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    Honestly at this point I am very tired of the constant "leaks" that keep happening. It's just like back and forth between "not happening" and "is happening", arguments over whether the leaker has a good rep or not, etc. It's pretty much all on Twitter. I hope the new character gets announced soon.
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    I hope nothing gets announced and Sakurai comes out and says "You fuckers can wait 'til February when I said the pass was ending."
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    By far the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT additions in SRB2 2.2 are Tails' sprites and his doggypaddle while swimming
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    These leakers won't know anything until maybe the day before announcement at best. You're better off ignoring their attempts at clout chasing and waiting for something more concrete to surface.
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    SRB2 unlockable spoilers

    SRB2 unlockable spoilers
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    "A year and a half later, and I just wanted everyone to know. Amy is still offensive. To women."
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    I don't have any specific predictions or wants, except that it'd be great if every character they add are ones that people insisted would never happen or were """deconfirmed.""" Perhaps, combined with the times that's already happened, people will finally learn.
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    oof. Lost track of time playing this game today.
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (64% complete) Definitely taking my sweet time with this one to allow for my special singer to be ready. It is unfortunate that over the course of the last week, my planned guitarist had to back out of the project. It's completely understandable, as the last thing I wanted was to overwhelm anyone, since I know their priorities are way higher than to focus on an indy project. The band has a lot coming up in the upcoming months, and are going through a lot at this moment. I was able to find a replacement guitarist already. He'll only need a week or so to prepare but he's really motivated this time around. It's a good lesson that things may not go to plan so it's best to be prepared for anything. I have just finished editing my instrumentals, and am completely ready to move on to my own vocals. I still have about a month before my guest singer is ready. I'm more than excited to be working with such talent of legendary proportions. Everything is now smooth and flows very well. I will need to consult some friends for some second opinions though. I'm nervous about how it's gonna turn out once I post it online. I better really knock out these vocals. This is gonna be the hardest part of the whole project. Wish me luck
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    I'd be fine with getting rid of Amy's hammer if there was a way to do that without just turning her into Pink Sonic. The Hammer can be used for comic effect, but it's also there to differentiate.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Sonic and Tom in SF Japantown.:
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    I think “nanny” is a nicer word than “granny”. ”Nanny” sounds warm and cuddly. “Granny” just sounds old.
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    This reads like you don't actually like Amy as a character that much if her Hammer and her short temper, two fairly consistent aspects to her character since the 90s, bother you to this degree. None of this has gotten in the way of her being fairly competent and able to keep up with everyone else. She's shown again and again and again that she can very much keep up with the others in her own way. Her curiousness and her capability was never stomped out by having a hammer. She's able to keep up by leaning it what she does uniquely well the same way Tails does. I look at the potential quirks in her gameplay as an oppurtunity. There are more than enough characters that play exactly like Sonic. I like that they tried to bend the rules of their own game a bit and think it could lead to something interesting if polished up.
