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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Your posts having Amy in them isn鈥檛 the problem. You pointlessly repeating yourself every month is the problem.
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    The two students who were stabbed yesterday will be okay. ACT testing has been delayed from today to next month.
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    That is a horrible comparison. Of course Luke should be portrayed in a manner consistent with his original appearance in a DIRECT SEQUEL. Trying to compare a movie with a tangible timeline playing fast and loose with its characters has no barrings to the Sonic movie which is its own universe - not connected to anything else. The Sonic movie is obviously not a sequel to anything, and isn't trying to insert itself into established lore. Its literally making its own. You can't mix and match arguments like that just to try and prove a point.
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    The "real" one is obviously the source where each iteration spawns from. And to avoid complaining about something just because it's different, you either focus on the portrayal which can't really find its footing or you just don't like a specific portrayal even if it's the most similar to the source.
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    If we have Uekawa do the humans, then I have a better idea. Make every NPC Hatsune Miku. Here comes the money.
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    So now I can't help but imagine Geoffrey was Penders way of keeping his interest in writing the Sally mini series given his seemingly bigger role over hers. I feel like I learned a lot from all this, I remember it's been said here or somewhere that Penders wrote for Knuckles because he was such a blank slate and I even think he even said he tried to apply his Knuckles ideas to Sonic first and it was accepted when he applied it to Knuckles. So it makes sense why he'd choose to be the Knuckles head writer over Sonic. It really all seems to come back to his creative freedom, which is probably why he didn't bother to read stories written by other writers and clashed with Bollers.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You don't need to write long posts, per say, but do challenge yourself to include sentences that support your stance. You'd naturally get closer to paragraph length and have a more convincing argument. Things like pointing out specific instances in the comic that support your stance, and include things like how you expect Amy to act.
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    Goku needs multiple forms to keep up with his opponents, while Sonic can get shit done himself and only needs Super Sonic if the going gets tough. Therefore, Sonic > Goku.
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    There are several versions of Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Superman that all exist at the same time right now. Why can't Sonic have multiple versions as well?
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    *are It's hard not to see Sonic's selection of color palattes in the Smash bros series as emblematic of it's relationship with the franchise overall. There are rumblings that Sonic isn't allowed to be portrayed as a different color than blue, so the team went with variants with emphasis on accessories to tell the difference. This is as good of a solution as you can ask for but I feel like this is an example of Sega's mandates harming the gameplay. It got a little confusing when there were four Sonics around. Most other characters in Smash have bold, distinct color pallets for alternate costumes. In Super Smash Bros Brawl's sequel, Smash 4, they loosened up on this. The alts are more distinct with a few of them having different primary colors for Sonic entirely. There's still more blue than I'd like but there's a little more variety here. The "Crystal Ring" alt and the purple alt that I like to read as a NiGHTS reference were my favorites. Ultimate reuses a lot of content from Smash 4 so the skins are ultimately the same. Still though I can't help but wonder how much Sega's influence hangs over his depiction in this series and how much of it is the creative team's own decisions. I'm sure both Sonic themed stages wouldn't have basically been the same without outside influence but I wonder if it was Sega or Sakurai pushing for Windy Hill in the game. Smash Bros usually goes to the latest game nowadays for stages so they can reuse the high quality assets without having to make new ones, so that's the most likely answer, but advertising the latest game works out pretty conveniently well for Sega too. Either way the lack of variety is disappointing as a fan of the franchise's various locales. And then there's the obvious topic of music selection. The Smash franchise is basically a dream for any VGM enthusiast as great composers from all across the industry come together to provide spins on eachother's work, but Sonic, one of the most acclaimed VGM collections around, is left out of this fun for reasons nobody is quite able to parse. Sakurai has hinted in the past that any lacking musical selection is usually down to the IP holder's restrictions. Most people have made the obvious connection with Final Fantasy's lack of music but Sonic fans have been wondering about our team as well. Sakurai went as far as to contact Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani to do remixes for the latest game, so he's aware of their popularity as composers, but Sonic still remains largely untouched by anyone. It's a strange and sad situation, especially since Nintendo