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    Never understood the thought process behind weirdo dimwitted outsourced studios/companies/whatever-folk who assume automatically they need to change everything about a popular media after they get their grubby hands on it in order to sell it better to a imaginary general public in their mind. If something was already popular/iconic then isn't it fairly obvious there is a reason for that popularity and is counterproductive to haphazardly change it into a different product that barely resembles what it was based on? if the media in question already has a big fanbase... then isn't it safe to assume enough other people can like it also without a absurd random overhaul if you give them the chance? But no, they let their ego, paranoia & gimmicky trends guide them in life and believe fans & casuals are fully different species who can't possibility enjoy the same type of content ever despite often having no proper evidence to backup those misguided thoughts.
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    If Sonic had to trudge his way through an airport-themed platforming level...
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    Well, yeah, realistic live actions are in right now, but they could've done without massacrating the poor creature, I mean, look at Detective Pikachu and the design Tyson helped to create. Not to mention, Sonic's design, pretty much like Pikachu's, is kinda of universal, his classic form at least. Simple colors and shapes. Easy-peasy. But no. They had to put it in a blender before rendering... I really would LOVE to hear about the """""""""creative"""""""""" process of that first design. How did they got to that. I don't need nor want to see the whole movie with the old design like Yuji Naka (lol why?), but at least know the story behind it would be... Interesting.
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    for those who missed it last night, i suppose: sonic at an airport
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    Tell me something I don’t actually know, because I’ve been discussing story, narrative, and characterization for the past several years to a decade saying just that when people were wanting Knuckles around for literally no reason while giving no such privilege to any character post-SA2. Given that Eggman committed straight up bioterrorism in the form of a technological plague that would make Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp envious, infecting Eggman with his own virus wouldn’t be any less karmic to leaving Eggman stranded in space, blowing up his vehicles with him in it, or any punishment short of actually executing him. Sonic’s not someone who kills in cold blood, but for all his heroics he certainly isn’t a saint either. The guy’s willing to destroy an entire country’s armed force rather than stand trial for a crime he didn’t commit, I wouldn’t put it past Sonic to infect someone with a physical touch of their own virus for karma’s sake. No, if anything, proving Shadow was right goes to show the very flaw in Sonic’s sense of mercy given that it just came to bite him in the ass in the most severe way possible: in the form of an apocalypse that’s gradually worsening every moment. It doesn’t remove any dynamic, it shows the consequences of a choice—Sonic was already warned prior to any of this that letting Eggman go, even with amnesia and a personality change, after he previously started a global war that claimed who knows how many lives to stop was a bad move. Heck, it shows the consequences for Shadow for going along with Sonic plea for mercy of an amnesiac Eggman, because he wanted to make sure Eggman never had a chance to ruin the world again and was willing to do the deed so no one else would have to worry about it—he relented to Sonic, and when Eggman went missing, a techno-plague began to erupt. That Shadow was right to begin with only enflames the whole debacle and reinforces the kind of cruel person that Eggman is and begs the question of what more this man would be capable of if delivering a literal plague onto people’s houses isn’t beyond him, and what it would take to stop him. Introducing more questions and scenarios doesn’t kill anything.
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    And we've been arguing for the past two years that it's a BAD rationale. I'm not sure what you think this changes?
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    Does anyone else feel November went by really quickly? Like, it feels like only a week has passed, and yet, there’s only 2 days left of the month.
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    Thinking about it, I would wholeheartedly take a Sonic Heroes HD remaster like SA1 and 2.
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    PC the Hedgehog

    Sally luvs her Sawnik:

    Sally luvs her Sawnik:
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    If you try to make Curry on your birthday, a candle will be placed on your plate when it's finished.
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    pretty much going into the warzone tomorrow. I've worked black friday almost every year since i started working retail, but this'll be my first one that'll be a full 8 hour shift im comin' back home to my drawing desk again at any cost
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    i felt like doing the christmas thing early
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    Pretty sure I just raced Johavexon in CTR on Tiny arena. I was the Nash in 3rd.
