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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I was drawing comparisons between their actions and calling them stupid because that was the first analogy I could think of. I don't really care about the nit-picky aspects in this case because that wasn't my point. It's a broad strokes comparison of two characters, one of which is almost transparently modeled after the other in this continuity, making decisions out of pride and having bad things happen to them immediately after. And that's not even to say that's a unique flaw to Vegeta, it's just what I jumped to as a reference. If it's a bad comparison and doesn't hold up, fair enough. I'm still going to say IDW Shadow was fucking stupid for how he got turned, though. EDIT: Since I'm scrolling the rest of this thread against my better judgment I'm saying this here Aaaaand this is why people say you argue in bad faith, and this is why I constantly point out you are forcing your tortured readings into discussion and treating them as the only valid thing. We didn't read the same comic book. Sonic defended Eggman because of Eggman's amnesia. While Shadow argues that doesn't make him less of a threat (fair enough), Sonic used the amnesia as a point that maybe Eggman could start over. If Eggman can't be given a chance when he was in a position where he was no longer a bad person, then Shadow shouldn't either. And you know why Sonic did that? Because he had no reason to believe a fucking lunatic was going to crawl out of the woodwork and try to restore Eggman's memory. You making this out to be something worse is really tiring and it makes talking about a character--my favorite character at that--a chore and something I simply don't enjoy doing on this forum anymore and I really wish you would understand what people are saying.
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    Quick reminder while it's still pertinent - if you think the Sonic movie is going to be bad, just don't watch it. You're not sticking it to anybody by giving people money for shit you hate - in fact you're encouraging them to make more of it by contributing to its success. Buying shit out of a morbid "I wanna see how bad it is" curiousity is a fucking idiotic stance to take that's been destroying this franchise for the longest time and it needs to fucking stop. On the flipside, don't give other people shit for going to see it - if they like what they see, that's their choice to make. Spare a thought for the unpaid team that'll inevitably have to moderate people's shittalking for the next few weeks and try to keep things civil, if nothing else.
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    Let us all give our strength to the moderation team who will have to monitor the movie topic and everything that will occur in it after this weekend for the next couple of weeks, because lord knows they're going to need it.
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    That Slant review overall feels disparaging to and ignorant of the property and gaming culture as a whole, but I must admit that I had been worried about this bit ever since that fluff scene, and am sad to be proven correct: To add to that, if we've been given that A: Sonic has been able to move at Mach speed since he was a baby, and presumably has good control and reaction time. B: Sonic's home base has been Green Hills, Montana, for almost that long. There is no reason to believe that Sonic can get lost that easily. He would have to have a good sense of direction just to be what he is. Also, I'm pretty sure something has to go much faster than sound to wind up in the Pacific ocean mere seconds after it starts heading west from Montana, but even if Sonic actually is that fast, there's no way he lacks fast enough reaction time to steer away in that process. Even if he doesn't know the exact way to San Francisco, he'd still be able to avoid that sort of accident. I get that this might be a "turn your brain off" movie, but this isn't so much an example of the writers not thinking enough about what Sonic is as it's an example of them thinking too much about making Sonic something else. It's one thing not to think of every last physical implication of Sonic's speed when it's actually happening, because so long as we're enjoying the adventure of Sonic being fast we need not worry about what makes it impossible. They can bend or even break rules when it's to allow Sonic to be Sonic. However, if Sonic has be made unrealistically, unfathomably stupid just so we can have an excuse for him not to go fast and instead stick around to befriend a human, it's everyone's prerogative to remind them, loudly, that they're ripping Sonic away from being what he was intended to be and shoving him into a template-built family movie story. Never, so far as I recall, because go-figure, the entire bit about Sonic having any reason whatsoever to be lonely stems from writers reinventing his powers as something others can steal, thus making him and those close to him a target. It feels almost like they wrote it that way specifically so they could make a subplot about Sonic being lonely, thus justifying shoving in their original char--wait no; even then there's no excuse for Sonic's first friend not to be Tails.
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    Wallpaper.: Stuff from Korea and Hong Kong.:
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    Huh, just noticed I passed 40k likes recently. Neat.
