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    just gonna leave this here...

    just gonna leave this here...
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    No, you see, he wrote that, by channeling his essence and using Angelo DeCasare as a vessel. But seriously, though, even his early stuff had jokes, too. Remember the "welcome mat" Knuckles fired at Sonic and Tails? And how long was that insipid "zoot chute" around for? I'm pretty sure that one doesn't even make sense out of a baseline pun that only someone with the vaguest notion of 1940s culture would understand-- perfect for young kids in the '90s. Penders might... This says it all, with reference to the above tweet. There's stuff there, he just chose to ignore/dump it in favor of his own take, even when it would help serve to tie his ideas to the source material. I always wondered how bottomless pits were made, and watching Penders continue to dig that hole for himself answers my question.
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    Chamomile #153
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    Excuse me. Something in my eye.

    Excuse me. Something in my eye.
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    Yes because there's absolutely nothing you could have pulled from the level design of Sonic 3&K. Definitely nothing you could have based a narrative off of.
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    I decided to keep reading and this tweet caught my eye. This point makes absolutely no sense. I don't think SEGA was concerned with the potential of Knuckles having an ongoing comic book when they were making him for Sonic 3 & Knuckles. No one needs to know who Knuckles mother and father are, never mind every last grandfather he has. He doesn't need a girlfriend he doesn't need Echidnaopolis and he doesn't need the Dark Legion. All of these things made Knuckles into the polar opposite of who he was. Knuckles has plenty to work with to have a day in the limelight but a full ongoing series dedicated to him? Not really, in fact I don't think many Sonic characters can hold an ongoing for very long, in fact I think that's why Sonic Universe was a stroke of genius on Archie's part.
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    Penders has a history of writing Mina in an absolutely atrocious manner, I'd rather take her being gone forever now than having Penders take a dump on her again.
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    Just noticed that when you hover your mouse above the report button, it displays "That's no good". Nice reference!
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    I think Sonic Blast is worst "proper" Sonic game. Not horrible port like Sonic 1 GBA or that Game.com thing. It just very bland, boring ant it's only unique feature is that it looks ugly. And worst overall? I could pick on Schoolhouse, Eraser or other dumb spin-spin-off but I think either Spinball GG or Drift 1 (I'm surprised no one mentioned this one yet). They both feel like terrible waste of time, boring games cramped on too weak console. On one hands Spinball has fairly decent counterpart on Genesis, while Drift is so short it's hard to be mad at it. As for other candidates I never played Knuckles Chaotix, but at least this game has many unique selling points, to it's bad core gameplay. Labyrinth is bad, but not as bad as it's reputation claims. And Sonic R has it's weird charm. I beat the whole game twice just for chuckle.
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    That's funny considering 4 years ago you tweeted this. This is why you should always plan ahead and consider all possible outcomes instead of potentially wasting lots of money. All this says to me is your still working on the first and no doubt only installment of this series.
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    You love him for ironic reasons; there's nothing wrong with that, but there's a difference between why people hate him. People don't like Infinite because he's simply a poorly written character; the game wants you to take him completely seriously, and accept everything that happens at face value. There's no level of irony in how he's presented, or no joke about it. What you see about him is literally what you get. That simply compounds how badly written he is because there's nothing about that's actually all that interesting despite the game's attempting at building him up. Liking him for ironic reasons is fine, but it kind of misses the point of what they were going for.
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    Yeah, that was another complaint I have with the game. It can be a bit confusing at times to understand what you're supposed to do and where to go in a level. And as much as I love the aesthetics, I do wish there was a bit more variety and more of a break from the garish colors everywhere. It kind of makes me wish the non-lit-up part of Amazing Arena lasted longer. It's sad, because I can definitely tell there was effort put into Knuckles' Chaotix, but I don't think most of the effort was put into the most important things, such as getting the basic gameplay right. It's an extremely gimmicky game by nature, which might be OK if the central gimmick was a better one. Gotta be honest, I really like Sonic the Fighters. I love the cartoony stretch-and-squash aesthetics, and it's a fun game to play even if it's certainly not very deep. I personally headcanon that one of the Chaos Emeralds was actually the Master Emerald. It is true that the Archie adaption was possibly the best thing to come out of it.
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    When I was talking to him he said Sega provided him materials showing the teleporters in Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary and he ignored them because they seemed too advanced for an ancient civilization. The details of the material he was provided changes based on what suits him at the time.
