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    Why would Sonic even need to provoke Evil Sonic into a fight. Not only is Evil Sonic (Penders era at least) a petty little shit who takes any chance to try attack Sonic, but are we reaaaally forgetting the fact that just 15 issues prior, he kidnapped Sonic and impersonated him for an undisclosed amount of time? He is a known villain, why would Sonic need to wait for Evil Sonic to initiate the fight instead of just immediately going after him? Hell, why the fuck would Evil Sonic care if Rouge hooks up with Sonic or not? Rouge to him is meant to just be a patsy so he can get the Master Emerald, but suddenly he now cares about her so much to get into a fight with Sonic? Like, I'd get it if it was Flynn!Era Scourge, because Scourge admits than he likes Fiona because unlike everyone else he knows/has been with, she makes an active decision to be bad, and be with him, rather than just be conditioned to be that way like the girls on Moebius, so if Fiona was the one Sonic pulled this with, then maybe, but Rouge makes no sense.
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    Chamomile #137
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    "Ok Boomer" Sonic to Rotor "Boomer" Walrus - Circa 1993
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    Archie Sonic: Issue #50 - ENDGAME Part 4 of 4 - The Big Goodbye Sonic Super Special #6: Sonic 50 Director's Cut - For Whom the Bell Tolls! "Here we are..." - Amy Rose, Sonic Heroes. So we're finally at the end of the Endgame and I feel very relieved. I'm happy that all the conversation around this has picked up because it provides a great contrast to the fact that my opinion of this story has gone way down. Even ignoring the context of what I'm aware of today, the first two issues I enjoyed well enough and the 3rd just weighed down on my soul. Everything is covered in sleaze now. The cover for the original Issue 50 looks like the badass cover of a game cartridge. I'm actually not joking. It's a great looking cover. It's depicting the (assumed) end to a tale as old as time here with the two characters you want to see going at it but with a foreboding red sky behind his evil lair. Also, Robotnik's arm looks like that green glowing hand thing from the end of Issue 175. Now, the cover of the Sonic Super Special #6 on the other hand... LIPSSSSSSSSSSSS~! "I see you shiver with antici... ... ... PATION!" I'm saying he looks sexy, ya'll. Robotnik has never looked so fabulous. Seriously though, how long after Endgame was this cover made? Why does it look so ass. Everyone is just lathered onto the cover without any care. Sonic's tumors look like gross fingers. It's almost as if the books get WORSE as they go on but that's just... pfft. Can't be. Anyway, if you haven't worked it out yet, I'm going to be covering both of these issues at the same time. Not only will I be reacting to the end of Endgame for the first time but I'm going to find out what the "director" (yeah, okay) our glorious Master of the Echydnyas and Lord of the Lawsuits, Ken Penders has to say about what should be different about his wonderful masterpiece… I know the incompetent fools at Archie were the ones who sued Ken but "Lord of the Lawsuits" was just too tempting. Plus, Ken sued SEGA over Sonic Chronicles so it still sort of counts. Whatever. Let's get started. We begin on a WHOA! My dude. What a chunky ball of greasy butter with extra cheese. Julian here is shown running away from people hunting him down, sporting the tiniest of mustaches and a jumpsuit that looks like he just escaped from prison. Apparently, at this very moment, is when he realizes that he might have made a tiny slip up somewhere in his life. They refer to him as Julian, son of Ivo, which will never not be weird. He's being chased by Londo and Jakkar on orders from THE MINISTER. Don't know who that is but it probably doesn't matter yet. He's found by Charles (Uncle Chuck) and his bro Jules (Sonic's dad). They look literally, exactly like Sonic except Charles has a ton of bushy facial hair and Jules has this weird tuft of hair poking out of his forehead. I don't even want to go into the conversation about spikes acting as hair on hedgehog characters... I mean, Silver's spines look like wavy hair. That's all I'm saying. Charles is skeptical of this man because he's one of THEM, the dreaded OVERLANDERS! However, Jules wishes to take him back to the Acorn Kingdom, thinking he could be the key to winning the war for some reason. Charles is hesitant because of what Robotnik's kind has done but Jules responds that they're doing this and asks Charles if he looks like a bitch. Charles says what? Then Jules repeats himself and demands to know if he looks like a bitch! Then Charles says what and then Jules warns him not to say what again. So when they take Julian back and, for some goddamn reason, the king decides to make Julian the Warlord. The only reason he gives is because he knows the most about the Overlanders because he is one. I mean... yeah. That sounds logical right? It's like the plot of Pixels, the hit Adam Sandler film. Charles points out how weird this is and optimistic Jules thinks the King MUST have a reason. Their faith in their shitty king is cute. This idea that the humans and the animals went to war with each other back in Ye Old’n days is a very… expected kind of thing but also a weirdly plausible one. I suppose on the surface, this is one of those Pendersisms that I actually could be somewhat okay with in a sense depending on how it’s done. It’s just surreal seeing the humans and animals fighting. Even weirder is that Bean and Bark are shown fighting in the war here, in what I think is their first appearance in the comic. Considering how long ago this took place I… how old are they? Or was this just a surprise cameo thing that wasn’t intended to be followed up on? I’m going to guess the latter but it’s interesting imagining Bean and Bark as characters that just never age. We cut back to Robotnik who is... sleeping in a pod? I'm... not sure why he is. The robots can tell he's having a good nap so I guess recounting his rise to power gets him in a good mood. It probably would for me as well. However, it's really strange how, he keeps doing things that a robot would do. Like, a few times throughout this comic's run he's been shown chugging cartons of fucking motor oil. It was just his arm that got Roboticized right? That was one of the few episodes of SatAM I actually saw so... does he just really like sleeping in robot pods and drinking motor oil? Well, either way, this is where the comics have their first split. The original Issue 50 cuts back to the ending confrontation with Geoffrey, Sonic, and Knuckles but the director’s cut actually shows Robotnik waking up. George Lucas Ken Penders Special Edition Addition Scene #1 - Robotnik Wakes Up to Ice Some Fool Here, we’re shown Robotnik waking up and demanding a good reason for it. The Swat Bot in his employ says that they found a test-subject for his latest device. Julian is just tickled at the idea of torturing somebody and he goes to see the blonde haired dude in the picture above. Blonde-Haired Red-Shirt is shocked to see Julian is alive and also the notorious Dr. Robotnik he’s heard about. He begs for mercy but Robotnik fires his laser at him, determined to, and I quote, “prove that there is worse than death!” He’s an unapologetic, ruthless monster and it’s gonna be so sad to see him go. The screaming blonde dude turns blue in the panel and screams NOOOOO… I don’t know what the blue laser did but it was apparently worse than death. He tells Snively over the computer that he’s gonna rule the world… but Snively’s like “Nah! That’s what you think!” Snively’s apparently making a play at betraying Robotnik again? Right here in Issue 50? Odd. I know he does this routinely but I kind of feel like it would have come up that he had something planned a bit earlier in the arc if it was relevant. Since this is a part of the Director’s cut, this scene was added in which means…? I don’t know. That’s the end of this first interlude and at the moment, all that’s been shown is that Robotnik’s a monster that deserves what’s coming to him. I guess this isn’t a bad addition. It’s nice seeing him be horrible to people so I won’t fault the book for it any. Oh and he added in a scene where there’s some CGI creatures at Robotnik’s palace. Back at where Issue 50 proper was, we see Geoffrey confronting Sonic and Knuckles. It’s also where we get the title “The Big Goodbye” which, for some