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    For the past month, I've been organising a bit of a bit online event for the community to participate in two nights of Team Sonic Racing fun and games. The idea initially was to simply pick a date and time to give a boost to the online community so we could try and have some online antics with lots of new people instead of the usual loyal following. Well... It's since grown into something more. I was able to recruit a number of well known Sonic Streamers and personalities in the community who have agreed to take a time slot to Stream TSR and try to raise money for the Charity Special Effect. Date & Time We're streaming tomorrow (Monday 16th December) at 4PM (GMT)/11AM (EST) for a few hours, then picking up the next day (Tuesday 17th December) at 5PM (GMT)/12PM (EST) for another few hours. Full Schedule The full schedule, who is streaming and on which version is as follows (Subject to any unforeseen changes). How can I help? Obviously, if you fancy watching either of the streamers and joining in with the chat, that's always a huge moral booster, but we're also taking donations for Special Effect during the event. Any donation is welcome and the money goes directly to Special Effect via Tiltify. But what we'd also love to see is people actually joining us online and joining our races so you get to race with us during our respective live-stream, or just come online and lets give the game some love and support with some fresh players. Who is Special Effect? Special Effect is a UK based charity that helps people with disabilities get into gaming, they happen to be supported by both Sega and Sumo digital and do some incredible work. More information on their website. How can I donate? Each streamer should have a very obvious icon or sign post to how you can donate... Alternatively, feel free to use this link. Further Information We don't have a site or a twitter account for this event, the next best thing would be to either follow myself or Sam since we'll be tweeting the various times/moments when someone is online and if there are any changes, as will any of the other streamers during the event. Any questions, fire away and I'll try to answer asap!
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    Don’t fuck with the Columbia Pictures lady.
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    Dude...we literally need ONE MORE MEMBER to hit 10,000 that's nuts
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    By the way, an update; There's now a surge of fans on Reddit asking for a character called Mr Crumb from the Crash Tiger Electronic game. I said scraping the barrel, not digging six feet through it.
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    So we're going to have a Team Sonic Racing Community Event. Details: https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/25239-team-sonic-racing-driving-for-hope-community-event/?do=getNewComment
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    I dunno why nobody ever talks about Bee Movie’s Dreamworks logo
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Game Ideas

    It could work, I just wouldn't market it as a "Sonic" centric game. Perhaps a SEGA All-Stars title, Where he, and perhaps many other SEGA characters can be prominently featured, just not the lead. Also make the gameplay between different characters optional. No one wants to play a fast paced Sonic level only to have to switch to playing Bass Fishing with Big the Cat just to unlock Super Sonic. But nonetheless give special rewards to players who pursue and give the other game modes a try. Multiple endings perhaps based on who you played and what decisions you made. A final story may exist based on these decisions, but I'd advise against a canon ending. Me personally, I'd like to see a chao adventure game, though.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Two things: -They actually did curse when recording “Sailor Mouth”. -Clancy Brown saying “you fucking cocksucker” gives me life.
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    Swivel here

    Swivel here
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    Chamomile #139
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    SSMB....have you ever fallen in love? In the turn of the decade, the open world genre blew up and ground breaking game after ground breaking game prioritizing player agency and freedom turned up. This rennicance timed perfectly with a sort of decline in Zelda's mainstream appeal. Skyward Sword released in 2011 alongside the likes of Dark Souls and Skyrim. Last gen's Shadow of the Colossus and Okami had already put pressure on the series to evolve past it's own narrative constraints, and now the very idea of an adventure game being so linear and guided mechanically was starting to become laughable. Zelda was starting to feel less like the adventure game that stretched your imagination and more like a theme-park ride. A far cry from the original entry that put the name on the map. And the series was still doing well enough to stay on it's course. "Controversial" by the standard of quality we're talking about here was still rave reviews and millions of copies sold. Nintendo as a company are notorious for playing it safe with their IP, especially in this past decade. Even with the abundant courage the series displayed in the past like retooling the entire art style for the fun of it or gearing the entire game around motion controls, there were still aesthetic, narrative, and mechanical rules you just didn't expect them to break. But Aonuma and Fubayashi did something I never expected them to do. They decided that the safety of excellence wasn't enough. Zelda deserved the throne. So they gambled the series soul. Every single aspect of what we understood of it was pulled apart