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    My dog will live to see Christmas and the new year!!!!!!
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    Got this bad boy from the great people at SEGA Europe today! I'm eternally grateful & a little perplexed at how I deserve it : P
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    there's so many good quotes about cats 2019 but this is the one that's given me the most life
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    Got an iPhone 11

    Got an iPhone 11
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    Impeach the president from sonic adventure 2
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    gonna see Rise of Skywalker on Friday. really excited! i don't care about the reviews or how dumb it might be, i just wanna see my boy palpatine again.
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    I do think the Lost Hex isn't quite comparable to Little Planet and Angel Island. We just needed some kind of throwaway line about whether it's an ordinary place or some kind of legend in Sonic's world, even that would've been enough. It's easy to imagine it as a thing that exists and is normal in Sonic's world, because Sonic's world also has stuff like the special stage settings in it, but even THEN those have always been kind of been one of those things that's kept weirdly "seperate" to the main plot and never really touched upon by any spoken dialogue in the series, as if we're just supposed to accept them as a gameplay mechanic more than a piece of lore. Granted, if Sonic Team were already working on the "two worlds" bullshit and this is just normal in the more surreal version of Sonic's world then we're already fighting a losing battle to make a satisfying lore explaination since uhh, yeah, the two worlds bullshit is bullshit. Yeah that's not the kind of lack of payoffs that damage Colours story for me. "Eggman is bad because he's destroying/enslaving Planet Wisp" is very obvious and not really even a theme at this point in the series, that's Eggman's entire thing. The damage comes from stuff like Eggman's master plan being stopped by the end of the first zone due to sheer luck of where a piece of the first boss landed after it blew up. Good foreshadowing of a twist comes with little hints that the audience can piece together, not a random coincidence that the camera points directly at and then just tasks you with remembering it for the entire rest of the game with no other new content regarding it. Eggman's plan being doomed from so early on cheapens the rest of the adventure significantly for me, or at the very least, it causes the finale of the game to be a bit of an anti-climax. "The world under peril from Eggman's mind control ray" is much higher stakes than "Escape from the theme park before it blows up", especially for a character who historically is pretty good at getting from one place to another very quickly. There's an old Pixar storytelling "rule" that says coincidences can get characters into trouble, but never out of them. Now yes the stray robot arm does cause a new problem, but it solves a much bigger one in the process. It's just not a subversion I find particularly interesting. The friendship between Sonic, Tails and Yakker works fine, and their parting ways at the end of the game is handled well too, I have no critique of that in itself, but the fact that they bring up that he's missing while they're standing in a factory where Wisps get turned into Nega Wisps is kind of laid out to be a big deal, and then the payoff is... I guess he just went off to take a leak or something. I do somewhat enjoy the fact that the climax of the game is simply a petty grudge match between Sonic and Eggman at the worst possible time to have one (although the aesthetics could have used a bit more work to sell the idea that they're still under time pressure to escape from the park before it explodes), but having a Nega-Wisp Yakker show up at some point in the last act of the story to really put into perspective what Eggman is doing (it's not like we've made a personal connection to any of the other Wisps being Nega-fied en masse) would've really just added an extra bite to it. I dunno, there's a lot of little things in Colours' story where it almost seemed like they were trying to do something creative and new but don't quite follow the thought all the way to the end, or they try to be subversive for subversions' sake but not really knowing what to do with it (like, starting the game in media res with gameplay just comes off as weird when they make you play two acts before the first cut-scene (genuinely made me think my disc was broken and wasn't playing video files or something), and then when we do get to that first cut-scene, they immediately flash back to what preceeded the first two stages. They might as well have just done a regular intro, the elevator cut-scene is pretty brief anyway). I do have respect for Colours' story, I think it is servicable and I enjoyed it enough the first time through, just seems like a lot of missed potential.
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    Random take: Snow White is among the Disney movies planned to get a live-action remake. Honestly, if they absolutely had to remake Snow White, I’d rather they pulled a 22nd Pokemon movie and do it in CGI, and release it for a landmark anniversary year (the 90th or 100th anniversary), the basic idea being “Snow White marked the birth of feature-length animation. Look how far the medium has come all these years later”.