reason, has been changed to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in the Super Special. This isn’t exactly that important a change but it is a bit strange. I suppose the original title does invoke more of a “THIS IS IT!” kind of feel so the more ominous “For Whom the Bell Tolls” might be a bit better, regardless of how cliche it is. I will say that the font and heading for the Super Special’s title looks FAR worse though. The first one has a nice little box for the title to sit in and a prettier style. Kind of like the end of a play. The second one just looks really lazy and typed in on a computer. Like they scrolled down the list of fonts and picked the first one that wasn’t Comic Sans. There’s also the fact that this is the first of the Endgame issues that’s even bothered with a title. Each issue of Endgame doesn’t need it’s own subtitle so I was cool with calling them Parts 1-4. *Takes in a deep breath* Okay, so… no joke, the next couple pages are… and I mean it when I say this… probably the worst written pages I’ve read in this book since Sonic Live. Certainly the most infuriating. So… Geoffrey tells Knuckles that Sonic killed Sally and because the two of them hate each other for no reason, Knuckles immediately believes him and attacks Sonic. Sonic backs off in a scene that’s incredibly badly drawn for a milestone issue like this. I mean, seriously. All of a sudden the art-style changed to something that looks like shit. Sonic’s arms are even colored blue in the lower left panel. He’s also doing the Spider-Man fingers pose. He’s grabbed by Espio the Chameleon, whom Sonic addresses by his full name and title “Espio the Chameleon - One of the Chaotix!” just like that. Apparently, just in case we all forgot who he is because he has no character at this point in the book’s life. The Chaotix are not characters here. They’re props that exist to be Knuckles’ lackies because Knuckles Chaotix was a thing and they decided to put them into the book. That’s it. Espio outright even says he only listens to Knuckles which also will never not be weird. Dulcy slams her foot down and basically screams at all of them that this plot line of Sonic being framed has gone on for too long and that it needs to end. Like, right now. So that plotline just stops. That’s it. One issue with significant set-up and two issues of Sonic being on the run only for it to end because a Dragon said to stop. A dragon never lies and can sense when someone isn’t lying so that means that Sonic must be telling the truth when he says he didn’t kill Sally. Knuckles, IMMEDIATELY is like “A dragon’s word is law” and isn’t angry no more. Geoffrey looks ashamed for a single panel and then in the VERY next one he’s talking about how OUR REAL ENEMY IS TRYING TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER US! BITCH, YOU ALREADY HATED SONIC! WHAT DO YOU MEAN DIVIDE AND CONQUER-?! When I read this page I could feel my soul leaving its body. What the fuck? Time to list all the things I hate about this in numerical order. What’s infuriating about this isn’t even just the idea behind the dragon’s ability to tell lies, it’s mostly all in the way the characters react. You’d think Geoffrey or Knuckles would summon a bit of doubt in their minds and we’d be shown the process of their minds working this info out until they comfortably arrived at this conclusion. Even then, I’d imagine whatever alliance they struck would be one of timid reluctance. Like Geoffrey growls while shaking Sonic’s hand and with his teeth gritted he says “FINE, we’ll work together but the instant I see something funny I’m training these hounds back on you…!” then Sonic would fire back with a quip about him being stinky. But no. Geoffrey’s just, immediately like, “We’ve been tricked! Time to get back to Knothole! The magical dragon said so!” If Knuckles has so much respect for the word of a dragon to the point where he literally says “A Dragon’s spoken word IS fact” then why the fuck was the first thing he did upon just seeing Dulcy was to PUNCH HER IN THE FUCKING FACE! Like… he couldn’t just wait for her to explain herself? I know Knuckles is brash but he really hasn’t been portrayed as the kind of guy who would just punch Dulcy in the face and knock her out for flying close to his island. He’s often overly protective but he’s had plenty of people visit this place at this point. There's at least five randys living on it at this point. The very least you’d expect would be for him to ask why she’s here. Knowing this about Dulcy and knowing that Knuckles knows this about Dulcy makes that scene even more confusing. At least punch SONIC in the face! Why go for Dulcy? If Dragons have this ability and they all KNOW they have this ability (to the point where isolationist Knuckles even knows about it) why the hell did nobody think to just grab her and see if Sonic was lying before? Apparently all Sonic has to do is whistle and she’ll arrive right? I know the “King” said no investigations but if Geoffrey is so easily swayed you’d think he’d have done this two issues ago. Seriously. Sonic just whistled and she showed up and acted as the world’s dankest lie detector. I can’t remember if this was or is an ability that Dulcy has used in the book before but even if it is, the biggest problem with it is that it’s just an incredibly lame and lazy fix to this problem. This whole plot line of Sonic being framed for the murder of Sally Acorn, despite how dumb it is for the nation to believe it considering how many times Sonic has been framed, hypnotized, and replaced up to this point, could still have functioned as an exhilarating hook for the finale. On paper it sounds amazing. I’m imagining a Sonic game where the premise is that Sonic killed Tails and he’s on the run or something and Eggman’s using that as an excuse to manipulate everyone and come out on top even though we know there’s no way he did. However, if this is the resolution to that plotline than it really just feels like the last few issues were pointless filler. Something that could make it feel worth it is a more appropriate reaction to finding out that Sonic was innocent. But no, they just drop it and move on because this is the last issue and we need to hurry. Is this what it felt like for all the people who liked Game of Thrones? I hate this. Shockingly, the writing gets worse. However, the art-style changes back to something that looks good now. So we cut to Tails and Rotor sneaking away as the SwatBots are leading the citizens of Knothole somewhere to be roboticized. The two of them immediately get spotted by a figure cloaked in shadow with an army of Combots behind them. Before we can find out who it is though, we cut to Robotnik screaming at Crocbot in his base in Downunda (BLEGH) demanding to know what’s going on. Crocbot says that he’s dealing with an uprising but the Mineral Ore that Robotnik wanted is already on its way to him. I guess Robotnik doesn’t give a shit about there being an uprising so long as he gets the ore. I’m not sure why he doesn’t think said uprising could impede the transportation of the ore but I suppose that’s why HOW it’s being transported wasn’t shown to us. Anyway, he says he’s gonna use the ore to power the Ultimate Annihilator so that he can blow Knothole away. Even though he just woke up a few pages ago he says he’s gotta go back to the sleep chamber because he’s worried about not being well-rested to see his victory come to fruition. Robotnik’s actions here are little strange. Not maddening or worthy of too much nitpicking but they’re still strange. We cut back to see Rotor and Tails being carted off by Drago. I’m not sure what the point of showing a scene where Rotor and Tails escape into the sewers only to be immediately found by Drago was. You could have just skipped that and showed them being taken in by Drago. That sounds like a nitpick but it really isn’t considering the fact that, for whatever reason, this story is trying it’s damndest to rush through everything as FAST as it can. Wasting an entire page on Rotor and Tails breaking away from the captured crowd only to then immediately get captured and land in the same spot as everyone else doesn’t sound very practical. To hammer home just how much this is being rushed… Sonic, Knuckles, Geoffrey, and his forces literally fall from the sky and just beat up Drago and his Swat Bots (that were totally Combots when they were in the sewer but NOW they’re Swat Bots. I don’t fucking know…) Also, Tails says they should help and to do this, he’s shown pulling animals out of a huge ass capsule that DEFINITELY