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    What in the hell is THIS?! If this has 15 Chuckles, I will make it my icon for the rest of the week.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Meanwhile...at IDW...
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hm, more like Creme and Cafe. Yeah, probably. Although there actually was a snooty Cream complete with a dog purse in the Championship arc.
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    SA1 wouldn't have blown up like SA2 did. It's creative choices are as much of a part of its popularity as it's timing.
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    I've noticed that it happens here, but I've gotten used to it and usually let it slide as just how some people are. I will admit there are times I get heated, but I try to take a break from the thread if it gets too much. A common thing I see with SA1 and SA2 is splitting the gameplay by platformer and spectacle. I somewhat agree with it, as SA1 felt like it was trying to bring the Classics to modern even if it wasn't perfect at it and not as momentum based (the badniks were still cartoony here in contrast to Chaos). While SA2 is more about getting through the level with style, it is the game that introduced trick points and the ranking system after all. I think both have their place, and I like both for different reasons. I found the story interesting in SA1 too. I prefer having hub worlds to explore like in SA1, but I also enjoy how quick it is to replay levels in SA2. I can get why older fans would prefer SA1, as to me SA1 felt like a goodbye letter to Classic and SA2 the start of something new. You had all the Chaos Emerald and Knuckles family stuff that carried over from S3&K. To me why I talk about SA2 more is I find there are more little details to uncover. SA1 has them too, like I only learned more recently that the NPCs all had mini story lines and had logical reasons of where they appeared during the story, almost like a mini take on Majora's Mask NPCs. Like the tourists leave after you beat the game. Sure they were simple reused models, but I found that they put so much effort into it really interesting.
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    Thanks. And I get this, I do. A lot of classic fans wre pretty intolerant of the adventure generation back in the day, for multiple reasons. Adventure fans were on the defensive for a long time once they were old enough to find out the prior generation may not have agreed with them. But that said, it's not what I got into this thread for, it's not what I was doing AT ALL....But then somehow I was accused of it multiple times. And it's been this recent trend, which I have fallen victim to multiple times on this forum, and I have seen growing even louder on social media. That generation has already turned into the thing that theyre upset at classic fans about, and what seems to trigger them the most is when anyone dare criticize (even when not actually) SA2. As for them, it is the golden game of their time. I know what that feels like since for me it is S3K, so I'm not upset at them about their nostalgia, but I do get irritated when they start lashing out at me and others when I happen to disagree with them, often in ways that have nothing to do with the game itself... Like in this thread. And many other times on this forum. And casually on social media. It happens all the time, but more so when it comes to SA2 than anything else. All I did was say that S1 and S2 (which aren't even my favorite titles in the series) were clearly the most influential in the series history. You'd figure that would be beyond dispute at this point. It's not a contest between generations, it's just a fact that they sold way more (this is reported everywhere, so I don't have to look this up) and were a major part of the broader gaming revolution of the 90s, even surpassing the Mario juggernaut of the time. I mean, considering that before Sonic, Mario and nintendo had something like a 90% market share, and in just 2-3 years that changed to 65% in favor of SEGA, that is pretty staggering. They are the only games in history that can claim that and the marketing push that followed their success is something we probably won't see again. This doesn't at all take away the impact SA2 had on the generation 10 years later. My only point is, theyre not on the same scale. And for SA1, there is more of a debate and I can see why so many think SA2 is the more popular one, it's not ridiculous to think it. I think for the GameCube generation is 100% is. But I found it interesting that SA1 sold more despite this and I do remember a lot of the previous generation preferring SA1 to 2. It was a common debate of the early online forum Era in the early 2000s and even to this day when you ask fans from the older generation, it is a common preference for SA1 over 2. So it seemed to me, not so clear cut as it might seem.
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    I think a big problem with this argument is that it centres around sales. That's not the only metric of a game's cultural significance. I mean, take Knack. Does anyone think that was a significant game? It sold well, it sold better than Super Mario 3D World even, but I don't think anyone would say it's culturally significant. A game can be commercially successful, significant for a short time, and then fade away. I do agree that SA1 was a very important game when it came out, and its sales reflect that, but it was very quickly overshadowed by SA2, even if it's sequel may have sold less than it did.
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    Just got slapped in the face with nostalgia right here. I always figured some of these Pokemon Snap Blockbuster kiosks must still be out there somewhere.
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    - Meanwhile, in the White House.

