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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Japanese Sonic still sprinkles English words into his dialogue like Junichi Kanemaru. Love it.
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    Regarding the dingos, I keep forgetting that they're technically ALSO supposed to be Nazi stand-ins because they're not being written that way. Everything about them is coming off as sympathetic and their reactions are pretty understandable as far as I'm concerned. Everytime I read Von Stryker's name I get reminded of it but its really weird. Like the book just became "Oops! All Nazis!" now.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No I mean I hate we have to specify why we don't see Sonic's bits when he's running around like it's not obvious that it's because this is a cartoon franchise for children.
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    Happy 10th anniversary to Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's a masterpiece and deserves all the love in the world
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    I had a tornado warning not too long ago and the sky was getting dark with heavy rain and hail. 6 sirens even went off too to show how serious it was. However now its suddenly sunny like nothing ever happened. Weird but its a nice sigh of relief.
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    Some localizations are just a sheer thing of beauty
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Whoops, I didn't know there were more images on that instagram link. You're talking about the Sonic & Tails one right? ENG: Sonic: "Seriously though, thanks for the save." Tails: "My pleasure!" JP: Sonic: "Thanks (for the save) Tails!" Tails: "You're welcome!" ...I'm guessing the text was shortened to match the characters. Sonic isn't that wordy and usually keeps it brief. Tails' line is pretty much the same in both language, but the speech bubble is longer because どういたしまして is one word. The Japanese text looks slightly bigger (unless my eyes are tricking me) and the leading is wider, most likely for legibility. Also Japanese may be able to write more with fewer characters (using kanji), but they also want to keep the nuance and meaning accurate to the original.
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    The hype is real. And so is the TerminalMontage Shared Universe.
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    I'm finally back to review Scoob! Check it out here!
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    Probably the comic. The Boom comic is very sparse on content, 11 issues - three of which were crossovers during Worlds Unite that barely count. Of the eight actual issues, the six Ian wrote were pretty decent, showing a good understanding of the characters and with humor that seemed actually funny to me, primarily meta humor and fourth wall gags. It's not really what I ask for in Sonic content, but was cute for what it was. Of the Freibergers' two issues, issue 11 was good, in large part due to Diana Skelly's art, while issue 5 was pretty meh. I actually like the story in Rise of Lyric, but I haven't played the game and am in no hurry to do so due to it's reputation. Other than that? There's a handful of good character designs - Sticks, Zoey, Perci, Lyric, Cliff, Q-N-C, and Nominatus - but otherwise and in general Boom was the one piece of the franchise I've never cared for. I hoped I would, I liked the trailers for Rise of Lyric promoting a 3-D platformer style that looked closer to the Adventure games than the Boost titles. And when we got our first bit of animation for the series being Sonic vs. Burnbot I was hopeful we were in for a fun kids action adventure series. But the game turned out to be an incredible disappointment to pretty much everyone and the TV series ended up being an unfunny sitcom about characters who were Sonic and Co. in name only, at least to my tastes. Am I sorry the sub-series is gone? I suppose I'm sorry for those did enjoy it, its existence didn't frustrate me or anything past that I wished something else was in its place. But I'm not going to miss it like say Sonic X or the Archie comics, that's for sure.
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    it's been 12 hours, stop arguing about sally please i'm sorry i wont bring it up again
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    I realized something about the original Pokemon anime. Its pretty funny. Remember how Pikachu managed to hit Onix with electric moves by turning on the sprinklers by sheer accident? Yeah it was BS back then but it predicted a move called Soak which changes the target into mono Water type meaning Onix can be hit by electric moves. Its funny how both the games and anime keep retconing itself on each other in a way. We learn that Pikachu used a Z-Move against the Spearow and its also a G-Max Pikachu so it couldn't evolve from touching the Thunderstone anyways but also the games gave Rhydon Electric Rod based on that one infamous episode. Weird how that works out.
