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    Penders tends to have some really weird storytelling priorities in general. Just look at Chaos Knuckles and the entirety of 25YL. Beyond that though, when he wasn't trying to make these books into an "Epic" Sci-Fi Drama/Soap Opera? He pretty tried to write it as being your typical Superhero comic, in particular one from the times he was growing up. One of the things prevalent in 'his' era of comics was this idea that Archnemesises hold this weird place in the hearts of the various Superheroes, almost like a 'frenemy' sort of deal- and that if they were gone, the absence would in fact sadden said superheroes. Penders tends to copy tropes from stuff he likes without really giving much thought to the context, so in all likelihood he figured it was a similar deal- Snively is one of the constants in Sonic's life, so clearly, him being gone means it'd have an emotional impact on Sonic. Obviously this all falls apart pretty much for all the reasons mentioned by everyone else in this thread. This isn't a Superhero book, and Snively isn't a supervillain- he's the right hand of a genocidal dictator and an active participant in the events that destroyed Sonic's life along with the lives of his friends. While I doubt Sonic actively wishes anyone dead, it'd be REALLY difficult to justify him feeling all that torn up over Snively going bye-bye. But Penders has never allowed a little thing like characterization and context get in the way of Drama, nor has he ever really been able to process the book or its characters on their own terms when it was always so much more convenient to box them into genres he personally found 'acceptable'.
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    He needs to quit using it because tomorrow never comes, since his stories never go anywhere.
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    Why adapt something only to slap it on to some generic template of a story that's far removed from the source material?
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    Johnny Yong Bosch is voicing Super Broly in FIghterZ. 🦀🦀🦀
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    Animated Christmas specials

    The Snowman - Walking In The Air must've gotten some American distribution as well; I remember watching it as a kid. When it comes to Christmas specials, the two that probably top my list (with half the reason likely being nostalgia) are Frosty's Return and Rankin-Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special from 1964. Frosty's Return was made during a weird time so they really try to cover their tracks to not mention Christmas (which isn't even named once) but I always thought it to be a fun special. Decent animation for TV in the early 90s, nice designs, a charming little cast, and I've gotta admit, I really have a soft spot for Let There Be Snow. Whoever had the idea that John Goodman might turn out to be a good singer deserves a medal. As for Rudolph, despite it looking cheaper to my adult eyes than it did when I was a kid, you gotta keep the time in mind with these things. Stop-motion animation has always interested me, so that's a plus. It's another special that comes across as fun and, again, has a nice set of characters to compliment that. The only thing I don't like about it, after I got older and sorta realized about it was just how horrible most are to Rudolph before he saves Christmas. The other reindeer kids, fine, whatever. But c'mon, his own father? Santa Claus himself? These are characters you'd kinda hope and expect to not be such a dickbag to this baby reindeer, but it doesn't ruin the special or anything. Just odd. I know there's a ton of other classics, like the Grinch mentioned earlier, but those two are the ones that have resonated with me the most over the years.
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    NOT A DRILL: The fighter info for Terry is gone. Banjo's didn't disappear until a few days before Terry dropped, and I believe the same with Hero and maybe Joker. We may be getting a shadowdrop (Though obviously not confirmed).
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    mario maker 2 with pokies les fuckin go
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    Supah Berry

    The Time Has Come

    The Time Has Come
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    “I’ll introduce my friends to you~” >proceeds to dedicate rest of song to arch nemesis
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    I mean, I don't disagree, but, at least in the second trailer, we got closer to something more Sonic-y. The first trailer was a mess, it was anything but Sonic and should be forgotten. Now the second trailer we got a pretty good looking Green Hill Zone, nods to actual Sonic music and the Ramones' song that suits Sonic muuuuuuuch better than... Gangster's Paradise... Not to mention all the cool references. This trailer has more energy, more style. I won't say they "nail'd", but damn, can Tyson work some miracles, right? I'm not feeling Sonic's personality yet, but, to be honest... That's pretty much how the recent games been portraiting him anyways... Dare I say he sounds and acts better than a bunch of those games writen by Pontaff. But, OF COURSE, we're still getting the same old "fish out of water" plot where the cute hyperactive alien visitor has to be hidden in a bag, reacts to seeing the most mundane stuff for the first time (like a dog) and needs the help of a human that has no better things to do. So yeah, not very Sonic-y. But at least... A little more than before...? Also, look at this son of a bitch: Now that's one good looking Sonic.
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    New Update will add new toys to play with, including Link!
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    If I may ask what's so big about that company? Anyway, Vergeben has also put on the chopping board. So fans of those two companies best wait until after this Fighter's pass.
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    I think I've found out the stupidest reason I've ever been blocked by someone in the dumbest scenario possible. Blocked and disliked by someone I never talked to beyond politely asking once why they seem to have a problem with me when we never conversed before....and several months later their friend tells me it's because I like a fictional character they don't.....that's it. I don't even....like I moved on so long ago and brought up the topic as a joke...but then apparently got an answer....and that was it. Cartoon characters are serious business I guess.......
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    Beta Carnival Night sounds so much better than than the final that is really annoying that it got changed. Especially act 2.
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    From what I've seen of Frozen 2, the aesthetic looks gorgeous.
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    You know, if they are animating to get around constraints of footage, they could always animate their own Bojack movie, thus make it not all fighting? Na, they won't do that.
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    Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is doing the sunken and destroyed Death Star trope. I always wanted to see a level just like this in a Sonic game, but with the Death Egg of course 😕
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    the cowboy bebop movie is dope as heeeck
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    Monkey Destruction Switch


