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    unearthed trailer for the sonic movie from 2014, check it out
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    Sonic Forces: The Light of Hope Sonic Forces: The Eggman Empire Strikes Back Sonic Forces: Revenge of the Hedgehog
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    I’d be happy to get a port of Adventure on Switch, PS4 and such, but I’d still rather we got a collection remaster with Colours, Unleashed, and Gens.
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    New trailer coming soon. https://twitter.com/tvs_movies/status/1214207004660682755
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    SA1 is one of those games were the slightest thing, like seeing art, gameplay, hearing music or sometimes even just reading about it makes me go "I really want to play this game again" I love SA1 so much guys
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    Morning SSMB! No video to go with this morning greeting as I have my first pic of the year done. Naturally it's my Rosy to get the year started. While I'm happy enough with how it turned out it is riddled with problems, and since this is here I'll allow myself to be more critical than elsewhere. Critical as I am though, I am happy I was able to add color to her eyes, though without me saying anything I don't think anyone would realize it's the same shade of blue that I use when I color Sonic. I also finally got around to naming the AU I've been thinking up for her so that's pretty cool too. Anyway, enjoy everyone and it'll be up on my art thread for easier long term tracking as well.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Awesome fanart by JoeAdok
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So coming off Bumblekast #104, Rough & Tumble will return eventually and we will learn what happened to the latter's tail and maybe their basic history at some point, but they are less likely to get something like a miniseries due to not being conceived as more than in-between baddies and being less accepted compared to the others. SEGA is less keen about certain types of animals being made into characters, namely insects and larger beasts like elephants; when reminded that they approved Jewel, they simply replied that they did. Jewel is therefore a special case. One of the Diamond Cutters was originally an insect, but got rejected. Assumed there'd be some pushback on the Variable Wispon and Warp Topaz(which he avoided going into), but was surprised with how cool they were to them in to the point of adding ideas for the former. Would like to do something more with the Wisps at some point and acknowledged how odd it is that something as pivotal as the Mother Wisp is reserved for the DS version. Doesn't pitch overall story ideas until the previous is in their final approvals, so what comes next isn't necessarily set in stone all the time. Apparently went into Maw's powers in the previous episodes.
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    For me. Favorite Sonic game this decade: Sonic robo blast 2.2. After all the stupid pseudo fake "Sonic 3d platformers" I suffered trough that keep forgetting to contain 3d gameplay, be platformers, and often even forget to be actual Sonic games, it's nice to be reminded what an actual 3d Sonic game could be like. I don't care it's a fangame. This decade, all the best Sonic games are either made by a third party studio or fans. Sonic Team got it's butt kicked by everyone but the Sonic Boom development teams. Most hated game this decade: Sonic Boom Shattered Crystals. The only game I can't beat not because it's too hard, but because it's too boring. My brain keeps shutting off out of boredom and goes on autopilot. Which means I keep beating the 20 minute long levels without all the collectables and having to start all over. Arghh. Shame Rise of Lyric has so many glitches so the internet focuses on that game as the spectacular failure. Because for my money, Shattered Crystal is way worse. Rise of Lyric is mere mediocre and low energy, rather then "Brain shuts off in protest" boring. At least Fire and Ice fixed it's issues and was an actually decent game. Most underrated game this decade: Sonic Boom fire and ice. Poor Fire and Ice. It did it's best to improve itself from Shattered Crystals, and I think it did, I thought it was a decent platformer. It even performed a miracle and got Pontac and Graff to write one or two jokes that made me chuckle for the first time. But it was doomed from the start. Bad marketing, the previous Boom games killed anyone's interest. And thus ends Sonic's carreer on the handheld systems. Damn shame for both Fire and Ice and any other handheld games we could have had. Coolest thing this decade: The many, many, many awesome remixes we had. Despite Smash Bros and M&S at the Olympics snobbing the Sonic music, we had some cool remixes in a lot of other places. Sonic music always rules. Only Sonic Boom somehow missed that memo. Altough to be fair, Shattered Crystal and Fire and Ice had one or two decent tracks. Suckiest thing this decade: The complete and utter destruction of story