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    Man, Christmas on the UK’s cartoon channels are really terrible. It used to be on Cartoon Network and Boomerang at least, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day had this massive blowout of specials, old and new. They ranged as far back as the Chuck Jones Grinch special to the Powerpuff Girls Christmas special, and more. There were movies and everything. But Christmas Day is just Christmas themed episodes of their regular schedule, pretty disappointing.
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    Just saw Rise of Skywalker. The critics are wrong, its actually decent. Yeah it has problems but none that heavily impact the film (except one, though I did like they used a certain line to explain it). Give it a try.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    12-19-19: Part 2 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist. Also 100 posts OH MUH GAH
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    They actually did it. AntDude and Nitro Rad made crossover reviews. It's truly a Christmas miracle. Caddicarus' next, James.
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    Given Christmas tie-ins, it could be any day now.
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    Wholesome Christmas content
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    Etika is on Gamers of the Year 2019 list! https://kotaku.com/the-gamers-of-the-year-2019-1840516193
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    I just finished watching the 2018 Grinch movie. I actually fairly enjoyed it? I'm in a weird state, honestly. There's a lot I really liked about it, mainly where it got really creative, and where it took deviations from Chuck Jones' version. I really liked how they attempted to make the Grinch more sympathetic this time around, because frankly - no one is gonna compared to the original Chuck Jones!Dickhead Grinch, he was just so delightfully a jerk, and loved it that it's hard to top, and that was a huge failing of the Jim Carrey version. I liked that they tried to retain the heart of the character, but do something new by giving him and Max a friendship, as well as giving him a few self-doubt issues. I really loved the ending, a hell of a lot more than the Chuck Jones version. That said though, I still wish it was better, and that's what disappoints me. It feels like we were really close to a fantastic Grinch adaption, that could really stand alongside the original version, not replace it, but offer something entirely new that gave it merit alongside it. But Illumination still let a lot of their usual trappings enter the movie, especially with some of the painful "goofy Grinch" moments, and the middle act, which feels like absolute filler. If they'd cut straight from The Grinch getting the idea for stealing Christmas, and maybe a montage of the set-up, before cutting right to the night of the plan, I feel like it would've been a lot better. As is, there's something there that has promise, but just needed a bit more of a push to really hit it's stride.
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    Welp, that’s the end of first semester! And I think I ended it on a good note!
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    heard about the impeachment. i wanted to post this back in 2016 but obviously didn't get to, but now i can
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    Big Panda

    Bye-bye cheeto man.

    Bye-bye cheeto man.
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    So, in one year, Smash Ultimate not only became the best selling fighting game of all time, but it also became the best selling console game in Japan this decade.
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    I see a lot of praise for the clone wars, but I watched the first few seasons and I thought it was a good watch, nothing too mind blowing, nor something I probably would follow. Wasn't a fan of the art direction. I guess it was inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars shorts, but I don't really like how it looks in CG. And yet years later I find out there's things that really would have caught my interest, what with all the lore that's been introduced. So I gotta ask, since I have Disney + and with a new season coming out, should I give it another watch? and if so, Should I start from the beginning, or is there a point where things start to get interesting. I also know there's a movie that serves as sort of a pilot, but I heard it wasn't very good and doesn't do the series justice, so I'm probably gonna skip that.
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    Welp, the end is here. My final art post and my final over all post on SSMB. I asked way back in May of 2018 if folks could offer me a Sonic character to draw, and boy, oh boy, did you guys pop out of the wood work to ask. So with out further ado let's do this! All done, just in time for Christmas! I was going to have one final post with Ray planting his old reaper staff into the ground (if you're familiar with the RP you'll know what I'm waffling on about.) and walking away but I got caught up in a lot of stuff... so instead I'm going to leave this here as my goodbye message. So long SSMB. Take it easy.
