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    You know what's truly, stupefyingly astounding about this? It's only been two months. Game Freak knew they were doing this. If they had fucking said, from the fucking start, "We have a great expansion planned that unfortunately will not be ready by launch that will have all this stuff and include most of the missing content, for free!;" most of the ire directed at them and the increasingly desperate sounding bullshit that they dumped out over the last three months before release to justify the design decision would have automatically been null. Not all, of course, and there's still a chance that this will be as half assed as the rest of their output (nevermind drawing even more ire to the yearly release schedule) but they absolutely would not have been under the same microscope as the fall wore on. That's how awful they are at this. I think only Polyphony Digital are worse. Even as it is they managed to screw this up, because now it's spreading like that "now you have to pay $30 to get Pokémon cut from SwSh" instead of what the paid portion actually entails.
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    Of course. Pokémon are never truly exclusive to one version or another; it's just a matter of which you can obtain natively. This is just the same case as Applin evolving into Flapple or Appletun. This is the kicker. The Wild Area is large in literal terms of space. But as far as content is concerned, it's incredibly barebones. It's doesn't offer up any interesting or fun gameplay that does anything to shake-up or add to the formula. The first time I went through the Wild Area, it definitely felt great to be surrounded by something that seemed so open and full of challenging battles. But in practice, it wasn't anything like that. It's only got 3 connecting cities of interest, one of which being the starting town area that you'll never return to, and the other two are specific story locations. There's nothing to actually do in the Wild Area. There's lots of Wild Pokémon and random items strewn on the ground. That's literally it. It's a glorified route. There's nothing to explore, no new gameplay, no secrets... not even any of the incredibly boring and linear story actually takes place there. The two new DLC areas sound nice on paper, just as the Wild Area did. I need to see how they actually pan out though, because if they're as linear and light on content as the base game then I'm not sold. I want to know what there actually is to the new dojo, the legendaries and the Dens.
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    Jesus Christ, Youtube just keeps getting lamer. And the same goes for most mainstream platforms on the internet. Thinking back to the old days of the internet makes me feel like an old cowboy fondly remembering the wild west.
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    Let's not forget what's really important about today's news, though: The inevitable Sinnoh remakes are getting another year in the oven! Let's hope it shows... I've been thinking about typings for the new Pokemon and forms. I'm pretty sure the Galarian legendary birds will be Psychic, Fighting, and Dark. Articuno is using obvious Psychic motifs, like hovering in place, having glowing eyes, throwing beams around etc., supported by its colour scheme; Zapdos is placing a lot of emphasis on the physical strength in its legs, and it's also coloured after the Fighting-type logo; and Moltres, whilst still fiery, is using a black and pink colour scheme in common with the Dark logo as well as being pretty plainly evil-looking. Of course, these types also form a weakness chain, for added coherence. One raises an eyebrow at the existence of Galarian variants of legendary Pokemon formerly assumed to be unique, of course; but one may as well question the idea of a unique Pokemon that's merely rare rather than the subject of creation myths. The two new Regis are pretty easy; the Electric one speaks for itself, but it took me a minute to see that the other one is a Dragon-type, its two outsize limbs resembling the upper and lower mandible of a dragon. Curious what the lore for them might be; curious about their names, too. The original Regis are plainly named for their type, of course, but that fell apart with Regigigas, and I suspect would have fallen apart anyway as soon as they hit a type that wasn't monosyllabic. For that reason, I'm expecting the names to be more along the lines of Regivolt and Regidrake - those two in particular might be too obvious, having been nabbed by two of the four Galarian fossils. Galarian Slowpoke is curious. It's lost its Water-type and is now pure-Psychic, and has yellow highlights from eating spicy berries, but it's hard to know where that's going. We get a brief glimpse of Galarian Slowbro; it's chunky, has purple paws and a purple tail-tip - and no shell on its tail, which is intriguing; by contrast, what we see of Galarian Slowking has a dark mantle and a glimpse of a headdress with eyes actually more like the Slowbro shell's. Are the two shells being swapped around? Or are the evolution items for these two Pokemon going to be about clamping something else onto them entirely? Very difficult to know what to expect from their typings, but I expect the two will be slightly more distinct from one another than their originals.
