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    Hey guys! Guess who just graduated college today and made it into the high honor rolls?
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    You know, its astonishing that he still expects people to expect elements from Sonic the Hedgehog in his book that is alledgedly supposed to stand on its own as a property seperate from Sonic the Hedgehog. Hmmmmm. I wonder why... Gosh, I'm stumped. I mean, its such an original thing he's doing here. You'd think it'd be obvious this has no relation to Sonic since it came from the man that helms the completely originally named Floating Island productions.
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    Archie never made it to Japan outside of the Japanese used market. From what I've seen, it's had the nichest of collectors on Japanese auction sites. Fleetway is absolutely unknown. I don't think Archie had much of a worldwide presence at all until the near end of their run when they did some other languages. IDW has just been better with getting their books out there, and printed in multiple languages. Though I wish with Sonic, they did what they did with Transformers, where the Japanese release got a cover by an actual mangaka.
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    I think Iizuka mentioned in an interview he has no idea what to do with a Mania 2. Wait, let me check... "Speaking to Famitsu magazine Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka stated that SEGA had effectively done "everything" it could with Sonic Mania." There's the exact words. So he ran out of ideas with Mania. Which baffles me. Just let the Mania development team worry about the specific content of a Mania 2, I bet they have tons of level ideas. Now, this is totally my speculation, but he comes across to me as someone who can only look at Mania as a Sonic Generations 2 kind of deal, the whole idea that you could make another Classic style game that's entirely new experience seems alien to them. At least that's how his "we've done everything we could do" comes across. "Hey, we did Green hill and chemcial plant zone, What else is there?" At the very least this fuels my suspicion that the concept of "Just make a damn Sonic game" is not a possible option in their mind. There always has to be some kind of grand gimicky crazy angle and theme to each game that's the true focus and identity of each game, with the Sonic gameplay just awkwardly plastered on as an afterthought. Hence why only when their wacky sceme of the week just HAPPENS to involve something Sonic esque, like Boost or Nostalgia, we get something resembling a proper Sonic game, but whenever their zany sceme of the week is something weird and alien, the entire game is going to be another Frankenstein monster of conflicting bodyparts. But that's just my interpretation. If anything, I really wish someone interviewed him more indepth about his thoughts on Mania. I'd love to see his opinion on why Sonic 4 got lukewarm reception where Mania exploded. I have severe doubts he understands what Mania is other then nostalgia parade #72.
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    Indigo Rush

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    Please don't do this to me
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    I for one never even viewed classic Sonic as necessarely younger than modern Sonic, just a different design of the same damn character. I never felt we ever needed an in-universe explanation as to why the classic versions of the characters look different from the modern versions.
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    seeing this opening sequence on the big screen was probably the highlight of the year for me before all this covid stuff got started
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    Spooky Mulder

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I think they're talking about the game itself. The interview is all about going from a downloadable title to retail packaged title as the Mania Plus expansion. In that sense, they have done everything they can do with Sonic Mania.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Right. One thing I didn't mention within the text for fear that I may have been wrong about it was the fact that I continuously thought it was extremely fucking weird she was THAT old but also that guy's daughter. I figured it had to have been a wife or something but it just didn't line up with her saying "father". I'll just chalk that up to Penders being weird. You know, it's a shame because I actually really like the idea behind Knuckles' dad being an emotionally abusive asshole but it being portrayed in such a subdued manner. Unlike King Max who's just outwardly, obviously fucking cuckoo for cocoa puffs, this guy is way more reserved and more matter-of-fact in his manner of handling things. He's just like "Nope, I'm right and I don't want to have a conversation with you about it." and it's really frustrating but in a way that could be seen as intentional should he be made out to be more of a villain or antagonist of some sort. It's actually in his benefit that he's more straight-forward and yet subdued in his awfulness but the reason he's this way doesn't feel like it's because Penders has tapped into an interesting awful kind of character. It feels like he's this way because he's being set up as this one reasonable outlier in a world of people who just don't get it and that's really whats making this so awful. I know Knuckles is gonna instantly forgive this dude despite the way he's treated both him and his mother and it's gonna make me want to wretch. I know something like that has to be in the future. I can't not see it happening.
