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    Baby Sonic basically looks like a chibi version of the adult redesign... ...which means there’s probably a Baby Sonic floating about in the same style of the original design.
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    I don't know overall how dark and serious you can call the bit about Sonic's parents dying, as it seems more like they're just leaning on a cliche from past animated animal movies. Instead of making the film feel more adult, it makes it feel clumsy at adapting a famous character for film due to shoving him into pre-established niche after glancing over him briefly and deciding he fits. That's just my impression now, and seeing the film might change my mind. Still, if they hired me to write a Sonic movie, I likely wouldn't even have thought of that, because to me, Sonic isn't primarily a cartoon animal; Sonic is Sonic, and what I ought to write about him stems more from what's established in his own franchise than what's been established in a bunch of other movies. As for that fan film, it's problem is that Sonic is barely in it.
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    For better or worse, movie Sonic is in keeping with how much of the world sees and appreciates Sonic these days; a goofball who mugs and quips, for whom almost any relavent scenario and subject is joke fodder. That doesn't mean it's the right way for Sonic to be, but Naka might be presuming a bit too much if he thinks we still live in a world where a giant blue anthropomorphic rodent can be the coolest dude in culture. Looking back on it against the history of cartooning, it seems like there was only a narrow window of time in the 1980s and 1990s when anthropomorphic animals were seen as charismatic action heroes. Every other time last century, with every property I can think of, such animals have been the subject of cuteness and/or comedy.
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    I do get where he's coming from; you have a specific vision for the character and as he becomes more profitable and marketable, executives need to try and capitalize on it, usually by betraying the creator's original vision for the character. I don't hate cutesy, baby Sonic but it's not exactly what I'd picture when I think of Sonic either.
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    The point is that Movie Sonic isn't marketed as how he envisioned Sonic to be. Nor act like him.
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    After watching the trailer, it didn’t affect me that much but still rather peeved. I would’ve probably been more interested if the setting was based on Sonic’s world and exploring other ‘Zones’ than on our world/earth for a forced buddy cop cliche and generic fish-out-of-water story. It’ll be a miracle that we might get no more 5-10 minutes of scenes on Sonic’s world throughout, and probably popping up near end. And I can’t emphasize enough about how this would have benefited if it were fully animated while the story sets in Sonic’s world. Still would be more interesting than what we’re getting.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Look, I'm not going to pretend that Amy has been a major player throughout all of this. She's definitely taken a backseat for the most part. I just disagree that it's some big betrayal of the character. I know the everyone wants to see their favorite character in the best possible light, but realistically speaking, that's not always going to be the case. Characters fall out of the limelight all of the time depending on the story. It's the literally one of the most fundamental parts of telling a story. Your favorite characters will not always be a major part of the story, and they will not always act in ways that you think they should act. Can we just....talk about the story please? We've had to deal with "my favorite character deserves better" stuff with Shadow and now Amy.
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    Is this the new "you cheated not only the game, but yourself"?
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    Sometimes I get depressed about Sonic being such a bad franchise. Then I realize there are much better things to be depressed about
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    Sonic's image was more than just something that was envisioned by Naka and Sonic Team. America had a hand in his conception as well, but I see your overall point. Sure, Sonic can be a funny, energetic guy, but ... that could essentially be any character. Thats not what SEGA marketed him as and the people with the disposable income to play his games remember him for. A lot of his most crucial, most defining characteristics of his character seem largely .... ignored. Like, for example, Sonic isn't the type to just run away from home just because people are interested in his powers. If people harass him for that, he's the type to fight back. It'd be one thing if the story was depicting how Sonic gradually developed his core characteristics throughout the story. How perhaps Sonic initially WAS someone who ran away and how that effected the world, his life and people around him and how he had to grow from that to the person we're supposed to know him as. And I'm open to being proven wrong, but... I'm not feeling like thats where this movie's headed.
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    It's amazing how it's accomplished all of this, despite being available on just one console.
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    We officially have baby renders of the big mascot trinity in videogames. What a wild year this was.
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    Okay but, that opening shot of South Island complete with that little piano melody is just pure magic! Honestly I choked up a bit. That shot is what the franchise is all about for me!