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    [101] Sonic Legacy - Motobug March https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/910742 Track 101 // Length: 2:02 // Style: Cinematic // Speed: 110-130 BPM // Measures: 63 // Loops: 16 https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-legacy-motobug-march Sonic the Hedgehog (TM) is property of SEGA Enterprises Sonic Legacy (TM) is property of Sonic Paradox Composed by: Pauly B & SonicString You may have heard this one in the third scene of Sonic Legacy's voicedub for Issue 1. This is the scene where Sonic and Tempest confront the first badniks, and find the capsule filled with captive animals.You can see this video on the Sonic Legacy YouTube channel by clicking this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x5nTrSWCbQ It's a collaborative effort with fellow Sonic Legacy musician, SonicString, who got the track started and did most of the first half of the track. The objective was to stay somewhat orchestral while adding a little intensity for the badnik battle. I myself had the honor of scaring Sonic with the sudden burst near the end of this track, in the part where they first find the capsule. This was definitely an interesting project for sure, with a tempo change, style change, and having to time the music out to what was going on in the comic (a term known as "Mickey-Mousing"). I feel like it turned out ok, we kinda had to rush production since deadlines were coming too close, so there wasn't a whole lot of time to edit. But the upside is that we had accomplished out objective and the comic dub turned out very well because of it. Feel free to support SonicString here: https://soundcloud.com/user-584188436 Thank you all very much for the listen! I would love to hear honest thoughts! I could use some pointers when it comes to this style of music. Nonetheless, I hope you all like this!
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    New cool looking Japanese poster.: Also, the HD version of the TV spot that had some new footage.:
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    Nothing like getting home from work and taking that major dump youve been holding the whole afternoon
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    "Slowing down" sonic is much less important that making him earn his speed. Sonic should still be capable of high speeds, just like he was in the classic games, but only with greater understanding of how to master your environment. This is the essence of those games essentially, exploiting geometry and environmental objects to increase and maintain speed. Longer stretches of speed as a reward for skilled play is a far better system for a 3D platformer than making max speed instantly accessible and cheap to maintain. Making players feel more confident to try more difficult routes and paths because they are skilled enough with sonic's momentum. In 3D the only way to do this reliably is to create a huge open space with many different areas, heights, depths, platforms, etc. Point A to B gameplay is still a part of it in principle, it's just segmented gameplay. Sonic should have a list of things to do. They shouldn't all be necessary for progression but some of them in such a way that makes sonic explore to new parts of the island (or zones). The easiest way to do this seamlessly would obviously be to create a narrative surrounding the adventure. Sonic isnt just chasing off robotnik from one end of the zone to the next, he has other goals that are essential to preventing robotnik from taking over the world. Write a neat story that has sonic encounter other characters and save little critters from robotnik's 'henchbots'. And then there may just be some fun side tasks that are just about fun and exploration. The key to all this is actually making sonic really fun and relatively simple to control. And shaping the environment to take full advantage of this and allow for players to continually get better and master Sonic. When the control is fairly simple and the gameplay smooth, people will want to spend more time controlling the character, not just completing the game to get it done and move on. See? This is not a 2D concept. These are boiled down principles that can be done in 3D and expanded in ways the 2D games couldn't do.
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    This is the basic thing that I advocate for. I think the biggest problem with even the best version of 3D sonic gameplay we've seen, is that the gameplay is designed like the 2D sonic gameplay with 3D environments molded around it rather than a fully 3D gameplay. And I know it's hard, because sonic was designed originally in 2D and he by his nature tends to push forward and onwards at high speed along a linear path, even if there are multiple routes. It's hard to capture that essence without massive levels. In a sense, even though the boost games didnt get the feel right with the momentum physics, they did express what sonic ultimately wants to do outside of rolling, or at least the way sonic has been portrayed in most popular media. So the best thing to do is to recontextualize the character and the concept. Not changing what he is.... but instead of the "gotta go fast" marketing and emphasis where he has to be blasting forward along a linear path all the time, try to emphasize more of sonic's agility and platforming skill rather than his pure straight line speed. Emphasize him moving acrobatically up, down, all around environments. The best example we have of this ironically is in a 2D game, with Sonic CD. Not only that gameplay template as inspiration for 3D design but also how sonic moved in the animated cutscenes. He didnt just blast forward all the time, he skillfully navigated obstacles and moved in a variety of ways, often using the environment to his advantage while finding ways to keep up his pace. That's what 3D sonic gameplay should be about at its core. Maintaining flow, while having the freedom to travel anywhere. And it's also why building huge island zones as big playground maps would be the most natural fit. This "flow" is a primary component of the gameplay feel of the classic games and why they are so repayable but I think the potential is even greater in 3D. In sonic 3, as you moved through the zones, if you notice the backgrounds and the environments change. You start out at one point in the zone and what you see in the distance, you ultimately come across later whether it be in act 2 or in a later level...although the trek isnt as visceral because you're locked onto a 2D plane. In 3D this feeling would be fully enhanced because the interesting thing you see in the distant background, you can actually see yourself moving to. You can point to wherever you want to go and just go. I wish I could talk to ST about this sometimes.