    - Meanwhile, in the White House.
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    I'm writing this post because I like you a lot @UpCDownCLeftCRightC and usually agree with your posts, but I think you are slightly off the mark here. I'll begin by saying that I think the central point of your post is right: a lot of people get defensive over SA2 and want fan nostalgia pandering to the game. However, your long post about it was very melodramatic, let's be honest 😛 . Also, that's not what's happening here. The argument, which I agree with, is that SA2 was a very significant game culturally in the series because it introduced loads of people to Sonic who had never played it or perhaps ever heard about it. My best friend is an example. He hates Sonic and an in-joke between us is that I'll get excited about Sonic and he'll just dismiss it as soon as possible. But even he's played SA2, because he loved the Gamecube growing up. This is why I agree that SA2 was the most significant Sonic game since Sonic 2. All Sonic games leading up to it were played by Sonic fans. I think @Tornado is being a bit ott by saying the Dreamcast was completely irrelevant as a console. It was relevant to SEGA fans and it's a cult classic for a reason. However, he's right that it was irrelevant for non SEGA fans. I bought it literally because it had SA1 on it, and like him, I knew no one else on the playground who even owned a Dreamcast. There's also another side to SA2 which I think makes it important and no one has talked about here yet. For a while, it looked like it could be Sonic's swan song. The Dreamcast's death was inevitable upon its release and the game was discussed in magazines as though it could be the last ever Sonic game. This obviously wasn't true, but it left an impression on a lot of us Sonic fans, me included, in a way SA1 never did.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Giving #27 a reread, this popped into my head when Zeena was defeated.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    It should be obvious just looking at the series and online discussion about it that more people being exposed to something doesn't necessarily make it more iconic, but let me hit you with an easy example: Avatar is one of the highest grossing movies of all time. A lot of people were exposed to it, yet there is a running joke on the internet of nobody being able to recall the protagonists name, let alone plot details. When you consider that something like that can be everywhere and even consumed by everybody and leave no mark, this isn't that much of a stretch. If Sonic Adventure really was that much more successful than SA2, that means the game had an advantage and still didn't stick the same way. That's still an if because I still haven't seen any numbers in this thread, but you know.
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    I remembered my login... lol.
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    I finally understand why people love FF7. It's been a fantastic game so far.
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    Be aware of him

    Be aware of him
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    I always feel like my taste in Sonic games is very strange. I don't like Sonic 1 or Sonic CD, but I like Sonic 2 and 3. I like Sonic Adventure and Heroes but don't like SA2 or Shadow. I like Colors and Generations but don't like Unleashed, Lost World or Forces. Mania is good as well, and I don't think I need to say anything about Boom or 06.
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    Man, sonic has really been put through the ringer in the zombie storyline.
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    Realism in Sonic

    I might have been able to buy a Roger Rabbit-type dynamic of cartoon characters next to real humans if it werent for the series' most notable human, Dr. Eggman. Even when the other humans are at least anime or even pixar-like in Unleashes, he looks like a big weird freak next to them. I think, in that case, humans were probably first considered to look stylistically in line with the other characters. Not looking just like them, but folling the same philosophy the Oshima used (strong and bold use of shapes, less detail, mixtures of circles and triangles, bright colors and rubber hose limbs). A style that, when told to make a comedic fat scientist, would make perfect sense to draw him that way. Given it's very japanese interpretation of old cartoon, the closest fit would be the human designs in 60s-80s gag anime.
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    (Tweet) wut. Nintendo wut?

