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    i find it funny in sonic and the black knight, they show knuckles/galawan attempting to off himself to restore his honor, which totally acceptable for samurai but extremely disgraceful for knights they accidentally went a little too japanese for a european tale of knighthood
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    Indigo Rush

    Posting takes too long

    Yeah. I think this is why double posting happens more frequently nowadays than it used to. Sometimes it looks like nothing's happening and I've spammed that post button out of frustration. Yeah. I think this is why double posting happens more frequently nowadays than it used to. Sometimes it looks like nothing's happening and I've spammed that post button out of frustration. Yeah. I think this is why double posting happens more frequently nowadays than it used to. Sometimes it looks like nothing's happening and I've spammed that post button out of frustration. Yeah. I think this is why double posting happens more frequently nowadays than it used to. Sometimes it looks like nothing's happening and I've spammed that post button out of frustration.
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    I'm going to put this as simply as I can - if you are seeking a continuation of Archie Sonic - please read Archie Sonic Online by @SonicWindAttack and his team. You can find a topic about it here: Ken Penders is trying to claim this is connected to the original Archie Sonic universe because no one gives a shit about his stories or characters, and he's trying to use it as a clutch to draw in readers - much like how he used the original Archie Sonic as a vehicle for his awful comics, including how he intended to make the villain of The Lost Ones the main villain of Archie Sonic after Eggman's death. It's the same here, he keeps claiming that it's standalone and that it can stand without ties to Archie Sonic, or the franchise as a whole, while also still using pretty much everything from Archie Sonic just renamed to try draw people in. He does not have the rights to use any Sonic/SEGA character or owned property, and thus he's making fake expies/rip offs of them in order to try skirt past copyright laws. Not-Knuckles on the cover is a key example of that, he looks near-exact to Knuckles with some facial hair, and isn't referred to by name, but it's clear who it's meant to be. So the simple answer - this is not a continuation of Archie Sonic. It takes place in the Mobius 25 Years Later timeline, but it's Penders trying to use the comic to once again fuel his own shit and try drag in fans of Archie Sonic who are desperately trying to get a conclusion to the comic. Luckily - Archie Sonic Online is fan-made, and written by fans passionate about Sonic, and Archie Sonic, and is an actually good continuation of Archie Sonic. If that's why you're interested, please ignore TL-SC and read Archie Sonic Online for a continuation, you won't regret (or at least - you won't regret it as much as you'd regret reading Penders' godawful crap).
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    It seems like when I make a post, status update, or status reply, it often takes a few solid seconds to actually publish and it's beginning to get on my nerves. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Chamomile #154
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    Rose is far from a good person but it's disingenuous to trace her every action as negative. Rose gave the gems the gift of free will. Life and love and family.. She gave them Steven, who eventually dismantled the chokehold the Diamonds held on the galaxy. It's up to you to judge her worth. The show doesn't need to tell you how to feel about her. The truth isn't that she's bad, it's that she's complicated. The show dug into that more than enough for me. I was relieved that the cast was over it in future for the most part and living happily.
