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    Towards the end of last year, I actually catalogued all of the Sonic Twitter's posts from last year. I mostly did it as a way to debunk the "Adventure focus" they'd supposedly had, but it works for this purpose too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvGVKvE3KfgTS-fUS0blLIAmm8cc7vn1/view?usp=sharing Out of the posts catalogued there, only one was about Sonic 2006. And it wasn't even dunking on 06 either! And as of more recent, their only Sonic 06 related post was less a joke about 06's problems and more just a joke about Sonic dying and coming back to life. In response to a Peanut advert. A lot of the frequent criticisms of the Sonic social media are fairly outdated by now - even the meme usage has been considerably cut back, and if there are memes they're usually just memes spawned from actual Sonic media. It's not a 100% solid rule, but still. That may have something to do with Aaron being on a bit of a sabbatical, as Katie's been running the show instead for quite a while now, as far as I'm aware. All the complaints of self-awareness here feel like they're from someone who hasn't actually looked at the Sonic media in a fairly decent while.
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    Okay, I've thought of something to say. …. …. Um.... Have a lovely day. Because we could die tomorrow for all we know. Best enjoy what you can while you can.
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    I don't think it's that big a deal. Aside from a small number of posts that were kind of in poor taste for reasons unrelated to Sonic, nothing the twitter posts can hurt the series's reputation anywhere near as bad as the games have already done. '06 jokes were old hat long before the twitter got to them. Mocking the series in general was common long before the twitter ever dared make such a joke. And nothing they've said has even been a fraction as vicious as the more critical parts of the fanbase, or some people outside of it. I'm not saying "06 is bad, lol" is any kind of clever joke, but it can't possibly make the series look worse because the game was already infamous. And I don't even think they make these sort of jokes all that much these days anyway. And as far as them not taking shots at other bad Sonic games...06 is just in the perfect position to let them get away with it, where they couldn't with most other games. It's, as said, infamous already, so 99% of the audience agrees rather than feels slighted, and it's old enough to be part of an entirely separate era of the series, unlike if they were mocking Forces or something as it was being sold. What's going to change the series' reputation for the better isn't cutting out self deprecating jokes, but the games (and other products) actually getting better. I genuinely think most people who care at all want to like Sonic, even with as much shit as the series gets. When something good comes out, it gets positive attention, it doesn't just get swarmed with "lol 06, lol ShtH, lol RoL" comments save for the few people who would never be convinced anyway. But when we get a dud like Forces, there's really not anything a social media account can do to stop people from slipping back into "yep, Sonic sucks again" mode. They're basically the tiniest little side branch of "official" Sonic content just trying to keep some kind of attention on a series that regularly sabotages itself on a massive scale.
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    It's not as simple as calling up the actor and having them come into the studio. You need to go through their agent/representative (good luck), schedule things out and calculate how much money it's worth before you can even cut a deal. Just to have them record a line or two for a free to play mobile game. It isn't worth it.
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    Since there's hints that Team Sonic's racing's plot has been changed a bit before release, who knows if those rumors were true at some point. ON THE OTHER HAND..... Iizuka did mention in a lot of interviews that Dodonpa was specifically designed to be a recurring character in racing games. (So the writers never have to worry about character motivations or logistics of locations anymore; magic man does a magic thing. The end.) So having a plotwist where he's classic Eggman would have torpedo'ed that. Of course if they used the phantom ruby, they wouldn't have needed Dodonpa to be random magic man that makes levels and characters appear by magic, the Phantom Ruby would been in that role. Which reminds me that this decade we had 3 diffrent characters (Time Eater's the third) that only exist as a magic excuse why random characters and random levels randomly appear magically. I think that sums up the state of the world building, story telling and respect for Sonic's history of this decade.
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    Sonic Utopia's developer posted some cool details about the game's development in this twitter thread:
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    Forces thought: Weird thought regarding the Zavok fight location-wise. Maybe the prison could is designed to look like a giant beehive, with each prisoner stuck inside a honeycomb prison cell, and when Sonic escapes, he has to deal with a level full of Buzzbombers (Worker Buzzbombers being the classic design, and more /darkedgy/cool looking ones being Soldiers) while also trying to free the other prisoners for a massive prison escape, which ends with Sonic facing off against the Death Queen as the prison warden of sorts. Also have the "honey" be sticky mega muck or something. As it is right now, it's a weird mix between regular prison and partial beehive; not as interesting tbh.
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    ...No? The average sonic social media post is just a facebook meme but with sonic characters. Not especially funny, but harmless and engaging. It's not ruining Sonic's rep, and has led to stuff like the twitter takeovers.
