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    Man, seeing the SEGA logo on big screen was an experience.
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    Sonic Channel

    Amy's Sonic Channel artwork:
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    Saw the movie tonight as well. It wasn't as terrible as it could have been. But it didn't feel like a Sonic movie to me. The ending credits was probably my favorite part. 😅 I'm curious to see what they will do with a sequel because you know it is happening. I'm surprised they haven't announced it already TBH. I don't see this movie reaching 1 billion worldwide, but I could be wrong. In a way I want to be proven wrong because what a mind-blown moment that will be. 🤯 Sonic the freaking hedgehog is more successful as a movie star than in a video game.
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    My theory is that it’s partly spite towards Ian and/or Archie. Penders is an egotistical control freak and has always been so when it comes to Archie. When he tried to claim that SEGA/Ian are free to use his cast under “simple guideline”, said guidelines were incredibly restrictive and basically gave Penders total power over a massive portion of the comic, not only making Mobius 25 Years Later the canon finale to Archie Sonic. Meaning SEGA and Ian would be expected to tailor EVERY character showcased in that story to realistically reach that point, meaning Ian would be strangled held into a lot of things (relationships for starters - including breaking up Mina and Ash to somehow set up Mina/Tails and make it make sense, keep Knuckles/Julie together forever, and the same for Sonic/Sally, as well as some of the random hookups like Rotor and that one random Echidna (Kotor I think?) That’s also not mentioning wanting total creative control over his characters in Archie, meaning if any issue showcased a character made by Penders, not only does it have to go through a approval process by SEGA, but also by Penders - who could easily veto the whole thing and shut it down, forcing possible delays and rewrites. Given how many numerous times he’s created a stink over how Ian used his cast, that probably would’ve led to a total disaster. To me, a large part of all this, especially using characters like Rob’O and Scourge, characters who have little value outside of Archie Sonic due to lack of context is his desperate attempt to prove he knew all along what he was doing. That he knew better, and Ian was some hack who ruined his characters. It’s the same way he feels the need to shit on a dead man to justify his godawful movie idea (because it’s easier to justify why his movie pitch fell apart if you blame it on a dead man, despite the fact that A. It was a bad pitch, B. Penders was the one who backstabbed Hurst, who originally wanted a SATAM finale movie, C. Penders’ pitch was the most edgy dark depiction of Sonic before a Shadow’s game came around, in an era where X was about, and D. Penders probably wanted full creative control.) One of Penders’ biggest problem is that his unadulterated ego does not allow him to understand when something is just an awful idea. That’s why he eventually left Archie. For the longest time, he was allowed to do whatever the fuck he pleased for a decade, because SEGA didn’t care enough to step in, since Archie Sonic was a drop in the bucket compared to the multi media empire Sonic had in the 90s, and the editor he had at Archie did not give enough of a shit to stop his worst ideas, and it was eaten up because of how massive Sonic was at the time, and it was the only consistent source of Sonic material between games. When times changed, SEGA began caring more about a consistent universe and brand, Sonic material was now more consistent with X running, and Archie Editorial got a shake up, and this time, Penders got lumbered with a editor who did care about his job, and the quality of stories, and when he did start shutting down idiotic ideas, or telling Penders what to add and improve, Penders had a massive hissy fit over the whole thing and left, because he couldn’t take people telling him what he can and can’t do. TL-SC is a independent story where Penders has full control over it, and no editor or deadline to reign him in, and it painfully shows with the number of delays, troubled development, and absolutely bafflingly terrible writing and ideas present. Penders will fling this, that or the other in with no concern for if it works, or if it makes sense, just because he can for the sake of it, and then he posts about it by making it sound like it’s some deep meaningful connection, when you’ve been writing one fucking book for near a decade now, and you’re still only “just realising, or just discovering how Lara-Su’s feet and toenails” are somehow deep meaningful character and world building, then that’s a sign of how fucked this all is. Like, I like Ian’s version of Scourge. I can’t stand Evil Sonic by Penders, but Scourge by Ian is one of my favourite villains. But out of context, Scourge does. Not. Work. Scourge’s whole deal is being the opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog, and having a chip on his shoulder because of it. Where he had a shitty life in comparison to Sonic’s, which allowed Sonic’s heroic and kind traits to be twisted and corrupted, while