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    On December 31, you are talking with a friend. Eventually, you part ways, and they leave, saying “see you next year!” You wince at their terrible, unoriginal joke. Eventually, days become weeks, weeks become months, and months become one whole year. You have not seen this friend once during this whole year. At first, you thought they just have been busy. Then, you thought they were ignoring you. You worried about them many times. Eventually, you began to think of them less and less. Eventually, you hardly ever thought of them at all, totally forgetting them in the rush of holidays that mark the end of the year. As you rest on the 31st of December, your mind begins to wander and a faint memory of them trickles into your thoughts. However, unbeknownst to you, an unexpected guest arrives and causally greats you as though they had just left yesterday. It was your friend. A feeling of joyous elation comes over you as you recognize your long lost friend; a friend who has waited exactly one year to reappear. Filled with emotion at this long overdue reunion, at the returning memories of old friendship, an entire year of anticipation, you can only great them with but a simple query: “Dude what the fuck?”
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    I've already written a story about this on the news side of this site, but I wanted to make a note of all this right here too because SSMB has been such an important part of the TSS journey... but this year will be our 20th anniversary! Hooray!!! We've created some new imagery to promote the occasion, the banner can be found on our social media channels but I've also included it here. Over the years, we've had loads of SSMB members and site fans create fan art / fan banners for TSS and SSMB. It'd be awesome if anyone here got inspired to do the same for our 20th year on the internet! Over the years, Sonic Stadium has come to cover all sorts of things. The site and forums are still standing, but we had an Awards Ceremony, SEGASonic Radio station, Shadow Team fan game studio, Sonic Spriters Network resource, a TSS Network family of sites to wrap all of them together... and obviously we established Summer of Sonic, which is still going every now and then with new events. Even on the SSMB there's so much history to talk about over the last 20 years. We have had the Sonic Battle Stadium (a role playing forum which allowed members to battle one another), various events with account Badges up for grabs as prizes, SSMB community-produced music albums and much more! You guys have really helped to shape the story of these forums and the site, and I'd love for you guys to help celebrate this anniversary because it belongs just as much to you as it does to little old me. The big month is October 2020, but over the course of the year I'll be sharing various things on social media and on the main site (and on here too where it makes sense and doesn't get in the way). Retrospectives on our biggest events, best features, old looks and things like that. I hope you guys can join me in helping making this year one to remember for the site and forums! Here's to a great 2020! Happy New Year!
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    Because why not. Personally, I'm going to limit myself to 3 biggest high points (in my opinion) and 3 biggest low points (in my opinion), and others can follow that too if you want to, but you don't have to. High Points For me and probably millions of others, two of the biggest high points of this decade Sonic-wise were Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Adventures. I don't think I even need to explain why. Personally, I'm also going to list the Archie Sonic reboot as a highlight, and I'll explain why. The Ian Flynn era of Archie in general was great and probably one of my favorite pieces of Sonic media, but thanks to lawsuits and fun like that, it eventually became wracked by legal issues. Impressively, Flynn and the team managed to make lemonade out of these lemons by giving us a reworking of the Archie continuity that, while deprived of many years of continuity and characters established by the comics, made good use out of Western media lore and little-known classic elements while also being much more in line with the games. All this was backed up by writing and artwork that was usually excellent and some solid redesigns and reworkings for classic western characters. I'm not saying that Archie Sonic being rebooted and losing all those years of continuity was completely a good thing, because it definitely wasn't. A lot was lost and there's no way to replace a rich continuity built up over twenty years. But at the same time, I won't deny that there's also a positive side to a lot of baggage being shed because most of us know that for many years, Archie Sonic was a bit...nutty and just bad, and it's definitely not entirely a bad thing to have a lot of that weird stuff excised from continuity. It wasn't perfect, it had its low points and flaws too (cough cough...WORLDS UNITE...), but overall there's a lot to love. Low Points I think from an "objective" perspective, the biggest low point was Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. I never played it myself (a fact which I have no particular interest in changing), but there's no arguing that releasing a game that has been compared to Sonic 06 in terms of badness is not a good thing. On a personal level, what I personally consider the biggest low point of the 2010s may seem rather bizarre and extremely minor to some, but to me, it genuinely makes me have a much lower interest in any current or future official Sonic projects other than Mania follow-ups. It essentially is a significant factor that makes me consider myself more of a fan of past Sonic media than someone who's that interested in Sonic's present or future. And that is Sonic Forces establishing Classic Sonic as being Sonic from another dimension rather than the past. I don't want to spend too long explaining why something so seemingly small makes such a huge difference to