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    The turnaround of Microsoft this Gen was amazing, to say the least. They went from being absolutely loathed and ridiculed when they first showed the SPORTSPORTSPORTS Box at the beginning of the Gen and the whole DRM debacle, to now giving away access to an absurd amount of games for a flipping buck. It's absolutely insane, in the best way. Or heck, even shit like letting Nintendo use Banjo in Smash, because they know people would love it. "When everybody plays, we all win" could be taken cynically if it was said by a lot of gaming companies, but right now, from MS, despite being an evil mega corporation like anybody else, I almost kinda believe they mean it. And after how they started this Gen, it's an astonishing feat.
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    You have to admit, Xehanort was pretty nice to give the Toy Story world TV Reception while they were trapped in an alternative dimension
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    The sad thing is that this is accurate. Well at least Cheese never got nerfed like Beat did.
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    I honestly believe that Forces was the last Sega developed 3D Sonic game.
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    School term's over! Got a whole month to rest.
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    Has to be the fans would dislike it bit. We're about 2 months away from interviews that will have everyone saying it was the fans they listened to and you don't want contradicting information destroying the narrative.
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    I guess I messed up. Used filler a bunch and got all the RE ones pretty quick. Only one repeat fight. Shuffle never helped me really, but filler did.
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    seeing home-made stuff like this makes me wanna dust off Blender and actually attempt something beyond that cube it starts you off with. (but also eventually get a computer that handles 3D stuff better for that matter to begin with)
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    Keep in mind you’re also reading something likely years to a decade old before you came across it, and during when it was somewhat young and unfocused until that point. Sonic as a franchise was all over the place during the mid-90s come the Endgame arc’s release, similar to how it is now except when the franchise actually had a positive reception despite the directions it took. Audiences back then didn’t mind so long as they had their Sonic fix, especially considering how young the core audience was back then that were eating it up. It’s gone much the same way as SA1 insofar as it being poorly aged from when people look at it in hindsight or years later, only with the added drama of Penders hissy fit ruining whatever good reception that came with it. Not saying that it’s any good now, but its reception back then was a far cry to how it’s looked at now because people weren’t as critical back then as they are now.
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    Did Naughty Dog low-key spoil the secret ending of Banjo-Kazooie all the way back in 1998? If so, then they are freaking legends. For those who don't know...
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    *when you learn that big anime studios like the one behind Pokemon uses the same art software you draw with to make some of their assets and animations* https://www.awn.com/animationworld/olm-asia-launches-new-pok-mon-animation-series-help-celsys-clip-studio-paint
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I was kinda hoping Sonic would infect Eggman in this issue. Sonic can be pretty vicious, possibly even more-so than Shadow, when he's pushed over the edge. In the heat of the moment I don't think it would be at all out of character for him to grab Eggman or knock him into the zombot horde.
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    Bo Peep from Toy Story has gone out with Rex, Bing Bong, and now Mr Incredible. Young Sheldon is weird.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I need this issue, and so far I think this all gets solved by sonic going super. Like I can't see it any other way. Actually I think we NEED a super sonic showing soon. I really need this issue so bad now.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Thanksgiving is over, bringing forth my long-awaited Christmas combo! This year, I'm utilizing a render from Nintendo's 2019 Christmas season promotions for a festive Bowser theme! True, said artwork is just a slight reworking of an already-existing one from Super Mario Party, but the sight of Bowz getting into the holiday spirit fills me with much joy regardless.
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    So Paramount unironically thought people would like this design and only fans would hate it? So they're basically saying they don't care about fans. Explains everything about this film and shows its not being made by the right people
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    I think Sonic Team needs to try something completely new in terms of gameplay. The boost gameplay has long overstayed it's welcome. The classic Sonic gameplay in both Gens & Forces wasn't fun due the physics being complete shit. Keep the 2d gameplay for separate games like with Mania. As for the avatar, it was probably the most interesting gameplay in Forces but there's really no need for it to return. Maybe just give Modern Sonic alternative outfits and I guess that would be okay. Considering how awesome and successful Mania has been, I just want for once to be able to say this about a 3D Sonic game again. I want a full 3D game (2D not needed) maybe with 2 or 3 playable characters. Perhaps Sonic, Tails & Knuckles (also maybe Shadow). Just a fun game with creative level design. Doesn't need to be insane boost-game speed fast. Just fun/rewarding platforming with a bit of speed. Keep Eggman as the main villian. That's what I want. As to what we'll probably get; more boost gameplay, hopefully with better level design. Classic Sonic will likely return-especially as it will be the 30th anniversary soon, so I guess the drop-dash will also return. I would like to see the chao garden make an appearance... Hope Sonic Team are cooking up something special for the 30th anniversary.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I disagree. Watching Sonic go over the edge can be super entertaining.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's most likely why he didn't have Sonic go through with it. Not this reason specifically, but a similar one to be sure. Also, you're saying Shadow would do this without being pushed over the edge. That's not very interesting alone, it's interesting because Sonic's desperate enough to consider it.