basically let Sega's sound team have access to the entire Mario library for the Olympic games to excellent results. Now and again the idea of another Sonic character in Smash gets floated around. I don't expect this to ever realistically happen but it's fun to think about. Knuckles and Shadow would be my go-tos as a fan even if they're a little basic. One of my biggest beefs when it comes to actually playing as Sonic is his lack of kill power and one of the "sonic but stronger" archetypes would help with that while retaining some of his fun movement. I'd prefer Shadow for personal reasons though. Eggman would offer a lot more variety than anyone else as he has shown he's basically capable of creating anything in the games. Deeper cuts like Amy or Blaze that I'd really like are basically guaranteed not to happen but it's fun to think about mechanics like Amy's hammer jump and Blaze being able to overload her boost meter in that context. Overall though I'm glad Sonic himself is in the game at all even if his content isn't my favorite to mess around with. You could nitpick Smash as a piece of fanservice in a lot of ways but it's important to stop and appreciate the insane amount of work that went into what we have just the same. Sonic's reveal is still one of my favorite game trailers and while there obviously wasn't enough time to give him a more substantial role in the story mode having him save the day at the end serves as a nice apology. Sonic's animations were a little rough in his debut but they've spent the past two game tightening up his design and animations to the point where it's one of my favorite versions of the character to look at. There are a lot of callbacks in the way Sonic animates without completely regressing the character to his sprite like they did with Megaman. It's a good mix of old and new that keeps fans of all stripes happy. He's just bouncy and expressive with lots of little subtle animation tricks and tweaks the modern Sonic games don't do. THere's also little references hidden all over his moveset from obvious things like the hands on the hip pose/idle animation being a send up to the classic titles and attacks being inspired by the Sonic fighting games. You can tell that the animation team has a lot of enthusiasm for the character. It also can't be understated how much his moveset has been tightened up game after game. Sonic having two spindashes has always been a point of contention but I feel like it's gotten to the point where it works well enough that I wouldn't change it all that much. Both side B and down B are distinct and it overall keeps that simplicity that's at the core of the character's movement. Other tweaks like Homing Attack's wind up time being shaved off make him a much snappier, more aggressive character than when he debuted. It's a shame Ultimate dropped the trophy collection aspect because I had a lot of fun collecting them. It was nice to have a more tangible piece of my favorite characters in the game in some small way. What do you think of Sonic's representation in Smash? What kind of additions would you make in your wildest dreams?
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Been a bit since I posted here, though not too long in the grand scheme of things. This spectacular mess of activity though is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. It's one of my largest pictures in scope that I've ever done and to motivate myself to see it through I chronicled the whole process on tumblr. There is obviously a fair bit about that I'm not fully satisfied with, but all in all I like how it turned out so please enjoy everyone 馃槉
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    Here are some upcoming adaptations of video games I am looking forward. I loved the Sonic movie and who knows it could usher in a golden age of video game movies. Here are the ones I am looking forward to: Uncharted This is the one I am most concerned about, haven鈥檛 played the games but this could be fun. Tom Holland my fave Spidey had good things about the script but I am mostly concerned that they don鈥檛 officially have a director yet and they will be filming soon. Not a good sign but it could turn out well. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion鈥檚 Revenge this DTV animated movie looks promising enough and should be fun. My biggest gripe so far is why on Earth Scorpion is in the title despite the fact that nothing I have heard suggests he will be the focus. Metal Gear Solid This is the one whose quality I have the most faith in. I liked Kong Skull Island and Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a cool dude with Kojima鈥檚 blessing. The man was willing to be brutal about his movie鈥檚 flaws when he teamed up with the Honest Trailer crew. Not a big Metal Gear fan but I am sure this will be a fun blockbuster and probably the one thing Konami related to look forward to besides more seasons of Castlevania. The Cuphead Show I love Cuphead鈥檚 story and it鈥檚 look and character even if I am terrible at the game. Only leave I can complete is the tutorial. The brothers who made this game and painstakingly drew every frame deserve all the praise they have gotten. I am looking forward to this Netflix cartoon and being able to enjoy this game鈥檚 world without being subjected to brutally hard gameplay. Probably the one I am most excited for. Super Mario Bros Mario movie based by Illumination whose Minions movie is the most successful non Disney Animated movie (that is not a joke) and I am curious to see what this will turn out. Shigeru Miyamoto is involved that is promising. I am actually a fan of the live action Mario movie and I will not apologise for that. This is probably the one on the list I am least excited for.