me because honestly I don't want to get myself too worked up. But let me explain it this way. "The Principle and the Pauper" is one of the most hated Simpsons episodes ever for revealing that the Seymour Skinner viewers had been following for years was an imposter. To me, the idea that Modern Sonic, aka the Sonic who we've been following for decades, is not the same person as Classic Sonic, the original Sonic, is essentially saying that he's an imposter. So it stings to me as much as that episode would for Simpsons fans...except in this case, it's not just a side character who's an imposter. It's the main character of the franchise. Actually, it's every character who exists both in the Classic and Modern era who are now essentially "imposters"! Now, there are circumstances in which it's justified to split off different incarnations of characters as being from different dimensions. For example, the Golden Age Superman and the Silver Age Superman have many irreconcilable differences in terms of personality and background, so it makes sense (though I'll always be annoyed that Golden Age is "Earth-2" even though it came first). But with Sonic, no such thing is remotely necessary because he doesn't have much backstory and his personality, while always in flux, has not undergone any changes radical enough to justify something like this (especially when you consider that in the classic era, he didn't have much dialogue in the games and a lot of his personality was informed by manuals, marketing and non-games media). Heck, Sonic's classic and modern designs don't even LOOK that different! They have to give Classic Sonic a lighter fur color he was rarely actually depicted with just to make him look more different from Modern Sonic! Beyond this, though, what I hate about this "retcon" (or whatever it is) is that it cheapens both the Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. As I explained before, Modern Sonic is no longer the same person as the original Sonic, and as for Classic Sonic, he gets demoted to essentially being a side character in his own series. And both of them lose each other's legacies. It's just making both Sonics weaker. To me, there are no advantages to splitting Sonic into two and plenty of disadvantages. It just makes Sega seem really incompetent and full of bad ideas when it comes to their direction for the series. It's just plain stupid, and honestly, it's a bit upsetting to me on an emotional level for the same reason that I imagine "The Principle and the Pauper" was upsetting. Some may find it cringey, but it's inevitable that when you're a fan of a series for many years, you form a "relationship" of sorts with its characters. Now my "relationship" with Sonic is fractured because, to put it plainly, he's not who I thought he was. It's just awful to me and until Sega throws this bullcrap into the garbage bin, my interest in any future or present Sonic media is GREATLY reduced. My third and final lowpoint of the 2010s is also a really big deal to me, and it's Archie Sonic ending. Just like the previous low point, I could easily go on and on about why I hate this so much, but I'll try to keep it relatively quick. It's no secret that for many years, Archie Sonic was bad. Real, real bad. But instead of ending the series when it was a furry soap opera or when Knuckles turned into a green demigod for over a year, they instead chose to end it when it was really good and closer to the games than ever before. That irony by itself is almost bitter enough to earn it a place on this list, and I already have established that I love the Archie Sonic reboot, so that should for the most part explain why this event was so terrible to me. But there's also the fact that the cancellation was so horribly dragged on and so shamefully unceremonious. There's the fact that there's something inherently sad that such an old and continuous part of Sonic's history being axed in such a matter. And of course, there's the fact that the last official presence of the western lore of Sonic is gone. To some, this is a cause of celebration, but not to me and many others. To some, the Freedom Fighters and such were just lame vestiges of a bygone era, but you have to keep in mind that these characters had been appearing continuously in Archie Sonic for twenty years. Love them or hate them, they weren't insignificant and many people had gotten very attached to them. Heck, I'm not even a truly "die-hard" fan of the Freedom Fighters and sometimes got annoyed by them being more important than Sega characters, but I still consider it an utter tragedy that they are likely gone forever. Maybe they'll appear in IDW, but honestly, personally, my hopes aren't that high. I feel like I need to spend a moment on why I don't consider IDW Sonic a suitable replacement for Archie Sonic. Honestly, I've never read IDW Sonic. And a big part of the reason why is that it's forced to follow Sega's current continuity and ideas for Sonic, including the awful idea that I just spent several paragraphs complaining about - the idea that Classic Sonic is "Sonic from another dimension". I'm not sure if that's ever explicitly mentioned, but I know the comic takes place after Sonic Forces, and I've heard that mandates prevent any Classic Sonic concepts from being involved in the comics. That's enough to essentially establish it as being the case in the comic, and that's enough to make me not want to read it. And in general, I'm just plain more interested in Classic Sonic concepts and western media concepts than I am in the Modern Sonic "continuity" (which has been so poorly handled by Sega that the word "continuity" barely even fits), so a series based on the premise of "only Modern Sonic stuff allowed" is a hard sell for me. So all-in-all, I'm just not that interested in IDW Sonic. It's not so much a problem with the comic itself as it is a problem with Sega's current direction for Sonic that to me, infects everything they touch. --- So that's my list. Most of that post was paragraph after paragraph of complaining about things that probably don't seem that significant. Oh well.