    (Tweet) wut. Nintendo wut?
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    The Phantom Ruby in Forces came from the Classic timeline. It's not a stretch to say that Modern timeline has its own Ruby still hidden somewhere. If I were to bring Infinite back I'd have him go back to his mercenary ways. He still has the power to induce hallucinations (due to either still being bonded to remnants of the Classic PR or having the Modern version) but his constructs can no longer directly influence the physical world (due to only having fragments of the Ruby and/or not having Eggman's infrastructure to power it). Initially, Infinite is extremely upset about his diminished powers, which is only exacerbated by the heroes easily working around his illusions and trouncing him. However as time goes on he starts adapting to his reduced abilities, learning to appreciate them in a way he never did when he could simply create armies out of thin air. With each encounter he gets more creative with his tactics and adds more sadistic flourishes to further torment our heroes. Things like making Sonic experience the feeling of drowning, overwhelming Knuckles' senses with bright lights and loud sounds, shutting down Tails' senses outright, making Shadow attack Rouge by swapping appearances with her, or forcing Blaze to stand down without a fight because she can't be sure of her surroundings and what kind of collateral damage she might cause. Ultimately Infinite's mind games, gaslighting, and sadistic illusions allow him to become truly dangerous once more, possibly even more so than he was when he was a full blown reality warper. Character development: It's not just for the good guys!
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    I'd love this. And the ability to make & share campaign playlists from mixing the act/level order in whatever order to allow you to experience acts in a different way. All Boss Run, for an example as default, but you can make any crazy order you want. Basically a music player, but for Sonic levels -- randomize, make playlists, or play the full album/games as intended.
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    I know SA2 is a culutural milestone in this series for a lot of fans but i think SA1 has always been the more broadly popular game; broadly, as in outside the fanbase. Still higher sales overall, IIRC. Haven't checked in a while but I think it's true. Wouldn't surprise me either. SA1 may be the biggest, most ambitious title Sonic Team ever produced, they were given a massive budget for that game since it was supposed to sell the dremacast. They certainly seemed to view it that way. It's a similar parallel to Sonic 2 vs Sonic 3. Among most classic fans, there's no question that S3K is the pinnacle, but Sonic 2 was packaged with the console in an Era where hardware was being pushed more than games, so more people experienced Sonic 2 than 3. And so it has a more nostalgic, stronger legacy, despite the fact that even in 1994 most of the major magazines claimed that Sonic 3 was clearly the best in the series. Sonic 3 also came at a time when 3D gaming was experincing its first major breakthrough. Most series were figuring out how to transition, as companies back then thought that making the jump was an absolute necessity.... And for the time they were right, Sonic would not have survived as a 2D only series. SA2 for me, is more like the Sonic 1 for that generation of fans than anything else. For most of them it was the first Sonic game, they had no real knowledge or experience with SEGA as a console manufacturer and didn't know Sonic during his 90s heights. To them, it WAS Sonic, what came before essentially didn't exist. In the series history, it is the strongest dividing line between generations. I'd fully agree that it is one of the most influential games amongst the fandom for both good and bad reasons. It definitely was the progenitor of basically everything up to Sonic 06 and to a significant degree even the boost games are derived from its more linear style (they just execute it better, despite the more tanky controls). Edit: I think I agree with the classfication of the adventure Era as being "the silver age". Fairly accurate. The only hesitation I have with that, has little to do with the games themselves and more to do with the dreamcast failing. So even though both adventure games were popular when the released, they also released when SEGA fell out of the big 3. And for their legacy, I think it would have aged better had the gameplay obviously been more solid underneath, but not that as much as the later games not building on their good ideas. So when 06 hit, it did almost everything they did, but just to the worst extreme.
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    Right, I forgot to add something: "But the Phantom Ruby has been destroyed, how would they bring Infinite back?" Do I need to remind you all that the series is known for its lack of consistency, they can just bring back Infinite and his ruby without making it a huge plot point anymore, Knuckles basically exists without the Master Emerald, the Chaos Emeralds have been dropped as well (for the most part) and Super Sonic still is in the games. I know a lot of people who hate Infinite, but that alone can't convince anyone he isn't coming back. We'll have to wait and see, but he is popular, and people in general definitely want him back... especially teens love their edgy characters and Infinite fits I guess. Same for the Avatar. In fact, I'd say Infinite and Avatar were the most successful parts of Forces, they are popular in general, I guess, so I could see them both coming back in a future game. But no Forces sequel... please. IMO Infinite could come back as side antagonist for Shadow. And I'd be okay with that happening, considering the series needs more recurring villains, instead of bringing new ones all the time, we just need... better villains. His fate, as it has been said, was left sort of ambiguous for unknown reasons, might be an indicator they have more plans for him. Same for the fact he can't be used in the comics, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it really seems like SEGA has something else planned with him.
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    There were commercials for Sonic Lost World; not a lot, but it was something. But yea, the marketing push for this franchise has been extremely low aside from Boom, and that shit tanked hard. Think Boom taking is a significant reason they've cut back so much on this series. If something is deemed a failure, then they're not going to be as inclined to put as much money towards it. But yea, the Adventure Era (1998-2004) was probably the best time for the series outside of the 90's; Sonic Adventure were huge hits and introduced a new generation to Sonic, you had Sonic X airing, the advance series was going strong, and while Sonic Heroes as well as the Adventure titles, the game had a decent reputation. He wasn't as big of a fad as he was, but he still had a pretty good name. As I said, the fact that Sonic was still so popular despite the era of mascot platformers coming to an end was amazing. And then everything went to shit from 2005-2010; Unleashed was a small reprieve, but its reputation was tarnished by the Werehog; and the only notable spin offs from this time were the Rush, Rivals, Riders and Storybook series which were only considered passable at best, and forgettable at worst. 2010-2013 was the only time the series had a bit of an upturn with the double whammy of Colors and Generations, with the minor hiccup that was Sonic 4, and even then the second episode was considered a step up over the original. And then from 2013-Present, everything just went to shit again lol; With exception of Mania, everything since Lost World has just been painfully mediocre, and Boom was seen as just a desperate attempt at staying relevant that crashed and burned and probably costed Sega TONS of money. This is the longest time that Sonic has ever under performed. You had mediocre games in the dark age too, but you had some decent spin offs to offset it somewhat. There's no games to offset the mediocrity this time though with the exception of Team Sonic Racing, and even that's considered inferior to it's predecessors. If I had to divide things up: 1991-1994 (Golden Age, or the Genesis :V), 1995-1998 (The age where nothing happened), 1998-2004 (Silver age), 2005-2010 (Dark Age), 2010-2013(The Renaissance), 2013-Present (The Modern age, also a second Dark age depending on who you ask)
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    I see what you're getting at, but I would say that Adventure 1 & Adventure 2 and Colors & Generations were both fairly good states for the franchise (in terms of being perceived as such at the time, at least - maybe even in retrospect too, depending on who you ask). Granted, those both were only two games long, which I suppose is saying something. At least the series has pretty consistently had more minor/non-Sonic Team titles that are usually considered at least decent, and occasionally great (Mania being the biggest example, but then you also have your Advances and Rushes and stuff like that).
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    Sonic movie game/other tie-in media