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    Everyone, not just the target demographic, rejected the design so hard that they had to significantly delay the movie to fix a problem that was created out of their own stupidity. They cost them somewhere in the region of $5million. Paramount shot themselves in the foot trying to redesign Sonic. Had they not been so arrogant and pig-headed in the first place, they wouldn't have wasted so much time and money fixing something that nobody outside the board room wanted to see. It's a prime example of the fact that a more faithful and straightforward adaptation is what the audience want, whoever they are. The film still has to contend with the strange premise of "what if Sonic was real and came to Earth to team up with a random police officer?". I've argued that the character of Tom is probably going to help the film to be somewhat palatable to older viewers, although the questions of the who the film is for who will enjoy it still stand. In order to reach a wide audience, it wasn't essential for the film to discard everything from the established franchise. They got the design hideously wrong and realised their mistake so late that it cost them millions to fix. I can only guess what else they've gotten wrong and won't be able to fix. The trailers sure don't look like they're from a good film regardless of Sonic's design.
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    >general public liked the 2014 Turtle designs. uhhh, no. They didn’t. It was widely mocked by a lot of people, and then the second movie tried to redesign them to be some kind of in between of the 2014 designs and standard designs. That is so tone deaf, it’s not even funny.
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    That's confirmation enough for me that they don't want my money.
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    This just confirms what we already knew: Paramount's higher ups are morons.
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    I feel dumb for not realising that was a reference, I thought it was just a general interesting viewpoint Eggman had, and Sonic countered it.
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    I feel like there's no "correct" way to portray Sonic. Every continuity te da to emphasize different parts of him that people appreciate. I think it's a testament to the strength of the character that he has so many different interpretations that can appeal to people
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    I really, genuinely hope they finally drop the boost. I don't like what it's done to the series and it was at its absolute worst yet in Forces, and considering they snuck Lost World in the middle of things they're not entirely unopposed to doing something else with Sonic. Realistically, though, I don't think it's dead yet.
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    Archie Sonic: Issue #49 - ENDGAME Part 3 of 4 Alright, this cover certainly is... uh... HNNNNGH! Uh... MEOW. ...Uhh... Busy. It's very busy. I couldn't tell what was even happening until I zoomed in on it. Even still, the positions these characters are in defy common sense. Also, it's hard not being skeeved out by Geoffrey's defined bod. Spaz is a good artist but this was, to be fair, years and years ago at this point. Anyway, we begin with Geoffrey- Right. So I suppose now's as good a time as any to talk a bit about how silly this situation is. Now, Sonic has been framed for shit he hasn't done before. He's been forcefully roboticized against his will. There was a Pseudo Sonic once upon a time. He lost his memory and worked for Robotnik once. The Freedom Fighters have plenty of reason to completely ignore what they thought they saw and investigate the matter to find out what the deal was. I know the king gave the order not to, but fuck the king. This kind of shit is why this ruling class Acorn Kingdom nonsense tends to get in the way when you live in a world where you can so easily replace the king with a fake. Also, even if he weren't a fake, the king is still an asshole. Geoffrey, in particular, however, is clearly just impulsively looking for an out to murder Sonic. Remember when this dude just walked into the doctor's office while they were looking over Sally's dad, goes up to Sally, kisses her, insults Sonic, accuses Chuck of being a traitor, and then tries to kill him? There's no feasible way anyone could possibly like this character. I know Penders doesn't consider any of what Ian wrote canon, but honestly, the only thing keeping me from hating him is the fact that I actually like where his character ends up near the end of the book. So Sonic is still falling off the waterfall, very daintily I might add- -and is unable to see a way out of dying when he hits the bottom. He's exhausted both mentally and physically so creating a figure 8 with his feet to slow himself down doesn't work. It just