his negative traits like his ego, and his over confidence are amplified. Scourge’s motivations are not just “being a dick”, or “pure chaos”. Scourge’s motivations are simple, and concise - to prove that he is not just some lowly clone of the original Sonic. A failure Sonic at that. Scourge changes his look, name, and appearance, and forcefully takes over his own world, and forces EVERYONE to do the exact same thing, because he wants to prove that he not only is his own person, and made his own decisions, but that unlike all the heroic Sonics in the universe, he isn’t a failure to broke easily and turned evil. He picks Fiona as his girlfriend because Fiona chose to be bad, and chose to be with Scourge, which Scourge finds attractive because unlike everyone else he knew who had to be sidelined into their sides of good and evil due to being a flip side of Mobius Prime. Scourge wants to believe that is the same for him, that he made his own choices, and that his turn to evil was legitimate, instead of just being a byproduct of Sonic Prime being a hero, and having his life not be completely awful growing up. Ian’s Scourge works because he’s trying to prove something to himself, as much as he is to others, which is why he also feels the need to justify it to Sonic by claiming all it would take is “one bad day” to make Sonic like Scourge. Because Scourge needs to feel like anyone else could become like him if he isn’t going to be a failure of a Sonic. But if you get rid of all of that, if you get rid of Sonic altogether, what do you have? Nothing, at all. Scourge can’t work because you’ve ripped away what defined him, his motivations, and his personality, while Evil Sonic pre-Scourge also can’t work because Evil Sonic is such a terrible character who derives so much from Sonic himself that removing Sonic from the equation destroys what little character Penders!Evil Sonic had. Its the exact same for Rob’O, he’s just a Robin Hood knockoff who also happens to derive large chunks of unique character from SEGA, due to being related to Amy. Remove whatever few elements of legitimate uniqueness he had, and he literally just becomes a rip off of Robin Hood, more so than he already was. But Penders doesn’t stop to think if they’re a good idea for the comic, or story, he just uses them in a vain attempt to prove that he can do them better, even when it’s clear from past writing of their characters that he can’t. That’s not even touching the legal issues of Penders!Evil Sonic literally just being a Sonic clone.
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    So, the Sonic movie. Not bad. Not too bad! There were a few moments that made me roll my eyes, but for a movie that had a premise i was iffy on, it was a pleasant surprise. Very fun.
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    I'm glad no new amiibo were announced at the Direct. I can relax and save money for once. I mean, what other figures would be announced, am I right? YOU MOTHERFUCKERS
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    Animal Crossing New Horizons looks AMAZING holy shit I can’t wait take my money Nintendo!
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    What people said above. Personally I played what I found cheap/convenient , watched on YouTube rest in more-less chronological order. And when something popped out on Steam later, I waited for price drop and then gave a shoot. CLASSIC: 1,2, CD, 3&K are something every Sonic fan probably should try once, But everything else? Well, just if you're curious. Most of them are cheap, short and easy to get hold of. Spinball or Sonic R aren't great games, but interesting experience. ADVENTURE: SA1. SA2, HEROES you will probably like Shadow and 06 only if feel the need. If you play with lowest expectations, your opinion can only improve Spin-0ff. Riders 1 was a good game, but only if you take time to learn how to play it. Start will be rough, sequels were mediocre or bad Advance 1-3 are cute distractions, good, but not "classic" good. Rush 1-2 as well, but they have more style and lore. In comparison Rivals games are time killer. Nothing technically bad, but nothing really good. Just time killer. Sonic Chronicles is average. There are so many better RPGs, but maybe novelty of Sonic RPG is enough for you. Sonic Battle actually has one of best Sonic stories and is visually impressive for GBA. Gameplay lacks challenge and gets boring fast, but I still recommend experiencing it "properly" if possible. Side note, on 2nd play-through there are extra messages from Gerald's journal. Worth seeing. MODERN Unleashed, Colors, Generations, Mania are good games, but don't except great plot. In fact, most of those games have weak comedy or non existent stories. Forces, Lost World, 4 if you're okay with "average" gameplay. I think Forces is worth checking for Avatar, if bought cheap. Rise of Lyric.... if you must. Whole Boom franchise is just just kinda there. Secret Ring/ Black Knight are definitely interesting enough to look (with decent stories), but their gameplay has bad reviews, so your choice. Maybe looking it up on Youtube will be enough? All star/ Team Racing are decent racing games, especially if you like the playable characters Olympic games, if the premise sounds appealing to you. London 2012 is often considered best from the series.