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    Oh wow! Nice! Yuji Naka actually commented on my tweet of the Sonic ads in NYC. I think he is saying that there is a lot of advertising in the US because the movie is coming out in 2 weeks. He want to see the movie in the US, because Japan is getting it in March. He seem to be happy and pretty excited for the movie.:
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    Tom is there for parents to empathize with as he deals with a small, annoying, hyperactive person.
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    Treat it as a rumor right now, but I just read on Sega Bits (and Era) that....
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    The film can only be considered fresh if you somehow skipped the last 20 years of big budget live action cinema geared toward kids. It's comically derivative if you've seen even one of those movies. When you're like me and couldn't get enough of the stuff when I was younger your eyes just gloss over if you see footage.
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    The sonic franchise has had a lot of ups and downs during it's long history, some of those failures were so grave that they ended up damaging Sonic's reputation in the video game industry permanently, which to this day, Sonic still has to wear the scars of those failures. But just because bad/humiliating things have happened in the past that doesn't mean that it's not possible to turn next page and look in the future, and sometimes even have a laugh at those trying times. This is, however, where the sonic's social media problem comes in. The medias of sonic, in an attempt to exorcise the past failures of sonic have decided to make self deprecating jokes about them, at first this was not a problem, and fans did had a few laughs. The problem begins when said jokes gets repeated over and over again and stop being funny. To this day, the official medias are STILL making jokes about sonic 06, seriously, that happened a decade ago, you are just beating a dead horse at this point. The argument that i'm trying to express is that the jokeshly humor of the social medias have started to tarnish sonic's already declining reputation, not matter how many times it has been done the social media have to ALWAYS remind us about how bad sonic 06/sonic 4 were, Big the cat, and "GOTTA GO FAST SANIC" jokes that honestly, stopped being funny a long time ago. SEGA is attempting to use the self awareness as way to justify all these past failures, but in doing so it has started to ruin how people see sonic. Although i'm sure that Aaron Webber only has good intentions regarding said humor, i'm starting to think that he's not aware of how much this type of humor is damaging for sonic. People always like to point the finger at IGN/Game Critics, Arin/Youtubers, Bad fetish art/Devinart and others for being responsible of ruining sonic's view in the eyes of outsiders, but no one is looking at the absolute circus that are sonic's social media. Seriously, all of this needs to stop.
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    Yes :) :) The current still ongoing "teleported" status of Eggman is probably the most interesting cliffhanger since Sonic 1 (although i am not sure anyone at the time thought that it was a final victory by Sonic, it was made to look like it) Now there is the potential for the next 2D game to have new antagonists; alongside the lingering uncertainty of when Eggman and the Ruby could suddenly reappear! I do think Omelette or a similar character gradually yet astutely taking over Eggman's equipment would allow for a logical reason why badniks and boss-level robos could have new/very different behavior patterns! it would be less than fun if they became too complex, but there are a lot of potentially weird and wonderful options!
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    Fresh as in, it's stripped of everything besides Sonic and Eggman. No baggalage. For whatever that's worth.
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    Mega Man Zero is the closest the series has ever come to doing the character action genre and I want more of this kinda shit
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    Secure the rights to S3&K. Fire the marketing genius who decided that the best time to ship a game in development is last year.
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    Oh I know both. Eggman always got treated as some weird exception who doesn't mean anything. You can throw in the statue in Wacky Workbench past and Sandopolis' hieroglyphics too. No doubt it connects with how more or less all the Western versions of Sonic went with the post-apocalyptic Planet of the Furries interpretation enough times that the You Know Whos were warped into demanding Sonic reflect this version rather than accept Naka's vision (which is that Sonic's series happens on Earth but fantastical). I seriously doubt that we would've got the Two-Worlds retcon and Sonic Forces if Sonic Team hadn't been trying to pander that crowd (among the overall complaints about 3D Sonic's clashing tone and visual).
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    I love quiet days like this. Gives me time to relax and read.
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    I'd be in favour of occasional random background anthros just for the sake of consistency in the series' world-building. As for the "no humans with cities" crowd: Robotnik isn't a Mobian Badger and Star Light Zone is a city.
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    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    Oh yeah--that was all you, iirc.
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    The ruby-thing on DoDonpa's turban, the Phantom Ruby-like effects, the laugh of the Bomb wisp sounding suspiciously like the Phantom Ruby, and DoDonpa being shaped like Classic Eggman, who had been sent through a portal the last time we saw him.
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    Oh yeah, what was up with that?
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    The ultimate reward for Zero 2 is the defemse we made along the way Gonna do 3 next, I haven't decided whether I'll replay 4 though.
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    17 in Super is good, but Super 17 is bad
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    We already had a short with Sonic in a modern and human filled city (Man of the Year). Although the ones who said such had a habit of belonging to the "Sonic should be Planet of the Furries ala SatAM ugh humans with cities" crowd.
