism than anything else. It's a day where we focus on the positives over the past year. I've got a lot to be thankful for this year, but mostly the Sonic fandom. I see a lot of love and support, not just for my own music dreams, but for all content creation in general, and it's not something you see every day. I was at Sonic Revolution this year, that was pretty cool meeting so many people and making so many new friends. I was amazed when people recognized me somehow. It really means a lot to be welcomed in such open arms. And most of you people here in SSMB have been there for me for a few years now. It's quite an honor to be amongst you all, so thanks for being a part of this journey
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    YouTube COOPA New Rules

    We technically do have a topic in this already. I would also like to point out this is not a constructive post to talk about the subject, so please be more mindful about your posting and maybe consider doing some more research so you can actually articulate what you're saying. Posts like this are just incoherent and spammy.
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    Everyone, not just the target demographic, rejected the design so hard that they had to significantly delay the movie to fix a problem that was created out of their own stupidity. They cost them somewhere in the region of $5million. Paramount shot themselves in the foot trying to redesign Sonic. Had they not been so arrogant and pig-headed in the first place, they wouldn't have wasted so much time and money fixing something that nobody outside the board room wanted to see. It's a prime example of the fact that a more faithful and straightforward adaptation is what the audience want, whoever they are. The film still has to contend with the strange premise of "what if Sonic was real and came to Earth to team up with a random police officer?". I've argued that the character of Tom is probably going to help the film to be somewhat palatable to older viewers, although the questions of the who the film is for who will enjoy it still stand. In order to reach a wide audience, it wasn't essential for the film to discard everything from the established franchise. They got the design hideously wrong and realised their mistake so late that it cost them millions to fix. I can only guess what else they've gotten wrong and won't be able to fix. The trailers sure don't look like they're from a good film regardless of Sonic's design.
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    >general public liked the 2014 Turtle designs. uhhh, no. They didn’t. It was widely mocked by a lot of people, and then the second movie tried to redesign them to be some kind of in between of the 2014 designs and standard designs. That is so tone deaf, it’s not even funny.
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    It's not really a contradiction, in theory, it could just be Eggman trying to cement that he can't return to that life. He looks like he's ready to long for that life again until he has to literally justify to himself that he has a higher calling, and that the Zombot virus will make him a greater hero than being a humble crafter. It comes off more like Dr. Eggman trying to desperately pretend he didn't like his role as Mr. Tinkerer, when he secretly misses that life, and has to justify why he can't go back.
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    (Tweet) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Star Wars Episode 2 may not be great, but 'Across the Stars' is really one of John Williams most beautiful tracks.
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    That's confirmation enough for me that they don't want my money.
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    It's not really a matter of being optimistic anymore, Sonic is literally at the end of his rope, Eggman has thrown away every chance to make a cure, and Sonic is at his most desperate to get one. He's already doubting himself heavily now because it was his exact line of optimism that led to a zombot infestation, he's running on fumes, the chances of a cure is getting less and less likely moment by moment, and Eggman just shoved Sonic's kindness back in his face by claiming Mr. Tinkerer mattered absolutely nothing to him, and this is his grand calling. The cool thing about a story idea like this is putting Sonic into a situation that we can never see him in, and this is the chance for it. He's mentally and physically exhausted, he's lost tons of friends, and pretty much the entire world because of his own mess up, and Sonic's quite literally run out of options at this point. He's desperate to try get Eggman to make a cure, first by trying to appeal to the good in him via Mr. Tinkerer, and then trying to battle and reveal flaw after flaw in his plan to convince Eggman to just back down, and nothing works. Eggman has the upper hand, while Sonic is just utterly destroyed in nearly every way. That's meant to be the interesting point here, it's not so much Sonic intentionally trying to do harm, or at least end Eggman's life, but with him in the state that he's in, where he clearly can't think straight anymore, and can't keep his head together, Sonic is so utterly desperate for a solution, and drove to a breaking point that he infects Eggman because it's the only way Sonic sees Eggman ever considering make a cure - because then it's in his own self-interest to do so. Sonic might immediately regret it when he comes back to his senses, but in a narrative sense, that is a good emotional payoff for everything so far. He does something without thinking due to pure desperation and exhaustion, mixed with anger, he's trying to save everyone instead of directly harming Eggman, and it forces Sonic to look at himself now at his lowest, which would tie into him nearly giving into the virus before getting a last burst of speed to shred it off again. That's already the reason the issue is so strong, because it forces Sonic into a position he's uncomfortable in, and drives him to a place he hasn't been before. Just that extra push into making him cross the line, even for a brief second would lead to an interesting character development moment for the rest of the arc.