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    This is part of why I really want the movie to be at least a moderate success. Sure the team behind the redesign got tragically shut down, but there's nothing we can do about that. On the other hand, if so much love and care put into the movie ends up being a financial failure, it will only end up pushing the message that there's no point in putting any effort or love into such things since doing nice things for the fans and giving hope to the hopeless (the new trailer really brightened up my life) doesn't make big bucks.
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    Okay, so I am not the biggest film buff here by a long shot (barely watch films TBH), but I still thought it would be interesting for people to reflect on their film experiences in 2019 and, as a natural extension, the entire decade. What you liked, what you disliked, and just generally how you think the decade has gone. I'll start my own take by contextualising my experience with cinema entering 2010. I was in my last year of college, and up to that point my cinema experience had been entirely controlled by my parents. Sure, I could ask them if I could see a certain picture, but we rarely had time to do it, and as a result any films seen were mostly through television or bought by them on DVD. But when I started University at the tail end, I suddenly had all the spending power, so it became a chance to see what I wanted when I wanted. As such, this is the first decade I've felt invested in the still admittedly few films I've watched. In terms of how the decade went, generally I was able to see films I was interested in so I got a lot out of it. It gets patchy in places as my economic circumstances influence how much I'm actually able to see, but that's why I pick and choose carefully. This kinda get murky by the end of the decade but...eh, you'll see. 2010 Since this was the first year of my independence, I did go a bit extra compared to subsequent years. Not that it means much since I still don't see that many films, but whatever. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1: Starting with an (half) ending obviously. It was alright. I remember going out partway through for a leak. Otherwise I remember the Dobby scene and that's basically it. Truth be told, I wasn't as interested in Harry Potter's darker turn, so while Philosopher's Stone is my fave, I enjoy 2-4 a lot, and then I start to struggle recalling the rest because it gets almost completely swallowed up in darkness. Toy Story 3: Another ending (well, it was before Toy Story 4). This one was pretty fantastic. I still prefer Toy Story 2 to it but definitely a strong outing and solid way to round out the series. Tangled: I don't actually bother to keep up with DIsney films nowadays surprisingly, but I did get Tangled on DVD and it was pretty enjoyable! I especially felt the music was surprisingly seamless despite definitely embracing more of the pop trappings (something I can't say for, say, Frozen). Not one of all time favourites though. Alice in Wonderland (2010): Ignoring that this would never be a patch on the 1951 version for me, this was still dreadful. It managed to turn a story based on being strange into a cookie cutter hero's journey, and it was so boring, I nearly fell asleep watching it. I know this is only 2010, but I would call it a strong contender for my worst film of the decade. Shrek Forever After: I can't believe this was in this decade as well. Anyway, I had fun with this one. Having Shrek of all people get into time twisty shenanigans to confront his discontent with family life is not what I would have envisioned him doing, but it executes it in an entertaining and even emotional way. Despicable Me: Truthfully, not sat down to see this one per se, but my parents love it so it's on often enough that I've managed to piece together a whole viewing. I can take it or leave it, not won over by the dynamics in the film. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: Again not one I've sat down to see formally, but dad loves it so it's been on often enough. Definitely not my thing, but I think I'd be okay with it as popcorn fluff. Certainly doesn't seem as boring as Alice. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: I had a ton of fun with this one when it came out. Aside from the premise, it was bombastic and riveting. May have made Scott a bit too sympathetic though. 2011 2011 in comparison was much quieter, but I feel had one of the heaviest hitters of the decade to make up for it. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2: I actually like this one better than the first part, but otherwise it's mostly the same deal again; too mired in darkness for its own good. Rango: Now we're talking! I had a reptile bias going in anyway, but it is honestly great enough to stand out even without that. It's an interesting take on a genre I would otherwise completely ignore, the designs complement the dreary and gritty tone perfectly, and it's just a riot to watch. One of my favourites of all time. Puss in Boots: The one people forget about. Honestly I did too until I looked up the 2011 film release schedule. I remember it being alright, but it obviously didn't wow me if I struggled to recall it. A Monster in Paris: It's pretty neat, especially for a film outside the scope of the mainstream. It's a pretty interesting story too, what with science gone wrong resulting in giant singing fleas and a murder plot befitting Agatha Christie. 2012 I remember this year being one of the more active for my film-going. At the very least, it had more than one hit for me. Wreck-It Ralph: Let's get this one out of the way first; I saw this one because it was Disney doing video games, and it had Sonic and Bowser in it. What we ended up with was a touching story about a guy trying to prove to himself he can be more than his given status in life, while forging friendships along the way. Ralph's a great lead to follow, the other characters are fun, this is one of two films with satisfying twists to the villain, and the soundtrack is a banger. Seriously, I still occasionally find myself singing Sugar Rush. ParaNorman: Little known fact; I love stop-motion animation. It just has this air all to itself, and ParaNorman uses that well to tell its bizarre tale of a boy who can talk to ghosts and how he needs to utilise it to save his town. I think it strikes a good balance between a dark tone and a comedic edge, and I especially like how all of the towns' jerk tendencies are addressed at the core of the conflict, and how it all resolves. The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists!: This year really spoilt with the stop-motion goodness. Pirates is hilarious and a very goofy satire of 19th century events. You can't help but fall in love with the Pirate Captain and his crew. Outside of the Wallace and Gromit franchise, this is Aardman's best work since Chicken Run. Brave: I actually managed to catch this on television. I'm actually going to go against the grain and say that I liked this one. It's a lot more stoic than other Disney output (yeah, okay, it's Pixar but they're kinda interchangeable by this point) but I did enjoy the mother and daughter dynamic the film was going for. Ice Age: Continental Drift: Yeah, I was dragged to this. It...wasn't unbearable. The pirate crew were amusing at times. That's about it. Men in Black III: It was better than 2, that's for sure. Otherwise, alright but in hindsight pretty forgettable. Rise of the Guardians: Another one I had to look up to remember that I had seen it. I remember liking the premise and the unique takes on the different holiday mythologies, but I could not tell you anything about the plot now. I guess it just didn't do much to stand out in that department. Hotel Transylvania: More from seeing chunks like Despicable Me. Unlike that franchise, I think this film actually has something decent to offer. Pretty creative premise done in a stylish and amusing way. 2013 This is when slowdown starts to kick in again. Bear mind that 2013 was my last year of University, so I would have been studying for my final exams, completing my dissertation and entering the job market for the first time. Monsters University: Speaking of which, here's this one. It was cute, inconsistencies with the original aside. I especially liked that while Randall was indeed a cutie when he was younger, they didn't try to play him overly woobie and instead made it clear he set up his own fall. Otherwise, the original is definitely superior but this one is cozy. Despicable Me 2: Like the original I've not sat down to see it but I've caught enough bits and pieces of it to form the whole thing. And from that, I can't say it'd be something I'd be interested in seeing in one sitting. Seems very cliche (which is actually a pretty rare thing for me to level at a film this decade). The Croods: I wanted to like this more than I do (I mean it has something called a Crocopup, why would I not?), but ultimately it's a pretty meh film. I don't remember that much happening in it, so I had to look up what the plot even was. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: I...guess this counts? First Equestria Girls was pretty naff all in all. A lot of nothing where the hook was seeing Twilight Sparkle react to a new world with another species. Not a brilliant hook and it's pretty standard high school stuff. 2014 After my initial exploratory phase, I go right back to not seeing much in cinema, if not even moreso because being taken out with the family is even more sparse. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks: Eh, if the last one counts, this one does too. And to be fair, this one's actually much better. A fun twist on the high school premise and now it doesn't rely on that initial hook it can actually utilise the characters in fun ways. And that is literally it for 2014, no more to cover! ...Okay, there is, but I won't until much later. 