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    RE:MIND JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING Launches January 23rd on PS4 and February 25th on Xbox One. Edit: Squeenix took the original vid down, so here's a sub!
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    The Netflix subtitles for Sonic X lists SONIC THE HEDGEHOG himself as, of all things, SONIC X. Really?! Who subtitled this...?
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    OOOOH TODAY IS A GOOD DAY SRB2 2.2 IS OUT BOIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia097A0pKNM
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    Didn't Resident Evil 3 leak from the Playstation store? Would make sense if they announced it here, then have it for preorder on the store.
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    Assuming Vergeben's not talking out his ass (which is steadily becoming harder and harder to believe):
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    This looks pretty dope.

    This looks pretty dope.
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    SRB2 is one of the best Sonic games ever
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    one year ago today.

    one year ago today.
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    I’ve finally seen the original, non-glitch version of this scene! I can die happy.
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    Why did Microsoft pick a red color for the project name of their always green-themed console line What are you hiding MS
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    What’s your opinion of the Klasky Csupo art style? I think it’s iconic and endearing, though I can understand why some might be put off by it.
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    if you are a sonic fan and has a pc.... what are you doing go play SRB2 2.2 right now.
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    Your Vest Friend


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    Birthday drawing for Joshsuperlink (used to be a mod here, hehe)!
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    So a Crash reveal is looking more and more likely. 7 major youtubers in the gaming community are receiving new Crash dolls and merchandise. The same thing happened prior to the reveals of Nitro Fueled, Spyro, and the N.Sane Trilogy, all around the same time of year.
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    At this rate it could be a character, or a character. Or a rep. Or heck, could be the lucky lads next too. In which case, please let it be Some people are speculating that it could be as well. And of course, there's always the possibility that it's a character.
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    Oh, I have some bad news in that regard. Vergeben recently enacted a massive bloodbath of disconfirmations. Here is all the folk that FP5 is NOT: Which leaves us asking just who the hell that fighter is at this point.
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    One of the things I've always loved about the level design in Sonic 2 and especially Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles is telling the story through the action set pieces within the level... it makes the story feel more interactive than a cutscene, even though it's just as scripted. NEON FESTIVAL ZONE ACT ONE It's a night festival in a cityscape by the ocean. Stardust Speedway + Carnival Night + Casino Night + side-scrolling version of opening stages of Sonic 06 / Sonic Unleashed but night instead of day / Super Mario Galaxy. Fireworks light up the sky, as do neon lights. It begins on rooftops and alleyways. There are also giant statues* in which you run along the arms/heads/shoulders, like the giant statues in the Schumacher Batman version of Gotham City. You run across telephone wires, laundry lines, and bounce on balloons, umbrellas or awnings. Sonic reaches a pier with a boardwalk, with happy animal families playing games and enjoying the scenery. There's an arcade, restaurants, and a giant Ferris Wheel. As Sonic enters, all hell breaks loose... the ocean explodes upward as a giant silo missile/tanker emerges at the end of the pier. Badniks descend from the silo, and the animal families run in terror in the opposite direction. Charing forward, Sonic destroys badniks along the course forward to the silo, but he's interrupted by... End Of Act One: Eggman has taken control of the Ferris Wheel from the center, and uses the (empty) carts to smash down at you. The key to beating the 'Egg Octopus' is to make his swing miss, then jump on it once it's stuck in the boardwalk, hop to another cart, and then smash attack Eggman (two times each reach is possible) 6 times (or three) until his machine is destroyed. The Ferris Wheel spins off and smashes into the silo, sending both into the ocean... BOOM! The ocean catches on fire, and a black oil rains from the sky. The neon lights are shattered and flicker irregularly. The city is under siege. ACT TWO We return