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    Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years. If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015. We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us. The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
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    TSSZ is gone?

    Yeah, this is quite a surprising turn of events. For what it's worth, I was supporting of TSSZ's coverage/amplification of news surrounding the BLM protests before the 'Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Forces comparison' tweet happened. I can certainly see the argument that, as long as you're not editorialising anything, letting your audience (who may only know about Sonic depending on what accounts they follow) know about a huge cultural event taking place is important. Even if he did go a bit ham on the retweets, but that's neither here or there. The comparison tweet was a misstep though, and should have resulted in a walkback from TSSZ. Sadly, that didn't happen - maybe it was heat of the moment (always a good reason to take a break from social media every now and then), or lockdown anxiety or something, but the response to community reaction to that particular tweet could have been handled better. It certainly doesn't necessitate a shutdown of the site. For better or worse, TSSZ has been an important part of the online Sonic community and we're all the poorer for it not existing (at the very least, in archive form). I hope Tristan takes a few days to cool off and figure out a new way forward.
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    I've been able to archive my TSSZ work.
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    Happy June! Did some work on the SSMB header to bring back a rotation of ALL our classic banners. From 2000 to present day!
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    Indigo Rush

    TSSZ is gone?

    At the very least, there's been action taken to preserve some articles. @SSF1991 was able to salvage his work and archive it online. He shouldn't have needed to, Tristan should never have shut the site down, but thankfully a valuable chunk of our community history has been saved. If TSSZ does return, I am not confident in Tristan's ability to lead or manage it. He has shown time and again through his actions and demeanor that he is unfit for such a role, and if this whole debacle doesn't prove it, nothing will. I wish the best to all of the staff who were just as shocked at their loss of work. Hopefully they can also archive their articles and features and move forward to better things in the community.
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    Now might be a good time to come out as ace. I just don't have that drive like many other people do. My family took it well. I don't know if I'm aro, though.
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    I'm fucking devestated right now.
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    Big Panda

    Sonic Headcanons

    In response to @Dr. Detective Mike in the Archie thread, here’s a headcanon about how the Archie Sonic multiverse works: Every Sonic continuity, and alternate realities relating to said continuities, all exist in one giant omniverse. The game reality is the Prime zone. From it spawned countless chains of other alternate realities. Some realities gain enough traction for a sub-multiverse to be built around it. The original version of the Archie Sonic multiverse was the most famous example of this phenomenon, spawning practically infinite realities, with a big cosmic barrier forming around all of it, effectively closing it off from the outside omniverse, resulting in a secluded multiverse in which Archie’s Mobius Prime was considered the one true zone of it all. Travel outside of the multiverse happened on incredibly rare occassions, such as when Eggman made contact with Mega Man’s world. The Super Genesis Wave not only obliterated all of these alternate zones, leaving the Archie Sonic multiverse a shadow of its former immenseness, but also destroyed the cosmic wall, allowing access to the outer omniverse, made evident by the travel to the different Sega and Capcom worlds in Worlds Unite.
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    Ya know, things would go a lot faster if you maybe, just maybe, got the ENGLISH release taken care of FIRST and then found your audience stateside before branching out into translations and international releases and the like. Especially when you make it sound like you're doing these as you make each new page.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    It's worth noting that SEGA's first statement on focusing on quality wasn't specifically regarding Sonic; and I'd genuinely be hard pressed to say they haven't delivered on that front, ironically outside of their mascot. Sakura Wars got a great revival (with several Sonic alumni on board, no less), Yakuza's gone from strength to strength (apparently even Yakuza 7's gone down pretty well in the end), SEGA AGES is essentially the gold standard for ports of retro content, they've been licensing out their IP so we can get great new titles in series such as Streets of Rage and (after some teething problems) Panzer Dragoon. Puyo Puyo's come back to the West at last, PSO2 got itself a Western release, Valkyria got itself another mainline entry after the odd misstep with that Revolution thing; you get the gist. So to be honest, I don't despise SEGA, because I'm aware there's a lot more to SEGA and their promises than just the Blue Hedgehog. I think the Japanese team led by Kishimoto - the one that they keep handing 3D Sonic to, whether they're formally "Sonic Team" now or not - are more specifically to blame.
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    I can't say the Sony isn't disappointing to read, but I respect their commitment nonetheless. Waited this long, a little longer won't kill anyone.
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    Thing is, part of my reason for initially being lukewarm on SoR4 is that it was too different from past SoR games. I warmed up to it once I got a feel for it, but as a result I feel like it's a textbook example of how they can build on the old stuff, reworking mechanics such as the specials taking health, or the new emphasis on combos rather than just punch loops. They basically overhauled SoR's mechanics, without losing what makes it Streets of Rage. I dunno; I get wanting 'new stuff', but if I'm sitting down with a Streets of Rage game, I kind of want a Streets of Rage game. Same deal with Sonic. That's not to say they always have to stay exactly the same, but SoR4 doesn't. Mania doesn't either, although it could very easily have gone further and that's what most people want out of a potential sequel. I don't need some radical reinvention every game, because then we get stuff like sluggish mech shooting with no real sense of flow in its controls in 3D Sonic, and that's really not what I sit down for.
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    I don't think this is a banner, exactly, but I still have this saved from when I first joined:
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    After spending so long reading ドクターエッグマン (Dr. Eggman), seeing a ドクターロボトニック (Doctor Robotnik) in Japanese feels like a crime against nature. Yeah, someone is going to hell for this.
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    Police Brutality Thread