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    So apparently Cheetahs sound like Yoshi when they meow: [reddit link]
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    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
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    My review for The Rise of Skywalker is here!
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    They must have spent a very long time creating all those new Pokémon models for this game.
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    Okay so besides the DLC, they're adding in over 200 old Pokémon through "free" updates. Technically these old Pokémon become instantly available in SwSh through the updates, but the only way to obtain then is via trade unless you also buy the DLC which includes new areas in which to find these Pokémon. The DLC is, from the sounds of it, akin to two new Wild Areas titled "The Island of Armour" (June 2020) and "The Crown Tundra" (Autumn 2020). They'll include new story elements and characters. Specifically in the Island of Armour there's a dojo wherein you meet Leon's mentor. In the Crown Tundra, you explore Pokémon Dens (and they're more like explorable areas than what you find in the Wild Area currently). Both DLC packs include new legendaries, old Pokémon in the wild, new Gigantamax forms and Galarian forms. Galarian Slowpoke has been revealed, with Galarian Slowbro in Sword and Galarian Slowking in Shield. I was thinking earlier today about how small SwSh feel, and this DLC only makes me more bitter about that. The Wild Area in SwSh is totaly underdeveloped, and the rest fo the region is seriously lacking in content or areas to explore. Adding DLC on top of that only compounds the feeling that SwSh were rushed out the door with plans to squeeze more money out of the players. That's especially the case for the old Pokémon being added in for free, with a catch. I mean, the DLC looks nice, but I don't want to pay extra for what should have been a part of SwSh from the beginning. I think it's hilarious that you have to buy it separately for both games. As if Pokémmon wasn't already money-hungry enough!
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    Well, the Sonic Movie Twitter wants you to vote which of these is the best to choose for the Twitter emoji.:
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    The best songs ever are all in video games, don't @me.
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    You're assuming kids and their parents are all as Internet savvy and aware of the minutiae older as Sonic fans whose tastes have developed as they've gotten older and have a disposable income to make informed choices on how they want to spend their time. I don't think kids actually care about the quality of a Sonic product--they like Sonic. And parents don't research or are even aware when games get price drops, especially if a game drops around the holiday season or there's a birthday coming up. They trust content labels and that's it.
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    Because why not. Personally, I'm going to limit myself to 3 biggest high points (in my opinion) and 3 biggest low points (in my opinion), and others can follow that too if you want to, but you don't have to. High Points For me and probably millions of others, two of the biggest high points of this decade Sonic-wise were Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Adventures. I don't think I even need to explain why. Personally, I'm also going to list the Archie Sonic reboot as a highlight, and I'll explain why. The Ian Flynn era of Archie in general was great and probably one of my favorite pieces of Sonic media, but thanks to lawsuits and fun like that, it eventually became wracked by legal issues. Impressively, Flynn and the team managed to make lemonade out of these lemons by giving us a reworking of the Archie continuity that, while deprived of many years of continuity and characters established by the comics, made good use out of Western media lore and little-known classic elements while also being much more in line with the games. All this was backed up by writing and artwork that was usually excellent and some solid redesigns and reworkings for classic western characters. I'm not saying that Archie Sonic being rebooted and losing all those years of continuity was completely a good thing, because it definitely wasn't. A lot was lost and there's no way to replace a rich continuity built up over twenty years. But at the same time, I won't deny that there's also a positive side to a lot of baggage being shed because most of us know that for many years, Archie Sonic was a bit...nutty and just bad, and it's definitely not entirely a bad thing to have a lot of that weird stuff excised from continuity. It wasn't perfect, it had its low points and flaws too (cough cough...WORLDS UNITE...), but overall there's a lot to love. Low Points I think from an "objective" perspective, the biggest low point was Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. I never played it myself (a fact which I have no particular interest in changing), but there's no arguing that releasing a game that has been compared to Sonic 06 in terms of badness is not a good thing. On a personal level, what I personally consider the biggest low point of the 2010s may seem rather bizarre and extremely minor to some, but to me, it genuinely makes me have a much lower interest in any current or future official Sonic projects other than Mania follow-ups. It essentially is a significant factor that makes me consider myself more of a fan of past Sonic media than someone who's that interested in Sonic's present or future. And that is Sonic Forces establishing Classic Sonic as being Sonic from another dimension rather than the past. I don't want to spend too long explaining why something so seemingly small makes such a huge difference to me because honestly I don't want to get myself too worked up. But let me explain it this