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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic 30th predictions

    With Sonic Team being a thing that I'm not even sure properly exists anymore and Iizuka being at the mercy of whatever random decision SEGA wants to make regarding the direction of the series, I do find it easy to overlook all of the good things that have managed to slip through the cracks over the years. A lot of really good stuff has happened. Opportunities that I didn't think would be possible before have made themselves possible today. The existence of Mania, despite it being focused on the branch of Sonic that I've little interest in, still astounds and fascinates me as someone who likes the idea of new blood getting a crack at this series. The sliver of hope for the 3D games remains open at the moment because of that. The continued existence of the Sonic comics even after the nonsense that happened with Archie and how even MORE promoted and pushed they've become, to the point of getting official merch and coming out in Japan has brightened up my day many a month for quite a while now. I love how totally into the art of animation they've become today. Not just with the Sonic Boom cartoon (the only mildly successful thing to come about from SEGA's latest disastrous push to flush money down the toilet) but especially with those cartoons they have on their Youtube channel. Engagement and love for the series is pushed to the edge with those and it's always worked because Tyson Hesse and the team he works with also have genuine love and care for the franchise. Talk of another Sonic cartoon over the horizon can only ever make me more excited with all this out there. Then there's the Sonic movie, which against all odds, pulled off a goddamn miracle. The backlash leading up to it did a lot for making me realize how many people out in the mainstream were still aware of Sonic's name and then to see the design change and the reaction afterward pushed me into the fold of something I had never really seen done in FILM before. I still get a kick out of Team Sonic Racing despite how little it had to offer in terms of content. Even then, the delightfully weird trailer with the shopping carts and Iizuka standing at the checkout is the kind of charming that my heart would need to be literal dust in order for me to not enjoy. I do want to believe that things are getting better but we're trapped in this weird rut where things are probably the most uncertain they've ever been in a long time. SEGA has done very weird and monumental money and time wasting things over time like the situation with the Saturn, the 32X, Sonic 06, the ENTIRE Sonic Boom empire that came in like a wrecking ball and crashed and burned about a year or so later... you know. I don't feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they might not be able to do it again. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if all the money that Sonic Boom stuff lost them is the reason why Forces and TSR were kept so low budget but I can't make assumptions like that. SEGA's got bank and a lot of good franchises under their belt, namely the monster that is the Yakuza series, but it feels like when it comes to Sonic specifically... they still don't quite know what to do. Hearing all this talk about how Iizuka's in a thankless,stressful position is quite the bummer. The man says some really strange things sometimes but I've never questioned the fact that he's probably the person over there who cares the most about this series. That man is largely responsible for getting me into the series through Adventure 2: Battle and the work he did to near death pushing out Sonic Heroes, which almost defined my gaming childhood. I even read an interview long ago about how excited he was to bring Team Chaotix back. The Chaotix are here because of that man. If he's actually the last bastion we have to cling to then there's only so long that's going to last. If all the positive stuff that has happened is largely a result of his influence, then when the time comes for him to retire or leave, things may just get worse. I don't wanna look the series over and think that rather than getting better, it's just one dropped member away from being the worst it'll probably ever be. I need them to put something out that'll convince me that they've got a solid hook for a comfortable future ahead. Whatever this next title is will probably be the deciding factor for whether or not I believe there's truly hope for a consistency in good tidings to come or if it's going to just be this weird game of hot potato in terms of what's good and what isn't forever and ever. I'm really tired of a new good Sonic game coming out and hearing the words "Sonic is back" and "Sonic is good again". That's not something you should have say every time a good Sonic game comes out. I'm ready for Good Sonic to be the norm now.
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    With Me

    Sonic Adventure 2, Style, and Scoring.

    Scoring and ranking are a big thing I enjoy when playing Sonic games. When I'm replaying a genesis title I'm usually judging my performance not on my time but how long it takes the score takes to calculate. If you can go and grab a snack before the next level starts you're doing a good job. Sonic Adventure 2 is the first game to feature a real ranking system, which puts the player's performance on the level more directly in their face than the passive jab of a low score. I've seen a lot of derision for this mechanic, which I think is fair from a certain perspective. The triumphant feel any player is supposed to get from completing a level at all is ruined when you're slapped with the face with a letter grade that directly calls school to mind and a statement, usually from your personal hero and best friend, Sonic himself, that that went a bit rough and you could do better. But some people, like me, take it as an invitation or a challenge. It incentive another go in me instead of pushing me away from the game, which I think is important. Sonic games by design allow you to stumble your way through to the end of a level without really learning how it all ticks, which might lead to an unsatisfying experience overall. A sort of "call to action" to play again is a good idea. But that's not the point of this topic. The ranking system is the icing on a scoring system I considered really fun on all subsequent replays. One where you're challenged to master the game's systems or at least get good enough at them for a stylish runthrough of the level. SA2...doesn’t have a ton of mechanics to master, but once you get to the point where you can start nailing levels with your eyes closed it feels great to play, watching sonic move through a level quickly, efficiently, and stylishly through your own input. Every Sonic level is designed to be pushed through without stopping, various chances to express how fucking sick you are being present in each one. Grinding on rails, well timed light speed dashes, opportunities to throw a trick in here and there or swing on a pipe. Sonic Adventure 2 is a fairly straightforward and linear experience but it managed to be chock full of these opportunities, keeping one of the more shallow and cinematic Sonic games more interesting than a lot of the games coming after it trying for the same feel. One of my favorite examples is the setpiece at the end of metal harbor, where the player is given the objective to grab onto a bar for safety during the missile launch. Running past the bar, pushing the clock, and grabbing one further up to the tip of the missile is rewarded with a score boost and a compliment by the game. The fact that you're open to play daredevil and even get rewarded for it is the type of intrinsic design I want to see over exploration for it's own sake. It’s a reward for thinking and playing like Sonic and I think that’s awesome. Most of the other setpieces are unfortunately not this dynamic, but the game is littered with this type of thinking in smaller ways like the bungee vines in Green Forest, the hoops hanging out over a time sensitive challenge in Pyramid Cave, and Final Rush drawing attention to the timing needed to do tricks off the rails. The game even compliments you for grinding on all 3 rails at the end of city escape quickly and sequentially. Sometimes one of the banes of 3D Sonic games, the homing attack chain, will even have a riskier offshoot for you to play around with. And the reward of playing a level perfectly is two fold: You unlock new content in game for doing so and you get to play out your own action sequence. The Boost games try a lot of stuff too but lean more on the side of watching things unfold. SA2 has a lot of it's own shallow spectacle but gives you a lot of chances to push even further and add onto that spectacle yourself even when it's unnecessary. There are other examples of this all across the series but none do it as well as this one for me. I want more Sonic games to be packed to the brim with these sorts of opportunities. Full on trick systems and taunts. More intractable environments that reward this sort of thinking. More feedback from the player character itself when you're doing something cool.
