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    It feels weird walking into this thread feeling the exact opposite way I did coming into the original thread for the first film. If I went back in time and told myself that not only would have I watched the movie but enjoyed it and bought the blu ray but would also be anticipating the sequel, I'd contemplate kicking myself in the face and stealing my own lunch money, probably. Yeah no, I'm actually super excited to see what they'll do next. I wanna see the full Jim Carrey Eggman transformation. I wanna see what Tails' role is going to be and how he meets and works off of Sonic. I want to see if they actually keep Colleen for the film. I want to see if Tails' design is going to be given any tweaks or if what we saw was his finished look. I want to see if there's going to be more Sonic remixes within the soundtrack. I want to know what the deal with the Echidna tribe is. I want to know if Longclaw is alive. I want to know if Crazy Carl ever got his chainsaw back. I'm in. Sign me up.
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    It's actually happening! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/05/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-is-in-development/ https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-1234619356/ After the huge roller coaster leading up to the first film, it's so surreal to see that a sequel is actually in the works. Tails is certainly a shoe-in, but I wonder if they'll try to rope Knuckles and Amy into the narrative? Do you think Jim Carrey will reprise his role as Eggman? Guess this can be the thread for Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 Fast 2 Foxy!
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    That moment when you just realized that Kirby's Epic Yarn is a pun. Yarn is obviously referring to the cloth aesthetic, but it ALSO can refer to "spin a yarn" ie: Telling a Tale. Kirby's Epic Yarn = Kirby's Epic Tale.
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    I'm sorry, but other then this brief 12 seconds of footage and this very brief one second of footage, the full animated intro has never been released. Some of the animation cells for it have been leaked online. We don't know what the orginal music for the intro was, it can very faintly be heard in the 12 second video I linked, but I can't make it out. It sounds like it could be one of the unused instrumental themes for the show. You probably know all this already considering the effort you've put into this, but I thought I'd share for anyone else unfamiliar with it. It's possible the original intro is just sitting in a storage unit somewhere, just waiting to be preserved. Besides the music, this video is all we have of the original intro as far as I know. Good luck on your search! I'd love to see the full thing someday.
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    Nintendo, stop drip-feeding us new games on the Switch NES/SNES services. Give us what we want already: get Bubsy and Bubsy 2 on SNES and then you won't have to release a single other game on these platforms. You'll be done. We get the games we want, you don't have to keep worrying about it. Everybody wins.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Bug Fables

    Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - which was released on PC back in November - just came out on consoles. For those unfamiliar, Bug Fables is a turn-based RPG that's very much in the vein of the first two Paper Mario titles; low stat numbers, timed action commands in battle, playable partners with unique attacks and on-field abilities, and an intricate "badge" (in this game medals) equip system that allows a great deal of customization over your characters' stats. Like Paper Mario, your characters have three stats - Hit Points, Teamwork Points (Expended to use special attacks), and Medal Points. Each Medal in the game costs a certain number of MP to equip, so leveling your max MP and collecting a variety of medals with different effects can lead to some pretty varied builds for your party. Players have a lot of choice in what strengths they want to focus on, and since Medals can just be swapped out on a whim, you don't have to commit permanently to these buffs; If you'd rather trade higher immunity to poison for higher max HP, or swap out boosted defense for boosted attack, just open your Medals menu and equip as desired. Unlike Paper Mario, you will not be recruiting 8 or so partners. You play as a team of three characters for the entire game, each with their own special ability. Vi the Bee can hit flying enemies, and throws a boomerang on the overworld. Kabbu the Beetle can pierce enemy defenses, and on the field can use his horn to slice through objects. Leif the Moth wields ice magic, which is useful both offensively and to freeze water and enemies on the field to solve puzzles. You can swap out the party leader with the press of a button to utilize each member's unique field ability, which is a bit like the Mario and Luigi games. Of course, that's just their gameplay applications. As characters, your playable party is quirky and memorable as well. Vi is a bit selfish and prideful, but never to the point of being unlikable. Kabbu is a levelheaded warrior who frequently has to reign Vi in, and he's also got a bit of a soft side for cute things. Leif is dignified and noble, even going so far as to use the royal "we" when speaking - and also proves to be a knowledgeable, scholarly type. The three of them play off each other's personalities