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    Hey folks! Guess what? According to YouTube, Panty & Stocking is absolutely kid-friendly! Go ahead and show the kids!
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    "The world will betray you Shadow"

    The quote I am quoting is attempting to dismiss an objection to a parallel you made as reading too much into the text to justify an argument; basically just because you don't want those objections to be made. You attempted to back that up with this additional bit: The obvious problem is that fandoms, and their ability to overthink the works they are fans of to bend them to their personal interpretations and experiences, are not at all a new occurrence. It's also not a defense of the argument to say others think the same thing. The Sonic fandom can be loaded with LBGT people for all I know or care for the purposes of this thread. No matter how much people want to find solace in Shadow's in-game persecution and distrust for... *checks notes* being a bio weapon that tried to blow up the world multiple times... as being relatable to their struggles, Akito is still perfectly free to call that a stretch to link it to the real life situation of someone simply trying to live their life with their minority status (whatever that may be) and the persecution they face for doing so. Whether I agree with Akito or not, you absolutely are wrong for telling her that she shouldn't debate you on the matter of your interpretations and explanations thereof. It's not even a specific problem of the Sonic fanbase, in spite of things like overwrought discussions about how offensive hammers are to the very tenets of feminism or how Sonic always being incorruptibly purely pure proves he has tons of layers to his personality. Just a couple weeks ago Kotaku ran an article about how an Overwatch group felt Blizzard betrayed them for giving D.Va a school DLC outfit. Why? Because those people had forced their interpretation of her character as actually being representation of their Korean identity; and Blizzard giving her a schoolgirl outfit means they were (only now, apparently) sexualizing her. And that's fine. Absolutely. They're perfectly free to take issue with that, especially when Blizzard likes to give lip service to that sort of thing and fully brings it on themselves when they go against that. But I'm still able to note, regardless of how they feel about the character, that D.Va was always a character so "Korean" that she has Japanese romanizations on the side of her mecha and has a backstory that conveniently would only require changing location names to completely change her heritage to be identical to any number of plucky girl characters from any number of mecha anime of the past 20 years; and was so much of a haven from the boogeyman of character sexualization that her default outfit is an Evangelion plugsuit dipped in Easter paint and NASCAR sponsors; and that those people have hitched their wagon so much on a character in a hero shooter made by a publisher who just a few months ago showed that the extent of their importance on cultural representation stops when the Chinese government tells them to stop. Hell, fucking half the stuff on TV Tropes, a site with thousands of members that is treated as a primary source for various works at times, seems like it was forced in to fit along with whatever narrative they've internalized about a piece of media. Here you go: https://www.cesdb.com/west-point-bridge-designer.html Use that. I could write a long ass book on the amount of things you've tried chase moderators out of discussions with because trying to argue with you is seemingly inherently something that "reflects poorly on moderation."
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    It's look like the reactions have been positive so far. So, that's good news.: Pictures from the premiere. Haruki Satomi who is the Chief Executive Officer of SEGA attend it. His wife Mikiko Satomi also attend the event. So much fun there!: More pictures can be viewed here.: Event pictures Some more new footage.: Found some more stuff.:
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The zombot arc makes it basically impossible for there to be sub-arcs about anything else, since this is an epidemic that is directly affecting every single person on the planet. In comparison, Archie’s Shattered World arc allowed for plenty of room for sub-arcs since, while it affected the planet at large, it didn’t interfere with the day-to-day lives of its inhabitants for the most part. It also helped that the crisis as a whole had a lot more components to it that didn’t make it so same-y.
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    Say what you want about Sonic 06, at least it was memorable. And one of those memorable thing was Mephiles the Dark and his claim that "humanity will turn against Shadow". I won't pretend that 06 story is golden, but on paper idea sounds intriguing. So I've been thinking if there is any interesting story in this premise. Could humans/mobians turn on Shadow. Would they have good reason? Could Shadow be the on at fault? I would really like to hear if anyone has a cool idea how to expand this premise. Because frankly I came up with only one idea. Mephiles was playing "self-fulfilling prophecy". He told Silver Sonic will be the cause of the bad future. IF Silver killed Sonic, what he said would kinda be true. Analogically he told Shadow that humanity would turn on him. IF Shadow joined forced with Mephiles, again, this would on technicality be true. It is satisfying answer (for me), but kinda kills potential for new stories to tell. Anyone has something better?
