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    I got a 95% average in my Digital Media University course. Hell yeah.
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    Look.. up, there, now what do you see, shining on you and me? Out there, on the waves of the sea? Above, all the clouds in the sky The moon, brightly glowing on high -- The moon, makes all the cares float away The moon, soothes all the worries of the day Come out, even if only for awhile And see, the night sky can make smiles --- So come on with me, grab your oars and we'll row Far out to the sea, where we'll both surely know The serenity, that we've sought high and low Right under the moon, tell me that you will go... that you will go..?
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    Wow. Just watched a guy read a real article from a real gaming website in which the "journalist" wanted to test if the Joy-Con will still work if he shoves it up his arse. (It didn't.) Modern journalism, folks. I'm not linking that shit. They get paid by view count and I ain't gonna encourage the stupid.
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    Blue Blood

    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    Definitely not what I expected. But then again, I didn't expect Welcome to Station Square or Can You Feel the Sunshine. I guess pretty much anything is on the cards. I really like it though. As someone who never liked the original Splash Hill 1 and wasn't a fan of the medley Jun did some year ago, this remix really hits the nail on the head. Lots of energy here. It's not amazing, because the original compositions are so limited in what they do that no amount of remixing these short and simple tracks is ever going to make them into something that they're not. But this is jam; can't fault it really. And look, this is like the hundredth time Senoue and Lopes have gotten into bed together to create something great. I hope they're both major players in the soundtrack for the next mainline Sonic game (or anything else, really). Ohtani is a good musician, but his recent efforts as music director have been lacking. Senoue started to flag after a while with Sonic games too, and after some time away from the series he came back on top form (if we ignore the oddity that was S4E1/2). I think Senoue and Lopes would work wonders on a Sonic soundtrack where they're in full collaboration. TSR was a great taster.
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    Sonic 4 had some arguibly good to great compositions, what doomed it was the """"Genesis"""" synths Jun used back then... But the melody for a lot of these songs is pretty catchy. Well some for both!
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    Tee's latest remix is.......Splash Hill zone from Sonic 4 Ep1:
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    A strong man that has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion - Captain America First Avenger
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    So Crash's decade was pretty much the opposite of Rayman's.
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    Whisper and Tangle are supporting non playable characters too. So was Marine, who did have a decent fan following. Still, disagree with the 3 possibilities. Well okay, 1. is probably true to a degree. I think the OC character was really for the fan requests. Iizuka said many fans asked for their character to be in a Sonic game. Just look how Sonic Forces was written with all Sonic characters constantly being "GOOD JOB ROOKIE, YOU SO COOL ROOKIE!" hyping up the OC characters importance at every drop of a hat. It's really to play up fans desire to have their character in the Sonic universe. It sure as heck isn't to make up for Sonic Team's bad character designs, since they made the rookie characters look kinda off and lame on purpose and rejeced animal species like Dragons for being "too cool." The backlash toward Silver probably dissuaded Sonic Team of making "Cool" characters since. Because terror for the Sins of Sonic 06 hang over Modern Sonic as a constant sword of domacles. .... Altough then they make Infinite, who does immediatly ignite both the "Ohh Cringe!" and "Oh awesome!!!" crowds like Silver before. It's fascinating how much Forces flirts with being a Sonic 06 sequel while desperatly shooting itself in the foot to distance itself from 06 at the same time.
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    The Deleter

    Hey Those are pretty cool

    Hey Those are pretty cool
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    Okay. I'll admit. They did a great job. Sonic with headphones and doing the classic finger wag. Loved that shit. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm starting to want to watch this movie......!
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    My stealth plans are perfect in MGSV until someone spots me. Then cowabunga it is.
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    Looking back, Duck Amuck is basically a representation of a dream that changes every few seconds. One minute you're D'artagnan, the next you're mute cowboy, then a screwball monster, then you're seeing yourself, then you're hammering a missile thinking it's an anvil.
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    New poster in full: Looks rad. I think that could be San Francisco in the background.
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    Sega DogTagz

    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    Metal Sonic theme would floor me. They need to remix that sucker.
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    New remixes by Tee Lopes