well, and really do feel like a group of traveling friends. Also, this game has tons of optional dialogue. You can have party conversations for every map, nearly every NPC, and each of the three party members has their own unique commentary for every enemy in the game. I feel like this kind of thing goes a long way to fleshing out the characters while still making it something the player has to "opt in" to; if you want to just breeze through the main story, you totally can! But if you take the time to enjoy all the side conversations, you can really dive deep into the characters and world, and so far I've found it incredibly charming. If you enjoyed the early Paper Mario games at all, I can't recommend it enough. Links: Bug Fables Official Website Get Bug Fables on Steam Anyway, I just thought I should start a thread for the game. If you've played it, are playing, or are just interested in playing it, this could be a fun place to discuss the game! Whether it's the game itself, the story, your favorite characters (mine's Kabbu so far), or anything else related to Bug Fables. I'm only about a chapter and a half into the game so far, but I can say that this game absolutely lives up to classic Paper Mario's pedigree in terms of both gameplay and writing. So far the battles have been a decent challenge, and the first dungeon had a lot of interesting setpieces and puzzles that take advantage of your parties' unique abilities. I'd say that so far, Bug Fables is more demanding than the original Paper Mario games in terms of difficulty; not unreasonably hard, but it doesn't hold your hand either. (And if you want extra difficulty, you're able to get a "Hard Mode" medal early on that makes enemies extra tough, but offer more EXP) I'm definitely psyched to get back to it and play more!
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    For the sake of cohesion, I hope they don't add Knuckles and focus mainly on Sonic & Tails for the sequel; given that this will be the first time their dynamic can be explored in a different way. I want to see how this specific version of Sonic & Tails develop their iconic bond.
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    Metal should be a shoe in considering the quill Robotnik managed to get from Sonic. This would also make it so if Metal is in the movie it would increase the tension between both Sonic and Knuckles with the former's case being that Knuckles race/clan traumatized him in twisting his life upside down and the latter with Knuckles if it so happens that his race/clan got annihilated as they if it does take after the Adventure backstory with them wanting to seize power that doesn't belong to them (in the case of the Emeralds and Sonic's Speed) depending on what Knuckles is led to believe by the information given to him will find Sonic at fault for the total or near extinction of his race/clan or even Metal stealing the Master Emerald which Robotnik can then set up Knuckles to fight Sonic.
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    Got a new thread right here! I'm personally excited for the sequel. I was probably one of the harshest critics of the first one before it got an overhaul, and I'm happy to see them working on a new one. I hope they put their all into it.
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    This news was inevitable. Can't wait to see what the crew has up their sleeves for this one.
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    I pity anyone who would write/draw/work for Ken. He's shown to be incredibly nitpicky over any art that isn't his, especially fan artists. The work they hand in would be skewed by him until its unrecognizable.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I've searched for both Project DIVA and PSO2 Hedgehog Engine claims and can't find anything except public Wikis with no sources and various forum posts where people say "this game pretty so it must be using the Hedgehog Engine". So again, sources please. Lost World got a patch to unlock the framerate, which actually broke the game and made several levels impossible; collecting butterflies wouldn't trigger flowers to open and something went wrong with the Drill Wisp too IIRC (both were necessary to clear a number of levels). I'm not sure if they ever officially fixed this, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that they did because I'm not finding much discussion about it. There's an option to disable voice overs, but it's so lazily done that the BGM volume still lowers for a few seconds at the points when characters are still supposed to talk. All of the Circus Tents were removed outright. They weren't exactly a highlight of the Wii U game but rather than remap the motion controls to regular buttons, they just got taken out completely and the numbers of animals you needed to rescue to progress along the map was massively reduced. It reeks of lazy to take them out completely. Lower the requirements to reduce the need to grind to progress, but just to cut out content like that... lazy as shit. Generations is so tackily done that is used the default VB icon on the task bar. It's got very limited graphical options available and you can't configure the games settings at all from within the application itself. Cutscenes frequently run out of sync with the audio regardless of the how well the rest of the game runs. I can't back it up from technical point of view, but from what I've heard the game is just poorly optimised. It also removed the bonus unlockable version of S1 that was included in the console versions. No idea if