telling, characterization, any kind of world for Sonic to exist in. Sonic has turned entirely into a character driven comedy. Except with most of the characterization eliminated as well, leaving me with nothing. Everything as far as the Sonic cast and the world they live in feels like a detached dead sterile series of soulless museum exhibits. Congrats "Only gameplay matters" folk, you won. My ability to give a damn about any character or Sonic's world has been utterly nuked from existance. Don't think that'll make me stop complaining and joking about it tough. It's the only joy I got left, since gameplay fails most of the time as well. Best surprise this decade: Lego Dimensions. Despite I'm completely sick of the eternal meta reference parade I 've suffered trough over and over and over and over and over this decade, Lego did a great job at it, I enjoyed it. Not only did I finally get proper 3d gameplay, some gags that did get me to chuckle, but Sonic Dimensions also has the weird honor of being the only Sonic game this decade that made cutscenes feel exciting. Amazing what diffrence it makes when characters actually move, talk in more snappy sentences and there's thrilling background music, rather then the sleep inducing slow "look how clever I am!!!" borefest every other Sonic media tortures me with. And now I don't want to see another celebration of the past game again for the next 20 years. Worst surprise this year: Realising half of Sonic's entire life span has almost passed since Sonic 06. Genuine 3d gameplay, Sonic's friends being relevant and decent story telling have all been shredded out of existance for the sake of Sonic Team going on a journey of self reflection and finally creating the perfect pure Sonic game. Which is all noble and great, except despite having half of Sonic's lifespan to do so in, they still haven't figured out a damn thing yet. Generations gave me brief hope they're on the right track but they tumbled right off a cliff again. Thank god for third party development teams and fangames. Wish for the next decade: For God's sake Sonic Team, FOCUS. I don't care what you do for the next game, 2d/ 3d. Comedy, Serious. Boost, platforming. Gritty war drama, zany priate adventure. Sonic Colors 2, Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Mania Sonic Team edition. Whatever it is you're doing, DO IT. Your biggest weakness and main cause for my lack of respect and trust in you is you being all wishy washy and unable to stick to your guns on anything. To hell with these stupid 2d/ 3d hybrid games, to hell with the Teasers and trailers showing an entirely diffrent game then the final product. Have a vision, Stick to it and proudly and honestly present what you're doing. I'm probably the rare weirdo, but I prefer a game having a stupid premise but at least going 100% trough with it like Shadow. At least people who like the concept will get what they want, and everyone else gets to enjoy a spectacular trainwreck. But Modern Sonic is all over the place and satisfies noone, sarcastically or otherwise. Also don't bother including a storymode if you're going to put zero effort into it anyway. Either tell me a good story and remind me why I used to care about these characters, or just keep it a Videogame for Videogame's sake. And fix the characters and Sonic's world too. Ah, never mind, might as well ask for the moon. So yeah, here's to the next decade. I'll raise a glass and cheer to all the Mods that'll clean up the next incomprehensible mess from Sonic Team.
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    Speaking of Archie: (spoilered because lengthy wall of text)
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    I've started up a casual channel on Twitch. Think I'm gonna try and focus on my art and animation stuff since there's already plenty of gaming channels to choose from. Might try and redo some older Sonic cutscenes to improve their animation, especailly from stuff like Heroes.
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    What’s this talk about a Sonic Advance remake? Will it fix those awful special stages?
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    Nice! Probably means we're getting an Eggman solo poster too?
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    I reaaaallly don't want current Sonic Team to touch SA1 because their current level design philosophy is the complete antithesis to what SA1 was going for and have shown no desire to change that so I'd rather they keep making original (bad) games then going back to SA1. Imo you're allowed to remake old classics if said designers have improved and evolved since the game in question was made (Ratchet and Clank PS4) or if you get new developers who understand why the games were so appealing in the first place (Crash/Spyro/Mania to an extent). Sonic Team is neither of these things, please don't remake this game
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    If SA1 gets remade, I wonder if they'll take inspiration from the newer games. Such as, removing Tails arc about not depending on Sonic, getting rid of all the other playable characters and relegating all Chaos fights to cutscenes.
