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    ... I forgot Christopher Lee died. And it's been 4 years now wtf Holy crap.
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    I agree on omega, I wouldn't call their bond familial. Not to say it can't, just they haven't interacted enough and their interactions don't really give off the same vibe as sonic or tails or the chaotix. Like two guys who have been through similar stuff and respect each other for that. Would love to see shadow omega buddy cop brother adventures. With rouge I disagree. I think the idea to call shadow self absorbed is kinda missing his point. Its the opposite. He's super selfless to the point of frequent martyrdom and completely absorbed with justice. I think rouge see's that and how far he has come and likes it. Its trait he shares with knuckles another character rouge likes romantically. ( and blaze which is why rouge and blaze is a good ship) . And I think shadow likes rouge because she's competent and doesn't judge him, just accepts him for who he is and what he's trying to be . Even other sonic characters including sonic himself will often assume shadow is up to something. She just...believes in him. Good friend. Well until recent changes in characterization. I do agree that they are both prone to hide their true feelings. We could go on all day about potential romance stuff or even just friend stuff. But I also get the feeling just as shadow respects rouge. Rouge respects shadow... alot. Like admiration a lot,she just...wont tell him. With DOOM that's an interesting take on the monster thing. I usually go with " he was just trying to find a family and some identity "and there's a bit of that in there. But you go with the idea of him thinking that indulging in just being some monster was tempting. Considering he was born into a world that for one reason or another just didn't trust him. I can totally see that , Shadow at the point seeing being the thing they make him out to be being tempting. I like that take I don't really have anything to say about your take on mephilies. Its just meta and specific. I always viewed mephilies as a sort of " The devil inside you " sort of thing in combination with the devils bargin. In regards to shadow. I don't think infinite represents anything. Shadow beat him up because he was guarding and eggman base and infinite was upset over it. Its not significant, mimic in the comic got whipped working for eggman and he didn't decide to put a jewel in his chest and become a living weapon for a dictator. So many other characters in the history of all sonic media including shadow have gotten beaten up a bit helping eggman and they didn't go through the entire whiny mess infinite went through. He represents nothing besides his own bad character arc which in itself is a bunch of jumbled puzzle pieces hastily put together with glue and spit. I think your take on maria is actually why shadow the hedgehog exists, particularly its ending which kind of disregards that. Doom didn't make shadow shadow Gerald didn't make shadow shadow Maria didn't even make shadow shadow Shadow makes Shadow shadow. ( BTW I legit think this is actually a functional sentence ). So I don't think she's all these particular emotions. That's shadow. She's just an occasional reminder to do the right thing. She's more of an occasional moral guide. That's all she needs to be IMO I appreciate your takes. Its nice to see folks genuinely interested in sonic. In this day an age, sega is making it harder to be
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    15 years ago today, the video HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL was created, marking the beginning of youtube poops
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    Look! Yuji and his sons grab a Sonic movie flyer.: Here is the back of the flyer. Here is what. It’s means and Yuji Naka’s response to this.: Translation: "It says on the Sonic the Movie flyer that 'the mystery of Sonic, whose wish has been to have friends/alliance, will be revealed this spring!' and it sounds strange. At this rate, the mystery of his birth might as well be different from what Ohshima or I decided upon. Well, seeing his eyes not connected or the phrase 'I came to Earth to save our planet', it sounds like he is completely different character than the Sonic I know." Sources: https://twitter.com/SonicJPNews/status/1208789912390164480 https://twitter.com/SonicJPNews/status/1208789915720470528
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    Made a really long post over on tumblr and by the time i was finished thought it would make for some discussion, even if Shadow threads risk opening a can of worms so I'll ask everyone in advance to try and keep it civil. Anyway, please open the spoilers for the post and feel free to share your thoughts not just on my opinions and thoughts, but also on how you see Shadow reflected in those around him and how his reactions to that speak about him.
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    So it's been pointed out that the Rise of Skywalker audience score has remained at 86% despite the reviews going up to almost 40,000. If you like the movie, that's great for you. But the fact that the percentage hadn't moved from something like 15,000 reviews to 40,000 and still remains as 86% is highly suspicion in my view. Disney have shown a willingness to shut up anyone that says anything negative and I've heard that from people who used to be within the company. In other words, RT are still cheating to protect the Disney Empire. You guys probably figured that out already.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    There are flashes of excellence in the art but it threw me off how randomly ugly or inconsistent it would suddenly become. Its kind of like they didn't know what style to stick to so they shape-shifted it back and forth a bit.