this was due to laziness or another reason, but it also seemed such a strange omission. SCD was built natively on the PC using the Retro Engine. But SEGA, in all of their infinite wisdom, hired Blit Works to port the 360 version back to PC who then broke the game's resolutions and scaling in the process. It looks constantly blurry as a result. Taxman spoke out on the issue, expressing his regret at being unable to fix it because it was not his version of the game. With regards to SA1HD and SA2HD, it also includes the console versions. SA1 didn't even support widescreen and improperly rendered different resolutions resulting in a blurry image. This is a bit of recurring theme actually, cause it also applied to S4E2 before fan outcry got it patched. Neither game made any effort fix the broken graphical effects of the GCN versions (and the additional ones of the original SADX PC version). Controller support is borked and in-game settings are again non-existent. The PC versions of Sonic games are functional. They work (apart from the time they broke Lost World), but they are as half-arsed as possible. Make sure the game boots up and it's ready to sell. It's sad that they don't do anything to make the games the definitive versions to play. Would it have killed them to rebalance the audio mixing in SA2?
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    Trump, deciding to go beyond any Karen before or after him, cuts trade ties to Hong Kong & eliminate US relationships with WHO.
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    I will defend most motion controls and I really don't think they destroy experiences like most people do with even the smallest implementation but FUCK did they ruin Monkey Ball
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    Big Panda

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I’m not 100% on my Sailor Moon lore, but aren’t Sally Moon, Tuxedo Knux, and Chibi Rose’s official counterparts supposed to be mother, father and daughter?
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    I have A LOT to say about this, really! First off I'm just happy we are getting the same crew to work on it. Probably the biggest thing I wanted to hear, those guys made the miracle happen, I just tweeted it to Fowler, making my compliments to him and the team, he's really passionate. Obviously it's not a surprise, if I'm allowed to speculate further... given the success of the first movie, we are likely getting a trilogy, I mean, the main actors are 99% signed up for a trilogy, not less, not more, including Carrey, so... third movie is happening IMO, unless the second one is a big big flop which I assume it won't be. Then, it needs to come out when the world is ready, with no pandemic, wars, etc. at the right moment, so Paramount better be careful. And obviously they should take their sweet time working on it. I don't care when it releases, I want it to be good AGAIN. Please, delay it if you have to, Paramount. That's what made the original good. I don't mean to say the movie was fantastic, it was simple and great, fun and enjoyable, but most of all surprising... we knew it would suck, so that changed our perspectives, it's not amazing, maybe for us fans? We were just surprised by how good it was though. Sequel needs to be even better. Last thing: TSSZ please, don't. Don't make us worried again! They are saying Carrey may not take part of the sequel for budget cuts after the pandemic, Paramount is facing money losses. I totally get that, but why the hell would they cut budget for their big star? Carrey costs a lot I assume, but he's the one who sold the freaking movie in the first place, it wouldn't make sense at all. Besides the movie was a huge success for Paramount, they should not cut money for the sequel. It is in their best interest. Ben Schwartz, James Marsden and Jim Carrey IMO are all returning. That's my prediction, the big 3 made the movie, so yeah, I want them to return, and I am confident they will. Tika Sumpter too, I didn't count her because she's minor in the first movie, but she will surely return. Now what I think they may cut in budget terms... Tails, no, not the character, but I speculated in the past they would replace Colleen with a big star, IF they really are in loss of money, maaaybe they are gonna keep Colleen Villard as Tails. To reduce costs where they can, and to make fans happy, after all she is a great voice for the foxy boy. So yeah, then I want that Knuckles cameo by the Rock, highly rumored... only cameo though, like Tails in Sonic Movie 1. I really believe the sequel focus should be on full-on Eggman, a more personality grown Sonic, and obviously Tails, the bond between Sonic & Tails, and Sonic VS Robotnik, which the first movie lacked a bit... That's it. Keep it simple! That's what made Sonic 1 enjoyable. If they want to add 1 Chaos Emerald and more fantasy worlds, I'd be okay with that. Metal Sonic... I don't know. Amy... probably it's best to keep her and the others away for now. Don't add too much. The emeralds and Super Sonic should be used only at the end of the trilogy, IMO, as climax moment, the final battle. LongClaw should be back too, I'm interested in knowing what happened to her with the tribe. But most of all, I'm surprised by how things have changed, for the fans, when Sonic 1 was announced... lol, everyone hated that, nobody believed in the movie, literally just the people who worked on it, it must not have been easy to work with a cold online community, and now... everyone is fucking excited. They really earned the fans trust.