to the city but in reverse, and now the festival has become a nightmare. Black oil rains, the ocean burns, the previously cheerful neon lights are cracked and smudged into scary rorschach shapes in the sky... and the level is covered in badniks. This stage features an unusual (but not unprecedented within the series) objective. This is a rescue mission -- 5 Flickies are scattered throughout the act that must be brought to the checkpoint before progressing to the boss. Taking damage means losing rings and scattering your Flickies, just like 3D Blast / Yoshi's Island. Once the Flicky family is reunited safely, they pick up Sonic and carry him back across the stage to the floating silo in the ocean, and drop you off on top of it. End of Act Two: Sonic smashes into the silo/tanker through a vulnerable air duct, and finds Eggman frustratedly yelling at worker-badniks to repair the ships. When he sees Sonic, Eggman dashes into a chair at the front, which breaks away into an enclosed pope-mobile speedboat. Sonic skis from behind, and you shift in the water and jump to avoid harpoon projectiles coming from Eggman's bubble boat. Sonic bobs and weaves and bops the Eggboat two times, then Eggman starts making wild turns to send you backward -- Sonic needs to lean into the turns at the right time, the cue being when Eggman's boat dashes ahead in a quick burst of speed, he's about to make a sharp turn. After Sonic destroys the getaway boat, Eggman uses an eject button and a jetpack to fly away. Sonic is left stranded on the destroyed boat. He taps his foot, annoyed... and then Tails arrives with the bi-plane, and Sonic hops aboard and heads to the next zone. *Whoever the statues are tell some of the lore of the game, though I'm not sure what that is yet. Feel free to pitch. For some reason I think this is like a bird city, with lots of Flickies but also birds of all sizes, so the statues are of different birds -- eagles, sparrows, seagulls, etc.
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    I really need to remember to make sure I get adequate sleep as often as possible. The difference in the amount of work I can stay focused on getting done on a day with sleep versus a day without is astounding
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    So ReWIND is basically just author’s saving throw bundled into a DLC
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    Big Panda

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    So many youtube video thumbnail/ title combos read like Toei Animation episode titles. EXCLAMATION?! (in the thumbnail) followed by the actual video title below the thumbnail.
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    A little overdue, but I made a vid on the newest Sonic movie trailer!
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    Made the dean’s list at uni!
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    Morning! Today's my 19th birthday! We're going to do laser tag later today.
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    Whisper and Tangle are supporting non playable characters too. So was Marine, who did have a decent fan following. Still, disagree with the 3 possibilities. Well okay, 1. is probably true to a degree. I think the OC character was really for the fan requests. Iizuka said many fans asked for their character to be in a Sonic game. Just look how Sonic Forces was written with all Sonic characters constantly being "GOOD JOB ROOKIE, YOU SO COOL ROOKIE!" hyping up the OC characters importance at every drop of a hat. It's really to play up fans desire to have their character in the Sonic universe. It sure as heck isn't to make up for Sonic Team's bad character designs, since they made the rookie characters look kinda off and lame on purpose and rejeced animal species like Dragons for being "too cool." The backlash toward Silver probably dissuaded Sonic Team of making "Cool" characters since. Because terror for the Sins of Sonic 06 hang over Modern Sonic as a constant sword of domacles. .... Altough then they make Infinite, who does immediatly ignite both the "Ohh Cringe!" and "Oh awesome!!!" crowds like Silver before. It's fascinating how much Forces flirts with being a Sonic 06 sequel while desperatly shooting itself in the foot to distance itself from 06 at the same time.
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    I wasn't really feeling my character, Talon's design, tbh. One day while at work, I found myself wanting to create a shark character... only for my mind to wander, leading me to decide to redesign Talon from a feathered dragon to a walking shark with a harpoon launcher for a hand. Talon's personality remains the same... Extreme and fun loving, but is hiding a somewhat cowardly side. He's a space pirate with a thirst for adventure and treasure, but can be a bit childish. Oriana, the cat-moth, serves as Talon's mother figure and their ship's engineer and Dr. Caution, the tiny android, is his best friend and medical expert. Took a shot a shading in illustrator again, and I kind of like it.