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    I've read through all your OP. I know nothing of psychology, but I think that you should stop thinking that there's something wrong with you just because your opinion differs from the average. I've read your post, and while I may not be the best person to comment it since I quite dislike Amy a bit, I still agree with part of it. Sorry for bringing this up, but, one of the reasons for why I dislike Amy, is because I always had this impression that she was created only to be "the female", and that her personality was changed several times because it has never been important, as long as she keeps being pink and a girl. I suppose we disagree on this, but reading your post I see that there are some points were we agree in a way, such as the way you seem to be annoyed by Amy's change of personality in the Sonic X period. About yourself, I think you're taking this subject too personally and too much seriously. Often the developers of the game don't think too much in depth about little details. The fact that Amy got kidnapped in Sonic CD does not necessarily mean that she's weak, the fact that she went through Metallic Madness does not necessarily mean that she's as strong as Sonic; I mean, they probably didn't consider those implicit things when they created the game, they had a plot to follow and that's it. In Sonic Advance 2, Tails gets kidnapped just like Amy, though Tails stars as an hero on par with Sonic in many other games. For the same reason, I don't think that Amy is considered useless without the hammer... I think they gave her the hammer because she's an hedgehog, and without the hammer she would be too much similar to Sonic. If you think about it, Shadow usually plays like Sonic, but he's supposed to be a Sonic "clone", he's a "Dark Sonic" after all... though Silver has those psychokinetic powers to differentiate him from Sonic. I think it's less "she needs the hammer to be strong" and more "she needs the hammer to play differently than Sonic". Also I kinda disagree about using an hammer to defeat bad guys being a bad example to children. There is plenty of videogames and media where the hero wields a weapon, and it has never been a problem. By that logic, Kirby leads kids to do a genocide, and give them the wrong idea that in order to make new friends you have to punch people to death and eventually corrupt them with gifts (the friend heart); and I'm pretty sure it's not the case. Amy's hammer is too iconic, you can't just remove it... I think the problems relies more in how she uses it and less about she having it at all. Gameplay wise... Honestly I loved her gameplay in Sonic Advance 1 and I was kinda disappointed that in Advance 2 she was reduced to a Sonic clone. Though I agree with you at the gameplay being too complicated, it's something I think as well and I tried to simplify it in some of my fan-movesets time ago. Speaking of your post, you said "trying to divorce my opinions and emotional response really accomplished nothing", and I agree with that. We should never force ourselves to change an opinion just to adapt to the mass, that's just wrong and leads to bad stuff, big scale bad stuff. And I said this because you said yourself that you enjoyed Hammer Vault in Sonic Adventure a lot, then you say you dislike it because of what it represents conceptually-wise. If you had fun with that move, there must be a reason why it was that fun, a reason that maybe can still be implemented to the character even if you remove the fighting elements from her moveset. The reason why I loved her Sonic Advance 1 gameplay was because once you learn some advanced tricks with her, her gameplay becomes very fun and fluid just like with any other character (she's quite overpowered when you learn how to play as her actually); the only problem here is the complexity, it's reuqiring to learn some advanced techniques to master her gameplay before being able to experience the fun; Hammer Vault is an example that the fun is still there, it's just harder to achieve. So, instead of removing the fun, I think they should find a way to make it simple and intuitive as it is for all the other characters. My 2 cents.
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    I really want a new Capcom Versus game.
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    whyd they go back to fix the design only to still have it be ugly
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    Btw, anyone else think a name like Volleyball risks being offensive?
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    I agree, while the games were pretty bad in gameplay, story and overall flair, the cartoon was actually one of the better Sonic cartoons IMO. Excellent characterizations for the main crew, interesting setting, decent background characters (minus a select few) and fun plotlines for a cartoon format. Minus a few things like Shadow's bad characterization and those select few characters, I feel it was a good representation of Sonic. It could really use an animated movie.
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    In my hotel in London, ready for a Sonic Adventure!
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    Hope no one minds me bringing up a dead thread, especially one that seemed to veer dangerously towards becoming rather toxic, but a thing I found funny happened yesterday. The copy of my opening post over on my Deviant Art page picked up a like which rather surprised me. It's the fifth "like" the post has picked up since I posted it some 18 months ago across all platforms I posted it on. As a result, seeing someone "like" my post made me want to read through it again. I honestly expected when I did to find that I would no longer agree with any of what I wrote as I did my best to divorce myself from the topic and boil it down to my dislike of the Amy's Piko Piko Hammer to just being an irrational emotion I suffered from to get my self ostracized from here like I did the SEGA Forums back in the day for my opinion. Yet reading through my lengthy post all I ended up discovering is that my opinion hadn't changed at all and that I still agreed with myself. It's honestly a weird sensation to revisit one's own opinions from an earlier point in your life that you tried to divorce yourself from only to discover that all you did was bury why you feel the way you do. Perhaps though based on most of the feedback that this thread received I'm also not wrong in presuming that there might be something wrong with me. Regardless, it was interesting to discover that trying to divorce my opinions and emotional response really accomplished nothing except maybe me talking about eth subject here again. I'm sure there are plenty of users here who appreciated that so I'll just limit this post to being a comment on the outcome of some self reflection due to the topic. Admittedly though, I do wonder what someone with a degree in psychology would say my opinion and attempts to deal with it says about me.