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    Still waiting for Knuckles to be depicted in canon as strong enough to punch people out of super forms again. Like heck, imagine base knuckles running towards like, super shadow, fists raised, and shadow showing signs of hesitation even though he's in his super state.
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    Nobody: Streets of rage when a boss character dies: "GUUWOH!!"
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    Tfw you see a youtuber positively review a game you worked on, and then on their channel they also positively review the classic Sonic games
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    Anyway SSMB, I think I'm going to bail for a few months if not longer. I'm fining myself not articulate enough and frequently too angry by the results of that. That, and every single time I come on and partake of late all I do is get riled up and angry. It's bad enough that my POV seems so incompatible as it does some days, but I feel like I'm less so contributing and just being a thorn in the side of member that have decided to stay. I want to enjoy Sonic, and frankly there is no enjoyment left here for me at this time so instead of causing trouble and picking fights I'm just going to pack my bags and leave. I might return when there is actually something to share joy in again, but for now I'm out. If you want to keep in touch with me for some reason feel free to join the Discord for my Sonic AU (https://discord.gg/ePgQ4Cm), or you can find me on twitter @JoshTarwater, on tumblr at https://sonicfanj.tumblr.com/, or DeviantArt at https://www.deviantart.com/sonicfanj. Anyway, take care everyone and hopefully the franchise this site is built around will give everyone here some joy again. At least with me gone that should be one less troublemaker bringing things down. Later everyone.
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    Back at it again with another painting.
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    The Sailor Moon redraw meme has created some interesting artwork.
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    So to start off what you are describing here is a reset, not a static character. Resets are typically things that happen in most long running narratives, and usually to adapt to the story to the times. A static character does in fact, not change. that's kind of why people complain about it with Sonic despite his static nature being a point of reference to show how the rest of the world changes. It's a problem that stems from investing in Sonic as a person when he is typically presented as larger than life. Nothing wrong with that, but it will create a lot of disappointment. And now you are talking out of context. The zombot situation did not exist when Shadow wanted to off Eggman. Sonic saw Mr. Tinker. He did not see the future calamity that Shadow's actions would have solved. He saw an innocent man who he believed deserved the right to try and live what life he had in peace. So when you say he was dealing with the zombot scenario Eggman hadn't even engaged that plan yet as Eggman's psyche and memories were not present in his conscious mind and that is what Sonic was responding too. Hence why I say Sonic lives in the moment, and he is described as a shortsighted character so it really shouldn't be a surprise that he does. What you are advocating as the solution to future problems is kill an innocent man who happens to share the same body as that of the madman. But as the madman was not present, Sonic chose to protect the innocent man as befits his sense of right and wrong. He acted on his personal justice as he typically does. And sure, Eggman is the long term problem but that isn't how Sonic thinks. He thinks in the moment and the moment only. The problem he was faced with Eggman was letting an innocent man be killed because he shared the same body as a villain. Sonic acted on his sense of justice and prevented that murder. And regretting things isn't in Sonic's character. It's taking actions when something does happen based on his values which you seem to be ignoring in this entire debate. Sonic is an act on what he sees type of character. Not on what happened or what could happen, but what he sees happening. this is why I say you want to change him as you don't want him being like this. That is advocating for a change. Wanting to solve the problem is how Sonic reacts to mistakes or bad things happening. You are putting the story before the character and not considering at all how Sonic functions. That's why I said you want Sonic to dwell on it. But that isn't in Sonic's character. you want it to be and that is why you are frustrated with him. Something bad happened because of an action he took, but he didn't stop and think about it, which is part of his character to begin with. Sonic's reaction to a problem is to address it, not prevent it. he's very immature in that way and again, shortsighted. This is where Sonic being a static character becomes a problem if you are trying to tell the story from his point of view because him being a larger than life figure rather than a humanized character conflict here. It is rarely a good idea to tell the story from Sonic's point of view unless you are trying to establish his character so you know what to expect from him. As it turns out, you're appalled by him because he actually isn't the good-two-shoes you think he is. He's actually rather passive unless his sense of Justice is triggered. But just because you are appalled by that doesn't mean that basic story telling is being ignored. Respecting Sonic's character and telling the story based on that is what needs to happen and what Flynn actually has done regardless of execution. So no, I'm noyt ignoring basic story telling or saying Sonic should either, I'm saying Sonic's character has to be respected while writing the story and the two have to work together harmoniously. If the story being told doesn't work with Sonic's character and vice versa then it should not be an officially written story. But we are also talking about this in a vacuum now and not considering that with a static character, and one who only lives in the moment, it is important to make use of the supporting cast and the world itself to create pathos and disdain. This is where I would argue that too much of the cast has been being used and that Shadow was a waste and is even