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    Sonic Channel

    Fanart corner for January 2020 is up! The theme is "Happy New Year!". http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/fanart/20200106_002099/
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    The timing of the encyclopedia’s release was pretty amazing, all things considered. If its scheduled release was like a month or two later than it was, it probably would’ve been held from release altogether. While one could look at the encyclopedia as becoming “outdated” less than a year later, I prefer to think of it from a different angle: the timing of its release basically made it a near-complete file on the original continuity as a whole, with it only being five (ten including Universe) issues out of date. ... Also, the encyclopedia came out on my birthday. That was awesome.
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    What I found especially unfortunate about two of the delays/cancellations in particular is the fact that poor Tracey Yardley just barely missed out on getting his two Sonic Universe arcs collected. The main SU graphic novel series pegged out right before “Babylon Rising” got its turn, and “Pirate Plunder Panic” was set to open the planned “Sonic Universe Sagas” series before the whole thing went down with the ship.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think they care too much. And are just interested in new possibilities. Or to be more accurate I think they stopped caring about the chaos emeralds in particular. The chaos emeralds and the master emeralds used to be the kind of end all be all in sonic lore, they were described as literally magic wish granting gems. Nowadays they don't do much besides " oh hey super character ". They aren't relevant to narrative, this wish to move on and explore other narrative and gameplay opportunities. And maybe they find it freeing. I can totally see them up to explore new avenues because of this. Damn am I the only one who likes rough and tumble That's funny. " Oh we approved that, whoops " I would be personally interested to know if there are " wisp " rules.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hmm, perhaps he wasn't expecting them to be cool with a new magic rock in general, or maybe the reality warping part? He might be alluding to something we don't know about it too but I could see it being one or both of those.
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    Chamomile #142
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    Somebody bring me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate!
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    Big Panda

    Possible IDW crossovers

    How is it nobody has mentioned the most obvious one of all?
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #52: The Discovery Zone My first reaction to seeing this cover was, “Holy shit, that’s awesome! Sonic as a Noir detective!” but then I started thinking bad thoughts. Like, how this could actually be a regular detective but he’s wearing really huge fake hands and a phelt mascot head of Sonic’s. Or about how these comics currently have no detective characters in them… sigh. The writers for this issue are Tom Rolston and Karl Bollers. Still no Penders story on the main book after Issue 50 yet, but it’s coming. Although, considering how random and awful the Karl Bollers story was last time I have a feeling it might not matter. Final Thoughts - All this could have been handled way better. I like the idea behind this set-up more than the way they decided to follow-through with it. It’s not bad or anything but for a 50s noir homage, I expected something a little more interesting. That cover got me so excited.
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    Chamomile #141
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    I hated it, I'll spoil everything so using tags
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    So TLJ is controversial among fans for its treatment of Luke and refusal to follow with the movie before it, but this movie takes that last mistake and doubles down. The end result is a trilogy that course-corrects twice. That’s a reversal between every movie in the trilogy. How frustrating. I’m starting to think that TLJ is the better movie out of the two, since the details of how JJ makes the plot walkbacks work just don’t add up even when compared to Force Awakens, which is his own movie. At least TLJ looked nice from a filmmaking point of view and has some memorable (if controversial) lines of dialogue. No lines in this movie stand out to me that are not at prequel levels of cheesiness. At least there will be memes from the fans. The philosophy here seems to be “bigger is better”, which results in an up scaling of force abilities that will affect the longevity of this franchise. Also, the blatant shade being thrown at the previous movie is too much. Can we not fight in front of the kids, please, Rian and JJ? To betray the plot once in TLJ was enough. This would have been better made if they stuck with the decisions made in TLJ, to at least produce a coherent trilogy. All three movies have a continuity that is loose at best. They managed to write themselves into a corner, which is why we get this Lich King as the final threat of a disappointing three movies.
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    I don't care about Star Wars anymore, but this is honest to God one of the funniest things i've seen
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