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    If there’s anything Fighter Pack 5 should’ve taught everybody, it’s to stop giving credence to these so called leakers.
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    7-9 levels of a well designed game with two acts each, hub worlds, a competent plot and some fun timewaster elements (ie chao garden, foodstuffs, missions etc). it feels like a pipe-dream
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    He's 100% right tho'. Everytime Sonic Team moves forward, they take at least 2 steps back. Most recent example? Sonic Forces. The avatar and the story are new. But everything else is old. Classic Sonic that Iizuka swore it was a one time only thing for Generations? There. Boost gameplay that was already left behind after Sonic Lost World? There. Rehashed zones and final boss, because of course? Theeeeere. Taking inspiration or out-right copying the past worked in Generations and Mania. Those games were special ocassions tho'. Sonic Forces was supposed to be the next big game. It flopped for many reasons besides the ones I listed, but they certainly took major steps back instead of going forward. Sonic has a future worth of 1 or 2 years untill the next game comes along and sends it back 3 years again.
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    Looks like we're getting a Kunio-kun Spirit event (River City)! I kinda hope we get a River City Girls event down the line too.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean, does having Metal Sonic transform immediately make it a heroes copy? Was Knuckles Chaotix retroactively a heroes copy? Heck, the Arc didn't even have the full heroes cast. It took some beats from Heroes, but that's just because Heroes was an influential game. The story was different enough from heroes for me to consider it its own story.
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    Success in the face of uncertainty is often more satisfying than a forgone conclusion.
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    Trying out Earthbound once more. First couple times I went into it I was expecting a masterpiece like everyone claims it is and was very disappointed by how vanilla it felt. This time I'm going into it knowing that it is what it is and that there might be stuff that's a bit dated. I'm actually enjoying more than my previous tries. But if there was anything I'd say that aged well, it's the humor. Very self-aware and even a bit trollish here and there.
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    If you’ve ever wondered what the English Pokemon logo would look like in the style of one the Japanese ones <tweet>
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    I wish Youtube would let you blacklist certain types of videos from popping up in your recommended. No Youtube, I don’t want to watch “Family Guy Funny Moments Compilation #14542”, fuck off.
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    New HD tender of Sonic using a phone with a ring around his finger.: It's sound like that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle won't be the only game to feature Movie Sonic.: More new ads at LAX airport.:
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    In his review of the Monsters vs Aliens TV series, Mr Enter criticises it for having poor continuity with the movie. The movie he’s admitted to never having seen and only got the general gist of through reading a summery. Bruh.
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    Was kind of hoping they'd get Mewtwo's original voice actor (who, contrary to rumors, is NOT dead) for nostalgia's sake, but Dan Green is every bit as good, if not better. In a world where Pokemon voices have been particularly average in recent years, Mewtwo sounds AWESOME as ever. My favorite Pokemon ever deserves nothing less than Dan Green. Who was that voicing Mr. FuJi? He sounds exactly the same as he did in the original film.