the actual problem narratively. If you remove Shadow from this whole mess then the question was never even presented. Further, asking it all when it does not fit the setting was a grave error on Ian Flynn in the first part. Yet, he still respected Sonic's character to write him as he would be in that situation. Shortsighted, in the moment, and not looking back at the past. the results speak for themselves and are actually required for the story to function at all. So when you accuse me of letting Sonic slide by basic story telling, to me you are talking a bout a character growth arc, which a static character like Sonic who has a flat arc will not have. As Sonic will not have a growth arc it is not basic story telling in regards to his character. Outside of Chaos flooding Station Square I have to disagree that Sonic causes death and destruction. typically he prevents most Eggman situations from being worse and that is what most people in universe see. Eggman is mucking things up and Sonic stops him before things get even worse. That's where most people consider him a hero. They look to him about as much as they do Batman to clean up afterwards. They don't expect him to partake in the clean up and he doesn't. But he did stop things from getting worse. And they expect him to do so again. Now for this situation we don't even know if anyone will even affiliate Sonic with it beyond those aware of the decision he made, which was made without knowing the future, and not looking back at the past as is true to his character. But it is a mess he's trying to clean up and failing miserably at. But even despite that he is trying and giving it everything he has to solve it. He isn't dwelling on it because that isn't like him. But this mess isn't even 100% on him. He didn't even instigate it. He protected an innocent. That did not create the mess. It allowed Starline to create the mess. Even if Rouge had not found Eggman Starline was still going to find him there, still restore his memory even without Metal Sonic, and Eggman still would have initiated the Metal Virus. Yet you are blaming Sonic for Starline's actions when Sonic had no interaction with him before Eggman was restored. And that's the thing, you say Sonic never cleans up his messes, but most of the messes in the games are not his. He's usually stopping other people's messes from getting worse. The biggest mess he is directly responsible for he solves, and that is in Unleashed when his compassion and shortsightedness got the planet split apart. But you know what Sonic did as soon as he knew there was a solution? He went and put the planet back together again. And even the zombot arc he keeps trying even appealing to Eggman to fix it. He's looking for a solution and trying to support possible solutions and coming up short. It's not from a lack of trying or not caring that he isn't succeeding, but the plot dictating that he doesn't. I would never expect Sonic to be a better hero because he is only a hero in the perspective of others based on the consequences of his involvement. And yeah, he isn't proactive. He doesn't try to stop things before the could happen. People do praise him as a hero because of what they experience. But Sonic does not call himself a hero. He allows bad things to happen unless he sees them about to happen and acts on his own sense of justice. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but Sonic is not a hero. Everything your saying makes him a horrible hero is because he isn't one. As you say, he's an asshole, and the only thing that keeps people from realizing that is that he is charming which makes him come across as cheeky instead of as a straight asshole. And that his actions do save people when he does get involved in a short term perspective is why people paint him a hero. Should he be considered one? depends on the situation. If his actions just saved your life and could have gotten him hurt or worse in the process more often than not you'd consider him a hero in that situation. And hat's all hero really is is someone who risks their life to protect the life of another. Sonic doesn't make a career out of that or try to be the Justice League, rather following a live and let live mentality only acting when he sees something that triggers his sense of justice. So feel free to find that boring, but I actually find it refreshing and it keeps Sonic from becoming an authoritarian figure like Batman, the Justice League and SHIELD, and any other superhero force who forces their will and way of life onto everyone. As a character who represents freedom, Sonic has to allow Eggman the chance to make the decision to be evil or not. And that again is respecting the character which I find to be very interesting. Seeing how Sonic's unchanging approach to life affects his world is extremely interesting to me and makes Sonic himself an extremely interesting and engaging story. That's why I advocate for seeing him adventuring and not fighting villains as it will show more of his character. Flaws also matter when they set the story in motion. A character who is clumsy can set a story in motion by not hanging up a phone properly causing an important phone call to be missed resulting in a full story where the character's clumsiness never needs to addressed or the character hit over the head with it. Saying they only matter in one instance is a very closedminded approach to the application and use of flaws in a narrative. Again you are describing and sticking solely to a growth arc which Sonic as a character will not have. And you keep using what happened after Sonic's action which is so vastly outside of the realm of anything any character knew was going to happen. The zombot arc does not matter. The argument Shadow had was Eggman hurts people so kill him. The argument Sonic had was Mr. Tinker is innocent, let him live his life. The Zombot Arc doesn't matter in that context of Sonic's decision just whether or not he believes Eggman will hurt people again. His character flaw being that he lives in the moment and is shortsighted doesn't see that looking at Mr. Tinker so he acts on what he sees. And acting on his sense of Justice does not make him a career hero at all. As you said, Shadow is a career hero, but Sonic is someone who acts on his own sense of Justice and would never allow someone who is fearful for their wellbeing and has done nothing wrong to be attacked. That goes against his values and does not