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    Watching Sonic X on Netflix made me realise I really miss Jason Griffith.
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    Don't forget! This Sonic game celebrates it's 15th anniversary today!
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    He needs to quit using it because tomorrow never comes, since his stories never go anywhere.
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    It's a very pleasant sensation when everything in your life was going bad and suddenly it makes a turn and everything harmonize with you.
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    Big Panda

    Hawurrian Rollercosdurr rurde

    Hawurrian Rollercosdurr rurde
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    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    My take on the whole "make your own OC" thing is: 1: They're just throwing random shit at the wall at this point hoping something sticks. 2: They're just admitting they can't think of anything meaningful to do with their literally dozens of already introduced characters. 3: This whole "create your own character thing" in general for me sort of reeks of "Well, we can't think of a cool character design or don't want to put the effort in, so just make your own shit".
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    Got to see Mystery Science Theater 3000 live with my dad this weekend. I loved every moment of it! Joel Hodgson, my personal favorite host, was the one performing that night and we were laughing throughout the show. This show holds a special place in my heart, as I watched it during my childhood with my dad, so us revisiting it like old times just gave a very special feeling. It's a real shame that Netflix cancelled the new show though... Hopefully they find a way to continue in the not too distant future (Reference intended, XD.)
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    Well yeah. Sonic gets that rank in #159 but it changes so little that it's never really mentioned again. He's like just as much a field commander as Sally is I think is really all the power the title actually brings. I'm just bummed it didn't give him a silly orange armor and a helmet. Eh, TBF the entirety of #151 is Evil Sonic trying to steal the Master Emerald so Rouge will fuck him...which is really kinda pathetic when you think about it. Even more so that she takes him "Somewhere they can discuss things more privately" over a smaller stone. It's almost like Penders isn't a very good writer.
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    Fanfic: Meeting Mina

    Author’s note: also posted on my fanfiction account and ao3, it takes palce in the IDW universe. Sonic the Hedgehog had once again been on his own wondering around the world of Mobius; it had been a few days since he had taken down Metal Sonic and his attempts to reclaim Mobius for Eggman. He had him rebuilt and put back online with the help of a reluctant Tails; he offered Metal Sonic a clean slate and a chance to start over without Eggman but he had been rebuked and went away. Oh well, someone don’t want to be redeemed. He had been going back to what he had been doing after Eggman and the Phantom Ruby had been beaten by him, the different version of him and the Resistance’s rookie: wondering Mobius and helping out when he could. However there was something or rather someone in particular he had wanted to check out. In a hidden village of Mobius called Knothole; one of the villages in the 1% of the planet the Eggman Empire hadn’t conquered before he was freed. There was a band that was playing hidden concerts for citizens to try and keep the morale of citizens and Resistance members in attendance. The band was called the Forget-Me-Knots and the lead singer was Mina Mongoose; apparently she had been a member of the Resistance and had super speed like him. She had not been a most active member of the Resistance but it intrigued him. Someone with super speed like his? The only ones who could compare would of course be Shadow and Metal Sonic. He had travelled to Knothole and was in time for the latest public outdoor concert of the Forget-Me-Knots. He waited in the crowd ignoring the mutterings of crowd members who recognised him as the band members were introduced. There was Mac the Rabbit on drums, Sharps the Chicken on bass guitar and Max the Monkey on guitar. Last and certainly not least was Mina Mongoose leading the songs on her microphone. Sonic was blown away but how energetic and passionate her singing and dancing was. He replicated the crowd among them as they began cheering for the band and their songs; Mina was waving to them in between songs with her free hand and was more than happy to run the edge of the stage while performing to slap hands with them. After the concert was over Sonic went to the backstage door and asked the security guard if he could have a moment to see Mina. The stoic looking guard went to face him and was blown away when he realised who it was he was speaking to; Sonic grinned while waving at the guard too used to this reaction from people. The guard then quickly gave Sonic a backstage pass and opened the door for him. Sonic quickly went and found the dressing room door for Mina; he then started knocking it and waited a bit impatiently by the door. He never liked or was good at waiting. “Come in!” shouted Mina’s voice and Sonic wasted no time going through the door. He saw Mina was seated at her table window and he saw Mina pause when she saw the reflection of who came through the door through her window. Mina then turned around and was frozen in shock at the sight of Sonic. “Glad to see you face to face Mina; I’m Sonic and I saw the most rocking concert you just threw.” He told her casually as she then found her voice. “Sonic the Hedgehog....... It is such an honour to meet you Sonic; I was disheartened when we believed you were dead but then you came back............” Mina told her excitedly before pausing. “Wait, you just saw my concert........ I was just singing with Sonic the Hedgehog watching in the crowds without me knowing........ If I knew Sonic the Hedgehog would be watching I would have worn my best outfit.” Mina screamed with her hands on her head but Sonic just chucked. “Really wanted to try and meet you; found out you could be fast as I am. You think you could please show me?” Sonic asked and Mina looked hesitant before giving a slight embarrassed nod. She then circled the room several times in great speed and Sonic had to admit he was impressed. “Wow, not bad at all Mina.” Sonic stated but then noticed she was looking down and then looked concerned. “Something wrong Mina?” Sonic asked and Mina sighed before facing him. “I don’t have the talent for using my speed like you do Sonic. When the Eggman Empire began invading and I joined the Resistance with my friends; I thought I could help turn the tide of the war like you would later do. I............ was not so good as an active member of the Resistance.......... I was not good at fighting and the most I could do was get civilians out; I struggled against robots you could have taken out with no problem. I was stupid that I could be any sort of successor to you Sonic.” Mina explained with a low tone of voice and Sonic was not sure to take it. “What I did best was singing so I gave up fighting in the Resistance; I thought I would try helping people another way by trying to keep morale up with my songs.” Mina stated before shaking her head and gave a weak chuckle. “Wished I could have helped much more.....” Mina stated but Sonic gave her as mile and put his hand on her shoulder. “There is no shame as I am sure you tried your best in the Resistance and you found a way to help people with your talents. There is nothing wrong with helping people in a different way and keeping morale up is important so I think you did a great job Mina.” Sonic told her and Mina gave an appreciative smile and thanked him for that. “Nice to meet ya Mina.” Sonic told her and went to leave through the open door but Mina hesitantly asked him if he would let her give him a present on the cheeks. Sonic’s cheeks reddened as he instantly realised what she meant. He gave a nod as Mina kissed him on the cheek but at the same time; several people came to the door and witnessed this. It was an interviewer for the local news network and Mina’s mother Isabella Mongoose who served in the village council. Sonic didn’t notice them but gave Mina her thanks before leaving. Mina looked and saw the interviewer scribbling down notes while Isabella was giving a smirk to her daughter which made her groan. Now she had to deal with teasing from her mother and word getting out that Mina Mongoose was caught kissing the hero of Mobius (even if it was only on the cheek). She honestly didn’t know what would be worse. She cursed her idol for putting her in this position.
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    That interview about Sonic's redesign that Paramount have been trying to wipe off the face of the internet said that the shoes were the last part changed about his design. So maybe this render is a small look-in at the almost-final design? His shoes does even look bad there. They're just boring.
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    If Sonic is the fastest thing alive, what's the fastest thing dead?
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    If Doomguy was in a game like DMC or Bayonetta, his obligatory twin pistols would absolutely be named Rip and Tear.
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    So Scott Cawthon has created and released FNAF In Space 2 as part of a St. Jude stream hosted by the game theorists. MattPatt will be joined by Dawko and Markiplier to go through the game three hours from now on their livestream, but the game has already available so other fans can go through it and help them for the main event. The game is a treasure hunt, and requires a lot of exploration to find all the well hidden secrets. When the livestream of the game finishes, whatever the High Score the team ends up with at the end will become an actual donation by Scott himself for the charity. Edit: Live Now
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    yeah uh why wasnt i told a new neptunia got announced
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    Just got the Mega Drive Mini. This thing is lovely!
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    Ha! And they said it was too early to expect news of an RE3 Remake.
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    https://gematsu.com/2019/12/nier-10th-anniversary-website-opened -heavy breathing- Best scenario is a remake. Decent scenario is a remaster/port. Worst scenario is nothing. ??? scenario is a mobile game.
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    Very impressive update for the course obstacle additions alone. Also The fact that Link isn’t just a skin this time and actually retains his abilities from the Zelda Series to use like the sword/shield/bomb/arrow is very neat!