cramps his legs. So... instead... he uh... He takes off his shoe, which I guess he packed full of dirt just in case he needed to run across some of it to escape death off the top of a waterfall... tosses it... then before it disperses into useless ash in the sky, runs across it to safety? Like... even if Sonic was that fast, how on Earth does he have the prowess to make sure he threw all that dirt in such a perfect arc that all the dregs of dirt were evenly pressed against one another to momentarily create a foothold...! Sonic wouldn't need to narrowly dodge Geoffrey's arrows if he were this fast and this precise. The dude could walk over to the skunk, shave off all his fur, and shove a pie in his face in a millisecond if this is... at all possible. I guess old cartoony habits die hard. But at least he found a flawless esca- Oh hey. Turns out it was a shit plan. Sonic lands on his goddamn face and... I think it knocks him so silly that he... starts to think he's in a porno or something? Why is he making that shape with his mouth and what is he slurping??? Like... I usually try to be a bit choosey with the pics I use but so many of them I NEED to show you. This issue is fucking weird. Sonic hurries off, looking beyond exhausted. He keeps reciting what he has to do to himself and of course, in typical Sonic comic fashion, when he says he's got to get back to Knothole, his sentence is finished on the next page and we're back in Knothole. Here we see the Warlord Julian giving a deceptive speech while showing off his astonishingly plentiful teeth. They go so far back that he looks like Zebra from Toriko. He's explaining to them that Sonic the Hedgehog has betrayed them and that King Acorn has not. That's because he's a robot doppelganger. He proves this by taking the wire out the back of the king's head and watching him deflate into... a red mask...? Thing? This dude may be evil but he sure makes sure to keep his choppers pearly white. I wish Doug Walker had taken aims to do the same but I don't watch his shit anymore so thankfully I don't have to see those yellow gremlins anymore. Also, you'd think that they would comb through Robotnik's words a little better. He says that Sonic betrayed them but the King didn't because he wants them to think the faked Sonic is real but doesn't care if they know the faked King is real anymore. Now, why he had to reveal here, I don't know. Seems crueler to make them think the King DID betray them to me but what do I know? Also, if there's a fake king logic would dictate that there could be a fake Sonic right? Do none of them realize this? He explains that he wants to see them all perish with each other in a big, showy way. Something that no doubt will be cathartic and poetic to him. I understand he's a showman so I can let it slide. It's a little obvious as a measure to explain why he doesn't just kill them right then and there but he's got his flaws and this has literally always been one of them. We cut back to Snively who is being given the medical records on Sally by Dr. Quack. The doctor says he did everything they asked and demands that they keep up their end of the deal. However, Snively is a persnickety fucker and decides to punish the doc for being so rude. He presses... his hand... and... the back of his hand makes a... clicking noise? ?????????? It reveals Dr. Quack's family behind bars. His wife and kids are all there. The DuckTales theme is playing in my head and I can't get it to stop... Dr. Quack is understandably outraged by this and lashes out at Snively, saying he's gonna do... something. But before he can do the something he was gonna do, he gets fucking shot! In front of his kids! What the hell?! The sound effect there is a SKZZAKT so it was definitely a laser but the gun barrel looks like it belongs to a gat or a machine gun. There are Combots there instead of the usual Swatbots so you know they mean business this time too. So, the doc is mostly alright. His feathers are a little charred and smoke is lightly coming off his body but he's good. He's cool. He's fine. Just got shot in the stomach but he's alright. Yeah. He's fine. Snively takes the Doc out of the room and tells him they want another favor from him. He reveals the ACTUAL King Acorn under a tarp and tells him to get to work on... something involving him. I'm not sure what. Dr. Quack relents because what else is he gonna do? So, we then cut back to Sonic who- WHAT IS GOING ON?! I guess Sonic's just fucking magic now. I mean... could he do this in the show? Is this how they called Dulcy over? He certainly has never done this before in the comic as far as I can remember. Then again, my memory when it comes to the stuff before I started reviewing it on here hasn't been the best. Whatever. Dulcy's here thanks to Sonic's magic whistle they fly off together because Dulcy is a dragon and dragons can apparently sense when someone's being truthful and shit. So they ride off just as Geoffrey