require being a career hero. If you saw someone being bullied and stepped in would that make you a career hero? No, it just means you acted on your own sense of Justice which is exactly what Sonic did here. And this is a fully fundamental misunderstanding of having one's own sense of justice. Sonic did not want to be a hero. He saw an innocent man under attack and that triggered his sense of justice and he acted on it. He thought it was wrong and intervened. Saying he should have just left is ignoring an entire facet of Sonic's character which is his inability to ignore those who he sees in need. He saw Mr. Tinker in need and had to act on it because his sense of justice demanded it, not because he wanted to be a hero. Sonic is vain and an egotist, don't get me wrong there, bit he already knows he is viewed as a hero and plays it down in most cases because that isn't who he is. He's just a guy that loves adventure who also as t so happens can't ignore what he perceives as injustice that he is actively bearing witness too. That has nothing to do with heroics but is rather a different angle of Sonic's ego. And though it is a different angle of his ego, it also shows that he does care even when you try to dismiss it because he doesn't care in a big picture way like you think he and everyone else should. As it turns out though, not all characters are like that. Sonic won't criticize himself as that isn't in his character, and the world doesn't criticize him as it doesn't react to every detail of how he goes about doing what he does. Most of the world only notices what they perceive as the good he has done. Just like most people don't have a clue who Shadow is, most people react to Sonic based only on what they know. His friends trust him to save the day because that is their experience with him. The rest of the world only sees that he stops bigger messes from happening and helps out nigh everyone he meets with their problems. What you are advocating for is for the world to actually learn who he is as a person and the decisions that he makes and to punish him for it. The problem is, that actually won't happen because Sonic typically doesn't engage with people. For as outgoing as he is, he is very much an introvert who stays outside and away from everyone, putting on a show when he is present. And the funny thing about the show he puts on is it's one that inspires confidence and the desire to step up and give it your all. When you look at that it's little wonder people in universe and out don't see the sociopathic world ender you do. If anything, most fan content of Shadow that I've seen calls Sonic out best, he is an idiot if anything who is really just skilled enough and caring enough to fudge his way through and get good enough results. It's honestly why Shadow and Knuckles are ideal foils to Sonic because they have the sense of duty that he lacks and are capable of calling him out on being the idiot that he is. And I'm afraid I disagree. Your entire argument has been that plot, the plot, the plot, and how it should be. You have yet to actual explore Sonic's use or the data available about him to actually look at why things happen the way they do and how Sonic gets offs scot-free. You call him a sociopath who will let the world burn despite the fact that the evidence against that is directly in front of you showing he wont. You say he doesn't care despite everything he does for people and the anger he feels when he does see people put in danger. You ignore every aspect of his character at every opportunity to sell him as sociopath more dangerous to the world than Infinite was, simply because he isn't a proactive hero when he never was to begin with. Your complete and total ignoring of his character for the plot, plot, plot, with no regard to how his character and the plot should work harmoniously. You ignore what his world sees of him and only go off what you see and say everyone else should feel the same. You demonstrate zero understanding of his character and then limit yourself to only seeing growth arcs as valid storytelling. When you do all of that I'm afraid I find it impossible to believe that you have any understanding of Sonic as a character. He flies right over you with every level of depth, nuance, and detail completely going unseen, simply because he doesn't have a growth arc. I'm sorry, but that isn't understanding the character at all.
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    This anti-cheat just works. Good thing I didn't buy this game.
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    Sonic fans on Twitter are getting mad at IGN again after their Unleashed review and dunking on Egoraptor for a tweet he made 7 years ago. TLDR; the drought is driving people insane
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    Interaction with Nintendo fans
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    Nice comics Jezmm! Been a while since I've seen your work!
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    I guess the key to debate here is that the arc has opened the floodgates by asking the very question that adds dubiousness to the status quo of the franchise; 'Would it do more good for the world to get rid of Eggman permanently?' I don't even remember SatAm or Archie asking this once in spite of all the atrocities he committed, the first Robotnik was destroyed by pure chance. At this point, after establishing a rather key moral dilemma onto Sonic and Shadow, the story now has to develop on that in a way that the status quo can continue throughout the series ongoing and still feel like how it is supposed to run and it is the 'natural balance' (especially abiding by the idea that the comics make Eggman noticeably more threatening). Pretty much everything Eggman does from this point weighs on this decision they made so early in the series. Sure Sonic can amend this situation, but what about the next time? And the next time? Again serious deep storylines can rely on suspension of disbelief a lot less. Once you open that floodgate it is hard to just close it again and revert back to light hearted, especially if the franchise has some sort of continuity.
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    FF7 Remake spoilers

    FF7 Remake spoilers
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    He literally does exactly that in issue 19, and again in issue 23. Exact words from the later: "I've screwed up--a lot".