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    Hello everyone, I don't really know if this topic belongs here so feel free to move it if it needs to be moved Anyways, Sonic Adventure. I love that game, despite its flaws. Lately, I've noticed a lot of hype and speculation around a hypothetical "remake" of Sonic Adventure lately. It seems like whenever the Sonic social media updates you'll get a group of dedicated people demanding a remake or thinking that a remake is being teased. I don't really know what started this trend but it definitely exists. I think it's easy to romanticize the vague idea of a remake but we have to admit there are a lot of ways it could go horribly wrong or amazingly right. I think it's important for us to actually get to the point of what we'd really want to see in a remake so I've made a list of my personal dream remake and nightmare remake scenarios. SONIC ADVENTURE REMAKE - BEST CASE SCENARIO: + Game is rebuilt from the ground up and an artstyle is chosen that suits and respects the original aesthetic of Sonic Adventure (basically Unleashed/Generations style imo) + Remake acknowledges flaws and failings of the original and makes good attempts to resolve these issues in a smart way (e.g. Light Dash working the way it works in SA2) + Chao Garden is as good as it was in SA2 with a mobile companion app + Remake takes advantage of modern hardware to do things that weren't possible on Dreamcast due to hardware limitations or sheer time constraints (e.g. Perfect Chaos in generations looking more like his original concept art by Naoto Ohshima or fully playable Super Sonic in levels) + Various minor QOL fixes. + Bomb ass remixed soundtrack (this is a given) but also an option to switch to the original soundtrack (for nitpicky purists like me) + Boatload of cool extra content, like extra skins & costumes (I've noticed these are pretty big lately with stuff like Mario Odyssey, CTR Nitro Fueled and Spider-Man PS4 having loads of extra costumes. Sonic games don't really seem to make use of skins apart from SA2 and Sonic Runners) + Entirely New Zones. I don't really expect them to create new levels but it'd be a cool bonus. SONIC ADVENTURE REMAKE - WORST CASE SCENARIO: - Game makes no attempt to fix or rectify the failings of the original - Misses the point of what made the original so appealing - Is a glitchy broken mess - Unnecessary gimmicks shoehorned into the game with no rhyme or reason (e.g. Wisps for no reason) - Feels like a soulless cash-grab designed to take advantage of people's nostalgia to provide a low quality product - Chao Garden misses the point of what made it so special in the first place - Bad physics. This time they will need to create actual 3D rolling physics. I know it is possible to have rolling physics in 3D: If Mario can do it, why can't Sonic? Anyways that's all I got. Please let me know what sort of stuff you would want to see and what stuff you wouldn't want to see!
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    I just got the Sonic Battle Racers game and I love that the box says to complete the boss and racer expansions "Plus, 13 MORE of your favorite characters - includibg STORM!" Thank God they're including Storm specifically. He's always getting the shaft.
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    *Art Update!* A pretty weird Monster Hunter Crossover art piece? Check! Daisy doing a reference to a classic anime movie? Check! Yoshi referencing a classic anime? Check!
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    This much marketing is much more standard for Hollywood films than it is for video games. We're just not used to seeing so much Sonic. The model is fine, Sega just makes the rediculous blunder of making cheap, lazy, standard animation with a character design that was built perfectly for expressive animation. Swapping the movie model in there isnt gonna fix it (plus I'd really prefer Sonic stays a rubbery cartoon character).
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    A update to the title screen, and some bug fixes, according to the patch notes.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    First off, appreciate you actually trying to prod some genuine discussion here from time to time. Second, eeeh, it was alright? With good moments in places? The Sonic Heroes "recycling" wasn't really an issue to me in part because they actually did something a little cool with it via Neo Metal's fights. There were other neat things like Amy's issue, Rough and Tumble's introduction, Mr. Tinker, Whisper's potential, and maybe Knuckles' personal stake, but overall, it was just sorta okay with a vague formula that stuck around more than it probably should've and a select few oddities.
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    I'd guess Billy Bob Thompson. (Voice of Greninja in its various stages, Squishy, Ash's Charmander and Charmeleon in I Choose You, and the Male Pokemon Trainer in Smash Ultimate among others.) His register is very similar to Jay Goede's from the original film, so he'd be a good sub.
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    I mean, that was clearly in there BECAUSE people were so all over the place with Lost World. Yeah, I gotta say, it's really kinda depressing how almost every new game has to be "The Next Big Sonic Game" and/or a celebration. I know part of it is because game development has gotten more complicated and SonicTeam seemingly doesn't have the resources to consistently put out games like the mid-2000s, but *fudge*! Team Sonic Racing was a GIFT in comparison, even if it was somewhat limited.
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    Been awhile, but they finally got issue #5 out, and with it, the Sonic 1 arc comes to an end.