way. "The Principle and the Pauper" is one of the most hated Simpsons episodes ever for revealing that the Seymour Skinner viewers had been following for years was an imposter. To me, the idea that Modern Sonic, aka the Sonic who we've been following for decades, is not the same person as Classic Sonic, the original Sonic, is essentially saying that he's an imposter. So it stings to me as much as that episode would for Simpsons fans...except in this case, it's not just a side character who's an imposter. It's the main character of the franchise. Actually, it's every character who exists both in the Classic and Modern era who are now essentially "imposters"! Now, there are circumstances in which it's justified to split off different incarnations of characters as being from different dimensions. For example, the Golden Age Superman and the Silver Age Superman have many irreconcilable differences in terms of personality and background, so it makes sense (though I'll always be annoyed that Golden Age is "Earth-2" even though it came first). But with Sonic, no such thing is remotely necessary because he doesn't have much backstory and his personality, while always in flux, has not undergone any changes radical enough to justify something like this (especially when you consider that in the classic era, he didn't have much dialogue in the games and a lot of his personality was informed by manuals, marketing and non-games media). Heck, Sonic's classic and modern designs don't even LOOK that different! They have to give Classic Sonic a lighter fur color he was rarely actually depicted with just to make him look more different from Modern Sonic! Beyond this, though, what I hate about this "retcon" (or whatever it is) is that it cheapens both the Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. As I explained before, Modern Sonic is no longer the same person as the original Sonic, and as for Classic Sonic, he gets demoted to essentially being a side character in his own series. And both of them lose each other's legacies. It's just making both Sonics weaker. To me, there are no advantages to splitting Sonic into two and plenty of disadvantages. It just makes Sega seem really incompetent and full of bad ideas when it comes to their direction for the series. It's just plain stupid, and honestly, it's a bit upsetting to me on an emotional level for the same reason that I imagine "The Principle and the Pauper" was upsetting. Some may find it cringey, but it's inevitable that when you're a fan of a series for many years, you form a "relationship" of sorts with its characters. Now my "relationship" with Sonic is fractured because, to put it plainly, he's not who I thought he was. It's just awful to me and until Sega throws this bullcrap into the garbage bin, my interest in any future or present Sonic media is GREATLY reduced. My third and final lowpoint of the 2010s is also a really big deal to me, and it's Archie Sonic ending. Just like the previous low point, I could easily go on and on about why I hate this so much, but I'll try to keep it relatively quick. It's no secret that for many years, Archie Sonic was bad. Real, real bad. But instead of ending the series when it was a furry soap opera or when Knuckles turned into a green demigod for over a year, they instead chose to end it when it was really good and closer to the games than ever before. That irony by itself is almost bitter enough to earn it a place on this list, and I already have established that I love the Archie Sonic reboot, so that should for the most part explain why this event was so terrible to me. But there's also the fact that the cancellation was so horribly dragged on and so shamefully unceremonious. There's the fact that there's something inherently sad that such an old and continuous part of Sonic's history being axed in such a matter. And of course, there's the fact that the last official presence of the western lore of Sonic is gone. To some, this is a cause of celebration, but not to me and many others. To some, the Freedom Fighters and such were just lame vestiges of a bygone era, but you have to keep in mind that these characters had been appearing continuously in Archie Sonic for twenty years. Love them or hate them, they weren't insignificant and many people had gotten very attached to them. Heck, I'm not even a truly "die-hard" fan of the Freedom Fighters and sometimes got annoyed by them being more important than Sega characters, but I still consider it an utter tragedy that they are likely gone forever. Maybe they'll appear in IDW, but honestly, personally, my hopes aren't that high. I feel like I need to spend a moment on why I don't consider IDW Sonic a suitable replacement for Archie Sonic. Honestly, I've never read IDW Sonic. And a big part of the reason why is that it's forced to follow Sega's current continuity and ideas for Sonic, including the awful idea that I just spent several paragraphs complaining about - the idea that Classic Sonic is "Sonic from another dimension". I'm not sure if that's ever explicitly mentioned, but I know the comic takes place after Sonic Forces, and I've heard that mandates prevent any Classic Sonic concepts from being involved in the comics. That's enough to essentially establish it as being the case in the comic, and that's enough to make me not want to read it. And in general, I'm just plain more interested in Classic Sonic concepts and western media concepts than I am in the Modern Sonic "continuity" (which has been so poorly handled by Sega that the word "continuity" barely even fits), so a series based on the premise of "only Modern Sonic stuff allowed" is a hard sell for me. So all-in-all, I'm just not that interested in IDW Sonic. It's not so much a problem with the comic itself as it is a problem with Sega's current direction for Sonic that to me, infects everything they touch. --- So that's my list. Most of that post was paragraph after paragraph of complaining about things that probably don't seem that significant. Oh well.