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    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    My take on the whole "make your own OC" thing is: 1: They're just throwing random shit at the wall at this point hoping something sticks. 2: They're just admitting they can't think of anything meaningful to do with their literally dozens of already introduced characters. 3: This whole "create your own character thing" in general for me sort of reeks of "Well, we can't think of a cool character design or don't want to put the effort in, so just make your own shit".
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    I just wanted Sonic to act like Sonic. I wanted to see those beautiful, colorful places in Sonic's world on the big screen. I wanted to see better writing. That's it. It doesn't take much to make a Sonic movie, well, Sonic. Sonic's world has tons of characters, lore, personality and places to build off of. Hell, imagine if the movie's plot had been the exact opposite of what it currently is. Instead of Sonic ending up in Tom's world, what if Tom ended up in Sonic's world? That has more much potential than the plot they have now. Because you can still keep that Sonic vibe, yet still make it just right for general audiences who may not be familiar with it. And even then, as Sonic's original movie design proved, going down an un-Sonic route can cause even general audiences to disapprove of the movie. There is absolutely nothing about this Sonic movie that feels like Sonic. Nothing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your movie is named and based after Sonic the Hedgehog, then I expect Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.
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    I don't think anyone is asking for strict fidelity to the dialogue style of Sonic games, but rather to stick closer to the original premise, ideas, designs, characters, etc. of Sonic.
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    If you cannot bring a property to film without staying true to the merits of it’s source material, then there is no point in doing so. Out of touch execs are so sure of their own ideas, that they don’t realise that the ideas that came before can be proven to already work. Sonic has an iconic design that can even be recognised in silhouette by children, and carried SEGA to stardom through the 90s, making the idea of a redesign to be absurd. Yet, due to thinking that their ideas are absolute, they focus-tested the shit out of their special little design and got it out the door. I hope the Paramount execs (and any execs in Hollywood for that matter) figure out that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sure worked for Marvel. The Fast and Furious franchise has nine films, and lots of cheesy dialogue. Many 80s action films live off of cheesy dialogue. Many classic films had some cheesy lines, but are none the worse for them.
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    Considering video game movies are infamous for typically being awful flops DESPITE all the butchering the outsourced teams do for what they assume will sell better to a general public... which clearly shows most video game movies are only a example of how to do it WRONG. You are using the reckless train of thought that if something has always been done a certain way then that must be the correct way... which is a bad way to think when making a good product. On another note, what exactly about the Sonic games doesn't translate into a good movie? I notice the people arguing about this normally never give good examples outside of saying "It just doesn't work!" 100 times. What exactly about a story of a hero having to travel across funky dangerous locations on a adventure trying to stop some villain from taking over the world while meeting colorful interesting side characters along the way actually doesn't work as a movie? especially considering there is tons of movies just like that already.
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    I've mentioned in this thread before that I agree with the general philosophy of designing the movie with more than just the core fanbase in mind, if for no other reason than the fact that making an esoteric work that is overwrought with lore and internal references that only a niche population will understand has a tendency to lead to stilted writing and unsatisfying buildup and payoff. I think if you make a good film, both fans and people who have never even heard of Sonic will enjoy it because it will have all the proper buildup and resolution that a good movie tends to have. "Pleasing the fans" and "pleasing general audiences" are really not a mutually exclusive goal. But that doesn't mean you need to focus group test it to the point of being an abominable mess that overflows with cliche writing, vapid dialogue, and generic set pieces. That's not even mentioning the horrible design. What the recent news indicates is that they essentially did just that, which is what we've been saying since the inception of this threasd is a bad thing that leads to bad movies. Like even ignoring the various problems with this type of focus group testing that have been documented for ages, I don't understand why there are people in this thread who see "they made something commercially viable at the expense of making an actually enjoyable movie" as something that we're supposed to laud them for? And then they make statements like "people liked the TMNT and Transformers designs" not realizing that, like, no. People didn't. Perhaps they think people did because they can somehow ignore the fact that both those films were heavily marketed to put it mildly. Like, they put adverts for those films on everything. TV and radio commercials, billboards, YouTube ads, toy lines, fast food toy lines, everywhere. If you have a budget for that kind of mass marketing, a high turnout is almost inevitable. And on a personal note, I've never met one single solitary person, even people that liked TMNT 2014, would have said "Yeah, I like it because the design is more realistic and appeals to me." Like, for the most part, I see people who like it in spite of the designs. And even that is a small number.