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    So I took a bit of time to digest the ending and thought I'd just share my 2 cents on it all. Overall, I liked it. I loved how Steven's plotline was resolved and even teared up a bit at the end. It really did feel like the end of an era. That being said, I do have two main issues with this 4 parter. The first being the Diamonds as, while I personally still find them fun to watch and love the direction they've taken since Change you Mind, I know a lot of people took issue with how they were reformed and I don't think the finale helped that in any meaningful way. I honestly wish we had generally seen more of them throughout the season as I feel we skipped a lot of steps on their arc. I liked where they ended but I just don't feel like they had the same time as all of the other main characters did. Considering their role in the entire story... I don't think that's good at all. Also, as a side not, White's little sad speech towards the end there was a bit too long and sappy for me, even for this show. The second is maybe more of a nitpick but damn if I don't need to get it off my chest here. It was the one thing that I really had hoped to get from this ending. Simply put, I would've liked to have gotten one last scene with Pink. Just something that, for better or worst, ended the guessing game with her character. I get that this is probably the more "powerful" ending as it mirrors the real life experience of losing someone without all the answers but fuck man, this is a show and they really put her character through every twist and turn. I don't know how to feel about the character and with her being the catalyst of the entire series, not to mention there being entire story beats revolving around her... shit's frustrating to say the least lol. Anyways, again, I did overall greatly enjoyed this, as I did Future in general. It didn't pull any of its punches and took a deeper look into mental stress than I've seen any show of this level tackle. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised given the show's history of pushing barriers but it was amazing to watch nonetheless. For me, this entire series will always hold a special place in my heart. It's characters, music, art-style, atmosphere, and universe in general are simply unlike anything I've ever watched. It really transported me to another place. While there were definitely a number of flaws, I can't deny that I did enjoy the ride throughout most of it. There was always a sense of uniqueness to it, even in it's failings. Like, those months of hiatuses and lackluster townie episodes weren't great (and I'll probably end up skipping a lot of them during rewatches), but damn if it didn't lead to a greater filling of payoff when the plot did start to pick back up. To put it simply, SU is a series that I absolutely adore. While I can certainly see why it has its critics, I'm still one of the many who see this as one damn fine show. While I do hate to see it go (along with the last real remaining pillar of the early 2010 CN renaissance), it did leave on a great note in me. Can't wait to see what Sugar and her team do next.
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    I mean I'm expecting King Ogilvie being mentioned at some point TBH.
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    Just finished replaying Sonic Adventure. Honestly, the game is still super fun (screw Big though), the music is some of the best the series has ever had, and the story is very charming. Thank you @Blue Bloodfor the idea!
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    How dare you! That is an insult to snails, for they're much faster than him 😛
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    Infinite. He's just a psychopathic dickwad that got trashed in battle so hard he created a new persona that is the epitome of edge. That's his entire character. He's very melodramatic and overly serious, and he's a great foil for Sonic. Plus his theme rocks.
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    SSMB posts that did not age well: @Forte-Metallix @Harkofthewaa
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    Even though Forces came out less than three years ago I feel like I've still been waiting 7 years for the next actual Sonic game
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    The Fighters Pass 2 characters are already chosen. The delayed meetings Sakurai referred to recently were probably more for stuff such as "does this character look alright" or "is this concept for a move OK", licensing stuff, like how he'd have to ask SEGA "can we make Sonic's alternate colours suck less" and SEGA would be like, "nah not really". He'd still need to do these things even with Nintendo characters - Sora and Namco aren't Nintendo and don't work at Nintendo's HQ. There's likely to be some delay, but I don't think it'll reflect on the characters chosen, just the development time.
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    The Easter Bunny parade has begun on Sonic Retro.
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    Cartoon Network released the beautiful finale song for SU Future
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    dear lord pray for brazil cuz we have a virus spreader doing marches as leader that plans to do a mandate to cancel quarentine, what the fuck. how is he still there.
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    Yep, that one has happened to me a lot too. In other Tails-related glitches (or bugs), in Advance 1, if you play as Sonic with Tails, when you finish X Zone in the bad ending, Tails just stands there in the results screen, then he’ll go into his idle animation. Cracked me up the first time I saw it.
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    TNT/Nitro Crate dropping TNT/Nitro to slow racers down is the Crash equivalent to Yoshi weaponizing his own eggs.
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    Yo, Ninjala actually looks pretty clean. Honestly looks a lot like if they brought in the multiplayer from KI: Uprising, gave it more verticality, and then put it in Splatoon's engine or something. Hell, it's free too. Gonna have to check it out.
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    Since we’re venting over the current crisis; this whole thing is agonizing. I’m very worried about going out due to living with an elderly, asthmatic mother, who herself is having a hard to time ordering shopping. It’s also not helping my depression none. I’m no longer able to focus on my own mental health because of the more pressing matters at hand.