2015 This was still in that downtime, so another very short list here. Minions: *sigh* Shaun the Sheep Movie: A notable bright spark in this period of pretty much nothing. Shaun took a risky direction by sticking to its dialogue-free roots, but I think it pulls it off well by bringing a simple and cute plot driven by fun characters and a ton of charm. 2016 You know how it goes here. At least I got a big title this year. Zootopia (or Zootropolis in my country): It was decent. My favourite part of it was actually when it took on the tone of a murder mystery. The rest was fine barring the villain twist (which I wouldn't usually note but it was done so badly it stands out) and the main song (it's bad). Kubo and the Two Strings: I am going to be in a minority for this, but this film did not impress me. I just didn't like how dry it was. I know that was probably the intention since the film was more action drama than anything else but...I dunno, it just didn't rub right with me here. Ratchet and Clank: Okay, technically not, but there were cutscenes from it in the video game, and that was enough to tell me it was way different from the original telling of the story. 2017 Once more with feeling. Doesn't help that this is the only year so far I've been unemployed throughout, so money was tight and seeing films was a non-priority. My Little Pony: The Movie: Literally every year that would otherwise be empty has been carried by a MLP movie. Didn't think much of this one though, it had a lot of stuff but I don't think it took advantage of the unusual territory it was putting the Mane 6 into. 2018 In contrast, this year was when I started my best-paid job thus far, and time and flexibility to use said pay, so I went out of my way to officially end this lull. Incredibles 2: I found this one fun. Liked it way more when it came out compared to now, but still. I do like how it expanded on Frozone and the kids' roles, and Void as a hero is sweet. Also the Mr Incredibles jingle is an underrated little piece. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Like the Croods way back, I want to like this more than I do. I love the original, but this one didn't really do it for me. I think it's fact they diverted so far away from the video game premise, the plot feels disjointed (like, it literally feels like two plots stuck on either end of the film) and the ending just didn't resonate. The House With A Clock In Its Walls: Dunno what drew me to this one, maybe I just wanted to do something for Halloween. And this film's alright, so it wasn't exactly a bad on-whim decision. I think the cast bounce off each other good and it's surprisingly serious in tone considering it advertised itself as a more light-hearted fantasy affair (what with Jack Black as a lead). The Grinch: While not a patch on the original animated version, I actually like the different take it had on the story compared to the live action version. You could easily argue that the titular character has way less bite in comparison, but I do prefer the cozier presentation overall compared to the bitter and cynical tone of the other one. 2019 And last but not least, there's this year in review. It's the whole reason I made this topic to cover the entire decade, since it's woken me up to some pretty hard-to-swallow truths about my actual film experience compared to what I thought. Toy Story 4: I have mixed feelings on this one. As an actual film it's alright, with plenty of the stuff that made the previous Toy Story films great. I don't even bemoan it for continuing the ending of Toy Story 3. I think my main issue is that for a film that aimed to close out a chapter in the way it did, it did not utilise all its elements well. The old main cast was basically left to the sidelines, I felt the new cast weren't that used either and it's just not overly strongly justified as to why Woody ultimately went the way he did. On the bright side, I did really like Gabby despite not having the greatest payoff to her villain arc. Frozen II: Now here's a film I plain don't like. I've made a large vent about it before so I won't repeat it all here. To sum up though, it feels like a film that rides on the success of its predecessor to get by without doing much to expand on its ideas (instead pandering to the idea of lore to give the impression of such). This is definitely one of my worst of the decade. Pokémon Detective Pikachu: Honestly wasn't too impressed with this one either, it was just okay. Like, it felt like it stepped right out of the 90s with its plot and wasn't much more than that. Certainly great fanservice for Pokemon fans though. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: "Let's address the elephant in the room." Okay, so the whole impetus for making a topic dedicated to a decade of film experience was this one film. To give context, I was dragged to this film unwillingly. I'd seen the original, and didn't think much of it (it was a bit too by-the-books for my liking). So naturally, I wasn't particularly excited at the prospects of seeing its sequel. And then I saw it. Lego Movie 2 is kind of the opposite of Frozen II in how it handles its plot. As in, it tosses the idea of expanding the lore of the first film out of the window in favour of expanding on its themes, in the process allowing the plot to go completely balls to the wall mind bending. The resulting film, while not perfect, is so goddamn fun and enjoyable. So much so, I can actually go back to the first film and appreciate it more (it's still a bit too by-the-books for me to see it above decent, but I can at least see where it was simultaneously taking jabs at that too). Its characters are great (one of which has shot into my favourites list along with long standing faves like the Chaotix), the way does its twist is great, the entire soundtrack is a gem, I just...fucking love this movie. It's also re-contextualised my view of the great big animation monoliths that are Disney and Pixar this decade. Like, I've always taken for granted that they would always exist and consistently be top dogs for my favourites, even when we got other gems from Aardman and Nickelodeon and such like. Why would they not, they've always dominated and several of their previous films have permanent places in my favourite films of all time. But while the decade started out that way, after 2013 it sort of just...dropped off. I haven't been interested in their output for most of the decade, despite how many of them have been said to be quality films (Inside Out is the most prominent of these that I can think of). And when I made an effort to see four of their sequels in the last two years (three of which from franchises I had an active affinity for), they were all just...wiped away by two inches of plastic. Eh, maybe I'm just sick of modern Disney/Pixar in the same way I got sick of the formula for renaissance Disney. Maybe that can change in the next decade, maybe not. All I know is that the Lego Movie 2 now has its own spot carved in my favourite films of all time list, right up there with Alice in Wonderland, Lilo and Stitch, Wallace and Gromit and Nightmare Before Christmas. If you had told me that at the start of 2019, I'd have branded you a madman who didn't realise I stopped playing with LEGO when I was 11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just to round off the topic opener, I've got a couple more points to cover; 1. Since I left the LEGO stuff to the end, that leaves me with the two 2017 LEGO films to review. LEGO Ninjago Movie is one where I can see why a fan would dislike it, but coming in as a standalone film I was amused by it and I think it set out to do what it wanted, even if not catered to the fans. LEGO Batman Movie is kind of its opposite; I can see why a fan would like it, but it's my least favourite LEGO movie. Ironically, while Batman is my least favourite character in the main LEGO Movies, he was the best part of this one. What can I say, I'm not a fan of superheroes, I think the film list makes that pretty obvious. 2. I do want to give some nods to films I was and am still curious to see but didn't for whatever reason. Winnie the Pooh (2011): I think it came at a bad time, looks like it had the charm of old Disney though so more up my street. Frankenweenie (2012): It was this or ParaNorman at the time. While ParaNorman was probably the better choice, I still wouldn't mind seeing this. The Peanuts Movie (2014): It's sacrilege that I didn't see this on release. Our family loves Peanuts, and this seems adorable. Early Man (2018): It's Aardman so I'm always curious to see their output. Missing Link (2019): While Boxtrolls I missed because it didn't look interesting, this was just unfortunate circumstances. It looks neat. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019): I'm kicking myself for missing this one, but it was in the cinema for, like, two weeks around here. The Playmobil Movie (2019): Yes, I've heard all the negative buzz and the accusations of it being a LEGO Movie ripoff, but it honestly looks like a Pagemaster thing more than anything, and if people were willing to see 90s schlock in the form of Detective Pikachu, I'm curious as to whether this is the same brand of 90s schlock in turn. And...that's it from me. Nobody else has to be this in depth with their look backs, it's supposed to be more a summation of the year/decade.
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    Mike Matei and JonTron's "you don't beat the game if you use rewind/save states" tweets in a nutshell:
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    Mike Matei said how if you used outside help like the rewind feature on Switch to beat the game then “you did not fucking beat the game”. What a dickish elitist tone from him.