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    One giant problem with the 3D Sonic games we got (whether they did this deliberately or due to some technical issues), is they never really allowed for backtracking...which in turn had a very negative effect on stage design as you're not really allowed to make stages that allow for exploration.
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    I think one of the biggest level design issues that 3D Sonic has struggled with is that levels are still designed as a series of hallways rather than as full 3D spaces. Even when there are multiple paths, they're usually entirely separate from each other aside from where they begin and end, meaning that the only decisions you have to make in a level are a few binary choices of which paths to take. The different paths built into the level shouldn't exist entirely separately from each other; they should be part of the same playable space, interwoven with each other, with naturally-occurring opportunities to move between them rather than just specific branching points.
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    I can even hate Microsoft sometimes but I do need to accolade them for making Word (Online at least) cross-platform with OpenOffice's ODT. This will improve my life hundreds of times. Nice work Microsoft, you won my respect. 馃槍
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    You have to build some level to tune the physics anyway. In the SA1 prototypes we saw many interesting level 'skeletons' that were there just to test the engine. We're in agreement. I think though that setting an arbitrary limit to speed isnt necessary, the level design takes care of it automatically. Remember in the classic games, sonic accelerates to some fixed speed limit but can accelerate higher based on how much momentum he gains from geometry. But he cant ever carry that speed through the entire level, it's only for stretches and completely controlled by object placement and other natural design factors. In a open world 3D game sonic will only accelerate as fast as the level allows him to and even at high speeds he will lose some momentum in the air and when he is inevitably halted by some object if the player doesnt react quickly enough. But even the crashing can only happen as often as you design ultra high speed sections, which isnt going to be much. I just want scenes like the sonic CD opening where he rolls down a slope to gain speed and then blasts off a cliff at high velocity. Very rewarding, authentically sonic experience, that wont be overplayed because there is no boost button and its controlled by the terrain.
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    Honestly, I don鈥檛 expect the worse nor the best out of this film. It鈥檚 looks like it鈥檚 your standard, safe family/ kids movie. Which for a video game movie, isn鈥檛 bad to say. Also don鈥檛 take rotten tomatoes very seriously if your still interested in this movie. All it is a collection of different critics with different tastes. If you want to see the movie, go see it and form your own opinion. Just saying this now because I have a bad feeling about this. 馃槵
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    Doing Max Raid Battles with non-Galar legendaries is disgustingly satisfying now
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    Yes!! I sort of think that the creative teams would be able to make something work that wouldn't be quite as automatic as what i described! yes!!!! Any situation like planetoids (or various sizes of islands) are hopefully where we are headed for the next 3D game! Designing zones/environments to be entire would be very exciting and among other things make replay value much higher! What you are describing would have at least 30 different paths to explore and maybe several more hybrid ones!! And, I am not sure about procedurally generated zones as a whole but maybe parts of zones would change over time either through internal coding or patch updates to simulate it: like water levels etc! Sonic as a pioneering gameplay experience is primed and ready to happen again!! With forgiving and immersive zones, completely free movements would be possible! I have suddenly remembered the Game Gear Sonic items which were very playful and even somewhat chaotic (The rocket shoes and personal springs!!). wisps are of course in that realm, but I feel like they would come up with some new sorts of mechanisms that would give lots of potential to move in unusual and effective ways!
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    Dark Qiviut

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Going a different direction. This is Anthony Clark. Last cycle, he was a Justice Democrat running an insurgent primary against Danny K. Davis, only to lose. He's running against him again. Today, he picks up a major campaign boost. Chicago's second-largest newspaper, the Sun-Times, endorsed him, citing his urgent pursuit and passion for change.
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    Birds of Prey had a review embargo and that wasn't a bad film. In fact, quite a few good films had review embargoes on them, so I don't think embargoes are a 100% sign of "oh dear, bad film"
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    Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and Andrew Yang has suspended his campaign.