was not there before. I’m so confused. This issue is just DOING shit now. The artstyle has now changed to something that looks more noodley and cartoony. The constant art-style shifts are already disorienting enough but with the added pages for the Super Special, some pages are being shoved in with a completely different art-style before changing back for a single page and then changing yet again. It’s so weird. I haven’t even gone into how stupid and strange it is that we cut back to Downunda and suddenly there’s a rebellion that needs to be squashed. Luckily, Penders and the other guys who worked on the Super Special thought so too. Right after the pointless scene where Tails and Rotor go into the sewer, in the Super Special, we cut back to Downunda for a more clear view of what happened. George Lucas Ken Penders Special Edition Addition Scene #2 - We actually show you how the breakout in Downunda started. Nothing they could possibly show in these new pages is going to make the pointless detour to Downunda any less pointless but it is appreciated that they felt the need to go back and give this a proper once over. Drago’s ending line on the previous page was him saying “You are now Prisoner’s of-!” and then it cuts to an information box that says “Ivo Robotnik in Robotropolis calling Crocbot’s crater in Downunda.” This is incredibly awkward. Not only does it cut from Drago’s line of actual spoken dialogue to an info box to finish his sentence but it doesn’t even properly finish his sentence. The full thing would read as “You are now prisoners of Ivo Robotnik in Robotropolis calling Crocbot’s crater in Downunda.” I know Julian’s name is already fairly long but that sounds just a tad too ridiculous, even for this book. Drago’s dialogue is changed from that to “You’re MY prisoners now! And if you’re real good-!” then they cut to the new page where Drago finishes his sentence with “I’ll just ship your carcass off to the Slave Labor camps in Downunda.” Much better. The scene than shifts to Antoine and Bunnie blowing up the door to their cell and escaping with the Downunda Freedom Fighters they were locked in with. The Downunda Freedom Fighters re-group and then take on Crocbot, allowing Bunnie and Antoine to escape to the Airbus. THEN we cut back to “Ivo Robotnik in Robotropolis calling Crocbot’s crater in Downunda”. I didn’t want to spend too much time on that because, honestly, I don’t care about this little excursion and neither should you. It’s pointless. There was NO point to wasting time with having Bunnie and Antoine shipped off all the way to Downunda and wasting even more pages of Crocbot rattling on about his (un)interesting story about how he survived his run in with Tails and how he made the Downunda labor camp. They escaped from it OFF-SCREEN in the original Issue 50! No one cares, not even the plot. So many useless things are happening but in the book’s defense, I guess Drago shipping them off to half-way around the world was a smart tactic. Not as smart as just killing them though. Also, Ken Penders decided to hide R2-D2 behind some more rocks. Moving right along... In yet another confusing scene, Sonic turns to Drago and proclaims “YOU!” and like Yosemite Sam/Elmer Fudd, Drago points to himself and is like “HUH-WUUUUHHH???? ME????!” Then Drago runs off with his butt reflecting in Sonic’s eyes. He’s after that ass. … To be fair to Drago, his confusion as to why Sonic would single him out is a bit justified. To my knowledge, Sonic shouldn’t know Drago is a traitor. The two of them haven’t even interacted in the book according to my knowledge. The only ones we were shown finding out about Drago’s deception were Bunnie and Antoine and they were taken to Dowunda the instant it happened… … So yeah… Drago SHOULD be confused. In fact, none of the people present should know of his deception except, now, Tails and Rotor, and they didn't speak a word to Sonic about it. That scene with Uncle Chuck talking to Sonic in the prison about how he knew he was innocent and that he was going to help him out made me think he was going to do some sleuthing of his own and make the reveal to someone. Instead, nothing happens and Uncle Chuck doesn’t show up in this story ever again. Does this story have somewhere to be? Why is it in such a rush? This was planned as a four part story regardless of the fact that the book was ending right? By now they have to know it's continuing too so what the hell is going on??? The story than does something rather interesting between the two versions here. The scenes added for the Super Special expand on one of the more annoying rushed resolutions of this very badly done book. In the normal version of Issue 50, Sonic chases after Drago and Drago is just immediately stopped when he gets hit with a rock by Hershey. Hershey then stops to explain everything that she did to Sonic thanks to Drago’s deception. Another rushed resolution to something that was being set up for a while here. However, the Super Special gives us quite a large number of extra pages. George Lucas Ken Penders Special Edition Addition Scene #3 - We need to justify this Downunda subplot as well as give the Drago and Hershey story proper closure. So, in a scene that looks so important I’m kind of shocked it wasn’t in the original book, Bunnie and Antoine stumble upon a computer that, for some reason, has Robotnik’s personal file about the Downunda Airbus Ore Delivery. He just screams at them about how important the ore is and about how it’s the most dangerous and important thing ever. He literally says that his entire LIFE has been building to this moment. As far as discovering the villain’s plans by finding their diary/journal this one ranks up there as one of the goofiest I’ve read. They break into this room, not knowing what it is, and decide to tap into the system to find out. This video then comes up without them even looking for it. Also, I understand that the Ore is being transported on the Airbus but why the hell does that mean the file where Robotnik screams this plan at you is on the Airbus itself? Wouldn’t something like that be at his lair? Did he send the Downunda prison staff the video just in case they forgot they needed to mine ore for him? He could have just reminded them in a video call… just sayin… Anyway, Antoine suggests they blow the Airbus up but Bunnie stops him to say that she thinks Crocbot is quite DA BOMB! That wasn’t a joke Bunnie. Why did you say it like that? They don't even use Crocbot as the bomb in the finale. Why is this line here? The Airbus is making its final approach now and ...geez. People sure are traveling long stretches to different places in an extremely short amount of time. We cut back to Drago where we see the alternate version of his take down. He’s still trying to run away from Sonic but then a voice calls out to him. It’s Hershey. She pretends to be totally into him and Drago falls for it despite asking how he can trust her. The only thing she does to suade him is to imply that she wants to be with a winner-- She then proceeds to beat the shit out of him for the entirety of a full page. It ends with Drago trying to run away but Hershey angrily tossing the rock at his head that leads into the scene we saw earlier of Sonic reaching her and Hershey explaining what happened. This was a much better and far more appropriate end to the Drago and Hershey conflict. All the book really needed to do in order to resolve it was to dedicate a single proper scene to the two of them and this delivered on that. It didn’t even really have to be a scene of Hershey beating him up, just something that offered actual closure. That said, I am glad it was just her beating the shit out of him. It’s strange because both these characters feel like they kind of came out of nowhere and were suddenly important. Hershey especially. She claims that she loved Drago and he betrayed everyone, beat her around like a punching bag, and tricked her into murdering Sally Acorn for no other reason than to be a dick. As someone else mentioned, they could have just gotten a Metal Sonic to dress as actual Sonic to do it. Having Hershey do it was literally something done for the sake of being excessive and pointlessly cruel. Any girl who would seriously want to get back together with Drago after something like that should probably change their name to Sakura Haruno. This was the first of the additions that actually feels like it wholeheartedly improves on the book rather than just being something amusing or something pointless. They ruin the good vibes by then