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    The fact he genuinely believes that this is solely his creation is mind boggling. Hell he didn't even write the first not-pun filled non-jokey script. Angelo DeCasare wrote it. I can't think of the title but it was a story about Robotnik using a giant Magnet to capture Bunnie. It's still a little goofy but it's played more straight like an adventure than wall to wall puns. Also for claiming he cares about creators getting proper credit for their work he sure seems to ignore literally every other writer who isn't him.
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    Please note that I'm not just referring to the "main" classic games, but to any Sonic game released before Sonic Adventure. And let's also go ahead and also exclude any edutainment games (Sonic's Schoolhouse, the Pico games, etc.) as well as any of the unusual arcade games like Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car or whatever. I'm going to post three games that I think are contenders. In all honesty, maybe this will sound weird, but I don't truly dislike any of these games to a major degree - I think they all have their charms and positive points, but they're certainly significantly flawed. Knuckles Chaotix/Chaotix Honestly, this one hurts. I wish I didn't have to put this one on the list. I love the characters in this game, and the aesthetics are out-of-this-world amazing. And yet, the gameplay is flawed enough that it unfortunately earns a place here. First of all, the physics are oddly a little off-feeling and noticeably different from the rest of the Genesis titles. Not really sure why that's the case since this is technically a Genesis game, but for some reason, it happened. Secondly, the "ring power" gimmick tends to be more of an annoyance than a welcome addition. While it can be fun at times, most of the time it feels like a burden, like it's just there for the sake of having an "interesting" gimmick rather than serving much of a useful purpose. The game can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore to navigate, especially when you're playing certain characters; I would recommend playing Knuckles or Charmy because their gliding and flying abilities respectively make the game a lot more manageable. Though I haven't played with him that much, it seems Charmy's unlimited flying is actually a bit OP. Lastly, but very significantly, the level design is just really lacking. The levels just don't seem to offer much challenge or exciting gameplay. They seem strangely devoid of major hazards and platforming challenges. Most of the "challenge" of the game is just dealing with annoyances caused by the ring link system and various irritating gimmicks in the levels. The special stages of this game seem pretty cool, though just like with most special stages, I'm pretty bad at them. However, this game also has bonus stages, theoretically similar to S3&K (though with different gameplay), but in practice, their gameplay is nothing special and they're extremely unhelpful. They drain your rings every second and offer not-very-tempting-at-all prizes, just rings (which matter less in this game since there are no lives), points, and a few gimmicky items with only minor benefits. It makes you wonder what's even the point. It's especially egregious since you have to find hidden giant rings to access them, so you'd think you'd be getting a bit more for that. Overall, an absolutely top-tier game in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of gameplay, it's sadly pretty poor. Its gameplay does have certain charms and isn't completely without value, but there are too many issues to ignore. Sonic Blast / G Sonic I strangely have an attachment to this game due to the fact that, for who knows what reason, there was a plug-n-play console with only this game on it and me, my sisters, and our friend played it extensively in our childhood. So I probably like this game more than most people would, actually, but at the end of the day, I can't deny that it's rather mediocre. Unlike Knuckles' Chaotix, there's little chance I'll be able to write paragraph upon paragraph about this game because there just isn't much to say. The only remotely noteworthy thing about this title is that it has some pre-rendered CGI graphics, but that's not much to write home about in this case, especially in the case of Sonic and Knuckles' sprites, which seem strangely way too big for the screen and just don't look very good. In general, I'm not really a fan of this game's aesethics. There are a few good bits, but there's just something about them which is rather tacky. The level design is also pretty bland and doesn't have many engaging, interesting, or challenging sections. The special stages are also among the most simplistic in the series. Overall, just an underwhelming and somewhat clunky game with some notable aesthetic flaws. I don't know what else to say. I don't hate it, it could be a lot worse, but it's just not very interesting. Sonic Labyrinth A rather infamous game, but also a game that I frankly don't really feel equipped to talk about because I've played it very little. I started playing it to gear up for this post, but quickly hit a snag on the first boss, and because I was already tired from playing the previous two games for a while, I don't feel like trying to overcome that yet. From the little I have played of the main gameplay, I honestly don't think it's that bad. It has a certain amount of charm and fun to it. But on the other hand, I can't argue with the criticism most commonly leveled at this game, which is that Sonic is painfully slow when not spin-dashing. Because he is. That much I can attest to. If anyone else wants to either criticize or defend this game, jump right in, because I'm not really the best-equipped. I'm just including it on this list because of its reputation. --- So, which of these three games would you say is the worst of the classic era, or would you "nominate" another game entirely? Want to argue that one of these games is actually great? Whatever your opinion, have at it!