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    Two brothers remade the entirety (!) of Toy Story 3 in stop motion.
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    Chamomile #145
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    Movie Sonic is coming to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle! I wonder who is that mysterious character? Probably likely Baby Sonic. Event will start on January 31st and will end on February 24th.:
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    Yeah I'm just gonna be excited for the movie!
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    Watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. Oh boy... This pretty much sums up my thoughts:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Given what another cover showed, and Knuckles' appearance in that cover...
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    My Hero Academia

    Here's the new opening and ending. OP2: ED2 (ignore video title, it's incorrectly labelled as the opening):
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    I love the sprite work in Chain of Memories GBA
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    REACTION: The new Pokemon series' dub title is Pokemon the Series: Sword and Shield and Red and Blue and Gold and Silver and Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl and Black and White and X and Y and Sun and Moon.
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    There are things that never fail to pull my heartstrings to shreds. Big doggos nurturing tiny kittens is one of those things.
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    So, I've seen that minute of preview, and it's fine if not that.... there's a silly detail that bugs me. Sonic is the guy who destroys robots and capsules in order to free the animals inside, he wants to save and protect them. Then in the movie he has no problem letting a sea fish die on some random street. Maybe if he was going to cook and eat it, but dropping it on the street (alive) in total indifference seems a bit too far for Sonic. I get it's a gag and all, but... it's not something Sonic would do IMO, at least not the Sonic from the games.
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    Huh. You know what, this movie might do better with general audiences than I thought. While Ben Schwartz is obviously going to talk the movie up there are ways to see through Hollywood speak that usually says when something is going wrong. I still think critics are going to dog the thing to death, because that's just their MO with family films that aren't Disney. Rottentomatoes score of 30%. Audience score between 60%-70%.
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    Its not like it would take some monumental shift in Shadow's character to put him back in the fear category. He's an anti-hero who pushes forward with a ends justify the means mentality. He'll cross whatever line necessary to accomplish the mission, as its as simple as the masses at large getting a bit squeamish about a decision he makes down the line. Heroes like him who put the greater good over morality are bound to cross that line eventually. They flirt with it every day. He doesn't need to be framed or make a critical error. He literally has to do nothing more than keep being himself. Eventually he'll decide to cripple grandma as a punishment for jay-walking and blammo he's public enemy number 1.
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    I didn't grow up with the DCAU, but I've been watching it lately, so I decided to dig up this ancient thread to talk about it. Since I'm a big Superman fan, I've watched all of Superman: The Animated Series a while ago. I have been watching Batman: The Animated Series for a while, but INSANELY slowly (I think I'm saving it because I don't want to run out of it...which might be wise because I felt so deflated when I finished Static Shock, lol). I finished Static Shock a bit ago and recently sort-of finished Justice League (I skipped a few episodes of the first season because I felt like it and I don't like the first season much), and am somewhat slowly watching Justice League Unlimited. So my thoughts on what I've watched so far. Batman: The Animated Series I don't want to say too much for now because again, I haven't finished it. I'll just say that there's a lot about this series that blows me away, such as the aesthetics in general being really beautiful, great characterizations, and sometimes being really deep. That said, I do feel like in the first season, episodes were sometimes a teeny bit boring, but in the 2nd season, I feel like they're more consistently entertaining so far. Also, Robin appears more, which to me, is a very good thing. That might be a hot take, IDK. Overall, this seems like the best show of the DCAU so far (and I kinda doubt any show has a chance at dethroning it). It's not perfect, but there's a lot about it which is pretty amazing and it certainly deserves its reputation. The New Batman Adventures I have only watched a couple random episodes of this (actually, now that I think about it, I might have literally seen one, I don't remember), so I'm not going to give many opinions at all. All I want to say is that the new redesigns and style (which sadly were used for the rest of the DCAU) is a massive step-down from B:TAS. Even if they wanted a more simplified style, there's really no reason they had to go this far. That doesn't reflect the overall quality of the show, which I can't comment on at this point; it's just a complaint I have. Superman: The Animated Series I consider this a good, solid show, but not amazing. Maybe that sounds weird coming from a Superman