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    So the Xbone beta came and went, did any of you guys play it? I didn't but I managed to scout for quite a bit of footage and info and I felt the need to share the most interesting tidbits. 1) Dubbing Apparently, it's actually pretty good! The general consensus seems to be that the characters all sound pretty good and most of the arguments are tied to the process of localization (this character sounds different, rather than just bad). The most mentioned cases in this are are Afin who became Australian and swears like a sailor and Zeno, who got the voice pitch slider way lower than his Japanese counterpart. I personally really like most of the voices and I especially love Afin, I find his direction to be nothing short of genius and I'm going to be legit upset if a certain character relevant to his story doesn't follow through. Also, most surprisingly, they even went as far as to dub the concert songs! (not gonna lie, when I heard it memories came rushing down and I started weeping like that funny cat picture) Only the two first Quna singles were in the beta but who knows what that means for the rest of the game. Are we getting Dubbed Rare Drop KOI KOI? Are we getting dubbed Mamagatsu? Are the Engrish songs on the many credit screens getting dubbed as well? (Hello makes me cri everytiem) 2) Translation Translation on the other side of the coin, seems to be pretty iffy. While one can understand why people in North America would want nothing to do with the constant warring factions of the White and Black provinces and the (I guess?) properly named people living in them, the team took some other translation decisions that left people scratching their heads. The usual S-Atk (for Strike) R-Atk (Ranged) and T-Atk (Tech) stats JP players might be used to got changed to this... Which is pretty questionable to say the least, I know for sure RNG Power is not something I want to hear about on this game and MEL Power doesn't even sound like Melee at all. I don't have a screen right now but I'm also pretty sure the stat screen in the MAG menu is also different (I'm pretty sure I saw MEL Support on one section). The other weird thing I noticed is that they bothered to translate the Katana (among other) Photon Art names, which is pretty weird since most of the PAs were already on English so one could easily guess those names were universal and no translation was needed. Darkers was always stupid tho and I'm glad it's gone. 3) Version Differences I feel the need to remind people reading this post that I did not play the beta, and all I'm posting is information I heard about on forums or saw on livestreams. So don't take my words as absolute. Also, this was a beta, so things might change for the full release (unlikely as it might seen on an 8 year old game). First of all, we have a bit of a controversial possible change posted on many forums. People have been talking about how the character editor in the NA version got altered and both the minimum and maximum size for your character got increased. This means a certain very specific body type for characters got kinda deleted from this version (while including another one in its place). I have thoughts about this. I'm personally not a fan little girls and boys being in my anime sci fi fantasy beating up eldritch horrors next to my cool robot and I never liked the seemingly abundance of such characters in the Japanese server, but outright removing them seems wrong. This is especially true considering they are quite a number of canon characters who share that body type... And while one could argue that 1) Some of those characters are counter NPC's so they don't matter, and 2) Certain little girl characters are exceptional and as such should remain exceptional and not have a military kindergarden running in your game, there is one character that puts this into question, and it's a little boy from episode 4. Also, JezMM pointed this before on this thread but there is a question of how much of the content is being brought to this version, because they promised everything would be up to date (and mechanically speaking, they seem to be true, only the very last patch seems to be missing) but there is content... And there is "content". And some of that "content" is very spicy so I could understand why you wouldn't want little kids accessing that "content"... But that's making the BIG assumption that said "content" makes it over here in the first place (some people have posted of a very specific piece not coming but no evidence has been posted about it, but if true it would suck because it's not only a pervy gear but also pretty useful for some layered clothes). That said, people also pointed out that character creation in general was borked on the beta, and there is a chance some people trying to stir up drama are running with it, so it remains to be seen how much I'm blowing things out of proportion. On a more positive note, there are apparently some gameplay changes as well on this version! I was watching a stream of some dood grinding weapons and I couldn't avoid to notice that it was an NT weapon, me living under a rock assumed that at some point there was a QoL patch on the JP server which replaced all the OT gear with their NT counterparts but reading some comments about the beta that's apparently not the case. Apparently, every weapon on the game being a NT weapon is an America version exclusive! (shotouts to JezMM for predicting this as well on this very thread) So who knows if we are getting some exclusive balance and progression system for ourselves? That's something to look forward to. *Sorry for not explaining what NT and OT gear is. Just know weapon grinding used to be dumb and now it's slightly less dumb. All in all, it seems like it was a pretty positive experience. And while I mentioned on this thread that I had no intention of coming back I have to admit that the itch to go through a mini solo run and soak on all the QoL I've missed in my three years of not playing has been getting pretty strong. So maybe I will give it a go on my own once it does come out. Just, don't expect it to be a carbon copy of the fan translated Japanese version. And keep expectations low about what "all the content" means.