    The movie was a gamble, with a pretty long and rocky history, even up until near release with the whole horrible gremlin design issue. If the movie ended up being a failure it would've likely hurt any other tie-in media as well. Plus they had recently enough tried introducing a whole separate spinoff sub-franchise with Boom, which wasn't exactly successful.
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    I'll always love the Michael Jackson' tracks. They've got his imprint truly on them.
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    I don't think it's that Sonic has never been 'good' after the Mega Drive games, it's just he's kinda suffered a massive identity crisis. Sonic Adventure 1 struggled to translate a lot of the key mechanics and physics of the original games to 3D, so ended up compensating and ending up a bit divergent and unfocused, if still pretty fun. The main problem was that, rather than trying to work out these obstacles and get things back on track, the later games just deviated EVEN MORE from the original Sonic gameplay, and sometimes missed the mark even when they DID try to emulate the old style again (eg. Sonic 4). Evolution and trying new ideas is of course important in moderation, but the problem is that, besides the odd nostalgia game like Advance 1 and Mania, most of which are side projects not even made by Sonic Team, Sonic has slowly discarded its vital 'core' and never really managed to recover it. There are some good games still there, but not always good SONIC games.
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    Jack out of the comics!

    Sonic Channel

    C'mon, we got years and years of Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Cream, I don't see what's wrong in an extra Big wallpaper. I've been saying this for a long time, more variety than 10 yearly characters + 2 new. Now, I'd like a new Chao wallpaper.
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    Jack out of the comics!

    Sonic Channel

    Big got one last year... surprise surprise, here's another one! Yeah!
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    Might as well use one of those Sonic2020 icons...
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    ABT tweeted some clean versions of that cover:
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    How dare you
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