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    No one is/was/will be expecting Chaos Emeralds to be in your story Ken because they aren't yours to use. Frankly I'd rather him just ditch the idea of having a Chaos/Master Emerald expy and just have the anti-gravity technology keep the island floating.
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    I got bored, so here: have a Knuckles render.
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    finished kirby: planet robobot. it was extremely good. games finished in 2020: 7 (5 new/2 replays)
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    Up might be one of the most depressing, yet beautiful intros to a movie, but I forgot how dark and depressing Finding Nemo’s opening sequence was.
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    Sonic Mania is more a commemoration of the previous titles than a sequel to me. That itself is fine, I feel that is pretty much exactly what the developers were aiming for, but yeah. Another hot take, I don't mind Sonic 4 at all, it's fine for a quick downloadable Sonic title of its time, it just should NEVER have been called Sonic 4. Sonic Classic or something, but that sort of moniker it just couldn't add up to. I feel like the nearest to being a Sonic 4 in spirit out of the later 2D platformers is the first Sonic Advance, and even then it's arguable if it fits the role (especially since it's made by the same team that did the proper Sonic 4 anyway).
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    What would you do? Here’s what I’d do: 1. Do away with the “two worlds” nonsense, for the game universe at least. It makes no sense, and is almost impossible to retroactively implement. Just have Sonic’s world be a single cohabitation of anthros and humans. 2. Be a bit looser with the “classic” and “modern” brand separation. I have no problem with the two of them being different brands, but there shouldn’t be character restrictions. Let Mighty, Ray, and the Hooligans transition over to the modern branch, and let classic Vector, Espio, and Charmy exist again. 3. Create some kind of detailed internal document for how the Sonic universe and its characters are meant to be, to make sure everything stays consistent going forward. 4. Lift that stupid embargo on past, “non-relevant” continuities and iterations. I’m not saying bring elements from them into the games (no Knothole Freedom Fighters in the games or anything like that), just be open to actually acknowledging them: let IDW do reprints of Archie Sonic issues (within reason; post-SGW and later game tie-in stories at least), Fleetway (again, if rights allow), Sonic X and Sonic Boom comics.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic 30th predictions

    At the moment, right out of the gate, I'd need to be impressed by a teaser that instilled some hope into me that we didn't wait 4+ years for another, almost shamelessly asset flipped, "the-game-plays-itself", two to three hour experience. Asking for what I really want, which is something that showcased the in-game cutscenes and character model animations as something out of one of those Tyson Hesse cartoons, seems extraordinarily far-fetched right now despite the day-dreams I keep having about it. You look at Wreck-It Ralph, the Sonic Movie, and even the notoriously bad Rise of Lyric and you can't help but wonder why Forces looks as terrible as it does. That war scene was embarrassing. Avengers: Endgame it was not. I mean, for god's sake Rise of Lyric did it. Rise of Lyric did it. There's a part of me that's also bracing myself to be excited for the first 30 seconds of the new trailer and then seeing something that smacks me over the head with a metal chair back down to reality like the Forces trailer did. Back then, I had just seen the Mania trailer for the 2D fans and then it was my turn. Sonic's there, serious stuff is happening, he's going in for the save on the burning city, everything's good, and then seconds before the trailer is done, it says Sonic needs the help of a friend and I foolishly, FOOLISHLY thought they were talking about the infamous sidekick character from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog series, Miles Tails Prower. Stupid me. How dare I assume Sonic's gonna get to work with his best friend, adopted brother, and third most recognizable character in the Sonic series behind Sonic and Eggman respectively. Fuck that noise, we need another Sonic up in this bitch. I promised myself when I started typing this that I wasn't going to go down the bitter angry fanboy route but it just slipped out of me. I apologize everyone. Uh. Anyway, I'd like a nicely animated, actual 3D Sonic game that told a coherent story that cared about what was going on. I don't care if it's boost or adventure despite preferring adventure. I really do just want them to make a damn Sonic game and not worry about what string to attach. If they wish to nostalgia pander, that's fine, but do it with something that's actually nostalgic. It's literally impossible for Green Hill and Chemical Plant to be nostalgic now. Seeing Tails' house in the Mystic Ruins, Station Square, or fucking Hang Castle would grant more reverence and surprise at this point. Also, I'd like a new Sonic anime... but a regular old action cartoon will do fine. If it's an anime, the opening might not suck balls this time though. Just sayin.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    SEGA tweeted this. It looks like the comic has it's own Sonic Channel page. That's a nice change of pace when it comes to promoting.