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    I gotta say I wasn't surprised to see "Knuckles" trend on twitter with the sequel announcement but I didn't expect the first thing I saw clicking on it to be furry porn
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    Out of all the characters, I can see Metal Sonic working the most for the sequel. They'd replace Silver Sonic with Metal since he's better known and Robotnik would use the quill from Sonic he still he still has to power him. Big if though, since Amy and Knuckles need a bit more explanation.
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    I'm definitely looking forward to this; the first one wasn't exactly spectacular, but it I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. So I can say that I want to see what they do for the sequel.
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    Another character they might pick is Metal, since he could be added without needing to spend too much time developing a character unlike Amy or Knux - though I could totally see them too (maybe save Knux for a Sonic 3 if they want to imitate that like all the Tails Sonic 2 stuff they'll likely capitalize on in marketing). All I can say is, I had no idea how much I would like the first film so it's really exciting that I can look forward to the sequel! Will be an incredibly different experience than the "hype" for the first movie, and that's great!
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    Welp, hope y'all ready for the Sonic cinematic universe.
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    Hey, all! For a while now, I've been looking for a piece of lost media, something Sonic-related. It is of a fully animated scrapped intro to Sonic SatAM, which has never resurfaced in it's animated form, although the storyboards for it do exist. Without further ado, I'm just gonna get into my search attempt, and maybe someone could pick up the pieces and help me. I don't know why I wanted to find the intro, it just sorta happened one day. I was feeling bored and just thinking about Sonic stuff, and then it popped into my head again. The first thing I thought to do was contact people who worked on SatAM, and also may have had a hand in creating the intro. I ended up emailing 3 individuals: WildBrain (the company who own SatAM and all of DiC's shows), Andy Heyward (previous CEO of DiC and executive producer of SatAM) and Lane Raichet (the storyboarder for the intro). Out of these three, only Lane responded, and he said: What I find interesting here is that others have inquired about this intro... But anyways, I received that message on May 7th. Given that it's almost been a month since Lane initially replied, maybe he really hasn't got the intro. Another person I tried to find was Robby London, another executive producer of Sonic SatAM. However, this time, I couldn't even find an email or anything online. So, yeah. For now, the search has hit a dead-end. I honestly don't know what to do next, and I have fears that the fully-animated version of the intro could be fully gone, but I doubt it. The only ways I could get this found is by either Lane or any other people I contacted returning with a copy, or it just surfaces online. I want to try and preserve this piece of Sonic lost media, and if any of you want to help, I'm more than happy for you to assist me!
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    Dr. Mike Acula

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Edit: I had a whole thing here explaining why I was sure but then realized that in the post I didn't clarify that I wasn't accusing this man of tracing. I was just providing an example of something recognizable that I've re-drawn before as an excuse to talk about it so that people didn't try abd tell me stuff I already knew. So just ignore that section. It exists to let you know I'm aware of something and I tried to head it off at the pass, inadvertently making you respond anyway, just differently. Complete with a response that begins with ellipses, which is never a good sign. This is a bit much to insight over one unhinged jaw so I'll just conciede that you might be right.
