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    Little bit of trivia in relation to the latest news: Kōichi Yamadera, Robotnik’s Japanese voice actor in the movie, is essentially the “official” Japanese voiceover for Jim Carrey, having dubbed him in a large selection of his movies before.
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    Adventure One has Echidna ruins be within train distance of a human filled city and Tikal speak of Chaos destroying the world once (not two worlds). It's not more doable at all when it comes to Two-Worlds. Not to mention Naka talking about how the bigger presence of humans linked to Sonic moving away from the islands or other lands the Genesis games happened in towards Station Square.
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    Over the past 30 years, Batman and Spider-Man have had six cartoons each. Superman has had one.
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    Worst Case Scenario: Sega actually tries to do it. No, I don't have faith in them.
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    You can be bothered by whatever bothers you I just think we need to remember that as a fansite we are consuming far more of this than the ordinary person. A bad joke thats overplayed to us might only be seen a few times by a TV viewer.
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    Again don't get too bothered by TV spots they're not aimed at people that are highly engaged with the film already.
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    Way past cruel
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    Sorry for the double post, just want to post this. I think the lady who fainted is Natasha's character.: Wow!, he did the Smash Ultimate pose.:
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    Big agree honestly The more I think about it, the more I realize that I actually don't think I want a Sonic Adventure Remake. A new game should take priority. They shouldn't blindly re-create Adventure, they need to re-create the feeling that Adventure gave.
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    Far as 'm concerned, best case scenerio: I'm getting a superior version of my favorite Sonic game. Worst Alternative best case scenerio: I'm getting a first rank seat in observing Sonic Team's broken thoughtprocess. And breaking down what's wrong with Sonic Team is as fun as actually playing most of the games. With recent games, especially Forces, I get such strong suspicions that there used to be an entirely diffrent "early version" of the game that could have been endlessly better (Or worse) then the weird wishy washy final product we got. So getting an oppurtunity to play a brand new Sonic game where we physically HAVE an earlier version will be a great oppurtunity to get an indepth look at Sonic Team's thoughtprocess. Picking this game apart might be as much fun as playing it is. Whether Sonic Team managed to improve on the original, or not. One interesting case with Sonic adventure is even during it's initial release, it kept changing in attitude and style. From the beta Windy valley that's all colorful and cartoony, to the more gritty context driven Windy valley from the released game. And then look at Sonic adventure DX making the graphics eve more realistic and gritty, especially the Station square buildings. It's going to be interesting if a remake comes, if they'll continue that trend or will radically go back to the beta's attitude. Sonic adventure is clearly designed to be a graphical showpiece. For the Sega Dreamcast, sure. But Sa1's very nature is all about presenting as many oppurtunities to show off impressive graphics as possible, which I'm sure a next-gen graphic engine can use for it's advantage just as much. Hence why Iizuka is STILL dragging Chaos Zero around to show off improved water graphics. And most of all, after a decade of many """"3d""" games, it'd be nice to play a modern 3d Sonic game that actually includes 3d gameplay. Good grief. I doubt Sonic Team is savvy enough to include the Classic's pinball physics on top of that, they're probably having trouble enough to come up with 3d levels that aren't corridors leading to blocky 2d sections, but we'll see. It's nice to dream. Indeed, hopefully they have a diffrent development team working on this, while Sonic Team is focusing on whatever mad concoction we'll be receiving next year for Sonic's anniversary. I'm curious if they'd keep Eggman referring to himself as Dr. Robotnik in this potential remake. Probably not, altough with the movie using the Robotnik name again, it's possible I guess.
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    yeah man great great sure just let the boss instakill my entire party with a single unstoppable attack yeah that's some fucking game design huh fucking rpgs
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    I can't even breathe right now

    I can't even breathe right now
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    After doing some calculating, I found out that the Smash series (ALL THE GAMES) has sold over 51,000,000 copies worldwide. Talk about a smash hit! Happy 21st anniversary!
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    Better yet, Just make a zone where you play as airborne supersonic in free flight and just tear through a whole fleet of eggman ships with the death egg as the boss. Basically a playable version of the opening in sonic unleashed.
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    I remember one time when sonic generations was leaked, Death egg boss had appeared and people actually thought that the whole death egg was going to be a boss battle. That would be freaking cool though. Going from a dog fight in the sky in the tornado then destroying different parts of the death egg piece by piece in multiple phases. Then finishing it off on foot.