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    Bob Iger stepped down as Disney CEO

    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/25/business/media/bob-iger-disney-ceo.html#click=https://t.co/iTzoYstOXa Not joking. Bob Iger has officially stepped down randomly as the CEO of Disney. In his place, Bob Chapek will open a new chapter for the company. Under Iger, Disney has: -Purchased Pixar for $7.4 billion (2006) -Purchased Marvel for $4 billion (2009) -Purchased Lucasfilm fir $4 billion (2012) -Opened Shanghai Disneyland (2016) -Launched ESPN+ (2018) -Purchased FOX assets for $71 billion (2018) -Launched Disney+ (2019) We can only wonder what Disney will become under Chapek's thumb as the new CEO.
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    I'm most partial to Unleashed's NPC human designs, but can get along with SA1 or Sonic X's just fine, too. My biggest stipulation is that Eggman has to not look like a different species of hominid when standing next to another human. It needs to be somewhat consistent with that at least.
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    Kinda makes you wonder why he wanted to work in mainstream comics at all, doesn't it?
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    Man this sounds really great! Definitely wasn't expecting to hear a ska version of Sandopolis during my lifetime (and I started listening to it before I finished reading your post, which made it even more surprising!), but it's such a good combo.
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    Here's another experiment worth considering: is it possible to design humans that look along similar but not too close lines as Eggman and Dr. Nega?
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    So after I mentioned the interview with co-writer Josh Miller where he said he wants Jaleel White in the sequel to White, he responded to my comment. He's down for appearing it seems: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/video_games/sonic_the_hedgehog/jaleel-white-seems-to-be-down-with-appearing-in-a-sonic-sequel-a173391
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    You're complaining about something that's been a trend for literally before you were born dude. Multiple franchises have had multiple versions across multiple mediums, and they're all valid. Golden Age Superman is not the same as Silver Age Superman, who is different from New 52 Superman. Fans complain which is the "true" version, but all that translates to is preferring the version that you specifically like. Dreamcast Sonic is just as much the "true" Sonic to you as Movie!Sonic is to anyone else, and guess what, both are valid.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    The way Sonic curls into a ball is the best part of the entire movie.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can you please stop telling me how tired you are about my post having Amy in them.
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    Even dubbed, this is probably one of the coolest scenes in the whole Pokemon anime.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The bunny has had all she can take, and she can't takes no more.
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    I mean, think about how much the existence of SatAM has affected the series and the fanbase, though. SatAM brought in a fanbase that far outlasted the cartoon itself, it had a huge influence on Archie Sonic which accumulated its own fans, the two series had an (admittedly minor) impact on the games via Spinball and Chronicles, and a lot of the creative team from late Archie Sonic is now on IDW Sonic. There are still arguments about putting the Freedom Fighters in the games, decades after the cartoon they were created for was cancelled. The movie could end up being as formative for a lot of new/young fans as SatAM was in its day, especially if it ends up getting the sequels everyone is suddenly expecting. There's no telling what kind of fan desires are going to crop up because of it or what Sega/Sonic Team might do to try to harness that part of the fanbase.
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    Back from school! Hi!

    Back from school! Hi!
