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    So shiny!

    So shiny!
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    Spoilering this because, well, these might be actual legit spoilers for the movie:
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    A commission I did for Teoskaven. And also a little lesson for anyone who constantly doubt their art skills.
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    I'm thinking of having The Lair Princess and the Blind Prince being my first ever Let's Play. I didn't want to just play all the big main titles and choose something a little more niche. Plus it's a cute game and I like the visual style.
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    Stage fright fucking sucks, let me tell you.
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    Going to face my most important test of the year in 2 hours. Wish me luck!
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    Very interesting topic! Hope you can write other stories about missing characters in the IDW, because I really want them to interact with the new ones.
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    Undertale has some really nice scenery pieces.
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    In December eight years ago we got this announcement: Good times! ...sort of
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    It's been years since I've played SRB2 properly. It's still great, but I'm never going to agree that a keyboard and mouse with a mouse-controlled camera is the best way to play any 3D platformer, let alone a Sonic one.
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    Did you know that spiders are the fiercest killers in the insect kingdom?
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    Morning SSMB! Sorry I haven't been here the last few days by the way(About to catch up on the notifications).
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    DMC 3 HD remake was just leaked

    DMC 3 HD remake was just leaked
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    Have some serious doubts about that being true. The whole story so far has been about being a mundane Earth setting with Sonic being the only thing standing out.
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    Ok, EggRock Zone Act 2 is horseshit as anyone not Tails.
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    I had a really clever status but I forgot it
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    Yes, totallly agree, but it just happened that there's a new Pokémon game called "-Sword and Shield" and the toxic comments that have appeared just annoy me.
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    ok guys here me out:

    ok guys here me out:
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    Big Panda

    Sonic Headcanons

    That’s not what a headcanon is.
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    This is still the greatest rip of all time
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    Well, I really like Kids United and specially THIS song.🔻 Hey, I also love BTS! My mom and I try to learn Korean from their songs (a bit difficult, though).
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    This dog definitely have a better meditation life than mines:
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    This episode aired the season before “Lisa the Vegetarian”, and the only reason Lisa stayed a veggie after that episode was because Paul McCartney asked them to make it permanent. The Simpsons predicted their own damn character development.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    Knuckles can cook, and sonic often bothers him to make him chili for chilidogs
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    A Sonic RP account called Shadow the N-word and now #SonicisOverParty is trending on Twitter, i’M dYiNg!
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    The new music in 2.2 is incredible