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    Ugh, I can't go much longer without some new info from a Nintendo Direct.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The new comic was eh
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    Started playing Yakuza 3 Remastered on the PS4. It looks great, but I still wish it got the Kiwami treatment for the combat.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So here right. I want to make this very clear, i'm not making a moral judgement on your person. But this is my belief system, and in this scenario I think you have missed the point. Or rather have confused two different ones. So my belief is this and shadow's ENTIRE NARRATIVE is this. People are not born good or bad. Experiences make them good or bad. That's shadow's entire deal. Every single thing about his creation what happened to him , who's he's related to , why he exists should point him into being the bad guy. But hes not really. And in that scenario in SA2 , shadow had the experiences to make him good removed or altered to make him in a more violent malicious way. That's kinda the whole point of that narrative is that gerald was trying to define who he was, but the family he chose won out. He remembered, and those experiences are what inspire him to do good yeah someone " told him " your mom or dad, uncle whoever told you to not be a dick. But that experience problably helps you not be a dick and that doesn't invalidate your chose to do so because that wasn't an idea you had when you are born. You learn and grow, that what' brings me to my other points you missed. Part of the other part of the story is shadow has no context for what the earth is, who's on it why is it a thing, not just because he had his memory manipulated is just a foreign thing. He doesn't have the memories telling him to go to and protect it , his a giant or rather 3 foot 3 ball of anger who's memories are telling him to blow up the planet. With those that would get him to stop removed. Shadow's like a week old outside of the pod canonically. He is an experiment he knows very little and what he does know was manipulated so he only remembered "that's the place the bad people came from that took my sister away ". Like to compare that to fully grown ass man who set out from jump " I'm gonna take over the world " is weird to me man. Shadow wasn't born shadow, his experiences make him shadow. And those experiences were removed to make him carry out some shit he may not have agreed with otherwise. To compare that to eggman , a guy who just actually decides to be a dictator on the reg. Who is like at least 50 years with experiences and choices made to make him who he was. Speaks more about sonic in this scenario than not. Whether it be lack of worldly understanding, fence sitting apathy , or some form of active maliciousness. Its not a good look If you think people are born a way morally, that's cool. Do you. But We have to at that point end this conversation because that in itself is a philosophical argument I do not think is fit for the thread. I'm not arguing in bad faith. My argument is that it shouldn't be argued in any faith. Eggman is a character who in no circumstances should be taken that seriously. And in evoking the narrative of whether he should die or not calls into questions his actions. When you look at his actions, he's a murderous dictator. Even though I think the premise is flawed, if sonic would have kept it to memory stuff. He could be talking down shadow. As soon as he started making arguments about " He helps " then sonic is trying to justify his actions. Sonic's argument should have never been trying to justify eggman's previous actions more so what new experiences could make eggman or tinker at the time a better person in future. His arguments were " Those things in the past were bad but sometimes he helps so that makes it cool " and then its " Well you did a bad thing once, aren't you as bad as he is " and if this was a normal person or even another shadow, sure. When its a dictator that gives this entire conversation a different context it wasn't ever meant to have. I think you may have misinterpreted the source of my disdain on this and to be fair to you and other's in this thread, my conduct has been shadow focused to say the least. I think that's fair to say, heck it started this conversation. But my biggest issue with that issue, isn't shadow's lack of agency or him being written like a plot device. I got issues with that, I do , but they aren't my biggest ones. Its sonic. One sonic should never be having to argue this in the first place. But two, sonic should never been trying to brush away the things eggman has done. Sonic comes off in this book like a manipulative douche , and a guy who "both sided" a dictator. I don't think i'm arguing in bad faith, i'm kind of just reading the book. Even if you want to read sonic's actions in the best light possible, he's still being a manipulative jerk. He is still bothsiding a dictator . He's doing it for a reason that's naive and stupid what he thinks is good. That's the best read. That's my read. But even in that, its still not good look. Like how else do you read that? After the story envokes eggman's past which paints him as a dictator. Sonic then trying to justify his action and then compares shadow to eggman? How else do you read that? That's why you don't write that story, because there's no other way to read that. Its weird an inappropriate among many other things,
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    While I'm interjecting with points of contention regarding Espio and Eggman, it's also worth noting that Sonic himself has shown minimal concern with potentially killing the Doctor while stopping his plans. He doesn't gun for him(er, that one line from Heroes aside) or see it as an ideal result to achieve, but he'll certainly bop his Eggmobile into a bottomless pit, destroy a giant Robot/Mech with him still in it(even stranding him in water/lava/space/rifts), or in the case of Lost World, remove the exhaust hose of his jetpack on a floating continent. People forget that he's something of an antihero himself.