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    Finger slipped and accidentally signed adoption papers for this one
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's possible they may change over time. Negative reaction to Amy's personality resulted in Free Riders and Generations led to her behaving differently in Lost World and Forces. It's conceivable that negative reaction to Shadow or other characters may also result in a course correction. Or not, hard to tell.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It was extremely common for people around that time to spread misinformation based on memes and misconceptions. Shadow being "the Vegeta to Sonic's Goku" is a phrase people took literally, and most parodies around that time portrayed him as exactly that; short-tempered, ego driven, and reckless and always trying to outdo Sonic. The franchise wasn't exactly popular back then, so it was common for people to label characters as disparagingly as possible because that was the cool thing to do. The actual truth of the matter is that Shadow has very superficial traits with Vegeta; outside of being the hero's rival (even though Vegeta isn't even that anymore...) and being kind of ego-driven, their characters really have nothing in common at all. You only have to look at their debuts respectively; Vegeta's debut is him literally wanting to conquer the planet for his own ends, absolutely prides himself as the pinnacle of his race and looks down upon the lower class goku and is indignant when the latter proves to be capable of keeping up with him, and kills his subordinate for failing to win. And I know the next arc recontextualizes this a bit, but at the time that was not the case and Vegeta was just a self-serving asshole. Shadow's debut, he wants to destroy the planet but only as a means of revenge for what happened to his surrogate sister figure. While he does have a lot of pride in his status as the Ultimate Lifeform, when Sonic proves himself by using Chaos Control with a fake emerald, Shadow acknowledges him as an equal and even expressed sadness when he looked like he died. And when Rouge was in trouble on Prison Island, he opted to rescue her when he could have easily just took the emeralds and left her to die. From the outset, Vegeta is WAY less sympathetic than Shadow in his debut. Even their personalities (as mangled as they would end up being sadly) are nothing alike; Vegeta is short-tempered, driven entirely by pride, violent, and hates being inferior to Goku. Shadow is calm and collected, motivated by someone's dying wish, only fights people who are in his way, and has large respect for Sonic even if he doesn't necessarily like him. So it's kind of frustrating as a fan of the character, that he is so grossly misinterpreted as just a shameless Vegeta ripoff and now it's bleeding into official products; I'm not going to argue that Shadow was the most compelling character around or even the most nuanced, it's very easy to accuse his entire background as overly melodramatic for this series. But he still had his own distinct character and background that set him apart from the rest of the cast, so it's extremely disappointing to see all of that just ignored in favor of a version of a character that simply isn't as interesting because they don't care enough. I'm all for Shadow having more flaws as a character, but turning him into something that he is not wasn't the way to go about it in my honest opinion.
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    I mean, Joker has been played by many actors, exactly like Sonic, but it's obvious if you ask many people that the one that'll usually jump out as the definitive version you always imagine is going to be Mark Hamill/BTAS Joker, or possibly Heath Ledger, if you're talking live action. Same for Batman, while live-action would be more divisive, the majority of people with a connection to the series will likely tell you Kevin Conroy/BTAS Batman. There's no particular reason to cut it down to only theatrical roles. Even though MOTP only had a limited run, and The LEGO Batman Movie had a much wider release, it doesn't really change the fact that Kevin and Mark are considered the iconic pair for the duo. Even DC acknowledges this - not only are they the two that voices Batman and Joker in a massive amount of projects, but anytime that they make a iconic story as a movie, the duo they immediately go after to voice it will usually be Kevin and Mark. That was the case for The Killing Joke, which as known for awhile - was Mark Hamill's dream project in terms of voicing Joker, enough that it drew him out of retirement following Arkham City. On top of that, if you took into account everything, Joker has had many different voice actors - John DiMaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker, Troy Baker, etc. Limiting Joker down to his only theatrical appearances makes no sense whatsoever when the point of the conversation is replacing Sonic's game VA with his movie VA, meaning you're asking people to compare Ben to the game VAs in the past, and by extension - the TV Show VAs as well since both Jason and Roger voiced Sonic in X and Boom retrospectively, and a lot of people inherently match Jaleel White to Classic Sonic due to being the only voiced version of