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    They will find a way to make it bad. Be it Pontaff, Boost, jokes, memes, Classic Sonic, Wisps, Bugs, story inconsistencies, botched Chao garden, no hubworld. Each of the 6 playable characters has a chance of getting a bad gameplay. Imagine Super Sonic joking while fighting Perfect Chaos.Imagine Knuckles beign more stupid like the modern image. Imagine each character being"updated" to fit the modern image = memes and jokes. The chances of a good game are slim at best
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    I’m so excited for the Sonic movie game, it’s gonna be great!
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    Indigo Rush

    Yuji Naka... are you ok?

    Yuji Naka... are you ok?
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    the one thing that makes me kinda sad about sonic mania is the looking up animation for characters with it being so delayed now i can't make it look like they're talking to each other anymore it's a small thing i know but it means a lot to me
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    @Jango you did good, Forces wasn't Worth it, okay maybe at a low price but still, it feels like an interactive movie, especially if you are a fan of 3D Sonic, it's not good at all. Worse than Colors in that aspect. Yeah I enjoyed the little things, even the story despite not being that great, it's better than the usual shit but still not well written. I still recommend you the IDW comics, they are INCREDIBLY well written, no matter the content, direction and limitations by SEGA, actually there is plenty of freedom, maybe not for some characters but it's ok.
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    It is depressing. I want a brand new and unique 3D Sonic as much as a Mania sequel, but I'm fully aware that the later is a safer bet. Every time I comment on Modern Sonic I sound cynical, but it is what it is. Sonic Team entered this loop where they can't move forward and their attempts at pandering the past always falls short. And, while Mania was 70% old levels and gameplay, Christian and his team managed to refresh those old zones in a better way than Sonic Team. I'm too am freaking tired of old tropes, themes, bosses and gameplay, but if the brand wants to keep going that way, I'll look forward to whatever the Mania Team is cooking, because they at least got it. If Sonic Team comes up with another boost game with corridor-like level design and old themes, no one's gonna buy that shit. At least I'm sure as heck I won't. I already skipped their last game anyways.
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    Maybe that's why they're mostly only doing anniversary games now..."Screw trying to come up with anything new, we'll just call it an anniversary game so it gives us a pass for reusing old stuff."
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    Cynical comment aside, then let's work to make a future, let's improve it! Instead of you know, being stuck in the past.
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    Why does it have to be a remake though? Don't people want a brand new game more? I feel like it's more exciting, than just revisit the past. We've been there with nostalgia, it's enough (I know it was genesis nostalgia though, the Adventure era is untouched as of now, besides Generations). I... would rather have a Mania-esque celebration of both Adventure games, with also brand new stages, a new story, new and old elements from SA games. It's the best compromise between new and old IMO, than simply 100% old.
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    So, I was wondering around the web and I saw these pictures of a Sonic Movie themed train and some taxis in Korea.: Source (Link in Korean)
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    I finally went to see the Rise of Skywalker yesterday after several intentions of going with my brother as tradition fell through and I had nothing to do today aside from an errand or two; though truth be told, I was not very much interested in it and just wanted to finally get it over with. I suppose I can say it’s a decent to good-ish movie that fluctuates a bit in getting going and having effective things happen. What I mean by that is that the first five to ten minutes kinda breezes in a way to establish things and yet I felt somewhat bored/disengaged before slowly starting to be picked up with some admittedly kinda neat/funny if downplayed moment. These, combined with some things being kinda predictable/protracted and the movie shockingly being under 2 ½ hours long, made it slide from a little dull to kinda cool to actually sorta dramatic and slightly panning out again as the climax & ending play out. As the Brainscratch impressions on the drive back consistently noted, though, there was general sense of the movie floundering a bit due to the combined impact of swiftly course-correcting The Last Jedi a fair bit, going through important developmental beats in a haste, a degree of back n’ forth with certain key scenes, having the burden of having to satisfactorily wrap up The Sequel Trilogy, and an amassed squandering of potential overall. To review each of my thoughts a little in perspective, I’m gonna have to go into some amount of spoilers.