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    Dark Qiviut

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    A little hopeful news to go along, but it needs some backstory. Last month, Major League Baseball proposed cutting up to forty-two Minor League teams to "downsize" it, causing uproar in the baseball communities. It got little attention from virtually every presidential candidate. Except one. Bernie grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so he knows firsthand how it feels to lose a baseball team very close to the community. When Bernie was the Burlington mayor, he successfully brought Minor League baseball into the state. While the Vermont Reds and Mariners didn't last long, they gathered a lot of attendance. Whether you agree or disagree with him, Senator Sanders isn't afraid to use the bully pulpit on any corporation that tries to take advantage of their communities and the players, most of whom are legally paid below minimum wage. When there's corporate greed, he calls it out and uses his abilities as an activist within Washington's walls to bring it attention. The fact that he's running a grassroots movement within a presidential campaign brings extra attention to the sticky support within. Today, Sanders met with Commissioner Rob Manfred to discuss the proposal. In short, corporations, don't be greedy. Thank you, Senator, for bringing attention to this.
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    Jon Burton just released another demo track of 3D Blast, this time for Casino Night-err, Spring Stadium Zone.
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    Writing, direction and voice acting. It works for both games and movies. The character will act accordingly to what is writen in the script and the animation director will follow the voice acting and tone of the scene. Is that simple. What could make movie Sonic more interesting than game Sonic is the writing. The voice actor will have to act to whatever material the writers gave him. If the scene has Sonic and Tom going to a bar to play dards, that's the stuff they (the VA and the animators) will have to work with. Since Sonic actually looks like Sonic now, the comparison people could be making is whether or not they like Roger Craig's take better than Ben Schwartz's, and to be fully honest, I find myself kinda tired of Roger. If we're talking about animation, I'd say the movie looks a hell of a lot better than the latest game, Sonic Forces. It's not as good as Sonic Unleashed tho', in my opinion.
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    Well, you could establish some of that backstory in exposition. But you'd have to make sure the information is relayed to the audience in the least intrusive way possible. If you're burrowing from Archie then you could streamline some elements of the backstory so make it easier digestible. For instance-- You could start the movie showing Sonic's father and mother engaged in the Great War (Jules and Bernadette) with hundreds of other Mobians. Seemingly sacrificing their lives for Sonic. Before their death, we see them recording a message for Sonic (about what he is, taking inspiration from the movie, Sonic has special powers). > Cut to black. The movie could then jump ahead to a young Sonic with his uncle Chuck. Playing tag with a young Tails. We establish two things here: We see here that young Sonic is still discovering his power and that Tails is his best friend since early childhood. Heck, you could even make them brothers. Tails being an orphan like Sonic whom Uncle chuck brought in to raise. Maybe Chuck warns Sonic not to go into the forbidden Zone (for good reason) they go being dumb kids and as they are discovered by some guards, we get our second action sequence and our first taste of what Sonic can REALLY do as he accidently goes super sonic speed for the first time in a desperate attempt to escape the Robots (Tails in arms). They barely make it back home, Chuck scolds a crying Sonic and we jump ahead 5 years later to a 15 year old Sonic doing some immature, rebellious thing. Like maybe stealing some rings from a vendor and running from the guards. Something to establish Sonic's personality more firmly and also show the "Before" picture before his character arc... Mudhoney's 'Touch Me I'm Sick' would be a good tone establisher for this sequence To summarize, Chuck is captured, Sonic and Tails are homeless orphans again and they are taken to whatver Mobius' equivalent to a foster care system is where they meet Amy Rose. They escape. We now have introduced Amy and given Sonic his dramatic need in the story -- to rescue Uncle Chuck. This need will eventually turn into needing to save the world from Robotnik as he discovers who he truly is over the course of the movie (We meet his roboticized parents in an emotional revelation to Sonic) Just some ideas I had
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    Be Honest: What actually makes the movie Sonic any more interesting, compelling, or less of a bad character than the Sonic we have in the games currently?
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    Vic Mignogna has had one of the worst years of his career, but on the flipside Johnny Yong Bosch has had one of the best years of his career.