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    Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #22: Dark Alliance - Part 1 of 3: You Say You Want A Revolution... Oh my God. This story is gonna blow. Ken Penders and politics is like oil and water. The fucking dingos holding up picket signs saying “Echidna’s Unfair” is just… I mean, it's true but goddammit. \ I’m not a fan of the way this cover looks either. I don’t like the way the characters are drawn and I’m certain it’s supposed to be cluttered but it’s not done in an appealing way. There’s a lot of cluttered covers in the IDW series and they look amazing. So… yeah… this issue was… something. It’s the start of an arc about an election that so far has an… understandable issue I guess. The echidnas don’t give a shit about the dingos and, despite not thinking it’ll matter who gets elected, they see it as a possible chance for something to change, maybe? Dimitri legionizing this dude is pretty metal but the "brilliant" plan of doing so to mess with an election seems kind of goofy. This was mostly a set-up issue and at times it felt like it was being penciled by a completely different person throughout. I feel like the only reason I’m not reacting worse to this is because I’ve had fair warning as to how bad this gets. I’ve heard about this and I’m mostly in shock that I’m finally witnessing it for myself. The Holocaust poem thing is just… REALLY fucking weird. Yeah, I think of Sonic the Hedgehog and the first thing that comes to mind are the Nazis and the holocaust. THIS IS IN AN OFFICIALLY LICENSED SONIC ThE HEDGEHOG BOOK! SOMEONE SAID YES TO THIS! Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #23: Dark Alliance - Part 2 of 3: Election Night Yeah, these covers just aren’t doing it for me. Not for nothing, these Knuckles issues at least give me a lot to talk about but damn… what’s coming next is gonna be some pureil dog shit of the highest order, your honor. This is it folks. We’ve done it. We’ve found it. The holy grail of bad Knuckles issues. This is the shiz-nite! WHY make the Dark Legion Nazis? I don’t even get what the subtext is even supposed to be anymore. Hell, your connection between Robotnik and the Nazis doesn’t even work, why would it work HERE? Also, why do it AGAIN? Why do we need two parallels to the Nazis in this Sonic the Hedgehog book? Why does Penders think Sonic the Hedgehog needs more Nazis? Considering what we know about them, it makes no sense. This group was formed because the terrible echidna society screwed them over by forcefully taking their technology away and being a bunch of hypocrites by hoarding it in certain places and what not. That’s a sympathetic angle and it should be acknowledged at least a LITTLE bit. But it’s NOT. They’re being portrayed as completely in the wrong and he’s trying to do everything in his power to make them irredeemably bad. All this is accomplishing is that I’m becoming more confused. I’m definitely not on the side of the “good” echidnas, I can’t have any sympathy for the Dark Legion because of all the terrorist shit, and Knuckles straight up doesn’t give a fuck. The only reason he’s even a part of this story is because Dimitri sent his henchman to capture him. Then at the end of the issue, Dimitri’s like “You can’t stop me now!” as though Knuckles was doing something to try and stop him here. It’s like someone just remembered, “Oh yeah. Wasn’t this supposed to be about Knuckles?” and so they just got him roped up into the situation at the last minute. Knuckles has said, multiple times, that he doesn’t care who wins the election. He and the Chaotix have done nothing for two issues now while this story is going on around them because it intrigues them none. That’s not even getting into how POINTLESS the fucking election is. What is the point of the election?! I could maybe see the point of it at the very start with the conflict they were setting up but it didn’t turn out to be some sort of political espionage. They just made their shit public anyway! WHY?! Hell, the name of this issue was “Election Night” and there was no election! This is already up there as the best worst thing I’ve ever read in my life. I can’t believe it. I still have another issue of this left! Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #24: Dark Alliance - Part 3 of 3: Primary Evil Ahaha~! Primary evil. Do you get it? It’s like the evil primary. Ha… Goddamnit. I will say that I like the cover this time. It’s easily the best of the three if only because it feels a lot less cluttered due to how much better the coloring is. It works in its advantage that way. That’ll probably be the only thing I have to praise about this. I’m shuffling through finding this hilarious and being flabbergasted that this is real. This third issue was the least fun of the issues in this bunch because it was mostly the already broken and rundown story catapulting itself to the end without too much left to surprise me. All that said, Jesus Christ, what a monumental, legendarily bad garbage fire. I’m just imagining Ken Penders riding up to your house with a dump truck and dumping all the slop in the back all over you, your yard, your front porch, and your dog. This shit was bonkers mate. The second issue especially was one of the most entertainingly bad things I’ve ever read in my life. If I’m forced to read more of this shit, it would be a privilege in the name of being shocked and embarrassed for the comic book industry, to read more stuff like that. I’m just flabbergasted by it all. The moment where Benedict gave his speech made me want to get up and clap in celebration. That's going down in history as the most fucked up, delightfully gross, unabashedly insane things I've ever read. Dimitri came back talking a big game about how Enerjak made him stupid. No, losing Enerjak made you stupid. What the hell was that? I guess I’m just gonna have to face the fact that Dimitri was just a really shitty villain back in the day. In the comics I got into from 160 onward, I always thought he was intriguing based on how they spoke of his past but this dude is running on major Penderp fumes. The Chaotix were useless and did nothing. They disappeared when Xenin showed up actually. He wrote out Charmy but they ALL might as well be dust in the wind. Knuckles had nothing to do with or in this story at all. This story wasn’t about Knuckles and Knuckles didn’t give a shit about any of what was going on. He wasn’t active for any of what was going on here, only becoming slightly relevant when Dimitri randomly kidnapped him and in the final issue, he spent the entire thing strapped to table until his echidna powers made everything explode. Again, with no prompting from Knuckles himself. Stuff just happens to him and around him. The election was pointless. I still don’t get what appointing a robot to the high council was supposed to do. I get that it might be beneficial to have someone on the inside but if you literally announce to everyone that you’re a legionare by spouting Dark Legion rhetoric and doing the Nazi dance on stage, then what’s the point? Also, if you’re gonna rig the vote then what’s the point of even doing THAT much? Why not just use the brainwashed high counselor? UGH! TECHNO-CONSERVATIVES! What a frustrating trash fire. I can’t wait to read more.
