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    Okay, time out dude. This movie, from the very moment it was rumored, confirmed, and previewed, was anything but safe. It's very premise was risky—it’s a live action Sonic movie, basically outdoing Sonic 06 in realism. And given that comparison, it should have failed by that measure alone even with the redesign. The thought of a live action film of a series that had been struggling sounds like suicide for Sonic, yet against all odds and expectations, it succeeded. People aren’t onboard with an okay film. They’re onboard with a film that defied expecitations and became a hit despite everything in this franchise’s history telling people, and the fans especially, that this shouldn’t work. And more to that, they’re onboard with something out of this franchise actually doing well given its up and down history with success and failure. I’m not a fan of the direction this movie took, but I can appreciate that this movie shows that opinions and expectations aren’t set in stone, that it shows a high risk move that pulled off a decent reward, and that in spite of everything this franchise has been through better or worse that people still love Sonic even after years of being the butt of jokes. That’s not sometimes to take for granted.
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    SRB2 is better than Mania

    SRB2 is better than Mania
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    ssmb today

    ssmb today
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    Next animation test. I'm uncertain if I'm satisfied with the outcome. I've never been to an animation class, it's all self taught. *shrugs* No sound yet. I'm really considering using this in my first video.
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    The Sonic movie is built off of tried and tested Hollywood tropes for family movies that have been popular, consistently, for over 20 years. There's nothing risky about it outside of the bubble of online Sonic discussion. A fully animated feature would have been riskier by itself by virtue of being more expensive and time consuming to produce without even getting into the story or artstyle.
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    I doubted. I wrote this film off as doomed to failure. I expected the only enjoyment I'd get out of it to be ironic. I was wrong. Sonic the Hedgehog was a fun movie with likable characters and a good (well, good enough for the tired "fantastic character comes to Earth" premise) story. I was invested the whole time and not one part of the movie left me feeling impatient or bored. The Sonic movie was... genuinely good? Let's start with Sonic himself. I feel like in a lot of spinoff media - and even the games sometimes - Sonic is often made too smarmy for his own good. But the movie gives a nice balance of confidence and good-natured kindness to Sonic's character. In a lot of ways, this Sonic - helped by Ben Schwartz's standout performance - comes off as more childlike and impressionable; He isn't quite the seasoned adventurer and experienced hero that he is in the games, and has this naive sense of wonder and uncertainty that you don't typically see in Sonic. But he still retains enough of his classic penchant for impatience, jokes, and charisma that he still feels recognizably like Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought it was a refreshing direction to take the character. Next up is Dr. Robotnik. Jim Carrey absolutely steals the show as Eggman. He nails the character's self-absorbed arrogance, his temperamental bursts of anger, his tendency to swing from boasting to enraged and back again without skipping a beat. He may be thinner and (initially) have a lot more hair, but despite the deviations in design, this guy is every bit the Dr. Eggman I know and love. He walks a fine tightrope; intimidating enough to give the story actual stakes, but still goofy enough to make the audience roar with laughter at his antics. It's classic Jim Carrey in top form. But hey, this movie also has a few original characters. And I don't just find them tolerable; I find them outright pretty great. Yeah, Tom and Maddie are surprisingly really likable supporting characters; They've got fun personalities, their relationship is honestly really charming, and they assist Sonic without outright overshadowing him or taking the focus away from him as the main hero. In a way, I think they feel like Chris Thorndyke done right. While I think it's fair to not like the whole "Sonic comes to normal Earth" premise, I also think that - if they're going to do a plot like that - they did a great job making Sonic's human friends feel like actual characters and not just bland audience surrogates. Donut Lord, Pretzel Lady, you two are alright by me. Of course, Robotnik has his own assistant, the fantastic Agent Stone. It was great to see movie Robotnik get his own "Snively"-esque character, and I think - for his relatively small time on screen - Robotnik and Stone had some great interactions. I definitely hope he's back in the sequel - which almost certainly is happening at this point, seeing how successful the film is. And that post-credits stinger. Looks like we're getting more game characters next time, which is great to hear. The Sonic movie's good. It made a believer out of me, and I absolutely recommend seeing it!
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    Debatable. And even if that were the case. That's no excuse to go out and claim people are settling with mediocrity instead of just legit enjoying it like @Plasme is implying. I get being salty at a movie's success, but that's just ridiculous.
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    Ugly sonic's reaction to the sonic movie:
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    I think it's kind of cynical to conflate "good" with "mediocre". I feel like most people here are saying that it's a good movie. They enjoyed it. You don't enjoy mediocre movies. Mediocre movies typically feel unsatisfying and like a waste of time, and it feels like people who felt that way are in the minority on this one. Stuff can still be good and enjoyable in spite of it's shortcomings, if it couldn't we wouldn't all be here coz boy howdy have you guys played a Sonic the Hedgehog video game. I can appreciate the idea of "guys stop if you say it's good we'll get another sequel with olive garden jokes and sonic will fart twice next time!!" but I feel I enjoyed it enough that it is not worth sending a negative message of "no, not good enough, no more of this ever again please" to the creators. Coz like... nah, honestly, it was good enough. Not exactly what I wanted, but I enjoyed what I was given, and I'd take some more for sure.
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    Thoughts on the sonic film:

