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    One thing I think is a shame about NSMBU is how Bowser basically takes over Peach's Castle and just throws Mario and his friends is away, but it never amounts to much because he basically throws them from one grassy field to another one and by the end of the game, the castle is just another lava world/Bowser Castle, but with Peach's place as a backdrop. I think it would've been a pretty neat twist if you started out in a pretty easy Lava world and had to work your way back home, with a tough, endgame-worthy, but still happy and harmless looking Grassy final world. Put the concept on its head a little. Maybe make the desert the second to last level and finally make a freaking DESERT the tough environment we know it as instead of early game fodder. Things like that. Of course, wholly unique environments would be even more of a plus, but if we're gonna stick to the typical tropes, this would've been a pretty fun way to at least shake it up somewhat.
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    Love how, in SA2, the Live and Learn guitar rift is sprinkled throughout different tracks in the game. Especially how it's placed into the biolizard's boss theme. Nice foreboding of the final boss.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Wasn't asked, but here's a rough translation: "I compared it to my own translation as I read. Despite multiple restrictions (size of speech bubble, original nuance, Sega’s supervision), the lines were translated naturally and cohesively. Made me realize how good/different the professionals are. Which makes me very happy when I have the same translation as them (laugh). Personally, the lines in Japanese were as I imagined, including the comic original characters. Seeing the dialogues feel like the characters themselves, I can’t thank enough all the people that were involved, given the multiple restrictions as mentioned earlier. With this, I can’t wait to see how Whisper and Starlines’ speech will be! Also, Tangle is more reserved in her introduction episode and will have a more relaxed/friendly impression when she appears again, so I’m looking forward to that too!"
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    Aaron Webber said on the stream that the focus going forward is to spend more time on games. So I'm guessing the 4 year waits probably aren't going away... which I'm honestly cool with so long as the wait is worth it.
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    I did it. My very first completed animation with music and sound effects.
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    Oh joy, I am now own a Nintendo Switch. Very Cool.
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    Everyone bets on the one piece live action TV show being *a bad idea/impossible to work due to the character designs, powers of the characters or the cgi it'll take to make it work, but the showrunners are probably still stumped on Zoro's three sword gimmick like
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    This is really dope. A good example of sonic gameplay and level design that is linear, yet wide enough to choose where you want to run.
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    Knuckles Chaotix is a blast for me to play. Mastering the rubber banding feels so good for me and knowing how to use it to your advantage to gain crazy speed is incredibly satisfying. It's my favorite of all classic series games, and it's music and aesthetics blow all the others out of the water and even gives Mania a run for it's money. I just love the Chaotix crew too. Sonic the Fighters is a game I see everyone give a hard time, but I've always loved it. The characters are so colorful and full of life, the cartoony moves, animations, and watching the cast squash and stretch as they get pummeled is such a joy to look at. I seriously wish more games in the series took more ques from Fighters. The models of each character in this game are phenomenal too. I honestly think that if you took the character models from this game and just added a few subdivisions and HD'd them up, they'd be the ideal 3D designs for the whole cast for me. I'll give an honorable mention to Shadow the Hedgehog, while I hate the games grungy aesthetics for this series I always had a lot of fun speeding through the most of the stages since you move so damn fast and the way the game handles wider, more open levels that force you to explore is honestly something I wish the series would've stuck with. I like objective mission based gameplay so what can I say. Destroying enemies in a single shot with the Shadow Rifle is really satisfying and I loved going through expert mode. I also love the way characters interact with Shadow through the stages and the call backs to SA2 hit me in just the right spot even to this day. There's a lot this game did that I enjoyed despite the overall package being incredibly lackluster and sometimes downright embarrassing. I won't mention Heroes or Riders because those are good games.
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    [Tweet] Sonic Movie 2 looks incredible so far
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    Finally, a game announcement format for my taste
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    So nintendo has a CEO named bowser. And sega has a CBO named Ivo. Ha.
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    It's weird seeing so many people asking for a Persona 3 Remake. I'd say Persona 1 and 2 (both IS and EP) need a remake first, but I guess most fans would just use the "Persona 1 and 2 don't exist" joke.
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    I think Monster Boy is what I wanted out of the Shantae games.
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    Sonic Adventure 2, Style, and Scoring.