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    This post gives us a deeper dive into the Japanese translation, and it even shows us that IDW actually changed some of the speech bubbles for the new translation.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, it was more of my personal interpretation. There are multiple ways to say you're welcome in Japanese too, just like English (no problem, happy to help, my pleasure, anytime, etc.). While all can be translated as the same thing, the default for どういたしまして=you're welcome. JP Tails feels like the type who says "you're welcome" rather than "my pleasure". I may have mixed up "my pleasure" & "with pleasure" (喜んで) too.
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    For the sake of world building, I wouldn’t mind if we in a new mainline 3D Sonic game that isn’t a time travel plot, returned to certain locations if there were a reasonable narrative purpose. To me, it doesn’t always need to be new locales. It’s possible to make returning locations new and fresh as we saw in Gens. I know Forces attempted this kinda, but...it was just Green Hill and Chemical Plant. Which are frequently used. I’d like to see other areas like say, Twinkle Park, or Arid Sands, or Skyscraper Scamper, Bingo Highway, or Lava Reef. Like it doesn’t need to be a bunch of stages, maybe just like one and the rest are all new or something. I just feel like if other games can have that sense of worldbuilding, Sonic can too, and it doesn’t need to start and end at Green Hill Zone or Chemical Plant.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Almost a direct translation, so yes, it’s just that simple that it would take up too little space. Even though it’s a pretty direct translation, it’s a little weird to translate back without turning it exactly into the original dialogue. Only thing is that Sonic doesn’t mention anything about "on a serious note" in the translation.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    They're not being secretive. They're just not telling us anything because now is not the time. The game is in production and it's not at a stage where they're ready to start marketing it. It could be at such an early stage of production that anything is subject to change and thus there's nothing to tell. It's really standard practice for Sonic games not to have any information divulged about them at all before they're formally announced. In fact, that's standard for most games. You might get a situation like with the Zelda Wii U where Nintendo had said for years that they were re-evaluating the conventions of Zelda, before the eventually announced Breath of the Wild. That's purely situational, where there was something to say. It's not essential or typical. It's just not secretive at all. It's about as normal as you can get.