fan, but actually, I've observed that in general, Superman fans have a lower opinion of this show than the general public. But whenever I try to explain why I find this show underwhelming, it takes too long to explain, so I won't try. I'll just say that I don't consider it particularly inspired or to have much of a vision for Superman. It's just a competent take on the character. At times, it does touch greatness and even excellence, but overall I just don't think it's all that great. I'm going to say that overall, it's the worst DCAU show I've seen so far, but that's not much of an insult. Static Shock I really love Static Shock. It's just a lovable show. Lots of fun and humor and endearing characters, not to mention a lot of heart and an amazing ability to tackle really serious issues despite generally feeling like a somewhat "kiddier" show than the rest of the DCAU. It faltered a bit in Seasons 3 & 4, but despite that, it rivals B:TAS as my personal favorite DCAU show. Something awesome is that in the first Batman crossover this show has, they inexplicably bring back the original B:TAS designs. Yay! Justice League I need to be clear that my opinions of Season 1 and Season 2 are VERY different. I honestly think Season 1 is really bad. Not a fan of it at all. It just feels very hollow and shallow, like it's not aspiring to be anything more than just another Saturday morning cartoon to provide some entertainment to the kids. Especially compared to the rest of the DCAU, this is very disappointing. On top of that, they illogically give Superman a redesign to make him look older, even though I'm pretty sure Batman should be older than him or at least comparable in age (based on the fact that Batman became a superhero before Superman in this continuity), and make him even more of a jobber than he was in S:TAS. If the entire show was like Season 1, it would beat out S:TAS for my least favorite DCAU show by a huge margin. Season 1 does have its good moments, mind you, but overall I am certainly not a fan. Thankfully, Season 2 is excellent, almost incomparably superior to the previous one. I don't like it quite as much as Static Shock or B:TAS, but it's still very good. It has great characters and interesting stories. My favorite episodes are probably Only a Dream, Maid of Honor, A Better World, and especially the finale, Starcrossed. The thing about this show is that the episodes are almost always big battles against supervillains or other fairly typical superhero plots, which somewhat weakens this show in my mind since I prefer more variety in plotlines, some of which are more focused on the protagonists' personal lives or the like. There's not quite as much "room" for that in this show. - I have quite a while to go before I make it through the DCAU, but so far it's been a great ride. I'll post more thoughts later.
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    "The world will betray you Shadow"

    I'd like to actually see it done. Mephiles on said that it happened, but it can be done even better by actually happening.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Indigo Rush


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    God damn the new data battles in KH3 are a ton of fun once you get the hang of them. Only ones I didn't care for were Xehanort and Vanitas.
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    "The world will betray you Shadow"

    All it would take for humanity to turn against Shadow again is for him to be framed or screw up in a serious way. I don't think the character is above either of those things happening to him. I sympathize with those saying it would be redundant up above but I've always wanted to see this idea executed better than it has been.
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    So its been a day since I got Smash Ultimate and...I ended up finding and buying a copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (and to a lesser extent Xenosaga 1) Welp RIP Smash. See you in a few more weeks/months.
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    this works, thanks! I would have put the game down for good if I couldn't do this, lol. Time to grind.
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    Eggman never intended to destroy the world in unleahsed. Thanks to the manuscripts he knew nuking it from orbit like that would jumpstart dark Gaia and he would be unchecked to take advantage of the situation. He did something similar in Sonic advance 3 as well. Eggy rarely sets out purely to destroy in the games. The only example that comes to mind is the nuke he shot at station square and that was an eggman who was off his rocker a bit by that point in the story.
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I wouldn’t call that an “arc” as much as I’d call it a “status quo”.
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    This is something I was thinking about last night when I was writing my last post. I was going to talk about skipping scenes that have already been played but then realised that the game has to account for the possibility that someone might not necessarily play Sonic's story all the way through first so what might be the third viewing of a scene for one player could be the first viewing for another. If smart abridges aren't a viable option then they could skip repeated cutscenes (just have the game keep track of this in the background), go straight into gameplay but have a couple lines of dialogue play for characters to say "Let's head to / let's do XYZ". Sonic 06 actually does this quite a lot where you'll go into the hub world and the characters says what their next move needs to be. It's often too vague but the concept itself isn't bad.