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    This just confirms what we already knew: Paramount's higher ups are morons.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Thanksgiving is over, bringing forth my long-awaited Christmas combo! This year, I'm utilizing a render from Nintendo's 2019 Christmas season promotions for a festive Bowser theme! True, said artwork is just a slight reworking of an already-existing one from Super Mario Party, but the sight of Bowz getting into the holiday spirit fills me with much joy regardless.
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    Really, what you want out of a headset will depend on what you'd prefer most - if you want perfect tracking with no compromises and just want a great experience in that regard, I'd suggest buying the regular Vive first and then getting the Index Controllers, which will work fine with the Vive. If you want something with easier setup but with less reliable tracking, get the Odyssey+, or a Rift if you're willing to save up a bit more for better tracking and don't mind worse screen/fresh rate quality, or even the Quest if you want to be able to play entirely wirelessly for some games. If you want the best possible overall package, save up for the Index. Also, a bit of an update on my experience with the Odyssey+, the main issues with tracking are generally when the controllers are either right up against your face or outside the camera view for an extended period of time. You will need to have them back in your view whenever you have them by your sides for a bit, but generally that's when you'll be moving to pick something up or do some specific action anyway. It's up to you if that sounds like that'll annoy you too much, though. Quick actions like moving your arm out of view for throwing objects will work just fine.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Oi! I hated it before it was cool. Whole framing, Geoffrey, Dulcy truth sensing, Drago. If anything I hate the story less now. At first read I dismissed few cool moments
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    What if Sonic the Hedgehog was added to Super Smash Brothers?
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    Maybe I'm just a little weird, but I kind of thought the challenge to taking an existing IP and selling it beyond it's typical market was to show that it can appeal to more than just the typical demographic. From what I see here the producers never believed that out of the gate and as I surmised to begin with had no faith in their product, the audience, or their movie team to make a movie that could sell the product beyond the normal demographic. It was, and was always intended to be a faithless adaption using a brand name to generate word of mouth that would attract the curious. That it has gotten as far as it has is kind of proof of how well that tactic works, but it hurts to see this done to a franchise I'm a lot more invested in than others.
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    what if disney buys all of us
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    Green Hill zone will be in the next new Sonic game.
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    Endgame wasn’t that garbage until Penders sullied his name and associations. Prior to that, it was just very badly aged for the reasons it’s being picked apart for now.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all a good night!
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    (Tweet) Don't do this to me. Don't give me hope.
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    Saw Netflix's Klaus. It's ok, but I don't see the brilliance people are talking about, it's the cliche "asshole character is using townspeople for his own gain but slowly grows to like them, but then after he turns over a new leaf people find out about his original intentions causing cliche conflict blabla". The movie doesn't even put any kind of its own spin on this story, it just does it in a straightforward checklist type of manner. There's also a subplot involving rival clans that is pretty dumb and doesn't go anywhere. It's a decent movie don't get me wrong, but I can think of movies that execute this storyline better.
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    The 35th President of the USA has arrived in SEGA Heroes
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    Sonic Generations had some unique missions. Some were boring, others were interesting, and some brought a fun new twist on the gameplay. Even better is when some missions were so open that you could win them with unconventional answers. The Rouge mission for Modern Sonic could be blown wide open by boosting carefully across the water.
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    One of the small things I really like about DBS Broly’s animation is how Gogeta’s expression and animation turns more and more manic as it becomes less about taking down a rampaging beast, and more about putting down someone going through immense pain, finally returning to their senses somewhat and then looking fearful when it looks like the end is about to come,
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    Started playing Gravity Rush 2 and my favorite thing so far is how stasis isn't a totally useless piece of shit
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    Overwatch's currently doing a free trial til December 2nd. It should be on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch if anyone's looking to give it a go.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hmm, I find that angle both interesting and quietingly dark; Sonic succumbing to his emotions and willingly infecting Eggman feels like crossing a certain line. But I do admit it feels like this is where such a thing makes most sense to do .
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    The game Double Cross on the Switch feels like a threeway mash-up of Mighty Switch Force, Freedom Planet and Shantae. Fun game.
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    Thats the exact attitude I expected to have created this situation, It does generally work out well for them.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I guess for me, I didn't notice it because Sonic's just beyond utterly exhausted at this point, and cutting the chase with a lot of his dialogue, so I naturally assumed he cut straight to calling Eggman's bullshit. Which in hindsight, I can see how it's off now, but *shrug*
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    I feel dumb for not realising that was a reference, I thought it was just a general interesting viewpoint Eggman had, and Sonic countered it.