    Seems like the police departments are finally starting to drop the hammer on some of the cops who were having just a little bit too much fun wailing on people during this. Everyone who was even in the frame of that Atlanta disaster where the two kids got tased and dragged out of the car when they were trying to get home was apparently either fired or dumped on desk duty pending investigation. The guy who made absolutely sure to neutralize the threat posed by the old man with the cane supposedly is too.
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    The live-action Sonic adaptation we need:
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    It's actually happening! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/05/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-is-in-development/ https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-1234619356/ After the huge roller coaster leading up to the first film, it's so surreal to see that a sequel is actually in the works. Tails is certainly a shoe-in, but I wonder if they'll try to rope Knuckles and Amy into the narrative? Do you think Jim Carrey will reprise his role as Eggman? Guess this can be the thread for Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 Fast 2 Foxy!
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    The banner for me right now: "See ya in SA3, Sonic" Oof
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    I'm still convinced that the rumor of Sega's news being as big as the PS5 reveal is total BS.
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    Great that Japanese fans can finally see the Sonic movie on the big screen. I hope other countries like China will follow suite.
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    Is and this weird confusing?
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    I'm really fighting hard to complete my work... Writer's block certainly doesn't help. Gotta do better than this.
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    Pelvic WOO! engine

    Happy 20th TSS!

    Happy 20th TSS!
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    You don't even need to ask :D This has already got me thinking of ideas for banners...
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    Oh, looks like banners are back!
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    Randomised Special Stages in S3AIR are the best thing. I always collect all of the Emeralds by Emerald by Hydrocity/Mushroom Hill and having ability to go Super so soon just breaks the game, but doing a run without collecting the Emeralds feels so incomplete. In comes S3AIR with it's randomised (but fixed per save file) Special Stage layouts and the game finally offers me a challenge again. Currently halfway through CNZ1 as Sonic & Tails with only five Emeralds so far. Considering the difficulties I've have despite entering most of the Special Stages in previous levels, I don't know if I'll get everything by the time the Super Emeralds roll around. This is great!
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    Sonic & Tails (Yes, I nicked the Japanese title for Sonic Chaos)
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    TSSZ is gone?

    From Resetera: https://www.resetera.com/threads/sonic-news-site-compares-blm-riots-to-sa2-and-forces.216699/ And the Tweet announcing the closure:
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    hmm... eh, fine

    hmm... eh, fine
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    Legosi (Tani Coyote)