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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow

    Yo, Happy Birthday!

    Yo, Happy Birthday!
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    This lad has an endearing smile when he wanna.
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    Aight. Which one of you pranksters thought it funny to give me a May snowstorm just when I get my new pool?
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    being able to use meta knight's final smash in meta knightmare returns is super cool but honestly it's not quite the same without hearing "KNOW MY POWER" every time you use it
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    It's definitely more of a surreal, shitpost type of thing than this project was, though. Some of the shots are along the lines of this episode of X, others are weird live action, and others are shitposts, creepy, or some combination of the two. Very trippy.
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    Just got done with an 8-page college essay (I took English 2020 in my senior year). Hopefully it's great enough for the teacher.
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    Pretty much official now that I'll be attempting to go back to community college in the fall (this time completely online,) to once again try to wrap up my associate's degree to make my family happy. Wasn't gonna do so anytime soon as I was juuust about to go full force on comic and art stuff this year outside of my irl job, but my aunt's job has a program that'll pay for everything I'd need to go back so I couldn't really turn that down.
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    Gonna say it: Yozora has the potential to be a really interesting and good KH character. If Square Enix play their cards right, they could pull off another Drakenguard/Nier situation
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    So, uh, everything on my Netflix list is gone except for the Netflix-exclusive stuff. What the flying frick is going on??
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    The president, of my country, in the middle of the pandemic, when the death count by covid-19 is about to reach 10 thousand, just said... that he's PLANNING... A BARBECUE. For tomorrow, at the Alvorada (where the president stays, like the White House in the US). He's expecting at least a thousand guests, including family and friends... I don't know what to say.
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    Nega is just Eggman without any affable bits. Compared to Blaze (Nega Sonic) and Marine (Nega Tails), he's hilariously lagging behind since he's not actually different from Eggman where it counts and/or does it in a way that's bland and undermines Eggman as a villain. Erazor is a magic being instead of another villainous scientist, is muscular rather than obese, is grim and sneering rather than grinning and hoppy. He wasn't intended as such but that speaks well on how they did the laziest job they could've done when making Eggman Nega.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Nice to see. I'm glad Sega has such a high opinion of the IDW comic to release it in the homeland.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    One thing I immediately want to call attention to is that Mrs. Sommersby is the Colonel's Wife not his daughter. I can see the confusion because calling your Husband "Father" is super fucking weird. But Boomers do it I know my Aunt used to call my Uncle "dad" a bunch when I was a kid (not so much anymore but I remember it when I was a kid) and my Dad called my late mom "Momma" a lot when he was drunk so it's a thing. I think the Rugrats on the Baby's sheets in Part 1 are a reference to Manny Galan drawing some Rugrats comics. I know a different issue had an Echidna Angelica. I wish there was some sort of comeuppance for Locke cramming his tongue down Lara's throat like that. Yup. That's how emotionally abusive people work. They'll spend all their time making you feel like shit but if anyone ever tries to call them out they deflect or fly off the handle. And of course the problem is Penders doesn't view Locke as wrong or Emotionally Abusive. Everything he does is because he's got his reasons for doing it and it's honestly really fucking disgusting.
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    Sonic 3 - Let Me In (Marble Garden): 52% complete Most of today I've been going back through and fixing everything, balancing the basses from the trebles, and making sure nothing is overpowering anything else. I've done so much with it that I'm finally at a point where I can move on. That's the whole original part, now it's time to have some fun. I've also got to re-record some of those lyrics, I'm planning on doing that later today. I'm really gonna push to have this finished by the end of the week. It's gonna be really difficult to make that deadline, but I'll do my best! It's not the end of the world if I don't make this one, I can still submit something I made in the past. I have 101 whole other songs to pick lol. But still . . . what an opportunity this is to make a grand entrance for a song debut!