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    If Penders had any kind of ownership of any of the other writers work on the book, he'd have said something by now. Much like his insistence on mentioning Scourge in the hopes of peeling over fans of the character to his insipid project, he wouldn't be able to resist bringing up any of the characters with a bit of popularity in the hopes of netting in more potential customers. The fact that he needed to replace Athair with Auri-On makes it pretty clear that he couldn't secure the rights to any of Gallagher's characters, and its a safe bet that no, he wouldn't be able to do the same with any of the other Archie Sonic creatives, regardless of whatever excuse he concocts. Frankly it all kind of highlights his unwillingness to really sever the Sonic connection, because things like Auri-On and 'The Emissary' show that he CAN in fact rework things to be more original- he just refuses to do so unless he absolutely HAS to change things, or if its something he doesn't think is worth keeping as close as possible. Hence why Rotor becomes a new, Rhino character, but we still have 'Warlord Kintobor' and 'Princess of Acorn', to say ntohing of Echydnya and K'nox and the Praetorian and on and on and on....
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    This is some astonishing lack of self-awareness on display. You mean Miba, O'sh, and Dr. Infinitevus?
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    That's not what deadpan humor is, again, outside of his "I'm not weak" moment...nothing about him is over the top. He's not meant to be ironic, deadpan humor only comes in the form of actual jokes not the tone of a story.
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    I have always seen Infinite as the pathetic spoiled kid who was given big powers and became dangerous. I kinda like this concept too, but I agree that it's bad written in the game. Though, every character in that game is bad written. Infinite is someone who acts childish and is filled with desire of revenge for silly reasons; he wants to kill people and destroy the world in order to fullfill his childish revenge, because according to his ill psychology and twisted vision of the world, it makes sense. If used well, a villain like that has some potential IMO. I hate Dragonball comparisons, but there's Majin Buu that's kinda a similar character in that regard, minus the backstory (and the fact that Buu is even more childish, he gets angry for suff like candies and such). The interesting thing of that type of characters, is that if you manage to get into their psychology and reason with them in the right way, they may even turn to your side, or at least stay neutral to you; but at the same time they are very unstable, and every little pointless thing can turn them dangerous again.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    ...y'know I did just assume it was Sonic on fire at first, but looking again...it's almost suspicious how well the fire blocks basically every detail that would tell Sonic and Blaze apart. The wrists and ankles, the heels of the shoes, the lower half of the torso, the majority of the head but not an ear... I'm not making any solid predictions but if it does turn out to be a bait-and-switch of Sonic and Blaze, they certainly didn't take the easy way out with that silhouette.
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    Worst Sonic game of the classic era

    I think Sonic Labyrinth would have been a much better game if it had been repurposed into a minigolf game not unlike Kirby's Dream Course. A game where you have to move Sonic around by spindashing is a really neat idea. It's a pretty mediocre game overall but not without some merit or interesting ideas imo. Of all of the classic platformers, G Sonic is the only one I haven't beaten and can't bring myself to. It just looks and feels bad. I'm sure it's still better than Advance 3, though.
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    Blue Blood

    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    The red lights should be present regardless of whether or not you're online. They're not an online feature by themselves. The dens reset either once every 24 hours (I think) or upon clearing all of the available dens. If you can't find any dens, I suggest you run around looking until you find one that you've yet to beat. And if you can't beat it, you'll just have to wait it out. And connection issues are just par for the course in this game, unfortunately. A lot of the time you'll be trying to join someone else's raid, only to be unable to connect after several minutes of waiting because their raid was already over/closed. The online infrastructure for the game is terrible.
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    I have to say, 2020 and beyond would be a great time to reboot Captain Planet. Really, looking back, it’s actually pretty easy to modernize when you look at the things going on today. Though something tells me they might give it more teeth by adding Bioterrorism to the list.
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    Just what the fuck happened with this game.
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    As far as I can tell no, which I hope remains the case because I'd much rather Penders stay far away from Mina, Ash and Dr. Finitevus.
