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    I really dig this official image of the Sonic squad they posted for SEGA's 60th anniversary. Im pretty sure it's been a long while since we've seen art with them drawn like this all together
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    Im probably like one of, i dunno, five or six people here who cares but Aaaaaaaaah Panzer Dragoon is out on the eshop and i want ittttt But Limited Run starts physical preorderes tomorrow but i feel those will run out by payday next week What to dookkokkkk
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    both of their reaction shots really etch in stone how amazing this is
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    On the other hand that gives Waluigi a chance. Blech. But on the OTHER other hand, Shadow or Isaac also get a chance. Highly doubt Shadow but I love him so I'll never give up hope until the very end, hehe.
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    They are probably making a second ARMS game and the new fighter will tie into that somehow.
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    Only the worthy can sit on this throne:
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    I've made this (Star Wars Meme):
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    I’m not really as demanding about 3rd party reps in FP2. I mean I have my wishes (Sora, a RE rep or Dante, and a PlayStation rep), but like, whatever we get I’ll probably find fun and unique, similar to how I felt about FP1’s dlc roster.
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    This has me very excited. Honestly any rep would be great, but if it’s Spring Man, that salt from gatekeepers that enforce everything fan rule conceivable is gonna taste so good
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    Ugh, 2K are doing that shit where they only put small parts of the games onto cartridges and make you download everything else. Bioshock only has the opening acts of each game Borderlands only has the first game on cart XCom only has the first two missions I am so fucking tired of this bullshit
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    Honestly I had figured Arms was dead. Also surprised they announced the series but not the fighter themself. Could just be that they aren't in a polished enough state to show off yet, but it makes me wonder if it might be an actual surprise and not one of the most obvious picks.
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    Doubt it’s Spring Man since he’s an assist trophy. I’m hoping for Twintelle (a.k.a. Best Waifu) as well.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    My turn Sonic is claustrophobic: In the old games, you would die if a certain space was too small. However, this space wouldn’t normally kill people in real life. You could just lay down and crawl out. BUT SONIC DIDN’T.
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    I didn't like Arms as a game that much but the characters are cool so whatever. I'm down for anything as long as it's not Waluigi
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    Right i never posted it here but I started a New LP of Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Also got @Nina Cortex Jovahexeon back again because we were down a memeber
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    Animal Crossing's online is pretty awful. On the plus side I just hit an island called Butter which had Lady Gaga as the island tune.
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    This is great! What a load of neat content! Very much hoping in the update I can actually buy stuff again, because the pit stop wouldn’t allow me to spend my hard earned grind on the last few skins and items from the final GP this week, which was a bit irritating. Although I’ve been coming down off this game for the last month or two from burnout... I’m glad that there will still be things on here to keep me coming back. Personally Don’t mind the coin grind replacing the Nitro, to me at least it’s another way to GET more coins regardless of amount 🙂 they are keeping in the Wumpa crate chase too so that’s something as well. The free Thankyou content is also sweet. Glad to see that Geary finally got a legendary skin haha! Even if it is through a shared costume Deal. But Iron checkpoint Crate is my new fav character because it’s nuts (and bolts). Got to say I also super appreciate the derp fix of Rilla Roo, but I agree that I don’t understand why this is a additional character rather than a model swap on the skins. Are mouths harder to move or swap as opposed to changing hair pieces and clothing? As for the new characters? Great! But Baby Cortex and Trophy look freaking terrible imo. Nevermind. Maybe we will get model changes for them eventually too?😂
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    Sonic Headcanons

    I like Ivo's movie origins. He's an orphan, and because of that hates "childish" ideas like family, and his incredible intellect and bullying throughout his childhood has led to a very misanthropic outlook on life. Despite all that, there is one person he's looked up to in the games, his grandfather Gerald. I could see Robotnik using his science for militaristic purposes, believing he was following in the footsteps of his hero, the genius GUN scientist.
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    Don't mind me. I'm just here being the only person hyped for the sequel of one of Nintendo's best NDS games: I'm not even kidding, this collection was really fun in the NDS era. I've wasted so much time playing Solitaire Mahjong, Darts, Bowling, and Balance...You could even play those games with friends via Wi-fi!
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    I guess I'll try out Arms since Nintendo is giving it to me for free for a week, time to play it to hype up the next Smash fighter, and I'll also download CTR's update.
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    That direct was pretty good. Yeah, I get that it basically means there's a dry spell for the first half of the year again, but the shadow drops really helped.
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    In a way, I do think that this mini Direct sort of just showed that Nintendo really doesn't have a whole lot to show off atm. It wasn't bad or anything, but I just don't think that they'll be at the output many were expecting from them for the foreseeable future. though knowing them, they'll just come around in June, blow the lid off multiple projects, and subvert my expectations (again) so idk
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    Meh, so what? They're gonna replace the Spring Man assist with Springtron when he's battling. Bet on it. Ya'' are gonna feel silly when they end up pulling a Dragon Quest Heroes/Koopa Kids on us and have them ALL be playable.
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    Not surprised to see Jedi Academy on Switch, but AM surprised that it’s bringing back the online multiplayer. I had fun with that back in the day. Now...Battlefront 2 classic with online, pls?
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    My only worry about them adding Twintelle us the surface similarities to Bayo. Tall, "sexy", fights with hair etc
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    They're gonna replace the Spring Man assist with Springtron when he's battling. Bet on it.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Hey, how did AR/SD go? Old Man Consequences?
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    Apparently, Segata Sanshiro had a child Oh, and the 60th SEGA's anniversary website is up.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Caught Sonic 27(and neither virus, thankfully) and it was decent, though it felt like it went by pretty fast. But considering it features the Filler Two...apropos?
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here’s a complaint I have that doesn’t involve at the actual story content:
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    I also think that Sonic and Tails won't get along with each other at first, due to Tails wanting Sonic to come back to their home planet and Sonic not wanting to go because he just made a home with Tom and Maddie. I can see them slowly bonding with each other throughout the film as they start to realize that they have a lot in common.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Channel

    Bee Boy in his full glory:
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    OK guys, time to do homework. What actor has had their face stolen and smooshed for the human guy this time?
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    I have always seen Infinite as the pathetic spoiled kid who was given big powers and became dangerous. I kinda like this concept too, but I agree that it's bad written in the game. Though, every character in that game is bad written. Infinite is someone who acts childish and is filled with desire of revenge for silly reasons; he wants to kill people and destroy the world in order to fullfill his childish revenge, because according to his ill psychology and twisted vision of the world, it makes sense. If used well, a villain like that has some potential IMO. I hate Dragonball comparisons, but there's Majin Buu that's kinda a similar character in that regard, minus the backstory (and the fact that Buu is even more childish, he gets angry for suff like candies and such). The interesting thing of that type of characters, is that if you manage to get into their psychology and reason with them in the right way, they may even turn to your side, or at least stay neutral to you; but at the same time they are very unstable, and every little pointless thing can turn them dangerous again.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    This one has been mentioned in spinoffs and somewhat shown in the Archie Comics, but those cuffs on Silver's wrists function simlarly to Shadow's, and if they were to ever break he'd either lose his powers (they could be futuristic technology that enhances brainwaves and grants psychokinesis since Silver said he's mot unique in his future) or his mental abilities would amplify to extreme heights similar to Mob Psycho. I also think that since Silver can somewhat warp space on a limited scale to achieve temporary lightspeed propulsions, and since space is often linked with time, that with practice Silver could be able to harness a form of chronokinesis similar to Chaos Control and this could explain how he inexplicably travels back and forth through time without issues of more than seven Emeralds coming up.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    The black part of Shadow's shoes are actually just his feet.
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