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    Big Panda

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    Never has there been a picture that so accurately sums up the Pokemon fanbase after today.
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    The Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC looks great. Glad to see Gamefreak double down on the Wild Areas, because that's the coolest thing Sword and Shield has.
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    Of course. Gotta have that pregnant Elsa, 35-45 minutes Maiu, off brand Miraculous pool parties, and the legendary Peppa Pig bath of skittles and shit.
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    Wow, @Blue Blood was right. LBA2 is awesome. A lot different from what I usually play, and yet I haven’t been this invested in a game since Mother 3. Kinda regret not playing it sooner.
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    The best Knuckles theme I just wish the "Unknown From M.E." portion was longer.
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    New pictures of more Sonic movie merchandise that will be sold in theaters.: They seem to just change Sonic's eyes and the colors of the cup toppers.:
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    In celebration of Oddity, I'm having a Mother marathon. I just beat Mother 1 (GBA version, fan translation. Easy Ring made things smoother for me) Despite its archaic design, horrible balance, and rushed dialog... I actually really liked this game. I loved the subtle ways the game told what little story it had, and worked around the NES' limitations. I loved the soundtrack, as short and repetitive it can be.
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    Knack 3 is launching with the PS5 and you're going to embrace it.
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    Chris: “I’m lonely” Danny, Francis, and Helen: “Hey Chris, wanna go play some baseba-” Chris: “SO VERY LONELY”
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    100% Completed Spider-Man PS4 and all DLC!
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    Youtube handling this by disabling comments is already bad enough. For me specifically disabling the comments in these videos isn't a big issue since I don't interact with the comments section in any way. It's stilll a really bad way to handle this, but at the end of the day this doesn't affect me specifically. This, however, is a big issue for me Look at the bottom of the screen. They turned off miniplayer for the affected videos. WHY?!!!? Can anyone actually explain what this shit accomplishes? Like, I cannot think of a single use-case for this function. It does nothing in regards to COPPA, it does nothing in regards to guarding young viewers from anything, it does nothing outside of annoying the end user.
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    Yeah I covered this a few months ago. It's being used without permission. No doubt there. Obvious sign is that the Sonic logo is in fact modified from the old Sega World London logo. The company has had this design for over a decade as far as I can see. A long time ago their trucks were even painted blue.
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    Highs and lows of Sonic in the 2010s

    I'll make a proper response later, but right now I wanna say I fully agree with your hatred of the modern/classic split and your post has articulated it better than I could have. The reason why I hate it is because up until recently, nobody was aware of modern Sonic being a continuity reboot of the classic era. Anyone following the series for any amount of time reasonably assumed that it was all the same series and the only things sectioning off the current games from the old ones were the basic gameplay and the character designs. If Sega had been more upfront about this, and I mean REALLY upfront about it by going on immediate record around SA1's release that this was meant to be a fresh start for the series (as opposed to some of us simply assuming it to be the case) then maybe it would have smoothed over better, but the idea of rebooting the series at all was dumb in the first place, so I don't like it either way even if Sega could have handled it better. Mania is considered a "side" game by some even though was the main damn gameplay of the series in the 90s, imagine if they made a Sonic Adventure 3 that was regarded as a spin-off to the other 3D Sonic game that came out that same year. It'd be ridiculous.
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    I'm enjoying the quiet compared to how the fanbase was in November.