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    my leg

    my leg
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If he genuinely believes what he's doing will make for a better world, there's a twisted sort of logic in the villagers being the first ones to be "gifted" the virus. In fact looking back he kinda describes it that way, saying it'll make things perfect, no hunger or illness (also no free will, but he is, after all, a madman).
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    I can help you in a bit. Today we have some official artwork and information for the Starters, Boxart Legends, and the next Gigantamax Event English Trailer Japanese Trailer Galar Starter Evolutions Thwackey Category: Beat Pokémon Type: Grass Height: 2'4" Weight: 30.9 lbs. Ability: Overgrow Rillaboom Category: Drummer Pokémon Type: Grass Height: 6'11" Weight: 198.4 lbs. Ability: Overgrow Raboot Category: Rabbit Pokémon Type: Fire Height: 2' Weight: 19.8 lbs. Ability: Blaze Cinderace Category: Striker Pokémon Type: Fire Height: 4'7" Weight: 72.8 lbs. Ability: Blaze Drizzile Category: Water Lizard Pokémon Type: Water Height: 2'4" Weight: 25.4 lbs. Ability: Torrent Inteleon Category: Secret Agent Pokémon Type: Water Height: 6'3" Weight: 99.6 lbs. Ability: Torrent Boxart Legendaries Zacian Category: Warrior Pokémon Type: Fairy/Steel Height: 9'2" Weight: 782.6 lbs. Ability: Intrepid Sword Zamazenta Category: Warrior Pokémon Type: Fighting/Steel Height: 9'6" Weight: 1730.6 lbs. Ability: Dauntless Shield Gigantamax Snorlax Gigantamax Snorlax Type: Normal Abilities: Immunity/Thick Fat Height: 114'10"+ Weight: ????.? lbs.
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    There's no reason to assume that wasn't the case because the explanation the comic provided us was the virus mutating out of control. The latest issue only confirms that's the case because -
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    Remember when Archie!Sonic took to calling Shadow “faker” as an affectionate nickname for a while? I liked that. Wish it could be brought back (in a continuity where Shadow isn’t an antagonistic bellend to Sonic all the time)
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    I know that opinions were mixed, but I unabashedly love the "Can You Feel the Sunshine" by Tee and Mariana Lopes. It's fun, it's chill and it's jazzy. If I didn't have nostalgia out the wazoo for Sonic R then I might now feel the same. But still, fun track. I look forward to seeing what Tee delivers next.
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    I really, genuinely hope they finally drop the boost. I don't like what it's done to the series and it was at its absolute worst yet in Forces, and considering they snuck Lost World in the middle of things they're not entirely unopposed to doing something else with Sonic. Realistically, though, I don't think it's dead yet.
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    Been meaning to get around to talking about Special Delivery, having experienced it in it's early access. And I'm admittedly impressed by how simple yet addicting it is, with it's Pokemon GO influenced mechanics. It's new, and not that big in terms of initial content, but I find it amusing regardless. My phone leans towards the minimum to actually be compatible with the game, so most of the issues I have (from my time with the Early Access) come from my camera lagging and freezing up at the worst moment.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    he literally never plans shit properly in the games so ian has this spot on tbh
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know its for the sake of Starline's disillusionment with him, but good god does Eggman come off as exceedingly short sighted here. I share Starline's frustration. That being said, it's pretty understandable and I could completely believe that Eggman would be so far up his own ass that he fails to make any type of contingency plan should his shit go wrong.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So I have gone back and started from the beginning...I literally started with issue 0 and now I am on issue 31. I'm about to start Chaotix and SS vs HK Super Specials. I plan to go through the whole series now, so I can see if it actually holds up/is as good as I remember in certain parts. We shall see... either way I am excited.
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    If there's anything I'd like in DLC, it would be more Dream events. Save characters for the next game and make them universally playable instead of Guests again. (Especially Cream and Charmy. They got shafted in TSR too)
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    SEGA didn't bother with DLC for TSR, and Sonic Forces' DLC was already included in the game itself and just locked. Pretty safe to assume that M&S will never get DLC, as the previous ones never did. SEGA's recent track record shows that they're satisfied with the amount of content packed into the main game, either that or they take pride in the fact that they don't "sell you the rest of the game" as DLC, completely ignorant to the fact that customers are asking for DLC specifically because they are not satisfied with the base game's content.
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