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Yes, if it was a 100% completely different looking game running on a 2D engine instead with no lighting effects or adaptive shadows or realtime reflections or particle effects or true alpha transparencies and stages cut up into smaller pieces with load times while using sprite artwork instead of hand drawn cels, maybe it could have worked on the Saturn. OBVIOUSLY. Also: SoR4 is a 3D game using 2D assets, just like a lot of 2D games have been since the PS360 generation. Ask people who have played Symphony on the Saturn how well the Saturn handles things like that. And once again, this is something I know when my entire experience with the game is watching two YouTube videos about it. Are you done shitting up this thread? Because acting like all games that use 2D artwork could easily be dumbed down to work on a game console that could barely handle ports from 1990 arcade hardware easily the dumbest chestnut from you so far in your desperate attempt to cling to your bad takes from before the game's release; and if you can't even come up with arguments about basic things about the game's design without getting shit laughably wrong I'm seeing little to suggest that you aren't just trolling people.
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    A new chapter is here! CHAPTER 5: DIVISION
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    Actually let's keep AIM to separate the youngin's from the fossils
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    "Yo Penders, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Anthony Mackie is the best celebrity tracing of all time. OF ALL TIME."
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    Good grief why doesn't he go all the way and make the characters look basically human. It's clear from that sketch that's basically how he starts drawing them. But then he adds the huge eyes, animal noses, and tentacle-like dreadlock spikes and makes it look awful (not that it would look amazing if he didn't, but it'd be less bad at least). It's like, be a bit more committal, you know? If you want them to look like cartoon animals, do that. If you want them to look like humans, do that. The way he does it now is just a horrible mishmash between the two that doesn't work at all.
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    A lower key story would be fine with me but no VO for expressive, larger than life characters like Sonic and Eggman seems like a poor fit to me regardless of what type of game you're making.
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    If I had to pick one word that describes what makes Sonic cool, far more than following any trend, it would be "panache", defined as "[a] flamboyant confidence of style or manner". Sonic was able to survive into the 2000s largely because his panache gave him the ability to define "cool" for himself. He had his own over-the-top style that, even if it was a bit corny at times, he carried off with a confidence that just dared you to say it wan't awesome. Unfortunately the 2010s kind of lost touch with that in favor of making Sonic more of an insult comic. Jumping out of a helicopter, ripping off part of the wing, and using it to surf the streets of San Francisco with a smirk and a quick one-liner is cool. Telling Zomom to go on a diet, not so much. Now, for your viewing pleasure, panache in motion:
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Forces established that they are willing to move things back to an Adventure style setting; It has more playable characters and the darker tone that most Adventure fans are looking for. It's just kind bogged down by trying to be too much like Sonic Colors/Generations. I do think Forces was the swan song for Boost though; what playstyle they design next is anyone's guess. I'd honestly prefer them to try Adventure style again, but it's just as likely that they will make something else. Mania is kind of weird though; Whitehead and his team no longer work at Sega it seems, and they don't seem t be interested in making any type of sequel for Mania. Whether that means Sega will try to do so with their own in-house team remains to be seen. (Please for the love of god, don't do this)
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    Won't Stop, Just Go

    Sonic 30th predictions

    In general grouping an entire decade's worth of games with their own aesthetic and storytelling nuances into a bundle and calling them edgy is pretty dismissive. I don't take the "edgy" or "melodrama" complaints seriously anymore because of this. Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, the Advance games and Rush are not tonally out of lockstep with Colors or Generations. The difference comes down to having a structured narrative versus the lack of one. But there's no nuance in these types of discussions because for the longest time 3D Sonic wasn't even considered worth analyzing due to the decisions it made on the surface level and that attitude still persists in a lot of the fanbase. Once it clicked to me that Lost World is probably the Sonic game most guilty of the characters needlessly moping, arguing and even spouting edgy bullshit but it was constantly given a pass because it featured checkerboards and didn't have Shadow in it I realized there was no genuine critique going on with most of the older guard in the fanbase. Just a concentrated push to get Sonic back to how they remembered it in the 90s with basically no regard for anything afterward and no interest in future-proofing it with modern ideas and design decisions. Listen to the people that are actually enthusiastic about these games instead of turning your nose up at their metacritic scores and maybe you'll find out why Sonic's sales are still dropping despite appealing to the elusive "general public". Maybe you'll find out why Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations all but disappeared entirely from mainstream conversation before the decade was even over despite appealing to the elusive "general public".