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    Everyone, not just the target demographic, rejected the design so hard that they had to significantly delay the movie to fix a problem that was created out of their own stupidity. They cost them somewhere in the region of $5million. Paramount shot themselves in the foot trying to redesign Sonic. Had they not been so arrogant and pig-headed in the first place, they wouldn't have wasted so much time and money fixing something that nobody outside the board room wanted to see. It's a prime example of the fact that a more faithful and straightforward adaptation is what the audience want, whoever they are. The film still has to contend with the strange premise of "what if Sonic was real and came to Earth to team up with a random police officer?". I've argued that the character of Tom is probably going to help the film to be somewhat palatable to older viewers, although the questions of the who the film is for who will enjoy it still stand. In order to reach a wide audience, it wasn't essential for the film to discard everything from the established franchise. They got the design hideously wrong and realised their mistake so late that it cost them millions to fix. I can only guess what else they've gotten wrong and won't be able to fix. The trailers sure don't look like they're from a good film regardless of Sonic's design.
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    To be fair, the mentality of "we need to appeal to a wider audience than just the existing fans" is the driving force between many character redesigns. Characters like Sonic are designed for specific markets, and the appeal of such character designs obviously change with times. At this moment, live action and realistic reboots of animated franchises are in, and Sonic's design is old. That's both why the film is live action and why Sonic got a drastic redesign. This film has never been about providing something good that fans and the general public can enjoy alike, it's about creating what's going to be most profitable. Paramount initially thought that a realistic Sonic would be most popular, so they went ahead with giving him a human body, a human face and did away with the cartoon aspects of his design. Only when it transpired that they were grossly mistaken about anyone liking the design did they decide to change it. They don't want money from anyone in communities such as this one, because we're tiny. They want money from everyone outside it.
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    That's confirmation enough for me that they don't want my money.
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    1) Modern Sonic isn't 'cute', he's something between brash teen and still-cool adult. If anything classic-in-modern-games is cute and even that is limited. What, 2 games with limited role for hin, followed by Mania that brings his cheeky persona back on track? Oh the horror. 2) And how can Classic Sonic be 'witty' in game without dialogue or even cutscenes? He had some implications of character (tapping his feet), but it's everything AROUND the games that told you his personality, allowing to project ideal 'attitude' at hedgehog with maybe 30 different sprite poses. 3) And frankly 'original personality' is a moot point. Original Batman killed people. Ideas change with times, for better or worse. Personally I like Unleashes/Secret Rings Sonic who can be cool and emphatic at the same time, but that's not really "Classic" behaviour. Sonic has different problems than being 'cute'. Rather it's obvious incompetent 2010-now writing, emotional lock-down Sega is keeping him and the fact that his in-universe popularity seems to grow geometrically, to the point where Sonic is one step from becoming religion in his world (which to be fair happens to many ongoing franchises. Look at Superman & Batman, Optimus Prime or Doctor Who).
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    Linkabel's artwork!

    Thanks! I'm trying more things and ideas so I'm glad you're liking! Thank you! I did have the idea of making in the style of a cover or promotional poster for a re-release when I was making it. Hopefully one day I'll happen. And here's a quick one, I really wanted to draw Super Sonic.
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    Oh boy. Time to dust this thread off once again. Let's just take a moment to talk about Sonic Mega Collection. I don't think I've seen the music for this compilation listed anywhere in this thread. Whilst every song in the game is pleasant, 3 songs in this are simply sublime. They are as follows: and finally, this piece of audio-gasmicness. This last piece... This last piece of music just gives me a true warmth every time I listen to it. I even remember when I first got 'Mega Collection Plus' on the PS2 and went to the game select screen for the first time and heard this. It was somehow the most nostalgic song I'd ever listened to even though I'd never heard it before.
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