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    I don’t understand why TV channels need two separate feeds for SD and HD viewing. Why can’t the channel just be HD from the get-go? Is it because the HD screen somehow looks bad on an SD TV or something?
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    This is insanely catchy.

    This is insanely catchy.
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    It's honestly shocking how Jedi Fallen Order gets character balance and progression so much better than the sequel trilogy does. Cal Kestis feels genuine, special even if he borrows Quinlon Vos Force Echo readings, and doesn't come off as laughably overpowered and hyper competent. He's much closer to what I wanted Rey to be so I could be interested in her. He's far more believable and gets help a lot along his road as a padawan from a mostly dead order. Going into spoilers really nails how big the Star Wars universe feels especially with that crazy ending.
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    That guy in the Material shop, isn't he the asshole who shot Buu's dog? Please let me kick his ass!
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    so i gave the new version of srb2 a shot it was occasionally almost fun until i had to do anything with any degree of precision, and then the game's godawful controls turned it into suffering
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    these One Piece commercials are the best
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    Assuming Vergeben's not talking out his ass (which is steadily becoming harder and harder to believe):
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    Prince the Cat

    Sonic's Original Personality

    Sonic has three fathers. In order of impact on the actual character's personality 1. Naoto Oshima -- The design of Sonic is what makes him an enduring character. It's elegantly simple, easy to draw, expressive, familiar but unique. Blue with a dash of red and peach and white. It's beautiful and inspired. Oshima gives you Sonic's form. 2. Yuji Naka -- Sonic's design stems from what his abilities needed to be. Naka was creating a platformer that would incorporate more arcadey pinball physics... like pinball, the more you get into the rhythm of the design of the level (or pinball board?), the more fun it is and the faster you can be on replays. It's an inspired idea and by giving us Sonic's primary actions and moveset, you define how he experiences the world. He's fast and rolly, and a lot of what makes Sonic fun in those games is just the feeling of running through these weird ruins or factories. Naka gives you Sonic's actions. 3. Hirokazu Yasuhara -- often gets underrated by Sonic fans. But without Yasuhara's involvement designing the levels and Directing -- if the game isn't fun to play, none of the above matters. If the world's aren't memorable and evocative and unusual (Spring Yard, Casino Night, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruins, Angel Island, Sky Sanctuary)... without that, then it's just Bubsy or whatever. It's not a coincidence that the Sonic games have never been as good as the Genesis games, and that's Yasuhara. He also has the longest career of the three -- being responsible for Jak and Uncharted, as well, plus the underrated Floigan Bros from Dreamcast. If you squint from a certain angle, you can see elements of Sonic's personality in both Jak and Uncharted, in terms of the adventurer's personality. Yasuhara gives you Sonic's soul.
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    Sabi's dropped another apparent deconfirm: With that said...