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    Can I just say, while Geoffrey looks awful, he's far more tolerable to look at than the main character of the story.
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    I don't buy it. I mean, what stops Nintendo from releasing those DLC few months later with sexy 3rd party, rather than desperately scraping 1rst party bottom now? I mean, let's say Waluigi and Issac from Golden Sun are next. Can you list 3 more characters popular enough that people will want to spend money on them? Chibi Robo? Bandana Waddle Dee? Tingle? ...ow wait, even more Pokemon starters. Yeah, that would be low blow and could totally work.
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    The problem with this theory again, is that there are plenty of ways to do meetings without physical contact. It’s the 21st century, and we’re in a digital age of communication. If they already have these characters picked, I see absolutely no reason why meetings would be difficult in 2020 for the multi billion dollar companies that more than likely have Skype and a decent internet connection. The only real reasonable complication I can see here is the actual development of these characters, but that’s not limited to 3rd parties.
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    Just finished my first full playthrough of 06 in likely over a decade. I think I sometimes forget how good other Sonic games have it, because my god did I get nothing from that.
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    I have less of a problem with Colors' story being boring than I do with the dub writing being really fucking obnoxious. I mean, the story was "good enough" for the time it released in as a break from other things, but then "good enough" became the standard Sega stuck to, and that went far beyond just the stories. The games themselves are safe and forgettable.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    The fact that this has less than 10,000 views is a tragedy.
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    I pointed this out on twitter but I noticed that the first half of the year for Nintendo is always slow but during the 2nd half is when they usually pump out games. This year might be different given recent events tho but it's something to keep in mind.
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    It might be that they had already finalized the pass roster before the Covid appeared, but they originally intended the ARMs rep to be maybe the second fighter to be announced and a third party character would come before. But when the virus did arrive, it indeed has discouraged any further meetings with the intended 3rd party company. So as a backup plan, they've instead shifted work onto their 1st party rep as a safety net. That would explain why the Direct said they "need more time" to finish the ARMs rep: they never fully started on the character in first place (But I just realized this only works if they were being worked on simultaneously, even then... 😣)
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    After a couple years I replayed Sonic Lost World last night and I was having a great time. It's one of the few Sonic games I outright love.
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    Yeah, but it seems to be a problem with actually updating the page. Usually, the post/status/reply is posted immediately, it just takes longer for it to actually reflect in your page. If you open a new tab and go to SSMB, you'll tend to see that it's been posted long before the previous tab actually shows it was posted.
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    I think what's weirder is he think if worse came to the worse, he thinks someone would be insane enough to want to finish this up for him.
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    Pretty sure all the picks and deals have concluded before the announcement of this new pack.
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    In my opinion, It would have to be Captain Whisker from Sonic Rush Adventure. He only has a few appearances in the comics. As an enemy, he is very powerful and is known to take on blaze and sonic at the same time but his only game appearance is is in Sonic Rush Adventure.
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    *Ice Cream Truck outside plays Christmas songs* You're FOUR MONTHS LATE buddy! EDIT: And now they're playing "It's a Small World"...
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    Perhaps, but I think it'd still be a bit slower to communicate changes needing to be made and implementing those changes with the rest of the development team, especially should their office be closed. The hardware to develop the game couldn't just be brought home with one team member, that'd be way too risky; so the work they could get done would be limited. It probably makes more sense to hold the discussions when they can actually act on the feedback.
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    So, according to this guy, there will be 5 deleted scenes that will be in the home release of the movie.: Yep, just like the Spider-Ham short that was included in the home release of the Spider-Man: Into the Spideverse.:
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    And what a shock. That amount is incredibly meager and terrible.
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    I know this is down to personal preference at the end of the day, but I think it's really inappropriate to sideline the literal face of the franchise in a game about his arch enemy's takeover of the planet to focus on a secondary character and a new villain. If this was a spin off about Shadow, fine. But it's a Sonic anniversary title, and I think that should be respected at the very least.