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    Yeah, I expect it to do at least $500,000,000 and SLIGHTLY exceed what Detective Pikachu did overall and get a sequel unlike the former. Paramount is doubtless going to make a sequel considering I think they realized they've got something good on their hands. I want to see more echidnas. lol
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Not really. The Sonic games before Forces have been careful to not have him do anything that would mean him not being in prison or dead breaks the wall of disbelief too hard. Even in something like SatAM he's not shown racking up a notable bodycount. Hence introducing villains like Chaos or Black Doom who can be killed or otherwise get a final ending that removes them as a threat. This goes differently in comics but they either have Eggman in a position of power and influence where Sonic can't touch him or lock him up, or even kill him. The missile he launched just comically crashed with no big boom. Even made the splatting sound. The point is that Sega of Japan/Team Naka's Eggman is a Japanese Saturday Morning Cartoon villain ala Team Rocket. Even something like blowing up Prison Island can be waved off as G.U.N. being shown as corrupt so Eggman doesn't become irredeemable by doing so. Trying to reconcile this with how the Big Egg's been established to be in Western interpretations falls apart since there's the obvious problem of how he hasn't been killed or imprisoned yet and how this current arc will end without him getting either.
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    So slight spoiler for the film but random thought.
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    Evening SSMB, No time to really chat and hang around, but thought I'd share my latest piece of art here It is more of a painting-like piece as inspired by some of the work I commissioned. I'll stick to commissioning painting styles in the future though but hope everyone enjoys this piece in the mean time 😊 EDIT; And of course you can find it over on my art thread as well
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    And now Ken is pushing claims about Ian that were completely made up. Because immediately believing and pushing forward lies about the current lead writer does wonders to bolster your claim that you hold no ill will toward the current staff. (For context, someone asked Ian last year if IDW would be using the movie to push for higher sales, and Ian replied saying there was no movie cross-promotion. Apparently someone decided this means Ian refused to do a tie-in story even though that's clearly not what he said.)
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    To put it mildly. Many, many people have observed he'd be a lot better off and probably get more done if he stayed off the internet given that sooner or later he always says or does something that makes him look like a creep. ESPECIALLY when criticism is involved- the guy really doesn't want to hear anything except endless praise heaped upon him despite the demonstrably low quality of his work. And boy, that just sums it up beautifully. This whole thing, for all that he hypes it, really is just a vanity project in the worst of ways.
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    But he also doesn't seem to factor in that his involvement in Archie needing reboot is very much out there. I don't think he's capable of seeing beyond himself either. If the guy conducted himself better I'm sure at least a few people might if this book ever comes out give it a skim through in a bookstore or something instead of just picking it up to laugh at it. Sometimes I do feel pity for the guy, but he sure doesn't make it easy. Just being a little self aware and empathetic can go a long way. Listening to just a little bit of criticism could change some people's opinions of him, kinda like a certain movie recently did. But there's no denying the fact that first and foremost the Lara-Su Chronicles is by Ken Penders and for Ken Penders.
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    Well, I'm also dealing with information from the last time I translated something for him... two years ago (!) But he keeps telling the main changing points are in Sonic #50, 125 and 144. I also wonder... who is really interested in reading the continuation of a story from 10+ years ago, that got modified/erased more than once and even ceased publication, with a different art style and focus, featuring ersatz of licenced characters ? Why not something new, not attached to this past publication ? Plus, at his rhythm, he'll never finish the whole 7 or so books.