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    We now have Concept Art for the main characters & Gym Leaders, with notes that reveal other information. Avatar Trainers Hop & Leon Bede & Marnie Rose & Oleana Milo Nessa Kabu Bea & Allister Opal Gordie & Melony Piers Raihan
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    Sonic's Original Personality

    I've never been too arsed about Naka's take on the character - I care more about his actual creator's portrayal of him, Naoto Ohshima. Because I feel like the actual character designer would have more of a grasp on Sonic's character than the programmer of the game. T'is why I always get bugged when someone calls Naka "The Father of Sonic" - like, he was in terms of the game, but the character is on Ohshima - and Schroeder, for that matter. I don't really think Sonic's current portrayal is really that far outside of what was proposed, the writing's just a bit crap. "Stoic" I think only goes so far; and I think it'd be depriving Sonic of being a more animated character to lean in full on the "he's edgy!" role. He's carefree, but can recognise when things are serious. And he can certainly be cute - I don't think it's detrimental to have that angle, especially when he is ultimately a children's character. You want to have a welcoming face, someone who you can look at and be like "that's a friend". He's just not as tightly pigeonholed to that as say, Mario. One of my favourite pieces of Sonic artwork ever is this one. He's certainly cute here, but he also looks curious and inquisitive - which I'd expect a wandering, adventuring Hedgehog to be. I think having that range with Sonic is great, and it makes him really fun to draw too. I prefer it over 'anime trope' at any rate. I'm not saying Sonic has to be cute 24/7 either, but I don't think he is - even Classic, which is I suppose more my personal focus. In Mania he's still got his sass about him in the shorts (and his shit-eating grin of justice in the victory animation), and in Forces he spends half the time just frowning. I have issues with the current 3D portrayal of Classic, but my problem with it really isn't "he's too cute."
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    We don't know what all happened in the months between Sonic's beating and Classic appearing. Considering that even at his apparent worst Tails is out there in the still-smoldering ruins of a now-Eggman-controlled city trying to fix Omega it seems like a bit much to assume he never tried to do anything. He's clearly in a bad state but he didn't enter a permanent fetal position the moment Sonic went down. It's the difference between being in the heat of the moment and being beaten down by months of tragedy. What's going to help Sonic more, someone who's not primarily a fighter throwing themselves into the fight, or figuring out what the deal is with this impossibly fast guy and his inexplicable posse? Even Sonic wants Tails to figure out what's going on in that scene, not jump in and start swinging. Forces' Egg Pawns look like chumps but they're still meant to be at least moderately dangerous, and he's put himself between them and a group of innocents. He doesn't have a lot of options at that point that wouldn't end with someone being turned into swiss cheese.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    For the classics, I like to think the reason Sonic 1 only had 6 Chaos Emeralds was simply because Eggman was a total scrub on Echidna lore at the time and didn't even know there was a 7th one for there to be a problem for Sonic. But then by Sonic 3, Eggman had shown he hit the books, got his Echidna scholars degree and found out there was actually 14 to find and even a master one at that. Speaking of Sonic 3, I like to think that Knuckles in the beginning of the game actually had the mini Master Emerald on him to stop Super Sonic, since he shows he can resize the thing to pocket size and was explained to be able to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald in the later games. Also, he knew to bring it there at that point in time since Eggman told lies about why Sonic actually had all the emeralds on him in order for Eggman to grab them for himself. For SA2, I always liked to think the Space Colony Ark was pretty much an unfinished man made project of recreating Angel Island in it's entirety, with the people on board trying to get every bit of detail down to it's atoms correct all for the sole purpose of recreating Chaos which was what the Biolizard was supposed to be the "S.H.A.D.O.W." or the follow up to, but for like evil, $$$, power and whatnot. It's also interesting that they both have peculiar parallels between the two regarding their pasts, too, in the sense that according to the history of Angel Island from Sonic 3 to Sonic Adventure, it was a mystery as to why the Echidnas all of a sudden vanished and became abandoned. Kinda like how the Space Colony Ark was. For unknown reasons at the time, the people on board mysteriously "vanished" and their history and everything about the ark was lost due to time and a cover up.