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    I dunno, I think if in such a scenario, if the character were to make such a key and avoidable screwup, and had this tendency as a RECURRENT VICE, you'd want them to have this folly thrown in their face at least once to maintain their likability. A karma/idiot houdini often is a very insufferable character (case in point exaggerating Spongebob's inconsiderate antics to life destroying levels and downplaying the number of times he gets a comeuppance for it are a key reason fans started to find him less and less endearing). I mean if SatAm Sonic had all those times being reckless almost got everyone killed and was NEVER called out or made to acknowledge this error, he would be flat out unlikeable, that is the key thing that keeps him grounded (or alternatively in Game Guy when he arrogantly denies he screwed up, he gets a cosmic comeuppance). The comic example is admittedly a different scenario, this is a very delicate philosophical dilemma for Sonic that doesn't really have a clear right answer. I do think that, for the sake of story depth, it SHOULD have been brought back up when their were consequences, since not doing so verges on saying that Sonic's approach is right, regardless of horrific aftermath, when again there isn't really a true right answer. Plus, again, showing Sonic acknowledging that his decision had repercussions would make him more sympathetic and human all the same. Sure it was indirect and difficult either way, but that sort of reaction is a basic human emotion and shows Sonic's empathy and sense of responsibility for those he protects. I think if you want to tackle a tough subject like that, you can at least go all the way with it rather than trying to pretend it never happened. I think this is a recurrent issue with the 'darker' takes on the Sonic formula, since Eggman is often a bigger threat and there tend to be more dire and permanent repercussions for any wrong move the hero team makes. Sonic's carefree attitude and maintaining of the status quo is harder to depict as making him likeable in such interpretations, since such dramatic undertones require the characters feel emotional weight. A similar thing happened in Archie. It looked like after the Iron Dominion saga they were having a reality ensues moment for the Freedom Fighters, with Sonic and Sally wanting to party and date over their victory but being reminded there were actual casualties from the last incident, and some were on their backs for not taking the threat seriously enough. This could have a good direction to go for the comic, having the heroes realise they had become distanced from the people they save and face the inadvertent callous weight of saying 'We saved MOST of the world = win', but AGAIN they try to forget about this after ONE instance despite the plot still being on-going with that, with Sally being robotocized feeling like a definitive 'abort button' to get them out of this delicate subject. You want to make this sort of subject matter a thing in your work and place a potentially ugly or complicated side to the cast's actions, you have to stick to your guns about it.
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    While Boom Sonic is a bit too lethargic and tied down to one locale, I do appreciate they show one component of him in detail (as comically as it is done), that without a bad guy or dilemma, he actually gets rather restless and without a drive. Too many interpretations have him kinda just 'turn off' and chill until another bad guy comes but Boom Sonic for all his more jaded qualities NEEDS some adventure in his life, which makes his heroics seem like less an occupation and more his own personal agenda.
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    Lol Vegeta did the finger point pose you know what that means. *Yes I am aware he beat Toppo later the point is...hehe....typically he either does well for a bit and then gets destroyed after that gesture.
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    Jack out of the comics!

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I love this and I completely agree. "Desperate situation" is just a matter of perspective, I don't see it that way, Sonic is successful, makes money and gathers unexpected attention when he's at the top, with good material, Forces clearly wasn't, the last Mario & Sonic Olympic crossover was also forgettable, that's about... it? I'm gonna list what actually flopped in sales and was bad critically: Forces (acclaimed negatively by critics and fans, sold ??? but likely not much) Olympics Tokyo 2020 on Switch (was not mentioned in any Sega Sammy reports because they wanted to ignore its lack of sales) What is successful: The IDW comics (according to IDW "every issue seems to sell better than the last" it's one of the top performers of the company and is gonna come to more territories) Mania (acclaimed by fans and critics, sold well apparently, SEGA was satisfied with sales in reports, a return to form for the classic series, SEGA even did the unexpected by breaking their rule of abandoning games after launch and released a physical edition + DLC) Team Sonic Racing (a well made game that got great reviews - some higher than CTR - , mostly an underdog, but according to charts it sold well at the beginning, it's still being remembered well, it's just low budget and SEGA didn't believe it so they dropped it after launch) The shorts (got millions and millions of views, acclaimed for humor, personality and animation style) Movie (we all know how well it did, a real miracle, it won against the odds) When you put it like that, minus a boring crossover no one cared about, it's really Forces that everyone keeps using as an excuse for "Sonic is failing" "Sonic is dead", It's the latest modern game, I know it's a big blow but, that's really all there is to it. I don't want it to be another 06 that keeps getting in as an excuse to talk shit about Sonic for another 10 years. I'm sick of this. SEGA surprise me and use the money made by the movie to give a larger budget for the next main title. Also, hire more talented people. Sumo did a great job with the bit of money they were given on TSR, Whitehead and his team did an awesome job too with little budget as well. Iizuka worked on both, especially Mania, as supervisor. I agree that it's really the SoA higher ups that make lame decisions, and older Sonic Team in Japan that lacked talent (and the misguided direction of those games too). With the restructuring and Sega of America now working on Sonic, who knows what will happen??? Also, they worked on Forces for 1 year, they spent 3 years on the visual engine for the new gen of consoles, they put so many ideas for fanservice in it that overblew the game, etc etc. We all know those things. Let's see what they can do now with more time, money and changes to the team.
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    My Model 1 MD arrived and I got to check out the games and play them. Apparently Sonic 1 is Revision 0 which means labyrinth zone is second in the level select. I just think it's neat
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    I don't hate 3D Sonic, just the boost formula. If we got another Sonic Adventure I'd be hyped as heck, but Iizuka's outright said they're never making another Adventure again. I mean, he could change his mind or get replaced by someone with a different philosophy when he retires, but for the foreseeable future, the specific type of 3D Sonic I actually like is off the table.