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    Best Spin-Off Game

    I think topic is pretty self explanatory. I recently watched video that claimed that Sonic Riders is amazing game if you invest enough time to learn all the mechanics. And that got me wondering about all the spin off games Sonic made and which of them are actually good. Now "spin-off" has some grey area, like "Rise of Lyric" or "Black Knight". So to simplify thing I suggest that for sake of this topic Sonic Spin-Off == every game WITHOUT platforming So yes, even Advance games are out. My take? Logic and gameplay-wise I think All Star Racing was as good as it gets (but I didn't play any Riders games). It's solid game in every area, even if it doesn't breaks any molds. For some reason "Transformed" didn't grabbed me half as much. But my heart will always love Sonic Battle. The sprites, gizoid customisation, all the playable characters, the great story. Everything about this game was so perfect... except for that whole "game play" thing. Spam super move to win, if doesn't work, spam the second super move. That's it. As for other games, Spinball has a lot of personality for such simple game, Sonic R is really fun in this sorta "ironic" way. I never played Sonic Fighters, but it l always wanted, it looks real fun. If I had to talk about smaller platformers, I think I liked Sonic 2 (8 bit) the most, even if some difficult moment were absolutely unfair. It had much more memorable level design, comparing to other Game Gear/ Advance/ Rivals or even Rush games.
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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In addition to consequences when they fail, which can lead to things like the loss of loved ones to a plague. And that just isn’t true. Being an un-real series doesn’t mean they deliberately avoid it. That’s entirely based on whether they’re willing to go through with the act or not and explore the tragic outcomes—the entire reason why conflict (and thus the overall story) exists in the first place. We’ve seen this in the Lion King (twice), and that’s an un-real series. So again, that’s not an excuse.
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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No, the implications don’t lead to where they could because the whole point stopping it before it does and with consequences on the rare instances they do, not because of what series this is—we just had a movie of this series literally a few days ago where something like that happens to said character’s mother figure before their eyes and it winds up heavily implied she’s not alive. That is no longer an excuse. We’re not saying it should go the realms of, for instance, Tom Clancy’s tone in terms of killing people—you’ve known this for years and we need to stop acting like that’s the series we’re wanting to revel in (much less one with a comic that’s undergoing zombie apocalypse that is anything but bright and sunshine).
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Implications are one thing, but they never actually lead where they could, because this isn't the kind of series where the villain is going to shoot a 12 year old in the head. Eggman's a bad guy, he does bad things that, in the real world, would lead to people being killed, but he gets stopped before that happens, because this is a series about colorful superpowered funny animals, not a gritty drama.
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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That’s not even overthinking. Regardless of if we’re shown bodies or not. He doesn’t have to show someone dead for us to know what holding people at gunpoint or a moon-shattering laser can imply.
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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    How are we not suppose to think about the stuff he’s done when he does it onscreen? That’s stretching a little too far. Him blowing up the moon was portrayed just as serious as him holding a gun to Amy’s head in the same game—they both showed he has a means of taking innocent lives if his demands are not, and all he really needs is a reason. It’s all about either stopping him or at the very least not giving him a reason to carry his threats out.
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    Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It's the only way to live a life without regrets.
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    It has been a year since I last logged in. In case anyone is wondering, I'm doing good.
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    New Horizons looks great, but I had put so much time into New Leaf already that I was totally burned out by Animal Crossing in general by the end of my session. I’ll still be buying it, but it might be at a later point in time.
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    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Just checked again. It's now available on the store.
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    I don't know when or why this happened but their appears to have been a rise in people who can't accept their own failures and devolve into blaming others. Most of them are also in the entertainment industry somehow. It's the most pathetic thing ever when you consider the people that work super hard to create something amazing, meanwhile these people make crap and curse at everybody else when it fails.
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    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    It will be released on the UK eshop later today. Probably around 6-8pm.
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    Pfft, no interest in that Olympic game. There's nothing that game can do to- HOLY SHIT THAT Sonic adventure Dr. EGGMAN THEME REMIX IN THE TRAILER. Damnit game, don't start charming me now.
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    There’s no way this movie grosses 1 BILLION at the box office. No other video game movie adaptation has done that before, with Warcraft currently being the highest grossing worldwide closely followed by Detective Pikachu. It’s still going to do well, especially considering its fairly low budget (which the former two did not have!) and the lack of movie merchandise which probably saved them pennies, but not THAT well lol I think that’s the point though since this is Sonic’s origin story. This is before he meets Tails, Knuckles etc. so he’s still like a young hyperactive teenager with no friends, and naturally because he has no friends he’s lonely and sad. Hey, at least he’s not crying like in the Archie comics..! This also makes him way more animated and personality driven than the games, especially the recent ones. Sonic is such a bore in Sonic Forces!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The full extent of Eggman's actions are never fully explored in the games to maintain the lighthearted atmosphere. Even his "serious" portrayals like SA2 never steer that far, and he's comically hammy and over the top. It's only in the West when he gets portrayed as a genocidal dictator, and he's treated as a far bigger threat.