adding Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi. Back to the main issue, Sonic tells Hershey not to worry about it. She was duped along with everyone else. I’m glad he doesn’t hold Sally’s death against her. No doubt he’s raring to shove a burning tire iron right up Robotnik’s ass. Speaking of Robotnik, he awakens from his chamber making this GLORIOUS face. Either he had an excellent nap, dreaming about people suffering yet again, or that green gas is the indication of the most satisfying fart of his life. The Swat Bots inform Robotnik that the ore that he wanted has arrived safely from Downunda (curious considering the ADDED scenes of Bunnie and Antione in the Super Special. I have a feeling this is going to lead to something that’s going to annoy the piss out of me) but give him the added bad news that Sonic has liberated Knothole… … He did? When? Did knocking out Drago and the Swat Bots around him liberate the village or did he do that off-screen? Sigh. Whatever. We need to rush to the ending. Rush it out faster. FASTER. Robotnik makes it to his command center where we see Bunnie and Antoine hanging out above him. I wondered, since the scene showing them escaping Downunda and finding the Airbus wasn’t in the original issue, if there was going to be some slathered on expository dialogue about how the Downunda Freedom Fighters helped them escape. Turns out there was. It’s like the original comic realized how pointless this subplot was and dedicated as little time to it as possible. Sonic is spotted on the monitor by Snively who seems surprised that he hasn’t given up. Sonic, after making after-images of himself using one of his more, somehow, believable ridiculous speed techniques, runs inside and comes across Snively. Snively says he’s not going to let Sonic pass if it’s the last thing he does and Sonic says he’s right about it being the last thing he’ll ever do, implying that he’s going to kill him. He then knocks Snively down the garbage chute. Or at least, I think it’s the garbage chute. Either way, Sonic doesn’t know or care where it leads so he’s probably okay with the idea that it might kill him. Sonic then smashes into Bunnie and Antoine and has an embarrassingly short scene with the two of them. This is the entire scene. That’s it. The Super Special, however, has a much longer scene with the two of them. George Lucas Ken Penders Special Edition Addition Scene #4 - No seriously guys, the Bunnie and Antoine subplot was actually important. More pages dedicated to it will prove it. The Super Special version of this scene is the three of them having this same exact conversation except it’s stretched out to a whole page rather than just being a passing thing that’s squeezed into the top 3 panels. This definitely flows a lot better and does, admittedly, make what Antoine and Bunnie are doing feel like it has more weight and relevance to it. Honestly, I’m making fun of it but the only thing that’s hanging me up about the Antoine and Bunnie thing is the fact that the Super Special is spending most of its time correcting how clearly rushed and out of the way their subplot was in the original issue. It’s not like what they end up doing isn’t important. It just needed more build up and it’s getting that here. It just feels weird that such a plot device had so little time and care dedicated to it back in the original Issue 50. The only important thing about the whole Downunda bit is the fact that the ore Robotnik needs was mined from there and someone needs to find out about that and plant a bomb to blow his shit up. I can’t help but think it might have been simpler to have Drago order the Swat Bots to take Antoine and Bunnie to a roboticizer, have them escape, and discover Robotnik’s plan on his own computer instead of the computer on the Airbus that’s transporting the ore. Then have them run into Sonic. It would have saved us a lot of time dealing with Crocbot and the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Some of these extra pages with the two of them could have gone in some of the earlier issues that way. Also, I can’t believe how bad the digital effect on Han Solo dodging Greedo’s blast is. The next section is the climax and… ho’boy. I mean, holy alamole. So, on the exact same page where the three panels of Sonic confronting Bunnie and Antoine are we ALSO see Sonic reaching Robotnik’s room and confronting him too. This is shockingly fast paced and it’s something that the Super Special goes to great lengths to fix. The original issue has this horrid info box that hasn’t been used at any point throughout the issue pop up uninvited to let us know that Sonic is uncharacteristically devoid of humor in this moment. Thanks, I hate it. This is going to continue as things go on though. I don’t mind narration when it’s done right but it usually works a lot better when you’re trying to sell me on something before the story starts or to punctuate a story after it’s told. For some reason, I can’t help but roll my eyes when it happens in the middle of the action as though the action can’t speak for itself. Robotnik has Sonic in a tight space and says it’ll gimp his speed. To prove this, he actually manages to back hand Sonic in the face. To Robotnik’s credit, Sonic is closed in tightly but that also means Sonic will have less room to miss when he attacks you. This is exactly what Sonic does. He knocks Robotnik out of his seat and Robotnik utters his trademark catchphrase as the two of them stare each other down. I can’t tell if that last punch was Sonic breaking reality or him going so fast he turned into a liquid. Either way, whatever the computer just said spells the doom for our two adversaries. This lead-in isn’t quite as climactic as the climax gets though. The Super Special aims to fix that. George Lucas Ken Penders Special Edition Addition Scene #5 - The Actual Prelude to Sonic and Eggman Beating the Shit Out of Each Other Until One of them is Murdered. After Bunnie and Antoine head off to do the deed, they burst into a room where they see a large cannon, the Ultimate Annihilator, firing a blast at a large satellite above. It’s power is going to, no doubt, be used to wipe out Knothole. I know this because stage two is literally called Knothole Wipeout. Just as Robotnik’s countdown reaches one, THAT’S when Sonic makes his epic hero entrance. Here, instead of Robotnik sitting in a chair by himself, there’s a shit ton of Swat Bots in the room like there should be! Sonic goes in and starts to fight them all which holds him back long enough for Robotnik’s countdown to reach zero! He presses the button and then fires a laser from the satellite onto what appears to be Knothole village and blows it up! In the Super Special, we actually get to see an example of what Robotnik’s master plan coming to fruition would look like. Despite the fact that it’s still a tad rushed, the crux of what’s happening here is far more exciting and far more deserving of a climactic finish. The stakes have risen to a point where Knothole’s destruction isn’t just talk, it’s presented as the reality. This gives Sonic the kick in the butt he needs to go as ham on Robotnik as he does! We’re shown a scene of Antoine planting the bomb in the cannon room before cutting back to the scene where Robotnik delivers his catchphrase… this time, however, it looks significantly more awesome. Instead of Robotnik lying in a pile of scraps after having been punched in the face, he’s standing up, showing the glowing green gauntlet on his arm (that was on the cover of the original Issue 50 but only shows up in the director's cut by the way…) and delivering a speech that actually FEELS like it’s coming from the mouth of a villain whose about to make this the last stand. There’s even a better justification for the narration interjecting the way it did. Robotnik did a good job of reiterating his motivation and his emotions here. The narration is now just acting as a seasoning to it rather than a lazy way to just explain to us what he and Sonic are feeling. The original Issue 50 has, so far, been a rushed, dump-truck of junk food but the extra pages of the Super Special are really delivering the goods. Things are coming together much more smoothly and the only hiccups it seems to be having are things that are the result of having to stay true to the original issue. For indeed, the Antoine and Bunnie plot would really work a lot better had the set up from the issues before not been so mild so as to make the scenes of them in Issue 50 feel comically tacked on. It’s almost as if they forgot there was a reason they