    Thoughts on the sonic film:
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    I'm only going to post this one comment, because I know the film has received a lot of goodwill and a lot of people like it, even on this forum. But I have this one thing to say, it's very negative, and then I'll leave and not be a spoilsport. But I'm very disappointed that so many people are on board with, by their own admission, an "okay" film which "doesn't take risks" and "plays it safe". I want the Sonic franchise to be as excellent as it was in the 1990s and we know it can be achieved. The Tyson Hesse shorts, while marred by a low-budget, are exactly where visual Sonic media should be going. But now we are going down the direction of this mediocre live action nonsense. Moreover, was this all that people really needed to get onboard? A redesign of the Sonic animated model? I must have been pretty gullible back then to think people had higher standards than just seeing a nice looking Sonic run around and be lively animated. Like I thought "nah, this redesign isn't enough for people, they won't just accept a mediocre film now that it has a better model". But it seems to be that way... The film has made 70 million, a majority of Sonic fans are okay to settle with it and even the general public like it for the dumb entertainment it is. I really have no faith in the future of Sonic going forward if they push in on this direction. The chances of Whitehead and EveningStar making a Sonic game are looking more unlikely and that was the only avenue of real hope I had. If the next game is going to be movie Sonic, which it very well might be with this general goodfeeling, then this franchise is fucking dead for good to me.
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    Those came out about 30 years ago, dude.
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    This movie kind of makes me want to see the official Sonic design change to the separate eyes.
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    How is charging $60 for some 3DS 'mon-raising side game and a garbage two-hour demo okay
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    My favourite version of Stardust Speedway is the Good Future visual, with the American soundtrack. Neither ever gets referenced.
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    An Overwatch animated show has been sold and is being developed.
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    I saw it today, first time I was able to get to a cinema so I’ve been avoiding anything to do with the Sonic film to avoid spoiling the film for myself. Hard but I managed it and when I saw the film I really enjoyed it. MY husband and I were just lightly talking about how much we enjoyed it at the start of the 16-bit credits when the mid-credits stinger came on. Super happy. Enjoyed it in all its wholesome glory and I really can’t wait for the inevitable sequel. It will be quite a difficult and possibly long wait though.
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    Hmm, I was thinking about writing up some more detailed thoughts on the Sonic movie today... but I've honestly forgotten most of the film already.
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    It's a Bizarre feeling knowing that one piece of Sonic media I have zero interest in (the movie) it's actually super successful, and it might be the most successful this franchise has been in a long time.
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    "J'ai failli attendre" is Sonic's catch phrase in the French dub of AoStH, it's "I'm waitiiiiing". Nice touch Also, I saw the movie in French. First thing to say, Sonic's voice actor is terrible. Instead of using Sonic's usual voice actor, they choose to do some "star talent" and get... some guy I don't know, who loves to claim that it was " a dream job since childhood" but doesn't even know who Tails and Knuckles are... Other than that, I enjoyed the movie and I might watch it again.
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    Known actors help sell movies. Sonic's existing voice actor is not known outside of the video game/anime nerdosphere really, and Jim Carrey is extremely well known for his ability to play wacky, larger than life characters, which Eggman typically has always been. Carrey's Eggman is a very unique take on the character, but I think that was the film-maker's intent anyway to provide a new interpretation of the character and let Jim play in the space. While Ben Schwartz isn't SUPER well known (yet, I think Sonic has been a big boon for him and the guy deserves it), I do think his higher-pitched Sonic voice lends itself better to this excitable "kid" version of Sonic who is still figuring himself out than Roger's voice would have (who much better fits game Sonic who knows EXACTLY what he's about).
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    I think he's all but admitting he probably can't use the name.
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    Interview with Josh Miller who is one of the writers.: Some parts of the video about the sequel and Jim Carrey.:
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    I think it was a very deliberate, perhaps even desperate move to give people any sort of hope that this movie might be redeemable, effectively inserting a "but" into any conversation deriding it.
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    It's a shame people are so iffy about this movie, saw it the other day and really enjoyed it. It takes a little while to get going - the first half didn't make me laugh all that much and was a bit laden with some things that have gotten a bit tropey for this style of movie (every character getting introduced with a freeze frame and implied hand-written quirky "notes" from Harley as she narrates etc, or the way the plot keeps doing a "oh whoops I should probably explain why this happened" after a sudden occurance and then time winding back a bit - although while the framing is a bit of the cliché, the non-linear narrative does work well). But... yeah once the movie got going it was really good, I laughed a LOT during the second half, the fight scenes were suitably wacky and fun, and the characters are incredibly likeable despite being mostly awful people. The only thing I will say is that marketing this as "birds of prey" was definitely a mistake - it is Harley's movie first and foremost, and the amount of screentime each main character gets can be pretty distinctly ranked. It's best to go in just expecting "a story" where each character is as important as they need to be, rather than assuming it's gonna be a proper ensemble cast movie. For the record, I don't really consider myself a DC comics fan much and didn't watch Suicide Squad. So no attachment to that movie is necessary to enjoy. Hell it's probably better since you can pretend the Joker Harley is referring to is one of the good ones and not the cringy one from SS.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know we don't like the game, but going out of your way to say "that one time Eggman took over the world never happened" just seems weird.
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    skull902 Videos Thingy

    2-16-20: Teaser 3 for the Sonic Adventure DX LP has been added to the LP playlist. 2-17-20: Teaser 4 for the Sonic Adventure DX LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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    Ah yes, the casual smart-ass remark that he double downed on and then bent over backwards to defend, piling excuse on excuse. For that is the most common behavior of any man towards having a casual remark taken out of context. *shakes head*
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    Ah, the old "I'm not weird for saying something disturbing; You're weird for making a big deal about me saying it" excuse. Always a classic.
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    I love how he claims this about Evil Sonic when Evil Sonic is literally a fucking clone using Sonic as a base, and Scourge is actually a unique character who better reflects Sonic.
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    Wow, that's a great defense of how Sonic isn't an incorruptibly purely pure character archetype. You sure showed me.
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