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Having finished Link's Awakening, I'm on to Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Luigi's Mansion 3 on the Switch, Elder Scrolls Online and No Man's Sky (still) on the PS4. DQ2 has a lot more in it than the first one, which I really enjoyed, to the point I managed to totally forget what I was supposed to be doing when I returned to the game. LM3 I got a delayed start on, because I had to go back and finish LM2:Dark Moon. (Typical me - I'd gotten to the last set of levels, and stopped one level before the Final Boss fight Had a lot of fun over Christmas playing LM 3 with my niece (12), who played Gooigi. Gave her Link's Awakening and my brother Super Mario Odyssey for Christmas, both by specific request, after they finished Breath of the Wild together. I gave them the Switch and BotW last summer.
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    Pokemon Sword I did finish this game during the first weekend of release but I'm still playing it, due to Max Raids and trying to complete the Pokedex on top of another playthrough of it. To give my quick thoughts about it. The story is ok, your typical Pokemon fare. I do feel while there's a lot of character development and great characters I do feel like some characters are underutilized or just flat out there compared to Hop, Leon, and Sonia. The gameplay isn't too bad either, its what you'd expect from a Pokemon game. They did a good number of balance changes between the available Pokemon to moves and abilities. I will say I don't like what they did with TMs and made them mostly gimmicky stuff; You have no idea how underwhelming it was to receive the rather weak Whirlpool (which also was a HM in Gen 2) from the Water gym leader instead of something decent like Bubblebeam or Water Pulse. They also locked the better moves in something called TRs or Technical Records which act like TMs prior to Gen 5, ergo one time use, which kind of sucks. Thankfully it isn't too bad when you can get multiples of a move at least and they usually drop from Max Raid Battles but I still have that "too awesome to use" mentality, mostly because I want to make sure I'm slapping it onto something I'm gonna use meta wise. And finally Dynamax is an OK gimmick; It doesn't break anything but its nice to know that everyone can use it at least. I do wanna see where this meta would go with the smaller amount of Pokemon. I've been hearing Corviknight, Darmartian, and Dracovish are making waves which I find interesting. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Out of all the games on sale I went for the game that wasn't on sale. I just really wanted to play a new Atelier game is all. For those who don't know about the Atelier series, think of the Persona series meets idk Harvest Moon or Minecraft in a sense. You play as a cute girl who's trying to make it big in her world through alchemy. Its a JRPG with a heavy focus on a crafting system for both battles and taking requests for the local townsfolk but you have to time manage because nearly every action you do takes up time and you usually have a strict time limit to accomplish the story of the game much like Persona. Failing to do so either gives you a game over or a bad ending. The battle part of the game is pretty simple as well since you have either attacks, skills, or items to use but there isn't too much of a focus on weaknesses like in Pokemon or Persona so you can do fine as long as you keep up with grinding and crafting. Now that established that what about Ryza? Well it does things differently. For one the strict time limit I mentioned is gone so you're more free to do what you want without having to worry about a cosmic deadline of any sort so go crazy with the crafting. Crafting itself has been revamped a bit, giving you a grid instead of a list of what you can go through which leaves you more customization options available to you. And the last big gameplay change is that the combat is now in real time instead of being turn based so you have to think on your feet. I do like how battle is controlled by a button press at least but it does have somewhat of a Persona 3 problem where your allies just do whatever. You can control them but you can only control 1 at a time, meaning you have to make even faster decisions. One thing I did noticed too is that the story is also heavily different from other Atelier games where instead of one big goal on a time limit, it focuses more on individual character goals. Ryza wants to adventure more and learn alchemy, Lent wants to train to be strong and reach this tower he couldn't before, and Tao wants to translate his book. Its smaller scope from previous games but I think that's what makes it personal and it might be leading up to something bigger. I love how its trying to experiment more with the Atelier formula and trying more things; that's the kind of ambition I like to see. I've barely scratched the surface though and I'm sure there's a lot more to this game but I will say this is looking to be one of the most beautiful games out there and I love its chilled attitude. Its a nice change of pace for me to say the least and I really appreciate it.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Haven't posted anything here in a while, but since I had time to draw something, even though it's not Sonic related, thought I'd go ahead and share it. Please enjoy everyone 😊