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    As weird as it sounds...I miss YouTube comments. Having them automatically turned off for so many videos I watch is a major drag. Darn you, Coppa.
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    Doesn't ArcSys have the rights to River City as of now? Maybe Sol Badguy could be down the line...
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    I'd hate to play Sonic Unleashed out loud near my cats or my brothers dog. The doorbell noises would drive them mad.
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    Remember when Sonic Team hyped a reveal for a tree?
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    Considering the movie team didn't come up with that concept, why would they be sorry for it? Yohoo~ Also I don't see Sonic Team ever merging the multiple worlds together as 1 single planet unless they do a hard reboot which I also don't see happening... nor do they feel sorry for the idea I can almost promise. I know I don't hate the idea myself.
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    Appeal of Espio the Chamelon

    The whole "democratic" world is ruled by very flawed system. There are several better ways, some very easy. Even if you don't care for politics, it affects every other type of voting with more than 2 choices. So yeah, it's my personal pet peeve and I try spreading the awareness every time I get a chance.
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    A remake at this point would just reinforce my suspicion that they don't have a future for the franchise, so they're desperately clutching into its past and shoving elements of it into our faces out of desperation. "Remember 2D gameplay? Well here is a ton of it even in a 3D game, because we can't figure out how to make Sonic work well in 3D!" "Remember those old classic stages from the good old games? Well here they are, again and again and again, because we can't come up with interesting new stages anymore!" "Remember how the old Sonic character design looked? Well here he is, again and again and again!" The few times they try something new always ends up so misguided, they quickly go back to yank something out of the past games to try and "fix" things.
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    Big agree honestly The more I think about it, the more I realize that I actually don't think I want a Sonic Adventure Remake. A new game should take priority. They shouldn't blindly re-create Adventure, they need to re-create the feeling that Adventure gave.
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    Far as 'm concerned, best case scenerio: I'm getting a superior version of my favorite Sonic game. Worst Alternative best case scenerio: I'm getting a first rank seat in observing Sonic Team's broken thoughtprocess. And breaking down what's wrong with Sonic Team is as fun as actually playing most of the games. With recent games, especially Forces, I get such strong suspicions that there used to be an entirely diffrent "early version" of the game that could have been endlessly better (Or worse) then the weird wishy washy final product we got. So getting an oppurtunity to play a brand new Sonic game where we physically HAVE an earlier version will be a great oppurtunity to get an indepth look at Sonic Team's thoughtprocess. Picking this game apart might be as much fun as playing it is. Whether Sonic Team managed to improve on the original, or not. One interesting case with Sonic adventure is even during it's initial release, it kept changing in attitude and style. From the beta Windy valley that's all colorful and cartoony, to the more gritty context driven Windy valley from the released game. And then look at Sonic adventure DX making the graphics eve more realistic and gritty, especially the Station square buildings. It's going to be interesting if a remake comes, if they'll continue that trend or will radically go back to the beta's attitude. Sonic adventure is clearly designed to be a graphical showpiece. For the Sega Dreamcast, sure. But Sa1's very nature is all about presenting as many oppurtunities to show off impressive graphics as possible, which I'm sure a next-gen graphic engine can use for it's advantage just as much. Hence why Iizuka is STILL dragging Chaos Zero around to show off improved water graphics. And most of all, after a decade of many """"3d""" games, it'd be nice to play a modern 3d Sonic game that actually includes 3d gameplay. Good grief. I doubt Sonic Team is savvy enough to include the Classic's pinball physics on top of that, they're probably having trouble enough to come up with 3d levels that aren't corridors leading to blocky 2d sections, but we'll see. It's nice to dream. Indeed, hopefully they have a diffrent development team working on this, while Sonic Team is focusing on whatever mad concoction we'll be receiving next year for Sonic's anniversary. I'm curious if they'd keep Eggman referring to himself as Dr. Robotnik in this potential remake. Probably not, altough with the movie using the Robotnik name again, it's possible I guess.