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    Well Spin-offs I don't super count because they take basically everyone for those, but like in the other 3d games other characters show up, and yeah Silver is in Forces isn't he, so I guess he does still show up in mainline games, I wish they'd bring back multiple characters the problem wasn't the characters it's that everyone was slower, or had a really annoying gimmick, if the modern games had playable characters in a Similar vein to Mania but with individual storylines and still having unique stuff, but not annoying stuff people would like it
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    We don't see Silver because they cut the secondary cast out of most of the games. Despite 06 getting a bad rep, we still got Silver in every spinoff game immediately after and up until this day. That's arguably what's happening with Zavok too, where they're just tossing him in a bunch of games until we eventually warm up to him.
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (3DS)
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    Sonic R is nearly unplayable, so it get's my vote.
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    Back again with drawings! Two character sheets (there's a poll in the second one!) A follow up to this!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Interesting theory, holds some water on what we seen so far. Of course when he started talking about covers for future issues I stopped reading, as I try to avoid spoiling myself future events.
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    The Portal series is so perfect to me. I love the story, characters and gameplay. I wish there would be another one personally even if storywise there really is nowhere to go left, unless they did a prequel or something I guess.
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    I made the right choice to buy those personal weights. I don't feel so stiff and blobby anymore.
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    You said "So not something to really knock against the comic for outside its delivery on the subject." which is a very strange, redundant thing to say if you weren't trying to defend the aspect of it being a PSA. I'm not the one who brought up the possibility of it being a PSA. You're the one who did that. I wasn't saying that the story involving drugs on its own was a knock against the comic and if you already knew that then why did you bring it up?
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    Worst Sonic game of the classic era

    The Game.Com version of Sonic Jam. The only interesting things about this mucky, clunky, disgusting blur of gray are the use of prototype Sonic 2 and 3 assets. The very platform it was on doomed it. The music is as bad as Sonic Chronicles, if not worse. The controls handle hideously. Sonic Eraser's terrible, ear-grinding music, and Sonic's Schoolhouse's unintentionally creepy atmosphere also make them strong candidates.
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    You know I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime it's actually kinda surreal
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    Sonic's heading digital early on March 31st. The DVD and Blu-ray has also been confirmed for May 19th. Press release with bonuses:
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    Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #13: The Chaotix Caper, Part One of Three: The Unsuspecting *Deep Sigh* You know, I honestly didn’t expect to get to this point so quickly. I thought this infamous little story was a little more far off into the future. Now that it’s here though, I guess it’s time to hopefully not overdose and die on some good ol’ LSD. If you had told kid me at the time of him playing Sonic Heroes that there existed, at that same time, a comic where… this shit happened, I’d have probably been too confused to properly reply. This is a good cover though… I guess. Not sure I’m a fan of what it’s depicting. The worst thing about this cover is ironically the best thing about it, which is the happy, smiling Sonic face projected on some lights saying “Buy Sonic Comics” right over the scene of Charmy hovering over the corpse of his best friend. How delightfully inappropriate. How expected of Ken Penders. Christy Christ Christ Christ! I mean good GOD almighty, what the fucking hell?! This is a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book where the premise is that Charmy Bee, a child, visits a theme park with his best friend and said friend dies because he ate a chili-dog laced with LSD. Now he’s gone BACK to that same park and is somehow not scared enough, suspicious enough, and sad enough to refuse to partake in the food being served at this place… a place that was once shut down for being run by a criminal and is now being investigated by them under suspicion of poisoning children. I don’t even need to illustrate why this is bad. It’s all right there. I’m still having trouble processing the fact that this exists. Just… how? Was quality control really THIS fucking bad back in ‘98? The characters are all idiots and the subject matter is not only ridiculously out of place but it’s being treated with an insanely inappropriate lack of agency. The ending caption even made an acid trip joke. It’s not funny, it's just weird and creepy. UGH! Like, it hurts worse because this is a story centered on my favorite character. I don’t even know what I could possibly say to express just how uncomfortable I’m feeling right now, despite knowing the details of this story already. There’s no excusing decision making like this. Ever. I remain baffled that Ken Penders was allowed to not only write on the book for so long but that the book survived for as long as it did under him. Sonic’s name carries a strong and powerful urge to survive along with it, as we all know, but Jesus. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #14: The Chaotix Caper, Part Two of Three: A Tenuous Grip on Reality This cover isn’t as good as the last one. It just doesn’t look as well drawn. The dark atmosphere definitely is coming through though. I’m definitely feeling the dark grip of the book as the day turns to night over a shady, underground criminal front disguised as a happy-go-lucky amusement park for children. It… succeeds at that at least, though, I don’t think it would have had I not just finished reading something that is currently only increasingly making me more and more uncomfortable the more I think about it. Well, this issue wasn’t as big an assault to my senses as the last one was. The Knuckles stuff is pointless and it doesn’t need to be here, at all. It’s literally only here so that the book can justify calling itself Knuckles the Echidna when it really doesn’t have to. We know the Chaotix are basically Knuckles’ servants or whatever so stories focused on them would stand to be developed fine within the Knuckles book. Everything else was fine though. The bits with Charmy are kind of heartbreaking to me, as someone who really likes the character, but also informative in a way that’s rare for the book as far as any of the Chaotix are concerned. It doesn’t make this situation any less weird and uncomfortable but I’ll admit to it helping to sell the dire situation a lot more. This does feel rather dark. The way these criminals are being handled is shockingly kind of… good? Downtown Ebony Hare and Blackjack are really competent and intimidating, which is shocking to me. I also kind of like how Renfield is clearly just a lesser criminal who's being used to push an agenda, even if he’s under the delusion that he’s got some modicum of control. He doesn’t, which makes how incompetent he is work a lot more. So yeah, a better issue than the first by a country mile at least. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #15: The Chaotix Caper, Part Three of Three: Picking Up the Pieces So the last cover isn’t much better than the cover before. These covers peaked at the first one, which was easily the best drawn and had the best dynamics of them all. Now, knowing the full context, the image of Mello dead on the ground with Charmy crying over him has admittedly started to tug a bit at the heart-strings, if only because it’s such an easy thing to empathize with. The third cover has such a weirdly drawn Knuckles. The area on his mouth looks like a bloated tumor. As a connected cover image, however, it doesn’t work that well. It’s really hard to tell without squinting what’s supposed to connect and what isn’t. I know the sky is trying to transition from night to day but it would probably work a bit better if it was a more consistent color. Stuff like the purple tent and the building that Mello is laid against do connect but in a way that’s strangely easy to miss. I feel like these early comics weren’t very good at this. Charmy never wanted to be the prince or to be the next king of his colony. He ran away from home to avoid that “responsibility” forced upon him by a ritual that was artificially created by his lineage some undetermined number of years ago. Ken Penders is illustrating him returning home as him finally “growing up” and accepting his responsibility. However, I view it in a different sense. This isn’t a happy, triumphant moment. What’s happening here isn't that Charmy is growing up. Charmy is giving up. He left in search of freedom and his friend supported him in that desire. The dangers of the outside world hit in a way that neither of them were prepared for and it resulted in the death of his best friend. Even though it isn’t his fault, he’s stated that he’s currently unable to forgive himself for this, thus making it so that he feels he’s at fault for trying to run away from the life he didn’t want to live. Trying to be happy and live life the way he wanted to is the WRONG thing to do, according to this final page and it’s something he shouldn’t have done. That sad, broken expression he has on his face as he proclaims that his “playtime” is over and relinquishes himself to his fate as punishment for something that wasn’t his fault kills me. I know that’s not what Penders is going for. He wants this to be a moment where Charmy has stepped up and taken upon something bigger than his own, supposedly selfish desire and for this to be a happy end to his tale… but when that desire is to just live HIS one and only life the way he wants and not the way his parents and lineage decided he was going to live it the instant he was born, it doesn’t come off as a happy conclusion. His friend died and he blamed himself. As punishment, he gave up on his own happiness and returned home. That’s what I’m choosing to view this as. Ironically, I feel like this has to have been the best story arc out of all the Knuckles issues I’ve read so far, simply because I could actually follow what was happening a lot easier than normal. The situation was clear. The villain was competent (until it was time for him to lose) and the character’s actions and due diligence wasn’t stripped from them in favor of more mystical, magical bullshit. Plus, there was a significantly lesser amount of explaining things and boring history lessons. What history we did get was shown through appropriate flashbacks that got the point across without paragraphs of frivolous talking. Yet, despite that, I still can’t shake off how uncomfortable this all is. The LSD thing is one thing but the “lesson” it ends on is so tacitly sad that, intentional or not, it just leaves this story as one of, if not the most, dark and depressing of the tales I’ve read so far. Maybe I’d feel different if the characters who suffered the most weren’t so young or if Charmy wasn’t my favorite character but I can only speak on this from my own perspective. Yes, I'm aware that back in the day, Charmy may have been older than he is now. That changes nothing. I’m looking forward to not thinking about this one for a while.