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    In Generations, Sonic reacts to terrain in an VERY exaggerated manner when he's drifting. I assume that's because he's in ball form. If you're going down a slope, you go faster if you slide than if you boost... Honestly, if they found a way to balance those mechanics, and made the level design use it, we'd have something really good... but alas.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Too true. @DrisaacIt's not going to drop for a long time most likely. We've heard previously that 2021 will be the next big year for Sonic, and that lines up with SEGA representatives also recently saying that they're taking the time to put out Sonic games less frequently than they did in the past. If you think for whatever reason that SEGA is planning to drop Sonic news soon, tell me why you think so and I'll tell you why you're wrong. We don't "know" the next game is going to be shit. I mean, we can make all those assumptions until the cows come home (my expectations are rock bottom too), but ultimately it means very little. SEGA need to sell their games, and people want to play them. Of course they're going to drum up interest. That's what selling a product is. And just for the record, SEGA aren't not going out of their to drum up interest for things that they've not yet announced. Anytime someone asks them about Sonic, they give typical boilerplate answers such as "we're really excited to for the future of Sonic" or "we're taking our time for the fans" and "we'll deliver the news when it's ready". What else could the say? "Don't get your hopes up guys. The next game is going to be shit. Don't buy it, so go play Mario instead"?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's a different universe that still represents the characters from the games, with a tighter more vigilant watch than ever. It may also worth noting that he cited Boom and SatAM when talking about alternate universe ideas that are unlikely. And honestly, stuff like Silver and other planets haven't really been relevant.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I for one welcome Sega's insistence on giving Amy characteristics beyond "Likes Sonic" and "Is incredibly violent". I hate how we apparently have to specify that.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Catching up on Bumblekast 114 and 115 with info from Metal Ian: The Chaos Emeralds hop between worlds/locations constantly, the Sol Emeralds are comparitively stationary umless physically moved, and the Power of the Stars is what controls the balance between those two dimensions. The Deadly Six are fine being relatively close to the Zombots because the Metal Virus requires direct contact to spread and if they tap into the Chaos Emeralds, they can use their abilities to manipulate the Virus so it doesn't infect them. SEGA asked, on addition to their specific direction on Gemerl and whatever they're doing with Shadow, that Amy's open affection be toned down a bit. The bushy eyebrowed Mobian in Tangles hometown is not a reference to Elias that he's aware of. The Mobians don't show certain parts because it's a cartoon. More coming... The Sonic series would need more consistency to begin to be deconstructed ala Neon Genesis Evangelion and Puella Magi Madoka Magicka, which were referencing entire genres. IDW is fine with LGBT representation, but it would depend if SEGA wants a particular character in the book. Additionally, since cartoon character may be very different if brought back, New252Sally's intended bisexuality is uncertain. He's open to editorial work regarding scripts and original ideas on Yahoo. Mephiles is dead. Additionally, the one in the No Zone is an alternate zone version added by Tracey Yardley! With his luck, Blaze's world could be name Mobius and Sonic's could end up being something else. They seem to have an aversion to naming planets outside of Wisp and Dopan. The Another Time Another Place stories and any other game adaptations were effectively alternate universes of their own unless stated otherwise. Silver traveling linearly doesn't really make sense, but it's better not to think about it. He's tried and it caused pain. Alternate versions of Sonic that exist beyond Classic are unlikely be be used. There will be stories in new areas of Sonic's World. If Tangle, Jewel, and Whisper formed a team, they would be Speed for agility on too of brawling, Flight due to being designed ad a Tails, and Power through the Variable Wispon's impactful damage. Tangle would name them Team Awesome Friends being Awesome together, though the others wouldn't be keen. There's a mandate against Metal talking when not Neo, sticking in spite of counters of times he's talked before. The Zone Cops most likely won't return. Crossovers with characters like Superman and Flash would depend on which incarnation and/or if a DCU writer is on board. Sonic's second favorite food is antacids. Amy isn't meant to be channeling Sally while running the Resistance or Restoration, which the latter would've handled far better due to experience. She's been floundering, but also been encouraging and supportive towards everyone while feeling some of the strain herself. If Megaman 7 had happened in the comic, the English version complete with the wonky translation would probably have been followed since Rock being fed up with Wily's actions before glitching and locking up under the law of robotics is a neat idea. Things like Zavok becoming a former leader, in addition to not coming up during the pitch, is not being for the time being since they are being encouraged not to follow the games. Roger Craig Smith is a favorite due to the consistent attitude he's given thus far.
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    I'll pop in here now, before someone posts the Illbleed cameo and makes me avoid this thread like the plague for the rest of my life. Sonic shows up as a hidden character in SEGA's Model 3 racing game, Le Mans 24 (based on the racing event of the same name). It wasn't particularly well documented, because the codes across the internet (and in SEGA Saturn Magazine at the time) were actually incorrect. I managed to get to the bottom of the code confusion a few years back, so it's a bit of Sonic history I'm very fond of, having been the guy to draw attention to it. There's a slew of other cameos obviously; Virtua Striker and SpikeOut are the first two I think of, with SpikeOut pretty much being his model from the Jam intro, and with it being surrounded by Classic Sonic art that was given green eyes and reshaded in the Adventure style! They even accidentally included some Adventure concept art, of a very... interesting Sonic redesign.
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    So here's my two the cents, wait you want more? I'm already poor enough as is!
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    1:50 Sonic the blue blob.

    1:50 Sonic the blue blob.
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    Nah, I'm not that surprised by the Sticks love, sure the jokes can come off as annoying to some people. But remember the fandom loves the cast and characters who show potential, I mean, they see potential in Cream who is barely seen nowadays, she barely ever did anything besides being cute little girl, Mighty & Ray and all the characters that were scrapped, there was also appeal for Big while he was "retired". Of course, we see the wasted potential in almost everyone. And Sticks is just THAT adorable, as well as criminally underused.
