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    I like the stage selection overall but the lack of new stages on launch was disappointing. DLC is going a long way to fix Ultimates lack of new content since otherwise it felt like it wasn't leaving much of its own mark on Smash history.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Chris Thorndyke for the Sonic x Transformer crossover then?
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    New art for my project:
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    Who the hell was asking for a lazy and limiting fan character creator for these games? Or do you mean to say that the avatar was made in response to people wanting other playable characters again? Either way, what an awful way to “listen to the fans”.
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    I actually agree, they said 2021 is the next big year. I have no idea what's up with this Sonic 2020 campaign but… they are contradicting themselves? No game news outside of teases. I'm expecting the new cartoon of course, which is plenty to satisfy me tbh. Unless this is the year of yet another modern spin-off, but after mediocre attempts they've given us with TSR and Olympics, I'm actually not expecting it this year. Then there's a possible new Classic game, still, that could be in 2021. So yeah.
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    Cool tune just uploaded.
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    > given criticism haha thanks > given compliment *mental breakdown* why am i this waaayyy
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    I can't wait for you all to be disappointed when no new games are announced. We really don't have much reason to expect anything big here.
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    Some of these weren't "actual" names for the character, they were supposed to be disparaging nicknames Sonic would use. https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268747/ Other relevant links: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268804/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/268696/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?posts/412455/ https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/dr-badvibes.6657/
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    "Good news. Because we made you you starved all day, you'll getting a really big dinner. Isn't life great?"
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    Imagine trying to do a rewatch of Coronation Street and having an archive of 10,000 episodes to go through.
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    It seems essentially as if SEGA was trying to do something that some fans wanted while avoiding doing anything that other fans didn’t. On paper and in a vacuum, it makes sense; what better way to ensure that gamers don’t hate the extra playable character than by letting them design the character how ever they like? But a lot got lost in translation, because as you said, there were big limits. Personality-wise, a character that doesn’t even talk or emote in any specific way isn’t likely to be hated, that character can’t really be very likable, either. Gameplay-wise, the characters abilities were just what the game said they were; no real ability to choose.
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    For a start. here's a good site that raises and explains a lot of good points about what made Sonic fun and unique: http://sonicjam.wikidot.com/nssnsi:summary I highly advise anyone to read it. (ESPECIALLY Sonic Team...)
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    Ultimate was the game that implemented a more Wario Land-accurate Shoulder Barge back in to his moveset by making it his new dash attack. I don't believe Smash 4 had any equivalent move, as it was previously his forward smash in Brawl before the following games changed it to a big fist. Also, you're probably thinking of Miiverse, not Mario Maker concerning free stages. (Mario Maker was the only standalone purchasable brand new stage in Smash 4 and it cost a little more than the added returning stages.)
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    Demonic Frenzy Ultima

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Screw that how about a Sonic and Usagi Yojimbo crossover
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    https://www.patreon.com/posts/33758684 Whelp, DBZA is officially dead.
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    I was messing around with Sonic R (the Gamecube version) after beating it and found a really dumb and pointless glitch. If you go to the bridges in Resort Island and constantly try to run up the side and slip into the water, your drop shadow gets copied on the part of the bridge where you slipped off. So you can just make a bunch of black dots on the side of a bridge.
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    If it's the same one I'm thinking of, some guy on 4chan posted storyboards of a new hand drawn Sonic cartoon. Don't remember it all but it supposedly is going to be 10 episodes and the first one revolves around Eggman releasing little drill bots into a city. Tyson is involved. But then again it could be another show that's going on and I'm totally wrong.
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    Well TBF they are announcing stuff on the 20th of every month this year and it's both the 20th and SXSW so it's not unlikely they'll announce something. The problem is that it most likely won't be anything major. At best it'll be a new YouTube short.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Goddammit, you too, eh?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    (Also, did a comment and/or reply get removed or something?) "Oh Mr. Sonic, it was most horrible experience--I helped break through a door and rip out a fat woman's intestines--please don't tell Cream!"
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There are human characters in a lot of Transformers stuff alone so it's not that different really. From what I gather though, the ones that are main characters are usually audience insert types, so naturally they're uh...controversial at best.
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    IMHO, the fanbase. Believe it or not, SEGA actually listens. How do you think we got the custom character in Sonic Forces? The fanbase used to complain about Sonic's "shitty friends". Now that they've been reduced to cheerleaders and spectators, all of a sudden the fandom wants them to be playable again. While I agree that a company should listen to the people, they ultimately have to do what is best for business. The series also suffers from what I call "Toriyama Syndrome".
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    And here we go again. I want an update on upcoming games of course... but I don't think it will happen tho', unless they announce something before the panel.