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    Current Toad's humble beginnings:
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    I excitedly went on Disney plus to finally watch Tomorrowland after missing it in theaters back in 2015 and the streaming service says it won't be available on the service until September 2021 but to put it on my "watch later" list to be notified or whatever when its out. I just wanna see the movie that murdered Tron 3's chances of existing but also I'm genuinely interested in it because its Sci-fi and Brad Bird
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    This might sound bizarre to hear, but sometimes someone else's vision of a character is better than what the original creator's vision of it was. Someone who hated The Flintstones made a DC Flintstones comic that was way better than the original show. The people who worked on nicktoons like Ren & Stimpy, Danny Phantom, and The Loud House, but didn't CREATES those shows had way more involvement and creative control than the people who DID create those shows (especially since the creator of Loud House was fired and the show is still running and still good). This doesn't happen to EVERY property, a lot of shows, movies, and even video games started to suck when they lost key creative people in their teams, but it's not impossible. People who worked on SATAM weren't from SEGA. Believe it or not, critically, not a lot of people actually like the Sonic OVA. It's especially not something general audiences would love. If this Sonic movie ends up being above average, and the creators don't like it, or it wasn't what they originally invisioned, their opinions matter, but they probably won't understand why people like it. It's sounds like the people at SEGA who aren't liking what's happening with this film (more specifically the people who dislike the redesign) were wanting something more in line with Bay Turtles or Transformers. I personally think SEGA gave up on Boom because they were being way too ambitious about it by merchandising and making games for Boom way too early in its course, season 1 was more of experimentation than anything, and the network treated it horribly, but also because they didn't understand the potential of the series during season 2. If they had the right people working on it from the very beginning, didn't sell toys and make games until it gained more recognition, and probably if it had been a Netflix or Hulu original, Boom would have probably still be a thing to this day, and it might have even created a major cult following. We probably would have even gotten a Boom movie at some point.
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    Honestly, that's not how I remember Sonic. However Naka wanted Sonic to act and however SEGA marketed him, it hardly contributed much to the general perception of what sort of character he is compared to DiC's cartoons and their derivative media. That was inevitably our perception of Sonic's persona, supporting cast and world, as games themselves weren't capable of showing much at the time. Sonic, to me, was always a goofy, fun-loving guy. I watched a bunch of Sonic cartoons recently, and despite the different tone of the freedom fighters cartoon compared to AoSTH, the strange thing is that Sonic himself isn't much different between them. He's a frequently smiling, giggling and quipping guy even around Robotnik and the swatbots, and it doesn't feel out of place because Sonic is able to get away with it. It's not that Sonic is so idiotic that he doesn't realize that things are at stake, and that looks to be true in this movie, too, since he learns early on that villains are after him and endanger those who are close to him. Rather, continuing to look at things in a playful manner even when they're dire is Sonic's way of signaling to villains that they haven't broken his spirit. The backlash against more serious plots definitely made SEGA retreat from them in a hurry, but the only game where Sonic himself was seen as too serious was Sonic 2006. Otherwise Sonic from Dreamcast onward isn't too different from DiC Sonic.
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    What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? Of course it's not official, neither I have even start working on it, but have considered it for a while. I just came up with a cool title and tried to see how cool would sound on a cover.
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    I finally got around to reading 24... ...Best issue, bar none. First things first, before jumping into spoilers, ABT has become my favourite artist in this series from this issue alone. His art just elevated everything to such a high level, his manga like art style allowing for more serious expression work, his use of colour and shading to show off different shots, and make gut punch moments hit even harder. The story is just the best the series has had so far IMO. This reminded me a lot more of that darkest hour arc Ian tried to do in Archie where Naugus gains control of New Mobotropolis, Eggman successfully roboticises Sally, Bunnie loses her cybernetics, and Ant ended up in a coma stopping Metal Sonic from killing Elias, and Nicole being despised by everyone thanks to Naugus successfully manipulating Mina into making hate propaganda against her.
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    Sakurai’s going to be 50 next summer. To celebrate preemptively (for no reason), what’s your favorite memory of Smash Directs you reacted to for the first time when they first aired? My fave has to be when Piranha Plant was revealed a year ago and I laughed out loud for about an hour.
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    You're describing the overreaction that Sonic as a character went through in response to the backlash against the Adventure Era. It's obvious that the direction the franchise has been going through is ultimately one big apology for games like Shadow the Hedgehog with their plots and non-Eggman human characters like Elise. Hence Two Worlds (an excuse to write out non-Eggman humans).