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    The new Snails House music video was AAAAAHHHHJ SO GOOD
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    Monkey Destruction Switch

    Sonic Headcanons

    I'm still working out the details in my head, but an Archie Sonic headcanon I have is that there are multiple multiverses and the post-reboot continuity actually existed alongside the original continuity as the "prime dimension" of a different multiverse. The original continuity was never erased; instead, the Super Genesis Wave almost caused the two multiverses to be merged together, but they ended up being saved by [insert reason here] (I might write a fanfiction about it eventually). As a side effect, this almost-merger temporarily imprinted the essences of the original continuity denizens onto their post-reboot continuity counterparts, hence the whole "dual memories" thing.
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    Brazil is second in the world in covid-19 cases... Soon to be the next hot spot. Thanks, president.
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    Its honestly a damn shame how much of the developmental process was screwed up by Sega. You can tell they had so much more planned for this series that they simply could not go through with. That's something I'm gonna miss. The tv show easily has the most fleshed out versions of the main cast to date; no other media has really explored them like this show has, and with the focus on more character driven narratives, they're allowed to display personality traits that are generally glossed over anywhere else. Now granted, it's not always exciting given how mundane the series is and it certainly could have pushed the envelope further, but its decidedly a different take.
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    Sonic giving Pac-Man a pair of his shoes fills me with life.
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    Knuckles: friend or foe?

    The result is still the same; Tails has to look inferior to emphasize his relationship to Sonic. That by itself is not bad, but let's be mindful of the fact that Tails has watched Sonic apparently die before and wasted no time in turning his righteous anger onto the one responsible . If the intention was to give Tails a character arc showing him dealing with the grief of losing Sonic, then they really did a poor job of it. But I honestly don't feel like that's the case at all. I hate Lost World's writing, but I can at least see what they were going for with Tails. Literally everything that happens to Tails in Forces is resolved in literally one scene the second classic Sonic shows up, and it's never brought up again. So it leads me to believe that the writers just wanted a scene to introduce Classic and have him looking heroic by saving someone, and they just chose Tails for it. There's been a LOT of situations like this recently ever since they decided to just streamline everything; all of the characters are just reduced to one or two character traits and exist merely to emphasize Sonic. You have the scene in Generations where they all just stand by and cheer Sonic on (By comparison, everyone contributed something in say, Sonic Heroes when they were all together), the Deadly Six have no other function than to just lose to Sonic, they constantly emphasize how much of a loser Eggman is and how Sonic always beats him like it's his job, and the entire world goes to shit in the span of six months with everyone depressed simply because Sonic wasn't around to save the day. And I get it, I really do. The series wants to keep things simple and broad enough, and streamlining the characters in the plots is the most of effective way of doing it as opposed to expending resources in trying to keep a consistent and serialized world. I get it. But the result is that the characters who used to have some level of agency and some degree of dynamism, are just caricatures who exist simply to take up space. If you're someone who has had any level of investment in what came before, then seeing what these characters have become just fucking sucks. If you like it, power to you. But this goes far beyond the woes of a boomer fan who is just nostalgic for the old days.
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    The time has come! I watched the movie twice to get my opinions sorted, but here is my review on Sonic The Hedgehog!