    Reminds me of how in the comments of most speedrun videos of the Sonic games that have ranks, there's always that one guy that's like "he beat it in 30 seconds and only got a D? WTF?" It sort of hearkens back to that old adage of the Genesis/Mega Drive games that we tend to think where speed isn't the entire point of the games contrary to popular opinion. Yeah sure you can go fast but where's the fun in just doing that when you can go fast stylishly?
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    Boy, Jack Sparrow wasn't kidding when he said he get his hands on the keyblade!
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    Re-watched Birds of Prey. It feels way worse on a second viewing.
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    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    We have a small video of the combat in English
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    the holy trinity of coronavirus memes the father the son the holy spirit
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    No idea, really. It'll happen when it happens, and I'm expecting it in some kind of video presentation format, be that a livestream or something pre-recorded.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Technically they've been 'introducing various information about Sonic' all year. Not exactly the most riveting 'information', but yeah. I don't think you should get your hopes up for a Japan-centric stream, no.
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    My (un?)popular opinion: I really want playable Eggman in a story capacity, like a platformer or RPG or something, not just a sports/racing/party spinoff title. As a Mario fan, I feel like whenever we get to play as Bowser in an actual adventure (Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, Yoshi's Island DS, Bowser's Inside Story, etc.), it's awesome. Getting to take the main series antagonist for a spin ourselves and unleash his might upon hordes of enemies feels incredibly empowering. And it's been a long time since we've gotten that with Eggman. SA2, Advance 3, and Chronicles. Those are really the only "adventure" scenarios where we get to play as Eggman, and in the latter two it's a pretty limited capacity. I'm not saying it needs to happen every game or anything; certainly not. But I for one would be 100% for another game where we get to blast our way across the land as Dr. Eggman. It's been over a decade since the last time, and I say we're overdue to see story-playable Eggman again.
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    I think what makes SA2's ranking system interesting is that it isn't just based on time, but how many rings you have, enemies defeated and the 'trick' scores you have mentioned. I think Generations has a mediocre ranking system, because it's mostly based upon how quickly you beat the level, and if you haven't died for the S Rank. And this is a real shame, because I think Generations had potential to have a much better ranking system than SA2 did. Nailing quick steps, using the trick jumps and hitting a perfect landing, are obvious points which they could have used. But there are loads of shortcuts and daredevil jumps which already exist in the game and it is a real shame that they didn't incorporate them into the ranking system. There are loads of examples, but Speed Highway is a good test case. Jumping on the helicopter early Taking the risky shortcut before the building. Another great example is using the secret route through the motorway when you smash down the wall of the skyscraper. Unfortunately I don't have enough data left on this post to show an image for it! All of these routes and secrets are far more frequent and more organically interwoven in the level design than their sparse equivalents in SA2. They could have given you bonus scores for doing them and make the A/S rank require genuine mastery over the level as the rankings had demanded in SA2. Almost every level in Generations had secret routes and daredevil jumps like this. Just thinking of the possibilities in Modern Seaside Hill gives me limitless ideas. The more I reflect on Generations, the more I realise how genius it was.
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    Ken needs to look at what animation is currently out there. Not even close to the style of LSC. Like a lot of things need to change for it work in a 2d or 3d animation. Unless it's a so bad it's good, poorly animated 3D animation... Then I could see a lot people watching it.
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    He's got... hiiiiigh hopes, he's got... hiiiiigh hopes, he's got high apple pie in the skyyyyy hopes~ But seriously.... you have neither one nor the other out. You haven't given much clue as to how long until EITHER of these things will be released. Perhaps you should just stick to one project, finish it, and then move on to other things, yes?
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    Jack out of the comics!

    Sonic Channel

    Big got one last year... surprise surprise, here's another one! Yeah!
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    Sonic 2020 Initiative Discussion

    I woke up 25 minutes late. I'll try to update what I missed after the stream. Station Square theme remix played. They comment on the background. Seems to be from Colors. Official hashtags are #SonicStationLIVE and #SoniSute (in Japanese, #ソニックステーションLIVE and #ソニステ) News headline corner start Introducing Ohtani as guest. [new] Sonic the hedgehog DJ POPCULTCHA (full art from the new album cover) [new] Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style "Party" on sale June 17th, 2020. Includes non stop mix of 33 songs by Tomoya Ohtani. CD is 2,400yen, will also be on streaming services on the same day. [repeat] GO SEGA 60th anniversary project. Website explaining SEGA. Special bag with 60th logo and Sonic on it. Commercial shown. [repeat] Sonic LINE stamps (JP) on sale. 120 yen. [repeat] Movie Sonic in JP Puyo Puyo Quest from 3/28-5/31 [repeat] Sonic Olympic Games for mobile. Still in preregister. Release still May 7th, 2020. End of News headline corner Mario & Sonic Olympic Games 2020 JP Trailer played. Sound Corner (temp name) start I think they mentioned having to wait a bit more for the new Sonic info? Jun's recommended songs: Sonic 3's Angel Island (Remix), It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Adventure theme), SA2's Escape from the City (Generations Remix), SA2's Prison Island (Live), SA2's Mission Street (Live) Says the Classic remixes in Generations are more dance-like I think he said he added a guitar solo to Prison Island for the live version? Showing off some of Jun's CDs lol (it's also on digital) Ohtani's recommended songs: White Acropolis from 06 (Remix?), Infinite's boss theme from Forces, Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed (Generations Remix) End of Sound Corner (temp name) Sonic Forces JP Trailer. Fist Bump is good as always. I like how Sonic calls the Avatar "aibou" in JP. Otayori Corner start They ask what their childhood dreams were. Jun said he liked anime. Ohtani wanted to be a game programmer as a kid. Next fan got into Sonic a year ago with Sonic Mania and thinks Tails is super cute. They mention how fluffy Tails' tails are. The next guy is afraid of dogs. lol End of Otayori Corner Says it's 4th Wednesday of every month now (instead of 20th day) Next stream is 5/27/20 They went with Sonic Sound Station for the music corner name I think End of stream. Twitter just posted this. "Stay home & Stay safe We're streaming Sonic music randomly for 24 hours only called "SONIC SOUND STATION (temp name)" You can view it here" (link in first spoiler)
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Channel

    Bee Boy in his full glory:
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