    So turns out not having ear raping crappy synths as instruments makes songs a lot more enjoyable to listen to...who'd have thunk it?
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    So turns out not having ear raping crappy synths as instruments makes songs a lot more enjoyable to listen to...who'd have thunk it?
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    Cool Christmas themed clothes.: New animations.:
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    Morning! Today's my 19th birthday! We're going to do laser tag later today.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Huh. Interesting point.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    I wasn't really feeling my character, Talon's design, tbh. One day while at work, I found myself wanting to create a shark character... only for my mind to wander, leading me to decide to redesign Talon from a feathered dragon to a walking shark with a harpoon launcher for a hand. Talon's personality remains the same... Extreme and fun loving, but is hiding a somewhat cowardly side. He's a space pirate with a thirst for adventure and treasure, but can be a bit childish. Oriana, the cat-moth, serves as Talon's mother figure and their ship's engineer and Dr. Caution, the tiny android, is his best friend and medical expert. Took a shot a shading in illustrator again, and I kind of like it.
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    got a new graphics card and ssd today now I just gotta wait for the new power supply and then I can really play Halo Reach
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    New render/screenshot, apparently from a clip (can’t find it). The comic cover reads “born to run”.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Good review as always. I know you dig into alot about what doesn't work about Endgame, but I also think you can at least see about how it does kindof work. Personally, I think if issue #50 was the end of Archie Sonic, I think it would be a decent way to bow out. I think the thing to note with the Penders era is that it is really a very slow downward spiral in my view. You've got a 109 issues of Penders left to go, as well as all of Knuckles series. The Knuckles series goes downhill relatively quickly, but with Sonic, I think alot of stuff still works. To me, the nadir of Archie Sonic is Penders final period of #126-#159. But before you hit that point, there are still some good things to come. Perhaps that is just simply the likes of the other writers offsetting Penders, I'm not sure. But the next era as Sonic games are in a bit of a wildneress period before the release of Sonic Adventure definetly is interesting, and credit to Penders and co, the death of Robotnik doesn't make Sonic feel like a pointless comic now that there isn't a central antagonist.
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    So, what characters do you guys want for the music alone? For me, it's Sora without a question.
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    New official posters drawn by some very talented Brazilian artists.:
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    Yeah, that's likely just a placeholder render. I wonder if the combo is just that or there's something else. Cinemark got burned reeeeal bad here in Brazil last week, one of their Star Wars combos caused huge commotion because of the absurd price. The combo in question is a R2-D2 replica with popcorn and soda inside (you can check it here). It looks pretty well made and all, but they're selling it for $470BRL, which is around $111 dollars. With $470 bucks you can watch the movie 14 times, just to give you an idea. Well, this Sonic combo looks pretty simple, so I doubt it will cost too much, unless this bucket has more than meets the eye.
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    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    My take on the whole "make your own OC" thing is: 1: They're just throwing random shit at the wall at this point hoping something sticks. 2: They're just admitting they can't think of anything meaningful to do with their literally dozens of already introduced characters. 3: This whole "create your own character thing" in general for me sort of reeks of "Well, we can't think of a cool character design or don't want to put the effort in, so just make your own shit".
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Might be paraphrasing but "you are too stubborn to be mind controlled " I dunno, it was mentioned before that this is starting to ramp up and we are getting to the point where we get to the " underestimation " or " Betrayal " portion of the sonic production. I just think that either that betrayal is coming from a place people were not expecting. Or that help that one of the latter issues suggest sonic maybe getting might be stranger than we think. Other prediction: Eggman gets bonked on the head again and becomes tinker and fixes it, and feels bad about it On the note of the book itself. I don't like how this arc came about, that much is known. But this last issue was kinda...amazing? I hope they capitalize on the narrative they set up. Even though nothing happens and mostly a conversation, that conversation has a lot more in it than like some whole other issues. And given the context of what's going on , it means even more. While it might be boring for some, I could do for more issues that are, essentially just two characters talking.
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    Coming very soon: Something strange's happening in the town of Oddpine... and the only ones to fix it are probably the strangest that Oddpine has to offer.
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