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    We got a Q&A detailing the features of 1.07, and some of the bonus content in re:Mind. 1. Oathkeeper and Oblivion have been added, with a light and dark form retrospectively, cutscenes have been fixed, blocked parts of the game are now unlocked, and 6 new normal combo action abilities. 2. Photo Mode got an extensive revamp. 3. New difficulty modifiers named FastPass Mode, and Black Mode, FastPass is designed to help get through the game ASAP, while Black is for adding difficulty modifiers, examples given were FastPass has auto guard as an option, while Black has an option to make your HP constantly drop while playing. There will be new added achievements and trophies for these modes, currently - the only known achievement is in FastPass mode, making it from Repunzel’s Tower to Chrona while touching the ground as little as possible. 4. New fights against all of the New Organisation are called Limit Cut Bosses, and have totally revamped A.I, difficulty, moves, and patterns, and have been designed for different ways of beating them, Xion and Xehanort are listed as most difficulty in particular. 5. There is a new secret boss that is so hard it can “make people cry”, and it was added by the request of Nomura. It’s been said that they surveyed testers and developers who fought the secret bosses before, and it did indeed make them cry. It’s mentioned to have a high number of attack patterns, but “is perfectly winnable without taking a hit”. 6. More or less already known info about ReMind - Roxas, Riku, Aqua, and Kairi are reconfirmed as playable, you can swap between English and Japanese voices whenever, and you can activate a mode that lets you listen to recordings from the KH Orchestra if you got the video add on.
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    The Metropolis Zone remix you never knew you needed: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/820377
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    Appeal of Espio the Chamelon

    It's kind of interesting if you compare Espio and Vector's character designs at face value. Espio immediately screams "disciplined ninja chameleon" but there isn't much beyond that (since his murderous/ridiculous nature was toned down a lot), meanwhile nothing about Vector really says "charitable/broke but capable detective" (I'll give them the bossy/greedy traits), as his design gives off more "Kremling" or "crocodile DJ", which is still a leftover from the Sonic 1 band. Even the Boom writers felt his headphones weren't fitting for a detective character and gave him a magnifying glass instead. So while Espio's rather simple to the point where some people seem to be fans of the archetype rather than the character, Vector got more layers but they're rarely showcased because side character, so he tends to get marked with the "big idiot" stereotype, as his design (intentionally?) doesn't show his true nature.
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    I think it could be doable for SA1, but SA2 would be the real mess of trying to keep that going. Doesn't mean I want that though. Unless I'm missing something wasn't it mostly in Generations? The only others I can think of are Episode Shadow and some cameos in TSR and Twitter. I really like the vibe of Shadow's SA2 songs, although admittedly most remixes try to remix that out of the song. It'd be interesting to see the reverse for a change with a newer song in that style. - I think it'd be interesting to see a take on the 2D promo art, but I could see that turning out very badly if done wrong. (cel shading, thick lines, etc.) Probably better to play it safe in that sense than have people complain the visuals ruined it. - The original concept art is gorgeous, I always enjoy seeing it. Same with SA2 the level of detail is amazing, it would be cool if they could add some of that instead of the low quality textures as I think it would make the stages look even better. Although comparing the two, Perfect Chaos looks almost a bit too intense, maybe they could go in the middle to get closer to the original art while still being intimating. - Because Mario has a different dev team than Sonic. Playing Odyssey I instantly thought why isn't Sonic at this level yet? Unrelated, but if SA1 and SA2 remakes gave both Knuckles stages the radar for all emerald pieces, I think an optional no radar hard mode would be interesting to really test your knowledge of the pieces. I kind of agree that I find that part interesting as well. With the newer games I always wonder what could have been, but in this case we'd have a flat out comparison. If it's more like Generations though, that's not really my style. I think people remember the best parts for boost games, which is ironic as Adventure fans are often accused of the same thing. At least Adventure could actually stick to 3D. After playing the dreamcast mod, I must say I disagree. Maybe for the textures but the lighting on Sonic made him look very plastic and fake. I much prefer the dreamcast lighting there. I say that having played the DX version more. As for me, best case we get a good remake, worst case we get a good soundtrack and the original still exists.
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    Surprise Mechanics
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    Appeal of Espio the Chamelon

    As number 2 goes I think you are looking at it from the wrong angle. I don't think for two out of three of those its " Exposure influences opinions " its should be reverse. Espio for a while in the earlier 00's got his and the chaotix time in the sun , those dudes IIRC are in sonic X more than shadow is I think. And omega got the wrestle staple, "hang out with the really cool guy so you can get more popular" thing. And I just don't think it worked for either of them, not for lack of exposure. It just didn't take. Because Vector at least from what I see tends to be more popular than both of them and was put in the same position. And blaze is kind of poplar because people like her, she's about the only I would claim " exposure influences opinions " on because she wasn't exposed to too many people ( Phrasing I know ) , and she's still pretty popular and would probably be more so if she was used. The other ones were used, I just don't think espio took. Exposure is kind of a bad example to begin with because there are multiple characters that have not been about for quite some time, and some not only maintained their popularity, in the case of silver, got more popular. If I may say one more thing though, I don't think hatedom is relevant. In fact I think it works a bit against point a bit. Companies and most consumers don't really care about a hatedom around a character. To use very good examples, people hate broly and venom I think that speaks for itself. It largely don't matter, but I would also kind of make the argument that in some cases lack of hatedom doesn't indicate the quality of a character or how many people like it, but indicates that not enough people care about the character to hate them. While I don't think that's true for blaze, I do think that's true for the other two And it sucks, because I think espio is cool because ninja, but I guess it doesn't do it for a lot of the audience. Is what it is I suppose
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    I felt a wave of nostalgia playing Gen 3 & 4 Pokemon on my recently brought DS Lite again.