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    Happy New Year everyone! It's TSS and SSMB's 20th anniversary this year! CLICK HERE for the Topic! It'd be amazing if the SSMB community got involved by celebrating it together! Here's to a great 2020!
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    Well, Happy New Year, guys! Here is a video that the movie's Twitter had released.:
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    Happy New Years everyone! Here's for a good, safe one. Filled with a new console generation and memes aplenty!
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    Some of the Ratchet and Clank games (Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal and A Crack in Time are the ones that come to mind) have the Insomniac Museum as the 100% reward, essentially an interactive showcase of concepts and things that never made it into the game (from drivable vehicles to otherwise unused engines and minigames among other things). They also throw in some irrelevant but really neat stuff in like a station in UYA's museum that let's you make your own particle effects. Overall it's a really neat reward that lets you interact with things yourself rather than just unlocking a five minute videos showing them to you (looking at YOU, Sly Cooper).
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    I don't mind having more menacing villains in Sonic, especially not now after years of villains being mostly a joke, and a more evil Robotnik would be one option, but the problem with SatAM Robotnik is that he has no personality traits besides evil. He's supposed to be a selfish dictator, but he never feels like he actually has an ego or agenda to go along with that role. Instead of all of those robots and factories existing to serve his whims (which barely exist to serve), it's like he exists just to justify all of those robots and factories being there. This sort of villain doesn't make the show "weighty"; he just reminds me I'm watching a children's cartoon. He's no less a caricature of despicable people than AoSTH Robotnik is, but without the comedy that makes caricatures work, and the final nail in the coffin is that he's really not that scary, either. Because again, it's a children's cartoon, which means a lot of the worst implications of a ruthless villain have to be avoided. There's no long shots of people being tormented. The SWATbots aren't a match for most of the characters they usually interact with, Robotnik doesn't seem able to deploy many at once, and characters get in and out of Robotropolis with ease since the show is episodic. Robotnik looks and sounds scary, but he isn't. While he is too often treated as little more than a joke, I prefer SEGA Eggman in that he has things he actually likes and will utilize resources and exploit others to get, like toys and amusement parks. Instead of just being an unambiguously despicable embodiment of pollution, he's a topical example of why most pollution really exists--as a byproduct of hedonistic, materialistic lifestyles that all too many modern people actually lead.