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    Ok so... that bus I mentioned on the previous page. This one. I said it wasn't possible to track in real time... well... IT IS! https://lvf.io/ Enter the registration plate... LTZ1764 The site will now tell you where the bus is! I've tried it and whilst I can verify it. It does seem to work! It even shows that the bus is registered as being the "Sonic" Bus!
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    Planet Freedom was a cool location and would honestly be a very easy way to separate the "sonic" world and "Human" world without the two dimensions nonsense
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    Bah! Everyone either 1 list their favorite 2 part of Lore that would smooth out the Grand Narrative, with little improvement for actual storylines of upcoming games. You want tangential improvement to the franchise? GIVE KNUCKLES HIS GOD DAMN DINOSAUR Why Knuckles leaves Master Emerald unprotected? Because it's guarded by Chomps, a god damn dinosaur. Is Knuckles bumbling fool? No, he's responsible owner of a god damn dinosaur. Will Sega be competent enough to make Chomps fun? Hard not to, he's god damn dinosaur!!! He's barely existing so they won't 'ruin the character'. He's a pet, so he's easy to include without stealing to much time. He can even be power-up, Yoshi style. And frankly, what franchise wouldn't be improved by adding a god damn dinosaur? And now you can't say Sonic Underground never did anything right.
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    I really like Sonic Unleashed, but I don't blame people for disliking it. It's a game you have to approach a certain way that isn't made clear going into it. It's unintuitive and inaccessible. No one is going to know about the routes the medals lie on in the day time stages going into them so you'll inevitably have to replay the stages and sacrifice the pacing of the game to progress.No one is going to know that you should only focus on leveling up a few of the werehog's stats to unlock his other moves that make the levels more fun and quicker.No one is going to react well to the framerate obscuring their vision in reaction based stages. None of Sonic's friends are anywhere to be found. Tight, reaction based gameplay in a series that has never really pushed that on it;s's players before outside of specific difficult stages at the tail end of games is gonna turn people off. Unleashed has all sorts of hiccups and flaws like this that you have to account for and mitigate to enjoy the good stuff, but the good stuff is really good to me. The hubs work as breathers and a lot of work was put into the people making them all feel unique and lively. If you're willing to indulge it creates a world you can care about. Thee are enough lovable new characters to make you forget the usual suspects aren't there and even wonder if they're always necessary to begin with. The day stages are the most difficult set of 3D stages in the series without falling too deep into the bullshit category. An older Sonic fan like me appreciates the attempt to push my limits in a series that has now settled on handing the player an S rank for buying the game. The stages are beautiful and constantly shifting location as you progress, giving a scale like nothing else in the series aside from maybe Generations The Werehog stages, outside of combat often have unique gimmicks and segments that take advantage of the place they're in, and the slower pacing more easily allows for exploring and actually taking in the locales better than the daytime stages do. The combat gets better if you level up the right things because a lot of the moves get rid of the stiffness the werehog is notorious for. He's also a damn cool design. The world travel vibe gives the game a unique flavor within the series. The story is simple and lighthearted but something more intense wouldn't fit as well if you want the player to take these places in. The soundtrack is one of the best in the series. You can buy hotdogs. It's okay to love Sonic Unleashed and it's okay to hate it.
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    After watching the first two Batman films by Tim Burton and then finding out there was a Batman cartoon that had almost the same atmosphere as the movies I became an instant fan. The way they re-imagined some characters, creating new characters that will later appeared in the comics, the use of "noir" & Art Deco styles in the earlier series, and the homages to elements from the comics is what made the the DCAU so successful. That's not saying the DCAU didn't suffered from having flaws here and there (some animation issues, how some characters were overpowered in one episode and then weaker in another, some questionable episodes). But even then the DCAU still managed to be good. I don't think other DC series that didn't have anything to do with the DCAU (The Batman, Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans though sometimes there was references that tried to tied it to the DCAU, Green Lantern, and Young Justice) aren't bad.Though I hope somewhere in the future we get something on the scale (or even bigger) of the DCAU.
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