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    I'm pretty sure that's more SEGA's than anyone else's even if there are several elements that legally don't belong to them. I'm convinced that if Jack Kirby and Stan Lee rose from the grave just to tell Ken where he legally stands, and what he can do to continue his story he'd condescendingly tell the legendary duo how wrong they are like he does everyone else. The only way I can imagine he can access everything Archie had is by doing a non profit web comic. But no he wants money, he wants to publish graphic novels and an app and probably a whole franchise, and that's just never gonna happen. Reboot and reinvent your characters Ken. You can't profit off of Archie and SEGA's long since expired sloppy seconds.
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    Was it Penders that wrote the story that revealed that Robotnik had a secret protocol that not even his staff knew about that, in that should he ever truly lose control over the world, he would command all his artillery to just eradicate the entire thing so no one else would take it from him? Starting to sound familiar now. It sounds like Penders is insistent that Sonic, in some form or other, is going to be the thing he makes his legacy out of, and if he can't, he'll recklessly try to gouge chunks of its property for himself. Stuff like EVIL SONIC AND ROBO ROBOTNIK is just as unusable for him in this legal stance, but if he can't use it, then NO ONE can.
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    Chamomile #152
  42. 1 point


    Chamomile #151
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    Some art to let out some emotions. It speaks for itself I think. I haven't properly introduced these characters yet. All due time.
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    You said it yourself, vocal minority. That's all it takes to fuel jokes, articles and discussion for those outside of the fandom, and it's the same in every case. I'm glad you're happy here thus far, I am too, but even SSMB has it's moments that will give it a reputation due to the actions of a few members being witnessed from outside the fandom etc. Forgive the dark example, but compare it to how the actions of a few unrepresentative extremist terrorists have painted the image of entire religions overnight. People make snap judgements about groups of people all the time, and they take pleasure in doing so if it makes for easy joke/media fodder that'll get them attention.
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    So it's occurred to me that that hole in her jumpsuit ends literally an inch away from where her vagina begins...
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    At least the neglectful parent knows how to make Halloween fun.
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    I-I can't- Seriously guys, I'm dying of laughter right now My sides, my eyes... I... I think we have started to reach the zenith of his great creativity. ...
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    Um, no. I mean, if the species was evil or something, sure. But the anthros weren't doing anything bad, and were, in fact, completely welcoming to Robotnik as far as anyone can tell. The whole thing doesn't make him more sympathetic, if anything it just makes him even more of an asshole for taking over and (essentially, depending on how you look at roboticization) killing a bunch of sentient beings simply because "Well, this used to be my people's world, and obviously that's the way it's supposed to be! Even though they seem fine on their own. And they don't mind me being around. Shut up and get in the roboticizer."
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    I forgot that someone transcribed my interview with him. (LOL I like how he keeps my "Umm's" and "Uh's" XD) That was a really good interview (for me. I've done some horrible ones). What disturbed me was the comment that if he came on board, he'd start right where he left off and ignore what's happened since he left. He once told me that he only considers his work canon and gave me an example that he also considers Stan Lee and Kirby's work on Fantastic Four canon and anything after that doesn't matter. That's a horrible to think of a comic book that's a collaborative effort. It's sad that it's come to this now because I think a good chunk of the early success of the book was due to him. I've been reading the legacy series and one of his first works Sonic #27-28 was actually a really good story that had a very SATAM feel to it. I think it's his love of the Knuckles world he created and had so much free reign on that was his downfall. He couldn't let it go. Even after the series was cancelled, he kept trying to write more echidna stories in the back of the comic but kids don't care about that. They want more Sonic. I think doing the second 25 years later is what finally did him in. I think if the Knuckles series never existed, he might still be on the book. Then again, this is the same guy who reportedly wouldn't read issues he didn't write including when Bollers was writing every other issue. You can't keep good continuity doing that.
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    Yeah I'm just gonna leave this here before I gather my thoughts
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