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    I bet Bernie would get a lot of votes if he said "as president I will make sure Mother 3 gets localized"
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    >It's the most basic design you can imagine for a shoe >Only makes 5 >It's probably gonna cost a kidney Almost 30 years and we're finally gonna get an official replica of Sonic's sneakers and they're limited? lol
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    Gotta say, didn't see this coming! Hope the Mii Gunner costume is the main Fighter, and Mega Man is Mugman's stand-in.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ok, I want to address this on two levels, because I don't entirely disagree but I feel this needs some perspective: This interpretation requires that you see Sonic & Eggman in the worst possible light. Eggman (generally speaking) isn't a monster and he has moral standings that he won't cross when push comes to shove. The Shadow comparison still makes sense because, memory manipulation or not, Shadow still choose to do all of those bad things and that I feel was Sonic's point. For the sake of comparison, Eggman thought that Gerald's plan was too extreme while Shadow had no compunctions carrying it out and someone else had to convince him to help. And now for the second part of this....Eggman, in this particularly continuity is pretty...horrible. He basically unleashed a worldwide apocalypse and doesn't even really seem to care about it. And that's what I mean when this continuity is murky; it's conflating Eggman's more benign villainy from the games with the same Eggman who just unleashed the apocalypse here. And yes, Eggman has unleashed threats that he can't control in the past, but in this particular case, he created it. I wouldn't go as far to say that Sonic's actions make him a terrible person; Sonic's entire personality is turning the other cheek and letting bygones be bygones and wouldn't wish harm on even his worst enemies, so I don't think it's fair to fault him over that even if it's biting him in the ass in this particular example.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Also I dunno...its kinda gross? If the argument was purely framed around memory loss. While flawed, I would get it. Sonic does two things in that argument that kind of makes this sonic either inattentive, sociopaths or just an awful hedgehog. 1) he compares shadow to eggman. A guy who had his memories manipulated and then once that stopped, stopped being a dickhead. Well at least a world blowing up dickhead anyway. And a robo Dictator. Keyworld Dictator 2) He says that eggman helps. And its true when it saves his own skin he does. Here's the thing though, now we are actually telling stories that make eggman actions matter. Sonic is basically consenting to eggman murdering innocent people because he helps sometimes. Not even thinking that there is a possibility help society or whatever to like stop these godly threats ( eggman often is the harbinger off ) by themselves that don't require the robo dictator around. If sonic would have kept the argument to just " its kinda fucked up to kill a dude with no memory " that's an interesting moral argument on its own and doesn't really need the rest of that. I don't think its that interesting in this context for the reasons you mentioned, but it like on some level has merit. But when you start making moral comparisons and start justifying eggman's continued villainous fuckery. The argument about " That guy helps " is an argument heroes have about anti heroes or villian's like Dr. Doom who's morality has been clearly defined to be while self serving nebulous and keeps to his own shit and even that's a stretch because he has tried to take over the universe multiple times. Its an argument you would have to someone else about shadow. Its argument for example batman has about jason todd a character who is on the moral strait and narrow but he's doing things for the greater good. Its not an argument you have about hyrda, or vandal savage or some shit. When the argument is about a dictator the conversation takes a tone I don't think ever should come out of sonic's goddamn mouth. Its self indulgent in a way I just don't find interesting. Its like one of those fanfiction stories where people torture thier OC's. Eventually that starts to blend in and becomes and uninteresting slurry of generic sadness ( That is how I feel about Evans fan comic tbh ) . Though To evan's credit she will be the first one to tell you its a self indulgent slurry of sad. I don't want that feeling from the main book, its a feeling I used to get pre-reboot on occasion that went away during the reboot era and its not a welcome one I like sad, I like characters with sad stories. But like you have to earn that sadness it doesn't feel earned here this. I have yet to see amy be amy without this looming over her character Fair If I'm not misrembering when they literally drive under the sea Fair
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    yeah nothing like SHITTIN crack a cold one boys let it RIP