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    Ken penders has on numerous occasions have written stories who's only explanation is " he doesn't think of women characters besides objects and things to have" it also explains the funky acephobic shit he said on twitter
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    Penders tends to have some really weird storytelling priorities in general. Just look at Chaos Knuckles and the entirety of 25YL. Beyond that though, when he wasn't trying to make these books into an "Epic" Sci-Fi Drama/Soap Opera? He pretty tried to write it as being your typical Superhero comic, in particular one from the times he was growing up. One of the things prevalent in 'his' era of comics was this idea that Archnemesises hold this weird place in the hearts of the various Superheroes, almost like a 'frenemy' sort of deal- and that if they were gone, the absence would in fact sadden said superheroes. Penders tends to copy tropes from stuff he likes without really giving much thought to the context, so in all likelihood he figured it was a similar deal- Snively is one of the constants in Sonic's life, so clearly, him being gone means it'd have an emotional impact on Sonic. Obviously this all falls apart pretty much for all the reasons mentioned by everyone else in this thread. This isn't a Superhero book, and Snively isn't a supervillain- he's the right hand of a genocidal dictator and an active participant in the events that destroyed Sonic's life along with the lives of his friends. While I doubt Sonic actively wishes anyone dead, it'd be REALLY difficult to justify him feeling all that torn up over Snively going bye-bye. But Penders has never allowed a little thing like characterization and context get in the way of Drama, nor has he ever really been able to process the book or its characters on their own terms when it was always so much more convenient to box them into genres he personally found 'acceptable'.
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    Why would Sonic even need to provoke Evil Sonic into a fight. Not only is Evil Sonic (Penders era at least) a petty little shit who takes any chance to try attack Sonic, but are we reaaaally forgetting the fact that just 15 issues prior, he kidnapped Sonic and impersonated him for an undisclosed amount of time? He is a known villain, why would Sonic need to wait for Evil Sonic to initiate the fight instead of just immediately going after him? Hell, why the fuck would Evil Sonic care if Rouge hooks up with Sonic or not? Rouge to him is meant to just be a patsy so he can get the Master Emerald, but suddenly he now cares about her so much to get into a fight with Sonic? Like, I'd get it if it was Flynn!Era Scourge, because Scourge admits than he likes Fiona because unlike everyone else he knows/has been with, she makes an active decision to be bad, and be with him, rather than just be conditioned to be that way like the girls on Moebius, so if Fiona was the one Sonic pulled this with, then maybe, but Rouge makes no sense.
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    Stop using TOMORROWS in your titles for things Ken. TOMORROWS is not a good word. I know all words are made up but some words are better than others. That word is a not a good word. PFFFT! Sorry. When I was reading that, I was expecting it to say the death of Sally or someone he might care way more about. Reading Snively almost made me choke on my saliva. Not saying Sonic wouldn't care if he got the dude killed but, especially at this point in the comic's life, Snively wasn't exactly the nicest of dudes either so grief might be too much. I could see Sonic being a bit rattled and a little too cautious for a bit but I dunno about a whole plot centered on him turning into Paton because of it. I also thought that Sally was supposedly the leader but than again, Ken wanted her dead so I guess not. This entire thing reads like one of the most alien and strangest things I might randomly come across browsing Fanfiction.net. Sonic is a soldier with a rank "Gentleman-(HA!) At-Arms" and is going with his girlfriend, the princess, to Station Square to set up an embassy for his kingdom and then politics ensue...? Are they the kind of politics that get Sonic framed and put him on the run because than it might feel more adventure-esque. I know this was a different time and the chemical make up of the Archie comics, even in Ian's run, was pretty much this for the longest time. I have so many of these books after all. Despite knowing that, it's STILL weird to me. Ah yes. Truly the Sonic way of handling a situation. Scoring with Rouge the Bat. Christ. The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown are some of the few issues I own before 160. When I got the back issues it came with Issues 150 onward. I read them all, expecting good art and good stories, but I didn't get either of those until 160. So I just decided to put 160 onward in my binders and chucked 159 and below into a corner somewhere. I still have them, This was before I even knew about Ian, Penders, Gallagher, and Karl. Sorry Ken, but those stories were just some bullshit. Maybe I'll find one I like somewhere in the mess after Issue 50. I just finished reading and reacting to Endgame but I know for a fact that I'm mostly in for some weird and borderline offensive shit. Not everything I read in this post sounded like the worst thing ever but they're just synopsis' to stories that when acted out, no doubt would have been far worse. I'll never not be happy that things changed for the better.