and retooled. Nintendo came to E3 reintroducing Zelda as a systemic open world game along the likes of your Skyrims and your Far Crys with Nintendo levels of polish. Choice and freedom invaded every aspect of it from the direction you choose to go to the start to what clothes Link could wear. And it slapped. I mean, of course it slapped. It's a fucking Zelda game. But this shit slapped. Go wherever you want. Do anything. Layers and layers of systemic mechanics garuntee that choice doesn't feel hollow. The world will respond to you. It'll push and pull against you depending on how you decide to approach certain challenges. The core gameplay triad of Puzzles, Exploration and Combat returns but it's now tied together with the game's overarching physics engine. Puzzles have multiple solutions depending on your knowledge of how to manipulate the gears, levers and mechanics. Enemies follow the same rules Link does when it comes to interacting with the world. Every bad thing that can happen to you can happen to them. The series's self desctructive focus on dueling was scaled back so that the focus could be on cleverly using whatever tools availible to swing the odds in your favor against mobs of foes. As for exploration, uh...you can climb the fucking walls. All of them. All of it. All the buildings. All the ruins All the mountains. THe biggest game design no-no ever? It's a feature. The gameplay loop of flying and climbing makes skipping over large chunks of land not just possible, but easy. This game sheds the insecurity of previous installments and trusts that cour players will explore to find the content they've hidden, going with the correct assumption that it's far more rewarding to find some things for yourself instead of having it handed to you. There's lots to discover. Lots of toys to play with. A lot of outcomes depending on what you as a player choose. None of the noise of the previous entries to get in your way. I frame it as a reinvention, but BOTW is very affectionate about past titles and is careful to embody their appeal. Dense puzzles and combat scenarios remain even though dungeons are gone. The soundtrack is still soulful and memorable even though the series usual bombast is dropped in favor of something more low-key and almost every iconic melody is absent in favor of new material. It's new in a way that feels familiar and the few flaws it has as an experience represent a room for growth that still leave me excited about the sequel. I'm just...so so I got to see my favorite series shoot for the stars and for it to work out for the most part. I've played so many other all time favorites this decade that I'll get into later in this thread, but nothing beats just wandering through hyrule to the sounds of windswept grass and the rustling of my equipment wondering what's past that next mountain.
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    A third Sonic/Mega Man crossover

    I didn’t even remember we had a third crossover planned. Honestly, all I can say is don’t do 90% of what Unite did. Unite was boring, filled with unfitting art, had a meh story, and made the story like such a depressing as hell thing that it just wasn’t fun, which is a cardinal sin for a crossover like this. And for the love of god, PLEASE just keep it contained to Sonic and Mega Man. Feel free to dive into a few sub series, but nothing beyond that. An event like this should feel like a love letter to their retrospective series, but Worlds Unite just felt so utterly soulless. Doing things for the sake of feeling bigger without feeling like they served a purpose, trying to be a spectacle instead of having actual substance. There’s cool ideas that sound fine on paper but fall utterly apart on execution. The guest artists, bar the one for Parts 9-12 are not fitting for this series IMO, and while Parts 1-4 were fairly serviceable, even with strange moments, Parts 5-8 were utterly abysmal. Worlds Collide had a far better idea because they had long time artists handling each act, and even when we had Tracy as the weakest due to his off model Mega Man characters, he improved as things progressed, and was on Sonic for so long that it made sense to have him involved, it felt like they wanted to have guest artists who don’t fit the art styles of Sonic and Mega Man for publicity instead of getting regulars who have experience and should be involved in such a momentous event. They threw so much needless crap into the arc, despite such a massive chunk of it feeling like filler. After the awesome as hell Sonic Man and M’Egga Man sections, everything falls apart. Sigma brainwashes the D6 and the Mavericks are just lifeless husks not helped by a terrible set of art that isn’t helping matters, and then for no reason, they feel the need to shoehorn another Sonic VS Mega Man fight despite the fact that we already got it in Collide. Even what should be a cool final act is ruined by tons of issues - Boom feels needless and outside of Issue 5, Sticks feels frustrating, while Beaver and Chimp feel like godawful comic relief. The SEGA/Capcom crossovers just feel terrible because not only are they thrown into the last part with literally no room to breathe, they’re also thrown into one of the biggest problems - Sigma. Sigma is a cool villain, but he is just fucking awful in this crossover IMO, and the issue is plain as day - he is an invincible villain, and it leads to Darkness Apathy, to use a TV Tropes term. In Worlds Collide, despite Eggman and Wily having a fairly large advantage the whole way through, it never felt unbalanced towards them. Sonic and co found flaws in their plans and dismantled their operations slowly, which effected the doctors, despite their attempts to hide it. It caused their entire dynamic and friendship to fall apart because they were fully expecting the whole thing to go wrong