got sent to Downunda. This is where both the original issue and the Super Special converge again and the feeling you get with this next page is amplified ten-fold thanks to how much better the set-up for it in the Super Special is. It’s just Sonic and Robotnik wailing on each other as hard and as fast as they can. In the original issue, despite how brutal and awesome it looks (as well as well-drawn thanks to the art style shifting to Spaz) it does feel like it’s here because it needs to look climactic. The issue is moving so fast that there wasn’t much chance of me grasping the severity of this final confrontation. That said, even when it comes, it’s still too fast and it goes out with a whimper. Antoine and Bunnie messing with the Ultimate Annihilator has made it so that it’s going to explode, just like they were warned about. Sonic and Robotnik are trapped here and decide the only course of action is to fight until they die. We’ve finally reached it. This iconic image. There are literal holes being blasted through the two of them. They’re getting vaporized. Either way, this is the image of the final time Sonic got to fight Warlord Julian, the original Dr. Robotnik of the Archie comics. In the Super Special version, there’s another two pages added to sell it even more. This image is then followed by an entire page that’s nothing but a blank, white canvas. If there were ever a more appropriate time to do something like that… it would have been in the original Issue 50, not the director's cut. Then poof. Sonic disappears and then realizes his body is fine. He then passes out and wakes up in a bed. I was so confused. Turns out I have a right to be confused because Dr. Quack, as he’s the one overseeing Sonic, goes on to exposit what happened and it’s some of the weirdest, gobble-d-gook we’ve gotten from this book in quite some time. It was so confusing I had to look up the Endgame article on the Mobius Encyclopedia to get clarification on it all… as well as clarification on some of the things Dr. Quack DOESN’T explain. For example, the thing that got Sonic out of that mess was his One Billionth Ring and its power. Expecting me to remember that goddamn thing at all was already too presumptuous but not even bothering to mention it in the actual text is next level dumb. I don’t even remember how the Billionth ring works. So, how did Knothole survive? Some bullshit. So basically, Dr. Quack explains everything that went on. Somehow, Robotnik hacked into his weird Dream Watcher device from way back and used that to discover Knothole’s location. I won’t ask why this is the first time he could do that to a device because it doesn’t matter. He's dead now. He kidnapped the Quack doctor’s family and made him work with him so that he could replace the king with a robot, use Drago to make Sally the fall girl, and then frame Sonic for it. However, Snively did some computer smarts and made it so only Robotnik would be affected by the Ultimate Annihilator. Yeah, that’s right. Snively killed Robotnik. Holy shit balls, he actually did it. What’s strange about this is that, again, the only hint we had that he was even planning on doing anything was at the start of the Super Special issue. This panel of Dr. Quack explaining that Snively re-worked the device so that it would only affect Robotnik is the only hint the original issue gives us to his treachery in Endgame. As for Sally…! She’s still dead! HAHAHAHA! But Sonic opens the casket and kisses the corpse because that’s how he be. He got the idea from another princess he’s met. No, of course she’s still alive. Dr. Quack said that it was easy to convince everyone that she died because she fell so high. So he put her in a stasistube disguised as a “fancy” memorial to hide that fact. Sally wakes up after Sonic admits to loving her and the two embrace. The Super Special version has a full page spread of them kissing that I scrolled past as fast as I could. So that’s it. Everyone returns to their normal lives. Geoffrey looks a bit downtrodden despite being given his normal position back but you can see Hershey waving at him from behind. Looks like he’s got back-up options now that it’s clear the “love of his life” is with Sonic. Drago has been taken to the Devil’s Gulag, a clear opposite result to the easy life he betrayed everyone for. He’s going to be in there forever… or at least until the story wants to use him again. As for Snively… well, that’s a story for another day… and I’m sure it’ll be a very interesting one. So that was Endgame and it was… interesting. If I didn’t have the Super Special to read, this entire issue would have been a dower, barely functioning affair. The entirety of the original issue is rushed to hell and back. It’s like the 4th issue of every Sonic Universe arc but 100 times worse. Everything that was set up was given a quick and unceremonious solution that was sometimes pulled right out of an ass. They grew tired of the “Hedgehog on the Run” plot and scrapped it so that they could immediately get to the final confrontation with Robotnik. His plan was so undefined that it being his final one would also have been a let down if not for the Super Special. The Super Special version really did go a long way to selling me a lot more on the importance of everyone’s actions compared to the original version. It was aware that Bunnie and Antoine’s subplot was so rushed and out of the way that having it be the catalyst for the explosion that happens to the Ultimate Annihilator needed more justification. It still doesn’t excuse the detour to Downunda but there was nothing a director’s cut of Issue 50 could have done to fix that. Apparently, they also didn’t see it fit to fix the horrid scene with Dulcy. Also, Robotnik is gone. He’s dead. He was vaporized and turned to atoms and that’s it. He’s fucking dead. Ken Penders didn’t want Robotnik around anymore because he was tired of using him as the villain so he killed him off. SEGA let him do this. What a different time we lived in back in the day. Also, like the “happy” ending to Little Shop of Horrors, that scene where Sonic very quickly just finds Sally in a box and they kiss is also a very rushed thing that exists to make the shippers happy that Ken didn’t go through with killing her off. Ken didn’t want Sally to be alive. That was originally supposed to be a robot double of her. Regardless of whether or not they thought this was the end, by the time of this issue’s creation they clearly knew they were going to continue but that didn’t stop Ken from wanting to kill both Sally and Robotnik. He only managed to get away with doing one of those, however. Ken thought Sally was pointless with the King back, that it was too hard to do things with Sonic and Sally’s relationship because of how restrained it was (something I agree with him on), and that Sally cramped Sonic’s style. Now, I don’t like or care about Sally Acorn but only one of these points are things that feel like they have any acceptable validity to it. This is a very strange thought process to have regardless of his personal feelings on this character. Of course, he feels differently now, instead saying he would like to bring Sally and the Freedom Fighters into IDW Sonic and immediately resurrect the horrible love-triangle bullshit that I, and a ton of other people, hated and made fun of a good chunk of the Archie comic’s run for. Sounds like a match made in Hell. Truly, I couldn’t imagine a better way to kill my interest in the book aside from maybe announcing that you won’t be using the Chaotix or Omega in the series anymore. I have no clue what he means by "re-establish continuity" and I don't see how doing another "Sally is betrothed to another" story is taking the series in new directions no one has ever done. You'd have better success putting everyone in string bikinis. Even the children like Cream and Charmy because apparently age matters not to you. These tweets would have been harder to find if the "Thanks, Ken Penders" tumblr blog someone clued me into didn't have them. So thanks. I’m laying into Penders a lot here because we’re about to enter an era of comics that rely heavily upon his “vision” of the Sonic world without Robotnik. Things are going to get very weird and… despite how disgusted I’ll become, I can’t fake the fact that I’m also a bit excited. This wasn’t the Endgame. It was just the end of the beginning. It’s time for Phase 2. Maybe I’d be more optimistic if he didn’t make Darth Vader scream NO in the special edition of Return of the Jedi when Knuckles tossed him down that huge shaft but oh well.
