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    Pretty pumped about all this myself tbh as the current trajectory of western animation is exactly what I used to dream about 10 years ago. (of course in said dreams my future self was part of said revolution rather than watching from the sidelines like i am a decade later but hey)
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    Caddicarus is one of the YouTubers who received the mysterious package:
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    In a parallel universe, Sonic Adventure 2 opens with Eggman releasing a character who would become Sonic's rival and change the series forever: It's-a WAAAAANIC, the greediest 'hog around! He tells Eggman to "bring-a me more Chaos Emeralds, you worth-for-nothing human" but doesn't actually have a plan for world conquest; he just swipes the Emeralds and hocks 'em for cash. Then he spends the whole game running around stealing everything that isn't glued down, calling Sonic names every time they run into each other. He becomes a fan-favorite and gets his own spinoff where he fights the Hook Arms, a rowdy crew of space pirates led by the charismatic Captain Doom, in which he crashes their comet and takes all their treasure. But then he gets a bunch of minigame collections and never goes on adventures again.
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    12 years... It's about time for a NEW Crash Bandicoot game! - New power masks; - Time and dimension travel; - New designs; - New developer: Toys for Bob (Spyro Trilogy) takes the lead this time, there's a chance that Beenox and Vicarious Visions could be helping somehow; - PS4 and Xbox One (so far); - Release date: October 2, 2020
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    I think it's less Crash being yearly and more them cycling between the franchises, Crash a year, Spyro the next one, then a Kart racer/spin off the following year, then the cycle repeats. It's probably why CTR wasn't given to Vicarious Vision, but to Beenox instead, so VV can be the ''main game'' team while Beenox is the ''spin off'' team. Wouldn't surprise me if in two years we see Beenox with either say a Crash Bash remake, a new kart racer or just a flat out crossover spin off between the two franchises.
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1237970/Titanfall_2/ If you haven't bought Titanfall 2, it's now on Steam. Please buy it. Please.
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    This is you, before you enter hell. If you can escape him, you win and are saved
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    Hello, pizza place? I would like you to deliver me 15 copies of Red Dead 2 on PC, please.
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    No, I don't want Shadow to be "uncool", yes I know a significant portion of his fan base only care about him being cool and how important that is to the character for them. All I said is that he can MORE than just being cool. Perhaps some moments where he's decidedly uncool, just to flesh his character out. Das it.
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    I'll just leave this here:

    I'll just leave this here:
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    The real issues in America apparently. God damn this is stupid and hilarious
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    Bought the limited run physical release because if I can get it physical I damn well will. Looking forward to playing it when it arrives, I wanna keep supporting the series so fingers crossed it's good!
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    It's really sad how bad the gamming community wants the TLOU2 to fail. It's one of the highest rated games on metacritic yet people have convinced themselves all these reviews are paid because obviously why would someone like a game they don't....despite them playing the game and they did not. I really don't understand the mental gymnastics people jump through to justify their own hatred of a game they didn't wanna like anyway
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    Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Crash seems to be one of Activision's "yearly" franchises now? Bar a short break in 2018 where Reignited released, we've had... N. Sane Trilogy: 2017 CTR: Nitro-Fuelled: 2019 New Crash Game: Likely - 2020
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    Man, fight scenes are hard to draw, but for someone who hasn't done one since... high school, I'm actually kind of liking how mine is coming out so far.
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    new crash incoming lets fucking whooooooooaaaaaaa
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    Hmm, given this showing up today, and the presence of differing mask(s), so far things seem to be lining up with this 4chan leak that was shared with us on the main Discord channel yesterday:
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    Fuck this is difficult.
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    Aaron is leaving the Sonic Social Media team.
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    Surprising absolutely nobody, Vegeta gets his ass kicked again. You think people would learn by now.
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    https://blog.playstation.com/2020/06/18/marvels-spider-man-miles-morales-an-update-from-insomniac-games/ An update from creative director Brian Horton! Other information confirmed: - comparable to Uncharted: Lost Legacy in terms of length - instant loading - 3D audio - ray tracing - overhauled city
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    That's pretty much what I meant. I didn't mean that they should treat his serious nature in a comedic light (in other words as a character we should laugh at, but laugh at because he is overty serious, or what TV tropes calls "the unfunny" character). I meant that he could be a character who is laregly extempt from the comedy in general. That's why I compared him to master Spilnter from the classic TMNT cartoon. Splinter was presented as a genuinly wise and dignified character, and existed largely outside the comedy that marked the entire rest of the TMNT universe.