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    It's harder to generate any meaningful conversation about the Sonic stuff of this last decade (with the exception of Colors for personal reasons) because all of it to me just looks like a bunch of bland mush that just doesn't stick around in the conscience long enough to really stand out. There's bad stuff, there's good stuff, but it's just...there. For all of the problems in the 2000s to 2010s that existed, at least there was always something to talk about and consider how things could have been and examining the execution of ideas, themes, characters and whatnot. What does late 2010s Sonic really have outside of a lot of self-indulgent nostalgic elements and being utterly bland otherwise?
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    There's no better satisfaction in overcoming the disappointment of dropping from 2nd to 5th in a CTR online race and then completely dominating and winning the next race, which I just did.
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    The greatest crossover doesn't exi-
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    Also, since when do chibi versions of characters exist in live-action/CGI films? Regarding whether origin stories are good ideas, while I know that adaptations have been done it before, I don't see the utility of Sonic and Eggman knowing each other before becoming nemesises. I do prefer the idea the first game seemed to present, which is that Sonic clashed with Eggman to stop his abuse of the environment and Sonic's animal friends. That feud has ethical underpinnings that are more universal than any personal rivalry would be, while at the same time being simple to grasp, even in a game with no narrative text. I accept that this is too simple for a movie plot, but I think they could've just embellished it instead of throwing out the original motives of the characters. Movie Robotnik's main motive being to catch Sonic means they can't closely adapt any stories from the games.
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    Just got back from watching Rise of Skywalker. It feels pretty rushed in places, but I liked the film overall. It's probably my... mid-favourite Star Wars film in the entire saga? Not exactly great, but not bad either.
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    I think my personal problem with the idea of an origin story for Sonic and Eggman is that it isn't a story I'm interested in. The Japanese manual story for Sonic 1 told me that they knew each other before the South Island incident and that that was little more than when Eggman decided he could impede Sonic by putting animals in robots to use as hostages. That was enough for me and I'd be a lot happier just seeing any standalone Sonic story, including an original story, for a movie. And if you have to introduce Sonic to the audience using an audience surrogate using a character who would more naturally be involved in the Sonic/Eggman conflict like I've suggested in numerous example on this thread would work out just fine for me. Though if I do have another problem with it is that I'm one of the few Sonic fans who does not need Sonic humanized by seeing him through his own eyes. There are some very enjoyable Sonic stories that have been told through Sonic's perspective, but I've always liked him as some unobtainable larger than life figure who overcomes the odds even when they are overwhelmingly against him. Throw in this movie not just doing its own thing, but giving Sonic abilities he's never had while claiming it as a way to bring new people into the franchise is more than a little disingenuous to me. It makes me pretty glad actually that at least SEGA are treating the movie-verse as its own branch, which in itself kind of defeats the point to an origin story though.
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    If you could bring back any Sonic level

    I'm torn between Mushroom or Pumpkin Hill. Bringing back the season changes for 3D would be pretty awesome, and Pumpkin Hill is a modern aesthetic that hasn't been done too often. Heck running through Pumpkin Hill (a zone originally all about gliding) at a modern games pace would be unique enough in itself.