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    Two of the coolest things Adult Swim did in the 2010s was reviving Toonami, and unearthing Rude Removal
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    The Sonic Movie was a success and a sequel has been announced. 2020 has been a good year for Sonic so far. Lets keep the momentum going. Please don't ruin it SEGA.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    The Gematsu article is calling this SEGA related thing "revolutionary" and that it "will rile up the game industry". SEGA!!!!!!???? Like, our SEGA? SEGA. I'm curious as fuck right now. Dreamcast 2, you play games with YOUR MIND. Remember. It's thinking.
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    Here's a fun fact I only know because of my brother being a huge fan of Tales From The Crypt this artist, Tim Smith III, contributed art to Papercutz revival of the comic. It was...not great. Just a bit of trivia about Mr. Edkin he's had an extensive career in kids comics. He's done Looney Tunes and some Scooby-Doo comics for DC just off the top of my head. Not too surprising Archie hired him for this tie-in comic. What I especially love is how this became a running gag for the comic. I'm assuming it's because this same cop always showed up with a different accent (or sometimes voice) and 4Kids probably didn't realize he was the same guy. Y'know what I always found weird? That was Knuckles entire motivation in the Anime and then after the SA2 Adaptation he's constantly away from Angel Island making banter with Rouge. Special guest Director Koichi Sakamoto. I love Bobby from ThanksKenPenders read of this scene. That this reunion only happened because Locke didn't run away fast enough. Honestly nothing about this makes sense. Locke was literally looking for Knuckles in the last arc because he thought it was time they reconnected and now he's running away from him for a dramatic reveal? Wait...That's not true Ken! Steppenwolf was brought to Haven completely finished in like issue 2. Jesus Christ man revisit your work if you're going to try and tell a continuing plot. Y'know I always assumed those were just implants Eggman gave himself but I guess they're genetic? Yeah ok. Hee Hee! Shamon! It might be a tad unnecessary to say at this point but this is really fucking stupid. I mean just all of this and especially what this issue is leading to. Hoo boy. You see it's a happy ending because Knuckles has his terrible father who did terrible things "for a reason" to finally be a terrible father to him! I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Knuckles should have punched him and told him to fuck on out of his life forever for all the shit he pulled. But nope Emotional abuse is ok as long as it's for "a reason". Really? He's like a huge deal at Marvel. He had an infamous run on Spider-Man that included stuff like Peter Parker and Otto Octavious swapping brains and Spider-Verse. As someone who has watched Sailor Moon I can tell you right now Tuxedo Knux hitting Robotina with a rose is 100% more useful than Tuxedo Mask ever was. I'm not a big fan of the comics being the "Prime" dimension. In other media that uses the multiverse concept with maybe the exception of Pre-Crisis DC the primary dimension is almost always the first generation. In TMNT Mirage is Turtle Prime (or possibly Earth-1) in Transformers all G1 material is a dimensional cluster called Primax so the actual Primary Sonic Universe should be the Games. Personally I headcanon what Zonic means is the Archie universe is a melting pot of all the other continuities and that's why this Sonic's so super important. Continuing my stand of fun facts Mr. Ribeiro is a huge Gewunner and sticks Aurtobot logos and the Matrix of leadership in several stories. He also once threw a jab at Beast Wars into the background of a Sonic comic he drew. Welp I'm never going to not see him doing that strut now. Y'know I can't prove this obviously but when I was doing my Archie Sonic reread earlier this year and I got this story a thought occurred to me. This story has no Sonic connections at all outside of the loose one of Monkey Kahn himself it's completely stand alone and it made me think was Frank Strom trying to sell Monkey Kahn as a solo character who could hold his own book? I mean this story gives him his own supporting cast and enemies so I think he might have been. It should be pointed out this is not the same character from the later Journey to the East Universe arc. It was retconned that there's several different Yagyu Lords. This dialogue is completely from the cartoon. Honestly I don't think Antoine ever got nearly as bad about fumbling words in the comics as he did in the cartoon.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    @Raphael Martins Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, Sonic Team as a specific entity is a bit of a legacy and misnomer these days. You only have to look at the credits of Unleashed through Forces to see how inconsistent the team is. Even when you look at the handheld titles and games like Unleashed Wii, Sonic Team always gets top billing when in actuality the development teams are mostly made up of Dimps employees. Dimps' name only ever appears in the closing credits. You could argue that that's to save face after Dimps lost a lot of good faith in the Sonic community recently, but until S4E1 rolled around they were actually the ones dishing out the good Sonic games. Anyways, this what led to the whole "storybook team and main game team" confusion a few years ago. Iizuka is producer for the Sonic brand as a whole and some staff seem to constantly work on Sonic projects (like Kishimoto... unfortunately), but on the whole staff seem to cycle around a lot. Runners was supposedly made by Sonic Team, although the credits revealed it was mostly former SEGA Sports R&D staff IIRC, the guys who make the Olympics series. Any Sonic game made internally at SEGA is labelled "Sonic Team".