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    I’d still really like to see a mod of re:CoM that removes the card system so that all you can do is hack away with the standard combo.
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    Anyone who's played a Sonic game released in the past 10 years can tell you "We have to get Sonic right first" was bullshit. I'm still controlling hover crafts and shooting guns and shit in these games. The Shadow model that never took that many resources 20 years ago is just conveniently missing. It's obviously a combination of design based on corporate focus testing and budget cuts. Otherwise, why would the resources exist for Classic Sonic and the Wisps and not Tails? Don't eat up their bullshit excuses anymore yall. They compromised what YOU like about this series because they thought it would be healthier for their bottom line to do so.
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    Exactly why I hate, always hated and will forever hate the boost formula. It doesn't allow a Sonic game to be a Sonic game. Terrain becomes pointless and meaningless, not part of the gameplay, just eye candy at best. Just hold down that boost button and watch as Sonic becomes a train on a track. Plus, the new elements they added to try and make up for it are not that satisfying of a replacement. The quick lane change is pretty shallow, the drift turn always felt clunky and hit and miss. The sliding under things straight up always felt stupid because I can't help but always think "Why are you sliding, you can roll into a destructive ball to fit under narrow spaces without losing so much momentum, you blue retard!". And another thing...when they started cramming the 3D games full with 2D segments, I was initially hoping that they would atleast implement the classic 2D gameplay for those sections. But nope. No rolling, no spindash, no momentum, just the same boosting shite that allows you to just ignore the terrain..and sliding .
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    Not to mention that Sonic 06 sucked because it was released unfinished; not because it had playable characters who weren’t Sonic. Blaming the characters is just a weaselly way for SEGA to justify “improving” this series in a way that subtracts from it rather than adding to it, as adding to it takes more work. Admittedly, some alternate play styles would not go over well with fans, even if programmed well. But there was no reason for Tails and Knuckles to be in that camp, and had they not decided to make the games more railed and automated since, by this time they would have a 3D Sonic whose basic gameplay could easily be edited into Tails and Knuckles. That we don’t is not a sign that things haven’t improved enough; it’s that they’ve improved too much by SEGA’s definition of improvement.
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    The Adventure games had more problems than poor collision detection and low polygon counts. Stronger hardware doesn't fix bad design, as the rest of the series demonstrates.
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    Been following that artist for some time. I'm happy he got an opportunity like this.
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    There's several reasons at this point. The backlash towards the overload of characters and their poorly designed gameplay that reached its height in the Heroes-'06 period. Modern Sonic Team struggling to put out a finished, polished game with even just one playable character leaves little room to develop others. Some characters (most notably Tails and Knuckles) being hard to adapt into 3D due to how their unique abilities can break levels. The boost gameplay's laser-focus on speed makes it even harder to fit less speed-focused characters in coherently. Probably other things as well.
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    The fact that Sega can't nail down a functional, yet flexible enough formula to justify them. Not that there hasn't been other characters, but they've been very conditional and select in number. The phone games can get away with it because they're simple & low investments to begin with and the very infrequent as of late spinoffs are the main sanctuary for them otherwise.
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    Other Characters can come back when they "nail Sonic's gameplay" is code phrase for never basically. Faith is low. Faith is slowly recovered. Faith is easily lost. For SEGA's eventually nailing that Sonic game-play.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Cream and Omega..... "Cream let it go"
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    I'm really against rebooting the franchise. We got a reboot when they made Sonic Boom and really nothing intelligent was done with the concept. We'll get a reboot when the Sonic movie comes out, and that version is just doubling down on the things nobody likes while avoiding most of what's recognizable about the character. Sonic isn't like other fictional characters who have iconic origin stories that can be retold again and again from new vantage points. I don't think there's anything interesting to be done by retelling Shadow's backstory or the Perfect Chaos stuff. Mostly it would just create more confusion than there already is about which details from prior continuity still "count". There's nothing stopping the current Sonic universe from introducing new characters or exploring different kinds of worlds; we had plenty of that back in the Storybook and Rush games. Sonic isn't being held back by previous continuity, he's being held back by shallow characterization and an obsession with trying to play it 'safe' with the marketing.
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    It's far more jarring in the PS3 version because the framerate drops further. In the 360 version it goes to a maximum of about 30FPS and drops to around 20FPS in really bad spots while on the PS3 version it fluctuates between 20FPS to 60FPS, meaning the potential difference between maximum and minimum framerates on that version is around 40 frames. On the 360, it's around 10. I've completed both versions and it's more jarring on the PS3 version because of this. It doesn't drop any lower or any more frequently, though.
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