arrives with his Tasmanian Devils. He shouts that he'll never stop following him like a mad-man because Sonic's still wearing that tracking shackle on him. Although, if Geoffrey ever lost sight of Sonic, he'd just find him again when he returned to Knothole because that's literally where he said he's going. Right? Anyway, who's up for some more physical and mental abuse? This scene is a fairly good example of why the weird cartoony nonsense in this issue is especially weird. There's definitely an attempt to drag things more into the realm of seriousness and realism here. While it usually isn't a problem to mix comedy and drama together, things become askew when you don't know when and how to do it properly. Now, this scene isn't happening within the realm of anything resembling a joke or anything but it does feel more noticeable when not two pages ago, Sonic summoned a dragon with a cheap magic whistling thing he can do. And yes, I'm calling it magic because it's so silly. Now, I don't think Drago and Hershey here are a couple really considering Drago, rather insultingly, keeps referring to this grown woman as "kid" while also punching and smacking her across the face but it's a rather unnecessary layer of cruelty to add on top of the fact that this dude literally tricked her into murdering Sally Acorn. Yes, It's here where it's revealed that the one who cut Sally's rope was Hershey. She was wearing a Sonic mask that, when put on, makes it so the person wearing it only sees Snively no matter who they're looking at. So Hershey thought that when she cut the rope and sent someone to go splat against the ground, preferably into huge mounds of chunky salsa, it was Snively instead of Sally. Now, setting aside how dark it still is that she was so brazenly ready to just... murder Robotnik's slightly more sympathetic flunky... this is a tremendously horrifying thing to do to someone already. I'm understanding now why Ian, when writing for Drago, wrote him as this terrifying LOOKING dude who would constantly get shit on and undermined and told to shut up all the time. This is an incredibly awful person who relishes in the fact that he tricked this young woman into murdering someone she was trying to help and laughs at her while she's curled up on the ground, grieving over the horrible thing she's done on top of not giving a fuck about swatting her across the room. It's so uncomfortable and it gets worse when you realize that this was IT! This was literally supposed to be the ending storyline of the book. Issue 49 is supposed to be the penultimate issue before the series was set to end in Issue 50 and THIS is what it was going to leave behind. Sally actually WAS supposed to die! Hershey WAS supposed to have actually have murdered her when she thought she was helping the Freedom Fighters all along! What a thing to leave behind. I almost WANT to see the original ending now, just to see how much of a sour note it was planning to end things on. I know Ken wanted to kill off Sally because she "cramped Sonic's style" or whatever but Jesus. Also, this was co-written by Mike Gallagher too. Don't think I'm letting him off the hook for this. The treatment of woman in this book on top of the overdone dramatic flare concerning death is making this really quite the odd Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. Sally's supposed to be this team's leader and yet she's been nothing but useless these first 49 issues and she was unceremoniously planned to be killed off in a lame way with zero closure at the beginning of this four part finale. How embarrassing. I like death in stories for children. I like death in Sonic games and Sonic comics. Children can handle it and if it's done right it can make your stories come off as natural and mature. But this honestly feels a bit like what Shadow the Hedgehog tried to do, where it shoves all these mature themes at you in a bid to be taken serious and it either looks weird, comes off as humorous, or in this case is just gross. Oh. And after this scene of Hershey crying on the floor as Drago laughs over how he tricked her into killing Sally, THAT'S when they decide to have the page for fan-art from the all the little kiddies. It's almost like a weird punchline. I'm a little confused about Drago's character here too. Why is he THIS much of a scumbag? Robotnik offered him a kingdom apparently. I know the Wolf Pack aren't Freedom Fighters and I know next to nothing about their morality and devotion to the cause but he came from a group of people willing to enter the war against Robotnik to save this virtually dying planet and he's just... a guy who turns out to be okay with gleefully doing shit like this? So we thankfully cut away to ... another place that I don't like. Downunda. Hurray. This is where Antoine and Bunnie have been taken after being discovered by Drago. It's literally on the other side of the planet. Two of the Downunda Freedom Fighters show up and, I