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    Maybe it's a game design issue then. All of the dances are just screen-wiping abilities. That's an issue in itself, no? I've seen gameplay videos where the player just runs into rooms, does the invisible objects dance or the bring flowers to life dance... They're fundamentally the same thing, but they're unlocked separately and much be used separately. Really basic lock-and-key-style abilities. It's not dissimilar to the issue that HGH had with its abundance of transformations, all with very specific purposes that were were entirely useless outside of any designated areas. SS streamlines it by not having full-on transformations for these abilities, which definitely makes things more palatable, but it doesn't solve the issue of quantity over quality when it comes to what Shantae can do.
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    what the fuck

    what the fuck
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    Telling half of your loyal fanbase to "fuck off" isn't exactly a good image for a company. I'm not saying that you don't have a point because I agree to an extent, but I feel like the only reason you can say this is from an inherently selfish perspective. Your attitude basically amounts to "fuck you, I got mine". This is why people can never come to any kind of agreement about these sorts of things, and it's why Shadow has such an identity crisis. Even if they did dial things back and made Shadow super serious and front and center again, all it's going to do is cause the opposition to shout just like they did before. You say Sega should just "ignore" them, but if they did that to begin with, we wouldn't be having this conversation. It just becomes a shouting match between two factions for their preferred vision of the series until Sega caves to one side, which will cause the other side to shout louder until Sega swings things back to them.
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    People go on about how Shadow's personality is exaggerated now, by being written as a generic "jerk" character, and I agree. But I'd argue that Shadow's gross character exaggeration began the moment he was brought back from the dead. In Sonic Heroes, they had the chance to continue Shadow's character where it left off in SA2. With his fresh new view on the world and on humanity. But they didn't. They conveniently erased his memory so that he'd have a new reason to be sad and angry. They effectively undid the character development he went through in the previous game, just so he could go through a very similar arc all over again. To this day, I don't fully know if Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) was meant to be taken seriously or not. It's like the ridiculous over-the-top B-movie of the Sonic franchise. Shadow shouting mild profanity as he waves around guns that are as big as he is, an alien overlord literally named "Black Doom" who's revealed to be instrumental to Shadow's creation, and paths where Shadow outright kills people or even destroys the world. Is this the same character from SA2? Following games give a really unclear picture of what Shadow's personality is. 2K6 and Rivals make him rather chilled out and contemplative compared to Heroes and his own starring role, going from practically a poster-boy of rebellion against authority to being a cool, calculating government agent. Meanwhile Chronicles again makes Shadow super aggressive and quick to anger. By the time of Boom (which is noncanon to the games, but important for the purpose of this discussion) they just decided to make Shadow antagonistic to Sonic by default, with no apparent motivation; An outright malevolent figure who laughs at Sonic and derides him for... uh, having friends, like a Saturday morning cartoon villain. Fair enough, Boom's a separate continuity, but then this motiveless antagonism seems to have been adopted into the mainline games themselves, with even Ian Flynn saying Sega's mandated that he write Shadow this way. I feel like Shadow was a cohesive character once, and that was in his debut game, Sonic Adventure 2. Since then, his portrayal has effectively been at war with itself, shifting and changing and being every extreme imaginable - none of them truly feeling like a proper followup to his epiphany on the ARK in SA2.
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    I finished Resident Evil 7! It was the first RE title that I beat.
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    I can excuse The Last of Us on a lot of things but dissin' jak x ain't one of them
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    Me whenever there's some new drama in whatever fandom I'm in: The hennessy really numbs the pain you know.
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    It sucks being a Pokemon fan in a time currently the franchise is seen with such utter disdain by nearly everyone in said Fandom that you want to just have a normal discussion about SWSH but it's fucking impossible because you HAVE to get a rant about how shitty the game is like I get it, I understand, I understood months ago when you were saying the same things when the game came out, I just wanna talk about the actual game contents talk about the features of the new dlc etc but it's so hard because the pessimism is present everywhere online. People are more than entitled to their opinions but lord for a game about about connecting with others never did I want to just disconnect from thus Fandom entirely. It's all like this on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit. It's just mad tiring
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    Good to know. I'd rather not give such a channel views, so I've gone and changed it for an IGN upload, seeing as the official Pokémon channel hasn't uploaded the individual trailer yet.