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    https://old.reddit.com/r/SonicTheMovie/comments/e8ujcs/my_screening_is_over_d/ You gotta dig a bit to find it [or alternatively you could just search through the OP's profile to find his responses, it's in there somewhere]
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    Sorry if it came across that way, but I was actually referring to this post. I'm not going to argue which game has quantitatively more automation, but I know that Colors and Gens FEEL more automated in that there are virtually no ways to sequence break or explore areas at your own leisure due to the boxed in nature of the game as well as a physics engine that actively discourages anything but predetermined routes and obstacle courses. SA1 and 2 definitely had ways that Sega obviously preferred you to play, along with more than a few set pieces where you were forced to play by Sega's rules. But that's the ENTIRE GAME with Colors and Gens. Perhaps I should rephrase "design problems" to mean "design ideas that generally make the game weaker from a personal perspective." Colors and Gens are well made for what they are, but what they are isn't necessarily what a lot of fans want.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    12-23-19: Part 6 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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    Top result for "edgelord theme" on Youtube is Infinite's theme and that's beautiful
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    His adventures started in Oceania (Christmas Island) says Naka. https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/unseen-naka-iizuka-maekawa-interviews.33744/#post-809336 "Sonic initially had critters and robots but Sonic Adventure have introduced humans suddenly. Why have you decided to add them?" Action in Sonic's universe unfolded on Christmas Island from the very beginning, and accidentally things have happened the way there were only animals and robots in there. And later when Sonic made it to usual mega polis in Adventure, that's where he met humans. He and the other fathers of Sonic envisioned him as being another in a long line of funny/talking animal characters (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Roger Rabbit) who shares a world with humans. We repeatedly see signs of humans in the Genesis Era (Eggman himself, hieroglyphics in Sandoplis, Wacky Workbench Past's statue, Man of the Year). See the Echidnas' former civilization within train distance of a human city during Adventure One. They also envisioned Sonic as more or less a punk kid who still fought those who tried to hurt those he cared for and ruin the land to serve their schemes (see Sonic OVA for a demonstration). That's not movie Sonic either.
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    According to that guy on Reddit who RECENTLY claimed to have seen a test screening of the film, there is no political agenda or jokes about politics in this movie. Gonna be honest, I hope this is true. I was a little bit afraid there'd be something involving that after looking through Patrick Casey and Jim Carrey's Twitter posts (they get very political), and the "Is the Rock president?" joke. You shouldn't make an iconic character like Sonic step into divisive territory like politics. A lot of movies and shows that have been recently doing that are getting praised by critics but absolutely demolished by audiences. Hollywood needs to just aim for the largest audience possible when it comes to stuff like this in my opinion.
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    I’ve decided to look up spoilers for RoS, and two things:
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Baldy McNoseHair

    Baldy McNoseHair
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    I'm not a huge fan of Sonic Advance 2, but I think Music Plant would be neat to reimagine, especially for the remix.
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    Did Yuji Naka or Naoto Oshima write any origin story for Sonic? I can't say I recall reading anything about that. Also, while we're looking at those photos, the Cats movie's character designs are far, far creepier than this movie's original Sonic design.
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    Yeah, one of the most arguments against the movie is how hurried it is. Being a 2 part movie could solve this problem, though it would have been completely unnecessary if this new trilogy have at least been well planned. The same I say for the prequels, as Episode I is ok/mediocre while II is terrible and adds nearly nothing to the history and Episode III as IX is a complete hurry trying to fit in a 2 hour movie. But for a saga which never had this before, it definitely sounds strange. We can even say Rogue One is the part II of Episode III (Or, more likely, Episode IV is the 2nd part of RO), but here we are nearly talking about 2 completely different things. Plus, I don't think I would (and many others) be ok on going to the theater twice to see a single story, much less pay twice for that damn mouse (Mickey/Disney). What actually many really wanted is that Star Wars finally came to a definitive end. As much as I love Star Wars and knew a new movie have been crap, I wouldn't feel good knowing I'm missing something.
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    You know, thinking about it - if they really scraped the bottom of the barrel, you could probably throw in that rich guy from Boom Bang, along with Coco and Tawna’s manga designs from the same game.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    12-22-19: Part 5 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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    This is the same franchise that has a game where the character turns into a wherehog, another where he becomes a knight from a famous fictional story, a random spin off series where him and his siblings are a rock band, Sonic Boom somehow made Sonic satirical, etc. It isn't really that surprising in my opinion. Also keep in mind that this is a film adaptation. It's kind of supposed to be different from the original franchise. Anyway, I don't really think this will be exactly like Superman's origins story. What will probably happen is that it will explain what happened to Sonic's parents when he was a child and will also show how Sonic DECIDED or ACCIDENTALLY landed on Earth. Honestly to me, this just sounds like Sonic X but with different humans and more of an origin story. I guarantee if a sequel happens, it will involve Tails and Sonic meeting for the first time and forming a brotherly bond.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    12-21-19: Part 4 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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    If thats true than literally how does Uncle Chuck know it wasn't Robotnik? How does a medal transmite a VR virus into an organic being? Dear lord.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    12-20-19: Part 3 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #51: Reality Bytes Huzzuh! Robotnik is dead. Sally is inexplicably back to life. We’ve achieved peace and prosperity forever now. I’m sure we won’t be doing something like this again some 150 issues later. Surely not. This is a neat cover. Everyone looks well enough. I like how happy Tails is. I like how serious and stoic Antoine is pretending to be. I even like how Sally looks here. And of course, Sonic is showing off his medal of… heroism. The only thing tripping me up is that angry looking dude at the bottom right corner and how Rotor’s crying face looks like he’s George W. Bush staring directly into the sun. Also, is that another Bean cameo on the left? Must be since I now know he doesn’t make his actual character debut until 160. Silly me thought they had been established beforehand because they felt like it but no, Ian is just really good at introducing characters apparently.