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    I think I know what the OP is talking about because I had a similar problem. By any chance. Are you playing Sonic Mania Plus and you're on Angel Island where you get Ray and Mighty? If so... this is what you do. If you have Ray (The Yellow looking dude) jump into the air and press left then right repeatedly. Ray will start to do his flight move. It takes a few moments to get the rhythm right but he should be able to clear the wall. For Mighty (The red guy who looks like Sonic), I don't remember this too well. But I think if you jump in the air then press the jump button again mighty crashes down to the ground? There's a part near the wall which I think he can break through which allows you to clear it(?).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Triple Question Marks at that response. The Master Emerald didn't save the day in either of those games. The Master Emerald was unused/ignored entirely in Sonic Heroes.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Thank you to anyone who has ever made a playable Amy hack for any Sonic game
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    My major gripe about this trilogy is that all of the best parts of the story seem to happen off screen. Luke has an academy, and one of his pupils falls to the dark side? Why not show that kind of thing on screen, for fucks sake. Despondent, failed Luke is actually a great concept, but not when it forces him to appear in only one movie of the trilogy. This just goes to show that TLJ is not necessarily bad, as it is jarring. If anything, Rian Johnson should have been given the first movie of the trilogy, if he was going to run with such new ideas. By switching gears in the second film, it stops the momentum of the trilogy. And that’s my second gripe, that the trilogy has no direction. When the second film throws the first one out of the window, and the third film disrespects the second openly, only the audience loses. Who the hell at Lucasfilm was in charge of stopping the pissing contest between directors? Well, at least the Mandalorian will be on for another few years.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    okay so ive been lurking for awhile, but wanted to say stuff for this issue because it's probably my favorite issue as of yet, or at least in my top 3. re-reading it for the third time now. the issue starts well with on a less despairing and cute note(s), ngl kinda glad we didn't go the lost world route with i liked how they tried to trick us into thinking the sonic/tangle interaction in this issue was very nice. so the biggest part of this issue... as much as i'm rambling about how much i want to frame this issue in a museum, it has flaws, or IMO just a flaw. It doesn't really move the story forward until the very last page. eh it's fine with me though, i haven't felt this attached to sonic characters in so long. 8.5/10
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    Babies having cuteness appeal is a global concept, Naka-san.
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    Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    @Fire-N-Space, I would like to apologize for you getting ganged up on there as it doesn't seem like anyone realized your initial post on this issue was in response to the conversation stemmed off from my complaints as an Amy fan. On the topic of your comment though, no, Amy is not a wet blanket as she is not ruining things for anyone. Conversely, Amy is almost a non entity in this volume. She is there almost entirely just to tell Sonic information and point him to the next plot thread. Moving on to this question Speaking for myself at least, almost everything Tangle was this issue is what I normally expect from Amy. Cheerful and optimistic in the face of adversity. Biting off more than she can chew and getting in trouble for. Staying optimistic despite how bad things are. Unwavering faith in Sonic to save the day and giving a pep talk to someone who needs it. Those are all things I expect out of Amy, yet it was Tangle who displayed all that and all I could not keep myself from feeling like that scene was almost written perfectly for Amy outside of those Tangle specific things (being her hometown, her tail, her childhood friend being infected already, etc...). Now to be fair at least, I definitely had false expectations for Amy in the IDW comics based on my reaction to Issue 2. There was so much that just seemed like everything I enjoy about her character was going to be displayed by her in this book that I allowed myself to forget that from Lost World on that SEGA pretty much completely overhauled her character. Into what I can't say as they've barely used her at all so what their new vision is is beyond me. What I can say though, is knowing that just makes it that much worse for me. All I can hope for is maybe I can see if the comics will eventually reveal what SEGA wants her to be, but that brings me to a writing problem I would fully agree with this if there was something to base it off of for Amy. If I fall back on the character's history with the games I would not expect her to appear so worn down. If I were to discard her history from games though the comic has simply established her as the "leader" who happens to like Sonic and wants to go adventures with him but puts her responsibilities first. That doesn't really tell me a lot and leaves how she handles this story arc to develop her character in the comics. The problem there is that unlike Sonic, Tails, Cream, and Espio we don't see any distinct events wearing her down. We are left with really just she keeps failing to have teams report in and, while this can tells us that she cares for the nebulous all, it doesn't really feel personal like the others. This could have been helped with Issue 22 which was supposed to be focused on her, but she still pretty much got nothing while the next steps in Cream and Espio's decay were clearly illustrated. To those who see a developing character arc and great characterization I'm glad you can for she has felt like a non-character for sometime to me now. ----- Moving on like the story itself, I am curious about what type of chaos is going to be occurring on the Face Ship as well as what avenue of response to Tangle's infection is going to be explored with Whisper. Her response and subsequent coping has actually finally made me interested in her as a character.