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    Being fair, I think part of the problem is that the perception of Classic Sonic has shifted in between years, at least from Sonic Team. In the OVA, he is very clearly defined a lot like Adventure!Sonic, and still holding some of the attitude of the 90s. He's heroic, but he's also someone who also wants to relax when he's not adventuring, someone who questions a lot of stuff (Namely, why should he bother to agree to work for Eggman when it's likely another scheme, especially when he's making this request while holding the president and Sara up with robots), irritable, and what have you. OVA Sonic to me at least still seems drenched in that "edgy punk" style to me. But in recent years, Classic's moved into two personalities, which shift depending on who is writing him. You've got Hesse, who portrays him as mute, but also expressive, irritable, smug, and not in the mood to put up with crap, among other things, and you've got SEGA...who basically portray as a happy go-lucky guy, or determined. Gens plays around with it a little bit, since Classic can still have a few annoyed expressions when freeing some of Sonic's friends, such as Amy, or even a little hurt when Knuckles and Cream criticise his spines and weight, but Forces especially seems to portray Classic as mainly that. It really does feel confused because Sonic Team/SEGA seem to want to differentiate the personalities somehow by making Classic happy and/or determined/curious, while Modern Sonic has the snark and attitude, while others like Hesse write him how Classic really should be - Sonic himself, snark, attitude and all.
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    Highs and lows of Sonic in the 2010s

    The most significant low-point in this decade which finished with an amazing high-point started with Sonic 4 and finished with Mania. I'm not a fan of Sonic 4 (which I've made perfectly clear countless times on this forum), but I am grateful it exists, because I'm firmly in the belief we never would have gotten Sonic Mania (with the amazing amount of love, care & attention and it's deserved success) if it wasn't for Sonic 4 and the massive backlash which ensude. Whilst Sonic 4 Ep1 was everything I didn't want in a hyperthetical sequel to the classics, if it wasn't for SEGA deciding to bring back Metal Sonic-teasing his return at the end of ep1, we never would have gotten a new release of Sonic CD (as SEGA wanted to link Sonic CD to Sonic 4's backstory). What was originally gonna be a crappy emulation/port gave Taxman (Christian Whitehead) the chance to show-off his Sonic CD mobile proof of concept, which led to the release of the definitive version of this game (improved physics, 16:9 widescreen, unlockable Tails). Then we got Sonic 4 Ep2 which was an improvement over ep1 but still flawed. Taxman who obviously made a good impression with SEGA for his work on the CD remaster then teamed up with Stealth to make the mobile remasters of Sonic 1 (with unlockable Tails & Knuckles) & Sonic 2 (Boss Rush mode & Hidden Palace reimagined etc). Then submitted the 3K proof of concept which was not taken up by SEGA and then they got the chance to make Sonic Mania in 2017. Thanks to Mania's success they then got the chance in 2018 to add missing/scrapped content with a new release along with a gorgeous physical release, and the brillaint Sonic Mania Adventures created to help promote Sonic Mania Plus and the three or four Mania Adventures extended remixes done by Tee & Jun. So for me as a classic fan, the decade started with a terrible low point (classic Sonic's gameplay in Gens not being much better than Sonic 4's didn't help either), and ended on such a high with Mania's success. Whilst classic Sonic ended the decade on a high, Modern Sonic has gone in the opposite direction. What started well with Colour & Gens (which is considered a decent game even though I'm not it's biggest fan), went down-hill with SLW, Rise of Lyric (which could have been a decent game if SEGA hadn't fucked over Big Red Button who developed it) and Sonic Forces which was meh at best. Team Sonic Racing was at least decent and I like the Overdrive animated shorts.
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    Well well well. It's been a while since I posted an update here, isn't it!? Howdy folks, how's it going? Today - 24 October (as it now is in the UK - don't you Americans get me on a technicality now! ) is a special day in the SSMB/TSS calendar. Namely, that it's this website's birthday! We launched in the Year 2000 - when everyone was just getting over the non-threat of the Y2K Bug, The Matrix was the biggest movie on the planet and everyone was catching on the Y2K aesthetic. That makes us 19 YEARS OLD. Whaaaaaat. This site is four years older than me when I first launched it. o_o; The next year will be the big 2-0, so I'm plotting some things for us all to do during that time. In the meantime, I thought I'd give this forum a little love as I realised that I had spent so much time tarting up the main site that the SSMB needed a new lick of paint. So here we are! A brand new, modern 'Sonical' theme for 2020! Do you like it? I spent a lot of time tweaking it for mobile use as well, so please let me know your feedback (any bugs should be reported in the Feedback and Bugs forum as per usual). And... for those of you that like your Night Mode settings, I also created a new 'Sonical Dark' theme too! All of the existing SSMB character themes will be converted into this new modern style soon, but for now I'm keeping them up just in case you really like the Shadow theme or something... But Sonical will be the new default, and I really recommend Sonical Dark too. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to celebrate our birthday with us in any way you like! I know how creative this forum can be! If you fancy making anything - art, music, banners, whatever - or if you want to just write some fancy words - please be my guest. I love hearing about your experiences on this site. Anyway, I'm off to have a bit of a lie down and paw through some old topics and news stories. Happy Birthday TSS!
