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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Oh boy, I sure hope that won't create a downward spiral where the next game gets less budget, fails to impress, so the next game gets even less budget, will be received worse, so the next one gets less budget. I suppose with the right talent, you can make a great game even on low budget. But then we need talent first. And good god, I'm already tired of the low budget filler games. Guess it'll just keep getting worse, huh? Hope they'll be smart and make games where having cheaper production feels natural, like Sonic Mania, rather then making another Sonic Forces type game where the low budget sticks out like a sore thumb. Blegh. Thank goodness for fangames, I'll just stick with those. The situation with the official games seems hopeless between Sonic Team's talent being gone, the series being run on desperation to find a magic formula rather then making good products and the ever decreasing budgets.
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    Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

    Is that a fan art? Because if it is, it looks like the characters are renders made by using the official models, probably without authorization too (I guess). I like how Sega congratulates with the author instead of sending their C&Ds and lawyers like some other companies do (I know it's rare with fan arts, they usually do it with fangames, but still, Sega published it on their official twitter).
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    Alright, I watched the third interview. I skipped out on the 2nd because listening to nearly an hour of Penders was bad enough, but over an hour is too much. At 25 minutes, this was a lot more digestible. So, a few things of note- -Evidently his wife was involved in the business negotiations part of things, while Penders describes himself as the 'Sonic Creative Guy'. Yeah, between his wife and Larry Houston he kind of comes off as The Weakest Link. -Regarding the design changes he made in those hideous bits of concept art that were a part of his pitch, he evidently did that in anticipation of copyright as well as potential marketing. Likewise, he mentions the goal was to do the movie in such a way that if SEGA wished it, assets made for the movie could be repurposed into use for the games. This is not the last time this particular logic will rear its head. -He relays a story about how a past studio got the license to do a Sonic movie, only to bury it so that it wouldn't compete with something else they were working on. I believe he's mentioned this elsewhere, but I'm going to re-iterate it here. -According to him, after the initial pitch he and Houston were offered a possible partnership in making the film by a pair of SEGA of Japan Executives, only for SEGA to undergo a massive shift the very next day, with those pair no longer working for the company. He describes it as a 'purge'. -Interestingly, when the first attempt by he and Houston to make a Sonic movie went Kaput, they then attempted to get a Phantasy Star movie made in the hopes of demonstrating to SEGA that they could in fact make a successful movie out of one of their properties. God only knows what THAT might have looked like. I'm a little startled to learn he even knows what a Phantasy Star IS. -He goes into a bit of detail about the plot of Armageddon itself. His stated goal was to 'go beyond SatAM' and then make subsequent movies based off the comics, and indicated he wanted to off Robotnik after the first film. I'm sensing a pattern here.... -His justification for using the comics is rather revealing of his entire mindset, especially regarding the place of the comics in the grand scheme of things. He cites how all the 'best' movies of these last several years have all been comic based and specifically cites Marvel as justification for his belief in using the comic books first and foremost as the basis for a Sonic film. So basically the same logical fallacy he spews out whenever it's pointed out that Sonic is a video game franchise and NOT a comic book series, once again hinting that he honestly seems to think the books were the most known/popular part of Sonic rather than the actual games. -Hilariously he's asked about the initial design for Sonic in the live action film vs the redesign. Penders claims he would have gone with the redesign from the beginning, but neglects to bring up that he had initially praised that damn thing. -Finally we get into Lara-Su Chronicles a bit, and here are some of the more significant reveals- firstly, his insistence on doing the comic in digital is tied into him, much like with the Sonic film, wanting to do so as a means of making it easy to repurpose those images for use in tie-in products and the like. However, the biggest reveal has come with him describing how he wanted to proceed with the App- evidently when the App is released it will contain the first chapter of the first book of LSC, and from then on new chapters would be uploaded to it as they are completed. Which sounds suspiciously like, oh, a goddamn WEBCOMIC. A crappy one that you need an APP for. Likewise, he reasons that the reason this is taking so long is because he is planning for a global release as well as trying to introduce voice acting and narration and so forth, as well as translations for multiple audience releases overseas. He claims that he HOPES to have something out by Summer, but given his track record I'm not liking the odds of that one manifesting. Words kinda fail me. After that he goes on about the Republic and tries to hype it and himself as being ahead of the curb... unfortunately the exact premise of the Republic has been done already, and done better at that, given that even with current events it still comes off as clunky and frankly cartoonish, going by the horrendous things we see on its facebook page. So yeah, that's Ken on the Movies.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Omega absolutely could've waited in that room, guarding Shadow, as Eggman presumably intended. He wouldn't have liked it, but, well, that's him making the choice whether to continue following Eggman's orders or to rebel.