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    I just wanted Sonic to act like Sonic. I wanted to see those beautiful, colorful places in Sonic's world on the big screen. I wanted to see better writing. That's it. It doesn't take much to make a Sonic movie, well, Sonic. Sonic's world has tons of characters, lore, personality and places to build off of. Hell, imagine if the movie's plot had been the exact opposite of what it currently is. Instead of Sonic ending up in Tom's world, what if Tom ended up in Sonic's world? That has more much potential than the plot they have now. Because you can still keep that Sonic vibe, yet still make it just right for general audiences who may not be familiar with it. And even then, as Sonic's original movie design proved, going down an un-Sonic route can cause even general audiences to disapprove of the movie. There is absolutely nothing about this Sonic movie that feels like Sonic. Nothing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your movie is named and based after Sonic the Hedgehog, then I expect Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.
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    What character would absolutely NOT want in Smash? For me, it’s any Bethesda character, any EA or EA-owned character, any Blizzard character, and Steve.
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    (tweet) Hah, Netflix is representing Sonic X perfectly, I see.
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    I'm actually on the way to the Harry Potter tour right now. Just shy of Milton Keynes currently.
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    Why the hell would Robotnik even care about their date?
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    Penders' idea to redeem Snively and kill him off and have it be a really emotional moment that has Sonic wracked with grief has always felt super weird to me. Snively has been evil and a sworn enemy of the Freedom Fighters for many, many years. Sure, if he finally sacrificed himself, it would be emotional, but grief seems like it'd be an odd response. I would more expect them to be stunned that he had good in him after all, thankful for his sacrifice, and be more serious and somber for a while in light of it. But would they MISS Snively? Of course not! He's been sidekick to one of the worst villains in Mobius' history since the Freedom Fighters were kids! So why would Sonic be "wracked with grief" as though Snively was one of his friends?? And that's not even getting to the weirdness of why Penders felt the need to redeem him or kill him off in the first place. Some of the other ideas sound OK, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would be any good in Penders' hands...
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    Big Panda

    Animated Christmas specials

    I was initially going to just make this a status update, but as the post got longer, I realised maybe a thread would be better. I’ll start by getting my most obvious pick out of the way: While American’s have the tale about Frosty, the jolly snowman who came to life one day because of a magic hat, Britain has a living snowman tale of their own: “The Snowman”, based on the picture book by Raymond Briggs, has been trotted out for yearly repeats at Christmas time ever since it first premiered in 1982. This completely dialogue-less animation tells the story of a little boy who’s snowman comes to life in the middle of the night, who whisks him off on an adventure to meet Father Christmas. The film’s most famous sequence is the flying scene, set to the tune of haunting ballad “Walking in the Air”, with animation that is honestly breath-taking considering this was traditionally animated in the early eighties! It received a sequel in 2012 in the form of The Snowman and the Snowdog which, while not quite as haunting as the original, is still pretty good. Raymond Briggs’ other books have been adapted too, many through animation. His book Father Christmas was adapted in 1993. Briggs’ take on the legendary figure differs quite a bit from traditional, jollier portrayals. In fact, this Father Christmas (voiced by the late, great Mel Smith) on the outside, is a bit of a grump! In this story, Father Christmas is a down-to-earth working man who lives in a normal house with only a cat and dog to keep him company, as well as his two reindeer. This Father Christmas is a stereotypical grumpy old man who often complains, but he is still, at his core, a man who loves his job, as strenuous as it could be, which is what makes him such a charming character ^^ Another Raymond Briggs adaptation I’d like to give a shoutout to is one simply titled “The Bear”. Animated and told very much in the same way as The Snowman, this film sees a little girl becoming the unwitting pet-owner to a massive polar bear, who she tries to help get back to his family in the arctic. The animation is lovely, and the music makes me well up whenever I hear it. There’s no video online of the scene I would like to have shown (the moment the “star bear” appears), I’ll link to the next best one, which offers a great example of the soundtrack: Now to finally move on from Raymond Briggs... How the Grinch Stole Christmas! I first saw this special when I got the VHS for Christmas back in 2000 (after having seen the Jim Carrey movie that same year). I remember the VHS also had Horton Hears a Who on it. Mickey’s Once/Twice Upon a Christmas SUPER nostalgic over Once Upon a Christmas. I always associate it with Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast since it was the same year (1999). I also have fond memories of its sequel, Twice Upon a Christmas, especially the ending credits sequence Christmas episodes of animated shows (AKA, the part my status was originally going to be about)! I get super nostalgic for any Christmas episodes of old Nicktoons, especially the first Rugrats one (“The Santa Experience”). As for current Nicktoons, Loud House’s “Twelve Louds a Leaping” is another goodie. The SpongeBob episode “Christmas Who?” has one of my favourite musical numbers in the whole series I still crack up at Squidward’s “Spongebob, Patrick, why’d ya do this to me~?” On the Disney side, everybody in my family loves “Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too”. We have the old VHS release of it somewhere, where it was coupled with two additional, winter-themed New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episodes. It’s the special, plus that specific combination of episodes afterward my family are super sentimental for. The version on the 2003 special “A Very Merry Pooh Year” just isn’t the same...
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    https://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/christina-miller-is-stepping-down-as-president-of-cartoon-network-adult-swim-and-boomerang-183066.html The AT&T/TimeWarner merger racks up another executive departure. Who would had seen Stuart Snyder (of CN Real infamy) serving a longer tenure as CN/[as]/Boomerang president?