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    Not really blaming you, i get what you wanted to do. PSG is notorious for trying to catch as many views as possible by posting recent released gaming videos as soon as he can, wich has lead multiple times of him doing so before the actual release dates of most of said games, and thanks to the magical algorhythm of Youtube plus the sharing functions, even people with channel blockers extentions find one of his spoiling videos somewhere on the internet. And now here he is fresh in getting a trailer that came out minutes beforehand with 0 input of fair use into it, just slapped there for quick views, not even an opinion in the description or anything. This is the kind of guy that gives companies excuse for abusing the copyright system on Youtube. I know that in the past he has been harassed for this, and that in itself is not the right way to contrast him (big statement, i know), but i wish there was a way to resolve this.
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    Batman (Batman Returns) If you played only the first city section of Batman Returns, you could be forgiven for thinking it's actually a pretty good game. Granted, its vertical scrolling is flawed enough to cause you to fall into otherwise obvious bottomless pits, but it's got pretty good spritework, amazingly punchy sound design and pretty much all the tricks and gadgets you'd expect of a typical Batman game, and even a really sweet fight against Catwoman at the end. If they could only sustain this level of quality for the rest of the game I'd have nothing but praise to sing of it - but questionable enemy and level design kicks you in the teeth almost immediately afterward when you see this: So right away you've got an entire level on a slant that keeps you moving in one direction slower than the other, and enemies that retreat and charge at you unpredictably and machinegun in circles when you think you've finally got an opening. Normally your solution would be to batarang them, but even though you have five different weapons in this game (accessed through the pause menu - yup, same problem as Spiderman) you have very little quantities of all of them, forcing you to ration them a lot by advancing into punching distance and usually taking hits that are difficult to avoid in the process. Just when you think you've gotten the hang of it, they suddenly replace nearly all the floor with spikes, so you'd think the solution would simply be to glide the rest of the way... but then your glide runs out and you drop like a brick. Yes, you read that right. Your glide is a finite resource. That can be depleted. In a Batman game. What is it with 90s platformers and making the dumbest shit into stuff you need to collect pickups to replenish? It's bad enough that batarangs are usually hard to come by. And then to add insult to injury, there's a vent that can suck you in near the middle and end of this section, which spits you out all the way back at the start with all the enemies respawned, but your health and ammo still depleted as a final fuck you for daring to try and have fun. It also needs to be said that this is a very loose adaptation of the film. Which does kinda make sense - a licensed game especially in that day and age had to drag the action out into a much longer setpiece, and Batman Returns in particular is mostly notable because The Penguin isn't necessarily a huge threat on his own because Shreck was manipulating and supporting him for his own gain. But you have to wonder how strapped for ideas they were when the otherwise fucking inanimate statues outside of Shreck's building were implemented as the very next midboss. Come to think of it, despite being the direct cause of both Catwoman and Penguin's antagonism in the film, and the single figure linking all major characters together, Shreck doesn't even make an apperance in this game, which strikes me as incredibly bizarre. After the first fight with Penguin - and arguably during it - the game seems to abandon almost any pretense of resembling the film entirely, theming it more around its carnival-themed roster of mooks than the movie's narrative, but never gets anything but worse for it - the enemy and level design gets atrocious real fucking fast, and actually getting anywhere in this game quickly becomes a chore. So honestly? Pretty typical licensed game. Next.
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    Sonic Battle is honestly an unsung hero of getting Sonic's story tone pretty dang good. The plot overall is taken pretty seriously, but there's still a ton of comedic moments and snappy dialogue. It's neither hamfistedly dark nor does it make Sonic a parody of itself; It finds a nice happy-medium that I'd love to see in more games.