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    I just got Issue 26. I liked it of course. It was very much a set-up and transitional issue, which is fine. A part of me is a bit worried about how much time we've got left in this arc. I don't know if 4 issues is going to be enough to wrap all this up in a satisfactory manner and if it isn't, I can only hope it's one of Ian's less rushed endings. It's still a problem he has seeing as how the Battle for Angel Island and the Tangle and Whisper arcs played out. Not necessarily bad endings but very quick ones. I enjoyed the conversation between Sonic and Eggman. They've both got their share of the blame, sure, but the majority of it is on Eggman. It's hard for me to perceive Sonic's initial actions as worthy of all the scrutiny when the reason it backfired was the result of something literally none of them could have reasonably been expected to predict. Even Sonic letting Metal Sonic go didn't do much but excellerate what Dr. Starline was already doing. Still, it's nice seeing Sonic struggling with handling how much of this is being pushed on him. The situation seems to be a massive time crunch. They need the emeralds so that Sonic can use them to turn Super and use the Warp Topaz to get rid of the virus but they can't do that if he turns into a Zombot. A part of me wondered if Silver would be a viable candidate but then I remembered that they probably don't actually know if he can go Super since the only time he did was in Sonic 06 and that was eradicated from time. Yeah, it just hit me. I don't think ANY of the characters, including Silver, know that Silver can go super... huh... Even then, Sonic definitely knows more about how to use the emeralds then he does either way. If they lose Sonic and they... somehow figure out that Silver is a viable candidate and they... somehow manage to get him to use the emeralds and the Warp Topaz correctly... then it might be a viable back-up plan...? Maybe? Then again, the way Starline was talking about the Warp Topaz, it was already a huge risk on its own but giving it to someone not as experienced with using the emeralds on top of that seems even more reckless and they're literally on their last legs. I love the anime battle set-ups we've gotten here. Zomom is dumb but not that dumb. It's almost a little too cartoonish to expect him to believe that Zavok asked Tails and Amy to get the emerald from him. This guy was able to correct Sonic on the number of words he used in Lost World, then smacked him over the head with a sandwich. I like that Zazz was able to tell Espio was around by sniffing the air around him. Although if Zazz wants to enjoy some bloodsports, he could just have the "fuzzypunks" fight each other and then punish the loser by throwing them to the Zombots. There, I done fixed it for ya. Hahaha~! I'm extremely interested in seeing how Zor's weird powers are going to be utilized here. Apparently his bio said something about him using dark arts that even the other Zeti don't want anything to do with. Presumably it extends beyond making dark shadow clones and energy bolts. It didn't surprise me that he could break out of Silver's psychokinesis. I've always liked Master Zik so it's nice seeing him face off against three people all at once. I'll admit to forgetting that the Rogue's boards were machines so I had a neat little reaction to seeing him using them to slam their stomachs in and ride one around. It's good stuff. Mostly just waiting for the action to get in the thick of itself though. They did see it coming. Sonic's only line about it was "It's risky" which was supposed to get the point across that he knew what he was risking by sending him after Zeena. I think what happened is that Gemerl ended up being careless because he rushed in after Cream. Still, I do think he could have emphasized it a bit more for the readers who might have missed it.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    MAYBE?!? The worst part is: we never know for sure when it comes to good old SEGA. They certainly have a reputation for screwing up good chances.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Not for long, they're not. I believe Iizuka himself said to a magazine or something that the next game already started development, but it was just a few months ago. Kinda of amazing how Sonic Unleashed, which was arguibly Sonic Team's last big Sonic game was developed in 2 and a half years. That game was meaty. I have barely to no fate in these guys, a lot of the people from Generations and Colors were gone IIRC, we thought the guys who made Forces were the infamous "B team", but apparently they were what's left of Sonic Team + some newbies. I beg for a Mania sequel... But I'm skeptical if it will ever happen.
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    This. One thing a lot of people (including Ken himself) tend to forget is that the lawsuit was originally set off by Ken threatening legal action. Archie didn't sue him out of the blue; They preempted him after he called for them to cease and desist. http://web.archive.org/web/20160327222526/http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=133 But regardless, it's pretty much undeniable that Archie and their legal team dropped the ball massively. You don't start a lawsuit unless you have all your ducks in a row. Archie started a lawsuit and then realized the ducks ran away years ago.