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    Penders' idea to redeem Snively and kill him off and have it be a really emotional moment that has Sonic wracked with grief has always felt super weird to me. Snively has been evil and a sworn enemy of the Freedom Fighters for many, many years. Sure, if he finally sacrificed himself, it would be emotional, but grief seems like it'd be an odd response. I would more expect them to be stunned that he had good in him after all, thankful for his sacrifice, and be more serious and somber for a while in light of it. But would they MISS Snively? Of course not! He's been sidekick to one of the worst villains in Mobius' history since the Freedom Fighters were kids! So why would Sonic be "wracked with grief" as though Snively was one of his friends?? And that's not even getting to the weirdness of why Penders felt the need to redeem him or kill him off in the first place. Some of the other ideas sound OK, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would be any good in Penders' hands...
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    I just wanted Sonic to act like Sonic. I wanted to see those beautiful, colorful places in Sonic's world on the big screen. I wanted to see better writing. That's it. It doesn't take much to make a Sonic movie, well, Sonic. Sonic's world has tons of characters, lore, personality and places to build off of. Hell, imagine if the movie's plot had been the exact opposite of what it currently is. Instead of Sonic ending up in Tom's world, what if Tom ended up in Sonic's world? That has more much potential than the plot they have now. Because you can still keep that Sonic vibe, yet still make it just right for general audiences who may not be familiar with it. And even then, as Sonic's original movie design proved, going down an un-Sonic route can cause even general audiences to disapprove of the movie. There is absolutely nothing about this Sonic movie that feels like Sonic. Nothing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your movie is named and based after Sonic the Hedgehog, then I expect Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.
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    I don't think anyone is asking for strict fidelity to the dialogue style of Sonic games, but rather to stick closer to the original premise, ideas, designs, characters, etc. of Sonic.
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    If you cannot bring a property to film without staying true to the merits of it’s source material, then there is no point in doing so. Out of touch execs are so sure of their own ideas, that they don’t realise that the ideas that came before can be proven to already work. Sonic has an iconic design that can even be recognised in silhouette by children, and carried SEGA to stardom through the 90s, making the idea of a redesign to be absurd. Yet, due to thinking that their ideas are absolute, they focus-tested the shit out of their special little design and got it out the door. I hope the Paramount execs (and any execs in Hollywood for that matter) figure out that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sure worked for Marvel. The Fast and Furious franchise has nine films, and lots of cheesy dialogue. Many 80s action films live off of cheesy dialogue. Many classic films had some cheesy lines, but are none the worse for them.
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    @Gamecuber64 All these examples are bad because: The writing is awfull because Pontaff, no citation needed. And in the case of SA1, SA2 and Heroes, they're product of their time, so is the cheeseness. No movie writer has to use these kinds of lines to be 100% true to Sonic, unless they're remaking one of these games word by word, scene by scene, which obviously isn't the case. Not to mention Ratchet and Clank flopped because they're nowhere near as well known as Sonic and the studio literally patched the PS4 game cutscenes together (or vice versa, I don't know, but they also got the wrong idea). Why people assume a "full on Sonic movie" has to adapt one specific game? Just shows you're as lost as the Paramount folks. What's the right way to do it? You write a new story around the essence of these characters, worlds and elements, like Marvel does (most of the time). And sorry Paramount, but Sonic's essence isn't just: "a blue creature that runs fast". This fucking studio only wanted to use the license "Sonic", they don't give a fuck about the essence or anything. Any blue creature running fast was enough because they could slap a big ass "Sonic™" and people would bite it. But we are not the idiots they thought we were. They fixing the design deserves no praise. SEGA of America and the fans do. This could've been avoided ages ago. Everybody warned them. But no. DEM EXECS.