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    So this is a hurdle I would have had to deal with eventually, so let me just outline the problem and solution real quick. Our next title is a fighting game. So far I've been making a habit of spriting all the main heroes of a given game, but a fighting game rarely has less than eight characters, and some of them can stretch out all the way into the fifties. Obviously I'm going to go fucking mad if I have to sprite 8 characters in one day, so here's the compromise when this problem crops up - I just pick two, one considered the "face" of the game, and one I consider a personal main. All good? Great. Moving on. Larry and D I O (Fighting Masters) Fighting Masters is a fighting game desperately trying to hide the fact that it plays closer to a wrestling game. Characters still have all the most basic pokes and blows for a fighter, but they all deal very minor damage and an absolutely ridiculous amount of hitstun because they're only ever used as instruments for closing the gap and grappling the opponent, where nearly all the real damage is dealt. It's an incredibly strange angle to approach a competitive game, and to my knowledge the only one of its kind. It sorta fills me with wonder about how much different things could have been if anyone followed its example instead of Street Fighter's, where the neutral is based on movesets designed simply around approaching and grappling the enemy while the actual *fighting* is all in post-grapple animations. Duking and duping, mobility quirks, bouncing and warping all around the place, like two baseball pitchers trying to disguise the moment they actually throw the ball at each other, and your performance is based on your ability to outthink your enemy instead of trying to learn long, needlessly complicated chains to do any meaningful damage in the process. ...of course, I'm getting ahead of myself, because Fighting Masters doesn't actually do any of that - outside of the grapples themselves, most characters in the roster are almost functionally identical, and most attacks have the same amount of power and stun overall. There's two types of damage in this game - one that's designed to stun, and one that causes an "impact" that takes 2-3 bars of health at once. Whenever a grapple causes you to collide with a surface, it causes impact damage. So the effectiveness of characters depends on having grapples that cause three different impacts in one move - one for executing the grab, one for hurling them against the opposite wall, and one for them hitting the ground. This creates HUGE imbalances in the game's cast because all impacts do roughly the same amount of damage, aptly demonstrated with my two sprite choices above - whereas D I O has a grapple that munches the enemy before throwing them against the wall, nearly all of Larry's grapples can only impact once, unless you somehow manage the perfect distance from the wall to glitch your enemy inside of it for four hits total. Even fights between relatively evenly matched characters leave a lot to be desired, because again, this game doesn't put a lot of effort into differentiating how characters approach each other for their important grapples, coming off as incredibly basic as a result. Honestly, if it weren't for the soundtrack, I probably would have remembered this game a LOT less fondly. That being said, it still doesn't hold a whole lot of value besides in What If scenarios, and although I don't hate it with the vitriol of a thousand suns like I did with Fantasia I still can't expect to get much enjoyment out of playing it in modern times. Which is still kind of a shame, because I genuinely can't suggest an alternative for it - among its peers in the genre it's unique, for better or for worse.
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    I mean, his bio in Sonic Technical Files combined with his Sonic Jam guide bio says he's not a bad man but one who just wants to mechanize the world since he sees machines as beautiful while not realizing the harm he's doing (too childish and self-centered). Not hard to figure that he sees a Mecha Earth as a better Earth.
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    I believe you're right. I just love the quote XD He wants complete logical machine like order under his rule, that's his ultimate goal.
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    BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D) Okay so being a great game is one thing, but how about defining a genre? Wolfenstein 3D might not have been the first game of its kind, but it was definitely the one that would set the standard for generations to come, and it has a pretty strong case for being the single game that propelled first person shooters to the dominance and fame they show today. Unfortunately, that makes this game kind of hard to comment on in hindsight - because it's the standard. Criticising Wolfenstein for being a relatively generic FPS is like criticising Mario for being a relatively generic platformer - it wouldn't make any sense to say so, because it's the example most games of its type draw from in the first place. So what the hell am I supposed to say, then? I guess it's fair to say that because it's basically the proto-FPS, there's a certain amount of jank that games made after it would improve apon. There's a lives system and a save system that both start you at the beginning of a level, but dying takes away all of your weapons and loading from a save doesn't - so as long as you remember to save after every level, dying basically has no consequence anyway. Pickups can only be collected if they're rendered onscreen, even if you're directly on top of them. Doors cease to be solid the moment they start opening, even if they're still visibly scrolling open - so if there's an enemy on the other side, especially those god damn zombies in Ep2, you can be shot right through it. And with the exception of three out of the six bosses in the game, all fighting is exclusively hitscan based. It doesn't help that there's only one ammo type in the game, so if for some reason you run out you have to knife someone most of the time, which is almost never a good idea. I think one thing Wolf3D has mostly to itself, though, is the way distance if factored into damage calculations. Some games nowadays, like say TF2, have weapons that deal reduced damage at range, but I don't know many shooters where weapons are just straight up amplified at close range. In fact, even though the damage in this game is pseudo-random, the factors that go into damage and accuracy checks make fights feel a lot more dynamic than they really have any right to be, up to and including stuff that I never would have thought of, like enemies being more accurate if they're offscreen (because according to the developers, BJ attempts to dodge shots from enemies he can see). Most other games would make shooting and being shot static damage numbers, and that certain level of... uncertainty in a fight is always great to have, even though there's still certain constants and things to watch out for. In this game, usually corners and doors. Once you get used to the jank, Wolfenstein 3D is still pretty fun to play today. Much like what is typical for early ID games, it's even got a decent modding community behind it, so if this and Spear of Destiny have gotten old for you, maybe a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.