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    Definitely wish Infinite was more focused on Shadow and Sonic was just incidentally involved, and I'm not saying I'd be opposed to him being a better character, but that I kinda like how he was in forces
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    So hi, I created an account here to try and better explain the narrative and world of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The overall narrative can be confusing to many due to retcons and many plot important details only being explained in Japan. For example, all manuals released in the USA and Europe prior to the release of Sonic Adventure in 1998 are non-canon. They were rewritten in an attempt to better appeal to western audiences. I would like to mention that this was a common practice for video games from Japan back in the day, the western media for the Super Mario Bros games for example claimed Mario & Luigi were from Brooklyn, USA and the Mega Man story from the games was changed to claim that the series took place through out outer space on different mining planets. Thankfully the original Japanese manuals that explained the story have been translated by fans and I will link to them as I explain the overall narrative of what many call the classic games. I'll start with explaining Sonic's World, then the Chaos Emeralds and finally ending with a basic summary of where each game takes place in the overall narrative of the games. Sonic's world, as originally intended, was a fantastic version of our world. Humans and anthropomorphic animals like Sonic live in peace with one another, kind of like the Dragon Ball franchise. It was explained by former head of Sonic Team, Yuji Naka, that the animals like Sonic preferred to live on the numerous islands scattered throughout the Earth while the humans preferred to live on the the continents. However starting around the 2010s current head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, claimed that the games take place between two worlds: a world filed with talking animals like Sonic and a human world which Robotnik is from. It's not known why this was retconed, possibly to try and make the narrative of the games more closely align with the spin-off media like the Sonic X anime and now the movie, but regardless most fans tend to ignore this retcon because it contradicts previously established lore and just makes things harder to understand. Next is the Chaos Emeralds, nobody knows where they came from and numerous ancient cultures have been connected with them. They can be used to infinitely power machines, though as seen in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed the power of the emeralds can be drained if they are improperly used, and it is said the when all seven are collected a miracle happens. Sometimes they can be found on Sonic's World, but other times they are found in the bonus levels called the Special Stage that take place in another dimension. The most common access to this Special Stage world is the Big Rings kind of like in the movie. It's unknown why the emeralds sometimes go to this world, but it is speculated by Sonic's best friend Tails in Sonic Rush Adventure that the Chaos Emeralds are sentient in some way, which if true, would explain why they sometimes decide to scatter through out the world or hide themselves in the Special Stage dimension. There is also the Master Emerald, basically a giant Chaos Emerald that has the power to stop the Chaos Emeralds. I mentioned before that the Chaos Emeralds are associated with many ancient civilizations, but the most important to the Sonic story-line is the Echidna Tribe. This is the same tribe that was after Sonic in the opening of the movie. The Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emeralds at some point in history were located on an out door shrine. There, these cute little defenseless creatures known as the Chao lived in peace. One Chao in particular was mutated by the power of the emeralds into a powerful water creature. This water Chao used it's power to protect the other Chao and the emeralds. You can read more about this here, but keep in mind the translation isn't very good and as far as I know there isn't a better one available, but to summarize the Echidna Tribe sought to take the power of the Chaos Emeralds for themselves. They attacked the shrine and many of the Chao that lived there. The powerful water Chao in it's rage used the Chaos Emeralds to become even more powerful and nearly destroyed the entire world before being imprisoned inside the Master Emerald. This water chao would be given the name Chaos: the God of Destruction by the few remaining Echidnas that managed to survive. Their entire civilization destroyed, the few that remained took it upon themselves to guard the Master Emerald so a tragedy like this could never happen again. They left murals warning of Chaos in the few remaining structure they had left. The Master Emerald would then use it's power to raise a large chunk of the continent high into the sky, hidden by the clouds, which the Echidnas named Angel Island. They would could continue to guard the Master Emerald on this floating island for over 3000 years. Today, the only remaining echidna still alive is Knuckles the Echidna who continues to the guard the Master Emerald from abuse. The first game confirmed to have happened chronologically is Tails Adventure as confirmed in the Japanese manual. Nothing really significant story wise happens in this game, but it's a good introduction to Tails as we get to see him really put his scientific