as the heroes pull a last minute save, and they planned to simply settle for backstabbing the other, leaving them trapped with their enemies, and taking the Wily Egg as a smaller victory. Even when they’re on the verge of total victory, it never feels totally helpless, between them trying to backstab each other, and Knuckles and Porto Man appearing in a last ditch effort, Eggman and Wily were actually fallible, and made the conflict interesting. It wasn’t about not being able to do damage to them, it was about them taking damage, and trying to adapt to stay on top, and that kept things interesting. Where even at their worst, Sonic and Mega Man were able to turn the tide and win, and even Eggman got a last ditch attempt to mess with Sonic. It felt interesting. But Sigma is just a total joke. He takes no damage from anything whatsoever, meaning the SEGA/Capcom heroes are basically pointless because they get to do nothing to Sigma. Sigma just gets to continue doing nothing but growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger to a frustrating degree. He’s basically Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. Goku and other characters keep hitting him with strong attacks, but Jiren just shrugs them off for the majority of the time because “he’s strong”. Then even Super Sonic and Super Mega Man get to do nothing, and because Ian seemingly wrote himself into a corner to make Sigma so unstoppable, we literally had to have a creator pet (Payne) go back in time and just stop the whole story from happening. It was such a utter disappointing cop out of an ending. All this to say if, and that’s a big if - IF they had to do another Worlds Unite, then just don’t do all this promotional bullshit and try to make it a labour of love like Collide was. Collide had its own problems, but at least it felt like a love letter, while Unite just feels like a shoe horned sequel to cash in on the original success (which tbf, it was, given they were basically holding hostage with the success of Unite, and it had to do well to keep Mega Man and Boom alive, and then killed both when it didn’t work out).
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    New Holiday animation coming tomorrow!

    I'm just tired of any little good thing that pops up that people (including myself!) use as reason to lament the state of the franchise. Like I get it because I've done that before too, probably more recently than my brain is remembering in fact, but I tried stopping because it got obnoxious and because it actively hindered my ability to wholly enjoy something that comes along without getting mopey over it. It is disappointing that every single topic including this one has to have people going "why can't Sega fire Sonic Team and replace them with people who have never been involved in video games in their entire career" when we already talk about how bad they are in 99% of topics. Would it hurt to dial that number down to 98% instead? Also before anyone misinterprets what I'm saying here, I'm not saying you can't ever rant about the series in general, lord knows I have bones to pick with Sega's handling of Sonic much like most of you... but in my opinion, a topic about Sega doing a cute Sonic-related thing for pure funsies might not be the right place for it.
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    New Holiday animation coming tomorrow!

    Chess made an astute observation. Shades. Mustache. This can't be a coincidence. The Man 3 short when?
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    If this isn't a blatant "we want to exterminate anyone remotely to the left of us and force our hateful oligarchy on everyone for our own sadistic satisfaction", I don't know what is.
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    He needs to quit using it because tomorrow never comes, since his stories never go anywhere.
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    Ken penders has on numerous occasions have written stories who's only explanation is " he doesn't think of women characters besides objects and things to have" it also explains the funky acephobic shit he said on twitter
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    Penders tends to have some really weird storytelling priorities in general. Just look at Chaos Knuckles and the entirety of 25YL. Beyond that though, when he wasn't trying to make these books into an "Epic" Sci-Fi Drama/Soap Opera? He pretty tried to write it as being your typical Superhero comic, in particular one from the times he was growing up. One of the things prevalent in 'his' era of comics was this idea that Archnemesises hold this weird place in the hearts of the various Superheroes, almost like a 'frenemy' sort of deal- and that if they were gone, the absence would in fact sadden said superheroes. Penders tends to copy tropes from stuff he likes without really giving much thought to the context, so in all likelihood he figured it was a similar deal- Snively is one of the constants in Sonic's life, so clearly, him being gone means it'd have an emotional impact on Sonic. Obviously this all falls apart pretty much for all the reasons mentioned by everyone else in this thread. This isn't a Superhero book, and Snively isn't a supervillain- he's the right hand of a genocidal dictator and an active participant in the events that destroyed Sonic's life along with the lives of his friends. While I doubt Sonic actively wishes anyone dead, it'd be REALLY difficult to justify him feeling all that torn up over Snively going bye-bye. But Penders has never allowed a little thing like characterization and context get in the way of Drama, nor has he ever really been able to process the book or its characters on their own terms when it was always so much more convenient to box them into genres he personally found 'acceptable'.