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    Knuckles as Guardian of ME

    https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Technical_Files Says he's supposed to be clever but just ignorant of the world outside his island: He is very clever and smart, but had lived his life in solitude and was not accustomed to dealing with characters from the outer world, much less such a cunning one as Dr. Robotnik. This is why he was easily deceived by Robotnik into thinking that Sonic was a bad guy trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds. This deception allowed Robotnik to pit Knuckles against Sonic as a powerful adversary.
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    Just finished this 100% (all win screens including New Game +) so figured I’d type up some thoughts. Overall it was enjoyable, and if you’re a fan of the series you shouldn’t hesitate to pick it up… actually, if you’re not a fan of the series, it’s still a pretty good time and one of the “safest” first entries into the series after the franchise having an eternal struggle of every single game having an asterisk on it as to whether it’s the best one to start with. It goes back to the original Metroidvania formula and the story is light enough to not alienate newcomers. Pretty much all the usual stuff is here, cute girls, funny dialogue, memorable boss battles, and a basic gameplay loop of collecting new moves, doing overworld fetch quests and exploring dungeons. The only issue is that… that’s kind of ALL there is. What’s here is really good, but for all the joy brought by them finding a happy medium between Pirate’s Curse and Half-Genie Hero’s strengths, there feels like a lack of innovation overall. There are no cool one-off setpieces in the game, the whole experience feels very formulaic. Whenever there does seem to be a surprise twist, it turns out to be contained fully within cut-scene, with the regular gameplay resuming straight afterwards. For example, trying to keep spoiler-free, there is one point in the game where you get a curveball and put into a precarious situation and taken to a totally unfamiliar location. The situation is solved in the very same cut-scene, and the new location is exited from within a minute or so, where all that happens is you fight a horde of enemies in a closed off room (which is a Shantae series staple, with no shortage of them in this game) and then you’re back in familiar territory on the overworld and the fetch quests to unlock the next dungeon continue. It doesn’t help that the environments are all a bit samey too. Everything outside is beach themed, everything inside is ancient underwater industrial city themed with minor variances and decorations. Some locales are a little more unique, but this is a far-cry from previous games’ full spectrum of platformer biomes. The underwater stuff WAS cool at first though and is new to the franchise, but it just feels like there was a lot of asset re-use with different colour palettes and backgrounds etc. This is one of those things where I bet if I directly compared all these areas, they look fairly different, but they just didn’t FEEL different. Combat is fine but it’s pretty much identical to previous games with the same spells and upgrades available from the shop that we’re all used to. There are a fair few new enemies but most are lifted directly from Half-Genie Hero. A lot of the platforming gimmicks and puzzles are also mainstays from previous games that don’t really feel like anything new is done with them. Back to combat though, it’s all a bit too easy. Bosses are damage sponges thanks to the high output of damage you can give using magic spells and shop upgrades and… Shantae is also a damage sponge, since you can load up on so many healing items that it would take effort to die. It stops becoming important to dodge boss attacks because honestly, even if you took the self-imposed challenge of not healing and dodging attacks, said bosses would take about 5 minutes to beat if you weren’t just spamming attacks at them while standing in harm’s way. One more gameplay thing - it ticks me off how many caves there are which don’t really have any significant kind of gameplay challenge in them. You just go in, see that there’s an obstacle that you don’t have the ability to cross yet, and just then have to remember to go back there later. When you do, there’s no challenge, you just use the ability and the cave is solved, sometimes in a simpler manner than the tutorial puzzle in the room that you got said ability. It’s all a bit artificial and uninspired, far too many “square peg goes in square hole” puzzles overall. Story-wise it’s a little disappointing too. The new half-genies feel somewhat undeveloped and are hurt by their placement as formula-following macguffins where you have the exact same two-part interaction with each one of them to save them and then obtain a new dance from them. One does provide a just the tiniest taste of expanding Shantae’s backstory lore but Shantae literally says “no time for that now” and it’s not touched upon again until the ending… which still refuses to reveal anything. I’m not sure whether Shantae’s personal arc about finding her place in the world and living up to her parents’ legacy is considered the be-all and end-all for the series’ plot so they don’t want to rush it, but this