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    This is an interesting concept... so basically you still move the character freely but jumping and air actions are kinda automated, so the most confusing part of controlling Sonic in 3D is gone, and in exchange, the way how you automatically interact with "air" allows for some Sonic CD intro/ending like animations. It kinda reminds me of Metroid Other M where Samus automatically aims at enemies, and this allowed for more spectacular actions through simple QTEs. This is a creative idea, though, I personally would still try to search for a way to let the player be in full control of Sonic (including air actions), for the sake of continuing the discussion and finding new ideas. For example, I like the way how the indie game "Defunct" lets you see the landing point and the trajectory of a jump through a visible curve on screen so you can accurately adjust the landing point while you are still in the air, without having to deal with calculating it in your mind. EDIT: To stay in topic of level design, I'm starting to consider the idea of planetoids. I mean, not Lost Worlds-like planetoids, bigger planets, so big that the curvature is barely noticeable. You start on a point, and you have to reach the opposite point of the planet, and whatever road you take makes no difference because it's a round planet, you'll eventually end at the other side as long as there are occasionally some natural barriers that keep you from backtracking; and you will never end out of bounds because there aren't limits in the first place (no endless pits, no invisible walls). I think that the visible curvature may even be a cool thing stylistically... after all, if Animal Crossing's world is built over a big cylinder, sonic levels being huge spheres wouldn't be that bad IMO (think of the blue sphere minigame, but the planets are way bigger so the curvature is even less noticeable). I don't even want to think how much effort it needs to design a level that's that big, but on paper the concept may work IMO.
  38. 1 point
    Posting more new music tomorrow. Second week out of three. Stay tuned!!!
  39. 1 point
    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah...I was expecting a big influx of game locations being confirmed. Not two comic-original places with non-descript names.
  40. 1 point
  41. 1 point
    a video by paramount UK, showcasing an event that took place presumably a movie theater, where kids could talk to a virtual version of sonic voiced by ben schwartz, similar to events nintendo set up where you could talk to mario at the nintendo NY store during certain holidays.
  42. 1 point
    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Been a bit since I posted here, though not too long in the grand scheme of things. This spectacular mess of activity though is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. It's one of my largest pictures in scope that I've ever done and to motivate myself to see it through I chronicled the whole process on tumblr. There is obviously a fair bit about that I'm not fully satisfied with, but all in all I like how it turned out so please enjoy everyone 馃槉
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    The only way I can imagine a free-roaming skatepark style stage design working in 3D for a "Sonic 64" style re-think is to change the objective to be many within a stage rather than a point A to point B affair. I'm sort of imagining something with Sonic Forces' "mission control" style voiceovers but... instead of the narrative of the stage just changing as you go through it, Sonic is actually doing stuff and solving the problems that are brought up. Like the most basic scenario is "Eggman is attacking the zone, there's a badnik generator at the top of the volcanic hill!" and the player has to use the skatepark-esque stage to make their own way to that one tall part of the stage with smoke coming out the top. Then once you get up there and bop the thing, two more generators appear, and you now have to make your way to those in whichever order you prefer. Objectives would gradually become more complex/numerous as the stages progress, possibly with the order you do them in also affecting what objectives pop up next, leading to a dynamic play experience. IDEALLY... the level designs are clever enough to anticipate some of the most common routes through the stages, and provide interesting things to interact with on those "typical" paths, but there is always that fear that players will discover more efficient but less fun paths. It's hard not to imagine the plethora of videos of 3D fangame engines I've watched where as soon as the creator applies their impressive physics system to a stage intended for platforming rather than testing those physics, most of the video is Sonic rolling down slopes and making football-field clearing jumps over mountain ranges of interesting geometry. At that point... forget all the clever physics you made. Sure it takes an understanding of the physics system to achieve, but it often looks stupidly easy to perform these ridiculous acrobatic feats when you know how to recognise slopes and jumps that you can use. Once you achieve that... well, you might as well be playing Sonic Forces, where playing well was the most boring platforming experience because it just sent you straight into shortcut after shortcut where you sailed over all the more methodical, lower routes (not that there's much fun to be had on those either, it's all pretty uninspired stuff, but there is more jumps to make down in those areas). Anyway, back to that original concept of wide-open levels with multiple objectives dotted around rather than a single end goal, heck if I'd know how to incorporate badniks and combat into that which wouldn't get in the way of the platforming or just add slowed down busywork for the player that is completely different from the gameplay "language" they use to get around the stage. I suppose one could argue that if we're throwing out the guidebook to "what is Sonic" there is a validity to the question of "maybe this game design concept would be better without enemies". You could even justify it in the plot by having Eggman announce that he's scrapped badniks this time in order to put all his resources into colossal boss mechas that are fought using the platforming mechanics to get around them etc. Not totally out there. In a sense, you could even use these mecha boss stages to sort of be like the Bowser levels of this "Sonic 64" - providing concentrated tests of skill on a more linear, immediately punishing course to act as a change of pace from the regular wide-open stages where there is less threat but the fun comes purely from the act of movement.