    Police Brutality Thread

    The store that called the police on Floyd has announced they will no longer be involving police in nonviolent incidents. NYPD is doxxing the mayor's daughter now. Meanwhile we're seeing politicians donating everything they received from police lobbies to bail funds, mutual aid, etc. Police departments are quite possibly othering themselves during all this, actively intimidating the people who are supposed to be their superiors. Executives and legislators across the country should honestly pass bills to fire everyone in these departments and create new bodies that understand their place in the constitutional hierarchy.
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    FF7R’s OST is out, and we’re still waiting for KH3’s digital soundtrack release. What gives???
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    This definitely is not helping EA glitch or not
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    That got real deep, real fast... It's neither destructive nor pointless to look rationally at the information that's available and draw some realistic conclusions/expectations from that. Have SEGA talked about improving Sonic multiple times in the past? Yes. Have SEGA delivered on that? That's subjective, although it would appear that they think they have work to do. Have they made a similar promise again? Yes. What will the outcome be? We've all got to wait and see to be sure, but we can make some predictions. Broken promises breed distrust, and bad experiences breed pessimism. If the sky is cloudy, but the weatherman says it's going to be sunny day even though it's rained for the past three days and you know he's been wrong before... you'll probably choose to take an umbrella with you when you go out. Is that pessimism or realism? Is it both? And maybe you'll choose to go out in shorts and a T-shirt anyway, but you'll take a change of clothes just in case you get caught in some rain. Do you call that cautious optimism? There's no self-entitlement or denying others their opinion here. SEGA have said something, and basically they're being told "pics or it didn't happen". It's most definitely both. Sonic Team make bad decisions and make bad games, and SEGA keep encouraging them to do so.
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    At this point, the "Forces" branding is nothing more than a legacy holdover. The game is basically Sonic Dash Multiplayer Edition. Had the game been made at any other time, it would probably just be called Sonic Dash Battle or something else to that effect. They're just going to continue adding characters because they're relatively quick and easy to do and keep the audience engaged. I wouldn't say that anyone is off the cards really.
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    I love Tikal She died too soon Keep her around
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    Just release sonic the fighters on steam already oml
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    Scanned the CGWORLD magazine. PDF in the comments. On another note, looks like they built an entire scene from Sonic Generations assets as a mock-up:
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    Trailer for Rock Bottom. Clancy Brown isn't in the game, you can hear Not-Clancy at the end of the trailer as Krabs.
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    Hey, all! For a while now, I've been looking for a piece of lost media, something Sonic-related. It is of a fully animated scrapped intro to Sonic SatAM, which has never resurfaced in it's animated form, although the storyboards for it do exist. Without further ado, I'm just gonna get into my search attempt, and maybe someone could pick up the pieces and help me. I don't know why I wanted to find the intro, it just sorta happened one day. I was feeling bored and just thinking about Sonic stuff, and then it popped into my head again. The first thing I thought to do was contact people who worked on SatAM, and also may have had a hand in creating the intro. I ended up emailing 3 individuals: WildBrain (the company who own SatAM and all of DiC's shows), Andy Heyward (previous CEO of DiC and executive producer of SatAM) and Lane Raichet (the storyboarder for the intro). Out of these three, only Lane responded, and he said: What I find interesting here is that others have inquired about this intro... But anyways, I received that message on May 7th. Given that it's almost been a month since Lane initially replied, maybe he really hasn't got the intro. Another person I tried to find was Robby London, another executive producer of Sonic SatAM. However, this time, I couldn't even find an email or anything online. So, yeah. For now, the search has hit a dead-end. I honestly don't know what to do next, and I have fears that the fully-animated version of the intro could be fully gone, but I doubt it. The only ways I could get this found is by either Lane or any other people I contacted returning with a copy, or it just surfaces online. I want to try and preserve this piece of Sonic lost media, and if any of you want to help, I'm more than happy for you to assist me!
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    The Gematsu article is calling this SEGA related thing "revolutionary" and that it "will rile up the game industry". SEGA!!!!!!???? Like, our SEGA? SEGA. I'm curious as fuck right now. Dreamcast 2, you play games with YOUR MIND. Remember. It's thinking.
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    All I want for the sequel is another epic Robotnik dance 😂 ..and some rock-connaissance!!! Seriously though I'm happy they're making a sequel. No need to rush it out. I get the feeling we'll end up with a trilogy of movies. Tails is obviously a shoe-in for the sequel. If Knuckles does appear (which I think is very likely) then I hope he's more like he was when he first appeared in Sonic 3. I.e. gullible (perhaps tricked by Eggman into thinking Sonic is the bad guy) but very determined and making life hell for Sonic & Tails. Oh and Dwayne Johnson needs to be in the movie, as president or to voice Knuckles. Or PRESIDENT KNUCKLES! The first movie was good in parts. There's plenty they can do to make a better story, make it more exciting. I think DONUT LORD will also return 😂
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    From Josh's Instagram.:
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    Yuji Naka's reaction to the sequel confirmation.: Translation.: What a sequel to movie Sonic!
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    Angry Joe was pushing for Shadow and I'm like, dude, Shadow appearing in these things feels like a wait further than the stratosphere at this point. I'm cool if we get Sonic 2 and it's about his buddy Tails.
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    I imagine the next time we'll hear of anything concrete about the film could be at SXSW next year with some small teaser footage made just to show off Sonic and Tails together, and we'll just eat it up. Definitely for the promotion, this needs a reference: And one of the posters most definitely needs to reference this iconic box:
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    So glad we have the writing team back together, so we can follow up on the original plot of the film with room for them to learn from criticisms. Looking forward to how they handle the events for the next movie. It can go in a variety of places just from what we saw of the first. -The ambiguous fate of LongClaw. -The deal with Tails -The echidnas -The return of Robotnik That's a lot to juggle as is, so I hope the filmmakers make sure not to get too carried with bloating the film. Edit: Our good friend Jeff Fowler basically cements this news.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah I’ll be doing that a few days before the next issue releases. I was really into it at the last issue but I’ve fallen out of the story momentum since the delays.
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    I just got my 4K / Blu Ray edition of Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm loving it! I was so happy that it came with the comic book, since that's what I really wanted to get from this copy. Check out my photos of the Blu Ray / 4K edition:
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