him for years until the OVA rolled around. That's not to say I want Ben to replace Roger, personally. I like Ben as a voice actor, and his Sonic grew on me during the movie, but he plays a really different Sonic, and Ben acknowledged that in several interviews where he wanted to tackle it as Sonic was a kid who was filled with energy and curiosity. For better or worse, that isn't really Game Sonic in personality, especially since by all terms, Game Sonic is a lot more adventurous, and world-weary. On top of that, I think it'd be a bit remiss of you didn't also look at the fact it's possible that the writing/direction in the games is partly to blame as well. We have evidence of this, because Boom had a different voice director and different writers on board, and Roger as a result was a lot more open with voice delivery, being able to jump from sad, sarcastic, happy, excited, and more, which worked more because Sonic had a more dynamic character range in Boom, where he still remained a confident snarker, but also a straight man, only sane man, schemer, and more, depending on the situation. So really, having Ben play Sonic in the games would be an absolute crapshoot if it made any improvement or not. I don't really think it should be a case of hiring "game and original voices", I still think you should just hire the best voice you can find (although I will go to bat and say professional voice actors are almost always a better choice for voicing a character than just getting a random celebrity, because they've got more experience with voice acting, and usually give a better performance as a result, which is why I liked Ben getting the role in the first place - he has a lot of VA experience), but I don't think it needs to strictly only be game actors or original actors. That seems really limiting to me, personally.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's the biggest loss here We wont get a story about him trying to open up a cat orphanage and him trying to put the mobian cats in the orphanage. Blaze wasn't a fan But in relation to the information relayed in the post Pained Internal Screaming
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So let's see. 12 months for the first arc, and then 15 months for the second. And that's not even counting delays. Hopefully we have a longer break between arcs this time around; there was only a two issue break between the first and second arcs, and those issues were setup for the following arc. I'd at least prefer if the rest of the year was dedicated smaller scaled conflicts, worldbuilding and characterization. Please for the love of god.
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    We also have previews of issue 26
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Covers: (what the fuck...?) EDIT: I鈥檓 just now realising Cubot is supposed to be behind Orbot. Honestly thought he鈥檇 shrunk for some reason lmao.
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    Yeah, I expect it to do at least $500,000,000 and SLIGHTLY exceed what Detective Pikachu did overall and get a sequel unlike the former. Paramount is doubtless going to make a sequel considering I think they realized they've got something good on their hands. I want to see more echidnas. lol
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    New storyboards.: Found this set photo of some mushrooms.: Also found this.:
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    I saw it today, first time I was able to get to a cinema so I鈥檝e been avoiding anything to do with the Sonic film to avoid spoiling the film for myself. Hard but I managed it and when I saw the film I really enjoyed it. MY husband and I were just lightly talking about how much we enjoyed it at the start of the 16-bit credits when the mid-credits stinger came on. Super happy. Enjoyed it in all its wholesome glory and I really can鈥檛 wait for the inevitable sequel. It will be quite a difficult and possibly long wait though.
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    Known actors help sell movies. Sonic's existing voice actor is not known outside of the video game/anime nerdosphere really, and Jim Carrey is extremely well known for his ability to play wacky, larger than life characters, which Eggman typically has always been. Carrey's Eggman is a very unique take on the character, but I think that was the film-maker's intent anyway to provide a new interpretation of the character and let Jim play in the space. While Ben Schwartz isn't SUPER well known (yet, I think Sonic has been a big boon for him and the guy deserves it), I do think his higher-pitched Sonic voice lends itself better to this excitable "kid" version of Sonic who is still figuring himself out than Roger's voice would have (who much better fits game Sonic who knows EXACTLY what he's about).
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    Interview with Josh Miller who is one of the writers.: Some parts of the video about the sequel and Jim Carrey.:
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    New Sonic Render.: Also an ad in a local small town in Malaysia.:
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    I've only been skimming this thread so I may have missed someone else posting it here, but someone on Twitter found another easter egg.