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    Sir Tinstripe

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No. Sonic's speed been successfully burning off the virus's progress so far ever since he and Tails came up with the idea, which became necessary to analyze and come up with a cure before they lost Tails's lab and the HQ. But Gemerl is saying the virus is probably adapting, or Sonic's body is losing health, to the point where said burn-off is becoming less effective against it. No doubt Eggman already had this in mind to ensure its literally unstoppable.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ive seen these complaints a lot and at this point, I feel these types of responses are coming from the fact that people just want to see the idealized versions of their favorite stories and characters rather appreciating how they're actually being written, and rejecting anything that goes against that notion. Amy doesn't ALWAYS have to be the one who brightens everyone and the one who remains positive. Characters should be allowed to express more than just a few personality traits, and some characters can even share a personality trait or two. That's why these complaints are falling flat for me, because they're things only fans of that character would care about. I would implore people to start looking at the story for what it is, rather than what you want it to be otherwise you might as well just stop reading altogether because Ian Flynn is not going to go inside your head and use every bit of fanon on how super special awesome Amy is and put it in the book.
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    Understandable. A lot of energy was spent on the design alone which is why it sucks the animation team behind got laid off. Unfortunately, for some of us that wasn't enough as we had far more problems then just his design, though props to advertising department for turning things around after that first trailer. That alone could be enough to help the movie break even by giving a clear image of what the movie is supposed to be. I personally expect it to, but we'll see.
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    Well whatever happens, I hope the movie does somewhat OK financially. I don't want the BO run to send the message that "listening to fans and admitting/fixing mistakes only leads to failure". Especially considering the polarizing, fan-backlashing Star Wars sequel trilogy movies still made (and will make with the third one) tons of cash. I want real effort from underdogs to really pay off instead of having people throwing all the money at big-name cashgrabs. The GA just can't seem to get out of their little box of Superheroes and Disney Drivel with the occasional John Wick here and there. Hidden gems like Detective Pikachu just can't catch the eyes of all but loyal fans who are quite limited in number.
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    In no particular order: Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion - One of series more unique levels/gimmicks and one that doesn't get brought up whole lot. Sky Deck - It's been ages since we've had a proper airship level and I like the original Egg Carrier. Mystic Cave - Another level trope we haven't seen much of. Metal Harbor - A great level that just can't seem to get out of City Escape's shadow. White Acropolis - I like the idea of Shadow Moses Island as a Sonic level. Sue me.
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    One thing I loved about the movie was that my favorite character 3PO was very prominent. This is the first movie since Attack of the Clones were he didn't feel like a background character.
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    Possible IDW crossovers

    Sonic Underground X Jem and the Holograms! What we've all been waiting for.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Filling Blanks: Mobian Culture

    Yet it's likely the canonical one. In Sonic Adventure, we see Amy living among the majority-human city of Station Square. The same city also features billboards advertising an animal model of indeterminate species. https://i.imgur.com/OU570Ii.png South Island - commonly accepted to be a majority-animal location - still has evidence of human culture existing there. The Game Gear game Sonic Blast takes place on South Island, and we see human figures in the hieroglyphs of the Yellow Desert: To me, this implies that humans and anthropomorphic animals have always coexisted, or at least have for a very long time. There isn't really any reason to think that the animals are culturally distinct from humans in any meaningful way; They live in modern cities, drive cars, use modern technology, and generally live like humans do. There is evidence - albeit mostly in the smaller details - that animals live in predominantly human locations and vice-versa. Based on how we see them acting, and the subtle decorative details in the games, I think Sonic animals are pretty much just shorter, hairier humans; at least, culturally speaking.
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