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    Or possibly, a SEGA Cinematic Universe!
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    SEGA: Announces sequel to the Sonic movie. Me, who just suffered through the mediocrity that was the first movie this weekend:
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    Raphael Martins

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I may be wrong about Project Diva, I only remember reading about it some months ago. I didn't research again before posting my reply and I'm searching now to give the source to you, but I can't find. So, maybe this is not reliable information... But, I remember reading here and Sonic Stadium Forum and other Sonic-related forums that nowadays probably there's no "Sonic Team" anymore, only the brand but not a fixed development team in Sega studios. Also, Sega AM2 doesn't exist anymore, not even the brand. I play PSO2 for years and everybody in the fanbase says the game uses Hedgehog Engine. I remember reading about it in some wiki, too. But, yeah, this is information might be wrong. I haven't check the sources.
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    Oh wow it actually happened! Honestly I wouldn't mind if they take their time with this one like they did with the first one.
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    I'm so happy that they are working on the sequel! I just hope that they develop the characters even further and I can't wait to see Sonic's interactions with Tails!
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    If you're a Shantae fan and missed the exploration aspects in HGH, oh MAN, you are in for a treat with Seven Sirens. I don't know if I've ever used a map so much in a video game.
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    Angry Joe was pushing for Shadow and I'm like, dude, Shadow appearing in these things feels like a wait further than the stratosphere at this point. I'm cool if we get Sonic 2 and it's about his buddy Tails.
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    New Arcades games, sure but new arcade hardware not as often as you think. Most SEGA arcade games run on the equivalent of a decade old Windows PC (yes, even megahit games like Maimai, Project Diva and Chunithm (look it up) run on old ass PC gear.) Even then, new SEGA arcade hardware wouldn't be worth this kind of build up, IMO. The newest HOTD game, even runs on its own hardware made to support UE4, and that's still kind of a dated piece of shit and I don't remember anyone really caring about it. I think some kind of classic consolewith preloaded games type deal might be possible- Like a Saturn/DC/MD combo machine.
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    Yeah, that's exactly what I hope they don't do. We don't seriously need a huge bloat of characters for this next movie. Even if I would love to see them all, I think Sonic fans understand better than most the dangers of overstuffing a plot with characters. I'd genuinely love just sorta taking the time with introducing characters. For the next film, I could imagine either Knuckles or Amy as a major focus, but I can't imagine them both there. It's already going to be tough when we need to balance the return of Robotnik and whatever Tails needs Sonic's help for.
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    You know, at some point I started to think that my inexperience with other video game music genres made me think that I kind of overrated Sonic's OST a bit. But since I've delved into other franchises and gotten a taste of their music, I can definitely say this series music holds up extremely well as time passes on. Even if I think the current games are lacking a lot of appeal, I can't deny the soundtrack is still something worth listening to. Even Forces, for everything completely meh about it, it's soundtrack still is pretty good and does a lot to sell the atmosphere that the game attempted to go for.
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    If it is just a Sonic game, yet also some kind of monumental announcement, then it would have to be Sonic Adventure 3. In other words, it definitely isn’t Sonic-related
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    So glad we have the writing team back together, so we can follow up on the original plot of the film with room for them to learn from criticisms. Looking forward to how they handle the events for the next movie. It can go in a variety of places just from what we saw of the first. -The ambiguous fate of LongClaw. -The deal with Tails -The echidnas -The return of Robotnik That's a lot to juggle as is, so I hope the filmmakers make sure not to get too carried with bloating the film. Edit: Our good friend Jeff Fowler basically cements this news.