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    Keep in mind you’re also reading something likely years to a decade old before you came across it, and during when it was somewhat young and unfocused until that point. Sonic as a franchise was all over the place during the mid-90s come the Endgame arc’s release, similar to how it is now except when the franchise actually had a positive reception despite the directions it took. Audiences back then didn’t mind so long as they had their Sonic fix, especially considering how young the core audience was back then that were eating it up. It’s gone much the same way as SA1 insofar as it being poorly aged from when people look at it in hindsight or years later, only with the added drama of Penders hissy fit ruining whatever good reception that came with it. Not saying that it’s any good now, but its reception back then was a far cry to how it’s looked at now because people weren’t as critical back then as they are now.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know not everyone here is American, but I see it more as symbolism than anything else. It's a day where we focus on the positives over the past year. I've got a lot to be thankful for this year, but mostly the Sonic fandom. I see a lot of love and support, not just for my own music dreams, but for all content creation in general, and it's not something you see every day. I was at Sonic Revolution this year, that was pretty cool meeting so many people and making so many new friends. I was amazed when people recognized me somehow. It really means a lot to be welcomed in such open arms. And most of you people here in SSMB have been there for me for a few years now. It's quite an honor to be amongst you all, so thanks for being a part of this journey
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I disagree. Watching Sonic go over the edge can be super entertaining.
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    Been meaning to get around to talking about Special Delivery, having experienced it in it's early access. And I'm admittedly impressed by how simple yet addicting it is, with it's Pokemon GO influenced mechanics. It's new, and not that big in terms of initial content, but I find it amusing regardless. My phone leans towards the minimum to actually be compatible with the game, so most of the issues I have (from my time with the Early Access) come from my camera lagging and freezing up at the worst moment.
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    Sonic's design including classic & modern style is in fact both "Cute" & Cool. Many people think this and not just me. Huge head & eyes, small body, bright colors and just a overall simple appealing design. All those things can be considered cute. Even Metal-Sonic is fairly cute visually! Hohoo! And it is that balance of cool & cute that makes the series designs so iconic... and a mere grumpy face doesn't stop something from being cute whatsoever. If you fully remove the cute aspects from the designs... odds are you might end up getting ugly looking monsters similar to the old movie design. xD I do kinda laugh at how some folk feel so insecure with cuteness being admitted as apart of this series.
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    I kinda prefer Sonic when he's equal parts sassy, and empathetic. Usually he leans too far on one side to the point of being kinda one note.
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    Yeah originally, Sonic wasn't meant to be cute, he was meant to be "cool". Even the Japanese versions of him were meant to be a more of the edgy and cool stereotype than most cartoony anthropomorphic animals. His western portrayals played up his trademark "tude" and amped up that image of coolness even further with the cartoons and stuff. Jaleel White's Classic Sonic from AOSTH and SATAM are my favorite versions of Classic Sonic, maybe even moreso than the one from Generations/Forces. While I do think its fitting for him to have the carefree and laidback yet adventurous personality he was given later on (just a guy who loves adventure), I still like him to have his cocky, fast-talking "tude" from his old days. It's part of why I'm one of the few people who actually like the writing of recent Sonic games. They get Sonic's personality down right IMO, maybe he's a little on the nose at times, but I kind of like him to be a bit more arrogant and mouthy than most Strong Silent or Goody Two-Shoes heroes. I don't quite dislike him being a silent character like recent portrayals of Classic either, but I prefer if they keep his tude through body language and expressions (Sonic Mania Adventures did this pretty well. You could tell he was the cocky Sonic we all knew and love despite him not saying a word)
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    I've been seeing that "make sure to support this since it cost a lot and they listened to criticism" tweet going around a lot, and I just wanna remind people: don't go see the movie if you don't think it's gonna be good. If you thought the creepy Sonic was the only bad thing about the first trailer, you're good. But nobody should feel obligated to monetarily support a studio just because of a change that should never have needed to happen in the first place, made to a film that is still fundamentally flawed. The multi-billion dollar film studio and holdings company that own it are not going to be bullied by your actions either way.
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    They actually spent 5 million, they'll say it cost 35 million, and when the movie has a profit 50 million higher than it would have before the redesign they'll say it lost money. Hollywood accounting at its finest.
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    Not exactly news, but an Archie Sonic liveblogger I follow on tumblr wrote a pretty great piece on the grander issues with Penders's writing and characterization, his relation to other parts of the comic and the series as a whole. I knew I never liked a lot of his comics as a kid, but I never quite knew why or what was making me read something else instead of continuing with Sonic's comics.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    "I find it rather amusing that a TV remote turned sideways was used in SONIC LIVE, and then a decade later, NINTENDO would use the same concept for their WIIMOTE technology, coincidence?" - Ken Penders (no not really, but considering he tried to imply Avengers Endgame took inspiration from his story, well, would you put it past him to say this?)
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