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    20 years? Man, that must insane for anyone that's been here since SA2's release. I'm nearing my six year anniversary myself this year and it really doesn't feel like it. It's hard to believe the board's been a part of my daily life for that long, honestly. I'm interested to what's going to be upcoming for the board and the site in general this year. In terms of a "wishlist". personally I'd love it to see a few of the older themes get updated in the style of the new Sonical theme. That said, I can't wait to see the team will come up with. I love seeing historical stuff, so those retrospectives sound really good. In terms of stuff for the anniversary, I'm not the greatest artist out there, so fan art's out of the picture, but at the very least,I'm hoping to bring back the Musical Spectacular event for a fifth year running, so that'd line up nicely with the anniversary. Anyways, happy anniversary to the teams that keep both the main site and the main board up and running! Here's hoping for some more great years!
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    Well...goddamn https://twitter.com/BG_Yashamaru/status/1212237248906891264?s=20
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    . Well that and said overzealous fans starting riots about stuff that's probably supposed to a certain level of confidential.
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    Highs and lows of Sonic in the 2010s

    I agree about the Classic and Modern split. I think they could still have Adventures in both versions and sell Classic Sonic merch without having to say Classic Sonic is from a different dimension. I don't really get the need to split Classic and Modern characters either. Sure Shadow being in Classic for example would make no sense, but why can't the Classic characters come back in a Modern version if they wanted to? It'd be fine if they said they wanted the games casts to feel different, but it seems a bit off when some Classic characters can be used again and not others. I really think this made the Classic and Modern split among fans even worse. I was into the Modern version more, but I always really enjoyed the side content and spinoffs for Classic too. I don't get why both can't exist at the same time as equals instead of shoving one into the other. I hope Sega can turn things around this decade as I do think it's possible to recover, but it would mean tidying up confusing plot points. I also think game wise they need to not only bring in new staff, but give those new staff time to grow. I'm not completely sure what that would involve, but I wouldn't mind something like Rush or Advance where you get the characters but it's not seen as a "core" huge title like Adventure or Forces. Not every title needs to be a giant epic, but when that title comes after a 4 year gap, it's natural fans are going to be upset.
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    Well, Sega being incompetent and wanting the series to be as bare bones and boring as possible is a bit different from a certain news outlet running a misleading headline about his thoughts on the Freedom Fighters for clicks or a stupid Reddit putting words in his mouth that could make him look bad to his employers all because he said he has to write a certain character differently now.
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    I'd usually post a link to my topic when I post art, and I posted this the other night... but eh, why not. Here's a doodle of some of my favorite creations from last year. To add to this, for those of you who have left a like or simply looked at my art, I want to thank you for supporting me last year, and this decade. I hope to create and improve more this coming decade, and I hope to finally get some proper work on a story very soon. Until then, here's to a new year and a new decade!
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    Remember yesterday when I said my expansive headphone stop working on one side? Well, it miraculously start working again. This definitely seems a good sign!