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Appreciate the feedback and apologies for taking so long to get back to this. Anyway though let me get right to it. So I actually had considered sleeveless or even more traditional long sleeves as well as other colors when I first started but as I played around with numerous concepts in my head and considered how it would look and work I never ended up trying any of the other sleeve possibilities. Now that isn't to say that I hadn't tried out other colors (hurray for digital art programs) and at first didn't think that white would actually work. It actually required that I change up my art style a bit from how I was drawing at the time to work as well as giving Rosy more of an ovoid shaped body so the white color didn't make her body look larger than it was. Suffice to say though since I hadn't wanted to use white in the first place being able to make it work for me was a rather elating experience. So how do I feel about other colors on a whole? Well it's not that I'm particularly adverse to them and when I couldn't get white to work at first I actually wanted to try yellow, as it is my favorite color, but it as well as every other color I tried just didn't look right to me. The contrast was either too great or the color was too garish for my tastes. To an extent even Amy's classic pink color was a little too strong for me at times and I was fortuitous enough to have a solution to that handed to me when I commissioned someone else to draw my design and they used a much softer shade of pink. So from there I switched over to using the same shade of pink and hadn't even considered any further colors as I had achieved a level of softness I was quite satisfied with. From there though is where the problem with trying a different color comes from as the very muted shade I started using would need to be paired against equally muted tones but that would take away the brightness that white still brings to her design. Unfortunately I am a self-taught hobby artist so my grasp of color theory is limited at best without any familiarity with the terminology to make it easier to discuss it with others. So while having people mistake the leotard for a swimsuit would be alright addressing color balancing is a totally different problem. But, I am an artist regardless and this is my art thread so I decided to tackle how different colors and white leggings as suggested as an alternative would look and ended up putting together this color chart So with this little display put together I've actually simply reinforced my preference for having used white. The primary reasons come down to feeling less busy to me, not being overwhelming, maintaining a sense of brightness without overriding the other of the colors, and minimizing the amount of colors making the design appear simpler than actually is. There is a certain cleanness to it no other color I tried manages to achieve in my eyes. Still though, as I said, I'm a self-taught hobby artist so I'm more than open to more feedback. Meanwhile, as always if anyone wants an avatar made from any of my pics let me know as well as which color combination is your favorite.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    One last pic of my Rosy for the year and this time to welcome in the new year as well. Also a textless variation for your avatar needs 😊 Hope everyone enjoys and apologies for the excessive focus on my Rosy towards the end of the year. Making no promises but I'll try to do more art than just her next year. We'll see what happens. For now please enjoy and I look forward to another year of sharing my Sonic art with everyone 😊
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    And it's my Amy/Rosy redesign again 😅 I know I need to draw more characters than just her but when I'm grumpy and need to smile she easily puts a smile on my face even when I just draw her up as a quickie and sloppy doodle. As a result she's here again so please enjoy 😊
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    So yesterday was Sonic and today is my Amy redesign Please enjoy
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Late night pop in, triple post, and more of my Amy/Rosy redesign What has this redesign done to me. It's like the only Sonic related art I've been drawing. I need to draw another character before this gets out of hand. On the other hand, I feel like every time I draw this redesign that I keep getting sloppier. Maybe I need to put in some more practice... Aagh! What am I saying, It's almost midnight here. Enjoy everyone and good night.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Double post and bump, but oh well. Wanted to share a quick and sloppy scribble I threw together of my wonky little Amy/Rosy design Flaws aside, since I thought seeing her drawn in my design again would be a nice birthday gift but don't know anyone who'd do it, doing it myself was actually pretty satisfying. Also, if anyone want's to use any of the pics here for a profile pic feel free. Also, if anyone does decide to take a gander at my wonky little Amy/Rosy design feel free to post it in all of your usual circles. Just make sure to credit me for the design please. My tumblr is here https://sonicfanj.tumblr.com/ and my i'm also over on deviantart here https://www.deviantart.com/sonicfanj.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Yeah, it was kind of an all day project and I used a ton of reference material to pull it off. To anyone familiar with the character sheet that Oshima Provided Toei Animation for the cutscenes they'll recognize I pretty much just straight copied Sonic's shoes from there. I don't feel guilty though, I love those shoes. As for Rosy there, that's my own redesign of her character so I didn't really have any references to go off of. All in all though imitating that style is a lot of work but I think it's worth it. Enough so that when I have the time I'll probably try my hand at doing Tails.
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