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    I got prescribed meds by the urgent care for my acid reflux and I guess it worked because the chest pain is far less severe now. Altogether I had to spend $230. I'm glad I was able to get the help I needed and now I need to get proper health insurance so I never have to spend that much ever again
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    "ripple" "splash" Don't say it, me. Don't say it. You shouldn't say it. You really shouldn't.
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    Just saw Onward. Just like every Pixar movie (that isn't an unnecessary sequel/prequel) it was way better than the trailers made it look. Didn't think this one would get the tears going but... it did. Stories about brothers are my literal weakness.
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    Chamomile #151
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    I expect a Sonic Adventure remake but I don't really want one at this point.
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    Again....remaking SA1 would not be a small feat. Dont know why people think SEGA would have the time and resources to do that AND another game for the 30th in 2021. It's likely one or the other. A second title would be a 2D, or some other low resource title. If there is a remake, I'd be shocked to see anything other than SA1 at this point. It makes the most sense. I think I'd prefer a brand new title tbh, but seeing a really polished SA1 would make me happy. I'd prefer both over another boost installment...although I'm not sour on another boost game if it can be on the level of Gens. I'd play that again definitely. Still think the best option going forward (as a soft reboot) is to make a very classic inspired game in full 3D. Ala Sonic Utopia, something similar to that concept. But we'll see. I am looking forward to when we get more news. If its Forces 2, count me out.
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    Tikal: "You've found the Parkour Gloves! Hold down the action button when jumping towards a wall to cling to it! Watch your momentum, or else you'll fall. With the parkour ability, you can go just about anywhere!" /my dreams
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    I'm one of those old classic fans who felt disowned by Sega during most of the 00's. However, I have to say that during the past few years, I've started developing a nostalgic longing for that precise era. I've started to miss both the ambition, the attitude, and the emphasis on storytelling that the franchise had back then. Sonic Mania was amazing and a wonderful love-letter to fans of my generation, but now I'm ready for something like the Adventure games to make a grand return.
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    At first I was wondering how the tweet was Sonic related but then it clicked. Spoiler for those who might have missed it.
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    Aleah Baker doesn't work for IDW/SEGA. That gives her a good deal of leeway. Plus, the question wasn't about Penders as a PERSON- just his WRITING. That makes all the difference.
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    Got Mephiles in Sonic Runners Revival. Now if only every map became Tilted Towers...
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    A SA1 remake is probably good from a business standpoint but I really have no interest in it. In fact I don't want it to happen. The only good thing it could potentially bring about is Sonic Team coming to learn how to make Adventure style games. That could possible be good...maybe... I dunno though.
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    Sure, that's not philosophically different than what I'm suggesting really. A low budget title and then a bigger one which fills the "30th anniversary" slot. Can package that however they want, technically neither Mania nor forces were released on the 25th anniv. All I'm saying is, SA1 remake cant be your low budget title or else it wont be worth releasing because the game has many problems that need fixing and updating for 2020. I will say it would be catastrophically stupid of SEGA to not follow up on Mania in some capacity, even if it's not a direct sequel. It doesnt even have to happen now but if theres not some clear announcement that that's coming over the next year or so, I just wouldn't believe it.
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    When we getting presidential candidate content added to Fortnite? You just know we’re getting to that point where politicians use it to try and gain more voters. Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump skins
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    Why does Smash Ultimate make recording a twenty second clip such a chore? First you gotta save the replay, then you gotta watch the replay while recording to make a video. Then you have to edit the video to trim off the unneeded parts. Then you gotta watch the edited version while recording AGAIN. Meanwhile, every other game lets you hold down the share button for two seconds and bam, last 30 seconds of gameplay recorded. Trim if needed. No fuss.
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    Just bought MCC for PC. I have a decent PC so it can run it very well. I started off with Halo CE anniversary and the only graphical hiccups are right inbetween checkpoints, but the game was always like that and they only last for half a second. They did a very good job porting the game! I haven't played Reach or CE anniversary since I sold my 360 probably around 2013. A common complaint I'm hearing is sound glitches, but I've only briefly experienced it with the Plasma pistol and Keyes dialogue overlapping once. Nothing a patch won't fix. Now if we can just have Unleashed ported to PC, all my favorite old 7th gen console games will finally be sitting nice and comfortably in my Steam library.