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    "Fire tests gold" means that SEGA will burn the franchise to the ground and only leave the good parts
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    They're not acting like "fanboys" they're doing the logical business thing by having a unified storyline for all regions because juggling a dozen continuities is impractical. Any negativity they've garnered since 1999 has to do with the gameplay of the games being crap and nothing to do with not following the continuity of some obscure DIC cartoon. How did I contradict myself? Throwing X a bone while focusing mainly on Classic would be no different from throwing Classic Sonic a bone (mania) while focusing mainly on Modern. Even if that does end up happening there's still a ton of timelines left in the cold. Sonic's fanbase has always lied with the games. You're seriously overestimating how many people genuinely give a crap about the non-game stuff. Most "older fans" really only give a crap the Mega Drive games, maybe the Game Gear and Adventure games for some, and could care less one way or the other about shows or comics. Going back to Mega Man, the difference between those universes is they all originated as games. What you're asking for is closer to if Mega Man "fans" wanted games based off the Ruby-Spear cartoon or Mario "fans" whining there are no games based off their equally crappy DIC cartoons. Like Sega, why should Capcom or Nintendo cater to these niche group of fans? They're not fans of the games, they're fans of some warped bastardization created by people in another country who wanted to make a quick buck off of someone else's intellectual property with no input from the creators. Then they'd have to AUs for Fleetway, Aosth, Underground, X, Archie, the manga, the OVA, and any other continuity either side crapped out over the years. There is very little to gain by playing Weekend at Bernie's with a bunch of old corpses. I wish more episodes of the OVA could've been produced but I've learned to move on. If you want SatAM just buy the complete series. Definitely gonna need a source on these claims. Just because they sanitized it a bit doesn't mean the overall tones and intentions aren't still there. But fine: Breaking and entering, destruction of property, hacking. If not terrorists then they're definitely hoodlums. What's the difference between this and game version I can feel you asking? Simple. Julian is a legitimately established government authority who took over from his idiot predecessor who had dismantled the army and was dumb to trust someone who looked like Julian in the first place. In the games, Eggman's the instigator imprisoning animals to use as batteries, has bombed or threatened to bomb places, unleashes gods of destruction he can't control and end up terrorizing the planet, etc. In the games, Sonic leaves Eggman and his bases alone until Eggman starts causing trouble. You never see Game!Sonic attack Eggman's bases until Eggman throws the gauntlet first. In SatAM, it's usually the FFs kicking the hornet's nest. I can only think of a few episodes, like the pilot, where Julian instigated things first. Only under those instances can what the FFs do be considered "self-defense". Also wanna point out the irony of the Freedom Fighters fighting to reinstate a monarchy. Progress? I didn't say those things. Don't put words in my mouth please.
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    i haven't seen you guys since the previous decade!
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    last status of the decade... hm... better make it count... ...pingas
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    Happy birthday Dia Kurosawa! ...What something else happen? Probably not very important!
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    Here's some art of some of my favorite characters I came up with this year, whether it be design or their personalities. Have a happy new year, everyone!
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    I love how the modern Kirby games (except Star Allies for some reason) give you a short and cute bonus cutscene acknowledging your achievement. I always get a good kick out of that. Really for me, the acknowledgement of the fact that I did 100% the game is all I really need as a reward. I'll definitely give any game that does more than that credit where it's due, but the whole prospect of completing a game 100% is usually just a extra thing that most players will only really do just to get more longetivity out of their game and really, it's kinda weird to expect more content after already dealing with all of the content in the game. However, just ignoring the fact that I fully completed a game makes it feel like I wasted time that could have been spent on better things. Even a little prompt just mentioning it is something.
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    There you go, half of the year in 2020, and half in 2019. I'm in 2019... Also, sorry for flooding with Status Updates
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    Just watched Tony Stark snap his fingers and the New Year begins. Happy New Year guys.
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    Happy new year from the UK!
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    I might have said this at some point before, but there's honestly not a huge gap between Adventure One and the Genesis Era at all. AO's only jarring for someone who's too influenced by Westernized Sonic with its Kintobors and Mobius (the already mentioned Planet of the Furries). I already pointed out how OVA Sonic's personality is really the same as Adventure One Sonic's. I'll also point out that we see Sonic running around a city with plenty of humans in Man of the Year. My ultimate point is that there would've been no really big gap between Classic and Adventure if the character designs stayed how they were in Genesis. Station Square's honestly not that much more jarring than the city in MotY accounting for its game's graphics limits.
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    Yeah, honestly whenever I look at Sonic Forces' cover and see Classic Sonic there, it's just so cringeworthy to me, like it's one of those old Sonic fan comics or other low-quality Sonic fan material where Classic Sonic is portrayed as a separate character. Even as a kid, I thought that was silly because it's obviously the same character. And Sega chooses to follow that ridiculous idea...