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    Personally I think it looks very nice. I like the soft, pretty look it has.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Man, I love MegaMix's art.
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    What order should I play the games in?

    Any order you like really, but i would recomend playing them on release order. There is a canon story but most games work well has standalone stories even if they make some references to past games. I think you should skip some of the classics games (the ones that arent 1, 2, 3k and cd), because they arent that good and are a little bit hard to get nowadays, i would also skip some of the spin offs. The comics are completely optional since they have their own storyline and don't follow the games (there are some comics tied to the games like the sonic forces prequel comic and the lost world prequel comic, but you can undertand the games well without them) Some of the classic games are a bit hard to get nowadays as mentioned before, as well as more modern but obscure games like pocket adventure and sonic shuffle.
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    Just saw the movie. It was fine. I didn't thought Jim Carrey stole the show like most people, I actually thought he was pretty annoying for the most part. James Marsden was funnier IMHO. Jim/Eggman last scene was perfect tho'. Sonic was animated brilliantly, very expressive, bad ass and cute. Amazing job about the once worst part of the movie. His personality on the other hand... A little too much. I liked it, but there were times were it was too much. Jesus Christ, breathe goddamn it. There was one scene tho', right before the last chase sequence, were Sonic says: "Oh right, Eggman. You wanna go fast? Let's go fast". That line sounded really good in Ben's voice, it felt serious. It was an okay distraction overhall, but this movie in particular could've used more shameless fan service. Everything was very subtle. I don't know if it was worth the trouble of watching in the theater late at night when I have to work early in the morning, but I'll be damned, seeing the freaking SEGA logo with all of their games inside in the big screen was priceless. Major goosebumps. That shit was epic, so was the music during this intro. The sequel will probably shake things up more.
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    Given that Penders willfully lied about Flynn stealing ideas from him as well as his constant attempts to paper over some of the stuff he said about Bollers, to say that I am un-surprised would be something of an understatement. Expecting anything else of this deeply pathetic individual is folly by this point.
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    inb4 tomorrows announcement is an announcement that there will be an announcement at an upcoming event somewhere.
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    There's 0 need to go on the offensive and be rude like this. Actually make counterpoints without the name calling or take a break. Consider this your one and only warning.
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    I think people’s thoughts about this are still colored by the old design. Because of the constant escalation of bad press it got from the silhouette poster right through the first trailer, everyone expected this to be more than the sort of generic children’s movie that has likely been described hundreds of times here; they expected it to lack the one saving grace such movies sometimes have due to being not endearing to children but scary. That post-redesign it swung to being better than the genre standard gives some idea of just how thin the line is between a a safe movie and a risky one. Especially when nothing is exceptional about it and a little push in either direction can swing it far.