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I can tell this is going to be a point where we won't agree. Seriously? Colored blocks is all it takes to please you? That's like me saying Sonic would be better and accurately representing all of Adventure if he still had SOAP shoes. I've said before that I want them to take inspiration from the ideas Adventure brought and combine it with other things, not just reuse it. It wouldn't be better if the Egg Carrier came back or the Ark came back, because those locations were part of their own games and are done with. I'm tired of people conflating a story that has any depth to it as being "edgy". Shooting Maria was edgy. Sonic caring about his friends and their safety wasn't or Tails learning to believe in himself. I get mad because these stories toss all of those things away and for what? To please people that never cared to begin with? If story matters so little, then why not just skip it? I think I need to take a break.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Problem with Lost world is that it didn't do anything to create a real identity to the Lost world. I mean, it's the titular central setting, and could have been a great location. But Lost World never shows interest in making it's levels be anything more then random aesthetics in limbo with no thought or weight to them. Hence why a lot of people, including me, dismiss them as either nostalgia pandering, Mario Rip offs or utterly random. I would have had mor tolerance for these elements if there was any attempt to make the Lost world feel more like a genuine setting rather then just the generic Mario world themes with the occasional Casino or donut level inbetween. There's nothing wrong with these themes in and on themselves, in fact Lost world technically had a built-in reason for why the setting could be random- it's the Land of illusion according to the Japanese manual. Perfect oppurtunity to use that as a plot point, but alas. Nothing is made of it. They're just random shapes in the sky. Just "level" because it's "Videogame". An insult to a series with such rich envirements. Give me South Island, or Station Square, or Space Colony Arc, or Color's intergalactic amusement park any day of the week over "Shapes and colors in limbo" land. That, to me, is the real underlying reason why I'm dismissive and irritated by nostalgia pandering. If it's used legitmatly like a real location, just like the Classic games actually did, then fine. But there's this aggresive lack of context or thought to it. Aesthetics just for the sake of aesthetics that makes everything feel so soulless. ESPECIALLY when the setting seems to be a vital element to the game, like The Lost World. It's right there in the title, it's what the game is about. The lost continent. I don't mind revisiting Green Hill if we're legitamatly back in South island. Or it's a new Green Hill esque beach strip on a diffrent island. But that isn't how it's often used, it's just a soulless aestehtic floating in limbo that you revisit because it was in that other game too. But Mario does it, so Sonic should do it too. Sonic games seem to steal all the bad ideas from Mario games and none of the good ones.
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    Get rid of the Two Worlds shit. Mobians live on islands, humans live on continents. Simple as that. Sonic Chronicles is a prequel to Forces. Get IDW to produce a 13 issue SatAM "Season 3" comic based on what Hurst had planned before the show was cancelled. Although maybe adjust Sonic's design to be closer to Tyson Hesse's Classic Sonic design. Begin work on a 2D Silver The Hedgehog spinoff game with similarities to Megaman Zero and Sonic Rush. Also starring Blaze and Mephiles.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Yes? They went from Sonic 06 straight to a new title, and while I hate Sonic Unleashed it was still clear that a lot more love for the series went into that game than 06; and here we're dealing with Forces, which is more aggressively mediocre than it is an absolute Sonic doomsday event. If we required Sonic Team to make a remake after every bad or even just 'painfully mediocre' game, this series would be about 75% comprised of remakes by now. I'd rather they just analyse what was good about Adventure, and then apply that to something new and skip the remake stage.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Oh boy, I sure hope that won't create a downward spiral where the next game gets less budget, fails to impress, so the next game gets even less budget, will be received worse, so the next one gets less budget. I suppose with the right talent, you can make a great game even on low budget. But then we need talent first. And good god, I'm already tired of the low budget filler games. Guess it'll just keep getting worse, huh? Hope they'll be smart and make games where having cheaper production feels natural, like Sonic Mania, rather then making another Sonic Forces type game where the low budget sticks out like a sore thumb. Blegh. Thank goodness for fangames, I'll just stick with those. The situation with the official games seems hopeless between Sonic Team's talent being gone, the series being run on desperation to find a magic formula rather then making good products and the ever decreasing budgets.
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