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    Sounds good! They played their cards right and now they gotta open up the Sonic universe
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    I doubted. I wrote this film off as doomed to failure. I expected the only enjoyment I'd get out of it to be ironic. I was wrong. Sonic the Hedgehog was a fun movie with likable characters and a good (well, good enough for the tired "fantastic character comes to Earth" premise) story. I was invested the whole time and not one part of the movie left me feeling impatient or bored. The Sonic movie was... genuinely good? Let's start with Sonic himself. I feel like in a lot of spinoff media - and even the games sometimes - Sonic is often made too smarmy for his own good. But the movie gives a nice balance of confidence and good-natured kindness to Sonic's character. In a lot of ways, this Sonic - helped by Ben Schwartz's standout performance - comes off as more childlike and impressionable; He isn't quite the seasoned adventurer and experienced hero that he is in the games, and has this naive sense of wonder and uncertainty that you don't typically see in Sonic. But he still retains enough of his classic penchant for impatience, jokes, and charisma that he still feels recognizably like Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought it was a refreshing direction to take the character. Next up is Dr. Robotnik. Jim Carrey absolutely steals the show as Eggman. He nails the character's self-absorbed arrogance, his temperamental bursts of anger, his tendency to swing from boasting to enraged and back again without skipping a beat. He may be thinner and (initially) have a lot more hair, but despite the deviations in design, this guy is every bit the Dr. Eggman I know and love. He walks a fine tightrope; intimidating enough to give the story actual stakes, but still goofy enough to make the audience roar with laughter at his antics. It's classic Jim Carrey in top form. But hey, this movie also has a few original characters. And I don't just find them tolerable; I find them outright pretty great. Yeah, Tom and Maddie are surprisingly really likable supporting characters; They've got fun personalities, their relationship is honestly really charming, and they assist Sonic without outright overshadowing him or taking the focus away from him as the main hero. In a way, I think they feel like Chris Thorndyke done right. While I think it's fair to not like the whole "Sonic comes to normal Earth" premise, I also think that - if they're going to do a plot like that - they did a great job making Sonic's human friends feel like actual characters and not just bland audience surrogates. Donut Lord, Pretzel Lady, you two are alright by me. Of course, Robotnik has his own assistant, the fantastic Agent Stone. It was great to see movie Robotnik get his own "Snively"-esque character, and I think - for his relatively small time on screen - Robotnik and Stone had some great interactions. I definitely hope he's back in the sequel - which almost certainly is happening at this point, seeing how successful the film is. And that post-credits stinger. Looks like we're getting more game characters next time, which is great to hear. The Sonic movie's good. It made a believer out of me, and I absolutely recommend seeing it!
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    Monkey Destruction Switch

    Foils for Sonic

    I feel like SatAM and Archie provide a lot of foils to Sonic. Sally - Strategic, level-headed leader as opposed to Sonic's rush-into-action approach. Antoine - More polite and proper in contrast to Sonic's brashness. Traditionally cowardly in contrast to Sonic's recklessness; after he goes through character development, reflecting on his past gives him humility, which contrasts greatly with Sonic's ego. Geoffery - Because he's an adult and "more experienced" and uses weapons I guess? ...Blah blah, not that interesting a character as conceived by Penders at least, but he seems to be designed as some sort of foil to Sonic so I'm putting him here anyway. Scourge - Do I even need to explain? ...I legit read this as Big the Cat and got so weirded out...but anyway, yeah I do agree and I think it would be fun to explore Sonic and Blaze's dynamic more. Especially considering Blaze is supposed to be a literal alternate dimension counterpart to Sonic, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Sonic Fan J

    Sonic Fan J Art Thread

    Thanks for your feedback @Monkey Destruction Switch. The idea for the puffy sleeves was originally to keep some elements of her classic design in use. I also did a lot of research to see if I could find leotards with puffy sleeves and turns out I could. naturally, knowing it was an option I went with it all the same. But I didn't ignore your feedback. I actually took it to heart along with some additional feedback and just my own thoughts and put together a bunch of different concepts. I'll give a run down in a spoiler tag, but feel free to let me know what you think. Same to everyone else please.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    ... Did they write an episodes thats just the plot of despicable me 3?
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