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    In a cute nod to Sonic being an impressionable little kid, Sonic slid under a bus with a travel ad for Paris France right before he threw the ring to go there. It was literally the last thing he saw, so it makes sense it was the first place he'd think to go. I thought that was a nice touch. ^^
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    Yeah, I can't see that either. However, I'm trying to think of what else could be an announcement of that magnitude? No Sonic game alone could be that big an announcement. It must be something else.
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    According to famitsu, there's supposed to be a very big SEGA announcement coming soon. Some rumors are that SEGA is making another console (doubt it personally) but if it isn't that, I wonder what it could be. Edit: this is a Nintendolife link, got lazy. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/05/tech_journalist_teases_revolutionary_scoop_in_next_weeks_famitsu_possibly_concerning_sega Maybe it could be that SEGA/Microsoft collaboration we heard about a few years back. I kind of expected something to pan out from the meetings that were apparently had so maybe this is related to that? Other than that, no idea.
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    Today was supposed to be the last day of the school year for my school. Honestly, I would've wanted to spend it having fun with friends at the nearby shopping center before I took the bus home. Even a gamer like me needs to stay out of the house at times.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Since there's quite of bit of discussion on Amy(again) going on at the moment, I thought I'd bring some of here See this is why I felt we needed both (spoilering this like it still matters for consistency) and at least ministories like backups or annual segments featuring the Restoration before things went down with the Virus. It would've given us an idea of both what they were normally doing for the world and offered opportunities for Amy's personality to be spotlighted in tandem so that we have both a reference point and some fleshing out for them interdependently. I kinda falls back on an underlying aspect of the "No Worldbuilding" criticism people had towards the IDW comic during it's first two years: it's not so much that we needed characters & locations to be introduced to so we have preestablished investment(although that certainly helps and has helped a little in places), but that we needed a status quo & time of decent health for the cast to feel at home at so that when Starline and Eggman cause the Pandemic, both us as veterans and others as objective newcomers would have things that would be compromised and changed because of it. We'd have seen an Amy who is like the Ultimate Good Samaratin being a representative of a charitable organization and an encouraging voice for others, We'd have seen a quirky Chaotix who does small time cases with plenty talent & little luck suddenly leading an evacuation where their professionalism about helping the little guy is put to the test, We'd have seen how people like Tails initially acclimate to a world where Eggman is no longer a thing(if we didn't in that one issue anyway). Among other things. It also brings to mind how this was supposed to be happening after Issue 300 of the Archie Reboot, which would've had a lot of character establishment, worldbuilding, and other fun asides already having taken place, but that's another matter for another time. EDIT: While looking through old posts, I came across this factoid again So now I'm thinking the Villains Miniseries will involve introducing or maybe even finding them.
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    Or you could just focus on English and focus on other translations later. Considering he hasn't put out a single book, I can't help but I feel like it'd be more appropriate to replace story line with plans. The only positive that could come from this would be someone fixing Ken's characters if Ken allows it.
  48. 1 point
    I just got my 4K / Blu Ray edition of Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm loving it! I was so happy that it came with the comic book, since that's what I really wanted to get from this copy. Check out my photos of the Blu Ray / 4K edition:
  49. 1 point
    Game Gear mini confirmed.
  50. 1 point
    Experience says 'no'. He's said things like this in the past, mentioned 'possible' releases and then come up with nothing. Off the top of my head I can recall him gunning for a winter release, and twice he said he'd have it ready for SDCC. To say nothing of "Coming Soon in 2012!". Also.... call me crazy, but methinks he'd be better off if he just focused on getting Lara's story out before he decided to branch out into side-stories. Call it a hunch. Ah, but then, that would mean actually WRITING about his teenaged protagonist, and lord knows the guy hates writing teenagers.
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