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    They haven't exactly aired their panel yet or anything, so it probably isn't the exact same and I may have stuff wrong, but I'mma try to predict stuff. Someone tell me how well I do when it airs and is translated :Y Ladies and gentlemen, a step into the Colors' team probable level design philosophy: There are three steps to designing a good Sonic level in our tried-and-true Sonic-Colors designer's method! First: Plan out the stage and world design! This step is where we design the world and environment Sonic will traverse, through our brilliantly talented concept art team's visions! Give them an approximation of what kind of stage design you want, and they'll design something absolutely stunning out of it, guaranteed! Next step: Create the stage and world design in-game! This is the process where we convert what the artists thought up into an actual game world! Sometimes we add our own ideas into the mix to fill the gaps the artists left us, but overall we try to stay as true to the source material as possible! This is the hardest part of the design process, as we're constructing the entire worlds here, and they're not so easy to change later on down the road. Unfortunately, while these sections of the world inspired by the artists are fantastic to look at, they aren't best suited for engaging gameplay, though... This is where the final step comes in: Item and prop placement! With easy to replicate and manipulate props, such as rings, enemies, spikes, floating platforms, boxes, springs, and dash pads, you can turn a section of a level that would have been somewhat underwhelming, into an engaging experience, filled with variety, and able to be tailored specifically to how you observe playtesters are playing, for an easily adjustable designer's tool! This way, you can achieve maximum efficiency in the design department, while also maintaining the perfect amount of difficulty curves and complexity at all times. (and as for this, I don't know if they'd make a note of it, but just in case...) Hidden trade secrets: 2D Sections Since 2D levels in Sonic games are designed in a foreground, background manner, this means that 2D levels are the most ideal place to use common prop and terrain platforms to manipulate stage design, as the artist's rendition of the world is already accomplished with the background modeling. This is where you can get the most creative in terms of level design, so go wild! And: Reusing level sections If you're pressed on time, reusing sections of world design from past levels is a great way to extend content with minimal effort. Simply deck the section out with common props and platforms to change the layout altogether, and you'll have new content for the player to run through with little cost! All this stuff can be seen in Forces, (even down to the infamous crates in 3D and 2D sections composing some blocky, improvised platforming) so I bet this design mentality has stayed with them up to this point, and it'll be their main points when talking throughout the panel. Well, at least for the first points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now on the surface this is kinda good as a design mentality, as it does exactly what it sets out to do: Maximizes efficiency, allows for flexability, and allows the tools of design to be in the hands of the designer as much as possible in a large workforce. The problems I have with it, are two things. 1: Sonic is at his best when his environment and level design work hand in hand, not seperated. Dynamic and natural terrain that, yes, while much harder to implement and manipulate afterwards, lends itself to Sonic's unique identity and complexity as a platformer, not to mention the wonders it does for immersion in the world and such. I believe, while this is a harder feat to pull off, that this direction should be pursued regardless of the extra effort needed, in order to live up to the potential Sonic as a franchise has. And 2: They don't even succeed in creating complex and engaging level design with these tips and tricks in the first place. What we do have in the form of complexity, such as those bunches of blocks the pink wisp is required to go through, block puzzles with the blue wisp, or the "rotating platform" sections in the 2D screenshots ends up being ill-fitting for Sonic as a platformer, and not even all that complex in execution, failing on both fronts. As a result, the end product tends to feel more lazy than efficiently genius, more often than not. What about these sorts of designs couldn't have been planned ahead in the blank voids that video game testers typically design in, before implementing them naturally into the artists' visions? Why relegate it to post-graphical-production efforts, when there's nothing to be gained outside of less effort, at the cost of the world design? Maybe Forces' later levels can prove me wrong on this method, but as it stands with Colors and SLW's designs, all this method of design is good for is less effort. This may be a "correct" design decision for lower budget, average quality games to be the best that they can be, but with the workforce SEGA and Sonic Team have at their disposal, I don't think it should apply, honestly.
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    Well... I liked the show. I largely prefer the Japanese version, but subtitled, is very hard to find... then again, it's been years since I looked. I looked on youtube a few months ago, and the sub seemed like they used babelfish to translate an winged it with the corrections. Unwatchable. I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for a good sub nowdays ( although it's been a while since I tried... maybe I will ) I can't tolerate the music changes 4kids made, and some of the censorship was too much. Some of the added jokes made my skin crawl... Anything they did to Sonic X pales in comparison to what they did to OnePiece though. "YO HO HO HE TOOK A BITE OF GUM GUM"
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    You mean like how the same thing was happening at the same time in the actual games themselves?
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    I still love Sonic X (yes even Chris) to the end of the earth myself but meh. The dub is WATCHABLE. The two things that mainly bother me: 1. Music. Though this is a double-edged sword, as I LOVE the music that plays when Amy is drowning in Episode 9, and when Gamma dies in the Sonic Adventure arc. If the dub had used the original music I'd have never heard those gems, even if (like all the dub music) they are pretty short. But yeah, the annoying thing with the dub is how "wacky" the music is, and how silence IS NOT ALLOWED EVER. Every time a character talks it plays their little theme, making for a really annoying and disjointed soundtrack. The original Japanese version's soundtrack is amazing (it makes me so sad that such a meagre selection of it was released on the soundtrack - I love all the sad tunes). 2. Patronisation. They don't seem to appreciate any of the more mature or sentimental moments, and the result feels like they've "dumbed it down", i.e. Sonic is for kids and kids are dumb. That's not fair on the older Sonic fans OR the kids - not that they know it.
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