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    OH. I just remembered one fanfic I once came across and made my own private dramatic reading of (it was in the style of Orson Welles, for anyone who cares). Now I won't say names obviously, to keep privacy and all... but it was basically a gigantic clusterfuck. For a start, it was the first in a series that apparently gets even more convoluted, but I only saw a few bits of the other ones. But I do know there's just as much stupidity there. Second, the villain is Chaos. He's suddenly evil again. And it's never explained why. In fact, the story makes it sound as if he was always evil. Oh, and he can now talk for some unexplained reason. But that's is the least of the fic's problems. Most of the other one-off villains are suddenly back from the dead only to be killed right afterwards (or return in later fics I guess). You have Mephiles, you have Neo Metal Sonic, you have the Biolizard... they're all brought back for a boss fight and nothing else, with no explanation on why they're not zombies. Except Robotnik, that is. Robotnik, of course, is immediately dispatched in a piss easy boss fight (with the crap Sonic 06 robots no less) via Shadow pulling some wicked skillz. And what good Sonic fanfic is complete without even more DBZ "inspirations"? There be fusions in this one, with the super forms of Sonic, Shadow and Silver (so again, hedgehogs and no one else) fusing together... and then that fusion gets his own super form. Or hyper form. I can't remember. And then there's the obligatory romantic tumors. They are... the usual stuff. Eh. But the most infuriating part for me was one particular description in one chapter. I think it was after the aforementioned Eggman boss, and Shadow saw some vision of Black Doom or something, and he and Rouge are currently in some sort of Archie-worthy soap opera... and the description for the chapter has the nerve to say that this kind of "drama" is just what the series needs. As I said, I've only seen little bits of the later ones, but from what I've seen, they're even worse. There's strange combinations of final bosses for stupid reasons (Metal Overlord with Perfect Dark Gaia's head? Seriously?) There's (even) more grimdark than you can shake a blood-stained razor at, there's ludicrous mini-plots within a complex plot (we have to stop Metal Sonic who has taken over Eggmanland before we get back to the Final Chaos threat or whatever the fuck) and worst of all... Robotnik reforms. To quote the late and great Mr. Baldry, I HATE THAT FANFIC! Even though I made a conscious choice to continue reading it in the hopes that I as Faux-Welles could prevail! Oh, and apparently Sonic and Amy's eventual son is just a red Sonic with a katana. Oh for fu-
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    But will there be the promise of a Mephiles-that's-somehow-alive-despite-never-existing-but-lives-through-haunting-Shadow? How about Tails-brutally-killed-by-Metal-Sonic-or-typical-demonic-fancharacter? Doesn't matter. I'm already punching bears.
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    I don't know if I mentioned this before, but a peeve of mine is how fans tend to focus too much attention towards the hedgehogs, and by hedgehogs I mean just Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Not Amy, just those three. I mean if you prefer them over everybody else, that's cool, but most of the fics I read just tend to focus on those three(and sometimes Blaze, but it's almost always because she's in love with Silver/Sonic), and just say "fuck everyone else, they're not hedgehogs, so they don't matter".
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Fancharacters whose sole trait is "being sexy". With a possible "having a more darker backstory than Shadow". The more they look like an already existing character (usually the hedgehogs, but anyone's fair game) but with bigger breasts and over-the-top Final Fantasy-esque clothes and patterns, the better they're deemed and the more popular they'll be. Bonus points if they're a "*insert character* Nega". Including a Nega version of their own fancharacter(s). So, 95% of all fancharacters, then. Shame too, I've seen a few that I think are rather good, but they always get overshadowed by the aforementioned "tithogs". *shakes fist*
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Funnily enough, despite everyone in primary school calling him Robontik (yes, "Robontik", with a N before the T), because the first Sonic game I played was Advance 2, I found out almost immediately that "Robotnik" and "Eggman" were one and the same. And upon knowing this, I was like "Okay, good to know" and then carried on enjoying the game. EDIT: So yeah, count that as another, more fanbase-related pet peeve: when Ivo is treated badly in fanfiction (and it's unfortunately common from what I've seen... I could count the fanfics I've seen that do him justice with one hand), be it dying at the hands of a fancharacter good or evil, dying at the hands of a generic anime-demonic form of Sonic/Amy/Shadow (it could be anyone, but usually it's one of those three), reforming for good, or - probably worst of all - being some other villain's minion. Ugh. (Oh, and don't forget the other fanfiction cliche of Tails being killed by Metal Sonic/Overpowered Fancharacter.)
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