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    Why adapt something only to slap it on to some generic template of a story that's far removed from the source material?
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Oh dear. Which is NOT why Nack keeps getting out, surprisingly. Did Mr. Gallagher write this story too? What am I saying, of course he did. But yeah, the disdain between them lasts for quite a while. I wanna say sometime around 100 or so. Yeah, this was a nice way to bring her back. . Yeah no kidding. Then again, this is the guy who left some clues behind in the second episode of Satam. ...Think about it. Dang. Oh wow, really? Not sure why they rendered it that way. I seem to recall them doing something similar during certain little arguments. How do you get stale hot dogs? Or chili for that matter, if we're going all the way. I think the idea is that she's not allowed to here his side of things until the actual trial. Which means she going back and forth between hating that she has to do this and treating him as someone who seemingly committed treason. Ah yes, Hip and Hop, who you may remember from the Trial of Geoffrey St. John. Did you know they're actually game characters? That's probably the intent, given the repercussions of Sonic's transformation. Oh my goodness, it's Dave Manek. I was gonna ask who the artist was earlier and patience is indeed a virtue. You know, since I know she/he's almost certainly seen this by now, this kinda makes me think of Phi's complaint about tone around Silver except crisscrossed. ...Not sure I wanna say anything, since I don't know how to approach. This isn't a trial--this is bad improv routine. Also, racist much Sonic? Wait, has Sonic already told his side of the story? If so, then there's no reason for Sally not to consider extenuating circumstances at this point. Oh, so this is what whoever meant when they said Bunnie could be hotheaded in the comics. Huh. Bout time. Kinda questioning why the first place Sonic thought to look for Nack was a place inhabited by Badniks. Other than this being a Michael Gallagher story, anyway. Could be reference to how he was supposed to straight up shoot Sonic in Triple Trouble. I forgot he did that. Nack's gonna be pissed. I would say it's realistically because they were unaware of Antoine's fuckup at the time, but I'm not sure when Sonic mentioned Nack at the moment. You know, I'll admit that that's the conclusion I was thinking of. Yeah, I know it's been a while since I looked at these, but this is sounded pretty bad. Ch'yeah, pretty much.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Yeah, some of the covers were one of the cool things about the specials. Some. Oh man, I never thought about it like that. Yeah, I seem to recall Satam having Sally be pretty modest about her royal heritage. But then that was the pilot, before the bigger picture. The point about their childhood is a good question, though. It's been a while, but I can't seem to remember much interaction when they were younger. I'm guessing Mr. Gallagher came up with the trial story afterward and had to backpedal. Which is still weird because this is more of a swap and Antoine IS the lawyer next issue iirc. You could probably get away with saying Sally changed her mind after the damages if it wasn't for that. Honestly, it makes one wonder if it's simply the writers forgetting/ignoring previous stories unless they significantly contribute to the new ones. Probably because it's Michael Gallagher telling a relatively serious story. Like, Sally could be a Control Freak at times in the comic, but still. Honestly, I'm was trying to remember why Locke would be mingling with King Max. But then it hit me--the crash. Probably. And here we are, the big duke out of the story. That's essentially what this story is--dumb fun. Er, give or take some questionable/offensive corniness in places. Gotta love what a shithole Robotropolis is that you can honestly say there is a "highly explosive" part. Yeah, pretty much. I guess its referencing how Robotnik stole the device from Uncle Chuck in the first place and modified it to suit his own ends. And most of the people he roboticized tend to serve as worker bots and/or go down quicker. Woops. The older issues had a habit of monolouging the depths of what happens. Guess they simply don't want to take the risk since she's so unusual. But then, another oou reason is that she wouldn't exactly be Bunnie RabBOT anymore, would she? Oh yeah, that thing. Which sounds bad outta context. ...Wut. What now? I gotta admit that I didn't quite remember this, but it sounds about right. Yeah, SatAM and early Archie Sonic could be super hotheaded and even petty at times. I mean, that's what trials are supposed to involve, but let's not kid ourselves here--Antoine wants to throw the book at him(remember that, he says long afterthefact). Ah man, this is kinda topical given what just happened on Miraculous. So I feel ya. Oh yeah, this was their(and their master's) debut. Lol Ah yeah, the rivalry that unexpectedly(or not) became a breakout 150-something issues later. Serial numbers? Like, rank makes sense coming from him, but wth. Okay, gonna say it--Mogul is one of the more epic aspects of the comics to me. Though admittedly a certain splash page you'll see 60 or so issue down the road was something of a good first impression. And I admittedly don't quite remember the Chaotix walloping him. Also, it just occurred to me that he's essentially an Evil Counterpart for Knuckles. Oh man, the Forty Fanthom Freedom Fighters. I'll let this story speak for more of them. Why was Capone chasing Octobot, btw? Also, you may recall Bivalve is one of Dub's favorite characters that he and other artists would sneak into . Oh, look at that! I don't even think this is what I was referring to.
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    I loved the world of Archie Sonic post-reboot. Everything from Sonic's history was there and jam-packed with references and even new locations and characters. It even had some level of consistency since the ARK was still in space and the moon was still blown in half. Compared to what we have in IDW, I'd take the post-reboot Archie world any day.
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    Short version - Vulture and Black Cat were meant to be the villains, Black Cat would've been changed to the (frankly idiotic) Vultress, and would've been the Vulture's daughter. Peter and MJ's romance was also probably gonna be terrible again, with Peter developing stupidity and cheating on her with Black Cat, leading to more drama. Oh, and Bruce Campbell's cameo was likely gonna be him as Mysterio, as storyboards reveal.
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    Preordered Halo MCC for PC today. Now to wait. TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL WE GO BACK TO REACH!
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    Animated Christmas specials

    One special I cherish deep in my heart is Chuck Jones’ Grinch special. Especially the Mean One song.
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    For the record, the gentleman-at-arms thing is canon. It was mentioned in the Sonic Comic Encyclopedia. Just in case people weren’t aware.