    The new music in 2.2 is incredible
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    Which are some of your projects which you feel most proud about? I think at first place, and almost undoubtedly, is my books/short stories works. Though I don't think people really got interested and/or engaged with them, I can't describe in words how much love and effort I put on those. It's like my personal world, much effort that only you can measure the value while others even care. Secondly, is one of my realized dreams which proves that if you dream high and persist, you can get it. It's my mash-up "Nothing But Arctic", I think it's been already 2 years that this was in my mind and I had over 3 failed attempts on finishing it. Now, it's not only done but I also feel it at the same level of the professional ones and for me it's the definite way to listen to both tracks. Third, this is likely the core of my life. It's my dedication for being myself and taking full care of my collections. Though nearly nothing compared to collectors, it's really pleasant to have your favorite album in CD format, having a huge collection and calling yourself a Sonic or Star Wars fan, collecting and learning with coins from countries you might never visit in your life. There's so much to say in this topic... Fourth, it's a hobby which I carry with me for over 7 years. I'm talking about my Doom levels (Google Translation of my defunct website). I don't have much more to say aside "Play it by yourself", though this is the compilation of 7 years of dedication and learning of new techniques. And lastly, but definitely not least (Actually pretty much the most important of the list), my life achievements (As a person): I think the thing I'm most proud about is being myself. The kind of guy who does the best to always stay next to family and friends whenever he can, who tries to learn from his errors but also feels very proud of his achievements as being persistent at school (And doing his best) to keep up with grades, helping classmates and friends even in most cases never being rewarded or being proud for all the items I've mentioned above as well one of things people most praise in my which is my organization, both of my life or from my objects. That's me, Solister.
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    It was me that bought the last Tails beanie. :- >
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    Probably popular, the Sonic fanbase has been 10X better throughout all these years than the Pokemon fanbase has throughout the past 6 months.
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    By far the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT additions in SRB2 2.2 are Tails' sprites and his doggypaddle while swimming
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (64% complete) Definitely taking my sweet time with this one to allow for my special singer to be ready. It is unfortunate that over the course of the last week, my planned guitarist had to back out of the project. It's completely understandable, as the last thing I wanted was to overwhelm anyone, since I know their priorities are way higher than to focus on an indy project. The band has a lot coming up in the upcoming months, and are going through a lot at this moment. I was able to find a replacement guitarist already. He'll only need a week or so to prepare but he's really motivated this time around. It's a good lesson that things may not go to plan so it's best to be prepared for anything. I have just finished editing my instrumentals, and am completely ready to move on to my own vocals. I still have about a month before my guest singer is ready. I'm more than excited to be working with such talent of legendary proportions. Everything is now smooth and flows very well. I will need to consult some friends for some second opinions though. I'm nervous about how it's gonna turn out once I post it online. I better really knock out these vocals. This is gonna be the hardest part of the whole project. Wish me luck
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    I’m in California to meet up with my cousins.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    I really need to remember to make sure I get adequate sleep as often as possible. The difference in the amount of work I can stay focused on getting done on a day with sleep versus a day without is astounding
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    It’s always funny finding a self-proclaimed “clean” artist’s secret NSFW account, lol
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    Oh my god, why did it take me up until now to realize that A.S.A.P. meant “As Soon As Possible”?
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    A Mega Man 3D collectathon platformer but the "Power Stars" are Robot Masters scattered about the levels.
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    Made the dean’s list at uni!
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    look, I'm just saying, Mercedes Fire Emblem looks soft and that hugging her would probably feel very cozy and warm
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    recently started pokémon yellow, this time with the intent to actually finish it
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    Art Topic Update! I completely redesigned a character I made earlier this year... I like how he turned out!
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    Wow. Just watched a guy read a real article from a real gaming website in which the "journalist" wanted to test if the Joy-Con will still work if he shoves it up his arse. (It didn't.) Modern journalism, folks. I'm not linking that shit. They get paid by view count and I ain't gonna encourage the stupid.
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    Was hoping Tee would do remixes from other games, but wasn't expecting Sonic 4
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    You know, I never noticed that fist bump between them all those years ago. On the topic though, I'm one of those people who honestly prefers Shadow as a G.U.N agent as it creates a different viewpoint of Sonic's world and gives the character something to do. Conversely, it also helps support him as he never really functions well off of his own agency when he isn't being introspective. Mind, I think Shadow is at his best when he is being introspective and aloof, taking the time to look at himself and the situation, but I could live with G.U.N agent Zero as well. The similarities between Zero and Shadow are honestly almost enough to get me to invest in the Megaman X and Megaman Zero branches of the Megaman franchise just to see how deep the similarities go.
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    Ah, so announce things before he goes ahead with them. Ew... Guess that confirms it's a separate screen. Well he is being paid for it.
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    Boy. If there was ever any doubt (all but impossible at this point) about what Penders REALLY wanted to be working on, this kinda obliterates it. I mean really, the man constantly whines about the crap that gets slung his way over how closely he's tried to maintain the Knuckles connection, insists on the originality of his work, and then... boom. Art that demands people pay attention to the Knuckles connection.
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    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    I'm not gonna watch, but I hear positive reaction from people. That's nice. ...Well except for the "we already knew the big reveal" reaction. I've heard that Namagem's identity was supposed to be kept secret, which makes sense. But then, I'm sure anyone will figure out with that name.
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    I would say Spongebob. Most people say the first three seasons are the best, then after the first movie (released in 2004) most agree that it has become mediocre, with some seasons, such as the seventh, being considered downright bad/terrible. Flanderization of the characters' personalities is also strong and considered one of the declining factors, others being the quality, animation, the episodes' plots, etcetera. Though it has become slightly better since Stephen Hillenburg has returned to the show.
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    One of the big ones that I can name that is declining is The Simpsons, sure it is still profitable for Fox and people still watch the new seasons but if you ask people about the show they just say Seasons 1-8 are the best then afterwards it is either mixed, rubbish or not bothered watching anymore. For me because of how long the show has been running, there have been 2 declining points and they are Seasons 9-11 and the current season (29?). Seasons 9-11 are pretty known because of a different more wacky tone of the show, characters where they become unlikeable with Jerkass Homer being one of the most known and having plots that revolve around celebrities or quite unrealistic. They are seen as jump the shark in general. Season 29 for me has become rubbish and so far only one good episode because they wanted to be more hipster like of the show constantly using different styles of animation, recycling plots because they are running out of ideas (even though the recent one was good, it is sort of recycled the plot where Bart fell down the well and earlier in the season there was one that recycled Angry Dad just swap Homer and Bart with Marge and Lisa) and even less about the values of the show. The first episode of the season is enough to explain my point because they want to do a fantasy episode and wasn't advertised as a special like the Treehouse of Horror or the 3 short episodes that they are more fantasy like with the family bridging the gaps, it was treated as a normal episode.
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