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    The movie is just about to beat Detective Pikachu domestically. Eggman Shocked.mp4
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    Pon pon way way way, pon pon way pon way pon pon.
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    Random curiosity. Why would any game done by the same group of people dare call itself anything other than Mania two. That name has so much positivity affixed to it that it would just be bad marketing to not attach another game to it at the hip.
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    I really hope the next Sonic game is good!
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    a new SA1 remake rumor? just a normal saturday in the sonic fanbase. i expect the following: new updates for mobile titles like sonic dash or sonic forces: speed battle new merchandise of some sort judging by the panel's april premiere, a home media release date for the movie here's a few more farfetched things - these could still happen but they're not as likely as the above: new animated mini-series new mainline info, be it a full reveal or simply a cryptic teaser
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    Speaking of misleading artwork, here’s one I remember seeing on the 3DS e-Shop when I was in middle school: Wanna see what the game’s ACTUALLY about?
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    I just started a blog mainly about Superman and various TV shows starring him and other heroes. Feel free to check out my first blog post. https://superman.nfshost.com/blog/my-brief-thoughts-on-some-superman-shows/
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    I think most of you know about this but I'll mention it any way. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you THE most confusing box art in the history of video games ever! This is Phalanx. This is specifically the North American box art of the game. So what's this game about? Its about banjo man? What's with the spaceship? Is this a fever dream? This is the Banjo & Kazooie prequel we were missing? Well... Its just another shoot em up like Gradius at the time. The reasoning for the strange box art is that there was nothing that made the game stand out in a sea of space shoot em ups so they had to give it an interesting cover. Its a shame because I would wonder how the game would be like if banjo man was in it but atlas this isn't this timeline. Heck AVGN did an episode about it. That's how bad it is. Again I'm sure all of you know of it but yeah the 90s were the wild west for video games.
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    I give the first movie credit for not having Sonic return to Mobius after it ended actually. It at least gives justifiable reason for why Sonic would have to be in the human world still to begin with, instead of doing a Smurfs 2 where you have to find an excuse to drag the cartoon characters back into the real world. So at the least it won't make sense to have the sequel to Sonic not be on earth at all, because he has connections there that he will only just be establishing back on Mobius.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    The Advance games were re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console, so it's not like they've never done it before. And I've played at least SA3 on the Gamecube via the connector - they certainly look better than the Game Gear games do via Gems Collection and Adventure DX.
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    Beautiful sunny 65 degree day, and I've spent the day indoors watching YouTube Sonic game reviews.
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    If these readings are accurate, he's here. I've found him. Just hope I'm not too late!
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    Originally posted by @Dr. Detective Mike - but last week's Bumblekast had Aleah Baker giving a damn good teardown of Penders era Archie and his writing. Mike posted full timestamps, but the whole thing kicks off at 52:29.
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    Boy, keeping Marsden's character relevant is gonna be tough for the next movie. But we can't entirely abandon the human world as is. I'm wondering if they'll bring him to Mobius, or if they'll keep him on the human world for most of the sequel? Balancing the two will be the trickiest part of the narrative and will expose the weakness of having this live action hybrid. Still though, expect the budget to rise massively for the next movie. Paramount has their first hit in years that they can turn into a franchise machine, so they're gonna give this hedgehog the top dollar.
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    What's the better zone: Techno Base or Cyber Track?
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    Drew a thing

    Drew a thing
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    Progressive black groups do tend to be at odds I notice with popularly promoted black leaders the DNC tries to push on them. It’s kinda similar to when Trump and the GOP tried to push Ben Carson and any republican black politician in order to convey the idea that black groups loved him and his policies. What’s even more telling here is that damn near every other minority group seems to poll wise prefer Bernie over Biden.