prowess to good use. It's also a good hidden gem in it's own right and recommended if you enjoy Metroidvania type games. Next is the very first Sonic game Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). This game take place on South Island, a mysterious island that moves around the ocean by itself. Interestingly, according to the Japanese manual, this isn't the first time Robotnik and Sonic met and it's never been revealed in the video games how Sonic and Robotnik first fought each other. Eventually Sonic manages to stop Robotnik and collect the Chaos Emeralds before they scatter away from South Island. In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) Sonic always ready to explore uses his vintage biplane, called the Tornado, to visit Westside Island. While here he meets Tails, who according to the Japanese manual was bulled and doesn't have much self confidence. Robotnik reveals that he wants to use the Chaos Emeralds to power his space station the Death Egg, a direct parody of the Death Star from Star Wars. Sonic manages to collect the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik and destroys the Death Egg. Sonic also learns to properly utilize the Chaos Emeralds to transform into a more powerful form called Super Sonic, a direct parody of the Super Saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball Z. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, as mentioned in the Japanese manual, it turns out Sonic did not in fact destroy the Death Egg. Instead it crashed onto Angel Island and the enormous weight of the Death Egg caused the island to fall from the sky and land on the ocean like a normal island. Robotnik then tricks Knuckles into thinking Sonic if after the Master Emerald, Sonic and Knuckles fight, Knuckles learns the truth, and finally Sonic destroys the Death Egg for real this time. The next game I want mention is Sonic CD, chronologically it could either happen before Sonic 2 or after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Nothing important story-wise happens, but it does introduce series regular Amy Rose. Amy is in love with Sonic and self proclaims that she is Sonic's girlfriend. Sonic may seem to dislike her, but he considers her one of his best friends and it's hinted at rarely that he may have feelings for her. It also introduces Metal Sonic who would become the most famous of Robotnik's evil robots based of Sonic. Pretty much every other game released on the Sega Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive/Genesis, Saturn and latter Sonic Mania happens after those four games. They are mostly stand alone stories that don't affect the story much but most of them are worth checking out especially Sonic Mania. Some of the 8-bit Sonic games on the Game Gear were released on the Master System too and the Master System versions are considered to be the superior versions of the games due to the camera being less zoomed in. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Game Gear is almost a nightmare to play but the Master System version is a lot easier in too many ways to mention here. Starting with Sonic Adventure the stories start becoming more complicated and thus it would take me a very long time to properly summarize the story of these games, one of many significant things that happens in Sonic Adventure is Tails gaining his self confidence. We also learn in Sonic Adventure 2 Robotnik does indeed have family with the introduction of his grandfather Professor Gerald Robotnik. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. If you really like the movie and want to experience more Sonic related stuff besides the games, I recommend watching the Sonic X anime. It's probably the most faithful adaption of Sonic outside the games and the plot is similar to the movie too with Sonic and his friends being stranded in the human world. The first two seasons can be seen on Netflix and can be watched for free on Youtube here. Currently Sonic X season 3 is only available on Blu-ray. The IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics are a good place to start too. All the games up to Sonic Forces are canon to the comic until Sonic Forces, from there the comic begins and starts creating it's own unique interpretation of the Sonic the Hedgehog mythology. I hope this helps! The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise much like Batman or any other long running comic book series has many different interpretations. Although many can be quite different from one another, they all have that sense of adventure and high-speed thrill from the games.
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    By the way as if things weren't complicated enough, the English lore and Japanese lore are completely separate for the Classic era. Thankfully by the Adventure era this was (mostly) fixed as it's harder to massively change a 3D game compared to a 2D one where most of the story is in background details and manuals. After that point the only major western differences are the comics and Sonic Boom from what I can tell. (there are some newer games that also change the script too) If you're interested in learning about it Sonic Retro has some good info on the original manuals and development history of each game. For the Adventure era Windii has re-translations for the Adventure era cut scenes onward in video form. (as some were changed due to translation errors or time restraints) Another YouTuber named Deepest Lore is also going over the Classic era Japanese lore in an easy to watch format. Hopefully this helps a bit as I find both sides pretty interesting.