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    After going back to Splatoon 1 briefly, I'm really surprised by how much worse the graphics the are that I thought. I always thought that there wasn't much difference between the original and the sequel visually, but it's striking just how much better the sequel looks. Also Off the Hook are so much better than the Squid Sisters.
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    Beat Earthbound yesterday. Excellent game. Now it's time to move onto the final game in the Mother trilogy. I am prepared for tears.
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    gotta speed keed
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    It's a shame we have so much reason to be pessimistic, cuz the idea of a Sonic Adventure remake has a lot of potential. Compared to some of these HD remakes these days that try to update something that was fine how it was, SA is an appealing game that has a LOT of room for improvement. I agree with everyone's sentiment here to reimagine the game and exentuate the appeal it had while massively retooling it's problems. I find it really fun to imagine what those cutscenes would look like with good animation, direction, pacing and shot composition.
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    Not gonna lie, the lack of funny lines and reuse of that same "I HAVE NO IDEA" scene is sort of bothering me. But still, very curious to see this movie and not doubting good comedy just yet. I think the "almost constantly" line is little funny, but not hilarious. Though again, that's also reused footaged. Edit: to be fair, we have been warned that although this film is good, there's some cheesiness
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    ..Oh wow, you're right!
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    All of the promotion for it right now is completely normal. Of course a restaurant is going to promote it, toys and merch is going to be made, and SEGA would have something to do with it. Honestly, I actually don't think they're doing enough with advertising. Boom had more promotion than this.
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    Nice, now I get to be disappointed by Sonic on the 20th of every month!
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    Back from school! Hi!

    Back from school! Hi!
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    Jesus, Paramount and SEGA are going all out with this movie, it's like they have faith or something. I can't imagine they doing this with the old design. Like, I really can't. Just the thought of having to pass by a giant mural with that ugly ass face while driving to work every day, sheesh, it give me the creeps. Thank God Sonic looks cute now, I wouldn't mind taking a ride on that bus even. Oh, and by God I mean Tyson.
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    Jack in the Box just revealed this. It’s look like it’s going to be Tiny Tacos. Also, Sonic movie ads are starting to appear on London buses.:
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    So, I've been having some more conversations about my Rosy redesign and a couple of ideas came up to address the difficult that some have realizing that she is wearing a leotard. As I was already in the midst of a pic I figured I'd experiment with it there and go fishing for feedback. So, please feel free to tell me which one you like most and I'll add it to a tally I'm keeping from everywhere I've posted it. In the meantime, please enjoy 😊
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    Which is ludicrous because Mobius 25 Years Later is canon in his mind so even if we were to believe him it wouldn't have lasted.
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    Just need other real life and fictional things to keep happening and this'll be done in no time.
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    Arguably, this can work when a "Donkey"-type funny character has a "Shrek"-type funny character as a foil. When the annoying character gets a bit too annoying, the more calm and grouchy character can chime in and take him down a peg with subtler but more nuanced snark humor. The problem is there isn't a "Shrek" in this movie, from what I can see. Unless you count Sonic calling himself out on his fart joke (such jokes as Fowler said wouldn't be in this movie, incidentally).
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    I don't think there was a scene/joke so far I genuinely found funny. This "being an obnoxious, loud, hyperactive goofball" is definitely not my taste, never was, never will be. I would be surprised if there wasn't a scene where he shows up wearing a Sawnik t-shirt...because as we all know, that's peak humor.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    And today's post isn't really anything special, but I threw together a more up to date reference for my Rosy Some of the stuff in here is perhaps a bit superfluous, but it is far more up to date than my old one and has a lot more important info as well. Anyway, enjoy everyone even if it isn't really a major art piece 😅
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    I got another one. Now let's look at our good ol fox friend, Tails. Particularly his classic iteration. Now, what if I told you that from these select images I provided, that there's something.... off? That same something, that was very prevalent and integral to the very core of Tail's design that only the most astute visionaries could catch when seen at the right given angle... was missing? A detail that was so important to the series, and yet was taken away from him (and us) and forever lost in translation, dare I say? Have you caught it yet? Well if not, look no further: His little hair tuft on the back of his head's been quietly yanked out since his modern redesign, and ever since has been forgotten for quite some time now, even for his classic appearances of today. This goes for Sonic Generations and even Sonic Mania. Well, mostly for Mania, anyway. Now oddly enough, even Sonic Mania's sprite animators remembered that Classic Tails is supposed to have that little hair tuft going on. Somehow they were able to remember that while the other animation crew for the Mania shorts and intro weren't. My hunch is that the spriters and cartoon animators either looked at two different references for Tails (because for whatever reason, there's a model sheet of Classic Tails floating around that doesn't include that hair tuft detail where even the "special zone" Tails design on the Genesis games decided to follow despite having that detail everywhere else) or they both forgot, but the spriters just ended up having that detail already at hand anyway since the Mania Tails sprite is already basically Sonic 2/ 3 Tails but with more frames of animation. I'm joking btw before some of you think I'm actually crazy, haha.
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