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    When playing Sonic fan games or those testing engines I feel that even as good as control can be...certain abilities are soooo broken. I end up thinking how important the limitations of potentially game breaking abilities are...and appreciate it more.
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    unleashed's music still the fuckin best
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    I suddenly have a little more free time in my schedule so I've started replaying Sonic Lost World. I tried it about a year or so ago for the first time and I could only stomach the controls for about an hour before I put it down. I gave it another try today. Once you get used to the controls, (which are quite bad) then the games real charm comes out. Lost World is definitely not a bad game, there are a lot of good ideas put into this in the badniks and stage variety. Putting Sonic back into a real 3D space so more levels could be easily designed around him, it was the right choice to make. I still agree with Iizuka, its a better decision than sticking with the boost formula which peaked with Gens but doesn't really have any more depth to explore. Whatever the next 3D formula does, I hope it naturally incorporates the parkour mechanics, but in a much smoother way. Sonic games controls should always be fairly simple and feel very smooth and fluid. That is one key reason adventure fans will defend those games to death and theyre right. I'd rather control SA1's Sonic than the rest of the 3D games, if we're just talking control. We need that smoothness back, but with a lot less twitchyness. Also, no run button ever again. I find myself holding it constantly. There's never a reason not to. I think they did that because they didn't know how to handle level design in 3D with momentum mechanics, thinking Sonic moves too fast, so they wanted a way to control the players speed and platforming a little more. Its just not the best idea, the way it actually manifests itself.
  26. 1 point
    Define "not meant to be taken that seriously." I'm pretty sure we were supposed to feel something when Shadow killed Eggman or joined black doom or wished he was never born or whatever. The problem with Shadow was that it took itself too seriously, if anything.
  27. 1 point

    How old is Sonic?

    How hard could it have been to just say that Mania and any other future classic games took place after *whatever they consider the last canon classic game* and before Adventure? IT's not like there's a defined amount of time between the classic and modern eras.
  28. 1 point


    Chamomile #161
  29. 1 point
    Amy was indeed born into nobility, although her family renounced their wealth to aid the poor before Robotnik’s takeover. We do have plans to explore her and Rob’s lineage down the line 👍
  30. 1 point

    Movie improved Sonic/Eggman connection

    Sonic wasn't intended to be "lonely" though. He was meant to be a "cheerful loner" as they call it who digs his friends but is fine being alone. As for Eggman, he's meant to be a manchild who's not really "bad" and doesn't realize how much harm he's committing or is too much of a manchild to notice.
  31. 1 point
    Ken is living in a fantasy land if he thinks his characters can exist WITHOUT Sega, Archie or IDW et al. His characters are derived from existing materials...their backstories based on material that Sega created. He can't call them original when all he is doing is splashing a new coat of paint and renaming everything. Heck, his one ORIGINAL human character is based on Anthony Mackie...so not even THAT is original. Heck, his backgrounds aren't even his own most of the time...they're real life nature photos you can find on Google Images(his excuse being "convenience"). I'll always have fond memories of the Sonic/Knuckles/Sonic Super Special/Mini Series days...but doesn't mean I respect the man. The creator lost my respect when he set about his crusade to ruin the experience for everyone with this whole mess.
  32. 1 point
    I'm impressed about how much just this tweet show how much about Penders tries to depict an alien culture is just blatantly bad. Well I'm not surprised than someone who litterally didn't seem to see what the problem was in "let's make the native species of not-Australian evil because they are fighting their echidna invaders from FRIGGIN ALBION" thinks that the portrayal of "a different society from the one we currently live in" would be undermined by the character not being "more human", lol. Sure, it's totally not possible to have a completely different society from the one we currently live in with human, it would be known if it existed. What's more funny is that for the moment, I've haven't seen anything that would be really "different" compared to even only occidental culture in the portrayal of his echidna ! The two biggest differences are that they have a non-occidental way of naming female character, and that they are wearing some kind of pagne. But for the most part... No, I don't really remember anything really different. Maybe that's why he is feeling it would undermine his work, because without that, we would have to search actual differences. And the last part is that he says that he felt that making them "more human" would undermine that... But heck, they are really human-likes. They are more human-like than the character they were originally xD Seriously, they are totally humanoïd, there isn't anything really aliens in their design, except the parts that are stolen from the SEGA's echidna design. I'm impressed, in a way.
  33. 1 point
    Besides that, this rationale doesn't make any sense- portraying a society 'different from the one we currently live in' is not contingent upon the characters looking more or less human. Literally anything taking place in the far past does that, and that's just confining things to humanity itself. There is plenty of science fiction and fantasy that depicts human civilizations that are vastly different to 'the one we currently live in'. By this rationale, he must not think very highly of the various alien cultures depicted in Star Trek, if a human-esque appearance truly 'undercuts' that effort as he says.
  34. 1 point
    Clearly he should have thought longer and harder because the designs are still very dangerously close to SEGA's, are very, very unappealing to the eye, and they look more like melting human SEGA echidna mutants hybrids than aliens.
  35. 1 point
    So he was sitting on this comic thinking Sega might try to use his characters, so he could sue them again? And if they didn't, then their lack of giving a fuck about his tripe means it's easier to make his comic with this well and truly worthless IP? How perfectly opportunistic and deranged of him. Edit: To be perfectly clear, I do not believe him. I think he just spent a lot of time tweeting about Sonic characters porking and forgot to fucking draw.