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    Chalk me up to the team that loves Sonic Adventure just the way it is and would want any theoretical remake to look critically at the game and make any necessary changes. SA1 is a pretty big game, and offers so much variety in its gameplay. Some of it is good, some of it isn't. Whilst I won't pretend do speak for absolutely everybody, I think it's pretty safe to say that there are elements of the original that by large would not be missed if they were changed or removed outright. The biggest offender should go without saying; Big's fishing gameplay. Just get rid of it. Even with the technical quirks ironed out (uncooperative camera, fish not biting etc etc), dedicating an entire campaign to a fishing minigame in what is otherwise a high speed platformer is a mistake. I'm not in favour of axing Big or any of the playable cast, but changes are necessary. Sonic and Knuckles should stay as-is. Sonic really only needs technical improvements (like not uncalling from a ball when brushing against a wall), but his levels are controls are otherwise bliss. They're the strongest parts of SA1. Knuckles is great too. If only some of his levels were a bit later, he'd be perfect. Everyone else needs either a few tweaks or big changes. Gamma needs some adjustments to his controls, Amy needs a speed increase and Tails... Tails is weird. Tails' campaign is a strange retread of Sonic's. That would be fine if he didn't hear okay through half of Sonic's levels cut in half.I really think Tails needs separate levels to accommodate his flight, or make the races feel like actual races. If any part of SA1 feels like filler, it's Tails. And Big. I don't care what you do. Tell his story in a different way through optional fishing minigames or take him right back to the drawing board and do him entirely differently. Ideally, make him a Sonic style platformer (like everyone else) and use his fishing line as a grapple or something. I dunno, he just can't be kept as is. That's all best case scenario stuff though. Worst case? It's hard to say. There's so many ways to go wrong. Sticking too closely to the original would be one. SA1 is such a mixture of good and bad ideas that you have to take out the bad in a remake. Changing what was already good would be a nightmare too. Boost gameplay? Chao Garden removed? No more Adventure Fields? An artstyle that doesn't reflect the original? Christ, no. SA1 is a weird game. Unlike Crash and Spyro which are basically 1:1 remakes, SA1 would be hurt by the approach. I just can't see SEGA doing anything on the scale of SA1 again. It's a huge game, but Sonic games now are tiny. We've not had anything remotely as big as SA1 since Unleashed.
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    The idea of an upgrade that increases the speed of base game functions has literally been a thing since the NES days if not sooner. Why would this particular instance be something made specifically for speedrunners? The fact that you don't "need" it doesn't mean that they don't think you will miss it if you don't have it or that it's not the optimal way to play otherwise. That's the whole point of making the game's upgrades based in a store system. Even if it's not fully realized as well as it ought to be, it's point is for you to evaluate your options and weigh your priorities. It doesn't really work out that way, since the in-game economy isn't so rigid that you'd have to spend more than an hour or so grinding before you're able to afford basically everything in the store anyway. But the idea that it's something that was made specifically with speedrunners in mind and not because they saw the base transformation speed was kind of sluggish and thought "people might actually want this feature" is a bit of a logical leap. Even though I don't necessarily agree with them, I am perfectly fine with people who think that the transformations are not as seamless as they otherwise could be. Pirate's Curse didn't "spoil" them, it showed that better game design was in fact possible. It essentially highlights the weakpoints of the system, just like the lack of Spin Dash in original Sonic 1 or Tails' in ability to fly in original Sonic 2 are all the more noticeable now that we've had 20+ years of games that rectify this and subsequent ports of said games that have also mended the issue. Surely, it's not the worst aspect of the series, and I don't think anyone is suggesting that it makes the games terrible, but that there are certainly ways of improving it that would make the flow of the gameplay much more palatable and less clunky.
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