    Aw, that's adorable and heartwarming!
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    I totally forgot there was a Viva Pinata cartoon, holy shit.
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    Ken penders has on numerous occasions have written stories who's only explanation is " he doesn't think of women characters besides objects and things to have" it also explains the funky acephobic shit he said on twitter
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    Name a show that you respect but don’t necessarily like. I’m really not all that into Steven Universe, but I’m still grateful for what it’s done for LGBT representation in kids media (even if it could do better in a couple of areas).
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    https://www.cartoonbrew.com/business/christina-miller-is-stepping-down-as-president-of-cartoon-network-adult-swim-and-boomerang-183066.html The AT&T/TimeWarner merger racks up another executive departure. Who would had seen Stuart Snyder (of CN Real infamy) serving a longer tenure as CN/[as]/Boomerang president?
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    Part of the appeal of DBZ Abridged is the use of the source footage. Without it, I don't consider it DBZ Abridged. If they're burnt out, just don't put out content as often.
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    Stop using TOMORROWS in your titles for things Ken. TOMORROWS is not a good word. I know all words are made up but some words are better than others. That word is a not a good word. PFFFT! Sorry. When I was reading that, I was expecting it to say the death of Sally or someone he might care way more about. Reading Snively almost made me choke on my saliva. Not saying Sonic wouldn't care if he got the dude killed but, especially at this point in the comic's life, Snively wasn't exactly the nicest of dudes either so grief might be too much. I could see Sonic being a bit rattled and a little too cautious for a bit but I dunno about a whole plot centered on him turning into Paton because of it. I also thought that Sally was supposedly the leader but than again, Ken wanted her dead so I guess not. This entire thing reads like one of the most alien and strangest things I might randomly come across browsing Fanfiction.net. Sonic is a soldier with a rank "Gentleman-(HA!) At-Arms" and is going with his girlfriend, the princess, to Station Square to set up an embassy for his kingdom and then politics ensue...? Are they the kind of politics that get Sonic framed and put him on the run because than it might feel more adventure-esque. I know this was a different time and the chemical make up of the Archie comics, even in Ian's run, was pretty much this for the longest time. I have so many of these books after all. Despite knowing that, it's STILL weird to me. Ah yes. Truly the Sonic way of handling a situation. Scoring with Rouge the Bat. Christ. The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown are some of the few issues I own before 160. When I got the back issues it came with Issues 150 onward. I read them all, expecting good art and good stories, but I didn't get either of those until 160. So I just decided to put 160 onward in my binders and chucked 159 and below into a corner somewhere. I still have them, This was before I even knew about Ian, Penders, Gallagher, and Karl. Sorry Ken, but those stories were just some bullshit. Maybe I'll find one I like somewhere in the mess after Issue 50. I just finished reading and reacting to Endgame but I know for a fact that I'm mostly in for some weird and borderline offensive shit. Not everything I read in this post sounded like the worst thing ever but they're just synopsis' to stories that when acted out, no doubt would have been far worse. I'll never not be happy that things changed for the better.
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    Chamomile #137
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    [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum

    An Accel-themed update. Flutter Flame - Based on a concept I had of Accel being able to ignite fire on her gloves by striking it on the ground. Not unlike a matchstick! Colures - Everything about this piece is in the title (double meaning). An Alternative Look - You might see Accel wearing this when she's not working with the Postal Squadron.
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    I just wanted Sonic to act like Sonic. I wanted to see those beautiful, colorful places in Sonic's world on the big screen. I wanted to see better writing. That's it. It doesn't take much to make a Sonic movie, well, Sonic. Sonic's world has tons of characters, lore, personality and places to build off of. Hell, imagine if the movie's plot had been the exact opposite of what it currently is. Instead of Sonic ending up in Tom's world, what if Tom ended up in Sonic's world? That has more much potential than the plot they have now. Because you can still keep that Sonic vibe, yet still make it just right for general audiences who may not be familiar with it. And even then, as Sonic's original movie design proved, going down an un-Sonic route can cause even general audiences to disapprove of the movie. There is absolutely nothing about this Sonic movie that feels like Sonic. Nothing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your movie is named and based after Sonic the Hedgehog, then I expect Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.
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    Ratchet & Clank is a terrible example to bring up because that appealed to virtually no one, and I say that as someone who loves the series and saw it Day 1 over fucking Captain America Civil War. Ratchet & Clank was not only really badly marketed, with barely any buzz whatsoever, but it had the exact same problem as being brought up here. Instead of having some inkling about why the series is beloved and unique in the first place, they felt the need to walk in and change it to better appeal to a general audience, except fucking oops, now it appeals to no one. The movie was originally hyped up because they had Insomniac backing them, and the actual legit writer of the games making a script for a reboot designed to introduce newcomers while still engaging older fans, and they still had no faith in it and changed it to the point it was bad. The original script was completely different before being rewritten by someone else who filled it entirely with cliches, likely rewrote Ratchet’s dynamic to wide eyed dreamer, and caused the titular duo to not only have barely any interaction in the movie, despite this being their origin story, but caused the movie to be more about Qwark than anything. The movie is not a good representation of the games. The humour and unique tone was sanitised, the unique, and often quirky cast ended up mostly replaced with new characters who had boring personalities, and literally just existed as an excuse for a celebrity to star, the characters’ personalities ended up massively shifted, Ratchet lost the edge and determination he had, as well as the many badass moments he has in the games, and even his independence simply to make him be a sidekick to Qwark for the majority of it. Clank does nothing of value, has none of the humour of his original self, and also loses his role because he’s never around Ratchet much. Drek is completely wrong, going from threatening ruthless cutthroat business tycoon to just “lol this guy is such a bad boss lawl”. Nefarious is shifted into generic evil scientist, to the point the movie itself feels the need to point it out as a recurring gag. Literally the only saving grace was Qwark who had a character arc more developed than what he had in Ratchet 1, and even then, you could argue Ratchet 3 did it a lot better. That, and fair enough - a fairly good amount of in jokes aimed at fans of Ratchet and PlayStation in general. That’s it, nothing else. And while the tie in game is a incredibly good gameplay evolution of the series, the writing, story, and humour is as godawful as the movie, which is a cardinal sin for a series known so well for its fantastic sense of satire, story, and humour. It literally had everything unique and interesting about Ratchet as a series sucked out and filled with cliched horse shit designed in a sad pathetic attempt to appeal to the general audience. On a bigger scale, because keep in mind, they had the actual creators and lead writer of the series actively attempt to aid them with this reboot effort, and the studio still threw it in the bin for market tested bullshit that led to it becoming a generic kid movie. All this to say that your attempt to claim Ratchet & Clank the movie was an accurate representation of the series is utterly wrong.
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    If Sonic had to trudge his way through an airport-themed platforming level...
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    pretty much going into the warzone tomorrow. I've worked black friday almost every year since i started working retail, but this'll be my first one that'll be a full 8 hour shift im comin' back home to my drawing desk again at any cost
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    Man, Sonic Mania really made the classic Sonic branch go into overdrive huh. We got like some cameos in mobile games and a kinda reference to it in Mario and Sonic that doesn't even have it under the classic name.
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    Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Black Friday!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving
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    Happy American Thanksgiving. The ritual of sacrificing a fattened bird and roasting it with aromatic essence has been performed. Love y'all haha
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know not everyone here is American, but I see it more as symbolism than anything else. It's a day where we focus on the positives over the past year. I've got a lot to be thankful for this year, but mostly the Sonic fandom. I see a lot of love and support, not just for my own music dreams, but for all content creation in general, and it's not something you see every day. I was at Sonic Revolution this year, that was pretty cool meeting so many people and making so many new friends. I was amazed when people recognized me somehow. It really means a lot to be welcomed in such open arms. And most of you people here in SSMB have been there for me for a few years now. It's quite an honor to be amongst you all, so thanks for being a part of this journey
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    I wish I had MONEY but to have MONEY I need to have DRAWING AND ADVERTISING SKILLS for COMMISSIONS But I do not 😔
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    The newest Star Wars TV Spot has Duel of the Fates and I'm cryyyyinnggg
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    im still mad they didn't call it "bigger mac"
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    Where have you been I've been searching all along
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    Considering on write my first Star Wars fanfic, what do you guys think? Already building a sketch line in mind.
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    I read that the reason for the French version of Sonic X having a localised version of Sonic Drive for the intro is because the French dub isn’t based off the 4kids or the Jetix license. They got their own license directly from the source instead of through a third party. That’s also why the French dub is the most faithful dub of the series to date.
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    This new anime is freaking great. ❤️
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    Just want to point out that despite working on so many projects, Ian Flynn just launched the first five pages of Drogune, his own newly created comic series done alongside Adam Bryce Thomas. Ian announced he was doing this in 2017, just two years ago, and again, despite all the other comics he's writing for, movies he's watching, games he's playing, and podcasting he's doing, has still managed to get more of the official product out than Ken has for his thing. This is something Ken literally sued people in the court of law over. It was no doubt a heavy contribution to the end of the Archie books and this thread itself started in 2014. MARCH of 2014 to be exact, which means we were barely into the new year. Sonic Boom had just been announced as a thing that was going to exist merely a month before. Now we live in a time where its long since ended. This is unacceptable. There's no excuse for so little progress being made on a project that you fought in the court of law to obtain the rights to make. Its been more than half a decade at this point. My ugly, unintentional comedy story about a gross, human proportioned echinda whose actually an alien in a string bikini is long since overdue, Ken.
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