  36. 1 point
    Though he may have changed his tune later, I remember in the early years after all this shit went down he said that they'd be free to use the characters...if they agreed to his terms, which from what I recall included "the future as depicted in the Mobius XYL stories has to be THE super ultra real canon future for the Archie Sonic universe." ...Yeah, no.
  37. 1 point
    Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Penders insisted in the past that he owns his stuff, no Ifs, Ands or Buts about it? That everything he made for Archie is now his and his alone? Like, he's been abundantly clear about that point. It's one of his favorite things to jabber about. But now he's saying that oh, SEGA and Archie could use his characters to 'try and lay a basis for claiming them', and THIS is what has been the cause for Penders lack of results in the near decade that has passed since he went and announced 'COMING SOON IN 2012!'? I must say that no, I don't believe that. Not even remotely. And you know, there are times I wonder if Penders is, in truth, putting on a big show of just how popular he seems to think his work on Archie and the Archie comic itself was. That he is at some level overcompensating for the fact that he worked on a Niche part of the franchise and that when he left, things proceeded without him, even after the lawsuit and the cancellation of the book. Statements like this though pretty much put the kibosh on that theory. That he could legitimately think this even after it's become abundantly clear that neither SEGA nor Archie is even vaguely interested in his work, nor has any real need for any of it, is just astounding. I mean really, what does he think ARCHIE is going to do? Put out their own Lara-Su limited series? Insert Geoffrey St. John into the Archie books? Have Locke pop up in Cosmo the Mighty Martian? This excuse and the mentality behind it is just... pathetic. It's utterly and completely pathetic. Especially coming from a man who insists upon bringing up his credentials as a professional comic writer and artist, who has even boasted that he was hired by companies like DC because of his speed in finishing assignments specifically.
  38. 1 point
    [102] Sonic 3 - Let Me In (Marble Garden) https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/934180 Track 102 // Length: 5:42 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 176 BPM // Measures: 251 // Loops: 29 // Clips: 9 // Time Taken: 43 days https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-3-let-me-in-marble-garden Original composer: Miyoko Takaoka Lyrics written/performed: Pauly B Sonic The Hedgehog (TM) is property of SEGA Enterprises My special submission attempt for a community collab effort hosted by Chaos Creators, a yearly festival for Sonic community content creators! I've done this remix way back in 2006, and for a long time I've wanted to revisit this track and make a better remake. And, as usual, I tried to emulate a positive message in my lyrics. It's about how no matter how bad things can be, and whatever obstacles you may face, it's never healthy to bottle up bad emotions. This is why friendship exists, to see you through these hard times. I've done a lot of sound adjusting with these, tried my best to balance out all volumes and make sure nothing is too overpowering. I used a lot of double-stacking synths to emphasize the melodies. That was probably the most difficult part of this assembly, but it came through with no distortion and I'm super proud of what I've learned about mixing to this point. I've also been learning more when it comes to editing vocals, becoming more accurate with each move I make (It helps to log every step you take in a notepad or document). I do still feel like there's something I have yet to learn, some sort of balance, but that's all part of the journey. For what it is, I do feel like I'm improving little by little each time I do hope you guys like this! Never forget that there's always someone out there who cares! Thank you all for the listen! LYRICS available on pages
  39. 1 point
    Blue Blood

    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    I said this in the status updates, but I think it warrants a proper post instead. Neither the plot, the world nor the cast look like the Paper Mario I know and love. It looks like the same crap we got from Sticker Star and Colour Splash, but the trailer was put together in such a way that you think it's vibing on the plot of the TTYD and Super. It's paper puns and gimmicks in paper world. Not the worst thing, but I've never been a fan of the art style used in Colour Splash. I preferred when the series wasn't just paper jokes, which is sadly what the Origami King seems to be going for. There are generic Mario NPCs everywhere including a Bob-omb called Bob-omb, Mario gets get a new origami themed exposition fairy partner to go along with the sticker and paint can partners from recent games whilst there's no sign of the original partner system. There might be times where you recruit some of Bowser's minions or other generic NPCs, but... eh. Give me characters. The plot looks darker? No, it doesn't. And being dark isn't the important thing. Being interesting and fun is what matters, which is what we got through the various chapters and overarching plots of PM, TTYD and SPM. The trailer opens with some paper puns from a somewhat possessed Peach. But I'm willing to bet they were specifically chosen to be in the trailer so that you think it's like TTYD. In actuality, it's going to be a very simple plot where a paper themed threat replaces Bowser as the big bad, and you've got to rescue Peach from it. Tell me if you think I'm wrong. Don't tell me to "wait and see", but please explain to me if you think I'm missing anything. The battle system looks... urgh. I'll be the first to admit that the battle system of the original game and TTYD actually isn't all that amazing. Any time I go back to those games, it doesn't take long before I start to actively avoid getting into battles because they all take so long and basically become muscle memory exercises. But I always loved how simple the HP, attack power and defence system was. Numbers were low, and there was no guesswork or mental arithmetic. I'm seeing something gimmicky here. I'm not impressed by it so far, but I really don't have anything to go on. If there's no relying on stickers, cards and paint then that's already an improvement. Fully expecting this to be Sticker Star 3. A few improvements here and there as with Colour Splash, but ultimately Nintendo don't want Paper Mario to be anything but a shadow of its former self and refuse to commit to any real change. Surface level improvements that pretend to listen to feedback.