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    You know, this is all sounding eerily familiar. It's like that time that Bollers suggested that the future of 25YL wasn't 'the' future, but one of many. A fairly innocuous statement to make, but Penders escalated Bollers' actions as being a 'hissyfit' and him being out to 'undermine him'. Contradict Penders on something even a little and you're not merely mistaken, you're actively MALICIOUS and trying to take him down for whatever reason. Geeze.
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    Applied for my first Summer Job! Wish me luck!
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    ^Yeah I was thinking that. Since there's tons of detailed analysis now and proof of concept games that show exactly what it should be, rather than just the usual complaining of what it it is. This is pretty different than before and it shows by the fact that most fans are learning from all this available information where Sonic needs to go. Sega currently has the clearest opportunity ever. Hell, just watching Sonic Spitball would be enough to give them a clear idea. It really was pretty vague back in the day, reviews and the common repeated opinions of fans reflected that, we knew something was wrong but didn't have the clear answers. Add that to Sega's crunched business standards and it's no wonder they're floundering so much. If they did try to make a movement based 3D Sonic, I would still expect some of their usual design blunders, but with an actual focused core that strong, it could still come out pretty fun to play regardless.
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    Yeah, the "momentum in Sonic Utopia" video has close to 1.5m views. I don't think feedback can get any clearer than that.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I'd like to point out Sonic Team usually bends to the biggest criticisms, only now, people are analyzing the nitty gritty of how 3D Sonic gameplay should work more than ever before, as opposed to before, where they only had "green eyes!" "Shitty friends" and "sonic isnt fast enough" to work off of before. I say this to imply there's a tiny shred of hope to hold on to that they might try to make the 3D sonic they shoulda made 20 years ago. Everyone and their dog knows about freeform 3D momentum gameplay's importance to sonic now, and there's like a million different fanmade engines for it.
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    Yeah, tittle is misleading. And all I can say is that I'm part of the "Adventure" fans that want so-called "edge", but I'm not blind to numerous problems those games had. I don't want "Sonic Adventure 3" since both SA1 and SA2 had bad ideas that just need to be dropped. But it also had positive qualities that need to be preserved. If you just check "Sonic Dissected" or "Sonic Spitball" or just listen on this forum you'll see not blind hatred to "modern silly Sonic" but constructive criticism and hope that we'll be acknowledged for a change. Modern fans get modern games, Classic fans get 4, Generation and finally Mania and what do we get? Sonic Forced that allows watered down "edge", but squeezed between Avatar, Classic Sonic and boost gameplay. (And just to be clear "edge" is bad word, but is shorter that saying "complex plot, respect for characters, sense of adventure, real stakes and overall caring for the story.... as well as touching more serious topic")
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    That's a good way to describe Unleashed, I think. It definitely a big heck of a game, especially with all the DLC (and for 2008 in general). Forces barely had 1/3 of what Unleashed had in terms of content, yet both were in the development for the same amount of time, give or take. That's the current state of Sega, unfortunately.I don't know if the reception Forces received will be enough of a kick in the ass to Sega to make them realize that they really need to get their stuff together and start making games that aren't just mediocre. I want a game I can always come back to and enjoy, not a game I beat once and put first on the top of my uninstall list to save up on hard drive space. Some form of Mania content is almost guaranteed, there is no way Sega is that stupid. Classic Sonic isn't going anywhere, for better or for worse. We shit on Sega all the time for having made poorly thought out decisions with their games and the direction of the franchise as a whole, but I can 100% guarantee they know that Mania is where the money train is. How couldn't they? The amount of Classic Sonic material we're seeing nowadays is almost equal to the amount of Modern Sonic content we get. I think the future of Modern Sonic will probably see another new style of 3D gameplay. Whether or not it's good, or whether or not it's half 2.5D or not, remains to be seen.
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    SSMB's image handling causes some inconsistent image widths here... shouldn't hugely affect the experience, but if you want an ideal time reading this special 150th comic, I recommend doing so on deviantART or tapas. Thank you all for reading! Chamomile #150
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    Chamomile #149
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