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    Yeah, the cracks are there in the folly of the plan too. I understand that Knuckles, when written by Ian, is always going to put his duty to protect the Master Emerald and his island at the forefront but I think Knuckles probably could have at least tried to suggest an amendment to the plan that saw someone he trusted staying behind on the island. Although, it's interesting that if the plan is to have Sonic and Knuckles fight Zavok, Issue 29 shows Sonic, Silver, and presumably Metal Sonic rushing into battle instead. I dunno. I'm thinking it might have just been an oversight. I can look past it though because, honestly, the drama of having Cream trying to survive a mind-controlled Germel while surrounded by Zeena and her horde of Zombots sounds way cooler... but yeah. Still probably a flub.
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    I find that interesting, as every time I see people complain about these titles it's because they have different styles. If it really is that minor, why did so many people try to say new characters were the problem despite the Classic games introducing new characters? When the reason was instead that they were inconsistent game play wise, and this continued even after other characters were removed? Back when those games came out there were a ton of complaints though. People hated Wind Waker for not being like Ocarina of Time the same way Sonic fans do against Colors now. I'm not saying Sega needs to pander to all of these different things, I'm trying to explain why 3D Sonic fans aren't unified in their opinions. If someone really liked Silver's game play in 06, too bad there's no games using it besides 06. Classic Sonic had a good base that the characters shared, with the changes mostly being new ways to access different areas. Adventure 1 is the closest 3D Sonic got to this, and even that still had disliked parts. If 3D Sonic was like Classic Sonic, it would mean everyone would have Sonic as a base instead of just Shadow, but with their own minor gimmicks to make them different instead of majorly different game play styles. (again why people dislike the shooting and treasure hunting)
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    Been replaying Sonic Generations on my Xbone recently thanks to the recent sale, I realized something. This is the only modern Sonic Team that actually plays to nostalgia WELL! The level design in particular really holds up to this day, but stuff like the reinvented Sonic vs Shadow fight having Live and Learn or All Hail Shadow depending on who powers up, The truck having seesaws, the fact that they bothered to put in Sonic 1 as a bonus just because they could, it shows that this is an actual affectionate tribute rather than a cynical cashgrab that only has looks and no soul like Sonic 4,Lost World and Forces. Please Miyamoto-san, come back 🙏
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Was he, though? We all kind of assumed Tails reprogrammed him, but thinking about it... that's never actually been said anywhere. there's no dialogue in the game, and in the flashback when he first appears in the comics, Cream just says they 'fixed' him. It's possible the situation with Gemerl was actually identical to the situation with Metal - that they just fixed him up and gave him a choice... and he chose differently.
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    This is my main point of contention, because I feel like you don't really understand just how divided the fanbase was about 15 years ago around when 06 came out. I say that because you keep downplaying classic criticisms as if they had no weight at all, so I'm going to explain best just what I mean when how divided this series was back. Bear in mind this is literally going off from my own readings from other people who were our age back in that time, and doesn't necessarily reflect my own feelings. I barely had a presence on the internet back then. This is literally the debut of Shadow's game; this was when the series was starting to hit a rocky point after Sonic Heroes didn't perform as well as they had hoped and after a promise, from Sonic Team themselves, that they were going to get on track. It was 2005, and the series was featured in the Walk of Game, celebrating it's legacy at the time and what was going to come forward...and it fucking ends with Shadow literally shooting it in the face. You're going to tell me this wasn't disrespectful to the series` legacy at the time? How you feel about the last ten years is exactly how Classic fans felt after watching this trailer. This was part of my point in showing how history is repeating itself, because this same attitude that was so prominent back then is now rearing its head again, except this time, it's Adventure fans who are the "Boomers" who are complaining about how things aren't they're used to be. And sure, you can sugarcoat it however you want, and I'm not knocking you for doing so, because this was the era of Sonic you grew up in, and to see actively shunned is would strike a chord. But I am pointing out that this attitude is not new, or any more special than how classic fans felt during the 2000's, particularly after 2005.
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    I'm ashamed to admit that I just learned that Miyamoto doesn't literally "upend tea tables" during game development and that it's just an expression. It also makes me happy because it kind of tainted by view of the guy for the longest time.
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    You reap what you sow. Every game, cartoon, comic, and now movie is somebody's first exposure to the series and it's gone off in such different directions that it can't even nearly please everyone at once. It sucks, and obviously it doesn't justify the worst actions/attitudes among fans, but this was just about inevitable with the way the series was handled and there's no easy solution to it. Best they can do is find something that works to stabilize the series around for a while and try to build a more stable identity and fanbase even if that means some fans drift away. Obviously, though, they should choose to do All Of The Things That I Want, instead of the things other people want.