  40. 1 point

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Colors and S4E1 both had a spectacularly divisive leadup to their releases, and Iizuka made a couple gaffes that inflamed people far more even than they originally were. Remember back when Naka decided that enough was enough and left to go do the stuff he actually enjoyed doing? Up to that point Sega had already demanded that they have something to show for E3 2005 when the game had barely started development. Then they demanded that it get a Wii port before Sega actually got Wii development kits, which forced the team to be split in half but still working together as they tried to figure out how to do it. Then the port got cancelled because everyone realized it was fucking stupid, and instead Sega told them that they needed to have a completely different game made for the Wii to hedge their bets on the system being a success (at which point Ogawa was locked out of the development of 06 even though he was the original director). At this point the halved team was still being forced to put stuff together for trade shows and operating on a design document that never got finalized even before things started falling apart with the demands of the Wii version. By the start of 2006 the game was already likely doomed, since they were starting to do voice acting for the story when they weren't sure what parts of the script (and game in general) they would have to cut to get the game out. Then Naka got fed up and left to form Probe just before E3, after months of rumors of him leaving. He took several members of the already downsized team with him. Sega looked at the havoc him leaving had caused on their flagship AAA Sonic game (being hyped as promising a level of production values versus its contemporaries probably unmatched since the Genesis titles) meant to celebrate and commemorate the franchise on its 15th anniversary, in addition to all the turmoil it was already facing by that point. Sega saw that the game couldn't possibly be ready by its planned release date due to Naka leaving and all of the nonsense that they had dumped on the development team before he had. Even as they sent out people to give interviews and show previews of it to put a brave face on things publicly and show off how great it was at E3 2006, Sega knew it wouldn't even come close. The E3 showing was kind of a disaster compared to how well it had been received the previous year (even though the demo shown there was polished to a higher standard than the actual game was to that point), but luckily for Sega Sony had spent the entire conference preemptively flushing the first three years of the PS3's life down the toilet so it flew under the radar. And Sega demanded another demo for a Microsoft trade show in the fall. Sega saw that the only time that the game was getting a good showing as if it was improving on its problems was in custom built demo builds with improvements tailor-made for the demos that the team didn't have time to implement into the actual game. And they said "why, that's terrible." And then they released the retail version anyway, as originally scheduled.
  41. 1 point
    Actually, they can. It’s just they were literally told to write him in a certain other way that ended up not being well received. Given the team behind IDW Sonic is the same as the one behind Archie Sonic—who did the best Shadow at the time before it was cancelled—I ‘d think they could do it again if the people mandating the characters would ease on the leash.
  42. 1 point

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Once again, this is the result of people spinning something Iizuka did that was positive into a negative. The original plan for Sonic Mania was to just straight port Sonic 1 and 2, and then have a small Sonic 4 style game, with 4 original levels. That was what Taxman and co pitched, as he said himself on Retro. But Iizuka said 'no, why don't we instead take these old levels, give them fresh new level design, and then add the extra levels too'. It wasn't that Mania was originally grander in scope and Iizuka knocked it down, Iizuka actually made it so we got more original content; because the level design in Mania's old levels being largely new is far more important than the assets being based on the old stuff (and even then, said assets were massively improved).
  43. 1 point
    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic 30th predictions

    At the moment, right out of the gate, I'd need to be impressed by a teaser that instilled some hope into me that we didn't wait 4+ years for another, almost shamelessly asset flipped, "the-game-plays-itself", two to three hour experience. Asking for what I really want, which is something that showcased the in-game cutscenes and character model animations as something out of one of those Tyson Hesse cartoons, seems extraordinarily far-fetched right now despite the day-dreams I keep having about it. You look at Wreck-It Ralph, the Sonic Movie, and even the notoriously bad Rise of Lyric and you can't help but wonder why Forces looks as terrible as it does. That war scene was embarrassing. Avengers: Endgame it was not. I mean, for god's sake Rise of Lyric did it. Rise of Lyric did it. There's a part of me that's also bracing myself to be excited for the first 30 seconds of the new trailer and then seeing something that smacks me over the head with a metal chair back down to reality like the Forces trailer did. Back then, I had just seen the Mania trailer for the 2D fans and then it was my turn. Sonic's there, serious stuff is happening, he's going in for the save on the burning city, everything's good, and then seconds before the trailer is done, it says Sonic needs the help of a friend and I foolishly, FOOLISHLY thought they were talking about the infamous sidekick character from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog series, Miles Tails Prower. Stupid me. How dare I assume Sonic's gonna get to work with his best friend, adopted brother, and third most recognizable character in the Sonic series behind Sonic and Eggman respectively. Fuck that noise, we need another Sonic up in this bitch. I promised myself when I started typing this that I wasn't going to go down the bitter angry fanboy route but it just slipped out of me. I apologize everyone. Uh. Anyway, I'd like a nicely animated, actual 3D Sonic game that told a coherent story that cared about what was going on. I don't care if it's boost or adventure despite preferring adventure. I really do just want them to make a damn Sonic game and not worry about what string to attach. If they wish to nostalgia pander, that's fine, but do it with something that's actually nostalgic. It's literally impossible for Green Hill and Chemical Plant to be nostalgic now. Seeing Tails' house in the Mystic Ruins, Station Square, or fucking Hang Castle would grant more reverence and surprise at this point. Also, I'd like a new Sonic anime... but a regular old action cartoon will do fine. If it's an anime, the opening might not suck balls this time though. Just sayin.
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