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    Stop using TOMORROWS in your titles for things Ken. TOMORROWS is not a good word. I know all words are made up but some words are better than others. That word is a not a good word. PFFFT! Sorry. When I was reading that, I was expecting it to say the death of Sally or someone he might care way more about. Reading Snively almost made me choke on my saliva. Not saying Sonic wouldn't care if he got the dude killed but, especially at this point in the comic's life, Snively wasn't exactly the nicest of dudes either so grief might be too much. I could see Sonic being a bit rattled and a little too cautious for a bit but I dunno about a whole plot centered on him turning into Paton because of it. I also thought that Sally was supposedly the leader but than again, Ken wanted her dead so I guess not. This entire thing reads like one of the most alien and strangest things I might randomly come across browsing Fanfiction.net. Sonic is a soldier with a rank "Gentleman-(HA!) At-Arms" and is going with his girlfriend, the princess, to Station Square to set up an embassy for his kingdom and then politics ensue...? Are they the kind of politics that get Sonic framed and put him on the run because than it might feel more adventure-esque. I know this was a different time and the chemical make up of the Archie comics, even in Ian's run, was pretty much this for the longest time. I have so many of these books after all. Despite knowing that, it's STILL weird to me. Ah yes. Truly the Sonic way of handling a situation. Scoring with Rouge the Bat. Christ. The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown are some of the few issues I own before 160. When I got the back issues it came with Issues 150 onward. I read them all, expecting good art and good stories, but I didn't get either of those until 160. So I just decided to put 160 onward in my binders and chucked 159 and below into a corner somewhere. I still have them, This was before I even knew about Ian, Penders, Gallagher, and Karl. Sorry Ken, but those stories were just some bullshit. Maybe I'll find one I like somewhere in the mess after Issue 50. I just finished reading and reacting to Endgame but I know for a fact that I'm mostly in for some weird and borderline offensive shit. Not everything I read in this post sounded like the worst thing ever but they're just synopsis' to stories that when acted out, no doubt would have been far worse. I'll never not be happy that things changed for the better.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    TBF a lot of the Antoine and Bunnie stuff was written by Mike Gallagher and there's a back up story in Super Special 4 that delves into the subplot and gives a few extra details.
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    “Julian, son of Ivo” was changed to “Julian of the House of Ivo” in the recut.
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    If SA1 had special stages this music would have been a perfect fit for them.
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    You know, unlike a lot of my contemporaries at the time when it came out, I really was confused on why exactly Shadow's game existed. I didn't think it was BAD, it was just a resounding "But why tho..." even after beating the game, I couldn't help but think "Why does this game exist" Fourteen years of wisdom later and I'm like "Oh, it was to appeal to edgelords"...and you know what, there was actually nothing wrong with that. But I notice this trend of video game developers having a massive split opinion between newer fans and older veterans. Shadow the character is just kind of the embodiment of that split in a single character.
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    "Dodged a bullet"? Well, put it this way, it's more like:
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    It's been many months since my last post here. For now, I'm just going to post about my latest project. You should probably check out my DeviantArt if you want to see everything that's happened in the interim. Recently, my brain has been buzzing with ideas for my own Sonic universe based on a bunch of different universes, especially the games, SatAM, and Archie. Here are some drawings of my attempt at a Sally (and Nicole) redesign. Here's a drawing of Archie Reboot Sally I did as a warmup.
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    I was trying to hold it in, dangit! No clue. I guess the idea is that Eggman was planning a sneak attack that just so happened to fall in line with the stories events, but when you remember how Mina and Ash became a couple...
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    We’ve known about them for a long time, and they sound awful. Seems like the pissing match between him and Bollers would’ve continued too with him using Mina. Kind of funny how he messes up the characters in these descriptions, I honestly can’t see Ash, as overprotective as he is - teasing Mina into thrusting herself into danger, especially seeing Mina has already done this - her development is her thrusting herself into danger to prove herself as a Freedom Fighter to Sonic, only to have to accept she just truly isn’t good at being a freedom fighter, and can help in other ways. Hell, part of the reason she ends up getting with Ash is because he’s supportive for her using music to inspire people. Penders just fundamentally misses the point and would’ve ended up reverting the characters even further back, which given he already did it once to awful effect in #150, ew.
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    So...anyone heard about the scrapped stories Penders planned? From issues 155 to 175 and the events that lead to issue 200. Here's the thing in the spoiler tag in case something happens to the link. ...is it safe to say that we dodged a bullet with this one
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    If you cannot bring a property to film without staying true to the merits of it’s source material, then there is no point in doing so. Out of touch execs are so sure of their own ideas, that they don’t realise that the ideas that came before can be proven to already work. Sonic has an iconic design that can even be recognised in silhouette by children, and carried SEGA to stardom through the 90s, making the idea of a redesign to be absurd. Yet, due to thinking that their ideas are absolute, they focus-tested the shit out of their special little design and got it out the door. I hope the Paramount execs (and any execs in Hollywood for that matter) figure out that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sure worked for Marvel. The Fast and Furious franchise has nine films, and lots of cheesy dialogue. Many 80s action films live off of cheesy dialogue. Many classic films had some cheesy lines, but are none the worse for them.
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    @Gamecuber64 All these examples are bad because: The writing is awfull because Pontaff, no citation needed. And in the case of SA1, SA2 and Heroes, they're product of their time, so is the cheeseness. No movie writer has to use these kinds of lines to be 100% true to Sonic, unless they're remaking one of these games word by word, scene by scene, which obviously isn't the case. Not to mention Ratchet and Clank flopped because they're nowhere near as well known as Sonic and the studio literally patched the PS4 game cutscenes together (or vice versa, I don't know, but they also got the wrong idea). Why people assume a "full on Sonic movie" has to adapt one specific game? Just shows you're as lost as the Paramount folks. What's the right way to do it? You write a new story around the essence of these characters, worlds and elements, like Marvel does (most of the time). And sorry Paramount, but Sonic's essence isn't just: "a blue creature that runs fast". This fucking studio only wanted to use the license "Sonic", they don't give a fuck about the essence or anything. Any blue creature running fast was enough because they could slap a big ass "Sonic™" and people would bite it. But we are not the idiots they thought we were. They fixing the design deserves no praise. SEGA of America and the fans do. This could've been avoided ages ago. Everybody warned them. But no. DEM EXECS.
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    Chamomile #136
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    Sonic X Netflix UK

    Absolutely fantastic news - this is the first time the UK will be officially able to watch the full series (assuming they add the whole show) since the original debut, bar the TMS uploads on YT. If news is to be believed, the US will be getting it too. To give some context, the UK has gotten absolutely screwed with X releases from the beginning. Distribution rights were given to Warner Bros in the beginning, who only released four DVDs, each DVD having an absolutely pathetic 2 episodes per disc. With four volumes, that means the UK in terms of releases have gotten up to Episode 8 and that's it. There is box art floating of a supposed Volume 5 that would've included Episode 9 and 10, but it was never released. After Jetix became defunct and turned into Disney XD, Sonic X hasn't been on UK TVs since, with Underground managing to outlast it up to 2014. Even the recent blu-ray releases in the US haven't made their way over here and are stupidly expensive to import, and that's assuming it's region-free to begin with. Amazon have only very recently gotten ahold of the show. In 2018, they only had the first eight episodes (similar to the original UK DVD releases) for free on Prime, or to buy, and then somehow got ahold of both Season 1 and 2 to add to Prime as well, so things have made slow progress. It still remains to be seen if this will have Season 3 or not yet, which Amazon UK still lists as having rights issues with the publisher.
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    Not exactly news, but an Archie Sonic liveblogger I follow on tumblr wrote a pretty great piece on the grander issues with Penders's writing and characterization, his relation to other parts of the comic and the series as a whole. I knew I never liked a lot of his comics as a kid, but I never quite knew why or what was making me read something else instead of continuing with Sonic's comics.
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