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    Made the dean’s list at uni!
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    one year ago today.

    one year ago today.
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    Oh my god, why did it take me up until now to realize that A.S.A.P. meant “As Soon As Possible”?
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    Alright, got all the gear I need. Now let’s go fight a Lynel! Lynel:
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    Dragon Ball logic: Immortals fusing with Mortals leads to horrific results, but the dead fusing with the living is perfectly acceptable.
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    What-is-up danger, Miles here, and today we're jumping off a building
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    (tweet) Well this works out quite well for me, considering my birthday is in November.
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    I'm getting around to listening those early beta Sonic 3 tracks. kewl.
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    So I beat A Hat in Time yesterday it's probably the best 3D platformer I've played that isn't Mario.
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    C3P0: They fly now! Finn: They fly now? Poe: They fly now. Kylo: They fly now. Palpatine: They. Fly. Now. Wado: They fly now. George Lucas:... They fly now. Tails: They fly now? Sonic: They fly now. Buzz: They fly now! Woody: They fall with style now. Luffy: They fly now! Disney: The Star Wars fans... they flee now?
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