utter drip-feed of lore regarding it was honestly genuinely frustrating this time around. Those gripes aside, the addition of animated cut-scenes and more voice acting was really lovely, although the jokes in said cut-scenes were all pretty typical anime cartoon fair. I’d like to see some of the offbeat humour that appears in the NPC dialogue make it’s way into the cut-scenes if they become a regular thing in future games. The soundtrack is really nice as usual. It’s a little less consistent than previous entries since it was handled by a bunch of musicians, and it feels like they all took various different levels of inspiration from Jake Kaufman’s work on previous entries. The first half of the game is a lot lighter and lacking in those big unce-unce dance beats that Jake is so good at, but then the latter half of the game almost gets a bit repetitive by using them for every new area in a row. Some tracks are massively over-used as well, like the mysterious theme used for caves but also for pretty much any area that’s meant to be mysterious. The fact that caves seem almost strategically placed to cut off all the overworld songs in the middle of each area, just before they reach the best part, gets a bit annoying too. I think for little 20-second caves in future games, they should keep the outdoor music going but muffled or something, or at least let it fade back in from where it left off when you return to the overworld rather than starting over. The boss battle theme is excellent but also a little overused, since it’s used for minibosses, proper bosses, and even a few “bad stuff is happening!” cut-scenes and scripted sequences. Loses it’s impact by the end of the game. Anyway, all of this sounds REALLY nitpicky and negative and I hate to be that way because Shantae is a series I have a lot of affection for, but I do think the series gets by on the good faith garnered by it’s appealing character designs and humour, and the gameplay just kind of rested on it’s laurels a bit here. My fear is that they just didn’t have the budget to do a ton of new gameplay stuff in order to keep up with the aesthetic standard that Half-Genie Hero set, which was naturally an enforced condition of them being able to re-use art assets from that game to begin with. Everything that gets added has to match that same quality. I don’t know if they could get away with re-using so much stuff a second-time around, which is a worry if, WayForward being a small company, they can’t afford not to. But I think Shantae needs a shake-up for the next game for sure, since gameplay-wise, this one was just a bit mundane. In spite of ALL the grumbling above, it’s still a fun game. While it doesn’t do much to innovate, the core Shantae experience is still really good, I still love tearing through screens of weak enemies with pike balls, the platforming is still competently designed, the characters are all still total babes (yes including Bolo). And the fact that they’ve made the animal transformations in this one instantaneous like Pirate’s Curse’s moveset is nothing but good, REALLY glad they made that change, it really makes a world of difference. The new monster card system is also neat (though the seemingly TOTAL randomness of the drops does hurt it a bit). The new dance abilities are a little overpowered in combat sometimes - quake makes fools of all the enemies that typically take some care to beat such as the Wetmen, and 100%ing the game by just combing through the entire map using the Seer Dance on everything was a bit tedious. Having said that… doing the speedrun requirements for the secret win screens was weirdly very fun even though it wasn’t really the intended experience. I kept a map open on my PC with all the item locations now that I’d found them once, crossing them off as I found them and planning out each leg of my journey to maximise the amount I collected at high speed and it was fascinatingly moreish, was hard to turn off midway through to sleep. Just… I’m really conflicted on this one I guess! I really enjoyed my time with the game and yet can type paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff I wish was different. Essentially I guess the conclusion would be that all the efforts that the team made to improve the gameplay from previous entries worked 100%, but all the stuff that is re-used from previous games is just starting to get a little tired now - heck, maybe it wouldn’t have felt that way if Half-Genie Hero didn’t have so many modes that re-used all of it’s assets over and over again as is! So yeah… in conclusion, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a really good game, there’s no reason not to pick it up if you’re a Shantae fan, and it’s probably one of the better choices for a new player since all the re-used stuff will just fly over your head! Just, within the context of the series overall, it’s not as substantial a step forward as I hoped it would be. It feels a bit more Shantae 1 -> Risky’s Revenge than Risky’s Revenge -> Pirate’s Curse in terms of how it compares to the last entry in scope/innovation. Which is fine, Risky’s Revenge was good too! But it’s hard not to hope for that same jump in quality and subversion of expectations that RR to PC had. This Shantae never really surprised or excited me - I hope the next one does.
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