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    When the series started selling lesser products with less content under the guise of "simplicity, coherency, consistency" etc. Then some bitterness is allowed. Dedicated fans lost every idea, concept, mechanic and artist that made the series unique because SEGA thought it would help their profit margins. Unacceptable, but largely treated as a good thing until recently when people started doing the math on how many modern Sonic games were worth anything once you got past clapping because of checkerboard patterns and Tails playing a prominent role. The only thing that's happening is people are realizing how much we lost. It helps to also realize that Sonic's loudest critics in the 2000s were people who were just taking the piss and never seriously cared about the series in the first place. Arin still thinks Sonic Mania is garbage, and that's fine, but then why pander to him and his audience?
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    Crow the BOOLET

    I like to make dumb stuff

    I like to make dumb stuff
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    The Sonic movie still isn't out in China yet due to obvious, more important, reasons but because of that we've kind of lost the chance to see how the initial numbers would have been had it gotten a regular world-wide release. It's a bit of a shame but still it's also very understandable. The fact that this movie did this without China is unbelievable.
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    Sonic Heroes remake confirmed
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    I can cut Archie a little slack in the earlier days for not staying on top of things when they probably thought the comic would probably end early on. I mean the fact for the longest time they took so long in actually putting the series out in graphic novel form is really telling. Of course, Penders, Bollers and Gallagher stuck around for a long time didn't they? All that time they could have gotten all three of them under contract and they didn't. Archie did mess up, but at worst they were just stupid about this. Penders on the other hand was anything but Mr. Reasonable. He risked the early death of the property he was trying to benefit from and the deals that we do know he tried to strike with Archie and/or SEGA are hilariously mind boggling. Considering SEGA doesn't even touch the Freedom Fighters, there's no way they'd use his characters even more so if it means letting some guy trying to sue them over a DS game the right to use Knuckles. I do like some of his characters, Rob, Julie-Su Elias, Lien-Da and the Dark Legion and Scourge.. (Though Ian is his real daddy in my opinion) but now they are pretty much all tainted for me at least (Scourge being the exception because again, Ian). There are so many ways Ken could have benefited from this if he wasn't trying to make deals that would only be beneficial to himself. Like again, give the characters back in exchange for reprint royalties. I don't think Archie would have any reason to not accept that deal. But instead we have him only give them back..or more likely give Archie & SEGA dual ownership if he gets the rights to use Knuckles in his projects.. which hopefully would not come with his ridiculous three mandates. I really don't want to dislike the guy, anyone for that matter, but there's only so much leeway I can give a person before seeing them as an irredeemable lost cause. Even if they did a lot of work in shaping one of my favorite comics.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I really liked this new issue. It was mainly a big preparation issue, with a lot of clifhanger, but it was pretty nice, and they managed to make that "many things happens in parallel" works quite nicely. My only gripe is But except that point, it really did its job to hype the rest of the arc. I think that the way this arc is handled might answer to the common problem of Flynn's 4-issues arcs (especially as the fourth issue might be the "finale" of that, and not a 5-page resolution followed by a 15-page epilogue). I also liked
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    Sonic 3 - Let Me In (Marble Garden) (32% complete) Finally have enough lyrics to actually name this piece! I haven't said much about this project since it was simply supposed to be a side project to kill time, but is actually getting somewhere. This is actually my first real report on this track, about a week and a half in (but I've been working a lot lately and have only had about six sessions with it) Playing with a little concept where it's gonna be real slow-going and calm in the beginning as I sing lyrics, up until it actually gets going and turns into DnB. I've been double stacking instruments together and adjusting a lot of sounds, to not make it sound so MIDI. It's a tough thing to do, I've been thinking a lot about the instruments I'm missing out on from Version 2 of my program, Cakewalk Kinetic. I am trying to emulate my own instruments to make up for what I don't have. It's a shame that the website you have to register with shut down years ago, for a product from 2007 LOL. The good news is I remember most of what I learned during that time as well, and these created instruments sound somewhat similar, with a little more tweaking who knows how it'll sound when it comes out. I look forward to it. I'm on the key change part of the song now. It'll be a snap once I get through the original loop