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    Hey, everybody! So, for the last week, as a fun writing exercise, I decided to create an extensive breakdown/proposal for a hypothetical Sonic cartoon, if I was ever allowed to develop one! My goal was to draw from all of my favorite parts of Sonic's history and streamline them into a stylish action-adventure cartoon! It takes heavy inspiration from the '90s Saturday Morning cartoon and Ian Flynn's run on the Archie comics! Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out! The pitch document itself is kinda on the big side (it's 37 pages long), so I was only able to attach the first 3 pages of it as a sample. But, posted below is the MediaFire link for the whole thing, if any of you are interested: https://www.mediafire.com/file/93ws0c04qnlouqo/Sonic_the_Animated_Series_(Pitch).pdf/file Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and feedback on it!
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #1: The Dark Legion, Book One - Army of Darkness That title is some seriously whacked out bullshit. Seriously, I spent longer than I should have trying to figure out how to properly title this thing because the beginning of this series has so many subtitles. I would have been okay titling it “Knuckles: The Dark Legion” if all the books in the Knuckles series were titled that on the cover but they aren’t. Just the first three issues. On top of that, there’s another subtitle for each story too. Apparently the reason for this is because this was originally supposed to just be a three issue thing but it got so popular that it became an entirely different comic series of it's own. How sad. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #2: The Dark Legion, Book Two - Sins of the Fathers Shockingly, these covers have been pretty good. I wouldn’t have expected it from the Knuckles series of books for a number of reasons but when you’ve got a good artist, you’ve got a good artist. I... can't really tell whose who on this cover but they're drawn well. The art within the book is pretty consistent and looks fairly well done too. I’m appreciative of it because there’s only so much badness I can handle at once. Art for these issues is being provided by Manny Galan and Andrew Pepoy this time. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #3: The Dark Legion, Book Three - Blood is Thicker Again, another well done cover. Honestly, this hasn’t been as painful an experience as I expected going in. However, it’s still mostly mundane outside of anything dealing with the admittedly intriguing flashback. All that’s happened in the present time is that some Echidna Storm Troopers showed up, took over the island, and then after their boss idiotically let Knuckles free, chased them down and set the forest on fire. That’s it. I read that before I started chronicling the issues on here. That was during the Tails mini-series, I believe. The one where we learn about the Ancient Walkers and the echidnas... for some reason.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Good review as always. I know you dig into alot about what doesn't work about Endgame, but I also think you can at least see about how it does kindof work. Personally, I think if issue #50 was the end of Archie Sonic, I think it would be a decent way to bow out. I think the thing to note with the Penders era is that it is really a very slow downward spiral in my view. You've got a 109 issues of Penders left to go, as well as all of Knuckles series. The Knuckles series goes downhill relatively quickly, but with Sonic, I think alot of stuff still works. To me, the nadir of Archie Sonic is Penders final period of #126-#159. But before you hit that point, there are still some good things to come. Perhaps that is just simply the likes of the other writers offsetting Penders, I'm not sure. But the next era as Sonic games are in a bit of a wildneress period before the release of Sonic Adventure definetly is interesting, and credit to Penders and co, the death of Robotnik doesn't make Sonic feel like a pointless comic now that there isn't a central antagonist.
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Depicting him as a capable swimmer wasn't exactly uncommon.
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