  44. 1 point
    The problem is that in all the 3D Sonic games (including the Adventure games), enemies are either bowling ninepins or homing attack bridges most of the times. This because simple enemies in 3D just don't work. Mario 64 made the goombas chase you because having them walk in a direction and turn back when there's a wall like in the 2D games didn't work, the player would have just ignored them unless you fill the floor with them (also to make them easier to stomp); every other enemy in the game also has been redesigned to work in 3D, they look at you, shoot at you and chase you. In Sonic there are many enemies that aim at you and chase you, but most of the times you simply ignore them. Those egg-pawn like robots from Sonic Unleashed can chase you (or the actual egg-pawns in Sonic Colors), but you never notice because you go so fast that it's all meaningless... in Sonic Adventure, that first enemy you find on the beach rams at you, but you either run around it or just jump and air dash away because Sonic is excessively faster than the enemy and it ramming at you means nothing unless you walk very slowly near it. Recent games increased the amount of enemies in the formations to make them more noticeable, but you still go bowling ball into them. You understand that there's a problem in 3D Sonic's enemy design.
  45. 1 point
    I think if the enemy keeps behind Sonic, trying their best to take potshots at him keeps them from being too aggravating. To me, having enemies in front of you as a brick wall has always been a bad thing when you are moving fast, either in 2D or in 3D. For the most part the damage you take is from them as a destructible wall you careen into, but having them as a present threat behind you or beside you keeps them from either being a nuisance you run into or something you bowl over. I also think you don't even need to always directly attack them but could just trick them into blowing themselves up by having them crash into obstacles you avoid. Having multiple ways to dispose of them through the level design. That way you could also keep bosses like Shadow and Metal memorable by not having them succumb to tactics like that. Of course, I still think the static ones are important too in their own right. Though I would reserve that for flying enemies that you have less of a chance of just running into.
  46. 1 point
    Enemies should mostly be in the slower paced platforming sections. Having them chase Sonic around at high speeds is just asking for clunk.
  47. 1 point
    More active badniks is a good idea IMO. They don't have to ram at you only, I think badniks should be more advanced and provide an actual challenge. Stationary badniks are necessary as well, but it wouldn't be bad if occasionally there are some badniks that not only will chase you, but also "fight" you while running. Like sort of "micro bosses", maybe with just 1 hp but advanced enough to dodge/parry your attacks and try to stop you in several ways. Sonic Mania had a couple of those type of badniks by the way... one in Stardust Highway (the light bulb thing) and another in Titanic Monarch (those traps... the badniks who throw it at you are kinda stationary but the trap will chase you). In 3D this type of badniks should be more common, given how easily you can walk around regular badniks and ignore them.
  48. 1 point
    In terms of controls, Sonic's just needs to be slowed down. That would solve a lot of problems on it's own in regards to how the game controls and even save them some anguish designing levels. The only problem is that people have become really attatched to the image marketing sends of Sonic being the flash and turn their nose up at anything slower. Just look at any given fangame engine and how Sonic's top speed is usually way too high to be controllable if you want an example of how that can affect things.
  49. 1 point
    I personally think that the main problem is that the level hazard Sonic Team has (almost) always leaned overwhelmingly on for 3D levels has been pits specifically; when they were comparably a minor issue in the 2D games and were really more of a Mario level design hazard (the amusing thing being that 3D Mario games primarily switched away from that to environmental ones instead). I think that's why they've also so frequently gone to the "running/grinding along bits of scaffolding in the sky" idea for the level design, with the actual themes as a result almost coming off as irrelevant tinsel on top of levels that otherwise could be interchangeable.
  50. 1 point
    I think the best way to handle 3D sonic gameplay would be to take the basic principles of this idea but put sonic in a giant playground map. Not levels, but instead zones that have many intertwining areas. There have been some pretty good posts regarding this kind of idea before.
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