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    I guess I should give an opinion on the e of the actual topic, since I either don't recall doing so or it simply got lost amongst the bitter politics. So about having different characters to play as, bring that back please and make it at least a little more common between/during annual releases. It's really sorta hard not to miss that despite Forces, Boom overall, and the mobile games taking advantage of a few appreciated excuses to sneak them. If Team Sonic Racing's original release couldn't really be a blowout, at least have it be a nice first step to having that be a notable feature again. Now don't be mistaken, this isn't a call to do another--...a mainline game with 9+ different characters right out the gate. This doesn't even need to be something that's done everytime, even if to fill in for the technical three-five games that were primarily the opposite. All I'm saying is experiment a little more with not only what works, but with what has almost worked anytime in history. In addition to an occasional fresh idea or take on an idea that they're inspired to try, of course.
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    What if Sonic met the Joker?
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    SEGA was responsible for a lot of why Rise of Lyric stank; mostly in the form of constant meddling with the developers to change it, culminating with demanding they move it to the Wii-U and forcing it to be rebuilt in large part on a tight deadline. Of course, some are going to blame the other characters, but nothing about playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in one game necessarily ruins it technically; Dimps proved that three times. In fact, the other Boom games aren’t technically broken and they have all those characters. Well, one has Sticks instead if Amy, but another has both. People have started arguing that a rougher game with more playable characters is a lesser evil than a smoother game with just Sonic, but that really shouldn’t be a choice we have to make, and that people are discussing it at all just shows unreliable SEGA has gotten with their mascot. I think the issue here is it’s one of those “because they can” things. So long as SEGA has Yakuza and a Total War and Megami Tensei; not to mention the massive arcade revenues, Sonic games being good is optional. They’d rather Sonic games be good than bad, but they aren’t investing the big bucks into Sonic being an amazing killer app, and if they think a gimmick alone can sell the games, they won’t mind if the gimmick isn’t well-made.
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    Sister: *Coming up stairs* Me: Ah great, gonna be asked to go across the road again, it's cold and I don't wanna. Sister: Mum wants to know what date you see Sonic the Hedgehog? Me: I TAKE IT BACK GIMME THE ROAD
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    Like... I guess? But is that really something to advertise over Twitter unless you're trying to attract "certain" demographics? Does this even count as world building? Were we to assume they didn't have anything there just because they weren't rendered? I regret everything after clicking on this topic today.
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    The first time I've made a reference sheet for an OC of mine. Pretty fun, but a lot of work, though. I've really been in the mood to draw this character... Princess Fairclaw is probably one of the funnest designs I've made in quite a while. Here's a profile for her for good measure as well. Enjoy! ********************** PRINCESS FAIRCLAW AGE: 22 D.O.B 10/31 SPECIES: Human/Dragon HEIGHT: 4'9 SKILLS: Fire Breath, fighting with feet and tail, flight Fav. Food: Chocolate and Vanilla swirl cake LIKES: Her Kingdom, Starry nights, Animals, reading books and horror comics, coming up with plots, manicures and pedicures, her loyal servants. DISLIKES: The modern day, science, fake smilers,bullies, whiners, foiled plots, the current ruler of her kingdom, being cursed to wear her prison uniform and shackles. Princess Fairclaw, said to have been a corrupt princess sealed away for her crimes. Decades and decades later, she is awaken by a joyful cultist by the name of Hiss, who offers her help in reclaiming her kingdom of Forevershade. The Princess is delighted by the thought of returning home, but is shocked to see things have changed quite a bit since she's been gone. What was once a fairytale kingdom, is now a fairytale 1950s-esque utopia. Princess Fairclaw now must figure out how to reclaim her throne, all the while trying to adjust to the new era she's woken up in. Princess Fairclaw is a rather vain and spoiled person. Although she claims to hate whiners, she is prone to complaining when things don't go her way or when she doesn't understand something and If frustrated enough, she can be easily driven to tears. In addition, eye is prone to twitching when she gets stressed out. In an era that's much different from the one she lived in before being sealed, Fairclaw suffers from a bit of future shock, sometimes outright scared of all the change around her. Despite this, she's thankful for the few servants she has, relying on them to help her adjust to new forms of magic and the culture of the world. It's unknown what caused her to go down the path of villainy, but despite her profession, plots, and outright hypocrisy at times, she has a kind side to her, desiring to help those who are pushed around and does all she can to keep her servants and skeleton army happy.
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    Some Classic Eggman Love from Twitter
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    I think you make another point. Not only has the quality changed for the worse, but then there's more time in between it so it feels even worse. That would be nearly a decade with only 3 main titles (Lost World, Forces, 2021 game). (I'm talking Modern Sonic by Sonic Team, but you can include Mania too if you want) If it had been like the 2000s I doubt it'd be as a bad as we'd have another title 2 years later or a spin off like Battle or Rush to play. As much as I like TSR, it's not quite scratching the same itch that those spin offs did. It'd be one thing if the increased time meant better titles, but right now it doesn't seem that way at all. More so after learning most of the time waiting for Forces wasn't actually the main development. Mario can get away with less frequent games because he's usually praised, but it's getting to the point I'd almost prefer the stick to the wall approach if waiting longer just means worse results with less games.