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    Why would Sonic even need to provoke Evil Sonic into a fight. Not only is Evil Sonic (Penders era at least) a petty little shit who takes any chance to try attack Sonic, but are we reaaaally forgetting the fact that just 15 issues prior, he kidnapped Sonic and impersonated him for an undisclosed amount of time? He is a known villain, why would Sonic need to wait for Evil Sonic to initiate the fight instead of just immediately going after him? Hell, why the fuck would Evil Sonic care if Rouge hooks up with Sonic or not? Rouge to him is meant to just be a patsy so he can get the Master Emerald, but suddenly he now cares about her so much to get into a fight with Sonic? Like, I'd get it if it was Flynn!Era Scourge, because Scourge admits than he likes Fiona because unlike everyone else he knows/has been with, she makes an active decision to be bad, and be with him, rather than just be conditioned to be that way like the girls on Moebius, so if Fiona was the one Sonic pulled this with, then maybe, but Rouge makes no sense.
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    Stop using TOMORROWS in your titles for things Ken. TOMORROWS is not a good word. I know all words are made up but some words are better than others. That word is a not a good word. PFFFT! Sorry. When I was reading that, I was expecting it to say the death of Sally or someone he might care way more about. Reading Snively almost made me choke on my saliva. Not saying Sonic wouldn't care if he got the dude killed but, especially at this point in the comic's life, Snively wasn't exactly the nicest of dudes either so grief might be too much. I could see Sonic being a bit rattled and a little too cautious for a bit but I dunno about a whole plot centered on him turning into Paton because of it. I also thought that Sally was supposedly the leader but than again, Ken wanted her dead so I guess not. This entire thing reads like one of the most alien and strangest things I might randomly come across browsing Fanfiction.net. Sonic is a soldier with a rank "Gentleman-(HA!) At-Arms" and is going with his girlfriend, the princess, to Station Square to set up an embassy for his kingdom and then politics ensue...? Are they the kind of politics that get Sonic framed and put him on the run because than it might feel more adventure-esque. I know this was a different time and the chemical make up of the Archie comics, even in Ian's run, was pretty much this for the longest time. I have so many of these books after all. Despite knowing that, it's STILL weird to me. Ah yes. Truly the Sonic way of handling a situation. Scoring with Rouge the Bat. Christ. The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown are some of the few issues I own before 160. When I got the back issues it came with Issues 150 onward. I read them all, expecting good art and good stories, but I didn't get either of those until 160. So I just decided to put 160 onward in my binders and chucked 159 and below into a corner somewhere. I still have them, This was before I even knew about Ian, Penders, Gallagher, and Karl. Sorry Ken, but those stories were just some bullshit. Maybe I'll find one I like somewhere in the mess after Issue 50. I just finished reading and reacting to Endgame but I know for a fact that I'm mostly in for some weird and borderline offensive shit. Not everything I read in this post sounded like the worst thing ever but they're just synopsis' to stories that when acted out, no doubt would have been far worse. I'll never not be happy that things changed for the better.
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    "Dodged a bullet"? Well, put it this way, it's more like:
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    Penders' idea to redeem Snively and kill him off and have it be a really emotional moment that has Sonic wracked with grief has always felt super weird to me. Snively has been evil and a sworn enemy of the Freedom Fighters for many, many years. Sure, if he finally sacrificed himself, it would be emotional, but grief seems like it'd be an odd response. I would more expect them to be stunned that he had good in him after all, thankful for his sacrifice, and be more serious and somber for a while in light of it. But would they MISS Snively? Of course not! He's been sidekick to one of the worst villains in Mobius' history since the Freedom Fighters were kids! So why would Sonic be "wracked with grief" as though Snively was one of his friends?? And that's not even getting to the weirdness of why Penders felt the need to redeem him or kill him off in the first place. Some of the other ideas sound OK, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would be any good in Penders' hands...
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    skull902: Let's Play Sonic Mania
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