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    I mean, he's right about one thing. People are giving him far too much credit if they seriously believe he's the sole reason the comics were cancelled. As bad as Penders is, Archie themselves were also a bunch of incompetent fuckwits too. The way they handled the Sonic license after a certain point was, in hindsight, a large billboard advertising just how much they didn't give a shit anymore. If Penders was truly the sole reason for the comics cancellation, the comics would have ended after Worlds Collide. They wouldn't have bothered with a new continuity and it certainly wouldn't have gone on for as long as it did either. Now, his nonsense definitely contributed to why the first continuity got wiped from existence. I know the man would tell you otherwise by trying to seriously pretend that all Archie had to do was ask him for permission to use his characters the way he wanted them to but there was no fucking way they were going to do that. Whether out of pride or assurance that working anywhere near close to this insane weird person was not going to lead to anything good, there's no reasonable way someone could have expected Archie to accept that deal. Plus, at the end of the day, Pender's characters don't sell the book. It's the ones from the Sonic games who do and so long as they had that, they didn't need to put up with Penders and his bullshit anymore so they got rid of them. To be clear, Archie is incompetent as hell. The fact that I have to keep reminding myself that THEY sued HIM, then fired their legal team because they didn't know how to properly handle their own lawsuit, and then lost their case to this man, of all people, is pathetic. However, it's even worse that they made him right about something when it comes to the topic of being owed royalties. Now they're just selling main series Archie and a shit ton of Archie spin-offs... and Cosmo. Their continued existence is still incredibly baffling. However, at the very least they knew enough to not say okay to whatever it was Penders wanted. SEGA sure as hell wasn't going to allow it either if they had any say in the matter, even before Penders eventually sued them over Sonic Chronicles. Thankfully he lost that one. He's not the main reason the comic was cancelled, sure, but he's definitely not 100% innocent either. His was just one of the many jenga pieces that were taken from the teetering tower. The way he's conducted himself after the fact is one of the heavy contributors to why he's such a villain in the eyes of many though. There's too much of it for any reasonable person to be on his side. Passive aggressive personal attacks directed at Ian and his contemporaries, weird talk about anthros eating their own young, revisionist history about making it so that an underage girl had sex with an adult male, ugly ass character sheets and images of Lara-Su and other female characters wearing bikinis and being pin-up models, pretentious nonsense about alleged knowledge of film and law, saying weird sentences like "I was doing character development when I had a thought-", mismatched priorities that sees him designing mugs, shirts, and an app (for a SINGLE comic) before he's even made said comic, NOT making his comic after almost 10 years of promoting it, and carrying on like fucking EVERYONE is stealing ALL their ideas from HIM, a nobody that wouldn't be on anyone's radar if he weren't doing all the above awful shit. And etc. This is a situation where both parties were awful. I just have more outward disdain for Penders because I really have no reason to pay attention to Archie anymore. What's Archie gonna do that has anything to do with me anymore? Sneak a rancid, ugly, distracting Riverdale banner over the top of an IDW issue? OH NO! IT'S BACK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!
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    He saw the movie already. He basically did an 'exercise' about how those Echidna could CONCEIVABLY have been Dark Legion recruits on a mission, showing how 'easy' it would be to cohesively add his elements. When confronted over how idiotic it was, he said that 'clearly' the Legion wouldn't trust raw recruits with modern weaponry. It then devolved into him implying that if the Echidna demonstrated advanced technology that he could sue since they would need permission to do, which resulted in lengthy arguments and painstaking attempts to point out that not only did the concept not begin with him in the first place, but it's one that's so broad it can't be owned by anyone anyway. This resulted in Penders essentially digging his head into the dirt to drown out the noise and then blocking SkullPirateMike for the crime of attempting to actually reason with him like an adult. So no, he didn't accuse the movie of stealing the Echidna from him. He did however claim that Longclaw was a Julayla equivalent, so, yeah. And then, bizzarely, suggested that the reason Sonic's parents weren't shown was because of him in some way. Yeah, in short? A whole lotta dumb.
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    LMAO. You didn’t just want royalties Penders. You wanted creative control too. You wanted Mobius 25 Years Later, the worst arc in the comics, to be the canon future. You wanted to be notified every time they wanted to use your characters so you could either approve or reject them. Why would Sega and Archie give creative control to an outsider? So don’t make this just about royalties. You saw this as a chance to slither your way back into the comics. Since it didn’t happen, you’re trying to advertise a fanfiction to strike a deal with a company. But thanks to your actions, you’ve blacklisted yourself. So there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for you. Just move on and quit clinging to Sonic. The franchise was fine before you and fine after you.
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    So, did anyone tell him about Echidnas in Sonic Movie yet?
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    My ONLY pet peeve about Byleth being in smash bros is that Sakurai kept saying that Rex and Springman couldn't make it in the game because of timing and the game was in development before their games came out but here's a character that was from a game that came out like 5-6 months ago.
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