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    That's not complicated, that's just tongue in cheek. Sonic & company's past selves are literally just their old character designs. That is technically exactly what they used to look like. That's the joke. It's like if Mickey Mouse pulled out an expired driver's license, and the picture turned out to be him from Steamboat Willie. It's not supposed to be taken super seriously. And then Sonic Forces came along, said "Sonic from another dimension," and now we're divvying up the whole franchise like a huge ass divorce settlement. It's so stupid.
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    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Doesn't change the fact it'd actually be hilarious if IDW Sonic died right as the metal virus arc ended.
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    Drew these characters again after a couple of months, along with a new face to travel with them. Over these past months, I kind of imagine the setting of Forevershade to have a 1950s feel to it. It will be very happy on the surface, but has a bit of hidden fear and dark side to it. Once again, we have Princess Fairclaw. She wears a cloak to (to rather poorly) hide her cursed prison uniform, and her cuffed hands. She relies mostly on her wings and feet to defend herself in tough situations. To her left is her loyal and bubbly servant, Hiss, who prides herself as a hunter and a witch as you may tell from both her skull and witch hat atop her head. And last but not least, to Fairclaw's right is the ever so cowardly but obedient Captain Coffin, a skeleton who once served for Fairclaw. If you guys haven't read my october comic yet, I'd recommend checking it out, it's a few posts up on this page.
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    So here's some of my favorite character designs I made this year, one of which I haven't posted online yet. What more can I say? It's been a pretty good year for me creatively, especially after that horrible block I had near the end of last year. I wanna thank those of you who have been following me for a decade. Even if you simply take the time to look at my art, it means a lot to me. Here's to a new decade!
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    Sketched these guys out this weekend, and I traced them digitally. You guys pretty much know the drill by this point. If I ever go back into playing D&D at some point, it's likely I'll be using them as characters at some point. But in the meantime, they're gonna be exploring the "Post-Post apocalyptic" fantasy world I've created, crawling dungeons, slaying monsters, and even facing off against corrupt leaders as well. I'm gonna put in some info and individual portraits in the spoilers if you wanna take a look at them.
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    I mean, that's true. But the Chaotix (sans Mighty) were originally an obscure group of friends for Knuckles' ill-fated solo game on a system almost nobody owned, and they managed to make a pretty respectable comeback. I'm not holding my breath for the Gamegear baddies to come back at all, mind you, just saying it's possible - especially if internal attitudes at Sonic Team change over time.
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    Did a quick Google search for more context, but yes, TMS previously did a 1991 anime called Kinkyu Hasshin Saver Kids and the inspiration is pretty clear.
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    I think unification (with some cutting) would ultimately allow the series to become more focused and reach a higher sales potential. But unification of the brand in a way that pleases a wider general audience and increases total sales volume would also piss off many die hard fans particularly if the resulting unification does not result in stronger titles. It also could only be executed with a strong vision for what the brand should be, rather than just throwing things at the wall or just responding to surface level criticism via fan feedback. I do not know what SEGA of America's vision is for Sonic and it's hard to believe that given the state of the series that they are interested in doing anything but building momentum on the small number of successes they have had in the last 10 years. After Generations the series had some credit to build on, in that a few solid performances in a row allowed them space to think about how to make Sonic bigger and better (although that didnt happen). Right now the series doesn't have a lot, particularly since Forces underwhelmed after being the first major production in over 4 years, and coming off of a disastrous title in Boom. So where the series is now and based on what Sonic has been, the safest route is to continue the classic/modern split. This ensures a baseline of sales for the series to continue to exist for at least the short term future, and for us diehards to keep getting Sonic games.
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    Well the way i see it is 1991-1999 Classic age/ Golden age 1999-2004: Adventure/Silver age 2004-2011: The dark age 2011-now: the confusion age as things are so mixed, with highs such as Sonic Colors, Generations and mania and the utter dulldrums that is Forces, Sonic boom and Lost world (depending on who you ask) I do hope the next era is the Sonic Renaissance, but I feel we have not got there yet.
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    Let's get something straight: splinting Sonic on eras is more of a "Middle Ages to Renaissance" rather than "Squares Vs Triangles". It's not a clean cut, those are arbitrary lines we made because our brains like to box everything. So to me "Adventure Era" ended in 2006, Modern Era started in 2010, and in between was a transition period (kinda like Flickies Island and Sonic R are transition from Classic) To me Modern Sonic (who'll one day will need a new name, once we enter new era) is characterized by - boost gameplay - comedic tone (bonus points if Pontac/Graff is involved) - past games used as references and winks rather than foundation for more stories - because of that no more Rivals/Rush/Advnace, now it's Runners/Dash/Olympics types of game - BOWING to classic Sonic - Sonic friends aren't playable So just because Boom exists, or Lost World dropped boost, or Forces was slightly more serious, it doesn't mean era ended. Era will end when something (like 3D or or 06) will dramatically change how Sega makes games. So we'll only know that era changed from time perspective. Imagine for example that Sega stops making 3D games and will focus entirely on Mania titles. Then era ended with last year and we didn't even knew that (with Forces being a swan song to "Modern" Sonic).
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    The "era" classification is just a marketing thing. In reality the changes were pretty gradual and hard to define. I don't think the series fits into neat little boxes like that.
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