guess in an attempt to make them seem more relevant, they have close ups on their faces and they say their names. I definitely remember them but I've already forgotten their names and looking back at the page just to jot them down is too much work. Also, they suck because they're immediately spotted by the head of the prison. Here it's revealed that the head guard of the Downduna prison is Crocbot! Remember him? I do but only because I have little nuggets of info on what happens with certain characters down the line. This dude was beaten by Tails and the Downunda Freedom Fighters in the Tails mini-series and thrown down a pit. He really wants you to be aware of who he is and he REALLY wants you to care because he goes on for two pages about how he made his glorious return. He gathered up Combot parts and made a station and I can't remember if he was always a tank or just attached himself to one... Whatever. It's all very interesting, I'm sure. He outright says that he ambushed and captured the Downunda Freedom Fighters and has delighted in torturing them mercilessly. So... I guess the "they've been torturing him for months" thing isn't new for the series after all. Pictured below are the Downunda Freedom Fighters, making the appropriate faces one would expect of characters that didn't know how much they sucked. I can't stress how much this sequence of pages feels tacked on. Like, honestly who cares? Crocbot is going on and on and on about how great it's gonna be to have his revenge and it's just so boring. We cut back to Sonic and Dulcy who arrive... at the floating island for some reason? Odd, considering Sonic said he wanted to go back to Knothole so many times... I guess he's here hoping to get a helping hand from Knuc-BWAHAHAHA! No. These two hate each other and the instant Dulcy flies in, Knuckles punches her in the face and knocks her out cold because he doesn't let anyone (save for the Chaotix for whatever reason. I guess because the book told us they're supposed to be friends) on the island. I don't understand why Knuckles is this aggressive. I understand not wanting people on his island but punching a girl in the face because they got close to it? Sonic is understandably upset by that and they fight. Because of course they do. It's broken up by Geoffrey when he flies in and fires in between them. So now these four are here and... I guess something's gonna happen. So that was Issue 49 and Christy Christ Christ Christ. This book actually has the nerve to end with the caption "Brought to you with pride by Mike Gallagher and Ken Penders". I just... damn. This shit just nose-dived into a bottomless pit. It is nice to know that some of the readers are asking legit questions about what they're reading even at this time though. “Dear Sonic, I watch SONIC on USA Network’s Cartoon Express. I have a few questions. 1) Why does Sally kiss and hug that skunk dude (Geoffrey St. John) in Issue #43? 2) In Sonic Quest #3, you used Silver Sonic’s robot body to fight Robotnik. How is that possible when you fried it? 3? What is Robotnik’s first name: Ivo or Julian? 4) If the Floating Island has one chaos emerald,how could Robotnik steal two emeralds in the SONIC QUEST series? I gotta’ buz’, cuz’! - Steven Cash, Oxford, NC They answer this question by pretending to be Bunnie Rabbot. I don’t really like it when stuff like this is done. I guess because they think the kids will pay more attention to it? But they make Bunnie say that she doesn’t like Geoffrey but YOU’VE GOTTA ADMIT HE’S A HUNK AND A HALF! So Sally kissed him cause he’s hot. I guess. Remember, this is either Ken or Gallagher or someone tied to these books pretending to be Bunnie, making her say that Sally is vain and she’ll kiss you so long as you’re attractive. She doesn't care that you're college age when she's like, 15 or some shit. The rest of the answers are actual answers. Silver Sonic was reprogrammed. Robotnik's first name is Julian and Ivo is his family name (You’d think Robotnik was his family name but whatever) and Knuckles had a spare emerald. Here we have someone who agrees that Sally should pass away! “Hey, Team Sonic, Here it is in a nutshell: Sally should pass away. Whether she comes back or not (you know how comic book death works after all…) is up to you, but you can only avoid real-life topics so long before it gets stale. Anyone who doesn’t agree can watch Barney. As for me, I’ll still look forward to another issue of Sonic, no matter what. I read it because its a comic book remember?” - Kerri Vines, being the hardest of the hardcore. You hear that? Sally should fucking die and anyone who disagrees should go watch BARNEY! This book that’s constantly showcasing themes of war, death, torture, politics, and abuse can only avoid real-life topics for so long before it gets stale. Well. That’s about enough for me today. I think my brain has fried. I’ve gotta go watch Barney.
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