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    Best case scenario is they include the original game as a free download with purchase of the remake, maybe study the various fan mods of SADX to understand what fans care about in regard to purism on the original version to try and make it as faithful as possible rather than just throwing out another SADX port. That's for the bonus pack-in original version. For the real remake? They need to approach it as a new game if they expect it to sell like a new game, for people beyond those who already love SA1. They should go back to their original design concepts and try and recall what their vision was, but when it comes to what actually shipped with SA1, nothing is precious. They should chop and screw as much as they like with anything that hasn't aged well, or is clashing with improvements elsewhere. Example: People don't like Big's fishing for the most part. Can we make it fun enough to still be a mandatory portion of the game? No? Would resources spent building it as a side mini-game be better spent on making Sonic's gameplay even better? Yes? Fishing's gone. Bye. The original game hasn't gone anywhere. Like, I dunno, I really enjoy Sonic Adventure but it's so much of a fixer-upper and we're so short in supply on good, new Sonic experiences, I'd kinda want them to make it feel like a new experience at this point. I don't want them delicately going at this game with a sanding tool to smooth out the rough edges, I want them to take a sledgehammer to the thing. The only condition I would set is that they should still have some kind of vision for the project overall that appeals to the same qualities that they can agree were appealing about the original game from both general and fan feedback (but general should probably take priority a bit if they want the game to sell well - again, fans will still play the original and will probably inevitably find a remake polarising). So as an example, even I, as an Unleashed fan, would consider it silly to essentially just dress up a boost-gameplay level pack with Sonic Adventure aesthetics. The fact that SA1 is a speedy but varied and (slightly) momentum based platformer is part of it's core appeal, and that's one of several "key Sonic Adventure things" they should regularly circle back on when they're rebuilding the game. Unfortunately, I too, don't really trust the current Sonic Team to be able to deliver on such a project. But part of that distrust does come from the ever-rotating cast of developers, maybe the next shuffle-around will have a bunch of really great designers, and either the budget or coding team (whichever is flawed) required to program more than the most basic of platforming movement mechanics.
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    Sonic Channel

    This month's wallpaper is Silver! (Spoiler tags to save space) 1st is Desktop, 2nd is Mobile http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/calendar_2002_silver.pdf Also, Sonic Channel has also given an update on what #SONIC2020 is! Every month on the 20th, they will have some new info and projects to share. This month is wallpapers of the new Sonic Render, as well as 21 new icons. 1st is Desktop, 2nd is Mobile, 3rd is Twitter Header Here is an example of the new icon style, you can find the rest at the link below. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/sonic2020/20200120_002104/ Lastly, the theme for March's fanart corner is "Fairy tale/Folk tale"!
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    This one had me think twice about every save and quit at the end of a Banjo session as a kid. While admittedly kind of a funny idea looking back on it, the baddie actually winning and a cute little bear cub being turned into...THAT was simply too much for my young mind to bear without being severely freaked out.
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    Appeal of Espio the Chamelon

    His aesthetic is cool, and he bounces off Vector and Charmy really well. As a solo character, he still works. I think his teamup with Shadow in Shadow's game and Silver in Rivals 2 were both really cool and showed parts of him we don't usually see.
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    Appeal of Espio the Chamelon

    Yeah, basically what they already said. Espio's quirky ninja or Chameleon based abilities are where his appeal lives and dies at. I get where you're coming from, I think his ninja motif holds him back more than anything else, he would have so much more potential really if he got more rounded character moments than just being a strong silent stereotype. But the dude has: a huge tongue, invisibility, can stick to surfaces Spider-Man style, and has his own spinning technique. Beyond being ridged and underused, what's not to love?
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    Worst Case Scenario: Sega actually tries to do it. No, I don't have faith in them.
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    This not being the tagline is actually the biggest disappointment
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