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    It's hard to speak about how the general sentiment toward the game changed but I recall debates about these games quality being the same back when I first joined as they are now. It wouldn't even be hard to go back and look at older threads on this exact topic if one were curious. We've been talking about this for almost 10 years The only thing that I can say changed for sure is my perspective. I used to like Colors and Generations more than most Sonic games but now the opposite is the case. Nothing really grabs me about them thematically, artistically or mechanically. There's not much they do that other games, Sonic or otherwise, don't do better. Sonic Generations is intentionally hamstrung by drawing direct comparisons to better games. At least Mania backs itself up by just straight up being better than the older games it references. Generations can only make this claim for the worst of the bunch. I've seen some suggest Colors is the better game due to it's originality and while it's nice to have at least one completely original setting this decade it's still a fairly basic and creatively bankrupt game mechanically. That doesn't mean it can't be fun, but it starts to set in how shallow it all is before it's short runtime is even over. It's blocky platforming and basic puzzle solving brings to mind other games with controls more suited to them even if it's never really bad. I can accept a deemphasis on story but this has become an excuse for poor storytelling. Sonic Colors isn't just a lighter or simpler plot, it's a plot that doesn't really go anywhere and betrays it's own stakes and characters. No matter how tone deaf story elements of previous Sonic games are you can't let that get in the way of the mechanics of the story: We used to have some kind of point or emotional payoff to things. Characters used to grow or change. Tangible consequences including death used to come up. I was under the impression that the tone deaf aesthetic, convoluted plotting and poor dialogue was getting in the way of these mechanics and thats why they needed to go. What was the point of removing the character work too? Lost World and Forces have a lot of carry over from these games but they actually do start trying shit with the characters again, so that's one thing they have over these. It's hard to say exactly how the mainstream feels about the games but I feel like the fact that they're barely brought up at all says enough. I wouldn't go as far as to say that means people started hating them. They just didn't make the cultural splash Sonic fans were hoping they would when those review scores first rolled in. To me, that's fair since it wouldn't have been earned.
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    Can I just make it clear that the criticism that Generations receives now isn't retrospective as you suggest it is. Common criticisms towards Generations that go back to 2011 concern the following: 1) Its overuse of 2D, as it makes up a sizeable chunk of the supposedly 3D Modern gameplay. Whilst it was more welcomed in Unleashed and Colours, with Generations already having an entirely 2D focused Classic Sonic campaign, the inclusion of 2D segments in Modern Sonic's level drew ire right away. 2) The story was disappointing. It can be brushed aside, but people were largely disappointed by the lack of any real narrative in the game. Nothing really happened over the course of the story. 3) Classic Sonic never felt right. The gameplay was enjoyable to most, but almost everyone seemed to be in agreement that Classic Sonic was far from as good as Modern Sonic and generally controlled very stiffl, with level design that often had more in common with S4 thab the Classics. Modern Sonic felt like more of the same. Whether you liked the gameplay style or not (and there was a lot of vocal support for the boost gameplay back then), it didn't really set itself apart from Unleashed and Colours. 4) It was short. Incredibly short even, with all of the side content being relegated to the optional missions that weren't fun at all. As @Tara says in her post above, it's compact and does does the bare minimum. The game lacks depth and scope, and what it focuses on feels very limited. Bad? No. Underwhelming? Yes. For example, the game's focus is on being one big nostalgia trip, but it misses out so much of the series' history. 9 levels, 3 bosses and 3 rivals to represent the entire series is just not enough, or was at least not managed that well. And for another example, see my remarks remarks about gameplay. Neither the gameplay nor the content really excels. There's an element of Generations being tarnished by the years that followed, as you say. In my honest opinion, Generations was never that good to begin with; it was merely "fairly decent" and always will be. But it was also the best 3D Sonic game to come along since of the Adventure series a full ten years earlier, so it garnered a lot of praise simply because it wasn't absolute garbage. It unfortunately represented a relatively low high-point for the series before it fell off the deep end again with Boom, Lost World and Forces. Generations and Colours very much felt like the series starting to pick itself up, and the ball was dropped only a few feet off the ground. You can't help but look at Generations a bit bleakly if it's supposed to be as good as Sonic gets. Generations was never free from criticism though and it's not revisionist. I've never heard criticisms about overused returning stages or general nostalgia pandering and Classic Sonic's presence applied to Generations. It's true that Generations set or perpetrated many of the issues that currently plague the series, but they don't apply to it.
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    IDW Eggman only feels weird in the context of the comic being a sequel to forces. Eggman going from backup plans after backup plans to "don't get infected lol" dont really mesh.
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