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    The amount of times Ian has had to answer this question on his podcast has kind of reached the point of being silly. It's like the disease imposed by the over exaggeration of the mandates spreads faster than the cure of a clear mind and solid information. He always likes to explain it by saying that whatever rules are in play aren't these restrictive laws that are set in stone on tablets reading "THOU SHALT NOT MAKE SONIC CRY!" or whatever. Most of it is common-sense stuff that any company putting their property out there would probably want adhered to. Sonic can shed tears, he just can't be huddled up in a corner hugging his knees and bawling because that's not the way his character would express his sadness. Other stuff are things that exist only because SEGA feels like having it be a certain way one day and a different way later. Cream used to be off-limits. Now she's not. Omega used to be off-limits. Now he's not. Infinite's off-limits right now. Maybe he won't be down the line. Who knows? The IDW comics haven't been that resistrive at all when it comes to the vast majority of what he's allowed to do here. Even Ian was surprised when his pitch of the Metal Virus came back with no notes. Which makes it stranger when weird stuff they do take issue with crops up from time to time. It's good to have rules because when your property is out of your hands you can sometimes get stuff like the original look of Sonic in the movie.
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    Something cosmetic is fine for the most part, I think. A more substantial reward, as indicated above, has the counterproductive effect of making all optional material seem instead mandatory, something you have to grind through to get to the final bit of real content.
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    Highs and lows of Sonic in the 2010s

    I'll make a proper response later, but right now I wanna say I fully agree with your hatred of the modern/classic split and your post has articulated it better than I could have. The reason why I hate it is because up until recently, nobody was aware of modern Sonic being a continuity reboot of the classic era. Anyone following the series for any amount of time reasonably assumed that it was all the same series and the only things sectioning off the current games from the old ones were the basic gameplay and the character designs. If Sega had been more upfront about this, and I mean REALLY upfront about it by going on immediate record around SA1's release that this was meant to be a fresh start for the series (as opposed to some of us simply assuming it to be the case) then maybe it would have smoothed over better, but the idea of rebooting the series at all was dumb in the first place, so I don't like it either way even if Sega could have handled it better. Mania is considered a "side" game by some even though was the main damn gameplay of the series in the 90s, imagine if they made a Sonic Adventure 3 that was regarded as a spin-off to the other 3D Sonic game that came out that same year. It'd be ridiculous.
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    It’s clearly not for you then, is it? More like certain fans have an attitude problem they need to get over for others having a difference in taste. And you’re really one to talk when in the past you’ve mocked other people with standards criticizing this comic’s flaws as this comic being made for babies. So be careful where you throw those stones. I really said all that? Could’ve sworn I said people wanted it to be its own thing because that was what was wanted from the start. No one here even said that justified any issues with the comic.
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    I don't think a reward for experiencing all the content in a game is really necessary since games are supposed to be fun and the content itself is it's own reward. Ideally it'd be something cute but not substantial like SA2's multiplayer skins.
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    Sega very clearly doesn't let the comics writers go off and do basically whatever they want, the way things were for a long time with Archie Sonic. That's only reasonable; every company wants to protect their intellectual property, and after seeing how off-track Archie Sonic had become, as well as the series as a whole dealing with an ongoing identity crisis, it makes sense that they'd have stricter oversight in place than they used to. But nobody who isn't directly involved in the comics actually knows what rules are in place, besides the few that the people involved have let slip. That makes it easy to blame them for anything in the comic they don't like; it's always big bad Sega ruining the writer's pure and faultless vision, and nobody can prove otherwise.
  39. 1 point
    But Sonic was a wacky animal series, or at least close to it, at the start. I'd agree it was probably for the best that they dropped the whole Madonna thing, but if she had made it into Sonic 1 she wouldn't have been received at all like Elise. She'd just be the hipper, more contemporary alternative to Princess Peach (much as Sonic was to Mario).
  40. 1 point
    So, in one year, Smash Ultimate not only became the best selling fighting game of all time, but it also became the best selling console game in Japan this decade.
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