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    This movie is definitely a film. There's definitely an arc, and there's a resolve. There's a lead character, supporting characters, and your background characters. There is a plot. It completes. It follows many of the constructs of a common cgi/live action hybrid film starring B/C-list celebrity actor and cartoon animal as they go do a shenanigan, except this time there's action in it. There's even advertisements in it! Remember, when you're looking for housing, try using Zillow, but first try Olive Garden's endless pasta bowl. The movie stars James Marsden as Thomas Wachowski, the cop. Sonic the Hedgehog is played by Ben Schwartz. Jim Carrey plays as Dr. Eggman. It is definitely a film for kids to love, for boomers / gen-Xers to go "ah I remember my Genesis" to, and for the gaming faithful to salute to as if video game movies are saved. And Sonic fans, having not seen very much if any content outside of their walls, will see it as a success on their part. Bonus points for the people claiming it as "the best version of Sonic ever" who know exactly what they're saying and what it entails. The thing is, it seems that to make a Sonic movie you don't need to establish anything about Sonic properly. You can make a Sonic movie that apparently does it justice just by having a maybe-one-sentence-long-or-less understanding of what the series, it's characters or it's world, is. Anything else you (or the audience you're selling this to) doesn't know can just be made up for this particular instance; and it especially works since Sonic fans are so used to wildly different continuities and zero consistency that this is considered fine; a good thing, even. Who cares, yeah? It's never stopped us before! Let it be remembered that film is the most influential genre, and how despite video games being the most financially viable market out there right now, film shapes entire generation's worth of cultural influence at a time; from it's interpretations of story, to character motives, to character designs. Entire status quo of franchises shift in the wake of what a film does for it's IP, with numbers increasing in profits and views for films to such heights as they do, entire franchises drastically change under the zeitgeist of what they introduce. And so a series that has consistently fallen in the eyes of the general public gets a milquetoast movie, only to get toted highly for passing the bar of basic competence into an ass-smashing $100M weekend. Hm! Interesting. And yet nothing conceptually about what was once seen as a bad idea changed besides a character design. Do I think Sonic will fall into this? Idk, maybe! It's not out of the question considering Sega's kinda adamance to see something successful and then violently grip onto it with it's (right-the-bumfuck-out-of-nowhere-tragic-bird-mom) talons for the next better end of a decade. I mean, they could always not, but it's best to not give them the benefit of the doubt on these things. Or maybe you can? Then again, I'm sure many are happy with this, if what I can tell from my scan over it all. So what did I think of the film, you're probably not wondering at this point, yeah? Yeah, I'm sure you get it. Happy ya'll are able to enjoy it. Jim's pretty fun in his role, Tyson did good with what he had, and Ben's got a good voice for the hog.
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    This movie kind of makes me want to see the official Sonic design change to the separate eyes.
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    Okay, time out dude. This movie, from the very moment it was rumored, confirmed, and previewed, was anything but safe. It's very premise was risky—it’s a live action Sonic movie, basically outdoing Sonic 06 in realism. And given that comparison, it should have failed by that measure alone even with the redesign. The thought of a live action film of a series that had been struggling sounds like suicide for Sonic, yet against all odds and expectations, it succeeded. People aren’t onboard with an okay film. They’re onboard with a film that defied expecitations and became a hit despite everything in this franchise’s history telling people, and the fans especially, that this shouldn’t work. And more to that, they’re onboard with something out of this franchise actually doing well given its up and down history with success and failure. I’m not a fan of the direction this movie took, but I can appreciate that this movie shows that opinions and expectations aren’t set in stone, that it shows a high risk move that pulled off a decent reward, and that in spite of everything this franchise has been through better or worse that people still love Sonic even after years of being the butt of jokes. That’s not sometimes to take for granted.
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    Heads up, Motobug will be streaming the Sonic announcement thing that's happening on the 20th of February!
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    I couldn’t help but notice a bit of a logic fart in one scene:
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    Agreed a Dodonpa based level could have helped immensly with characterization. The three "characters" are the Time Eater, the Phantom Ruby (Or Infinite by proxy) and Dodonpa. Yeah I know the Phantom Ruby is an object, not a "Character" but considering the creative decisions this object makes, I tend to look at it like it has a bit of a mind.
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    If you mean Sticks, I’m not sure that’s accurate. In fact, I believe I remember reading/hearing that she was mostly designed by Sonic Team, in other words Japanese people. She died with Sonic Boom, but SEGA wasn’t looking to kill Sonic Boom; they had sincerely hoped that it would bring in new fans and one of the reasons RoL was so broken is that it started as a separate project before SEGA ordered a retool to make it a plug for that series. If anyone is to blame for the demise of Sonic Boom and hence Sticks, it’s the American-run Cartoon Network. Also Blaze isn’t really stereotypical either, she remains the only female character who has (what I would consider) a super form, and she keeps coming back. I’m not saying everything is all hunky-dory in Japan, but in this case everything blamed on sexism might just as easily be blamed on them not caring much about writing good characters in general. As for LGBTQ representation, that seems to be dialing down after a few high-profile backlashes, demands for censorship and sometimes outright cancellations in many foreign markets, so I wouldn’t expect it right now. Especially since romantic relationships aren’t really a thing in this series; making one exception for the sake of activism when it would irritate at least as many people (at least globally) as it pleases seems unlikely.
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